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14. The Mystery of Babylon the Great

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Thank you for the privilege of being here tonight. Thank you for the privilege of having your word which is so clear not only about what you have done but what you will do in the future and what you are doing now in the present. We ask Lord as we study this very solemn and important lesson tonight that your Holy Spirit will be with us help us to understand and more importantly help us to take what we learn and apply it to our own personal life. We thank you once again for the promise of your presence and we thank you for the privilege of coming and speaking to you personally in prayer. We know you will answer because we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus our Savior. OK let's get into our lesson in this lesson we will study the meaning of Revelation seventeen's great harlot. The story is not pretty but it must be told and I'm getting a little rain here when I have to do a little bit of adjusting the journey. OK Now analysis we will find that the harlot represents the same end time power as the Little Horn the beast and the man of sin. But before we can understand what the harlot means we must go back to the Old Testament and examine an episode which forms the backdrop for our present study. And before we get into that old testament backdrop it's necessary first of all to deal with the issue of how many groups there will be at the end time in the Book of Revelation and that's why you buy the subtitle two groups at the end and evaporates quickly because I'm sure that you read it. And so we'll just basically. Fill in the blanks and not say much more about it. Fourteen verse one speaks of a group of people who have what the name of the lance father written on their forehead. In contrast I have a small and great rich and poor free and I want you to remember that terminology because later on we're going to come back to it when we see what the mark of the beast on their right hand or on their forehead not to say I'm going to tell me on the forehead the mark of a beast is on the forehead or in the right hand or on the right hand. Number two by the way are many groups of that number one. How many marks to number two. Revelation six. Fourteen to sixteen. Describe the second coming of Jesus at this time the kings of the earth the great man the rich man the commanders the mighty men. Every slave and do you notice the similarity in terminology to what you just read these describe in the same scene. Yes. He hid themselves in where in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains and cry of the rocks to fall upon them. In contrast I've also have the want the seal of God on their forehead. How many groups do you have at the end of chapter six and the beginning of Chapter seven two in chapter six I'd also have a mark of the beast in chapter seven the first few verses you have also received what the seal of God yes helped. Well the proposition can be translated in or on and so that's why you have a difference in Translation I'm not sure that it really makes that much difference and would be that it's a little bit more insight about we're going to find. That's the case anyway because it deals with the law of God being in the mine. Do a little bit later we'll see that. OK Do you see the importance of number one and number two how many groups though those who have a mark of the Beast and also have the seal of God Not one of the mark of the beast by going to cry for them by the rock star what then and they're going to hide in the caves of the earth where the seal of God are not going to do that. Number three in Revelation six we find actually Revelation six we find that it ends with a question. What a great day on his lap has come and who is able to stand another engine that they have outcomes. Who's going to be able to stand and be found. Well the fact is immediately afterwards an angel is seen rising from the sea. Who has the seal of the Living God. The four angels are commanded to hold the wins until the servants of God are sealed on their foreheads. When the winds are released the devastation of Revelation six fourteen to seventeen takes place. Basically what we have here is you have a description of what make it who hide in the caves and cry for the rocks to fall on them but in contrast are those who are able to stand. Because Chapter six ends with the question the great damage wrath has come who shall be able to stand and the answer is in chapter seven verses one to three they also have the seal of God will be able to stand or you will make a let's go now to. Yes Yes Actually actually you're not going to be the only way you're going to be able to know of a person as the mark of the beast of the seal of God particularly the seal of God is by their behavior. We're going to find that in the last section of the lesson. However I do believe I do believe that the mark of the beast will be some. Identification method which is external because they're going to control buying and selling and on top of that you have to have some card or some microchip or some way of identification where they can control buying and selling and they can control who is following what the civil powers are telling people to do. But we'll come to that later we're going to deal with the seal of God in the Mark of the beast. If you study the lesson towards the end of the lesson it deals with the contrast in science but that's a good good comment. The fact is the seal of God is going to be seen in the behavior it's not going to be a path to that people have an airport. The Bible makes that clear. Yes yes the proposition can be translated in Iran and I translate it in the Old King James and on in most modern version so all you know it doesn't really. When we see what it represents it really doesn't make that much difference whether it's in ROM Yes later on in the lesson. Now there about that particular part is Sal later on in the lesson that we have a whole long section at the end of the lesson on what God places on the border. Yes You know the people that were there. Yes that's true that's very important. You know people you know you know people we already know that you know where you know that Ken Lay's version but as we've already mentioned and we'll have all that's and I'm biased the Bible is not politically True Will it create tribulation rapture believe it or all of this. Leaders seem to believe me when I can be there for you now. Nice fiction isn't it. Yet you say people watch Left Behind and the other series. There are books in the series I guess there's fourteen bucks or something. And they believe that this is actually biblical. This this these are novels folks. They they do not study prophecy in a disciplined way such as we have done here. They're fiction. They're not that it cannot be illegal if you understood everything that anything that we've said here you realize that this is not Biblical music because the anti-Christ already arose in history and I received the deadly wound and its deadly wound is going to be healed is in the process of being healed and it's going to rule again. Remember we studied the man of sin and you know he was already in existence in the days of Paul wanting to show up wanting to appear but there was a restrainer of the Roman Empire which would not let it manifest themselves but when the Roman Empire was taken out of the way then the little horn almost the power of the beast was given the throne and the authority in the power of the Dragon Beast which represents Rome remember that and this beast and this little horn has two stages of existence. That's a disciplined study of purposely because we go and we study the text and we allow the text to tell us what is going to happen you know it's it's nice to tell a story like they