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16. The Battle of Armageddon

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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I don't have and thank thank you so much for this blessed day at rest that you have given to us. We thank you for the privilege of being here tonight once again. We thank you Lord for your word which gives us certainty in a world of darkness in a world of confusion. We have tonight. You will hear that give us clarity of mind and you will give a tenderness a part. To hear your voice to receive what you say. And to make it a part of our lives. We claim your promise that when we come to you in prayer you hear us and you are right. OK let's begin at the very top of the lesson. Lesson Number sixteen. That means an African night we are going to have some time had gone by perhaps you know it's a month of meetings but kind of gone back by all of us and we'll have to schedule something like this a little bit later on this year maybe in the fall. The study twenty other parts and you know all that aside there's a lot of crap up in the Bible it's not an awkward story from the old path. But let's begin with a study that we have tonight. In one thousand nine hundred one Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. When the international community must prepare of course leaves for the Gulf War Saddam claimed that this would be the Mother of All Battles in just a few weeks. Down with Google and he suffered a devastating B.P. you know our present lesson we want to study the real mother of all battles in the Book of Revelation it is called The Battle of Armageddon. So let's jump right into our study and what we want to do is first of all discuss. The literary structure within which the battle of Armageddon crept in I hope you took a look at this literary structure here. You'll notice that there were three places where the word Victoria is highlighted you know that at least three places a revelation reaches the same climates or that reach of the flame climax three times in the last half of the Book of Revelation. Now I'm going to go through this quickly because we have a look at a portion of this before. Revelation twelve seventeen outlines the final battle doesn't it. It's bits about the dragon I mean well by Purab against the remnant of the woman's see right and the usual are the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ that is a very brief outline of the end time Bama doesn't give you a lot of detail but it gives you the essentials. Then in chapter thirteen we have an amplification of Revelation twelve seventeen. If you remember the way in which the dragon is going to war against the remnant by raising up from the sea and a beast from the earth. The beast from the sea will govern twelve hundred sixteen years at the end of the Grob hundred sixty years that will receive a deadly wound. And then it will be helped by the second beast to recover its power its worldwide power and at the very end the beast from the sea and the Beast from the earth will in part the mark of the beast. Well of course the number of the beast. In other words they will make war against the remnant of Revelation prob seventeen who keep the commandments of God and have a testimony of Jesus Christ. In other words there is more detail in Revelation thirteen about this and more are you about let me talk are not in Revelation part. Do you want to buy after these two beefs persecute God's people at the very end. Got people stand what Victoria. In other words the climax it reaches the very end after the crisis. God's people are victorious on Mount Zion with the lamb one hundred forty four bows and victorious people but when we find it in the structure there are some things that God needs to say about what happened before they got there. So in Revelation Chapter fourteen Bertha six to thirteen Jun goes back be part of the story a scene not not in chronological sequence and here he speaks about her angels that divided the world into two groups those who follow the dragon and those who constitute the remnant of Jesus Christ and so there were three messages that Paul arrived the world then in Revelation and fourteen fourteen through nineteen at the conclusion of these messages. Two groups are separated by Jesus the harvest of the earth and the wind prayers the harvest of the Earth has a seal of God and the wine press has what the mark of the beast. In other words after the messages the world have polarized into two groups and then when you reach Revelation fourteen verse twenty the waking up in the lying press come against the city. They're outside the city aren't the best scenery comes from the Book of Job in the Book of Joel. The we could come to the valley of just outside Jerusalem with the intention of destroying those who are in the city that the background that we find here and so on I ten fourteen verse twenty once again we have the wicked who come against the city but when they are about to destroy more than the city it tells us there that certain horses come and they too. Oh the light wind projects and the blood splatters Arthas right now doesn't tell you the name of the city and it doesn't tell you we're driving north. Revelation fourteen twenty leaves two big questions which is the city and secondly who is riding the horses it doesn't say. But later on in Revelation it is going to say and then after you have this lean of the line perhaps gathered outside the city to destroy those in the city when you have another victoriously see it reaches that same climax in Revelation fourteen want to cry. Are you gonna let me. And once again God's people are seen standing on the sea of glass. They are victorious over the beach. Or is it me or is a mark on a number of name and they're singing the song of Moses and the like but now John says now wait a minute. There are still some things that I failed to tell you about what happened before this group was victorious and so now he goes what he goes back once again and he's going to describe starting up Revelation fifteen versus pipe and await the moment that the door of probation closes when the temple in heaven is filled with smoke. Let me ask you when this door closes. Have a third of the three angels MAPI just been proclaimed already have the world been polarized into two groups. Yes absolutely. Now the door probation closes and then a revelation sixteen. We have the pouring out of the place the plank poured out after that local probation. Yes in fact applying are what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation period of the plagues is the period of the great tribulation that comes after the close of the door of probation so the plank I point out in Revelation sixteen you have all seven play like playing. But in Revelation seventeen and eighteen John is going to think now wait a minute. I told you about all the plagues in the order but there are two things that I particularly want to go back and I want to explain certain things again that I did not explain when I talked about the sequence of them like the first time and so on Revelation seventeen and eighteen John goes back and explains the sixth and the seventh play which he had already mentioned in chapter sixteen. You follow me so far so good. And then of course in Revelation one thousand one hundred ten where about people again they're one thing and I haven't and they're Victoria and they're singing. Let me ask you Can you read the book of Revelation in a linear fashion. It is impossible if you don't think that you're going to