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Balancing the Blessings

Nyse Collins



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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I want timely quality of the day thank you for bringing us you safely we would as now as we learn how to balance the blessing upon the following simple guidelines in your truth may you bless that we can can eliminate one of the testimony that others may see wondrous and while what can we do to be like that but ultimately what can we do to be safe thank you again DNA we pray Jesus he same slug today I focus a little bit off on how the balance the blessings of the remember that I did a little bit of studying and and a word any time we looked at when it were a use this fact I know it's all about the fact but also the Lord and so you don't want to thank you for so much fact below you the fact properly at an elevation way to use that it should be that they were flat iron flat system like that we found out that this happened when the people of God follow the leader he wanted them to live and then ultimately they were fatter or they look better than flash admittedly they were black a man who remember the story then Daniel chapter one then it's up to one three will boys most importantly many of us get the end of the story when it was smart and stuff like that but we sometimes forget that the test and went down to rest it has made gains today many of us they hate on the link for the time of trouble in the number eight Ryan on the right analog and mitigate me it's too late when Daniel and people boys were in this situation they had been living that lifestyle long time will you know when they will not call seven market data they like being in the right way to the right wing will find it when the time came as we offer we had a wine birthday and then I had a friend part in their life heart remain up in the online that it will not do anything to be filed the temple of the Lord so are the result of practices and that in that way nothing with the both of them way before when attached to elect the night even option okay with them when we need to continue to have been awake I wanted to live six of the continues of honest and principled guy gave them number one they will do a smarter day they were so smart even before that that they know that this is a test of their faith because they were never generated also there was also that when the time came again in chapter three and all the friends Bob bound because their mind and on Sunday night with an interpersonal bonobo the current diastolic was in them what clear as the result they saw that this is something that God will not have them do and they would only want to set up a imaginative life is not the best example of this review I think that this is why this is a similar principle on the people three thousand four thousand people in the auditorium and found that comes up one estate of something like that in the Talmud to do something contrary to what I believe and it is definitely only thirty of us who found out regarding ophthalmic the width of the biggest ethanol Rob Rob Molitor all or a even in my knife inside but this is not what God wanted to do is understand ideal method I was once again hit on roadways with our same with you about how I think I love you but because they settle for what was right along with them and not only that but the company had the smartness is also not good enough you have to look that says it helps a little blessing something is on the anything method that even the outdoor life I would hear public testimony on the opposite method ally loveless bless and present off button on his all right so that is it be okay okay that even these fouls or fax so publicly as I was seeing a continuation about that lawyer first family welding affinity they might've the gold-medal word one person on the street without eleven FM in the Philippines as we benefit of even eventually involve out our family in Thailand we went across the world in about three months and we don't mandate out through work with the people in Thailand in Bangkok where high blood pressure high acid reflux negative side of little extra methods economy they said Matt you guys have helped us so much please help our family in Mumbai the Dubai with what country of Dubai United Arab emirates that place is crazy how the state is what we put in vote with the help is that their friend this friend his daughter over three hundred plus blessing is on the name that will be good then we can get a project in Texas the deal with so we went back to Texas and in the project and I had up its honorable and nullified that anyone ought to give us a call hey where are you from aware in Canada working about this and can you come out the house was that while no we do have a plan like this tonight you know what I very was the defendant but therefore whether you want to thought that they get almost ten thousand dollars the man they now sleeping mats on a plane or something like that page and please when you add will will send you the we left Toronto all the rights of minorities the funny thing is I do know that country is not too strict Muslim countries legal and any such impacts they look at anything that is either then anybody was okay but that will break the law I'm healthy livestock development medical resonators around with you and for those within it before we dig a little talk with the medical report together and pray the moment and do it under a healthy lifestyle consultant Omran of the identity of the TV or radio and we work together and you hear that just know that medical missionary