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15. The Day When True Worship Will Be a Crime

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Other thank you for the privilege of approaching the throng this evening we thank you because we will not believe it cunningly devised fables but that we can trust your word because you know the end from the beginning and through the work of the Holy Spirit you've inspired that word so that it's trustworthy. We ask Lord that as we study this very important lesson tonight that your Holy Spirit will be with us and give us wisdom because we need wisdom from on high to understand him not only to understand but to receive So we ask for your guidance and we thank you Lord for hearing our prayers because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. Did you know when I saw the hand outs last night that besides the laughs and the pictures of the seals and the tablets I was interesting you know I wish I had time to tell you the story about how I found those I found about pandas University Theological Seminary. I wasn't looking for that particular book and I don't know why my attention was attracted to it the name of the book is you go with the CA which are tablets which were discovered in Canaan where Israel settled later on. And you know a great big book Start text is in French and of course the tablets are in not Acadian and so. I I don't know what led me to look at those books like that divine providence and I found this is not only this is not the only tablet that was found there were multiple problems piled up covenants between a great king and a lesser King and every single one of them had the same material written on both sides and on one side is the seal of the great king who is making the covenant and the seal is right in the center of the tablet in interest. Only an hour to the very three things that are necessary for a seal are found even though we can't read the language are found in that sealed the name of the king his territory and his function and so we don't have to appeal to the seal of the president of the United States to prove that we would expect the seal to be in the center of the law that seal was placed in the center of covenants. Back when the Ten Commandments were given which I believe to be extremely significant because we're not arguing for the twentieth century back we're arguing from the very historical context of where the Ten Commandments were given. That's why this material is so significant. But tonight we want to study about we're going to a little bit of rain so maybe you can lower it just a little bit just a tad bit so that we don't have a ring on. OK Let's get right into us and that's good thank you. But no I don't miss Saturday night what are thirty Saturday night. The battle of Armageddon. If you want to know the real scoop about Oregon you're going to want to come. The subject of my lesson today is of critical importance. We will study the third and six chapters of Daniel and see how they relate to Revelation thirteen eleven eighteen. Once again we will find that a knowledge of the Old Testament is a fundamental importance in the study of the Book of Revelation. Let me just remark that if you don't get anything out of this class except the knowledge that there's no way you can understand Revelation without the Old Testament the class will have been a success and if you understand that the stories of the Old Testament are literal local stories which are coping. On a world wide and spiritual sneer at the end of time and then the class will have really been worthwhile and so I hope that you've seen that most of the stories and revelation of the Old Testament and we have to understand the Old Testament. Now let's go to number one. According to Revelation thirteen the time will come when the civil power of the United States we've studied this will command the nation to make what it means to the beast to which beast the Roman Catholic papacy. Number two the United States will also command all to what to wash up the beast and whoever does not obey that command will be in danger of being killed and we need to understand that what's going to happen the United States is not going to command us to go and kneel before the pope and all that that's not what it's talking about. We worship whom we choose to serve. Isn't that right. When the creator says keep my Sabbaths. That's the sign that you're serving me that means we're worshipping Him when the government of the United States Senate. Keep Sunday and you keep Sunday that you're keeping that in honor of the power to change the day that you're rejecting the creator so the issue is not one day versus another. The issue is whether you accept the authority of God or whether you accept the authority of the beast. The issue is who is up to R.T. will you accept my understanding my point is not an issue of dates the day it's only one way in which God can test which authority you accept and by the way those who say well you are going to say God is going to test our loyalty to him by a day. Well what's the problem that got passed that I'm unable to treat. So I think I passed out of my name at the beginning with a tree with an object. Why can't he pay. Yes the whole human race at the end of the day as well in all the efforts of the day and the tree or simply a way in which God could test the loyalty of Adam and Eve in our loyalty to see whether we accept Satan's word or whether we strictly follow every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Number three the biggest who was wounded by the sword and live has a mystic number and that number is six hundred sixty six. Interesting six hundred sixty six that must be your social security number no I don't think so. Number four in order to understand the number of a beast which is six six six we must first discover Here's what his name because I was six six six is the number of his name. Now how do you discover the number of a name that people like you know no names have numbers. Not today but in ancient times they did. Let's we denote the ancients did not have Arabic numerals such as we do what they did was give the letters of their alphabet a numerical value and when they wanted to write a number they use the letters as numbers for example and break out in one. Better is to Gama is three deltas for epsilon is five and so on. The Greek alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value and what they wanted to write numbers they would actually write the letters and the letters were equivalent numbers so if you want to discover the number of the beast you have have to find a name and you have to give that name. The letters of the name a numerical value. I understand you want to say that is your hand if you understand what is it. OK good. Number five the beast who was wounded. By The Sword receive this power hears and great authority from will come a day in a lot of the guide and represent the present Satan Yes but it particularly represents Rome the power of the homesite and work to try and kill Jesus when he was born. So in other words the dragon that gives the beast is thrown in the party is well right. Does that mean that the biggest is also Roman law and Roman is the is the man of sin. ROMAN. Yes we've always studied this right now. Why is this important. Let's read the note not being used as a roman number system as we use the cart. It's cheating to use the greatest book. I'm a Roman name and saw this beast is Rome and so we must use the Roman numeral system to discover the number of its name. The Romans invented a totally unique numbering system. It's unique in the world even till this day. What they did was choose six letters to write all the numbers and by the way that was not part of the original system that was established in the Roman Empire it came in the Middle Ages they had to be in