know what's going to happen for the times of Christ to the second coming of Jesus and you think you can begin Revelation one verse one and read the order of events if they're going to occur one right after another by following the Book of Revelation. You're not going to understand anything because the Book of Revelation runs in cycles. In other words it repeats and repeat. He goes back and said some things I haven't told you I need to tell you. So he presents God's people victorious election one thousand one hundred ten but here's the interesting part. In Revelation nineteen you have in the twenty one. Interestingly other guards people who are not or you haven't yet. In fact Jesus is seen sitting on a white horse and the armies of heaven are battling him and light hearted. Are you with me. Now the question is how can God's people be victorious in heaven. In verses one through ten Jesus haven't come on the White Hart with the armies of heaven to pick him up. Very simple revelation one to ten one thousand one hundred ten. Present the climax. People victorious. But now John says I want to tell you how they got there and saw in verses eleven to twenty one. He now describes the second coming of Jesus on a white horse by the white horses of heaven to rescue God's people from planet earth and to take them there. You see how important it is to understand the litter of the last half of Revelation. It's vital done yet more land line right. Why did he use the line perhaps because the wind craft as we'll see in our study tonight is a place where they still have wine prisons in Italy where people get in in their bare feet and they trample on the grapes and now they're trampling on the grapes the grape juice us to get rid of and so the line press is used as a symbol of the wicked because their blood is going to be shed at the second coming of Jesus and by the way when Jesus comes his garments are Spain in red. Did you notice that in Revelation nineteen if the garment are red not because they're staying with the kids black they're red because they're staying with the garments of the enemies of God's people because he's coming to trample the line. That answer your question and we'll deal with it a little bit later in the letter now. If you know him. Rather handsome good if you don't understand raise your hand. We need to advance but we're not going to advance at the expense of not understanding. OK Let's talk about events before the seven left legs because the battle of Armageddon is really the third light and the preparation for Armageddon is the plague now revelation makes it clear that several things occur before the seven left like up or down. First the three angels have proclaimed messages to all the world is that clear in your mind absolute. Every person on planet or have chosen to receive the she let go of the mark of the beast correct and adore probation as close. Correct because the plagues our dogs ran point out without any what without any mercy. Which means that probation must close or else they would be mingled with mercy always one probation is open. God's judgment are Mengelberg mercy. But the seven that are not mingled with mercy. That means that the door corporation has closed. And then of course as soon as the door closes the angels are seen leaving the heavenly temple to pour out the seven left play. Now I don't want to dedicate a lot of time to the person I plagues because our particular study this evening. Deals with the six and the play but we need the first pipe legs ever that grew up as a preparation to understand the six and the seven play so let's go quickly to the first by play. The first play where they pile and go so I'm sore. Which came upon the man who received the mark of the beast. So when the plague up when the first like to point out everyone who's going to receive the mark of a beat that they receive card into this year have probation close obviously yes now Sekai up fourteen twelve and thirteen and I will come back to these verses later on in the study will be a lot of sex play because we're going to find that when the Six Flags poured out the result of the first plague are still lingering now and Zachariah fourteen twelve and thirteen we have the explanation to this point I will contest the question of how we get to work. Oh today it's all while on their peak and their work or their I shall desire in their sockets and their tongues shelled is all in their mouths. Not every client has a moral reason not to just grab a bunch of plagues and his hat and he said well let me just to step in and point out each play. Is sent because of a particular sin which have been committed in battle. This particular play is poured out upon the con glow in the mouth because according to second there's a lonely and to the powers that be have you have their cons who speak what to speak of lines and that's why they play the time now not as the second plane. In the second plague the sea is turned into blood and everything in the sea right now. Revelation speaks about of that degree against God's people I believe that we create will be proclaimed immediately after the per person plane impact during the first high plagues the wrath of the wicked is going to greatly increase as the planks are poured out against God's people because they're going to think that the planks are being poured out because of God's people and after the first play after this noise some store owner wants them saw that I've spoken about the work I'm going to say that it we can't let these people live and so they're already talking about giving up that degree against five people so God says OK you're talking about but so here is a sea of blood. And after the sea and by the way I'm going to prove it after the sea is turned into blood. Then they say this is it and this is where they are. Proclaim the debt increase and the reason we know that is because the play is that blind by the angel who pours out the play. No reason part of playing is that by using the play to have a reason. Then I just got pouring out judgments indiscriminately not the part of the speaker lies the second plague the sea turns into but because they're talking about shedding the blood of God People that don't like because they proclaimed that we shed the blood of God People notice Revelation Chapter sixteen and let's read verse five the explanation for the third play it says and I heard mean jewel of a lot are saying you are right just oh lord. Rolando who is and the one who lives and who is to be because you have judged these things for they have shed the blood of saints and Parkers and you have given them blood to drink what it is their just due. Why right. Pour out because the wicked have the intention of what sharing your blood of God's people in other words this is the death we create. Now let's notice the parkway in the blank. What CERN starch is all about your patient with intense heat. Why do you suppose your supply coming from the sun. Because Christians have insisted on keeping that they have a sense an inch plank has a moral range. First line on the current spoken lie the second one on the sea. Because they're talking about destroying God's people. They proclaim a very quick recap of the second plank so God says you want to shed the blood of my people I give you blood to during the court playing upon the sun which started all of the vegetation because they had existed. On worshipping on the day of the sun now under the plank. There is a supernatural what darkness which covers the whole world especially you know the beach in a little bit later on in