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13. God's Final Message to Planet Earth

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Rather have and thank you for the bless a day that you have given us. We thank you for bringing us safely to this place. We realize Lord that every breath that we take is a gift from you. We thank you for it. We asked that as we study your last message to this planet tonight that your Holy Spirit will be with us and teach us everything we need to know so that we might live closer and closer to Jesus as we near the moment of his come. We thank you Lord because we can come before you throw. And speak with your bowl. What a privilege it is to speak with the king of the universe and to know that you incline your ear in the midst of all your occupations to listen to him. So we ask Lord that you will bless our study tonight. Bless those who are on the way bring them safely as well. And thank you for hearing our prayers because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. Before we get directly into the lesson tonight I want to do you know a little bit at least for five minutes with the literary structure of what we're going to study tonight because once again unless we understand the literary structure or order of events we're not going to be able to understand fully and completely what we're studying tonight. So I want to take a few moments and what I want to do. First of all is go to the last verse of Revelation Chapter twelve The last verse twelve says and the dragon was wrong or was angry with the woman and went to make war with the remnant oversea who keep the commandments of God and habitat. First of all any Jesus Christ. Now this verse Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen is not only the climax to chapter twelve but it is the introduction to chapters thirteen and fourteen because it sets the stage it tells us what the End Time War is all about. It's an introductory summary either to chapters thirteen and fourteen in other words Chapter thirteen fourteen is going to explain to us how this warfare is going to develop. I want you to imagine Revelation twelve seventeen kind of like what do you call that kind of think of the word that you used a sleeve that the right word see Connel all that's the word I'm looking for I want you to think of Revelation twelve seventeen and its relationship to chapters thirteen and fourteen as a final revelation twelve seventeen is. At the bottom of the funnel. But I don't want you to think that you're going for the top of the panel down here going from the bottom of the funnel out OK You know it was Revelation twelve seventeen is amplified in Revelation thirteen and fourteen. These two chapters are going to discuss how this war they are develops now with that in mind we find that this war in chapter thirteen has two basic stages there is a sand beast which arises and of course we've already discussed that that represents what power that represents the papacy at the same time it's the same as the man of sin and as we'll see tomorrow I mean not tomorrow but on Wednesday night. It's the. Same as the harlot of Revelation Chapter seventeen and then of course there's a second beast and that beast is in Chapter thirteen versus eleven eighteen and the second beast makes a lot it makes an enemy each to the first beast. In other words we have to be in Revelation thirteen therefore we find out how this one player is going to take place. This warfare against the remnant who keep the commandments of God and have a testimony of Jesus Christ the devil is going to carry on this warfare by raising up a beast from the sea and by raising up a beast from the earth and both of these beast are going to join forces and they're going to press God's people they're going to give a damn Bickley they're going to forbid buying and selling unless you have received what unless you have received the mark of the beast. Now I want you to notice something very interesting in chapter thirteen you have the beast. If you have the damage to the beast and you have the mark of the beast do you see that in chapter thirteen. All three of those items that clear you have the beast you have the image of the beast and you have the mark of the beast. Now when you get to Chapter fourteen says one through five can you have a group who are called one hundred forty four thousand. Unfortunately in this seminar we don't have time to talk a lot about one hundred forty four thousand. All I can tell you is that the number is not literal. It's not exactly a hundred forty four thousand people and I can tell you that these are the people who are going to be alive when Jesus comes. It represents those who will be alive when the Lord Jesus comes it's a much larger group than just one hundred forty four thousand. But what I want you to notice is that when Revelation thirteen verse eighteen comes to an end I was seeing or I was going to see a scene a scene that's all right. Sorry about that we don't you see a scene where you have one hundred forty four thousand who are standing on Mt Zion with the lion. Now let me ask you Rich Mount Zion must this be as if the earthly Mount Zion. Now this is the heavenly Mt Zion. How do you know that because this is a worldwide Israel and what is the Jerusalem of God's people today according to what we studied in the nation's for the Jerusalem of God's people is the Jerusalem. Above. Are you with me or not. If not the Jerusalem about time the apostle Paul says the Jerusalem that we belong to is a just Jerusalem about the Jerusalem that history it's like it says in Hebrews Chapter twelve that we have come to Mount Zion. Not the earthly Mount Zion but the heavenly Zion the Heavenly Jerusalem. It's as if there were gods people are congregated in other words what we have is a group and have gained a victory over the beast or his image and his mark. So far so good. Are you with me. Saying in unison. Are you with me again I had a good good time. Now the problem that we have here is this. In Revelation fourteen vs six thirteen we have just seen. Where the three angels are coming to the earth to proclaim God's Last Day message to the world. Now here's my question how can this girl be victorious in heaven. Angels messages have not been proclaimed yet in the sequence of Revelation. I understand you want to say. Now the answer to that question is actually very simple. You see what you have in Revelation Chapter twelve thirteen fourteen and will almost in a minute. Chapter thirteen is a repetition of scenes Revelation twelve seventeen introduces it. It speaks about generally speaking the dragon as well. When he goes to make war with the women ever see people commandments of God have a testimony of Jesus. Doesn't tell us much. Just give us a broad outline and then a Chapter thirteen. Example let me tell you what's going to happen that is going to raise up a beast from the sea. He's going to raise up a beast from the earth and both of them are going to join forces and they're going to impose luck. The mark of the beast. And then you have a climax to that horrendous. There was a crime. Go instead of receiving the mark of the beast. Receive the seal of God because this group is standing on Mount Zion and the hip have the name of their God written on their organs. I stand here with me now. But now John says now wait a minute you know they're victorious here but now I need to tell you what happened so that they could get there. What did they receive to prepare them to get there. You tell me what did they receive the seal of God had run had to be proclaimed in order to prepare. Or them to be victorious. The three Angels' messages which is Revelation fourteen and versus six hundred thirteen. I right now. Lest anybody wonder whether this interpretation is correct. Not that angels message Carnes against worshiping the beast or his image or receiving his mark. Right now are these people victorious over the beastly image in his mind. You know by supporting one part yes. But how would a victorious never three messages that we want them not to worship the beast nor his image nor receive the mark. But this is not in strict quite a logical order. How many of you understand I want