pale because it sells lots of books and it's really exciting you know. Good good how is Hollywood dramatics but that's not the way it's going to happen. OK let's go to the Old Testament background. Yes and I'm sure we'll talk about that. Yes very quickly. I have I have a two hour session that I did discussing the cosmic chariot of musical chapter one. It's very symbolic language. You know for example you find lightning. It says that the angels move like lightning that the light in the movement of the angels. It says that the angels are filled with ice this represents the fact that the eyes represent the fact that the angels are wisely directing all of the events of planet Earth. The four heads that when they move they see in all directions represents that they have control over all of the events on the poor corners of the earth. The rainbow of course over the throne represents at the door mercy is still open because the rainbow represents God's mercy if you look back at the experience after the flood. So when you interpret each one of these symbols in the light of what they represent in the Bible you know that this isn't just some U.F.O. some people like Eric Vandana can set a long time ago in Chariots of the gods you know you realize that you are dealing with different kinds of symbols and when you put all the symbols together you know that this is simply God's throne. Then it's moving to the Jewish temple to perform a work of judgement so I hope it'll help a little bit. The basic point is to interpret the symbols. Why are they filled with lies what lies were present in the Bible. There's the lightning you see the scene there the angels are moving like lightning. The four cases represent the four corners of the earth they're in control of all of the events on planet Earth. The hands that are under the angel's wings are the hands of the one who is seeing it sitting on the throne. See God directly angels endure in the movements on planet Earth and of course the rainbow represent the fact that the door about mercy is open so when you put all of the symbols and you determine what they mean in Scripture and you put them together then you have a complete picture of what the scene is talking about. OK let's go to section number two the Old Testament background and we'll be able to go through this quickly in a secure one by the way this is dated. Precisely to the year five ninety two B.C. and Jerusalem five ninety two Jerusalem was destroyed in five eighty six in other words this is taking place six years before Jerusalem was destroyed by that because I didn't have any support not totally but nothing. OK OK Is it your one day that the five ninety two B.C. six years before Jerusalem was destroyed but never can we have a symbolic symbolic portrayal of God's throne moving from heaven you know as it comes from the north. We already discussed that the north is where heaven where God lives. That's where Lucifer wanted to take God's place and where is this cone moving to where is it in chapter ten and eleven it is a queue that's in the Jerusalem temple so it must of been warming from where from heaven to the Jerusalem temple because in Chapter eleven at least leaves the Jerusalem temple because it's finished at work I'm judging you follow me. So if in chapter one it's more rain from the north and it's coming down in Chapter eleven versus twenty two point three as we say it's leaving the Jerusalem temple. It must mean that it went away or. That went from heaven to to well on earth to the Jerusalem temple because I can't leave the temple up at that. Well they're the best like I do every day. OK now let's go to number two. Well actually that's been his number one everything in this vision is in motion there is a whirlwind when the moment is right the angels SWAT wins are in motion. And God only knows what. Wheels and wheels more. Old moon in other words God's chariot but I wouldn't have been as moving Where's it moving to. It's moving to the Jerusalem temple What is it going to do in the Jerusalem temple. It's going to perform a work up judgment. It's going to separate the righteous from the unrighteous Is that clear in your mind not maybe as a goal one would be one of those boxes we could study in our next series to like to do that is quite an exotic vision and unfortunately we can't really study all of the symbols number to God's purpose and coming west to judge whom we don't miss that point. He's taught me not to judge the pagans but is coming to judge our state Israel you need to take your sixteen and by the way as we go twenty three also Israel is repeatedly called a. HARLICK Now isn't that interesting. Scala as well if in Revelation you have a great harlot that must represent the Muslims and I don't think so because they appear in a high level we sense those who claim to be God's people as well. In Revelation Revelation picks up on this we'll see in many different ways. It must represent our state. Christianity apostate spiritual Israel. Are you having. Now let's go to that note. Israel became a violent because she lied because she assimilated the pagan practices of the surrounding nations. Would that be true of the anti monolith that she has lots of practices that she's adopted from the world that God has not given her. Absolutely number three you need to kill twenty three already. Israel is described as watching herself or her lover. First and painting her eyes and adorn yourself with work with ornaments. So is this woman who represents Israel this harlot woman is she decked. Yes she has depth and that's important because in Revelation seventeen we find a number going out of it who is dead. Right now let's go to number four in Israel was participating in the what. Believe me don't forget that word abominations the harlot of Revelation seventeen as she filled with abominations interested in using Israel as apostate. She's called a harlot she spelled with abominations she's all decked out in Revelation seventeen you have a harlot she's all that she's filled with abominations all decked out whatever. Or you could I don't know I don't even know the terminology. Decked out on adorn. OK Now notice. Let's continue from what we got up to now thank you Rosalie No that's right. OK last part of number four the greatest of these abomination was the act of worshipping the sun. Dumb at that point. You say How do you know it was the greatest very simple. He's a kewl Chapter eight is called the abominations chapter and what God does is he shows usually go an abomination that's been committed among God's people and he kills a law lord that's pretty terrible. The Lord says you haven't seen anything yet I'm going to show you a worse abomination than that and so then God shows him another Obama. That's been committed among God's people or those who claim to be God's people and that the lights as we haven't seen anything yet I'm going to show you one that's worse than that. And then God shows him another abomination and at the end of a chapter the last culminates with about twenty five men with their backs to the temple of the Lord and their faces to the east and they were worshipping the sun that is at the top of the list or at the end of a list that climax of all abominations. It's the worst of all if you read only the act of worshipping the sun. Now let's go to the note as we have seen no let's see. There is no note number by chocolate sure to put it out there and that's a result of these abominations God promised the P.C. and has come upon the world is already in place and Revelation where the end is coming from four corners. Do you suppose then that there's some connection maybe between easy Culum revelation. Oh I don't suppose I know that because the connections are to exact the precise answer God promised that the end has come up on the four corners of the land that is to say destruction was about to