the lesson will pop up a little bit more about the supernatural darker because it has its roots in the Old Testament. Now let's read the note. These plates are worldwide going to have to write it up like we're battling. Yes Sort of like you were alive. Yes they are world are not they're not universal but their world like you say no how can they be world wide but not universal. Well they're not universal in the sense that they do not destroy all of the wicked on planet Earth. They're not universal in terms of affecting all of the people on planet Earth but they do that all of the geographical locations of planet Earth. I understand I want to play you get the you know that I that the exactly my point not all the legs are going to back all of the people but they will call every quake on or they will call every place on earth but they will not like everyone equally there will be universal in terms of place but not universal in terms of people. Are you with me. OK And you know. Remark about this a little bit later on more look like I won't lie because Babylon of the world lie in their product like upper battle and now they are also consecutive. Now is that what I mean by consecutive they come one right after another and they are cumulative in other words the first leg. Go away when the second one may accumulate. Each play increases the theory of the working against God's people by the way that is what is meant by the wine of the wrath of her fornication. It's a wind up with wrath against two against goals. Who are loyal to God in each play is a punishment for sin which has been committed in Babylon. This is seen by the fact that the angel of a lot of give the reason why you point out the second play before we continue our study of the plagues we must compare to contracting group and Revelation and you need to invent a battle in Jerusalem. I don't know whether you caught that I caught it just before I came up with all these lessons by myself. Saw any errors are my Paul responsibility but as long as I correct that and long as I say I'm sorry you will forgive right. OK Now let's look at the parallel columns here no one can follow. And the right just follow the lamb. Battle under the false Trinity God is a Coke or an empty ballon After economy range up of get out of the way get real only angels gather writers but we can have a mark of the beach right as we see the steal of the wicked are gathered as great on the line outside the city. The writers are gathered at the harvest and are inside the city. The destination of a wigger is a lake of fire and the desperation of the writers. It's a sea of glass to go all over the planet or that are part of our leaders the beast and the Lamb. Now let's take a look at Revelation Chapter seventeen. In order to understand the exotic imagery of Revelation seventeen it is necessary to comprehend the ancient understanding of the cosmic river Gregor In other words this is the way. Ancients can see Rivers it is recommended that you carefully study the illustration at the end of this lesson titled The cosmic river dragon in scripture actually it's the cosmic river dragon. Let's take a look at that. Who what how do we call the places where our river originates. We call them back. Head waters and how do we call the place where they are and they go into the sea. They're called the brook waters now do you have an expression looking up in the dictionary and by the way we also speak of the bodies of water. No way. Now all of these are remnants of an ancient way of thinking. You see the ancients believed that there was good cause me. What a dragon who had seven hits and of course the seven hands. As you can see here in the illustration are really seven what are really seven now there are no. And what originates in the head or in the mountain the ones in the waters of the great river which river the great river your brain's not what is the city that sits upon the waters of the Ukraine it is bearable. So you think you have this seven headed dragon Pavlik Dragon which is really seven mountains but the seven mountains are they are this dragon and the heads the mouths of these heads are really not water and when they fill up the waters the waters for the work the party. No the river the river itself the river is the city in other words this cosmic dragon and the mountains are the hits into then only the ancients also believe that when a river route cloud stage and it went out of its banks it growing. In other words this was a Wind River Greg because when you look at the river from a bow the latter has gone out and it looks like the river has grown going and by the way this is the concept behind the imagery in Isaiah eight seven eight which will look at a little bit later when it speaks about the invasion of the cities of Juda by Knuth and accurate. It says that he invades city after city and it compares him to the parting of the river Ukraine and it says that he's going to stretch the river it's going to stretch out its wings and seal Emanuel's life and it's going to reach even onto the next which is Jerusalem. But of course when it reaches the neck the angle of the Lord came out one night and killed one hundred and eighty five thousand souls and God's people would deliver and so you need to understand the mountains are really hits. Are you with me. And the river is really the dragon upon which Babyland said you have helped us understand why in Revelation seventeen it says that the woman is to be a scarlet beast and then it says that this woman is seated upon the waters. The question is what is she going on is you seated on a beach or if you can get on the ladders the fact is that it's two different ways of saying the same thing. And why is this guy going to let you come in. Oh no reason Israel is explained in Revelation seventeen that's because the high. Only it has shifted. What has shed your blood. God's people are you with me. Now do you understand this concept of the river dragon you know I think it's vital to understand Revelation Chapter seventeen and by the way all of the heads are all of the mountains are not viewing ladder out at the same time. Their heads below are the river one at a time. I want you to remember that and I'm going to prove it. Let me go back to Revelation Chapter twelve. Now let's go then to the section a chance another look at Revelation seventeen Number one the vision of a judgment of the great harlot was given to John by one of the seven angels who have the seven. No no my question is this which Angel do you suppose came back to speak to John about the judgment of the great harlot which of the seven because there were seven point seven earthquake so that one of them comes back. The question is which. When we haven't. Let me give you a hint. So we don't have to guess. One of the name of this kind of irreverently seventy one of the name of it all of the river of Babel receded are like why exactly right. Number six. Or you could see my point I'll make it again. In Revelation seventeen the angel come to speak one of the angels about the seven last rites come to it to explain the condemnation or the judgment of the great art. Since I know what many want and her name is Babel Now the question is what was the name of the many liners upon which Babylon was. Seen it in the Old Testament when you pray so much angel. I'll go so I'm going to enjoy being told what the real bright. Number six saw the angel which comes back is going to explain which play he is going to explain the thing play anywhere either ducking under for critical importance. Let me just put it on the