to think they are important it is to understand the structure. Yet you can't understand Revelation if you read it in a linear fashion it's impossible. Now you say what about Revelation fourteen and verses fourteen through twenty. Well the fact is folks I don't have time to go through these verses we wrote later on in the seminar but Revelation fourteen fourteen or twenty describes the second coming of Christ. I'm the son of man is seated on a lot of talk. Now wait a minute I thought that the writers were placed on Zion before either. What is Jon doing here. He's reaching the same what he's reaching the same climax basically reached before and so he says Jesus is coming on the clouds and when he comes. Now the grapes land outside the city. Which city. And there are there is the harvest of the earth which is where inside the city. Now what are the grapes represent the way it says very clearly there that the wicked are the right one percent God what does the harvest within the city represent it represents the saints of God the faithful one hundred forty four thousand if you please. Why now why do you suppose that the grapes are gathered around the holy city and outside the holy city. They came down on vacation. Why did they come and surround the city because they had been tension of what slaying those that were in the city and by the way what is the city now. What is Israel now the church where I was Jerusalem not whereas miles I am now speaking. That's world wide because whether we gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the time is coming where you're not going to worship at this mountain not a mountain. He says whoever worships me is going to worship me in spirit and in truth and the Spirit is present everywhere and so Mount Zion is everywhere. Now you follow me so I went to that we could gather around. Do they gather around a little city or do they gather around God's people who are all over the world while you say how do you know that well because the harlot is all over the world. And the highlight is the enemy of God's people. She's seen it on. I don't work on multitudes Nations times and peoples by the way that's the reason why the first Angel goes to the two nations tongues and peoples to then this group behind it. I have on me. So in other words in Revelation fourteen verse twenty which is a very interesting verse it speaks about horses coming and trampling but what the wine press outside the city what do you suppose is writing or all those horses. Well I must be. That must be what's his name. Osama bin Laden. Then a good candidate for an advisor is a nasty character is there been so many books written you know when Saddam Hussein was hiding in the Gulf War you have all these Christian books coming out Saddam Hussein is building old Pavel and maybe he's the anti-Christ. And when the Ayatollah Khomeini rose to power maybe this will be the anti-Christ. And you know when Hitler was doing his thing. Maybe this is the anti-Christ. And when Mussolini was governing well other books maybe this is the anti-Christ. So in the Bible you don't have to guess that didn't structure the Bible so we have to guess. The Bible set that sets down these things so that we can understand when where and who you are and how. Thank you very much. I point out one of those key questions now what I want you to see is this. Revelation fourteen twenty reaches the climax the weekend around the city. World wide city so to speak because you know we know it's a worldwide city because it says a Revelation fourteen the angel is told to put in his sickle in the year. And it's also all the other angel is told to put in his cycle and harvest the grapes of the year. Are you with me so is this a worldwide harvest it most certainly is. The text makes it very very clear. But now I want you to notice what happens and this will be our last point I do want to take this long but it's you see it's a critical importance Pascoe understand where. To place the three Angels' messages there at the very heart of the Book of Revelation there are warning against the beast against the dragon against the image of the beast and against the mica Livingston. The important messages that life and death messages for their God Last Day message to planet and I want you to notice what happens in Revelation Chapter fifteen and verses two of them for John once again inspired by the Holy Spirit which is the same climax that it reached in fourteen one department just read that very quickly in Revelation Chapter fifteen and I want to read verses two to four and we will study verse one a little bit later on when we deal with the battle of Armageddon. Exciting message. Armageddon. Two Cents and I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and those who have the make room for the beast and already has an image and over his mark and over the number of his name standing on the scene at last having what parts of the law. Is this the same group as one hundred forty four thousand. They continue saying they sing the song about us as a servant of God of God and the son of the Lamb. That's the same hymn that is sung by those heroes in Revelation fourteen when the pipe. Now this means that the one hundred forty four thousand are going to stand on Mount Zion then are going to come back to Earth to hear the three angles messages and then they're going to be on Mount Zion again of course not. See in Revelation fifteen to look or you reach the same climax that was reaching fourteen twenty that was reached in fourteen one to buy in the whole process of the enmity of twelve seventeen is developed in chapter thirteen is more I'm against in Chapter fourteen is described by the way gets around in the city at the end of chapter fourteen. And a victory over these systems is described in Chapter fifty. Or how many are understanding what I'm saying. Say you have to understand a structure that's why I want to this is one of the principles that we studied on opening night. You know that opening night lesson wasn't just a feeling. The principles of how to interpret symbols a literary structure you know and aspects like that are of critical importance now do we know then where to place the three Angels' messages. You know where they're going to fit what is the purpose of the three Angels' messages. It's to warn people against whom against the beast. MH and here's Mark that is the central purpose. And by the way if you receive the first angels message there's no risk that you're going to receive the punishment of the third because the first angels message is a positive message telling you what you're supposed to do this is what you're supposed to believe. What you're supposed to pack. And then the second angel says hey if you're in a place where the first angels message isn't being obeyed. Get out. And if you don't get up this is what is going to happen. Angel's messages are sequential. And as we know it's going to lessen the curse message says. Listen in order to be prepared for end time events you need to do this Dear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him who created the heavens the earth the seas and the pounds of water and then the second angel says and if you're in a place where those things I believe in and I practice it's time to work time to get out. And says it's urgent that you get up because if you don't get out you're going to get a place. You see the sequence. Now let's go to our lesson we can now that we've seen this we can go very quickly. No one. Yeah right. Call people of little thing number one guy four point five God promised assembly lied to before the second coming of Jesus where in the Bible would you expect to find this message. Why they got the last book describes the last event and so it must speak about the last message from the last prophet. I mean you have to have a high I.Q. understand that I don't think so. I understood it. My I.Q. is a very big number to the financials messages to every nation tribe tongue and people saw this message must be what it the message is worldwide. Then Elijah must be what I felt important. Now developments. It's simple. Got things are easy to understand once you know the principle. It's like doing science. Once you know the