the way that our powers and used to be written was to D.D.'s side by side and have some documents where I can show you how it was written before the end was adopted but the Romans adopted only six characters. Now the interesting thing is the choice of these particular letters was not coincidental. If you have a six Roman numeral did you do that. That is six hundred sixty six saw the child six letters whose number value is six hundred sixty six. This seems to indicate that whatever number of the beast name is it must be divided by employing what Roman numerals I understand we've got. Now let's go to number six. Whatever his name is it must be what the last moments. Now what is blasphemy. We've already studied this. Blasphemy is when a mere man claim that he has what various God and when he claims he has power to forgive sins in the name of Jesus. Interesting. So Number Six whatever his name is it must be blasphemous because Revelation thirteen one tells us that the beast has a blasphemous name on his head. Now let's read the very important note that summarizes everything. Let's put everything together. No Roman beast raised up an image and commanded everyone to worship on pain of death. This Roman Beast has a blasphemous name which must be discovered by giving the learner is obvious name a numerical equivalent and this numerical equivalent must be found by using Roman numerals. Yes bells. No Roman numeral system. It was adopted before the birth of Christ primarily by the Latin poets and you know I can't I could get some more information on that for you and I have a lot I have about twenty two pages of material on numerology that I did not include in here I have all kinds of pictures of numerology during the Middle Ages Gnostic numerology the number six six six is pervasive in antiquity among them not because it's a very common number among the masons the Freemasons it is an interesting number and by the way it's the number of the serpent. Do you know where our size our sign our parable of six comes from. Originally six was written this way. It's the sign of a coiled serpent is where the sign of our six comes from. Might be coincidental but in all of the Romantic languages six has the sound of a hissing serpent but we won't get into that I can prove that by the way I can I can prove its trajectory throughout history but you know we ultimately know that the beast is is worked upon by whom by Satan so the number six six six is really the number of Satan but he gives it to his to his wife's region on earth. The Roman Catholic papacy. OK so far so good. All right let's go to the next section. The beast and his image and their you know Perry has the story of Daniel three begins a little Israel was kept in little mountain. Note remember that which was a literal and local in the Old Testament becomes a lot of symbolic and world wide in the end time is Babylon worldwide at the end of time. We studied that in our last lesson did we not. BABYLON sits on nations multitude stands and peoples Babylon is no local little Babylon over there where Saddam Hussein lives it is a world wide battle because it's on worldwide waters which means that the local babbling of the Old Testament and the land of Babylon and as it becomes what it becomes symbolic and it becomes world wide are you understanding this principle it's a critical part. No you can understand properly unless you apply this principle that's the reason why bible and puppet interpreters today they're looking over to when the Bible says temple they say see Temple people that's a Jewish temple and when the Bible says Israel Israel that's literal Israel and when the Bible says Babylon. No they all say. That they say battle is universal. Now how they can say Babyland is worldwide but Israel is local is beyond my comprehension. But anyway we have to apply this principle. So in other words what is local and literal become symbolic and worldwide literal Babylon literally was wrote a little piece the literal image the little the little furnace heated literally seven times hotter to be understood symbolically and in a worldwide sense in the Book of Revelation and for those of you who say well the Beast wasn't literal back in the Old Testament. If I remember correctly maybe you can answer. Behaved like a beast. Pretty much like a literal beast for seven years. Interesting number two Daniel three must be connected with Daniel two. And then yell to the head off. LOL represent American ever asking them which last battle but after Babylon according to God scenario several other kingdoms were to arise carbonating about God's everlasting kingdom that never going to like this now is that you mean to say I'm only the head of gold. I don't like God's perspective of history and so what the narrative as I do not as Question number three. Maybe you can as I define it God's delineation a proper history then to try to change the banks. How did they begin to try to change the times. Because God said that privacy was going to be fulfilled this way and that it can as I said no I'm not going to be popular this way it's going to be fulfilled that way that nobody can ever try to change God times he most certainly did his people think there's not a little horn later on tries to do. We got a little horn also Christ. Change got the calendar and was not successful because God has a remnant in the world that will not allow this system to be successful and it will never going to defy God delineation of prophetic history by setting up an image which was made up your gold from head to foot. Now do we know these two chapters are connected let's read the note that came with actually attempted to change God's prophetic calendar of events. The connection between the two and three is three fold. Number one the same Hebrew word for image is used in both chapters. Number two know the word gold in both chapters is identical and number three the expression set up in Daniel three one is the same as in Daniel to avoid war where the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed. In other words God says in Daniel two I'm going to set up a kingdom which are going to be destroyed and then you can either sets up if it means saying my kingdom will be everlasting. He's defined the God of heaven and his property. So now it's just like is happening in the Christian world today Sam. You know you go to bookstores today. I'm amazed as I look at the books on the shelves. There is not one book in Christian bookstores which will give you the real and correct interpretation of Bible because that's another reason why Protestantism has become the false prophet because the prophetic scenario that they're presenting is a totally false prophetic scenario and I know that's a strong words but it's the truth. We've studied everything in a disciplined way in this seminar haven't we come within the text studying the literary structure following the sequence of powers understanding the symbols in the light of the way the Bible interprets also knows. But you won't find out. Look in any book store any Christian book store out of the arbutus book center where privacy is interpreted from the perspective that we're studying here tonight in other words God's system of interpret interpret in pop as we have been almost totally based from the planet Earth. That series and because the interpretation is is looking to the Middle East and it's looking to the Russians and it's not been to the Arabs and it's locked into the Jerusalem temple and it's looking over there I think you meant are probably all right in our midst and people can't see it because they're looking in the wrong place. How many people in the world know that the issues are going to be over Sabbath and Sunday keeping God's commandments or not keeping God's commandments. Most people are saying that the issues are going to be fighting over the oil in the