come upon the whole land. Number six before destruction should come. It was necessary to place a mark on the forehead of God's side and cried because of the abominations which were being committed in the city. Was everybody in the city apostate majority in apostasy. Yes but there was a group who was faithful to God They sided they cried in this effort as they saw the abomination. Things which were being committed by merrily the worship of the Sun God and they cried day and night like Lot did according to second Peter you know when he was and he cried out day and night because of the evil behavior of the people who live there so. So you have a mark placed on the foreheads of the faithful remnant who sigh and cry. Now there's no doubt now that this is related to Revelation. If you had any doubts before there's no room for doubt now because of this terminology is virtually identical to what we find in the Book of Revelation. Now let's read the note. Actually let's read number six and then we'll read the note before destruction should come it was necessary to place a mark on the boards of those who sighed and cried because of the abominations which were being committed when they were not among the Philistines not among the Babylonians not among other nations but among those who claim to be the people of God in the city. The note please underline the fact that there was a faithful remnant in the apostate city of Jerusalem there where they also grieve because of the abominations and cried out against them. Though also grieved were sealed on their foreheads and were protected from the wrath of God the conquest the new zinc you know is between those who are committing the abomination of worshipping the sun and those who have the seal of God You see that contrast at the very end of chapter eight. They talked of the terrible abomination of the two of them back to the temple that washed up in the sun towards the east and then immediately in the next chapter you have goals were sealed with the seal of God The contrast is between those who worship the sun and those who have the seal by the way is this the same in the Book of Revelation you out of Revelation thirteen sixteen dollars you have a mark of the beast and then in chapter thirteen one you have got to have the name of God where on their foreheads. So I asked them. Must the mark of the beast have something to do with the sun. It must if you look at the parallel between easy kill of the Book of Revelation because an easy kill you have at the end of chapter eight worshipping the sun beginning of chapter nine sealed the points in Revelation you are those all of them are going to be used in chapter thirteen verse sixteen which is at the very end of the chapter and then Chapter fourteen when you have those who have the name of God written on their boards one hundred forty four thousand who were sealed in Revelation Chapter seven. Now let's go to number seven. After the work of sealing was completed the angels were to go through the city and what you know and kill you know this is hard to envision. That's what the Bible says they were not to let their I spare not to have any pity let me ask you had the daughter of mercy closed for the Jewish nation at this point when the sailing ends. Has the door of probation closed for the city. Yes does probation close before the city is destroyed. I don't want you to miss this point. God doesn't just simply say God like a bolt of lightning on a clear blue sky comes and destroys Israel. Is there a judgment before or is there a message about a Messiah and quote I mean for you. Yes And then when the judgment is finished. Afterwards comes the structured you know the DOD system of judging is follows the same order as our system of jurisprudence in the United States. Indian. Yes in the United States. Well all right. Or vice versa. But anyway our system follows the system of God Ultimately Paul is right. But now let me ask you this do we have an investigation. The case first. Do we have a sentencing after which is a sentence executed the same day that it is put out now. Later on you have the execution of the sentence. That's the way God operates see God came to judge he gave everybody an opportunity in the city near the two because he's a kill is writing this in the year five ninety two. In other words they had the properties of these equal they could read that they knew that God was judging. At that very moment. Now when the judgment ended the sentence was pronounced and then afterwards of course it has or will find executed the sentence. OK now number seven the last part but they were not to come near and also have the protective Mark saw the purpose of a mark as to what it was to protect to identify the faithful and to protect them from the destruction. Number eight God promised Israel that they would drink and drained a lot of the cup of horror and desolation. Remember that word desolation. So you have abominations and you have desolation. What was it that was in the cup do you suppose. It's an A cup in Revelation What does the cop have as the wrath of God So did Israel drink a cup of gods were kept on the ceiling because they're going to be the well drinking the cup of God's wrath after the end times. Absolutely now known as Number nine after the work of separation was finished. What the glory of the Lord noise kind of the glory of the Lord went up from the midst of the city and stood on the mountain which is on the east side of Jerusalem. What mountain is that that is the Mount of Olives now. I'm just going to put all this out. We're going to study it a little bit more closely. You know let's turn to Matthew twenty four which will have on Saturday night the first destruction of Jerusalem. It's very very similar to the second destruction of years when Dr John was mentioning this right before class to meet you know here the glory of the Lord comes to the temple to perform a work of judgment when the work of judgment is finished. The glory of the Lord leaves the temple and sits upon the mount of Olives and shortly after sitting upon the mount of Olives it stays there for a while in a sense and it goes back to heaven. You know I find it very interesting that the Lord Jesus who is the glory of God according to John chapter one we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth. Jesus was the she kind of glory. He came into the temple and when they refused him he left the temple and he said Your house is left to you desolate and then where did he go to sit. He went to sit upon the mount of Olives and what did he talk about during the destruction of Jerusalem. Isn't that interesting part there are many more parallels. Besides that parallel. So both destruction of Jerusalem illustrate the same end time scenario. Now let's go to number ten. Once the city and the Frank Sharry were forsaken by God a horrible time of trouble ensued for Jerusalem with starvation pestilence and violence. Jeremiah asked book of Lamentations describe this period. Incidentally the book of limitations was written by Jeremiah for the Jews to seeing as they were taken captive to Babylon. Yes it does. Patience is what. It's not as keen on meter in Hebrew. It's a dirge you know one of the ridges. It's a it's a funeral song that that literary style kena meter and I'm not going to going to explain what kena meter is but it's particularly meant for lamentation you know this this book was sung by the Jews as they were being taken off captive to them and if you read the book and describes vividly what happened in the city starvation violence pestilence I mean the starvation got so bad that the mothers even ate their children. And by the way this happened also with the second destruction of Jerusalem. Josephus tells us that there was terrible pestilence there was horrendous hunger there was violence. Children kill their parents for a morsel