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12. Will Elijah Return?

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Father in heaven thank you for this beautiful day you've given us. Thank you for life. Thank you for the privilege of having your word. Thank you for the privilege of being your children in law and we especially thank you because you have given us prophecy so that we can see exactly where we are in the pool of history and where things are moving to so that we can trust in you with absolute confidence that you are in control and things are moving to an end the end that you have a step we ask more that you will be with us tonight as we study this lesson. Elijah we asked for the presence of your Holy Spirit. We thank you for the privilege of approaching your throne boldly and we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen and it is not OK. Let's start at the very top of my lesson. Elijah was one of the greatest prophets in the Bible in fact he was the greatest prophet in the Bible. His importance can be seen in the fact that he appears time and again in Bible prophecy. Actually the Bible speaks of three Elijah's. And I'd just like to remark that the Bible actually speaks of four Elijah's three main ones. And then there is another Elijah which I have not included in the lessons. We could have a whole lesson just on that one and that is the Elijah that lived during the period of the Middle Ages. There's a special Elijah there you can read Revelation and you'll find that the woman flees to the wilderness. There she said By God she's there for three and a half years. And she's persecuted by a woman called years ago. It doesn't rain during that period. See all the parallels. Revelation has all kinds. The parallels are there's a lighter but we don't have time to study all the prophecies maybe one of these days we'll have conversely made simple part two and we'll study twenty other purposes would you like to do that sometime. Maybe you're thirty eight and thirty nine and maybe a few other purposes like the prophecy of Jewel and maybe some of the minor prophets. Be fun wouldn't it. OK well I see lots of you say yes so we would have more and we have at least two or three The Lord said whether two or three gathered together in my name. So anyway going back to the lesson we call the first the historical Elijah the second we are going to call the prophetic Elijah and the third and the last one we shall call the apocalyptic Elijah. From the word apocalypse which is the name of the Book of Revelation the Book of Revelation begins the apocalypses of Jesus Christ the Revelation of Jesus Christ so the apocalyptic Elijah is the last Elijah. Now we want to start by studying the historical Elijah. And the first thing that we want to deal with is to discuss the three enemies of the property lighter but before we study the three enemies of Elijah it's absolutely important for us to understand one principle and it's this. Whenever Elijah appears he has three enemies always appear with him. Elijah never appears in history by himself. Whenever you find Elijah whether it be John the Baptist or whether be the historical Elijah are Weatherby the endtime Elijah. Whenever he appears he has three enemies appear with him. So if there's going to be an end time Elijah like it says in the book of Malikai that endtime Elijah must have how many enemies. Have three and they must relate to Elijah in the same way that the three enemies of the historical Elijah related to him. Numbers there's a parallel we all Testament story is a type or an illustration of a greater event to occur at the end of time. In other words the persons in the larger story become symbolic of world wide movements are you with me. Now let's discuss the three enemies of the historical Elijah the first enemy of Elijah was King Ahab who married a jazz about jazz about was the shadow ruler because we are told that I am what sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the Lord and why did he do this work you've missed because Jessop Well here's why I am up. Now it's true that behind every great man there is a great woman but it is also true that behind every evil man there is an evil woman. If you just like one side that's not fair because every coin has two sides. But anyway the story specifically says that Jessop Well his wife stirred him up in other words who is the dangerous figure in this story. The dangerous figures as a bell she is moving all the strings. That's very important because we're going to find a harlot and revelation that does the same thing. Now let's go to our next so let's go to the note. They have did not have a mind of his own he had a weak unstable and compromise in character he was like putty easily manipulated by a strong willed as a bill. The weakness of a Habs character in the vile character of Jaz of L. can be. In the story of neighbor did you read the story of neighbors. If you read it amazing you know they have once may but then your Because he wants to convert it into a vegetable garden and so he says the name if I have a better piece of land that I can give you or yours. A neighbor of theirs not nice because this is this is the land that I received as an inheritance from my ancestors were not supposed to sell our land you know all that is King of Israel and so they have got all depressed and they don't want to do so one day just as a bell comes in and she sees a ball Doncaster since our governors are downcast and HAMP says well the reason why is because I want to trade you know neighbors Lingard which is right next to the palace or another better piece of land and he doesn't want to do it just about us no problem. I'll take care of it and so she she gets these individuals to bear false witness against neighbor that he blasphemed against God and lo and behold a neighbour has gone and has a bell said stamp the vineyard is yours. That's the type of woman that years ago when she had no feelings she had no qualms about about you know just killing somebody in cold blood she was a liar according to this story and the End Times Isabel is going to be a murderer also. So you see and by the way the Bible says that she took a neighbor seal. And she signed his name to the degree I mean I mean she took a Habs seal and signed his name to the decree and so basically she she had free reign to the signature and to the seal of the king to do whatever he wanted. Number two the second enemy of Elijah was Jazz about jazz about was the shadow ruler of the kingdom. This is made clear in fresh games twenty one eighty nine in verse twenty five where we are told that jazz about what roll out letters in a Habs name and sealed them with his seal. You need to use the king to accomplish your purposes but you need the authority of the king. Yes she did she couldn't do it I don't know. She had that again. That's important what just about wanted she got by influencing the mind of the king jazz about let's call it a lot. That's not the word I was looking for there. She called the mother right. Yes Or or she is called the mother there. She's a mother. That's backed by keyword but I want you to right there. And she committed what you say you're using different versions than the one that I gave you with this seminar and I make that hard. What is that word in our seminar Bible Jerry. Yes that's what were the regime of the day. But see if you if you get whoredoms then you can't connect it with revelation. Are you following me. So let's actually commit harlotry is she was a harlot. She's a mother and she was involved in what you know which cracked one of the foundation of which where or what doctrine and what false doctrine lays that the foundation of witchcraft the idea that when a person is dead he is not dead. Only reason which feels like she can communicate with the dead is because she believes that they are dead so you can see the picture interesting picture later on in Revelation we're going to find another harlot who spilled the sorceries coin in Revelation eighteen and whose kingdom is filled with devils and evil spirits. Why. Because it also teaches the same doctrine of the immortality of the soul. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go to the note jazz a bit was definitely called the harlot mother and she was involved in the occult it would be well to remember that the foundation of all occult practices in the is the doctrine of the immortality of the soul. Number four jets about lead a ham and Israel into the worship of what you know. Vitals In other words she's also guilty of introducing what idolatry. So at the end of time this endtime harlot must also lead people into worshipping lot into worshipping idols. Yeah I think you know they thought it might be you know we've already studied this harlot under the name of Little Horn. We've studied this harlot under the name of beast and we've studied this harlot by the name of the man of sin. Let me ask you this Bible Prophecy do you think that this time anti-Christ is particularly important. I mean look at all the pictures that the Bible gives us. Harlot. MAN OF SIN beast little horn king of the north. It must be that God wants us to know what this system is. And that's why he gives us so many different pictures of this system. I mean all of it. Now let's notice number five jazz a bell hated what the prophets of God and shed the blood of many of them. She especially especially love old Elijah. We are told that Jess a bell did what she saw watered the prophets of the Lord was she a murderer against anyone who disagreed with her corded she used to matter the products the authority of all of the king. Authority of a king. You're thinking about the second Elijah but the second Elijah is very what we're going to find Let me just mention this what we're going to find is that the endtime Elijah takes images from both of the first Elijah. Because the nth time. Elijah you see in the Old Testament that the followers of jazz of all those who do the beginnings of jazz about I'll call the false prophets in Revelation. This same system is called the false prophet. But in the New Testament the false prophets are not called prophets they're called the daughter and sole Revelation seventeen the harlot has daughters. So two different pictures. False Prophet daughters is the same as false prophets in the story of Elijah and daughter in the story of the New Testament Elijah. I follow me. Now let's notice number six Jessel bail imposed upon us worship of the Son of God Male. I find it interesting that Bale was the Son of God they were worshiping the sun god of course at the end nobody's going to be worshipping the sun. Nobody stupid enough to worship the sun except those. Those people who are still over in Africa or somewhere that haven't been discovered by civilization. We'll leave that for later. Actually the religion of they all was a mixture or a blending of the worship of Jehovah with the worship of Dale. If you told the Israelite you're not serving the Lord they would say oh yes we are. Because what they had done they had mixed paganism with the religion of Israel. Is this true of the end time harlot. You can already see we haven't even done that study the end I mean I don't you know we're talking about. This is seen by Lige as words to Israel on Mount Carmel. How long will you what halter between two opinions. What did they want. They wanted God and they wanted a lot of mail. They want to vote they want to mix the religion a bowl. If the Lord is God follow him but if they all follow him you know but don't mix your religion with paganism. It's either God or Paganism not pull together let's read the note according to as they are to verse eight the Israelites attribute a temporal power prosperity to bail. Because you know the sun rejuvenates the earth the sun Energizers vegetation makes it grow and soul prosperity was attributed to the Sun God bail not complain to Israel in order to verse eight foresee that Israel did not know that ideally her grain no wine and oil and multiply her silver and gold. Who was the one who gave Israel grain new wine and oil and gave us a silver and gold. God did but. Did Israel render these gifts in recognition of him as the creator which they prepared for home for bail. Bail is considered the sun god was considered he who would bring prosperity to Israel. Number seven the false prophets of bail this is the third enemy of Elijah What is the first enemy of Elijah the king the civil power who was a second enemy just a Bill who's an enemy. A group called the false prophets of bail and by the way. Somebody asked me where does it say that they were prophets. Well the fact is that at Mount Carmel it says that they prophesied from the morning until the evening last I know when you're probably your prophet saw the false prophets of mail and the profits of what Ashura. Do you know ash i love us. Pastoral was the wrong gods. In other words in Bal and Asher they were worshipping the sun and the moon by the way the moon goddess was called the Queen of Heaven. You can find it in the Book of these eagle if they are religious system today who worship someone called the Queen of Heaven. Now U.M.A. you say what religion is that. Well leave it for later. That way you keep on coming. In other words they were sustained by home by decibel because because they ate their table and you don't bite the hand that feeds you. They messed up our state. Roberts has a bell that they do have buildings. Yes they did. Through these false prophets Jets a bell proliferated the religion of bail and maintained a stranglehold upon Israel. Now let's talk about the role of Israel. What I'm going to say now isn't the lesson but I'm going to underline it in the Bible. Elijah is always sent to those who profess to be God's people. Elijah is not sent to the Philistines he is not sent to the Babylonians is not sent to the Assyrians he is not sent to the Egyptians. But the idea is to rebuke those who claim to be God's people but have gone astray from the Word of God. Must that mean that the endtime Elijah is going to have a special message for the Christian world. What do you think. Absolutely it will be primarily for the Christian world because Elijah always has sent to Israel to those who claim to serve God but to those who are in apostasy against God. Now let's go to number one at the bottom of page one. The three enemies of Elijah control the vast majority of those who claim to be God's people we are told that they have made Israel a sin was it only a handful made Israel so it is now because we saw it just as a bell manipulatable. They have and who are the instruments of jazz a veil the false prophets of bail now that all three were the ones who led Israel to St Paul's Trinity. Our next lesson we're going to discuss that. Thanks for bringing that up. We're dealing here with a false Trinity and a revelation there's a true Trinity and there's a false one there's three true angels and there's three false ones. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Number two those who claim to be God's people. Whoa whoa whoa are we talking about here. We also claim to be God's people. Who are Saudis see that they saw Elijah in order to you know Caleb What do you suppose at the end of time is going to try to kill dogs people people. Might it be other people who claim to be God's people. I can hear you you know you know how many groups do we have here in the larger story who claim to be God's people to you know those who are in apostasy and you have Elijah and the seven thousand who did not had not bent the need to bail. Who wanted to kill Elijah Israel at the end of time who's going to want to kill God and time Elijah. Well that has to be the atheists those who don't believe in God you know what. The religious leaders of the world today of the religious world religious leaders of the United States today want you to think that the greatest enemy of the church is secular humanism. May want you to think that the greatest enemy of the church today is the fact that where has been thrown out of public schools that you can no longer put religious signs on public property that you can no longer teach creation in public schools. Now though as they say the state is the great enemy and Mabel. We have that the great persecutor of God's people is going to be some atheistic anti-Christ. My Bible tells me that all of the world trying to slay God's people are others who claim to be God's people. Is this story clear. Number three the children of Israel had forsaken God's Word and God's covenant man torn down God's altar and killed the Lord's prophet with the sword. Now let's read the note it is important to realize that God's covenant included to think as you read the Old Testament. First of all it included the Ten Commandments. That's why they're called the tables of the Covenant. They are in Deuteronomy for twelve and thirteen. Now the tables of the Covenant. But what happened if people broke the ten commandments unrepentant. What they have to do they have to promise to bring a sacrifice was that part of the Covenant also let me ask you was Israel in apostasy but in Covenant Law and Covenant Grace. Yes they were. Because they were sacrificing Tomo battle and they were breaking God's commandments in other words they have forsaken the covenant with respect to Covenant Law and Covenant Grace. They didn't have the law or grace St Now let's talk about the mission and message of Elijah the role of Elijah was to bring God's apostate people back to the Lord. Elijah prayed on Mount Carmel that the people might know all that you know the Lord God and that you don't have to earn. There highlights back to you now but they can't turn their hearts back to the Lord if they work with the Lord at one time in the first place. Correct. I can't say Oh I forgot my I forgot my tie I'm going to turn back and I'm going to go back home and that's I Ben will and so here Elijah is sane. The purpose of his message is to bring God's people back to the heart. What is that called in the Bible. It's called repentance. It's also called conversion the conversion me it means you make a U. turn and you're going to be opposite direction. In other words we are not on the road to a pastor so you turn around and you come back. That's what it means. Now let's read the note of the message of Elijah was directed at those who claim to be God's people in the Old Testament prophets were rarely sent to pagan nations very very well and Elijah never but other prophets words once in a great while Jordan were sent to Nineveh and easy kill as some oracles against fire inside and then he also has a new Oracle against Egypt but in the vast majority of the cases Old Testament prophets were sent to Israel. And they were received with open arms. The task of the prophet was to bring God's apostate people back to the Lord. And if you're ready Zico thirteen there's a good example. The message of the prophet was never slow or palatable. The people usually hated the prophet because he was a medlar. A Biblical. But is politically incorrect. Iraq will stay others. He makes people feel uncomfortable. He comforts the afflicts afflicted. And up next the comparable products are not popular and they're always in the minority. Elijah was hated by the very people who claim to serve the Lord now God raised up a prophet in these days. Everybody would love their product but not if history shows us anything you say. History shows us that the ones that hate the prophet the most are the ones to whom the prophet is sent. So if God raised up a proper today. In we in this period of history and people within the Church criticized their prophet I would say if I wanted a prophet on the right track just about right. Now let's go to number two. Elijah rebuked the apostate Union a king I have with pilot Queen Jessica by the way what would their relationship be called Between the king and jazz about what what technical terms the Bible used for that. It's called adultery or fornication. By the way the word the word fornication in the Greek is porn aof you recognize that word. Where do we get a warning on pornography. That's right and some general term it includes all kinds of sexual aberrations or maybe others translated many times fornication sometimes especially with adultery. What it's talking about is an illicit relationship between one person and another sexually speaking of course. Here we're dealing with literal fornication between the king and the bell in Revelation we're dealing with what kind of fornication we're dealing with spiritual fornication of the harlot with the kings of the earth. So we need to remember that number three. Elijah what repaired. A lie doesn't bring any new truth all it does is we study the truth. Elijah's a restart restart Isn't it is going to bring the people back to the old landmarks to the old truths to the old time message of the Bible that the role of Elijah. All they were with God but they went away from God And so the prophet has to call them back to go and all know they were with God and when I was saying is that if they were going to war with God How could he bring them back to God thank you for making me clarify that I don't want anybody to get the wrong impression. Did anybody get that impression I hope not. Oh boy oh boy we're in trouble. That's just an illustration. OK number three. Elijah what repairing the altar of the Lord that was broken down. What did he like to restore them. Here we started which part of the Covenant covenant that rice. The true sacrifice that sacrifice represented on the altar it represents the sacrifice of Jesus. He did this by taking what twelve dollars you know why he was taking the twelve stones there. We're broken down is because by putting the twelve stones on the altar he's restoring Israel which was in apostasy one for each of the tribes of Jacob. Then at the hour of the evening sacrificing he's asking for the Lord to reveal himself. It says he prayed to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. In this way Elijah was restoring Israel and a covenant sacrifice which represented the sacrifice of Christ. Did Elijah preach the gospel of forgiveness through the sacrifice of the Lamb. He showed that he also preached the