Enterprises program telephone number even if I wanted a faith so I went over this on the other blah blah sonography of medicinal plants then they can talk about not replanting of domicile and help me fooled and by this one his ministry to have the model had if I had this one here pathways to health and happiness but I thought you not it's Arthur back and now they see it many the people of this larger extra in August the cover from the distributor things about the dog on a lot of they give a common law countries spend a lot of money and in the know so we got in the this young lady was been with severe situations as you know if you have some glasses off with the longest alcohol caused the problem not a fact that we can look at that the mine e-mail quick heal well every five blessings me every five methods all were blasts overweight now I got googling on the evidence I think all my blasts to increase your chance of getting diabetes by ten percent so you have one in blasted all bluegrass comedies on who do not increase your chances and an diabetes warning on twenty so what was see them at all times about the developer diabetes management is a direct relationship between obesity and diabetes are not but our focus on people him him unable to not want you to come by I think we may have our DVDs tomorrow .com I will do the DVD on the house and are a couple people have asked them deal with it for the diabetes is when and what about diabetes high blood insulin okay what else high-fat low fiber anybody else genetic vocabulary of Kansas is that he does not do anything all thank you for the relief of mine about the methadone of them did you know now though I do not I have friends living on a medical smoking to real people small gentlemen I got my exercise any day are sometimes in better condition than those who are tormented Jasmine of exercise I like mad on AVN them in order and I have been active vibrant namely that you need to be active so that when we got this just because I asked five people and I think one person got it right one because the type to diabetes and results in a message regarding a vital habitat they say you get a forty him all know that things may not modify misconduct by twenty twenty twenty fifteen twenty five hundred eight apartment and I need to jot down almost thirty hundred right now I have yet wanted when I got in a drop-down big time modify the people now teenagers now in diabetes what is the cause of diabetes now that was an adequate starting to do one group of help me young women and a few men okay high fat diet and on the group he gave one pound of sugar a day and that he won't consider the of the easiest thing to do is applicable cookies to agree soft drinks you have goals about publishing a day to all outcomes are grateful that diabetes first book the fat whatnot what two thousand and eleven the ancillary and as a result if a high and and we glad to get that he thought getting a little behind a nominal number should be between seventy five hundred so the one who had a high-fat diet developed type two diabetes oh mile diabetic and less than two weeks anybody want to know how to become a diabetic at it did you write in less than two weeks to become diabetic the other group however you do want so that they did not does not even one diabetic of the unleavened weeks when experiment with Germany what is required in fact when I know anybody in the home they said he wanted to get anything to the Fleming and he got no printouts or do not remember so write it down go home and study now some of us at my notation that it was a promise on the officer in the world also early so that is related to malaria desktop air antihero I thought no way I benefit is okay number one soldiers wanted quite enough comic cancer so God made inquiries one of the important of colon cancer we get you all causes ulcers and gallstones many different items retarded fetal well-being of one wife in our society with a bodyguard will country I hope all of the neoprene even if we've got remunerated ultimo because of the lack said I know a lot of us think I heard about the GUI seething a way who is utilizing these married needs married knife you develop a good friendship and energy life I read all United Parthenon and I fear so hoping that if I get married soon and he will do when I'm good healthy kids you may avoid the fact but if he still used in the sugar can cause a problem with that okay so do not let iPhone users are directly related to increase in the best sense as well okay so had a chance to work with the lady over three hundred plus blessings what happened on the simple plan of the children that allow the first month along to balance over twenty five blessings twenty five lessons the doctor said now let me know each other if thou second want to bounce another twenty five blessings doctors a heedless of the money body starving itself we went ahead of them that came back her back I think I'm better than it ever was before God blessed enough I will try to real slopping over over there there believes in Allah 's will only the fittest which I will softly boost on acute information I stop open will stop working I find that I find that I don't think the items on this lien is limited I like diabetes managing change I will happen through you will die as a matter of time because what it does is superstock by one million in you whether we follow a diet this is when you move me because if you don't stop that guy won't happen you will continue to do what you lose weight when you follow the way God wants us that the ice to be about two hundred BRCA1 and nine New York when I was younger not only not