laws of science then you can do experiments if you don't implement the law and your global army because they don't study the structure they don't they don't have any principles you know I can't let me just give an example of how people interpret the Bible. They say listen in Joel chapter three and in the trumpet it speaks about locusts. And those locusts are helicopters. And you ask why are the helicopters well because locusts and helicopters do too. I'm not a way of interpreting the Bible is that another interpretation they say you know that you read Beast of Revelation seventeen that's got to be communism because red is the color of communism. Oh please. That's not the way to interpret the Bible. You look at what the Bible means my rant. The reason what I do. It is when is because I want to kill God's people. It's filled with the blood of the sights and the fires of Jesus the Bible explains itself from inside. Let's not accept interpretations private interpretations that people impose on the Bible. Let's allow the structure the laws of interpreting symbols etc to explain the Bible. Number three. These three messages are consecutive and I proclaim in order this is made clear by the fact that after the first angel proclaim this message another angel followed and then a third followed them. I lay sequential. Yes they are consecutive and sequential which means that nobody should proclaim the good intel they proclaim the first because if you proclaim the baron or even the second as I get out of it but I say why should I. If you place the first one first and they say that we're there right. The principles of the first angels message are not being followed. Then they'll say oh I'm going to get out. There's no incentive to get out. If people think that they're buying the first angels message shows them but they're not by example of a person angel tells you that you're supposed to worship the creator of the Sign of The Creator is always out of it. And you're in a place where the Sabbath isn't bad. What does that tell you that tells you get I don't go to a place with us out of this camp. But you would never go out unless first you know about what's happened in the first angels message. Now let's go to number four. These three angels present present God's final message to the world we know all of this because as soon as they have finished their work Jesus is seen sitting in on a white cloud and coming to harvest the you understand why they're God's last day message the last message. It's because as soon as a third message finishes Jesus is coming. Well they immediately preceding what event the second coming of Jesus and by the way of Elijah comes before the great and terrible day of the Lord. This must be the larger message. Are you following. Are you following me out there. OK that's a little better. Number by these three messages are accompanied by what by the latter rain. The latter rain means a special outpouring of God's Holy Spirit without measure at the end of time. Right before Jesus comes because these messages have to go to all the world. Including all the Muslim world is going to hear this and are going to make a decision. That's why the total power of the Holy Spirit needs to be poured out. Now how do we know that these messages are accompanied by the letter right. Because as soon as they finish their work. But the harvest of the earth and the grapes of the earth are what right and what was it in the Holy Land that ripen the harvest. It was the latter rain simple. Number six. Receiving or rejecting these messages is a matter of life or death. This can be seen by. The fact that they also reject the third angel's message will drink the wine. The wrath of God pour out strength. The Old King James says without mixture. Now there will be no what no mercy or justice. Nobody in this world has has suffered God's pure justice except for maybe the pre-flood civilization. Sodom and Gomorra there are some exceptions throughout history but this is going to be a worldwide outpouring of the full wrath of God without mixture of mercy the door of mercy is closed when the plates fall so we better be sheltered by God. And the three Angels' messages tell us how we can prepare to be sheltered by God. Now let's talk about Revelations striking contrasts. The Book of Revelation contains a number of striking contrasts. Notice the following partial list a PUA and an adulterous harlot the higher that wine and the wine of God's wrath the great city of Babylon and the New Jerusalem and the sea of glass mingled with fire and the lake of fire two bodies of water. What is the next one be. The seal of God and the mark of the beast. The right part of the earth and the really ripe grapes you see that the Book of Revelation is a book of contrasts. Well that's not us to other contracts here in question number two and three at the beginning of Revelation we are introduced to the what to the Trinity. First we have the one who it is and who was and who is to come who is this God the Father. Next we have a seven Spirit are there Son the Holy Spirit. Now what does Number seven indicate collection. This is the perfect spirit is what's being emphasized there outside the Holy Spirit. The Seven Spirits who are before the throne. Finally we have Jesus Christ the faithful witness. So does God have a Trinity in Revelation. He does doesn't at all have his Trinity. Oh yes Satan's counterfeit community also also Hans although that's not the place. Earlier Satan also has a kind of a trinity composed. The dragon the these family overalls pocket. Now let me just digress for a moment here and talk to you a little bit about this cult of the Trinity. The dragon in Revelation is spoken of as the one who is was and is to come. In Chapter seventeen. There's our ring a bell who is called the one who was injured and is to come the father not only that but as the father gave authority to his son. The dragon gives his seat and his authority to go to the beach. Isn't that it. In other words the dragon is a counterfeit. God the Father. But now let's talk about the beast. Let me ask you does the beast have a three and a happier ministry. Symbolically Yes doesn't perform miracles during that period at the end of a string of happy years does it. Receive a deadly wound. Is it deadly wound healed. Does he have great evangelistic success after his wounds heal. Now isn't that interesting. Well sanatorium at your ministry Jesus at the end of that period after your ministry did receive a deadly wound was the one healed and after the healing of the world dead movement have great evangelistic success so the beast is a false Christ. By the way that's why it's called the anti-Christ. One who thinks he can take the place of Christ. This must mean that the past started on the image to the beast would represent a false what follows Holy Spirit. Let me just mention two characteristics that are interesting about this fall's puppet. Number one this false prophet does not speak for himself he speaks for the beast does all the Spirit speak for Jesus. Father Mark. Under their Pentecost the Holy Spirit make comes a fire come from heaven and Revelation thirteen the false prophet makes fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. I understand it this counterfeit credit a little bit better now see God has is true too and it didn't have it and a devil of a place of the Cometh maternity wear. I don't know that I ask you does the heavenly Trinity send three anti messages to the world. Does this bus Trinity us or send three company angels messages to the world. Yes that's on. Next question in Revelation fourteen. Number three they have only twenty cents per angels to try and gather as many people as possible on God's side. Immolation sixteen thirteen and fourteen we are told that Satan's got a twin at the also sends three angels to gather as many as possible on a new site on site and site so you have to turn at this age but there are three angels trying to gather people on their side. Now let me ask you this if you know what the message is of the true could it is true three angels the genuine three angels will automatically know the counterfeit messages of the cot of an angel. Yes So you have to know the