board where you can visualize a Revelation seventeen verse one. You know where the harlot sitting on the lot or whatever her name her name is battling. Now this is coming to be explained by one of the Angels one of the seven angels who have applied and immediately we asked the question Which of the seven angels is coming back to explain something it has to be the sixth angel you know why because the sites play up on the great river you pray. And whom to rebel What do you pray. Battling and saw this an angel comes to explain the judgment of a great heart it must be coming back to explain like number six because that one deal with Babylon and deals with the Euphrates River. If you follow me now. OK now let's go to number two be able to go quickly because now the name which the harlot haven't or have what Mystery Babylon the Great Number three the harlot was name of Babylon was seated on many waters right. But she is also said to sit on it. Well what is she sitting on afterall just sitting on a big issue sitting on water. I know that mean the same thing. Are you following me. Now that she rides the beast when it says that she's running at least she's really not riding multitudes nation's tongues and peoples the river that came from it. The rivers that came from the mountain. Now notice the last part of this question but you've also said to search on a starlit beast. The question is how can the higher seeded on both because the imagery is two different ways of speaking about the same thing. Number four in Revelation seventeen The seven heads of the Dragon are identified and seven not a girl how can it be mounted. Are you where they are they hands are they moan. Now because of the imagery that we have here you see the mountains are really the heads of this cosmic dragon and and I can't have my own that I was feeling out waters and why are they spewing out lot because they want a lot of to do what to destroy God's people see the whole issues the destruction of God's people. You know and of course the seven heads are seven mountains of them alive seventeen seventeen. Number five one of the heads of a dragon on the head which is on one of the heads of the dragon work hand horns which represent what ten King. But notice these ten kings really symbolize the what the kings of the end of the whole while. Then reminds me the number ten means something that is complete or total. It reminds me of the book of Ecclesiastes chapter two. Our work that we have got and keep His commandments for this is not all. You see in the Ten Commandments is contain the whole duty of man. These ten horns these ten kings represent the totality of the kings the whole group of the kings of the earth and of the whole world. Number six John was taken to see that the judgment of the great harlot was that many waters. What of the judgement against Matalan. It is the servant left crying. And finally the great sin of the harlot is that she sheds light she shed the blood of God's people. So I want you to visualize this. You have this harlot in a worldwide harlot. Yes. She was sitting upon a scarlet beast of a lot. She's controlling the bees. Right and what is the beast doing it. It's filled with blood that Wyatt scarlet. Why is it red. Because it's filled with the blood of a saint. According to verse six and the martyrs of Jesus that wants to destroy God's people who remember the original verse who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ or God fearing God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him who created the heavens the earth the seas and mountains of waters. Although you're shoot back against God's people in the name of this hard against Babylon and the name of the river and now you praise river. Yes the angel coming back to explain let's explain which is the condemnation of Babylon. Yes he is in order to understand this we have to or comprehend an Old Testament background. We always have to look at the Old Trafford background because if we don't we're trying to. Walk on one leg and I you know I know we can walk on one leg maybe I should say we're trying to walk with rulings that would be a better a better simile. Now let's notice the Old Testament background. Revelation seventeen is really a further explanation of the six Claggett revelation sixteen twelve in exactly when your mind now we will see this connection in a few moments but in order to comprehend this next play we must first understand some old craft in the background. What is represented by the water. Writings we have are not a world wide rather than a worldwide harlot sitting on it or not. Lol she attacked me a worldwide people of course but the Kings be worldwide the Kings. Absolutely if you want to live but in the Old Testament there's a local illustration of all of this not what is represented by the logic of the Euphrates River. What does the drying up of the lotteries represent. Oh well we'll see who are the kings from the east. Where is Armageddon. The answers to these questions are in the Old Testament. Now let's go to number one. Old Testament babbling about the arch enemy Israel God's people. In fact God's people are happy where they were kept in Babylon. Now number two very important. BABYLON boasted that she was the what we have done that kind of remind you of those over the counter remind you of the Man of Sin who sits in the temple of God showing himself to be God doesn't that make you think of the beast when it says of Revelation thirteen verse three that great is the power of the beast who shall be able to fight against him it will say man. OK it's still a battle and boasted that she was the I am and would not be a what a widow. So she must be she must have husbands right. Nor laws nor what you have children to now even if interesting. Do we have in the Book of Revelation the same idea. There aren't many porn occasion with the king. Does she have children. Ishi arrogant does she trying to destroy God's people. Yes she was elegantly secured this is the reason why King Belle Chasse or was having a party while the city was under siege. You can read that and imagine the army surrounded the city Belle Chasse calls a party to celebrate. Now let me tell you a few things about Babel. Ancient Babylon the biblical Babel at twelve miles. In extension and you say well that's not very big. Credible bigger than that. Crew went in antiquity. A twelve mile city was a humungous. Babylon had more laws. It had two inner walls which measured twelve feet wide and twenty feet wide and it had two outer walls which measured twenty four feet wide and twenty six feet wide. This means that they haven't had any five feet of walls surrounding it. Now you can know why they're arrogant in fact the outer walls were so wide that two horse drawn chariot could go on top of the wall. Amazing not only this now we can answer we know have developed a system of canals because sometimes the Bradys river would reach the flood stage and I would love the city so I would know they can as we did was we built. Some canals along the outer edges and by the way you have an illustration of the city of battle and you don't have to get it now because all illustrate it with my hands you see it a lot better. So he made he made these canals outside the city so that the overflow of the water would go out out these canals and the city would never be flooded and this will eventually lead to the downfall of Babel. Now also the city of Babylon the Great bulwark of the city of Babylon was its river. Is the armies could come and surround the city. But nothing they couldn't do anything