been J say things up with actual letter to the law the health as well enjoy the thought it was the death of Hawaii even saw how exit method that but as I continue to follow up on the mountain watch this even though I missed on the actual estimates and somewhere in the even though I still follow the same guidelines relate no because what I had done I have what when you lived without wanting to let if you have extradited you will come to ballot and wounded the same way you won't lose any more investment I wanted to be if you automatically work with people who pen knife and we shot this on people who need to add also methods even in our project the only go if I want to say plan anything on it on the left will come right back up to where they need to be outside after that all the Mathematica I think the what the last time I filled all about six months she had bound the young way we work with there in the middle east at about of a one hundred plus blessings the funny thing once he was you wanted a gastric bypass and I don't have to bypass is now got something out of it all will cut you what is the little band around you same difference what the body is waiting in the business is no Randall Wolcott you won't practice on the angle that the little band around it look into the stomach small but same thing so she was scheduled to have a gastric bypass at the three-month issue about whether they felt it will hold up on my pass on our offer now after six months ago they did a surgery thank you they canceled the surgery in a letdown this is open the door to how physicians want to know what you thought as we began working I'll continue to work with her we share halfway for health and she started to read about the life of Jesus first chapters of our example this is not attending about diet and health and she asked slowly but quietly you believe what you gloomily a Muslim so long glad you that you know that said I believe in God he says okay well what will we hope long ago I am a seven and efficient while heard about you guys but you guys has on the same practices that we have as well as a wife as I look around and an end of alternatives and the noses and yet issued information now she is tapping into the Bible because a firm that will rich over there in the middle east they have the Internet the government passed the Internet and stops it from the season you can both alike aquatic and bad sites but you can't hold to Christian sites as well the candidate of the Bible but because the family is like superrich well I am under the new government buildings like the Baltimore modify Greenville I like the whole Minneapolis at the same time and again will build a downtown obviously Mildenhall don't sound think I because you ask if she is now happening in a Bible online cell phone but surely she's not in a fabric that will follow-up with her were hoping a mother 's basement Waterford will quibble back next year like tomorrow but I would hope to go back initiate even more information as well so that's that's one of the things we work with numerous people whom the balance of aggressive manufacture although in a small number of records of the guys know that it is interactive that they yet any questions they asked the question however we talking about how to balance the best days Bluewater or something like that here without I be asking about athletes will yet not amazingly arrogant aggressive on the topic to watch this song made them so what what does she do first thing that we need to do one now it's an investment to follow the same thing that God wants of the follow-up we do have a schedule for that schedule below the weather here in the first session edition three if you can tell if you followed the planet is found where it is found where have they found the science of it other than twenty feet from admin something and one item that we develop a message is good if it's accessible to all so I remember seeing a big on the Billboard of American one analysis building and Anna Nicole Smith while is that if you do this Lindstrom asked him something true gems all I cannot have back is by the by that nominal me know why you need a plan of God begotten anybody is a holistic one but you don't want to buy because I like it says that the spotlight will hunt all of the bottle and he just buys other than me out on the methods know God is accessible to all so what the first thing the best investigative was the first thing to be done again on Mason was the first thing to be done when others about the message you have to follow all what my schedule we talked about this in the first session will remind you right now the North even had people on a schedule when it came I even remembered it in any and everything in Egypt so that it out of the method I think so the memo when it came out that Israel wanted anonymity got tired and I'm sure we don't want to go back when demand is high I do no exercise of this high that the automated working a little too much and put on some methods the Lord knows that dark that she was will compromise will go in on him they had to follow schedule okay while understanding that the naught but the one disadvantage in the morning to gather data a polynucleotide full-time and when the utility wanted even alas this many people interpret that even as the real evening well I'm not that good what's the coffee says not regularity in eating enough vital and important vital meaning of life left on for it is in regularity is a vital point this should be a specified time each mail guys are not insignificant for their properties not the time to everyone people just as required by big nothing out until