truth of God If you know the truth of the three angels then you're not going to fall for the god if it were true three angels are going to say fear God and give glory to Him for the obvious judgment is come and worship Him who created the heavens the earth the season palms a lot of the kind of first angel is going to say worship will not wash. But worship the least. Don't fear God and give lie to him Give glory to the waste you know not in the hour of the judgment. You know I think just the opposite. Instead of getting out of Babylon this messenger second message is going to say what. OK I'm there and instead of warning against the beast his image and his mark he's going to encourage people to receive the mark and to stay within the system represented by the beast and his image. So the final battle has to do with very deeply spiritual issues doesn't. Does this sound like the big battle is going to be all the loyal in the Middle East. Does this sound like a big battle going to be the Arabs against Jews. Yes and perhaps the final battle is over the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus. It has to do with whether you worship the creator or not. Keep it holy Sabbath. Because you can't speak of worshiping the creator without speaking about the Sabbath because the Sabbath is the sign of the Creator. All of scripture even in a new life in Revelation sixty six and in one thousand and sixty six. We will go from Sabbath to Sabbath to worship before the Lord because the Sabbath has never been changed except for the little whore who thought he could change the times and the law. Now let's read the note and the evil spirits I work with Fallen Angels they are the same evil spirits which Christ Jesus cast out while he was on earth by the way where did those evil spirits come from. Their fallen angels and they fell with her with Satan That's right. Now may I said they are said to come out of the mouth. Because they are what they are proclaimed. No message it is words that come out of the mouth. This is why the Apostle Paul spoke of false teachings as doctrines while devils. It goes without saying that if we know what God's three angels teach then we will be able to detect Satan's counterfeit so we better know what the three Angels' messages are teaching. Now let's talk about the apocalyptic U.I. just limit the enemies you think you know and I'm Elijah's going after the enemy. Sharpton John the Baptist they historically like to have some what would you expect to find three enemies of God ten time Elijah of course. Number four the first enemy of in time Elijah is identified as the great pilot was erroneous eyelet was just about budget as a bell and her audience were individuals. The endtime harlot is what a worldwide system because the system sits on multiples of nations funds and peoples that not one person. This great harlot. Deceive the nations by her. Did you read that verse by her sorcery. What is the foundation of sorcery. The same thing as the witchcraft of the Old Testament number Jaz about was involved in witchcraft is and time Babylon involved in the same thing by the way that's why I am the final warning that is given to Revelation eighteen it says a Babel is filled with demons. Because Babylon has opened the door to the spirits of devils. Now let's go to number five. The second enemy of endtime Elijah are the kings of the earth was an enemy king in the Old Testament. What was his name and there was an enemy king of gods Elijah in the New Testament with his name on it but in the end time is one King are the kings of all world. It's universal I think the principle is universalized because Godzilla was universal. The enemies of gods is also universal. What a tremendous principle. Now what are the kings of the earth do they commit what fornication with the harlot is a union of church and state was arguing in a church and state so to speak in the days of John the Baptist was there in the Old Testament. Absolutely number six this side it is called the what mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth. If she is the mother then she must have daughters and if you read the parallel passage of Revelation to twenty to twenty three you know I suppose you found that very interesting because it speaks about the Middle Ages just a girl and God not only says that he's going to show this as a bell in your sick bed. Actually the Literally it says it hurt that bad. That's speaking about the deadly wound that the papacy received but it also says that God is going to kill her like her children. See the harlot has a lot of it so you have a New Testament how I don't have children. Yes I did the Old Testament I don't happen up it isn't it interesting that in Revelation this third power is called the false prophet but he's also called the daughters of God and it's picking up on symbols. Humboldt previously lied. Ivonne Now let's go to number seven. No harlot sits upon many. WATTERS which means that she reigns over people's attitudes. Nations and tongues. You see the dangerous figure is she moving on strange Is she in control you know she is. Number eight the harlot the kings and the daughters are also called the what the dragon the beast and the false prophet. These three powers are introduced as we notice in our structure tonight in Revelation twelve to thirteen because the three parts of my own time battling a great revelation sixteen verse nineteen. It's as the great city was split into three parts. And the three parts of the dragon the beast of the false prophet according to verse thirteen of the same chapter. The dragon symbolizes what Satan Yes but the civil power through which Satan attempted to slay Christ when he was born. What civil power was there at that stage in history it was Rome the Roman Empire. The beast represents what we've studied this the Roman Catholic papacy. The false prophet represents apostate Protestantism in the United States which reflects many of the teachings of the beast or of the rather see children reflect the beliefs of the mother. Just like in the New Testament Elijah the daughter reflects the belief system and the practices and the attitude of the mother. Now all of these three powers the harlot or the beast is the most dangerous. She said some moronic manipulates the kings gives wine and is filled with the blood of the saints of Jesus. So is it important to speak about the system and by the way I'm not I'm not demeaning anybody who was in that system. Be it for me for me to to do something like this to criticize him. It was in the system got as many two children in the system if they didn't have children who would say come out of her my people. She said come out of my people. This is another evidence that this person this angel evaluation eighteen is Christ not only because it says that the whole earth was filled with His glory but his announcement is come out of her my people. Did you get that this is Geez I guess if it's a message of Jesus we might as well listen. No more important message than the message that Jesus can deliver. Number nine John saw the harlot what drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the reminders of Jesus the word minor in the New Testament is Mark two laws it's the same word that is translated testimony not mine and when he dies he gives what he gives testimony. He gives witness the expense but also witness in the New Testament. Notice he gives witness to Jesus as he's being slain because he believes and accepts the truth he's a liar he's a witness he's giving testimony about his faithfulness to Jesus and by the way every murderer who dies is a conqueror. You know why. Because because when he has to be killed by Satan it's because Satan was not able to change his mind or her mind. Every man who dies they die because they are what do you want to do it. Which means that they died victorious and I'm not talking about the martyrs of the Middle East going on talking about I'm talking about people killed because of the relationship with Christ. OK Let's talk about the first angel. The first angel proclaim to the everlasting Gospel to all humanity it was that proclaimed by Elijah remember what Elijah did. He restored what the altar of sacrifice what was he