of food and vice versa according to Josephus. It's terrible in the presence of God forsakes. The city and at the end when the presence of God forsakes the world particularly the religious will because we're dealing here with the destruction of Jerusalem. Those who claim to be God's people but were in apostasy. Number ten once the city and the sanctuary were forsaken by God a horrible time of trouble ensued for Jerusalem. Starvation pestilence and violence Jeremiah spoke of Lamentations describes this period. Fine you're the king of the county and some of that now you can answer. Destroy Jerusalem and he had knowledge or not of the similarity of the terminology of music and I remember the similar terminology in his eager mind it's almost identical here so let me ask you how was it that God destroyed Jerusalem or destroyed Jerusalem was a God who was American as are they already studied this I was. But who initiated the process as well by rejecting God and not have the terminology destroyed Jerusalem and he had no art no compassion remembers if you're nine and young man or Virgin or on the edge of the week that's exactly what his ego jeopardized says in this way the light known it's the wrath of the Lord. A rolls against his people killed there was no remedy. This was a disease that could not be cured. OK Number Eleven Israel would be judged by the law of the Harlot the kings would leave her what naked and their nakedness of her father what would be what I uncovered. Is that also true of the harlot of Revelation seventeen there just too many parallels for this to be a coincidence. Now if you think you know in speaking about the apostasy of those who profess to serve God but I was only a papal remnant. What do you suppose that harlot represents in the Book of Revelation. It must represent also a password to serve God but is there going to be around that at the end of time. Yes there is. Number two Well one of the principal reasons for this is the destruction of Jerusalem. I hope you read these texts they're interesting was that you was when I was breaking the what a sign of a jury that God says if you don't like the sound of the city it will be met with fire and nobody will be able to put it out. Saw Sabbath breaking was what led directly to the destruction of the city of Jerusalem twenty twelve and twenty that God gave Israel the Sabbath as a sign. That they might know that he was lowered their guard. Let me ask you. Would they ever have been worshipping the sun if they had been keeping the Sabbath in honor of the true Creator. Absolutely not and would have been impossible because how could they keep the Sabbath that reminds them that there's only one true Creator the Creator having done it and still be worshipping the sun. The Sabbath is the antidote for atheism. If the sound of it always been kept there would be no easiest How could there be an atheist. Yes if you keep the Sabbath how could you be an atheist if you keep the Sabbath because the Sabbath tells you that there's one true God the creator of the heavens and the earth. Number thirteen the spiritual leaders of Israel were to blame in a great degree for the apostasy of the people and the result of destruction. Jerome I have this to say. Know what the priests did not say where is the Lord and those who handled me did not normally the rulers also trying to quest against me and what the prophets prophesied by Dale what was bale the Son of God and want after things that were not covered and incidentally lets anybody think that I'm taking Jeremiah out of context. Jeremiah was a contemporary of music you know and Jeremiah is describing the same destruction of Jerusalem as easy kill was it within the same historical context and so that's why we can use easy kill and Jeremiah because they're both speaking about the apostasy in Israel only Jeremiah dwells on some issues that easily kill doesn't he deals a lot with the apostasy of the priests and the prophets and the rulers and those who handle the law in other words they were the ones that led the people straight and almost Number fourteen. But the people there also. Right now they're not the carpets pop us eyeballs late and the priests ruled by their own power and by people who love to have it so I have ever read in the New Testament where the apostle Paul says that many in the last days are going to come with him years and they're on a pile up to a church that will teach them what they want to hear that the imagery that is used in that eighteen years means that you have an itch and so you get somebody to scratch your itch is to hear what you want to hear. And so and so you say to a teacher are you going to teach me what I want to hear and he says yes OK come in scratch that's the imagery that the Apostle Paul is using That's that's the symbology that Paul is using and he says that they will put up teachers who will teach them that it's OK to live according to their own lusts and they will turn away their ear from the truth. That's what was happening in Jerusalem. Folks. Now let's look at the perspective of Revelation seventy nine first angels message announces that the hour of God's judgment has come. Are we dealing with the end time here. Sure what they are we dealing with here in eighteen forty four as we studied eight hundred forty four the Olivers judgment has gone not as number two. The purpose of their full size is to judge the little horn and to give the kingdoms to the saints of the most high. So the purpose of this. Judgment is not only to give the kingdom to God's people but if the judge will the little horn when I was a little odd a little I think you could change the law. Yeah persecute the saints of the most high. You ladies if you know it says that God's people were being slaughtered there was violence in the city against God's people. Very similar. Now not us. Number three actually denote the number three is the note. As we have seen in our study of Daniel seven and eight the little horn claimed to represent the cause of God there are that that the Little Horn actually claim to do the things of God did it actually do the beatings of God no beginning in eight hundred forty four. The chariot for God moment where they enter the most holy place to perform a work of judgment against the apostate little horn is the little or an ape a professedly Christian system. Akari don't study. Yes And the purpose of this judgment is also to pronounce a judgment in favor. All of the saints who sigh and cry because of the abominations that have been done. Now I don't know if you read Daniel seven but it's interesting that you also have guards though and it's moving. It has wheels and the angels are carrying the funnel into the most holy place did you notice that. Does this have any relationship with all of these E.Q. Of course there's only one difference in the book of music your own was going to the Jerusalem temple in the year five ninety two B.C. to judge apostate Israel and to pronounce a judgment in favor of God's people by putting a seal. Their parents whereas Daniel is describing a judgment that is when in the future at the AM time when God is going to judge the world in other words he's going to do the same as in the days of music but it's not going to be for literal as well it's going to be for whom the whole world now number for the nation seventeen speaks about a great harlot who sits on many waters. This father has committed what fornication with again was Israel committing fornication with the kings of the earth. Chapter sixteen that even says in chapter sixteen that you know normal high let's get paid for their services. If you read the chapter God says about his own people he says but you paid the Kings. So they would give you permission to go into them. I mean talk about apostasy there was fornication In other words between Israel and the surrounding nations. Number six