the next meal because salmon sandbar off some of us and it's very not follow that we anything anytime anywhere anyhow my brother I go by and visit with him enjoy them I'm going to make modernized old-school days you know with some brown rice with some steamed veggies and he comes and he keeps all unlawful and not a benefit or Internet dating in the morning I got about one to two o'clock in the note so now I come back ready to eat all my floating-point commingled the Popeyes and Compaq laptop I admitted that he wants him so I have my nice healthy almond milk that is made from scratch dig a little more than that the sale is on my almond milk and will and by regular milk this is a once a easy enough to what happened over the capital for a high-profile all economy and a carrying nonevent there may as well known the tenant areas that look and appearance marked variance that I'm not crazy now reading everything I found that it can not recall any specific names in our immigrant sentiment that the cafeteria because they can't should avoid a what situations okay when you say something after all natural worldwide unnatural and what they care the way assuming they get an awful fun nature organic give you simple I hope you simple meal so I go ahead and make a mean patio Patty I pack him up and see it will put them in the freezer for later weakness on the dominant economic stress okay so beware and attentive and a chance of making star is not and I'm hungry to know for their so we need to follow we need to follow schedule what saith the Lord even has people on the schedule the above act that now he sent them the full one the data ate it twice invaded specific times in what happened when the children of Israel went ahead of the aftermath of us that everyone is working on yellow hungry and is not lunchtime yet yellow text Amanda Wapping they go back and I love it okay you want up the awesome work that you don't something I don't than automating the moon was checked into the predecessor as an afterthought which again I think nothing else at the neck another man who is when the system needs no old actually time at regular intervals before Honda body is the one on the habit we should slam that avoided the end of that time but just before bedtime nozzles on November the seventh I am guilty I know Albert Southwest Northumbria but it rains I haven't played the run for student president and I want them again possibly a budget will Adam was off all my cabinet meetings at eleven thirty at night is that nice women in eleven thirty and then he had about the one thousand dollars I figured it out and then we can add anything you want to buy it about ten times maybe twentieth we know we don't want to know objects manly headbanging every almost every night when I needed I cannot sleep unless I want the this has lasted this is a habit that we develop so much that it is thought impossible to go to sleep without what eating never felt that way I felt that way have to break the habit was that the children will gain the morning and evening what the e-mail form that was the even obligation we look at this the sanctuary items like that that time they even was because the ease of unemployment was at the breaking innovation is that the white breaking of the day whether the breaking of the day but what I wanted to the breaking of the day when the sun commented by an envelope at noon time your early afternoon the Miller court and at what time and how to do it and whenever a setup man thank the Lord of everything we do not know directly no guy or not the directly got asthma because man out by the deadline on mistakes I made not of everything installed in most other like magazine layout I like it without the evening or even a basin which was the afternoon so once a week he done yesterday I thought a lot about the method was to get a Gmail and the lack wanted and enough afternoon watchlist talk about the last session it says here many him I may think of that weakness leads to undesirable for because the digestive organs have been all the work throughout the day how does that happen when you start what slacking Jim I cannot I can't take it no more like information all I will build if you are my son and I will not start anymore Northwest definitive anything below for anything but what please on their front door had to does have a nice little Apple that if it is not aggressive on you know there is no such thing as a healthy snack and a one-time there is no all sides they add that help me not a company may inform the body is nobody not even have what it can be made from a organic garden only found in Alaska it is not helping anything I comes in between the meal is good all harmful to the body initially I worked in a quick study they didn't want gentlemen through another day breakfast lunch and dinner they gave another gentleman breakfast snack lunch snack dinner at the end of the day they examined the stomach contents the demo at breakfast lunch and dinner what do you have enough stomach of M&A will have nothing but their excellent good at the government vinegar though that they have a commonality while David Wallace the pastoral day Colorado is little at the snack lunch snack dinner what we have been in the ER revenues of everything you want about the blessed need to eat on time you need to avoid snacking anything that is not what it considers like even orange juice even that nice little sugar free may is considered a flat work of many people they say that while ago I would avoid snacking one eighty isn't coming on why I can handle it for what information you how it is not backed at the end of a wiki mouth of a seven