Middle East and it's going to be an ethnic war between Arabs and Jews. My Bible tells me that the fight is between those who are followers of Jesus and those who are followers of the beast. And also follow Jesus because they love him. They will keep this command and the market will also keep the commandments that not the commandments of God the commandments of the beast. So the issues between two sets of commands the S.G. oh oh oh yes. All in all very short very all over there but they're semi historicity In other words they take the semi historical view because for them right now we are in the millennium where we have a lesson we're going to study the thousand years of Revelation twenty. This whole idea of the rapture of this Middle East scenario boils down to the way in which you understand that a thousand years if you believe that a thousand years are. Going to be spent on Earth you will buy all of this and I know that's being taught. If you believe that a thousand years God's people are going to be in heaven. The scenario which will you will adopt will be the scenario that we're studying here. It's that simple and when we deal with a thousand years we're going to understand that specific point and by the way the question we're listening it's up setting itself up for tremendous deception by believing that Christ is going to come to this earth to set up His kingdom because the Bible says that Satan is going to counterfeit the second coming of Christ and most of Christianity is going accept that kind of a second coming of Christ because they're expecting Christ to come and reign on earth but we won't get into that anymore right now what we're talking about pot as a matter of life and death. If you believe that we're living in the last days what we're studying is of critical importance. I believe we're living in the last days I believe September eleventh changed things tremendously. It's a watershed event and things are precipitating one thing right after another. OK now let's go to war the dimensions American has this goal of the image or what. Sixty cubits high and six cubits ride video maybe additional sheet. Now I'm going to go through this very quickly because we don't have a lot of time that the reason why I wrote it on that sheet for you to read. So the ancient Babylonians established what we know is the fact the decimal system they are stablish the system of the universe the circle of the universe having three hundred sixty degrees and that's the yearly cycle of three hundred sixty days and of course the sixty minutes to an hour and the sixty seconds to a minute and so on and the interesting to any of them three hundred sixty degrees represented all the universe three hundred sixty. It's represented all kind all space and all time. In other words and what they did was they established thirty six gods in their pants pantheon to rule over the three hundred sixty degrees of space and the three hundred sixty days of time. And basically they gave ten days and ten degrees of space to each one of these thirty six gods in other words H H one of the thirty six gods reigned over ten days of time and ten degrees of space so you see that the number three sixty is related to the number thirty six but there's more. You see if you have the numbers one to thirty six and I don't know if you took the time to do this on a calculator to check me out but we will tell you the truth or not. If you add the numbers from one to thirty six What is the total net total of six hundred sixty six now there was ONE GOD that the Babylonians did not include in their pantheon. And that was the sun god the sun god was considered to be the father of all gods from which all God emanated in other words the thirty six gods actually. Emanated came from the Sun God so the sun god was the ruler of all. In fact the thirty six the thirty six minor gods were actually contained in the great God because six six six was the sum of the number of all overdone six six six became known as the great number of the sun the great number of the Sun I don't know whether you look at the illustrations also of some of these medallions that the priests used on chains and put around their necks. You know on one side you have you have a hexagon inside the hexagon you have a square inside that large square you have thirty six smaller squares and each one of those squares has a number of one hundred thirty six and very frequently under that large square you have the number six six six. Other side of the medallion which the priests use frequently you have a line and you have one of them illustrated there in the material that you received and the lot the head of the lion is what the sun and the main I what I've always of the sun. What color is the lion the lion is below the line as we all know it but you know just like the son of the king of heavenly bodies what is the animal that represents Babylon and Daniel seven. Isn't that interesting a lion. What period of the year is the hardest in astrology. We're not into a strategy but the hottest period of the year is governed by the constellation of Leo the Lion July and August. Do you know why it is July and August because July and August are the hottest period of the year. Interesting so you have this whole system of Babylonian astrology coming through here not your mark up by sixteen by six one of the total of eight hundred sixty which is a very sacred number which we don't guarantee six gods and a thirty six gods all together coming to six six six the number six hundred sixty six is hidden behind the dimensions of the image. I understand what I'm saying you need to read that material because that material supreme important. Now let's go to the map I saw is some large ship involved in some way. Yes but I do know why the image was made of gold. Interesting the battle in the symbolized by gold and a lion which is gold and then on these medallions you have a lion with a main and the main are the rays of the Sun In other words that the symbols that are used are smaller symbols in the Book of Daniel because whenever you can as are set up that image of gold which by the way. The ancients called the dew of the sun because they believe that gold had dripped down with them you know been pre-scientific societies we know that birds that gold did not get down from the sun that they believe that and therefore they called God to do the Sun So whenever you can as a raised up that image he was commanding everybody to worship the sun god whose number is six hundred sixty six. Very significant number by the central point of contention in the story of Daniel when he was in Russia and you know as the number of times that it used the word the key question was will all people worship the image of the beast whose number is six hundred sixty six and whose insignia is the Son Number Six Also at issue where the commandments of God the commandments of men the Ten Commandments are divided into how many tables you know all of that there in Exodus thirty one a pinball game. Moses two tables of the testimony written with the pinger of Moses thank you yourself but you knew. That's good good. I'll say things wrong once in a while because I want to see if you're with me. OK So basically the best mark M.M.'s described our duty towards home guards if you love God you won't have other gods if you love God you won't make images if you love God you won't use his name in vain and if you love God you'll keep it holy Sabbath spark Commandments describe my duty to God Our relationship of God has nothing to do with our relationship with our fellow human beings. Now the last six delineate our duty towards home that fellow human being if you love your neighbor you're not going to kill him if you love your neighbor you're not going to steal his life and commit adultery with her if you love your neighbor you're not going to steal his