need of obedience to God's Commandments. Oh yeah it was an either or It was bold and number four. Elijah denounced the false word jumped up and worship of male and called people to worship the true Creator God Obviously if they thought the veil was the creator they could think that the Lord was the creator also number five. Elijah denounced Ahab because he and Israel had forsaken a lot of the commandments of God What else did he lie to restore all of the sacrifice. Only grace only that Jesus saves us by a step in the process. If he respond the commandments of God Did he wished all our crew washed up to the creator god. Yes he did. Now let's go to Elijah and the tribulation. The apostasy of Israel led to terrible calamities in nature. Imagine it not raining for three and a half years. What would happen in the United States if not where in the US It didn't rain for three and a half years. Just think of it you know. What was that. Oh well California gets a lot of everybody else. But what would happen if if there was not rain in the United States for three and a half years starvation would you have pestilence. Yeah among other things you know an outcry would you. What people start looking for a scapegoat. Sure they'd say Governor Davis was to blame and I get into a political discussion here. Now let's continue here why I so rudely interrupted there was no rain for three and a half years. Right. Three years and six months according to James as a result there was famine pestilence and death. Why did this happen. Why why did the why did this calamity come upon Israel. Great God said so that it was going to happen if they force following north the prophecy that Solomon game understand but was dedicated a thousand years before Christ. About two hundred years before Elijah we like the story. It says God sent to Israel at the dedication of Solomon's Temple. When I shut up heaven and there is no rain. If my people humble themselves and pray and see my face then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. What is it that caused the rain not to come there what their sins according to lives. So who was to blame for the calamities as well because of their past history because they next paganism with the religion of God. Always blame for the calamities number to Elijah was blamed by Israel for the calamities and said to Elijah is that you rule. Oh problem of Israel and what would he like to say World KING Don't get so mad. You know I'm just a prophet other pick up with a large say the prophet he doesn't you know take any any mouth from anybody. He turned right around and he says it is not I who have troubled Israel it is you and your father's house because you have forsaken the commandments of God and I want to pay bail. What were the two issues the commandments of God and what worship. Are those the same issues in Revelation the final Elijah messages in Revelation fourteen. World two he who worships the beast presuming to receive the mark. And when the third angel's message ends it says here are they who keep the commander. That's where the final Elijah messages will discuss that more fully tomorrow. So I don't was blamed the people saying clearly lied to and what. And prosperity will return. That's going to happen here. You know Jesus said in John sixteen verse two attacks that we read probably the first or second night where Jesus says that the time will come when those will kill you will think that they're doing God a favor. Now listen if they think they're doing God a favor they must believe in God and they must claim to follow the law. Let me ask you who crucified Christ. I mean the same people that God that Jesus was sent to me and how did they do it. They killed Jesus on their own. They use the power all they had to join the church with the state in other words what cost the life of Jesus was the union of church and state. That's why God hates the union of church and state and the religious leaders were saying this this idea of the separation of church and state like the pastor of the First Baptist Church several years ago because Church in Dallas. He says this idea of the separation of church and state must have been the figment of some infidels imagination and judgment which says the separation of church and state is useless when it comes to deciding cases on the Supreme Court. We had to abandon that at the Criterion. That's just me when you have ministers of you should just we have the supreme justice of the United States of the United States Supreme Court saying things like that and I and others like Pat Robertson same townhome as well I don't know what they're talking about I haven't studied these stories are they you know you have Georgia state and state ever so slight look at leat is dangerous. Yes for sure. Say you know what you're going to have prayer in public school and you'll still have the same problems that society has today I know that the surveys have been done well back in the fifty's one peep. All prayed in public school. You know things were not nearly as terrible as they are today but then you need to remember that back then there was no internet back then there was not the rock music we have today. You see there are so many variables that are not included in those studies that the fact is that even if you put prayer in public schools today it's not going to make a difference because the place where prayer makes a difference is at home in the place where prayer makes a difference is privately passed that doesn't have to be government mandated prayer in public school a student is free to pray if he wants and he can get a group of kids with him and he can play with the kids on the school premises. That is constitutional. What is forbidden is school mandated prayer where the school writes the prayer and recites the prayer and expects everybody to be there for the point where we now are we saying that we should pass it on up out of public school now. What we're supposed to do is we're supposed to teach our kids at home to love God and to pray and worship and then our problems will be resolved. You know it's like people say you know Bill Clinton he was a terrible role model. You're right it was all right that's more role model but he's not my role model. There's not a politician in the world my role might that be a big mistake. My role models are my parents. The pastors the spiritual leaders that I've known and the good teachers I don't hand those are my role models. And so what I'm saying is that the state cannot legislate anything related to religion. And I know that that's a drastic statement but the minute you start infringing on that statement. Is the minute you start having problems because you because there's no stopping you to study the whole story of the Bible and you find this is true. OK let's go back here to question number four Elijah was not alone though he was in the minority. God had a remnant of what seven thousand or not then there needs to be held over the bigger winner than just Elijah right. Elijah in the true prophets had to flee and hide in caves and desolate places of the land but their own or their bread and water was provided. How back of the by God let me ask you did Elijah go through the Tribulation. Well we are not there and you know I find it's interesting. Don't miss this point. Why was Elijah translated to heaven. Not just about the light on the topic when tribulation not by water and bad worse or maybe we're also protect that wrapped up just a veil during this period is that correct. Jabs about give a death because you get the idea. It's in Perth Kings one thousand one a joke he says. If you're alive. Tomorrow at this time it will be a miracle. I'm just paraphrasing she gave it up weakly against him so what. Elijah on the tribulation. Yes he was was he on earth at the Mount Carmel experience obviously he once when I was a translator they haven't. After all if I'm going to be on planet Earth. Yes And some people say that the bullies are calling during this period. I'm the place we're calling when Israel was an Egypt like didn't touch them. No I missed family went to the police but they were protected by God. Daniel was still in the lion's den but God was with him. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego went by only Panos but Dawn was in there protecting them. You see folks that people can go through the tribulation period of the plagues like stodgy because God's people are not appointed to wrap up this in a parrot the plagues are not by God's people. The plans are for the market and so people can go through the tribulation they will go through the tribulation in fact. But Anselm ninety one says and this isn't our next lesson. It says that not playing will cut your dwelling in Psalm ninety one is the sound of the tribulation. Tremendous sound that describes the period of seven last plagues will deal with that next time it is clear. Now let's talk about the Mt Carmel experience. It was not a have no not as this is a key critical point. It was not a hat or just a belt who were encouraged to bring fire down from heaven. It wasn't working and it wasn't violent. It was rather the false prophets of Dale. But off the top it's a bail could not bring what fire down from heaven but you know at the end of time the deception is going to be even greater than in the days of Elijah because it's as a Revelation Chapter thirteen verse thirteen that the Prophet will bring fire down from heaven in the sight of men. That is amazing and I'm going to read you an amazing statement in the lesson tomorrow night on our preacher today who was saying that soon where he's preaching in stadiums there's going to be. Tons of fire falling from heaven to prove that his message is from God so don't miss the next exciting episode and it is a very well known preacher. Incidentally So it's a false prophet that brings fire down right or tries to bring fire down in the case of Elijah and at the end brings fired on by the way we're going to notice next time also that the dragon the beast and the false prophets are really really a false God the Father God the Son of God the Holy Spirit. Prove that to you from the Book of Revelation. Number two when Elijah first made the call for a decision the people that wrote him not a word. At this point Elijah's meds each have little effect. You know some people say if your message is so important why are there only one hundred fifty people here. Good question but you know the time is coming when all that's going to change. When calamities are taking place much more than what we saw on September eleventh because it's going to get a lot worse before it gets a lot better when Jesus comes. It's going to get so bad that ultimately people are going to start searching for the truth and you know what God is going to do is going to pour out His Holy Spirit upon those who have a clue and it will be thousands of people that are going to come and they're going to want to listen. Right now people are too comfortable to listen but the time is coming where the compass will be taken away and then they'll start searching and God is going to pour out His Holy Spirit so that they will find what they're looking for and I long to be alive for that day and not the way I do appreciate all of you one hundred fifty. But aren't there many more people that need to hear this message in this city. I think so. There are thousands in this city. Yes and see if they love the heart they're searching for what they know not God If there's and so you're going to going to sit on the truth. I praise the Lord for that number very modest by contrast them worship styles on Mount Carmel. So you have to talk about how you worship not only who you worship but how you worship the comment about what only around the altar they like to dance in the worship service when they don't. I cried aloud. Which means that I like the way they like their worship service where they can scream at the top of their lungs and they like they cut themselves. Imagine this talk about righteousness by works. They thought by doing this they could earn the favor of Bale. Yes they do. During Holy Week. And knowledge and they're going to tell it until the time to offer what they mean sacrifice on the other hand. How did he like to worship. He just knelt before the Lord in a solemn humble reverent tone invoke the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. His worship style with reverent solemn silent and peace. Probably different than the rowdy worship style there are pockets of bail here. Now let's continue with number four when he lied just a message was joined by the fire from heaven by the way when asked by a represent of the Bible I have a Holy Spirit by the way I was great. Blessed by the sermon yesterday morning. There's one thing about that text in Revelation eighteen verse one do you know who that Angel is or fills a hole or it's Jesus and you say how do we know that because it says there that he fills the whole earth with his glory. So when God's people are preaching that message they're filling the earth with Christ glory the whole earth was filled with His glory and I will talk a little bit more about this and ask again you'll see that the loud cry of Revelation eighteen verse one is the end time Mt Carmel sea in the days of Elijah it was in the evening it was dark and fire came down and the whole Mount Carmel was illuminated. But imagine. Revelation says that when this message comes from heaven Nolasco will be illuminated by its glory I don't you want to be alive during that period. Oh man what a privilege when he lied when he lied as Bessie's was joined by by a poem out of it convicted the people and they cried out but more he is God the more he is God like many people are going to do on planet Earth. When the message of Elijah we're joined by the fire that may have been there were only two groups let those who insisted on serving bell and those who chose to serve the Lord. Her message of Elijah and the power of the fire. Paul arrived and made all choose to be on one side or on the other correct. No pence people no longer limping between two opinions. When the choir was talking about the message you're either on one side of the fence or the other is the loud cry about my thinking but I divide all of humanity into a group. Yes and those who are not in the middle are going to have to get hot or cold no more. Number by it is impossible to speak about the creator without speaking about the Sabbath. Because the Sign of The Creator is the Sabbath. Come I will talk a little bit more about that as well. P.P.S. your lights will worship him bail and consider him the Creator then they were not keeping what Sabbath because the Sabbath reminds us that there's only one to two a creator god is that what you can it's a habit that would have never been worshipping bale of the