the harlot has a couple of what we find that word an easy kill. Yes one of the greatest of all the abominations and he revealed that the Israelis committed such a large What do you suppose that one of our abominations might have must have something to do with the sun. Absolutely. We've studied this because a little horn thought it could change what God's law and which is the commandment that the Roman Catholic Church has claimed to change the power of command the Sabbath in which today has an establishment saying instead of Sunday and what is Sunday the day of our son doesn't care if you worship the sun or if you worship on the Sunday. In both cases it's something though. Man has created for worship which God did make the worship and the majority of the Christian world think there's OK we're shipping on Sunday but they're doing the same thing as Israel was doing in the days of easy Q they're disobeying God You see some people say well that the Jews resurrect the first day of the week. Yes he did but the burden of proof is on those who say that Sundays are they worship to show me one text the New Testament were gone explicitly says that now Sunday is holy and not the Sabbath. An explicit text that says I was supposed to go to church on Sunday and express a text that says I was supposed to keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection of Christ. And their only impact in the New Testament that speak about the first day of the week. Only a pet that mentioned the first day of the week. Six of those texts simply state that Jews have to resurrect at the first day of the week. One of them actually says that the that the Jews that the disciples were gathered in the upper until some pastor say see they were going to be up on the right. There's two problems with that argument. Number one the text so it clearly says in John twenty verse nineteen that they were gathered in the OP a little copy of the Jew and even more devastating to that idea is the fact that Daddy I mean this is happening before Jesus appeared to the disciples later that evening up of his lecture you will find that the New Testament several of the gospel writers tell us that when they were gathered there they think they all did not believe that Jesus resurrected. So my question is how can they be celebrating the resurrection if they didn't even believe a gene that resurrected when you read the Bible carefully and not with an agenda you have to be honest. The Bible does not enjoying the observance of sun it's always are you have a one of you about about the Apostle Paul the meaning of trial lawyers you know job bloody etc They were meeting on the first day of like yes they were meeting on the first day of the week at night. So let's take a look at that the Apostle Paul also said that the meeting went beyond midnight. You think on my way to the Apostle Paul preached next week and I don't like any point so long that somebody well young man you niggas was sleeping in a window. Evidently this was a second story and he fell out so you have comfortable chairs to sit on so you don't fall out. And then of course the Apostle Paul resurrected eunuch as but no place does it say that this was a regular practice. In fact if you read the text carefully you'll find that the reason for that meeting it was a farewell for the Apostle Paul because the next day he left on a journey and he cried before he left because he knew that he wasn't going to see them anymore. This was not a regular weekly occurrence. This was an exceptional meeting everything sounds that it was exceptional. So to use this essay on the Apostle now we're keeping Sunday on a regular basis is a total violation of what the Bible says and the last text is in first grade in sixteen wanted to and I'm going through about an hour and fifteen minutes of material. Real quickly in getting to the main point so that you understand this you know there it says the apostle Paul says every first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store in other words lay aside it came a certain amount as God has prospered you so that when I come I don't have to make collections and so they say See they're supposed to lay aside they're supposed to take their offerings to church on the first day of the week. Well the fact is the text doesn't say take it to judge the text says lay it aside on the first day of the week. Now my question is if they were going to church on Sunday why set it outside all the Apostle Paul would have said take it to. Charge and point in the OP I think. So this idea that Sunday is a day in the New Testament is totally false. Management are by tradition and people simply believe it because they trust their spiritual leaders and many people don't even care they say well you know I was born in this church and I'm going to stay in this church until I die and and you know the Lord will have to figure out what he's going to do with me. Well the fact is if you have a light you're responsible for it and you have to be willing to obey it not because you have to but because you love the Lord. So if we really love the Lord will be easy for us to obey Him I don't want you to get the impression oh I better keep us out of Iraq I'm going to receive the wrath of God That's not the motivation the motivation is we keep the Sabbath because we want to spend it with Jesus and as as above us who were saved from the wrath of God. Forget is not the map of God the pockets is spent in the name of Jesus that you think Jesus was marvelous and in setting aside a whole day to be with us and I do enjoy spending time with the people you love. Yeah how about twenty four Malone people say oh don't give me that Jewish you go blind man you can't you can't go shopping and you can't go go play football. You can't do what a miserable it doesn't box. I'm so busy on Sabbath with my Lord Jesus I don't have time to do any of those other things. That's why God set the day aside because he knows that if we go shopping we do all these other things that's distracting us from our only focus. What should we do you know what I understand of it never is a fad because they have lab where Jesus wants to spend twenty four hours to refurbish our batteries and to say to Jesus oh how wonderful you are you you created us and then when we fell into sin you redeemed us and then in the new I don't know how. We're going to keep the Sabbath to remember that you restart now. What a tremendous day. But anyway let's continue with the lesson or else will never finish. So you have a revelation Don't you see she commits fornication with the Kings just like an easy kill. Number seven sex. Well the cup that we talk about the harlot having a cup in Iran with the filching that helping us all but one occasion the abominations and the filthiness of her fornication number seven this time it is all made in purple and scarlet and what you know adorned with gold and precious stalls and pearls. Is she all decked out. Actually I learn says all decked out of this it just like the old enemies they kill. You know maybe they have something to say about the way we should dress to do God's will that it simply God with the son natural but we won't get into that right now. Number eight when her wince from the far corners of the earth are released didn't have a park on of the earth the music. Yes we did the world wide devastation of the Tribulation will take place in other words the cosmos is going to be torn apart it's going to fall apart when the winds are released. Number nine before the destruction comes a powerful angel from the east is commanded to what is to seal the servants of God on there aren't any relationship music you know. Obviously yes the purpose of this seal is to protect those Messiah and cry because of the abominations which are committed in the church. Number ten as soon as the stealing process is over the heavenly