property. Love your neighbor you're not going to bear false witness against him. You love your name you're going to get it covered but blobs to your neighbor. Now that the last six commandment the scope of this commandment to describe our duty towards our fellow human being is not the question man's rights table was particularly at the front end. Let me ask in Revelation words is the table which is particularly in controversy. It's the first thing you asked most Christians you say is it OK to kill. No Is it OK to steal. No Is it OK to bear false witness. No Is it OK to commit adultery. No it isn't OK to beat up on your parents. No Is it OK to count it. No Can you buy I don't know. Should you be careful about should you take God's name in vain. No. Yes Now you tell me what sense does that make. Particularly considering that the fabric is the epicenter of God's law at the seal in the law of God as we studied last night makes no sense. The thought of commandment is the only one that identifies a law giver. My name like I don't like that at all right now. Three things that are necessary to have a sale the first table is particularly an issue in Daniel three as well as in Revelation that's number seven. No one's arguing on our religion with the civil power in Daniel three would you agree with that. What is never going to legislating is legislating a religious observance as me he's the civil rule right. By legislating religion these are legitimate. Not all the guests at the dedication of the image were polled many growth figures but that they create to worship once. A religious nature. Interesting note refusing to worship the image was not only considered an attack upon the religion of Babylon but also as what treason against the political authority of the king. So in other words by not obeying they were violating the law of both church and state. No great American answers decree was universal in that period of time of course we understand universal it meant means that it applied in all of its kingdom because it says all peoples. What nations I'm languages is that similar terminology to what we find in Revelation. Yes we were to what we were to buy and worship the image by the way by worshipping them each what they honoring their wanting the sun god but they were also honoring the one who had raised the image may be good as are now number nine. Whoever did not worship the image was to be killed by being thrown into a fiery furnace and later on we'll see that their primary purpose represent something symbolic. Specially the seven times. Number ten there was a small papal remnant who insisted on worshipping God and keeping His commandments. Let me ask you do worship and the commandments go together particularly worship in the first part of our let's let's take a look. So I have no other gods before me that have to do with worship. Now shall not make an image to worship. There's a deal of worship not shall not take the name of the last name of the Lord your God in vain that build with worship and respect for God you shall keep the sign of the Creator the Sabbath those that deal with worship. So whenever you talk about worship you have to connect that with them and their link. Which means that the controversy was over why shock and blood loss is going to be the issue of Revelation. I suppose the revelation of the issue is there going to be fighting for the oil of the Middle East and up final for Obama again is going to be when when the Russians and the Arabs join up with Saddam Hussein and they dry up oh I don't know what are your priorities because of course they don't have airplanes and helicopters. It's why they have to dam up the river to get across it. Come on boats in the day of modern technology they could then go west and invade literal Israel because they're anti-Semitic. You tell me what does that have to do with worship. What does that have to do with God's law. What does that have to have to do with accepting or rejecting Jesus as your Savior. It's a distraction it is not Christ centered it is polemic and APNIC centered and airports false prophecy because in order for purposely to be true they have to be silent in Christ because Christ is the center of Bible prophecy number eleven there was no apostasy at the Valley of Dura to think there were only three rooms that we don't know one there were many more Hebrews that went to the school of never you know that in fact you'll notice here that in Second Kings twenty four Cortinas seventeen it speaks about kings in a comma. In Jeremiah thirty one verse verse fifty nine it says that he took a trip to Babylon. Emir five ninety four of his reign. I wonder whether perhaps that Pippa Babylon wasn't for this dedication of this image and it's mentioned in the book of Jeremiah at least we know that that went to Babylon and we know that there were other people there. What did they do the other Hebrews do when the command was given to worship about and they worship. Let me ask you how many people do you suppose where they are the dead again. One of the average ten or fifteen. The Bible indicates that there are people from every nation turn in people there are multitudes there but of a multitude only three young men stood for you know sometimes I ask people I say what church you belong to so well I belong to such and such a church and they ask me what church do you belong to I say I belong to the seventh they have a church and they say and how many members of your church have I say are about twelve million they say Morris has one billion or less and if the majority had the truth then the devil would have the truth because most people like the Battle of camp don't go by numbers you look at the truth. Now my job is not going to go out in the day if I'm not I'm really hands on planet earth and only went into the ark and I can show you in the name of the larger Elijah and seven thousand who are not about the need to bail. Among the hundreds of thousands perhaps millions by this time in Israel. So I don't look at the biggest church or the ones in at the best programs and the ones that has that has the most pastors and the best buildings. That doesn't count at all that's not important what's important is being faithful to God's truth in the message. Yes the message number twelve dollars will accuse the perigee room where these where the cow would be interesting if you read chapter two the references in Chapter two The Calgarians were the religious contrary of Babylon another the elite of Babel and it was these religious leaders who accused the three young men before the king when they jealous of Daniel. And when you're jealous of them. Well young man later I will see that they were jealous of Daniel and they now wanted to use the federal power to kill them because of the three young men did not worship the king's garments. Number thirteen here's where we can ever made a big mistake when the poor young man refuse to disobey God and practiced false worship the king goes through what Thiering kind of reminds me about lies and grab something then the dragon was wrong with the woman and went to making out with the remnant of her so you keep the commandments of God. Here it says that when the commandment of the king is not get the practice balls more shocked when I happen the king was still raw over Bangor the kingdom by the God of Heaven by challenging the young man and who is the God who will deliver you from my hands. You've been a big mistake there because now is involving God in the story. When the powers of the earth say and I was going to deliver you from my hands. By the way in Revelation thirteen and verse four it says and great is the beast and who shall be able to fight against him. Almost the identical terminology that we find here. I'll be able to fight against the beast is what they're going to say everybody's going to have to submit and subject