because the city had plenty of water because a river ran right square and besides the latter they could produce enough mood to sustain themselves and there was no way of course that the enemy could be knowledge all of these walls and overcome the city so in other words the source of its greatest strength was it you write these wherever and that's a picture of a point in Isaiah forty seven she said I'm seated you know I'm not going to be a weirdo and I'm not going to lose my job or I'm OK. I'm invincible. Yes. Now nobody knows or knew that somebody some time might come up with the idea of trying to dry up the river bank of the Euphrates to try and come in through the rubber band which was the Ukraine is what its greatest strength but it also had the potential to be integrated. And so what they did was build some huge breadths gates and by the way I didn't include this in the left and you can write it down. Isaiah forty five verse as one speaks about the brass gate they were huge blast gates that were joined to the wall and they reach to the very bottom of the river so that if they drive the riverbed they still had those brass gates that the enemy would have to negotiate the only problem is the night that Babel. Well if they were so drunk that they forgot to call the games and historians such as Herat and set up on tell us that Cyrus came he dammed up the river logs were entered the city and as a result the waters went into the canals and by the way he came in October which is which is dry season in other words he was smart he came when the river was at its lowest ebb and flow its flow and and so he diverted the river Bradys out the canals and the gates being open. These armies were able to go into the city and conquer the city. Now with this in mind let's take a look at a little bit more obvious background. Number three. Babylon was seated on what many waters from many waters of Babylon where the river Euphrates you see the old After the back row here only in the Old Testament you're dealing with literal Babylon you're dealing with a little river you're great you're dealing with literal kings from the east you're dealing with God's literal Israel in bondage. You're dealing with Babylon's literal line which you get to the nations according to Jeremiah fifty one seventy eight it was the battle over the cup in Iran very similar to Revelation seventeen it's not in the left and you can write it down Jeremiah fifty one seventy eight it says that the battle has a cup in her hand and she gives the warning to the nations and the nations become deranged. In other words I feel what happened with anger they can't think straight. Is what it's saying. So babbling is seated on many waters in the many waters of the river you rabies literally speaking. Number four God predicted that there would be a what a drought against Babylon's ladders in other words her river was going to be what was going to be dried up. And the drying up of a river was going to lead to what to her downfall and her destruction and we're preparing for the coming of Cyrus and his armies to overcome the city now. I digress a little bit in number by during the Middle Ages when the woman was being persecuted. The dragon all around and have to say interesting. Let's go there just for a little Revelation Chapter twelve I think that the big revelation seventeen it. Yes but only one head is what ruling at the time and only one we had a spiel we don't want to time. Now let's prove it isn't well and let's reverse pre-birth about the I'm telling you the truth about the seven it itself with another sign appeared in heaven behold a great fiery red dragon having instead of ahead and ten horns and seven diadems on its head. So you have this great envy that I have never met but now I want you to not have something very interesting in Birth of scripting and sick you know that saw the serpent by the way the serpent of the plain Geygan because it says in verse nine saw the great Dr and what kept out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan the Dragon of the serpent and by the way every other thing a river a river wind of it. Young serpent clean because and that's why ancients believed that reversed where the body of a dragon Arthur because because the reverend serpent and when what they ate it grows Wings have never been to a Chinese restaurant but have a dragon with a link. They're not interacting. Going back to his memory that they have an end of leverage right now. Not if I want to continue saying so all the serpent you know the liner out of it seven. Oh OK. Top speed of the water out of here now. Now wait a minute how many multiples again. Seven but he's only been a lot of what out of one other question is that one. Well we'll come back to later and here's why you'd get the picture now. And I paid for the serpent to build water out of his mop like up not up to the woman that he my cards are to be carried away by the sea. I had it when they had doing. Come out in the head of spewing out water what is the purpose of spewing up a lot around God people right. The one point that lives in internationally in the Bible when the Bible speaks of the river. And it doesn't give it a name it the river you play by the way this is happening during the time times and dividing of time. Be a lot of time bitching of the Kings to be a lot of up and bit you said I'm a lot of energy a pinprick will got people she most certainly did. Now if I ever get there I you catch in the picture that I haven't been at the Dragon be it was. Is not and is to come up out of the bottomless pit of the abyss. Now my question is when is that that the beast was. If you compare Revelation twelve during the provenance of the years but what happened the earthwork helped a woman and swallowed up the waters the beast from the earth to want that we talked about this morning and then they stopped the persecution the principles the democratic principles. If they get a stop at birth they swallow up a lot of the persecution. Let me ask you and. Other kings of the earth going to once again spew out water at the behest of this comet upon the lines yet. So I believe that when it says that there's this persecuting beast was talking about that one hundred fifty years it is not because it has a deadly will and it is too strongly advanced which in the Bible is the place of the Dead where the woman had beef with play and it will be because everyone is going to be what if deadly one is going to be healed and then the second pair is going to be speedily not wanted to do what they have to drag and be dead there in that one hundred fifty years. I have fallen. I guarantee you've got is that if I don't play together when you when you allow the whole book of Revelation to to work together to come together now we have to hurry to get on line. OK now they're in the Middle Ages when the woman was being persecuted the dragon spewed water out of his mouth whatnot that want to represent. Well that those nations convent people in order to come here to be carried away by that. But now we know why the lighter that bloody. Why are they planted because they want to kill got me but would that be true also of the river you played it in Revelation sixteen. Absolutely. And a third but beyond help the woman. Well here in the United States the territory of the United States helped the woman by swallowing up a lot of in other words the deadly wound the democratic principles that were imposed on them for the last two hundred years according to Malakai MARTIN Now let's go to question number five. Cyrus I mean are Persian general