Creator. Now let's talk quickly about the end of May have just about all of the balls Bobbit this isat passing maybe because this is picked up in the Book of Revelation how the threefold union is going to come to an end. It says Hey I was killed in battle and was eaten by what by dogs and by nerves. Anybody other than Revelation one thousand when it where the birds are called to devour all of these connections all coincidence. Number two the past prophets were taken down to the brook Titian where the rocket ship. Where has anybody ever heard of Armageddon and the and all the world are made good on comes from two words hard mount and make you know. So is it just possible that what's going to happen at high mageddon is symbolized by what happened in the Valley of the ghetto next to the book Christian. Absolutely. Tomorrow I will study that Lord willing number three daughter. I'm a fighter jets a bell would be eaten by what my dog edges will but I'll probably have them are consumed by wild beasts. Interesting that's where the not the story goes something like this just about was left a widow when they had was killed in battle but she was determined to get another king whom she could use to accomplish your purposes. We are told in Second Kings nine eighty nine that she painted herself up like a harlot to impress Jay look at you know she painted herself up to try to impress Jake. But Jane was not impressed. He commanded the Jets a Bell be thrown down just a bow at all just like Babel in the revelation she was thrown down from the second floor of the palace when just about belt some of her blood splattered on the wall and all of this this is very important and I don't buy horses and they trample her under foot so it was never late in the talks about horses camping something underfoot and battering but that's a coincidence too. I mean what we're dealing here with the relationship up tight and I'd like to say what happened back there is a figure of what's going to happen at the end. So at the end there's not going to be this there's not a literal horses that trample on the you know their splattering blood on their symbol that is being used. As will notice tomorrow. And so when they went to bury her they found that she had been eaten by wild beasts. All they found was her skull in the palms of her hands. Oh amazing. Number four. I want you to remember this this specific verse because it's quoted almost verbatim in Revelation. That's how it was destroyed so that God could what. Don't worry about what I meant. I'll mention my servants the puppets and the blood of all the servants of the Lord. Apa hand I am just a veil in other words the blood of those who were slain is a bench that was slain by jazz a Bell is a man by her day in Revelation there's a reference to this almost verbatim. It's amazing. Number five after he lied to build a mission he was caught up to heaven in a chariot of fire. Swing low sweet chariot in Concord OK you know. This why he later appeared to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Now let's talk about the New Testament Elijah Chapa late you're going to go to eight thirty tonight but you want to annotate with the governor when I can anybody give me nine when you go through this more quickly let's identify the New Testament in light of the New Testament Elijah was home or was Elijah in person know he was going to come in the spirit and power of Elijah. In other words the same only spirit of a lie jehad is the spirit that John the Baptist was going to have and he was going to perform a similar work. I hope you read those other references map eleven and Matthew seventeen we don't have time to read them now. John the Baptist was not Elijah in person he came in the spirit and power of Elijah to do a similar work. Now let's talk about the enemies of John the Baptist. Let me ask you of John the Baptist is Elijah would be expected to be in that company. A court. When he shows up his three courts come up to John the Baptist have three enemies this is the amazing thing. I don't know how you can not believe in the inspiration of the Bible when you see how these stories are popular and I'm sure that Mark when Mark wrote this story he didn't have a bogus idea that he was drawing upon the story of Elijah in the orders but the story repeats what took place in the old US Let's go through it quickly. The first enemy of John the Baptist was well the king was an enemy who was a king in the Old Testament. Yeah what kind of character that hair would have is that when you go out again I go I got to see John the Baptist had the same spirit as Elijah did and Herod had the same spirit that they have to do because the same devil that worked on and I have worked on every single thing that worked on the lie John you know John the Baptist. That's rather similar the same spirit that worked upon is a spirit that works upon him I would. Well I can hear it had no moral backbone to stand for the right when he made a wrong he did not have the courage to go back on his word. As we shall see he allowed himself to be manipulated easily by a mother and her daughter in the Old Testament it would have been by just the bell and her pups. Number two the second enemy of John the Baptist was on our dog was a woman named Roadies How do you know how do you know that she was an adulterous woman because she was living with him. And she was Herod's brother why the stories I thought he was going to get out. That's when even now. This woman had a mind of their own dingy. Did you read the story. She was strong willed and she was determined to use the cane to accomplish her purposes. She hated John the Baptist and wanted to kill him is as almost a reenactment of the Old Testament story. Yes but the only way she could accomplish her objective was to persuade the king to give a decree to kill John. She could do it I know she wanted to kill him but she could just like Jeff I want to get a ladder. But what about the Kings are good. It is vitally important to realize that her body as a call is called We Don't miss that. The mother knowledge as a vocal about all this is a coincidence. She is the dangerous figure in the story isn't she. She moves all the strings that enemy of John the Baptist was Salome and want to call her daughter known as King mother daughter. It was this daughter the image and likeness of her mother. Was she that Paul's puppet over Mother Why should a spokesman for her mother who is the spokesman for the beast is the power of an image to the beast. And you know how the story develops. You know I was having this party and they were having this nice fresh water and by what do you suppose they were drinking. Why of course. Only someone who was a little drunk would say I'll give you half of the kingdom for a dance and enjoy having this party and he says in and out Salome pleases him and so Harold says you know ask me for anything you want I'll give you perhaps we can do. And the girl immediately said give me the head of John the Baptist. You know what that's you know and I know you got the mouth a mom what should I ask for and the mother says the head of John the Baptist on a platter. She says Mom How would you say something that's terrible. That what she said. OK this is just like her mother she's an image of a mother and she's the spokesman of her mother just like in Revelation the boss puppet is the spokesman of the harlot and an image of the heart you