blessings no happy equal recovery you have any more information wherever you go to let information another individual would be overweight yet again in all extremities know it's a little type what he did was incorporate that in the first meet a powerful five methods okay so we can follow a schedule them until we can envoy was that mathematical water day one of marketers because of his lack of ability to be digested number three you guys want about even stronger when a child best to avoid juice I know a man not zero amen not even we need to try best to avoid what fuels this pussy damaging no quick understudy what what works Bible proven eBay one at Notre Dame and they don't have felt home Asim Ammann 's story again I canceled about of the twentieth with your answer on their services with the people they need to use juice out of the down free radicals who taken a while body had spread from handle on the less he was in big trouble so she needed a little extra boost with only a few characters of my back before the car and another lady who was in the hospital with her off on other charges is great so man she's not using charges below Maloney to about two cups a day on the latest six seven thousand eight nine about three weeks later like a character do not remain I honestly cannot have everything on that was not temperate on the note of before this watch anywhere when I hit the inspected was the anybody who the Jews in all the time or the time wanted not use either freezing rain a little bit that you get the icon the organization will watch this appraisal no one among spray with a luck with the latest session did the from is what people get sick too great to offer how to make the changes in the moaning on this yet respectively she is still alive today on the twentieth of October William the one month if they get you what already is the life able watch this so my mom and I said it will help everybody and I still can't balance my blessings Malone who will will I see that Eduardo you will graph I can validate again but everybody am not as much and I don't listen then why them on the Eno Wetzel justified that a Cajun online Hmong are you still Josie Jesus of course so why did you think she said while you help me because I swing their topic it was the Lord who huge allows for the help you believe a capable the Lord in the knockoff imagines what he allowed to just help okay note the way it goes well I get chance again my Filipino cancer wagering I just don't go to think that because of the beginner and the one of the problem watch there is a lot how much racist on the lookout agency makes you want to use multiple one B salary net out of sight while the watch can you keep that she said I know my little blast but I'm not okay not remain again on that and that's exactly my point even though those items on Google and energy to get it how one hundred percent item in the knowledge that stopped you have just meeting the valve that God has put on your follower she was a lot Yahweh is not an estimate I know about awake the seemingly about potential what about awful divinities what fiber whitefish when you start knocking out one carry on to ask how much anything to the one eight about why the national national one and a half why can't he get more fiber to extend fiber expands in the system right and a digital false sense of fullness you can't stop anything else now what when you build the jewels now we just pulled out that fiber and now you did you get them why can't things that the father so now you will take an extra natural will help a sugars and auto antibodies that hate is not good for me what am I to do it Anthony and going ahead after that convert that into actual act and actually blessing he has followed software menu how do for the long yes that the Bible tells the modules you ready for what they have used in the Bible okay I will and will they haven't individuals who wants a one ounce celebrations and festivals that item I got right was endangering on the other time some of us are celebrated we went in for the night now get married today some of us have a nice walk five blocks up with the automated review to follow we are just celebrated have SPF does patent on a so happens is that excerpts of this operator this one away at extra lessons so can we have a little jewels and beyond yes go right ahead as always my family had bought me a four times in the enemy on the pile what were they doing treated water just try not my mom tried in the first week alone she bounced about six lessons to fix a fit everyone about six okay maybe some possible you have to do of course is done to help you but he does want to follow the basic principle to any crisis of our day next step will old Java jewels on that Internet access and administration daughter that at question that they wanted Lewis will be that will fall into that category but I wanted to share this with you as it says here it is better to eat it then the drinking okay guys on reason being wants to go ahead and ran out and I love movies and I think most people that he ought absolutely need to avoid I is going on right this is not up it says fool tsunami in very hot or very cold it sure is cold the vital forces drawn up one away dysthymic the warming up before the Jessica began your body operates at what temperature so it is still called what it might have to do more map given on how you hold my difficult leaders of the call that your body 's jointly debris yes is that the black concert event on this away both great athletes identical objects these amounted only when here I'm cold his uncle the on on the device time ago woman it says call drinks are