trying to say he was restoring the crew what a true gospel of forgiveness only through him. Now let's read the note. Very important the Gospel is everlasting because Jesus was for ordained before the foundation of the world is and I want to send it not get to God by surprise God didn't say all what I'm going to do no dial up land in case man should say I am God had a plan to take care of it. Now the gospel is the good news that Jesus died for our sins so that we might have the gift of everlasting life. I wanted a job I want to just digress here for a moment. The interesting thing is that when Adam and Eve sinned God was in a very tough spot because God said that if they ate from the tree they would surely what. Then that there was a liar. Besides they sinned. Justice demands that they be punished. Then if God says OK I'm going to destroy them. But I would say How can a God of light love destroy his creatures by understanding the love of God If you destroy them you don't love him. Now if you don't destroy them you're not just because Justice demands a sentence. How could God resolve this problem very simply by offering Jesus to take our place and by the way only Jesus could take our place because only Jesus created us all. You realize that Jesus created all human rights when he created Adam and Eve. Does everybody on planet Earth come from Adam and Eve. Yes So if everybody comes from Adam and Eve and Jesus created Adam and Eve We were all created by Jesus. In other words Jesus gave his life because he was bearing your sins and mine. In other words he was not suffering death because of his sins he had chosen to take your sins and my sins. That's why he went to the cross and by the way if you read in the note you lowers the Jesus three times when he was in the garden of get so many he begged that his father would take a cup of his hand. In that strange terminology take the cup remove this cup. What was in the cup. The wrath of God now is a man who should suffer the wrath of God you wish it. But Jesus drank it in a place I guess that means that anybody who drinks it at the end of time is because they did not receive Jesus who drank it in their place. So the whole issue is whether you truly we see Jesus or not in the great controversy between good and evil. What we have to move on I wish I could take an hour just to talk about this note and ask that don't we got all the power of the Gospel it is the glorious nerves that Jesus trying to cover up in our place by the way his father gave him that cup according to John it in verse eleven. Because Jesus had chosen to take our place. Yes and that's why the first angels message begins with the everlasting Gospel because we have our everlasting gospels the motivating force when you see what Jesus done for you. It's easy to fear God and give glory to Him not no problem. That's why the devil I think that's what comes first. Because when you see what Jesus has done for you it's easy for you to do for Jesus. Unfortunately many Christians that atheists here see the cross as a cheap way of getting off the hook and they don't see how might sin cost how much it made Jesus suffer you see when you see it. There's a saying in the cross and crying out My God my God why has forsaken me and you see I'm sweating drops of blood in the garden I get so many you can understand how terrible sin is and if you continue looking up on Jesus you won't want anything more to do with sin. The reason we sin is because we take our eyes off of Jesus. Well let's continue here. It is a wonderful knows that Jesus took the curse of death upon him so that we might live. It is the incredible news that Jesus became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in him. It is the mind boggling news that whoever believes in Him will not perish but receive everlasting life. Oh man what a wonderful message. Number two the first angel also calls upon earthlings to what God did you read that note. So very important note and you should read the verse as they go along with it hearing God does not mean that we are afraid of him. Because if you looked up the VERSE Psalm to eleven joy and the fear of the Lord are pretty quickly coupled together in the Old Testament you can put a large and we've delivered joy the expression is like a diamond with many edges. It's basic meaning is to have a deep respect and awe for God I hate that people have lost their respect for God today as the Apostle Paul says in Romans meeting there is no fear of God on Earth. It's as if God did not exist but only at the same expression that's used in the Bible to speak about fearing our parents. I mean we're supposed to be afraid of our parents. No it means that we're supposed to have them in our end in respect telling God includes the idea of loving God and keeping what his commandments in fact you know the first time in the Bible that the expression fear God appears. No the first time is when Guy asked Abraham to operate on the references there. Genesis twenty two worst Well God says Abraham take your son your only son and often on the morrow and a man goes and he raises the night when he's about to plunge the knife in the angel hold back his hand and God says Now I know you fear me that interest fearing God means performing even the most driven God only because we love God more than our album. Amazing. It also means hating evil. I hope you read those verses that mean serving God It means claiming to him the same or that he has decided to speak about Adam leaving father and mother and cleaving onto his wife the cloth may think it's a clear That is close. That makes you close to deep respect. It also means respecting his name and bowing to humility before him. I've been meaning to write to Dr Laura for some time now because she wrote this book on the current commandments but every time on the radio she's saying gee this and gosh that. That is taking the name of the Lord God in vain to use the words of the Lord's name in slang in vain means unnecessarily. The Bible says that the name of God is Reverend and holy. That's right. Indiana's church we call pastors pastors not Reverend because Reverend means worthy to be revered are worthy to be reverence no human being is worthy to be reverence. Only God is of course you know that in the New Testament it speaks about serving God acceptably with reverence and godly right here because God is a consuming fire. The apostle Paul says that we're supposed to cleanse ourselves of all through penis up flesh that is of our body and our spirit that is our mind perfecting holiness in the fear of God So fearing God has many different connotations. But the basic idea is serving Him and obeying Him and cleaving to him because we have him in awe and respect. In preparation for not receiving the mark of the beast we need to have this fear of God. Number three the first angel further calls upon God's people to give way to him. Let me ask you how many of you have glory to give to God you do. I don't have any right to continue studying what is this with Gloria we're supposed to give to God by the way the Greek word is the word dog Faddle where we don't get the word doxology from didn't chase most people think that giving glory to God means that you're in church you jump and you don't see how we are Glory to God. Sorry that's totally alien from the biblical concept of what it means to give glory to God. Let's continue studying this number for most of the Ask God to show him here's why. Rather God shows His goodness gracious meth and heroin. That's a that is God's glory his goodness his graciousness has come to pass and so it's so important to get God why we have to be the most compassionate people in the world we have to be the most loving and kind people in the world. Number five when Jesus resurrected Lazarus this was a manifestation of His glory. I'd like to encourage you to look up an account cards the word glory and you going to find that every time the word glory appears in the Old and New Testament God is doing something spectacular to help humanity. He's either creating or he's redeeming or he's restoring that is his glory. That's the reason why the resurrection of Lazarus was a revelation of Christ's glory because God is a