themselves. But there will be a remnant of the end of time. And God is bringing them together today. Number fourteen. These three young men went through a great time of trouble did they not in which their faith was severely tested. How would you have felt if you were going to be cast into a fire retardants and was actually killed where they bake bricks we know because they found kilns as they've excavated battling How hot do you need to have a fire to kill her. All my landes and of it seven times hotter. I hope no one was against them and yet they took their stand for God They had to face up front as he did. What seven times more then it was usually by the way that doesn't mean that never going to monitor and he says Now we usually hate this to three hundred degrees three times seven twenty one two thousand and one and really the number seven represents what totality. Now gee here that I have ever completed is what it's a number fifteen one promise which they undoubtably claimed was Isaiah forty Bremer's two written some one hundred fifty years before when you passed through there. WATTERS I will be with you when you walk through fire you shall not be burned nor shall the claim spite you must acquit their promise because they knew scripture Daniel studied scripture. Now let's read the note. Characters are formed in a crisis character is exhibited in a crisis. The three young men have made up their minds along with product wise does arrive they not when the King brings them before I am he says I'll give you another chance. They say don't bother our minds are made up by the way if you go back to chapter one you'll find that they passed a little bit it was a test over the over eighty so they weren't going to eat the unclean foods and they were going to drink the wine of the king. And so they said to the cook they said why don't you give us vegetables or vegetarian why don't you give us vegetables to eat and water to drink and they cooked you know their lives were not in danger it was the cooks. Like that was indeed the cook says hey if I do that what's going to happen is you're going to go look pale and skinny and when the king sees you that way he's going to ask what's wrong with the clock and I will lose my head and then you know as friends I try and stop for ten days just ten days and the Bible says that after ten days the vegetarian diet made them look more robust and they were more intelligent and they were more spiritually in turn and when test time came in the University of Maryland. They were ten times better than all of the other wise men in the kingdom. I guess going back to God's original diet in Genesis one twenty nine which was a vegetarian diet must not have been a very bad idea. Agreement OK with that part of our about our great mind run of the breaker. OK Now he was very calm in the little paper we want. Much smaller bangs and thereupon they were faithful in the mud but I think they take the Jeremiah twelve years by worth that or God hey if you remember it with men and you got tired how do you think you have been run with the horse trading I think on the little things might make you think that you're going to be people in the new trial people who are all in the time of double convolve stand even if they kill me but I'm going to be in favor of a god day to day moment to moment what make you think that family even things like for example some people say you know passed by I don't have enough money to retire my God When the Lord asked me to give it up for him I will. What makes you think that if you know return ten percent now that you're going to get it all. Up later Paypal and the level will be faithful in much. Number sixteen blames men taken from the great young men you're actually what they're going to actually kill the battle of Armageddon ultimately will not be a battle between human beings and God or even human beings that are on my side again the people of God. Ultimately we're going to find that the waters of the wicked people of Babylon are going to arrive right to kill their own religious leaders that is the battle of Armageddon and we're going to prove it in the next letter they're going to be so angry that they've been to be freed by the line of Babylon that they're going to write the one that they praised and they said Oh what a great preacher and and all this wealth of the world they're going to arrive to this one I don't want to be destroyed. Crew number seventeen. The three young men would not hear this story. Renee can we take care could be again. Well OK short the letter. What about the three young men having God that would have been better but you know the story of God Now we're going to have any more of a God who will let you put my hand and she is the founder of the challenge by personally coming into the furnace to deliver the reward for being a part of like really imagine Jesus himself came into the furnace. I'll pray Lord you know like yes. Because then you know had previously spoken panelled you can measure about the God of heaven into your chapter two. That's how we do. Clearly indicated by her jacket though that I know I talk to the King about the God of heaven and fallen and fall because he had described the God of heaven never you could never knew what he looked like. Yet his appearance is like the Son of God yes. You know when you compare Daniel three with Daniel twelve in verse one look at a come to that a little bit later on or think about Michael standing up to deliver his people who is that person Michael who will deliver his feet deep. Daniel Paul one of the end time fulfillment of the group. You know that you know my go to deliberate people in there you know progress one final time Pope element of Daniel Chapter three not let let's go on. We'll come to that. OK the three young men were not delivered. How calculation but rather in the midst of tribulation when they cannot be part of the relation or do they go through it. They went to our God people going to go to the fly out of the planes going to going to acquit them. No What makes you think that if God was able to protect the young men from the fire is not able to protect the people at the end of the plane. OK let's go to number eighteen. College with a note the word dilemma because you have hard times and then operate it is also used more times and then you'll see. Finally they view the dangle progress one of the only places where the word liberal view than their God then time people will be delivered in the time of Jacob's trouble at the end. Obviously the dream of deliverance is central in the Book of Daniel. Number eighteen after looking like it. Now if we're going to have and he gave a new decree that whoever spoke anything against a bottom up or a young man was to be cut and paste it. And there are those made in Egypt. QUESTION No degree legitimate or illegitimate Why will you not government have the right to tell you that you have to worship a third not. Good now they can never learn what this whole thing was all about. Not at this point he didn't because immediately afterwards he didn't but I think you know we create that time that everybody have the words of the true God but you through the government can't tell us the worst of our past God can't tell if the words of the true God either because that's not the government's business. But Park a mammoth have to do with my relationship with God and I have to respond only to gone. Civil power had nothing to do with it. Not talking about example about who that allegedly plan because it's next to me and my relationship with God the moment the government got talking about giving back the more charitable when I cared about the wrong government what my government doing taking the government money and giving it to God Last I know the way to finance God's Kingdom is by Guy and the way to find out things asking them is by practice