sanctuary scaled back what with smoke and no one can. And I don't until the seven plagues of the seven angels were what is your complaint. What does that mean that nobody's going to be able to go into the temple. Let me ask you once when the glory of God left the temple in the Old Testament was there any longer any intercession by the Israelites. Any market you have met or seen any more intercession of Jesus for those who are who when apostatized from God know when the glory of God left no one could take advantage of the sanctuary service the same church service was called Closed is this going to happen for the world. Yes the sanctuary service in heaven is going to close and nobody's going to be able to work to go in until the wrath of God has been totally poured out. So what happened with Jerusalem in the past is going to happen on a worldwide scale. At the end of time. By the way how can we go into the heavenly sanctuary today Jesus's interceding for us today and it says that we can come boldly to the throne of grace in the book of Hebrews. How can we enter them in the sanctuary where Jesus is he's up there we're down here. My walk by my prayer Yes my pay. We can go in to the presence of Jesus into the sanctuary that the day is coming when the sanctuary service is going to close and the words are going to be pronounced here it's filthy let him be filthy still. You know why it's going to be said he that is filthy little be filthy piece he'll be still because they did not take advantage of a cleansing of the sanctuary that's why they're filthy and the time is coming when the window is going to say he that is righteous let him be but I just feel he let his Holy be only still now there was a time coming when the door of probation for the world is going to close some people say well you know how do you know that. Well let me ask you in the days of Noah was there a door that shut in several days that went by before the destruction came. Yes In the days of Lot was there. They are not shut before destruction came with a pen where there were five of them go in with a groan and the door was shut and the other one still have time to go and try bylane come back. Obviously they were destroyed. They went and tried to buy oil and they came back and they knocked on the door. They were destroyed immediately. So this means that the door of probation for the world is going to close before destruction actually comes. And the door closes the tribulation comes and then Jesus comes. Now let's continue here number eleven after the heavenly sanctuary service comes to an end the planes will bring devastation to the earth collect there will be no mercy because this is a lack of god point out ball strike the all thing James says without mixture into the cup of his indignation that the harlot in the Old Testament had to drink a cup of Godzilla. Absolutely yes. Who are the ones who are going to drink a cup of gods where knowledge will have what the mark of the beast the plane's going to touch those who have the seal of God Now I have my question folks here. God places the seal upon the four heads of these people to protect them in the time of trouble. Must that mean that they're going to be on planet earth during the time of travel during the tribulation you are going to place a seal of protection upon them if they were going to be gone. I let me say what the devil wants people to think it's OK You know what I want to use a year and you're going to how do you do there and those poor Jews they're the ones that are going to stop for the privilege. You know in a certain way there's there's a lot of anti-Semitism in the Christian way of entering pubs and today if you really look at it carefully. While there will be a group sigh and cry because of the abominations which are being committed. Where is the science. Why did you not flap its founder of the nation eighteen burst through and he what he cried mighty mighty lit with a loud voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and has become a dwelling place. The humans are going to be an outcry against the abominations of battle. Yes there is going to be just like in the Old Testament number thirteen Violet will be hated by the kings and they will what makes desolate. We will find out what in the Old Testament. Yes And what else were they make or they will make a note that they will find out of the Old Testament. Yes not one of the principle the principle is that this happened locally and literally to the literal Jews in the Old Testament not that seeing make a symbolic spiritual Israel on a worldwide scale. At the end of time. Because the Highland Revelation is not Israel in the Middle East because the Bible says that she sits on a multitude of nations tongues and peoples. She is a worldwide system which must mean that God's Israel is also a lot more old why in fact the separation of the righteous from the UN righteous is a world wide separation because moderation fourteen speaks about Jesus on the cloud with the sickle and it says that he is supposed to harvest the harvest not only Israel but the harvest of the ark and then it says harvest the grapes and they have in other words a separation in rural Jerusalem represents the separation among those who profess to God's people on a worldwide scale. Is that clear in your mind. Major And it's clear you know quiet tonight. What a lesson you and I can sense them. Well what do we need to understand in order to understand Revelation. The Old Testament how can you understand Revelation without the Old Testament you can't I mean there's a C.E.O. and there's four angels and there's a harlot in the Hile there's going to be left naked and she's all decked out and you know all these things and you say oh all the sudden it appears a rebel is what does this come from. But when you have a whole Testament story you know that what happened on a local scale is going to happen on a on a worldwide scale you know exactly how it's going to take place so that we can prepare. Now let's identify I think it's important to know what the seal of God is because that amount of life and death but also live in the end time absolutely. Let's go quickly. Number one we have already identified the mark of the beast as what you had Sunday. Roman Catholic Church itself tells us that its sign and the little horn party could change what the Times and The Law of God. If we keep the Sunday we are accepting the authority of obvious power or claims to have change that they have worship up SAVAK the Sunday. Why do you suppose the devil take the Sabbath so much. More of a creator. So when you keep a seller who are you honoring all of the daylight more than any being in the universe you know Jesus the devil hates the Sabbath because he hates Jesus because the Sabbath points to Jesus. And that's why the devil has duped the Christian world into thinking that Sunday is the day and what they're doing. Many of them inadvertently run bring honor to the power who claims to have changed the date of worship from Sabbath to Sunday. There is the Roman Catholic papacy. Sad. Now this being the case what do you suppose the seal of God must represent if the mark of the beast is Sunday. Then what must the seal of God be there must be another day. Right and by the way do you know that Sunday on the Sabbath are exact opposites. Sunday is number one and the Sabbath is number seven. They're opposite ends of the spectrum you no one else at the end of creation week. You know God made this wonderful world in six days. How like an artist working some of you have heard this illustration in the series. I like an artist working you know he works the first day and he puts the canvas you know and puts the staples around the frame of the canvas and puts them based colors and at the end of the looks he says all looks good and so the next day he adds a few things to the canvas and at