came with other kings from the north and being aged and what did they do. They overcame or they destroyed or they conquered battle and if you're interested. In other words five US and the kings from the east are those who come to deliver God's people from Babylon. By drying up what the water and what happens with Bob Babylon then why don't I drive up how much like that he had none he locked it and she fall and have never tried to silence comes then with the Kings from the east and overwhelms Babylon and God's people are what delayed so they can go back to John Philip left with an old dragon. No the Persian historians have thought of that and then upon talent that I left them up the river you parades where it entered the city of Babylon in that's why the river bed was dried up so that he had his armies could conquer this pretty nest that he had great great black gates which protected the city where the river entered but on that fateful night they have been left open for the drying up of you. Of Babylon's river your brain is led to her downfall not babble and came to a sudden and with none to help her. According to why they are forty five and fifteen the identical expression that is used in Daniel eleven forty five speaks about picking up a lot. He will come to the end with none to help him. That might mean that the king of the North is the same as the harlot in the flame of the Little Horn is the same of the beast is the same of the management I thought I'd get the picture. Yours above God thought that this was a really important issue of the last power he doesn't want to give us one picture we give the Patriots of the same power and get it over and over again. Number six the name by means of the sun. In Revelation Chapter sixteen a week. Other teams that come out of the sun rise in Revelation being both welcome people away from the king the company but that of not only lack the Greek language to make up in Greek not to learn and the two words are not only and the second word is tell you what word do we get from hell you wonder if you want to appeal to me I mean the fun on a pole that means live thing and they don't mean fun in other words to prepare the way for the King from the sun rising on the ride when the. I mean riding fun riding right. Going right for now that I think that the name five mean fun and the country where he come from the now he was raised up in work in righteousness right away while it was one of not accepted openings in antiquity. He was extremely magnanimous when he conquered he would meet all of the people who are bond. And he not only did that but he actually gave them money and he gave them thank you go back pick back to the land and rebuild their families and rebuild their countries. He was an extremely magnanimous person so I was called God luck shepherd and he came from a country he was also called God what I wanted to like in the Hebrew is not you know in other words but I am sorry that you released not people come by Legion Babilon so that they could return to the wire. Let me ask you if I were a messianic type of the Messiah. He is by all of these characteristics and he comes from the east. Number seven. God not only predicted that Babylons waters would dry up but he also said that Babylon would be covered with a multitude of a lot of the way the letters were drying up but then the lot is what what would drown Babylon. Don't forget that because that's an important detail the lot of the dried up with an avalanche themselves on Babylon and she would be drowned by whom. Number eight. Babylon will be left and it would be left what desolate and one day and one moment and one day she would love her children and become a widow. What you got to be protected by what you've got to be protected by your children. Absolutely. And then she would also be a part of me what. No. The merchant. Her How are you. Now let's go to number nine. BABYLON What know what in the dust and she would be burned where it's like OK I'm imagery we have a revelation about in time Ellen. Absolutely. Event time battling going to be burned with fire. Is she going to be left naked. Is she going to fit in the dust yet. Only it's not going to be all there in in Iraq it's going to be a lot of widespread stuff. Who's going to go to that space now. Number ten. BABYLON would drink the walk the line of God's wrath on what. Thank you an earthquake would mark like that mark of all the babble in Revelation. Yes Only it was a lot cooler like the end of the World Wide Web and a great leaders would be slain with I want to start. The struggle of absorbent you've got to rein it in Revelation Chapter nineteen and verse twenty one the last verse of the chapter that describes the second coming of Jesus. Now number eleven God's people were called upon to clean from the midst of battle and upon being delivered God's people what a lot we don't miss this point. They were seeing older Babylon joyously now in Revelation is there a strong growth that we need that kind of thing after the fall of Babel. Yeah I got people got to go back to your knowledge have a beautiful old testament imagery which forms the backdrop for revelation. Explain RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU LOVE ME. If you're still awake right seventy five percent pretty good. Not talk about Revelation. Play the man named a lot of upon which Babylon in the river you crave that clear your mind. Type in the Old Testament but these waters represent what people mouth at those nations and done. So are we to expect like hell in Greek and Tim La Haye and other commentators are saying today that one Revelation seventeen says the revelation sixteen says that the waters of the Euphrates would right up there were supposed to look over to Iraq and someday that little river over there is going to be dried up so that the Chinese and the Japanese can come in battle against the whale. Not if you look at the old document type. Not if you feel that it is not any more. But once one of the objects on their own level and if that is well what let me ask you is Babylon world like it's a little world line right is world wide is the drying up world wide. Well worldwide it up when people talk about that people have a lot of this big idea. They followed hard line sinker simple encouragement and number two in either a felony the invasion of a king of a theory or into a lower compared with the revenue right it would to that blood and rage of even onto the men I mean I know when one of the neck of the manual plant in Lithonia you wonder whether you're talking about the king of fear in all its power if the magnet and the neck or if you read the story in Isaiah Chapter thirty seven thirty eight and thirty nine the network comes with one hundred eighty eight eighty five thousand soldiers and their intention is to do in other words they've come up with an accurate story. They conquered everything in their path. The Holy Land it got under the dome and the only thing that left is Jerusalem in other words a lot I have made it onto the net. Of the land of the night but at the end time the net is not little old little old Jerusalem in the Middle East it means that they will reach the next got people all over the world because the world wide river the river is spoken up stretching out its what it laying by the way I'll call the invasion of the Romans in Daniel nine. If if we speak about Babylon rather out writing if you mean when I used to live in the year two thousand. And if you have another place within the Old Testament to describe an invading army. While I will never. And when