all that keep track and cry at work because once you get the government getting money you'll have a government controlling the charity. Government gave the money that they are taking the money so I was illegitimate wasn't it. OK What I meant to say you should have been a lawyer. What I meant to say is that legitimate in the fight of God to the point that there are illegitimate in the fight of God it was illegitimate in the sight of the King it was about legitimate because we know that the absolute rule or any of the civil trial Chapter six now I don't actually want what spirit even the kings of Babylon recognize that and then you'll blow out the spirit of the only got that then you have all the Spirit yet how they have proven my life by the Pearl of the lie. Everybody know that they are not official spirit even the pagan clean drinking even though about the beginning of all we're going to study in a lab and I thought it a night because if you want to understand I'm getting up in the back of the ball babbling in the Old Testament. Even they recognize that he was filled with the Holy Spirit will guide them time people they fill the ball if they are all yes then you have to give up top of the any given what I mentioned much that means at the end time remnant is also going to have a gift of prophecy. Daniel is the symbol of the environment that we second Abednego are symbols of the in time when they think about well we need to look at the character of Daniel and that type of character that people are going to have at the end of time. You follow me. That's why I put all of this here. Daniel had known what he had not thought because he was one because he was very well number by number five. For Daniel if they pop a God What God LA primarily Me table then yeah. Now I am relevant Thank God God commanded the argument of is the argument of the enemy you know this guy for Perkins. His line is exemplary people who know his duty to the king to the civil power perfectly. The only way we're going to get him is because of a lot of his gun. Is that they are going to going to be at the end of time. Against God people I would hope that we learn to live the life of God now. Later on they will say oh this guy the nappy character whose temper all the time and have a reason to condemn other than just the fact that we are faithful to God love. Right and only sure dangles because what I am going to point on their clavicle I'm not going to buy this very much but I think they have two clauses the First Amendment has two daughters. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there are two stories in Daniel three and six illustrate that took a lot of the Constitution and Daniel Craig the king try to establish religion. Ragland Daniel six the king prohibit the free exercise of religion. Now you're either can you think you are going this way and this bought rather than your captors that things that you can worship the way you're accustomed collusion. You never if you don't have to exercise the way you have the two clauses of the Constitution contained in these two stories. Iran we're not. Now we are number six. Then you'll have the plague because we are told that he believed in his god we have faith. The word believe is the word faith to faith was not mere intellectual event but rather a deep trust which led to our unquestioning obedience and driving effect. Explain the kings of the Daniel service God I like that continually type character that you add up the kind of character we need number seven not the value of the day he pray in a deep sleep. Hey you can't God commandment he worship God He had no power we had to get the power he would still not only spit. Pray and pray because they know in fact that I'm worshipping God in prayer a lot of the same idea of Revelation thirteen adeptly great was given against him. Daniel was thrown into the lion's den. In other words Daniel when you look at her relation to the knot Why did God allow this. I love the beautiful corporation in the story of the prophets and games they've got a lot of the enemies of Daniel to prevail over in parallel and open up a young man to buy one of our love of the like this the truth. God did not prevent then your enemy from capping him into the line then he permitted evil angel then we get men to accomplish their purpose that he might make your lover cover Thurmont more. And the repeat of the enemy got cute and more complete. Spectacular the way God delivered Daniel I mean they're all OK they know about it. Got to deliver them all of the time before the quiet and the impact that it did a left part of a quotation says could have the courage of this one man who called the Apollo right rather than policy. FRANKEN What do you read it and the name of God Wants to be exalted and honored along with God we make God look good and run run run type of a God we make God look bad that's why I like the story of gold I wish we had time to talk about that the property not the story of Job. All of the stories of the Old Testament are not only for either purpose so why did God give us stories and make them promise and you know that of Daniel Pearl and say the leaves why God gave the time properties but I have stories because God wants us to know that he once delivered he will deliver. God simply said welcome and our belief was going to rape me to make everybody worship and whoever doesn't worship is going to be killed. But hang in there I'll be with you they were all like OK he'll be with me but you know I'm going to live I'm gonna play remember that music out of it when I get them now going to be cleaning up the image and commanded everyone to like that and the King David that we create the icon who I will remember the story and the five will be a conquering and trying to mimic that believe in why God made the story probably how do we know that the God who acted in the past is the God who will act in the future. Oh great reward and I can hear that now. Dang me thought of the flame. Might they invented by Daniel that were cast into a lion's den and they were eaten before they even read the other day and boy were they well you know the reason why the line and I know because they were hungry right now. Number eleven ever and then upgrade the key word and I know what Miller you know not then you'll never know if God had not intervened to deliver Daniel he would have been kept to be kept under twelve happy mythic variants can go buy a game I'd agree then I don't mean how can you know what when and what you can hear before the dawn of day. They agree from God's perspective of the legitimate or illegitimate. No government can kill me but only God can persuade me to go where the government can do that the government is not in the business of religion are probably bothers understood there and no matter how well why don't you join church and state. Ultimately it does not bring the thing to God It alienates the church from God because they participated in the plot. They brought by example why I want the family of a can stone you know when that the Babylonish garment of the gold and silver and hid it under there because all of his family participated in it and they knew what was going on. OK now let's go to the next section the end time. None of that in the end time many of our people will be captive in Babylon. That's right because the mighty angel from heaven cried out Come out of her my people. What's up like in the Old Testament God people be active in Babylon. Number two God People will have to gain the victory already before the beaten down upright if anything I mean one of the enemy can then operate then is Mark O'Mara the pickle. What would be the mark and Daniel to know the mark of the brain. We're made of made of what they want to bring along with a number that related to the end bank right are we going to have anything to do with our game is going