God that delights in healing people in casting out demons and in teaching them the precepts of God and having kindness and mercy and love no matter what your social rank no matter what your color no matter what your religion or God is a God who delights in being gracious and good as the Bible says He makes the sun come out on good and evil. And he sends his rain on right as none right. I'm thankful that God isn't like us that we allow people without rain. Number six we glorify God when we ban what the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Jesus says and this is my father glorified in that you bear what much fruit not just a little too much fruit in order to produce fruit we have to be connected with what with the bike in order to give glory we have to receive it first from who come to know it number seven. Jesus said Let your light so shine before men that they may see your lot. Why what does it mean to shine. It means you're producing what bloody works. And almost the last part of the verse and what glorify your god and now that's interesting. You produce the good works but people glorify God has it all that bastard or isn't he a wonderful person. Rather they say all that pastor for Pastor bore. Doesn't he serve a wonderful God says my son in the moon when you go outside and I see oh how beautiful the moon is tonight. Wrong you're going to say my how beautiful the sun is tonight. Why because the light of the moon. Well I don't know son no Gloria Lou there's I know I am the sun and so we went when we we talk about graciousness and God's goodness and God's kindness and God's character and is not us who are poor to our plight it is him because the glory that we give to God is the one that came from in the first place. Number eight how do we get this glory and Sabbath morning we heard the sermon about how we get this glory by beholding as in a mirror what the glory of the Lord we are being transformed. Do you know what the word transformed areas metamorphosis in one as a matter of Marcus's metamorphosis is not an improvement on the old. It's totally something totally new. Unless you think that a caterpillar look like a butterfly benevolence by by beholding Jesus we are. What we are change. See the reason why we don't do we don't reflect Jesus is because we reflect the television set. See we reflect that which we which we behold we are what we be all those people who are not being all in Jesus will end up receiving the mark of the beast because this is a preparation for not receiving the mark of the beast overstudy it is only by spending time beholding Jesus and His Word that we are transformed into his image and reflect his glory. The first angel continues telling us that the what number nine the power of God's judgment has come. Now that's important. They also proclaimed the hour that God's judgment had come that was going to separate the righteous from the righteous. He most certainly did. Let's read this very important note we are to fear God and give lie to him. Why because God is going to what is going to judge us clear God and give glory to Him for the hour his judgment has come. The Gospel motivates us to fear God and glorify him. After all how can we how can we not honor and glorify Him when we see what he has done for us in His Son. Please notice that the hour of God's judgment arrives before the second and third angels message is I preached I agree with that. The first angel says the army's judgment will come. Right now the judgment will come as the judgment began when the first angels message is proclaimed. Yes because the first angel says the army's judgment has come. So does the judgment began before the second and third angel proclaimed. Yes so does the judgment take place before Jesus comes. So is that judgment taking place on earth or in heaven or in heaven. Remember we study Daniel seven Daniel eight the Son of Man goes to home or to the ancient of days to receive the kingdom. Daniel eight it says I am to twenty three hundred days and the sanctuary shall be cleansed which I enjoy the heavenly sanctuary. So where is this judgment taking place is taking place in heaven and Daniel eight even give the date when it began but basically do you understand why this judgment is before Jesus comes. Can Jesus come before the second or third age of messages are proclaimed course not because the second and third angel warned us to not worship the beast and it is let me tell it were ready when Jesus comes so judgment begins with the message of the first angel that must mean that the judgment begins before Jesus comes. Simple right but there's more. I saw somebody saying yes Louis. We asked Revelation twenty two verse twelve says Jesus as we all I come quickly and my reward is with me. So when he comes he brings his reward which means that he must of determine the reward before he comes. Good point. Now let's continue this not another important detail. Furthermore if God said a certain hour apologized about to begin then those who died did not go to heaven or hell before that judgment or does God take people out and send them to hell before they are judged. I understand I mean listen if God has set an hour when the judgment begins. It must mean that people did not go to heaven or hell when they died because then they would have been judged already. And by the way of course those along as makes it very clear that the dead don't go to heaven when they die because the Bible says that those who are alive will not receive those who are asleep to be with the Lord. It says that the dead in Christ will rise first then we were alive and remain shall be caught up together with them. Why are we being caught up to be together with them if we already were with him when we died. We understand my point. Sapa judgement begins on a certain date in heaven. It must mean that nobody was rewarded when they died. In fact they are rewarded when Jesus comes the Bible says that when Jesus comes he brings his reward which means that nobody received nobody went to heaven or to hell when they died. Yes OK those are exceptional cases yes. Enoch Elijah Moses and also resurrected when when Jesus resurrected in Matthew Chapter twenty seven. A group is spoken about them. I know there was a group in Matthew twenty seven fifty two or fifty three that also resurrected when Jesus resurrected and they went and bore witness in the city of Jerusalem about his resurrection. But those are exceptional cases but even those people have their names have to go through judgment when the books of the judgment were opened. Well that's not what it says. Yes let me just talk for a moment about that although we're really behind a lesson but it's such an imp. What question that I want to take a moment to answer that. Number two thirds. There was one that was reviling G.'s the other one was revile him but then suddenly he changed his attitude and he says remember me when you went to your kingdom and Jesus said Dally verily I say unto you today you will be with me in paradise. Now let me tell you where the problem is in the Bible. You will never find punctuation marks in fact I can show you copies of original documents in fact that were not separations of words even in the original. Imagine trying to translate something that isn't that does not separate words you're writing all the letters together whatever word of the word in Hebrew you're writing backwards a little they think that we write backwards. But anyway it's a matter of opinion. Now you see they're not coming. There's not periods there's no question marks as nautical nation points in the original text the translators put the punctuation where they think it belongs to so you can translate that as Jesus saying verily I say unto you today you will be with me in paradise. Art can be translated they only verily I say unto you today you will be with me in paradise. Now the best friend's motion is I say to you today you will be with me in paradise. The reason is very simple. That day Jesus did not go to paradise. In fact the thief didn't even die that day. If you read the Gospels they had to break his legs. So how could he go to paradise with Jesus that very day. Furthermore on the third day when Jesus resurrected. He