the river goes all of the time you have the wings of the dragon. Number four only to never really know what the drying up of the river you mean that the nation not that good. Vera are going to withdraw their support from battling that clear in your mind. Get the drawing up of the little river. Mark the fall of Babylon mark the law of support yet from not that mean that the drying up of the old lady babble and Reverend revelation within the world I'd rather not represent to come up with don't make them fun people are going to withdraw their support. But yes. Now in fact Revelation seventeen in the plains of the drying up of the yoke I did mean because well I've been seventeen of the amplification of the quick play whereas the king had joined they now what. And it immediately after thing a lot of the nation tongues and people and then a spot that gives you a lot of harlot and make her walk and they could tackle it and make it we thought it already in the Old Testament don't like eat her plant and burn her with work and burn her with a higher number core. That came from the East must represent the coming of the Chinese in the gap I mean when I'm going to make a point. If I don't ridicule this idea I really kill it because it really can end it at all I mean after all if you're in the top of a three day I'm sure that God people are going well. What is going to have nothing to do with nation than by any nation then finding it in parallel because everybody fighting in the Middle East probably ought not about the issues far deeper than that. The king somebody must represent the Coming up home Christ with the heavenly armies to deliver his people from the UK up the Pollock of Pavel in Matthew twenty four twenty seven the second coming of Christ. He let the Bible interpret this. Now by in Revelation fourteen verse twenty we pumped out Martha. Trembling the line put out by the Thirty. Within three with right in the orchard. And we didn't know the name of the theory. Who are writing these are in Revelation one thing you haven't been writing on a lot riding on a white horse Anya's followed by the leaves of heaven. All righty who are the ones who are not in the heart of the crap on the line put it in good times and the angel and why are they coming. I don't like it but even more importantly to deliver God people left some people they are in God the Father wake and we got to be going to the wake of the wicked with the throng of people who have been a covenant with the knowledge of the company in this time of opportunity God give everyone on planet Earth a chance to ally themselves right. If they choose to go against their candidate look right. When But when they arrived to attack God's people they're attacking the apple of God lie in God has to intervene. What happened in the old way or not. A lion or a bear came after one of the sheep. Lying on the bed up biting again. They're not biting again. Only by pointing a gun. They were trying to do it but what about the got the Capitol one with the same can be said about the judge the judge give the body up right there when the body upright is miscreant the head deal but I'm not going to allow my body to be that's going on pointed towards involvement in the Juggalo like and do that like a dog to be up IMO because if you don't know how to deal with me not well. You've only got to look at the final battle if not dramatically against God against God in the person of you people we need to understand that. Now note the image revelation point important to twentieth don't happen to agree that we don't have time now it will be welcoming these chapters for the background information on the thick leaves a lot of the wind but some other plate. Father to whine if they want to come I question it and love like the nineteen amplifying what we read in violation pointing that one can you read Revelation in a linear fashion. No you can if you want to understand it is a constant thread the line prep with a wind power that we found and read like importing verse twenty. Congregated to fight against PM are the lot of them the king but what if I don't. When did we fall of the four that were going out by the feeling that I had all the same powers that gathered people by the Battle of Armageddon. Yet so are they only at the end of time the Russians the Chinese and the Japanese you know the battle is between a dragon with the kings of the beat and up off topic and G. evolves with you know the white horse and I have a lean on me but I want to leave and he that is coming to the planet people because they have people like right then an intervention a proverb or home of the on the glory and the honor and the glory if you see more people like Viva delivered me come to them. Well it's true that you have delivered me but the day is coming when Jesus is going to happen now to really deliver the news. Not will actually come but whatever only from being obliterated. A good God people the one probably the feel of God was. No want to repeat the mark of the the one who chose to repeat the mark of the beast or of the funding knowing that they were supposed to keep the two groups right now. Most of all many thought dragon pocket. Yeah OK the dragon represent the kings of the earth the dragon want to kill Jews when he was born and Herod of course her being. And the and the false prophet of the Roman Catholic faith of the that help it won't heal and become that image is what a product in the United States of America. The dragon primarily represents but it also represents the pains of the earth but to whom fields of purposes. You remember for example that when Peter was born the dragon said that the want to tell you about the child. Well the devil didn't do it personally he did it through the civil power within the power of Christ crucified and a huge power in the Middle Ages to try and destroy the people that live in many of the people and but of course we know that ultimately the dragon of whom fate and saw that don't go. I think we've all to keep the commandments of God and all who receive the mark of the beast and they got a man. Oh not that answer the question. What part is not clear but I can try an answer. Oh OK Let me put it this way for you can understand a bit. OK Well let me just put it this way and you'll understand. Well I think that there are three powers that will war against God's people that dragon the beast in the poker night that always inflicting their thirty but when you get to a level I can factor nineteen when he'd have come on the horn and armies of heaven follow and like is it fair that the kings of the earth the beans and the false prophet are gathered against Christ so that must mean the belief is all you know they can be propagated revelation fifteen thirteen but the dragon the rabbi conflicting thirteen is interpreted in chapter nineteen as what I'm advocating that well I'll let you know if I make it. I don't know how I can explain it but you're saying that right part. Let me put it here are the dragon the B. and the past pop. We all read all the proof out in when I was a nineteen when it comes to war against the three powers that be there. Yes of the beef if there is the false part the cap into the lake of fire yet the pop up if they're fighting against them but there's no mention of the dragon. In that of a dragon Not to mention the king saw not over the nineteen in time that the dragon have been kings of the earth. OK Let's continue here now. Here then will become the power and profit of Catholicism because it's going to impose the day with the Roman Catholic Church and implement