to be piling up with numbers like that that number three they can who are playing against God People will involve the commandments of God. God question what table of God's law will apparently be at a table and not raid ready revelation parting kind of fertilizer people made them of the earth the seas on the part of the virus and then the third angel methods as well. To he who worships the beast to God and each of the well bore sheep in the problem or the issue is what God commands and worth. Another core issue in this conflict will be what rush up to the creator or worship to the rather be a union of church and state. Yes I hope you read both. The harlot commit fornication with the kings of the earth. That's interesting you have written the story like that you have it in the story of John the Baptist because in the story of your We've now learned creation of the religious power between political power and money created by what that will be what moral line the whole lot. Well the role model and the lap of the beef in a pot they couldn't be moved out of a king of the earth and of the whole world the fight against God in the person of his people the harlot that on all nations and God. Final methods caused my nation tribe and people is this a unilateral quite yet that is just like in the days of the top of worship the one who refused to worship the image of the beast will be sent to Iraq to there is that the same thing in that they don't know yet that they had all its powers will be pale with rage against God's people. I'm right. Many American and for that our next lesson. No not a next lesson the one of Sunday night we're going to deal with Matthew twenty four so you don't want to miss. There are many who claim just not at that time of course they may speak at about this time gave a lot of many would like to grow cold and by the way something can grow call them if they were happy for you if you can that point they cannot grow cold in the forty's they're going to be in a prophecy and by the way did you not know this remark of Jesus about love becoming cold comes immediately after he spoke in the following words. Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you. And you will be hated by all nations for my name's sake and then many will be what part of that mean many will be opened and that many that weren't quite by good right would leave him at the frame where the accused where Jesus spoke of the disciples and is that men aren't you. Tonight will be right ahead of me. And talking about people who are going to abandon the faith in white one another. Number nine Question Do you believe the ringleaders against God people at the end the religious leaders. Not make you think that is going to be any different than in the Old Testament it was the religious leaders who accuse their YOU and his friends they were the religious leaders who hated Jesus and encourage the crowd to grow up and you could read in the Gospel if the thought that the scribes and Pharisees encouraged people to cry out crucify Him crucified if it hadn't been for the leaders there would have been a tremendous revival of reformation in the do is mention it was the religious leaders who went out in the Inquisition there in the Middle Ages. It will be the religious leaders who will be three people into power in their system at the end of time. That's why you need to study your Bible for yourselves. Vitally important. Number ten dog people will go through a severe period brought up trouble and current relation is called the time of Jacob's trouble and I hope robbers want to call a time a provocative networks and some of the nation that be in time tribulation right but I do not want to call the time of Jacob's trouble. You have to go back you have to look at the records of that we have in the letter you have to go back to Genesis thirty two. Jacob was on his way back again and see if I would like to tell you the whole story of Jacob and how Balika very tremendous because everything he had to leave his home and he ended up in the hot house of this conniving. We could maybe cheating maybe there's no better symbol of sight than the character of labor if you really read his character and they are there. Jacob was in the house for twenty years only to find it time to go back home just like when God people at the end of time after spending the time in the house. Satan will say it's time to go home and right before he enters the land of Canaan he enters home. He had little brother Esau is coming with three hundred men. Thank you very much with four hundred men all your sources are and want to take an intention is to kill him. Cathy have stolen his lap back and some other Jacob do all he goes by names he starts because he thinks that his sin that he committed twenty years before he was so great that God is not going to protect him from his brother that is going to come and destroy him and destroy the whole family. Paul found it hard and Dr Laura what have you that the very word but if you've been generous with thirty two of you it nearly killed me and crying probably to God. Suddenly I'm being come and start battling with Jane. And by the way the name Jacob means the plantar someone who took somebody off with play my character perfectly. But the thing with whatever man thought that shall we operate will be creative brother and laymen leave and go home and he thanked him many times. If I struggle that he might all night and when the sun is about to come up again very frightening when it says Let me go get a fungus coming up and Jacob you know by the time you know that he's not biting a mere human being in fact the angel is really fighting with Michael who is really struggling with the flame angel Michael of the anger problem verse one. When God people like you live in the time of Jacob's trouble when the wicked are coming to destroy them and they were reporting about how the dog got protection. And take a bin I will not let you go unless you give me the assurance of your blessing and Michael let me go you think knowing I will not let you go and tell you but I will give may be ashamed of your problems in the Bible that not only do the good Michael with Christ and left him there. I don't live there Michael that your name will no longer be called they come from now on your name what we call do you know what you mean. Kind of got your apartment got in with men and you have overcome because of our revelation comes from you know Mark all that experience in the map each to each one of the judges you know overcome and I will get to sit with me on my broom and I don't work came and sat with my father and his crew. But what does it mean to be as relevant. Are we all live in the light of the river like they have that have been experienced as they can find the end time don't look to literally. People don't believe in Christ. In order to be an Israel you have to have experience of the person. Well so much so that number eleven their time are probably the period of a lot of them an interesting seven times hotter and they have a period of seven left blank which is the worst period in history of the world. Just like the oven what he did seven times hotter than ever before they have time a problem. So I'll be the worst in the history of what at the end of Matthew twenty four twenty one talk about the same time travel. I guess Matthew twenty four must be addressing the same issues of a revelation. But people may not be what So the only death that their enemies will be allowed to prevail for freedom but in the end God will deliver them the same author now speaking out about dying about about the end times or a time to your preference will be permitted to triumph over the old no god holy command to the lap dog permit. They've been too revealing of character as a liar and a purely out of order. That's the final triumph if people is made more mark