said to Mary Don't touch me I have not yet ascended to my father. How could it be that this thing went to Jesus. The paralyzed. One time when on the third day Jesus says I haven't been there yet. Those are only two points. There are more but I think that takes care of it doesn't it. Every one of these texts which is misused has an explanation and there are significant number of them that people misinterpret and if you study them carefully they're not saying what people think they're saying but that's what we have to study can't just like prophecy we have to study carefully of all just today so we had to go back the next day. All right well you all know when Jesus resurrected Lazarus he says Lazarus come down you know. Maybe allows us for the nasty guy said Lazarus come up I am. What did he say. Just come to our labs or say anything about the short period very bad that he spent in heaven. Why what a cruel thing if he had gone to heaven for Jesus to make him come back. Yes I don't want to get caught up in a lot in this state of the debt issue there so we could say but you know we have to finish the lesson. Yes the world is right all the way. Oh yes and by the way that's true because this path because it Jesus clearly says the thief clearly says remember me when you went to your kingdom and Jesus hasn't entered his kingdom yet so anyway there's there's plenty of evidence that this is not talking about him going back very day with Christ appeared. Let's go quickly number ten man time is up you say Brother Bill the first Angel goes on to call the whole world to want to worship the One who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water. We worship God because He is our lot. Creator in Genesis God created the world in six days and what the rest of the seven is a stab at first given to Israel or is the Sabbath the creation institution before there was any sin before there was any need of the cross of Christ. There was the Sabbath and you know I find it very ironic. Sometimes I talk to ministers of other faiths hates and they'll say I'll say to them Do you believe that it's OK for a man to marry a man. Any medium of course I get a strong no. Where do you get such an idea I said well don't worry I agree with you but then I say why is it not OK for a man to marry a man and invariably they say because God at the beginning made them male and female and he said that a male and female are supposed to get married in Genesis it sounds like God established a man had marriage of a man and a woman and I say thank you very much. What else did he establish the Sabbath. So why do you say marriage vs the sabbath no. None there is no answer. Let's go to number eleven twelve the Sabbath is the sign that God is the true Creator the Fourth Commandment explains that God is that of the Sabbath that we might what little that we might all remember that he made the heavens the earth the seas and all that is in them is it. God the Creator forever. Yeah some us a sign of him being Creator and be an eternal sign in gods some say the Sabbath was made only for Israel the apostle Paul says that if we are all christs we are what Abraham see and equate them single Israel therefore the Sabbath is for Israel and the servants will be dealing with more of these attacks in the next lesson in Isaiah sixty six twenty two and twenty three we are told that God's people will keep the Sabbath in the new heavens and the New Earth quickly second angels message the second angel's message tells us that Babylon has fallen because she has what she has made. What does that word indicate she has many more. Yes she has made. Does she offers the line she makes people drink the wine the wine of the lot of the wrath of her fornication. The reason for Madeline sprawl is that she has forced all nations to drink a wine this wine is called Also her what her abominations and what are the abominations she has in her cup. You have a list here. False teachings and false practices I won't read them but the greatest of them will see in our next lesson is sun worship. Greatest abomination the Old Testament is worshipping the sun. Number two in the story of Nate I'm going to buy you we find that they were destroyed because they offered a common fire before the Lord. How do you suppose dog felt when they took a man fire and offered it instead of the holy fire. You know if God accept Sunday as a day of worship God is going to have to apologize to Dana but I buy you another story of Neda but I want you you know God rain fire down on the altar in the court and then God said to the priest whenever you go into the sanctuary and you take fire make sure try. From this alter because that's holy by rain that fire down on the altar. Don't take any other kind of fire that's the holy fire near by you were under the influence. If you have the story they were drunk one. Is most of the world going to drink wine at the end of time. Yes but it's not Ernest and Julio Gallo type of wine wine represents mass doctrine but part of doctrine. Stop your thinking just like regular regular why spiritually speaking and stop because they were under the influence of wine they took a common fire before the Lord and it was let me ask you if you would examine the chemical properties of the fire on the altar of the fire that they took with the chemical properties been saying do you think the fires look the same do you think that if you stuck your finger about fires the fire burned your finger so why is the topic here I mean you know they go in and God said No problem I am going to buy you fires fires OK. The Bible says that they were destroyed and the glory of the Lord because they are going to come on as if it was only how do you suppose God feels when Christians take a common day of work and they offer it to God as if it was whole. It's the same principle but only except as holy that which is saying to my son they can never be wholly because in the Bible you never find any place that God says that Sunday is all about Jesus resurrected that day. True enough but the Bible never says you're supposed to keep Sunday because Christ resurrected that day that is the conjecture of theologians. But it's not what the Bible says not by no ironic Genesis says keep the Sabbath Exodus Let's keep the Sabbath the prophets get the Sabbath Jesus kept the Sabbath. The Apostles kept the Sabbath in Revelation will find them out of the great kind of rest. At the end of time is concerning the Sabbath in the north. We will keep the Sabbath the Sabbath even to Eden God's plan is not changed. And to offer him a common day as a holy day doesn't work you know why because men can't make anything holy only God can make things whole. Well that's another interesting story. OK we got to move on here. You see what Delta has or do it didn't he use the the holy vessels to put common wine in right and that's what led to his being killed. The Book of Revelation reveals number seven that the line of fire that gives gives to the nations fills them with wrath against God's people because we are told that God was what drunk with the blood of the same thing with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus in other words it's called the wine of the wrap up on occasion because they also don't want to drink the wine are going to be slain by her or she's going to attempt to slay them. That's going to burn angel's message very quickly the third angel's message contains the severest warning in all the Bible there the world is warranted not to what not to worship the beast not is M.H. not to receive this mark and back or head or in his hand will talk more about this tomorrow. Who is the beast the Roman Catholic system. Who is the image of Protestantism. What is the mark the first day of the week. Interesting that Elijah's day they were worshipping the sun god whereas Christians today worship on Sunday. That's not the same. Yes that is why I asked you who created the sun they created to worship. So what happens if you convert the son into an object of worship but that called idolatry. Let me ask you who made the first day of the week. Did it make it a worship So what happens if you convert. Into a day of worship. That's a dollar the same because I doubt he