the end of the day he looks arch looks good. So on the third day he adds a few more things in the picture and at the end of the day he looks hot looking and look good and so he keeps on having thinks highly when he finishes his work the next day he steps back and he says Oh very good. Let me ask you is the picture finished it. Yes and no. No one has finished but the picture or the work of art needs to be signed so that everybody knows who made the Sabbath is God's signature creation that you know is after he works six days he creates us so I don't pay and he says signed God I know. So I knew when we were keeping the Sabbath you know marking I think the more you empower the creator of the heavens and the earth you have balance. Yeah just like it's pretty risky to sign a check before you pull it out. OK number two in Romans four eleven The apostle Paul uses the words what Seal and sign interchangeably in the Bible they're used interchangeably doesn't matter whether you seal or sign the same thing. Number three in Exodus thirty one seventeen we are told that the Sabbath is a sign between God and Israel for ever and then explains why four in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed. And some people say See it was made for Israel. I guess that would mean that their marriage was made by Adam and Eve just because God gave the Sabbath Israel doesn't mean that it's exclusively for Israel. Doesn't You know I hear I don't hear the churches saying that the tide was made only for Israel. All you talk about the time the tide is still binding. Madonna also gave the Kai piping as well does that mean that the time is only five as well. No not game a can can not do as well so that means that the documents are only for a little while you can commit adultery and we can kill and we can stale and we can have other gods because God gave the Ten Commandments theories or about the fact that he gave them to Israel does not mean that he gave them exclusively to Israel. He gave in there as well and it was well they become our Because if we are Christ's We are Abraham's feet and heirs according to the proper number for the first angels message calls upon. People from every kindred nation turn people to worship the God who made the heavens the earth the season the bounds of our what does a person Angel call us to do it calls us to worship whom the creator and contrast the third I just message why I'm so against worshiping home based now. Don't message just as well as the creator. If the first angel says worship the creator and then I just ask me what I want to shipping the beast it must mean that the beast is trying to con ahead what the work of the creator and what is the sign of the Creator the true Creator of the Sabbath. So if the belief is implementing the opposite of worshipping the Creator it must be another sign that points to the beast instead of pointing to the true creed. Now let's go quickly your time is up. The Fourth Commandment directs us back to the creation story of what we're number five right. You cannot speak about worship without speaking about the Creator and you cannot speak about the creator without thinking about the Sabbath. It's impossible in the Bible we had to work six days and rest on Day seven because God made the heavens the earth the sea and all that in them and rested the seventh day and blessed it and made it holy that he told us before Satan the God Bless and sanctify and set aside the Sabbath recourse and so it is that part of God's original plan for the whole human race and some people say introduced there was no Jewish creation. Why do you come from Judah one of the sons of Jacob so I gotta say I can't talk of the Jewish Sabbath Belarus are prohibited when you call yourself The Jews never once in the Bible will you find the sound of called the Jewish Sabbath. You will always find it called The Sabbath of the Lord thy God always without exception. It's the religious leaders today who call it the Jewish Sabbath. OK Number six commandments commandment directs us back to the creation story in Genesis. After working six days Jesus rested on the seventh day and what I am blessed and sanctified it. Good God do the same thing of creation as what we have in the Port of Miami. You know perfectly thanks God rested God blessed and God made holy it says in the part about it. In Genesis it says God master not blessed and God made it only is that is the sad part about him at the same fabric of creation. Yes it is you know the sound of her not a Jewish institution is a creation institution in which we know to the Jews not not originally given to them it originally had nothing to do with foreshadowing the death of Jesus on the cross along with marriage. It was one of the two creation institutions. If marriage is still God's plan why not the Sabbath. Number seven in religion party nine food while also keeping commandments are bought are placed in contrast with nozzle recently and they are not going to join us that immediately after speaking about also receive the mark of the things it says. But here are they who keep the commandments of God So the ones who keep the commandments of God are in contrast to those who worship the beast. Saw the mark of the vase must have something to do with the mammoth and the seal of God must have something to do with this. And I'll make myself clear I say i Verse sixteen the prophet installed bind up the testimony what else. You steal my law among my disciples into law to me six months five we find the following command to Israel you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your strength and I don't know whether you noticed this. You know Israel is then instructed to put God's word in their hearts. And then explain what it means. He then tells them to bind them as a sign on their hands. That means it's supposed to guide their behavior their actions their works. And then to put them as random That's where your eyes are you know what the Jews in Christ they did have these little black boxes called Black Berrys They still exist you know you can buy a mole written in shops in Jerusalem you could before you could travel there anymore that they have these little rolls of parchment with little scriptures on it and you know they they take these and they paste them on their forehead you know and they walk with these collectors that's what Jesus denounced in Matthew twenty three C. because they want one sign of piety. Now you tell me how much good is it to have something on your forehead that says the lesson of a pure in heart for they shall see God in the last I knew that I had to be in your mind but I've been saying just hang little pieces of parchment you're fired. He's saying that the law should be written while you know my parents the law that of identifying with the poor in number ten. Jeremiah in Jeremiah thirty one thirty three got promised to write is law in the mind about supporting it and in the hearts of his people. And somebody say well I got I was up on the Jews not promises not by their use only because the Apostle Paul cited the same promise where Christians I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them and this is the new covenant because the book of Hebrews in a bit of a messianic property Jesus answered saying I do like to do your will. Oh my God and your heart is within my hack. Number twelve the Fourth Commandment is the only one which has all the elements of the seal. In order for us you know to be authentic it needs to have three items of information the name of the law giver is office or title and the territory over which he has authority over ten commandments only the fourth has all three items. The seventh day of the fab the Lord thy God there is a name for in six days the Lord made that his title respond to this office have been at the scene and all that is in them that is his fear of rulership. This is