know these stories play out and then of course we know what happened. The head is given to the girl and the girl give it to a mother who is a dangerous figure and warriors who are the dangerous figure in the Old Testament says about the dangers but your revelation pilot the mother of harlots she's called in Revelation seventeen. OK Let's talk about the mission and message of John the Baptist John the Baptist mission and message was directed at those who claim to serve the true God Would you agree with the Jewish leaders he said do not think to say to yourselves we have Abraham as our father what I say to you that God is able to raise up children to a man from being told if he wanted to do all the junk about the sent to Israel number two job. I'm a Baptist called upon Israel to walk and then die you might also call people to do that. Sure we repent from sin go away. And what is sent down special below you know somebody once said to me The Law was nailed to the glass I said is that right. You are Sam So as you know and I said what is sin and you know why I thought I had the police I said it's time to get out of the lot. But how can you say if I was not in the past there is no law that can be no sin and Incidentally there is no sin you don't need Jesus. So the fact is getting rid of the law makes Jesus unnecessary that's the Devils religion is not to get rid of the law but to get rid of our need of Jesus. Number three the mission of John was to what to turn there is I'm going to get the hides of Israel to their god he was to what to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus is the last time that at the end time Elijah also going to do the same thing prepare God's people for the second coming of Jesus. Oh yes and no on it. By turning that what are the highlights of will. So the hearts of the children to the fathers by turning them. I'm in number three by turning the lot that disobedient to the wisdom of the just what commission was a little and they were what disobedient does the time Elijah have anything to say about disobedience to tackle. Disobedient to the wisdom of a just to make what they really are people who are prepared for the Lord. The purpose of Elijah to prepare God's people for the second coming of Jesus yes. I tell you if there is there was a tremendous Tribulation for John he was in prison before he was killed. He had severe trials tremendous doubts even to the point of sending messengers to ask Jesus if he was the one to be expected or whether he was to expect another. He almost felt were shaken by God So did he have a problem. Oh yes he did say even that the lesson all kind see when you study this more you find all kinds of parallels and by the way some say but Elijah was translated to heaven where John the Baptist was killed you know why. Because Elijah suffers the same fate as the Messiah whom he prepared years. So John the Baptist prefigures the Messiah who dies the endtime Elijah prefigures the Messiah who come to reign. You follow me so because because the Messiah died the precursor of the forerunner also dies. But when Jesus comes to Manus King and King a King of Kings a lot of lives we live the plaything also lives. Now the not of number three implicitly when Jesus came his own people did not know him correct and why is this. Simply because they have refused. Jesus the reviews you know what you're getting rid of mine I've got to the last part of the brain. They obviously they obviously misinterpreted prophecy and mis understand how the Messiah was to come. They mis understand how much I was going to go where they expecting him and one way and they become another is are just possible the Christian world today is expecting Jesus to come in a rapture and he's going to come differently. Food for thought. Number four. Because they wanted they wanted wanted that deliver from the Romans they wanted a physical delivered from Romans they wanted God to place them at the apex of the world and they wanted a king that would rain from Jerusalem. And so when Jesus comes he starts talking about law and he starts talking about turning the other cheek and everything this is the Messiah we've been expecting. Because they misinterpret it how Messiah were going to come up pictures of Messiah that deal dealt with the second coming and they apply them to the first Come now let's go quickly here public or John the Baptist was no innovator. He came to what seems the restart where he comes to restore all things Number by John the Baptist preached against the darkest relationship between King Herod and her audience. He said to him it is not for you to have your brothers why did John the Baptist denounce fornication. No God then time people do not or negation between the harm of making news. Oh yes. Number six John called attention to Jesus as the Loch Ness I have no Lamb of God who takes away the fiddle more with John the Baptist restart so to speak the truth sacrifice. Grace yes he did. Number seven John called upon God's people to bear what truth which follows from repentance the protocol Corot recruit to as the fruit of the word. Don't forget this because in the next lesson will deal with the issue more. We talk about the in time it is the fruit of what are the fruit of the Spirit and then the next blanket is approved only holiness Jesus referred to the print as a lot of biting in his word and what else keeping His commandments all that is included in bearing fruit. Number eight John's message was one of separation and judgment was that a separation was going to be made between the trees and between the wheat and the south. You cannot speak of a judgment without speaking about the Commandments because we will be judged by the perfect law of liberty not of total finally Lige or Google the list quickly because we'll pick up on it next time again are we to expect another Elijah. How do we know that. Because Malakai pork hornpipe says I send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord. One of the great and terrible day of the war one that's worse this one time when I just mention in verse one it says the day is coming burning like an oven which will leave neither branch. So what coming is this referring to before the coming of the great and terrible evil or it's the coming up to Jesus. I expect member Elijah before the coming of Jesus. Certainly number two. Lastly Lige I will reset my God Immediately we want a second coming of Jesus. Do you agree with that. In which of them. Which book of the Bible would you expect to find that message. Why because where the action is the last book and it speaks about the last events in the history of planet are you going to look for the last Elijah you have to point to where in Revelation and if you want to find us to be enemies. You look there too. Number three misprint last message given by God to planet Earth based on the Revelation fourteen six or twelve. I'm sorry folks by the time I get to the end the letters I'm seeing double. You know this is my last message because immediately after it is given by the three angels the Son of man is seen coming to the earth on the way but I like well so the range of messages have to be the last message because immediately after the third message is given Jesus is coming on the clouds and he liked it was going to come before the great and terrible day and all I got was that I want to say yes raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying. OK