more glorious more whole and complete. Ha God in delivering of people will be honored and will be glorified. Number two our God we find in the you know what the furnace represent the permanent representative that we find in a character you know what happened mostly young men came out of the part of anything or anyone in the whole wide world could ever shake their faith in God ever again. Their character was settled for ever. What the fired out of it. So hot that burns up the draft every year with the planet Manda depend only on gone. Not non-self that's what's going to happen there with them a couple we are deeper and totally and got another until we have to learn to do that now. Rodney Pinder in the furnace of affliction so that we might come up with a character. Cryo job said when he had what to write. Kept at me or trying me thinking about a planet I shall come forth and what have you go right now but I know that when this is all that I'm going to come out and right now about being the hero of the End Times story of God When the king of the north and his cohort with great theory to destroy and what and kill many see the context of the Bapi can you get in that you were never in Iraq going to study more about Daniel eleven because the king of the North is the same of the little horn with the name of the beast the same of the man of sin is the fame of Violet. They all represent the same thing. When the king of the north and it's called hearts go out with great spirit to destroy and i know i'm not many so I will be the only protection about people. I've never you Commander went out to annihilate the at the end time the wicked will go out to annihilate people. David Daniel G. The thin fellow came into the furnace to do whatever. Not very young men. Michael will stand up for his people and he will deliver them in the midst of the time not of the world deliver is used only in three places and gang of six and throughout chapter three and six provide the local historical examples of what will take place on a global scale at the end of time. Where in your mind there are good. Now the anti remnant of Jesus so we have the same characteristic that they were going to go through that period. Take a look like then your god then time remnant will be a people of what I write about the little prayer I want to have time to talk about the parable make me an hour talking about the time I'm in trouble. And the promise of a parable it gives up that actually look they have that the reason why Jesus taught the parable It's just that we should always pray and never think. People will be people who care they will be killed with only what. Well of course because if the harvest of the earth is matured by the greed of that is that the plane must have been united with a part of the Spirit. They will have a lot of Geezer and will keep My commandments of God see how they going to be just like Daniel the remnant of God will also have a testimony are geezer which is a thread about the they want to be a part of the end of it. Either way there's only one book that has all of this an area that I'm sharing with you all in one book and that the book that was given to you on opening night the great controversy between Christ and so I need to read that book real eye opener. At present the proper feel from a historical perspective like we're doing in the seminar now the way she wrote that that was published over ninety. No none of the things that she says in the book are happening but when you read that book at that we in the newspaper today. Amazing how that you know I can get back I don't think so. Number two the Ramanna bought off I have a pet the money of Jesus which is that they had a property they will worship the God who made them and they are the three of them up out of the water and they will be wiped out what are my next question if nothing will they will be without fault before God I get we have to get down that they have no doubt we can get our spiritual life in order. Final point. The number of the beast me who started the life and with it we began to flap one comment about the big name a number we have already seen that the beast represents the Roman Catholic system not made up of the system up have a black name who's an American equivalent is sixty six in what language in Latin language of Rome Roman language what is that name. I believe the best option is vicarious Philippe which is used in Roman Catholic publications and one of the official title of the pope by the way there are others that when you add up the letters they also give you six hundred sixty six I won't get into that right now but I believe that this particular name with a plaque from its name may have to name some time was won on the paper platter that other then is on the Triple Crown that the pope may have by the way do you know what the Triple Crown represents that we the King of Heaven Earth and the subterranean region region are going to be the triple crown that he wears now. Never name which for some time was worn on the paper Kyra means one who occupied the play along and let me paint the front of god myth is a particularly blasphemous name because the person who takes the place of the throne of God and prayed for him not to poke the Bone Spirit that will do the seven John fourteen twenty six. Amazingly on the numerical value of the letters of the Latin name are added in the last number system with six hundred sixty six billion. Oh yeah that's right. On clearly a second well I I got a spec and I need to have a one thank you note if that's important and not the first I really am I don't lie and if you want to know what that translates into Latin language when the word when the word ends and I like feeling and gain that the genitive. So I'm going to let me tell you they mean like I am God. I'm not better than what I mean by genitive names you know. Yes because that is how the words really is really the genitive It means God And so I believe that the number of the least six hundred sixty six and the name is the car you have. Believe me I hope that you read the sheet called the venerable name to find that out when we went to Europe a couple of years ago my wife and I our just amazed at the number of images and words of art that have thrown Britain all over the place like it was like walking into a pagan temple that conjure you know the founder of the bog but the priest on top of their head round the group of the priests of the fund on battle and conquer their hands on the road a lot of open ground and gold colors because a symbol of the sun amazing and of course the main insignia of the thunder. Because the Sunday by the law of God I would have to be got right and talk if you could gather from all the fascination. Speculation and obsession with the sounds of this system is a system that is spoken of in Revelation Chapter thirteen you understand the lesson tonight. Oh OK very good next time we'll discuss the battle of Armageddon. No quiz tonight. You can go home and sleep well that's all I have and I want to pray or how can I when we thank you for the clarity of your only word I realized that many of these things are very surprising some of the people who are coming and I asked one of the Your Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts and give them the courage to accept the truth as it is in G. because ultimately it's all about Jesus about being loyal to him about obeying Him because we love him so much. I'm not worshipping only him because he's our creator not Redeemer Rather he will bless us as we go to our homes protect us from harm and danger and not react. Never one word for one whole heart before all this media was brought to you by audio groups. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more of sermon W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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