the commandment which satan hates the most because it identifies the only true god as long as this commandment is kept Satan Satan's aspirations to be recognized as God are proven false. Same hates the sabbath because it points to Jesus as a creator and Satan hates Jesus. Now in the material for next time you received a sheet that has a picture of a pebble on it I'm going to skip this one because you have it in your hands. This is the actual picture of one. Most coveted as described in the note. Question Number twelve or number twelve. The front side has an enlargement of one of those tablets and the back side of the sheet has one of those tablets looked at from all different angles you see on the second page at the same pad but look at them all different angles you see much in the middle of the Tablet of the sale and saw when they impressed the C O in the middle of the tablet and of course he faced the writing that was where the C.E.O. was paid and so what they did they want to write the whole document again on the back side of the tablet shown at the crime side the seal shot it was authentic and the back side. You could read the whole the whole document and if you read the note you'll notice that the Ten Commandments were written on both sides of the tablet and so you would expect God's seal to be in the very center of his holy law and percent of the laws of the seventh number thirteen. No little one thought he could change God's word God's law. So must the mark of the beast that something to do with a lot the beast with the same of a little heart. Sure no man of sin is called The Man up. Isn't that interesting though there are things you can change the log and the man of sin is called the man of lawlessness and the Beast imposes it what its mark. So let me ask you what the mark of the beast be the same as a little on change in the law and the same of the man of lawlessness attacking the law. Sure miss and then of course the beast imposes his mark and the harlot gives the line of her abominations upon occasions yes. These are really poor ways of saying the same thing and I hope that we have just a second to go to the charts at the end so I can explain it to you. Number forty one percent not in the Mark of the beast are protected. If you receive the mark of the beast you will be protected by the beast you will be able to what to buy and sell and you will not be killed on the other hand if you receive the seal of God you will be protected from the wrath of God Would you rather be protected from a temporary wrath of the beast from the love of God. Well no brain right brain to me says hey if you receive my mark you'll be able to buy and sell and you will get killed. That's what the basis God says hey that's true. You know if you receive them are going to be as you'll be able to buy and sell and you won't get killed. Now you'll receive money that will make your choice. It's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned I'm going to die now and then later we'll have live now and die later. OK Number fifteen but dragons I know not much in twelve seventeen is directed against those who keep the lot. They have a commandment and worship company time and again time and again time and again these prophecies folks the answers are whether you will worship God the Creator and when you look at his command because you love you. Now this anger is developed in chapter thirteen parting as we already noticed a close scrutiny of Revelation thirteen reveals that Satan attacks the law by imposing what the mark of the beast that he attacked the true gift of prophecy by raising up a what he calls profit. Unfortunately we don't have time to discuss that anymore. Number sixteen. Jeremiah twenty. My thirty to thirty eight presents a fascinating picture of the day of God's work on that day the targets of God's wrath by primarily the shepherds. Well shepherds and cry run about in the ashes. You leaders of the flock and the shepherds will have no way to flee not the leaders of the flock to escape. Why do you suppose the wrath of God is so fiercely revealed against the shepherds because they've been under siege to lead the sheep astray known as Number seventeen the Pastor Peter spoke of the shepherds of the flock when he referred to the leaders of the Christian Church shepherd the Word of God which is among you serving as overseers not like you are supposed to oversee the sheep you're supposed to take care of them are supposed to lead them you're supposed to play period and then the shepherds cannot lord it over the clock but rather being what examples to them we want to number eighteen because that's our next lesson. Number nineteen when all is said and done and God has created a new heavens and a new or God's people will come to worship the Lord from one new moon to another from one Sunday to another. Now I woke you up didn't know what we worship but now listen I'm going to I'm going to mention this one point before we come to number twenty and we do our quiz quickly. You know what's really exciting if you look at the creation story in Genesis and Adam and Eve didn't see God create anything I don't know if you've ever noticed that man was created last on the sixth day God created everything else. And interestingly enough when God created Eve people had to sleep so Adam did see the creation of the lead and I was the only way that man could be certain that God was the creator. Well because God told him so he had no absolute proof because he had seen. Now listen to live this part I believe that when God create recreate the earth he's going to do it in seven days as well and the reason why I believe that is because we're going to keep the Sabbath in honor of God creating new the heavens and the earth. The Sabbath is going to be the sign of God's new creation but you know what the exciting part is going to be when we see God recreate this world in six days. His people are going to be alive where we will see God say let there be light. We will see God say let there be the firmament was which was all these things were destroyed by the devastating blanks for the second coming of Christ. We will we will save a large say let there be dry land in bodies of water let every trees and flowers and plants. We will save a lot say you know made a sun occupied place on the moon occupy its place because they'll be moved out of their places according to Matthew twenty four when Jesus comes the powers of the heavens will be moot. So who knows what part of the universe the sun of the morning go to put them in their place again. We're watching and that God says let the heavens produce its wires produce living creatures and God will recreate the animals on the land and that God will restore his people to utilize and we will no longer have to live by faith we will live by sight because I will have seen not to remember this God is going to have us come by the way from New Moon to Moon new moon means from month to month. The reason for that is because we have light produces a new food every month according to Revelation. When will come to you know do you have a monk and will complicate the Sabbath every week. My Lord. That's my it's for prayer. However we thank you for the time we've been able to spend tonight studying your words studying this lesson we outlined that you will bless us now as we return to our homes and especially as you will bless those people who are learning these Thanks for the first time I asked that through your Holy Spirit you will give them the courage to step out and be candid with you as followers of yours and be willing to keep your holy snap not because they have to but because they want to enjoy the fellowship with Jesus. We have so you we would have to return to our homes. We thank you for hearing our prayers because we have it in Jesus' name. 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