Good deal. Number bar Revelation fourteen sixteen contains God's finally larger message. Can one person accomplish this task. Why not pick up the message is going to every kindred nation tongue and people. But at the very end let's just talk a moment about three enemies of Elijah the harlot of revelation is that a literal woman desired a little it can't be because you see it. On waters which are multitude of nations thousands of people that might be a world like this but yeah mustard daughters also be a worldwide system. There's a talking about one kimchee fornicates Where are all the kings of the earth. I suppose that if the harlot is a worldwide system her daughters represent a worldwide system. The kings of the world by kings Elijah must be a worldwide Elijah. They are simple it is. That's why we call this prophecy made simple. Yes the daughters as we studied represents the other denominations who share the teachings of the mother. We'll deal with that a little bit more fully tomorrow night. Now mark by too long do you think this final message is especially sent to NOT a purpose not religion or to those who claim to be the children of God They also claim to be a children of God Why. Because Elijah sent to the children of God previous to Elijah's no yes no or speaking about those who claim to be Christians at the end of time. Yes claim is the key word. Let me ask let me put it this way. If a person Elijah was sent to bring Israel back to God. The second Elijah was sent to bring Israel back to God the final Elijah comes to bring atheists back to God. What of the biological core. It must be really comes to bring himself which Israel. That's all Israel which is what a Christian church is it just possible most of the Christian Church today is not partisan. Yes it is. Side of say you have a Babylon of belief systems in Protestantism and palaces and today it is literally huge and it need not be because the Bible is clear. Now let's go number six. How many enemies do you suppose this final Elijah will have because when he lived up to the enemies appear with them. By the way let me just mention something about the Middle Ages. Just a Belak cease to exist. Symbolically they're in the Middle Ages. She's spoken of in the context of a church by a tyrant which is the Church of the Middle Ages even Nonette nine seven they have been to the legends say that the poor church of Revelation represents the middle of the Dark Ages the Middle Ages. There's no problem there but it says regarding the church you allow that woman Jessa veil to do her work in your midst. Now let me ask you a good Jess about born again with the kings of the earth there in the Middle Ages. Catholic Church join church and state where their daughter is born from the Roman Catholic system who are in the Protestant churches were born in the sixteenth century. Do they reflect the same teachings at the mother. To a great degree what they do they keep doing what they believe about the bear what they vote what are they believing about church and state. How about changing God's prophetic calendar. Totally different than what we've been studying in the seminar from within scripture. Totally different by the way. There's going to blow your mind but the ideas that are being taught today and I'm going to mention names because they publish books that came away. Hell Lindsey and others have published their concepts were directly derived from the Roman Catholic Church. I have a document I wrote called the changing of the times. Actually it's called the toll the name is Futurism so incredible journey the changing of the times and its implications for some of the evidence the ology but I show I document very clearly there that the views that are being taught in Protestant parents than peers and today were directly important policies including separating separating the last week of the seventy weeks that was not invented by Protestants that came from Jesuit priest who wrote in the late ninety's whose name was Spencer school Ribeiro. So our patents and they have taken the prophetic system of Catholicism and that's what they're teaching today. And this probably will amaze you. But that's the false prophet because the false prophet speaks the same speaks for the mother speaks for the beast in the singular. Now of course it's blurred because we're dealing with a worldwide system. OK now number seven quickly. Well six OK how many enemies who are running the dragon the beast and the false puppet mantle is composed of what the old number seven the enemies are also spoken of as me mother lets her daughters and me King. I'm sick of it or negation with it. Number eight. Babylon is composed of the dragon the beast and we saw many fighters battle and I have three these three powers will gather the whole world to fight against the king of the universe and that's what I'm going to say. Don't you think that they're going to fight directly against God that's not the way policy works. You know that Jesus is coming on the clouds and here they're shooting nuclear weapons like Jesus and not that's that's not what we're talking about here and we're talking about a war against Christ in the passion of his people and that you have done to one of these my brethren you have done it on to me. Salsano why persecute us now me now it's my persecuted the people of God They're persecuting the God of the people. And woe to those who attack the people of God. Because they're cracking the apple. Remember when Israel was caught in the Red Sea that the wheels of the chariots got stuck. What did you say let's go let's get hired by tomorrow Israel help out against Israel. And when you plot against as well people are against the war and if it and then provide that would have all been killed at the end you know we can fight against God's people but the Lord will intervene to deliver his people. Again that's a crisis. And an interpretation of probably goes the hero in this interpretation but seems like finally revelation making want to buy body announces the sins of Babilon and invites his people to work to come out so if you belong to any of our systems it's time to get out. Question is will you accept the call. I hope so because you like to laugh and tonight we have and that's fascinating. Now tomorrow night you got to come even though it's Monday because tomorrow is the end time Eli don't study the nitty gritty the tribulation the plagues all of these things and show how they parallel the story of Elijah let's pray for him and we thank you for the marvelous way in which you have given us your word. We realize Lord that nobody needs to be ignorant about what's happening or what is going to happen. We can with confidence rest in your arms knowing that even though things get real bad in this world you're seated on the throne of the universe and you will be there to protect your people. I asked Lord if there's anyone here tonight who was not given their life to the Lord who perhaps belongs to one of the systems where errors pardon errors practice that you will give them the courage to come out and to accept with Thank you Mark for having been with us and we thank you for answering our prayers because we ask it in Jesus' precious name Amen. This video was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you'd like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W dot org.


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