dangerous for the same reason okay so we should avoid I have been a very hot or very cold so you know that when I read that and if it had been noted that right and on the way days for seventeenth ahead and become the way in my lifetime we must hopefully listen now anything you guys I was coming in on it so now now I'm in a helpful start after you have totally additionally this is or myself is that it is dangerous I was at the hospital with an excellent holiday man elected Diana public that are not yet a stroke of the morning nothing is moving along at a stroke what you already have high blood pressure uranium the whole one so I am beginning a little nosy so I went to his son and I'm just like what happened on Easter now know what happened we would to set the table eat in stuff like that night he uninstalled us on the happily on Iraq I have a million reasons he's a man but we does not knock them out no it was the it was imagining is no school so they leave the thunder like that when I have some ice cream is analogous on knocking out all have a good time at all I know that the initial call for video by the way construed when you call what you hear like there's a related like I said and obey the Army 's wedding it's called medical practice will be honored to open up I got know they can't strike them access to a high cholesterol have super high blood pressure and heart is already like this and are going to the goal like this the government in one province nothing of what he had but hey we've been instructed this way and science are grateful with the other items there okay so not this obviously when you know those warming once in a while and reason why number of the question here over his thoughts however he impresses you but I haven't I have a nice little piña colada yogurt that you can make a mess from waterproofing was there was this when you listen to me as well only one thing I'm undergoing to filter when you go back because you have blended in you will get now will join on this movie a better okay and when you can definitely be back from Iraq now is everything okay red Dragon is not possible you'll have to buy the first of the digestive yes father so now it's just that and I doesn't begin where an amount maybe was on the phone on I forget the stomach at the rate again undigested begins in the mouth of someone eagle sets on these items you skip the last six eighty one origins in the morning when you many times he will ahead and get the faith Bible and all the vitamins and all the minerals of something that you want Apple Joe's wedding and eight apples was acting aggressive unadjusted all praise the Lord that is told that the mutual and inane Jesus is in a zero are my six this July so I just wanted the government is often a rest up this main ingredients when you start seeing red twenty rule forty three sixty trouble at one of my buddies is a more efficient I wanted a medical examiner a fifth man life after making the sale of the people saw another while happy these of a couple years ago when the dead bodies will come in and then we usually have about the way to find the title but I didn't get to it in honoring that I'll clean it up yet available in Sunset okay white I finish these and how it has about five to ten years when bodies come in we now have offended and handy terminal but some one day of the wife wanted to know what is he saying this is my dog what happens is before that wiki can have so much as arbiters and chemicals by fifty cent piece that details us faster what once read that it keeps our body sure longer thought all yourself there is even a kill them faster but was instead he keeps your body pressure longer of God will be little bit fresher when did that makes on a family farm in Jaguar whenever your family have enough time to travel discontinue it I follow a thing okay so that that's what that's all I wanted is that with the water they have to flame out with something to what we look at some of the stuff like that and maybe sugar-free those on the items that they use the basis of the argument worse than the lack answered back with something so because they felt was nailed there and I'm not a hideaway going to all boy homicides or maybe even a wife wanted even if we have to have a thumbnail a little schedule the knife in the second if you have to have it done efficiently very very very light one thing I like Descartes people 's ability have to have the e-mail glad to have some watermelon Canada will will decide that I want to eat him with your phone has to do with the very aggressive on that Iomega will notice with hot bath eat larger what breakfast civilian little bit longer okay not item that works very good because we want to help digestive everybody in this world of spirit and identified eighty five the sixth meals a day to modify outside of it works but at the same time you find a sick little meals a day you lost me know in the problem with him I celebrate the sundown and working working working my workout is a topic that a lot of the life of a consistent period of time if one out they want to whine about ten years why does myth only to shut down doctrinal wife is any discussion about this global work how can we help the digestion such item is drinking through ways with our meals is a problem it says it if she rolls down the digestion we know this this is why his message and I'll want to at least fifteen minutes before we eighth and at least two hours after you eat that where the excellent excellent question is not pilot manifestly the Nikkei sterile normal you can enjoy your serial shows no bad high energy guy that I may have some of us was almost no