is making anything for worship the God didn't make the word. Sunday is a working day it's not a day of worship. So when man declares a living of worship that I doubt it because it's something made by man to worship the God did not make for that purpose. Am I making myself clear that the same principle. Now wrote were really behind aren't we should we should we just stop here. I mean should we got it right thirty will go quickly. Thomas Scout's Honor literal time not prophetic time but you can. Number two when the third angel's message which is a conclusion announcement is made. Here is the patience of a saint you know I don't need patience because we're going to go to look at the motion. Here are the ones who keep the what can I do you hear the larger message there who keep the commandments of God and the what the faith of Jesus God's people are going to need the faith of Jesus to get to the tribulation Pogues number three the wrath of God is point out of the seven last plagues. This means that those who receive the mark of the beast will experience what the plagues how important it is that is it to accept the third angel's message of life and death books. Number four like Elijah God's people will have to what. Relieve from the wrath of their enemies their three enemies but their bread and water will be what. Sure a great tribulation is the period when the seven last plagues are poured out like in Elijah's day there will be famine and pestilence. But God will protect his people. This is a cry centered interpretation above the sea Jesus is not only our Savior from sin he will be the same. Here from God's people's enemies at the end of time he will have to intervene to deliver them from this lethal Union. Number five God promised this people in Psalm ninety one ten eleven. No evil shall be for all you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling for he shelled gear is angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Great Psalm ninety one this is the tribulation sama describes what God's people are going to go through it says thousand rope on one side and ten thousand at the other and it will not come near you. Let me ask you Can you go through the tribulation and not experience the wrath of GOD YES YOU CAN. This is the fundamental flaw of many teachers to me they say how can God's people go through the tribulation if God's wrath is falling on the earth. Well the fact is isn't God powerful enough to protect them in the midst of the outpouring of His wrath. He did in the past. Why can't he do so in the future by the way do you know why the devil wants people to believe that the church is going to be taken out of the world before the tribulation. Because the devil knows of the Tribulation is going to be the worst period in the history of the world and he wants people to think that they're not going to go through it so that they don't prepare for it. See most Christians today based on our peaches and cream here and peaches and cream they're not going to go through tribulation here I can enjoy my house and I can enjoy my money I can just have a good time to have my cake and eat it too. But what they don't realize is they're going to find themselves in the midst of the tribulation without having the necessary faith and patience to go through it because they did not receive the three Angels' messages. Am I making myself clear number six and three enemies I mean I'd end up being eaten by wild beasts the same will be true of the endtime enemies of God's people and I saw an angel stand. When the sun and he cried with a loud voice saying to Aba the fly in the midst of heaven come and gather together for the supper of the great God that you may eat the flesh of Kings the flesh of all people. Variance labels longer I want you to remember those words because those are the very same words that are used in the third angel's message though that are going to be a knock or a says you know those who reject the third angel's message will study more about this tomorrow. Number seven the blood of God's people will be what. Remember we were there yesterday to avenge the blood of God's people from the hand of gentle Bell Well here it says the blood of God's people will be avenged. He has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with their fornication and he has avenged on her the blood of His servants said by her in Revelation fourteen twenty the wicked are symbolized by a wine press of grapes. Horses are seen tempering the wind as was their arses that trampled someone to be our best amendment a blood spatter and marches because all this is a coincidence. I don't think so. We're dealing with a biologic. What happened a little just about was going to happen with a world wide as well and will amplify this greatly when we talk about the six play the battle of Armageddon then we'll see. There's not talking about literal birds flying through the air and the literal birds are going to eat up the people you know. We're dealing here with symbols and we're going to see later on what these symbols are what they represent what the horses represent. Revelation explains who is sitting on the horses the tribe the one Prince we asked Jesus and His heavenly armies according to Revelation one thing. Number nine like Elijah was taken to heaven on a fiery chariot. God's people will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. There at the second coming of the Lord we have a we have a tribulation coming first so what we need to be right with God God's final warning and Paul before God pours out his route upon the earth a powerful angel brings the last urgent warning it back all at once what is enlightened with His glory this is the last words and thoughts about the vision of a second angel's message telling people to get out before it's too late. And like Mount Carmel was illuminated the whole world will be illuminated with His glory. Salem O'Connell is a symbol of a worldwide glory and what I'm about to do is going to say when the world is filled with the glory of this angel. But I got to say like in the days of Elijah while he is gone and they're going to come over to the Lord side. Nobody on the fence that day. Plainly Number two this powerful angel denounces the fins of Babylon and says come out of her my people. I like that. Is there hope for battle and no hope for God's people in Babylon that was a tricky question I should ask but I'm too involved. I've got as many children in babyland that he's going to rescue for his honor and His glory. Did you enjoy the lesson tonight. I do understand the final Elijah message better now how are we going to accept our message. I certainly hope so mate and then we'll have our prayer. Don't leave yet. Christ and His angels according to Revelation nineteen eleven to fourteen. When we talk about the battle of Armageddon we'll deal with that and we're going to study the whole last half of Revelation while we deal with Armageddon will become so. Much clearer but not clear enough right now. It will be crystal clear when we talk about it on Wednesday night about Revelation seventeen and then the battle of Armageddon Let's stop our heads for a little prayer. Thank you Lord for the beauty of your work thank you for warning us about these things and I ask Lord that if there's anybody gathered here tonight who has heard these things and need to make a decision to come out from where your day is not kept from where you're not honored you're not glorified after you give them the courage to take that step. And those of us who have studied these things and have come out of Babylon we have heard that you will keep us out of Babylon. You know there are many people who claim to serve you who claim to know this message and they came out of babble and babble and haven't come out of them. I ask more that you will help Babylon to come out of all of us we thank you for having been with us and we ask that you'll be with us as we returned home we pray these things in Jesus' name amen. Just media was brought to you by audiotapes the website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about Bruce. If you'd like to listen to this is W W W dot org. Really.


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