refresher for the cereal with for now the benefit of all and I am five in the things of this trouble is not all you heard anything Natalie Gagne got a little to not want to go that way than I thought unassuming and Maple Maple were no lies about euthanasia rising disability of the Fellowship and solidly built Internet down what it does and I moved your digestive jewels if not you might have to do what work hard at the increase acetate on advised the breakdown of who Phyllis Levine and I just wanted by the Moselle neglected the fermentation similar to those chemicals and without probable this is where we get the lack finale and Breslau about a half hour some of them in the path of the local market is not a church anymore wave of what he had a huge I visited there many of the latter confirm value drinking is a bylaw amendment is approved on a nondistressed value no charitable or need in Deuteronomy found in the norm is a low-cost not the one you want to do it like this a lot bravo so I must do what you enjoy he says while no as I began to sit down with investment that we can within affect any vital for what we know today every bite Julie and by jury as a result he had that all he day that point I encourage them to avoid item or he did was drink is what at least fifteen minutes before the weighted loss after nine now that's half the fun of but little to hire a note about the battery the vaginally doll hair and color empires now no knowledge of I also made based upon this I will not module is an anonymous delegate to the floor you know and I did knew his own son to follow an effort will be eased by the meeting on the product he found a balance that the Internet all directly related after the flux alongside the only is it doesn't also cause acid reflux yes directly related work of individual people who want to easiest thing to get rid of easy following a schedule avoiding that all that often wanted to meet annually memories of my own effort in five and on this but I your young online great big basically fit the minutes Lawrence watchlist when he entered at the same time you have before been discovered the only thing that has VIP access anybody is water or liquids in a multinational hair right there you know how the lines of import is full so that only an online yellow signing it they get into all our new curbside but so suddenly alive sign of the in-line assault on a negative defendant alleges that they just walk right by able statement I was all I believe that while I thought about Adriana Rafael five he VIP song is likely that they don't know that they didn't make a big we all die together you know I really don't know casual plus other like that I'll say no my and that's what the ministry us on the lifetime what about how water is in the body four we want to put water in one of those white images poses and legal titles masses apparently they and they wanted I doesn't have to need than they think even longer this is why that is so important there was a so what happens when you enter the same time it also causes this doesn't belong in court the reflect a quarterback and we should allow one or both of the harder was the one apartment backup or the liquid in a muddy buffet and eleven oh yes okay we have a family Saturday magna my fifth when you go to a buffet the real joint first the writing move this concept on this principle the very first all because I'm afraid you want to log in July eighty one reason why football gave the culture brings the buffet on the country that will save the things on the side of business but they hated us but we don't put a lot of business policy automatically not about for five to ten regard by three hundred pounds seventy six five six seven ninety fifty alas this woman at the buffet I noticed the manager will always get and waitresses just for us and us alone reprimanded one waitress because he was Ovitz on the fall and pointed to the water pitcher something to some without about so any time I will grab my cock and take on the militia do something real quick and I know how it suggests that she was in the right backup somnolence I thought I like this to come but I get what they isolated his window he was again a filled the hallway water and fuel savings the cheapest thing wasn't even what he wanted to thank the baseball great we were never satisfied with either one drink then you go on the open up about me okay relax a little bit because the mind is hard to tell the difference between hunger and thirst many times when we think we're hungry hungry we're really what Thursday exactly so if we just follow some basic report this amendment more to it practice schedule that will pass how to guide it into the municipal menu planning simple simple manufactured on how we should be until after needlessly one eight one and I just abuse the one about me because we don't want to mix fruits and veggies together right wing on that so we put the full ten one meal for her big breakfast the go-ahead eclecticism and that is now open a second militant life overhead and replenish his revitalizing the system but we want to keep those items for the autonomous have many acid reflux now you can tell when you have your life potluck to stuff like that and you finish off we finished our potluck when they bring out the desserts all men that's one problem with a candle in the desert now we've been downtown in back wages and commands out of the shower leave the readers bring it all out service it is a market notice of anything I want to be healthy and it would bring out the what foods you love them live in the mail and Eagles fresh grapes the fresh mountain if the high-tech Internet outlawed to that and he called back up for well old member of the software what happens is because the fruit digest much faster than the heaviest away chunks and brown rice and so forth I go to think about the reality by the wallet it sits at the top of the stomach before the online of the ideas on what he liquids it at the top of the stomach right and investigate after what happens is because assist in defining it the wording is digested in about twenty five minute power this is the editing is the way warlock affirming that I can't backup the data all team delete old paper for what we wanted that we might be distressed items what sorts than a heavy items afterwards okay and when a multiple I think that we close here in the second is the one and make sure we get some activity going to have to get some activity I can't let someone who is vacant job and I think it am good with multiple axis IV and better health than me will proclaim and help message yes follow the same philosophy as we continue to do this you know the ship I believe the Lord has told us that we should be the life of the sacrificed a witness for all you know what happened along major amount of the product anymore without the hassle was as we live Christ up in our lives it'll be enough of an event testimony people using line argument though that I know what it was built as he share that information with him slowly but surely if you'd invested in a benefit and a ballot that take place minimize of the clearer anyone have to pay what can I do to be saved him a piece of mind that you have this hot along with the village this is what he wants about not to lose not today but just about an further breakout for while the one is there any question that I let you all thank you so much showing and I will have its overhaul to join him in one animal disastrous thing that really none antibody what a guy in Shrek and when you start showing antibody was forthcoming what hereby we know it reduces more enzymes more after the company started new role the stomach lining if Doctor just wanted it is not great enough for them to stop breaking you down and the award articles on ways to enjoy the warm old rumbling of them I got the war going on your body is not a fight itself and protect itself two of them is the one of the most on for iron equity you have a nice look Sam's Club and by a one hundred percent sugar-free fighter possible about anything of the unknowns on while we get like ten pack man I do not know the enemy got need another one of one oh one my stomach started burning this one only sixty so that when I hear that you want to avoid and that vessel within the start and as we left side of I have a prior similar to Panasonic doesn't cause each hallway has three parts the way you think they might let about the methods you need all three parts the first part of the endosperm second part of the germ your plaything and they make great source of income for one whole-grain medicament there are a lot expected in the model anything agent what we Germany twenty five six dollars for that in a cockpit within the fiber one of branding compatible set of fly for you know how you develop is fried or any putting in a box anything they should heed you walk in the morning what kind of ethereal bran cereal United satisfied just look at it closely you can see the bubbles on this on earthquakes you have a lot of music bubbling around bubblegum I think that by minute one itself is what the white rice white bread white powder cheapest thing on independent thought that unit as a whole item will be noted as a whole item this is leading one of the neglect of constipation colon cancer different I like that diverticulitis low thought I thought when you can hold it takes care of that so watch this ball home think you're right you develop your rights as whole grain on if you want to think that they are white rice had little shocked claw at the end as look at vocals and little shop floor you know I had us are poor because the John used to be in the butt big day on the machine I think the week the germ out in a select few the 50-50 on right now that have little little white spots one of the goals like this that the brand that the fiber they dug a half you see life life over to remove the fiber from the medicine that you and your Wheaties cereal that somebody wanted to use whole-grain I have difficult metal hallway higher yes organ event for you in a little bit out of article commitment is no need to cook it about two hours away what will close in our prayer and is available okay he began a handout God never folded their and you also have our manual also because of the manual which is on the distributor will do that the chapter that we went with a little bit on diet and health hope you enjoy appropriate you have any questions in this e-mail or give us a call as momentous freight blog on heavily figurative for the message that you're given a so simple so creative father intended for us to balance the blessings that of course we remember beloved you and whenever you go get rustled and not the fruits and grains in the veggies may be a blessing to us as well hope information on may not just sit here to follow but we made me able to apply for allies and then people will notice it while what can I do to be like that thank you again here in announcing the name ratings as a this media was used by audio birds will review ministry G Weiss generation we would like to listen to more 's presentation or if you would like to learn more about UNC 's WW UIC web .org also angry with you on your first board and it videos .com


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