it in place of the fervor of the of origin as we've studied in previous left of the United States will become a for profit the lamb the bees that have to want like a lamb ends up looking like a drain and I don't know if you were here the night that we studied about that beef that comes up in the air but we went through several characteristics that indicate that that second leaf that comes up from the earth represent the United States if you want to recommend that you get that paper because we have all of the characteristics presented in that class. OK we need to move on thought well if we're going to be here till nine. OK not the plank is called in the Hebrew tongue. I'm again must refer to the what the one prayer think of that. What good are gathered against God's people. We're not at that that we're called in the Hebrew tongue you know that what we need to determine is what the meaning of the word is the end of that is not the place. The amp is the meaning of the word that describes the play and what the word I may get mean. It means Mount of the congregation and what was the mother congregation Moloch life. Against whom the double income. Really a good small guy. Where is Mt lion today. Follow out because Israel is the world why not have seven right here very quickly. The battle of Armageddon if not why not daring to play the preparation take place under perfect play but a battle that is actually fought under the seventh playing I haven't played the great. Really what divided into what Before that they were united. Right but I'm going to play thirty is what divided into three parts and there were what. Noises in what wonderings and lightning and a worldwide quake such as never have been. I want to remember the time and speak about luck. Number two at the thought of my babbling well remembered they forgot to give a cup of draft Ireland and mountains disappeared and here is what hail stones fell from heaven. And now not of number three. At the conclusion of the story God's people will sing the song of noses and go. I am now we don't have a lot of money. OK OK. Or page what you want. Number six the treading of the line. Exactly the seventh right. Building up it become worth of the become Oh OK No these are the very things the pilots are mentioned in connection with the plane correct. Thank you thank you and I'm going to let you know that I bypassed certain things that I don't know whether I should even get into this thing but maybe I should at least for a couple of minutes. That's another story which formed the backdrop to the fall of Babylon and the reason why we know what formed the backdrop to the fall of Babylon. It's because. Revelation speaks about the redeemed singing the song of Moses and the lamb after they're delivered from battle. Now that dictate that you have to go back to the deliverance of Israel at the edge of the read to understand fully the fall of Babylon. Now I'm going to go through this very very quickly have a list here. Maybe I should copy it up for you. Sixteen point I'm going to just go I'm just going to mention and I want to tell you the story. It takes me about ten minutes to tell you the story so that you really get excited about the story. But anyway you get excited now and happy even Egypt correct when they tried to keep the Sabbath their oppression became worse. You know that when Moses and Aaron went in they said Let my people go about there to celebrate. A religious activity in the wilderness more than an hour really impending I think you need to celebrate the fabric and you know what you know what our panel thing that you can find this in Exodus five three and four. He says you make the people Shabat you want them to laugh. Do you want them to give up the thousand I had a lot of people probably not I'll make bricks and what have I not shot so the fabric is involved in this story and by the way we know that the thief that they love that there are going to celebrate what we got immediately after the thing to find a motive then the next chapter of the episode about the man I wonder if you can. So they came out of Egypt. And when they came out of Egypt tell kicks and action. Why did not these people go and Exodus fourteen verse three Harold says that desert has been because he's coming with six hundred of his fine chariot behind Israel in front of them is the Red Sea on one side and on the other side of the desert. He said our cause they're going to be destroyed and then God says allow play out the person of my people that I might be glorified in peril by delivering of people God is glorified and so we find peril coming within our means and his chariot. Any of your go through a severe time of trouble. I cry out to God or do whatever from their enemies and God said be still and be the foundation of the Lord the Lord will fight in a battle of Armageddon and not got people buying the God of the people abiding in Paris people against their enemies and then the interesting thing is not of this like the Great They go to the paper. Got as long as the waters of the red meat more united now with no escape. But when the waters were dried up for the moment not to argue in readily admit that the lot as well dried up and then it really was split apart. Similar terminology in the waters of the Red Sea when they're united there I looked pale and enemies of God's people. But then the waters I want to add up to prepare a way for the escape about people. Are you catching the picture and not the letters that were helped up now when they're divided become inimical to their own of course God's people go cold water to the other side and of course Hale and his army go into the city they say this is going to be a piece of cake because a lot of them I mean we're going to go and we're in the midst of no others. What do the wires to do a lot of time to themselves. HELEN of army itself of Exodus Chapter fourteen. Then in the morning when the sun came up not one of them remained and there's a detail which is very important which I failed to mention because I'm rushing so fast is that when they were at the edge of the Red Sea the pillar of fire that stood in front of Israel passed over their heads and interposed between the armies of the Egyptians and Israel and then at this point the nineteen and twenty then the pillar of darkness among the army of Apollo and it was a bright light on the side of God's people and I want you to know that when I have to reply about life in the pit of darkness the flexplate of the drying up of the waters and the seventh plank is lightning and thunder and a great earthquake. Do you know that those very things at the edge of a great clean creek. Regular reportings Client Number five is a plank of darkness upon the glory of the beast. Light upon God's people and then the wonder W.H.Y. are dried up. They take away their support from battle and then the wires themselves. The Kings will hate the harlot and all the powers work for United are not going to arrive to destroy each other and one detail which many people don't know of the plague speaks about lightning and thunder in a terrible storm and an earthquake. Do you know that in fact I'm seventy seven. Speaking about the experience the last five or six seventy seven. It speaks about most of an alien leading Israel and we have a detail which is not an accident that the wider thought god. And it worked great and it has at that was lightning and thunder and there was a great earthquake and God people were led to the waters to escape and then when they got to the other side they signed the form of most of which is an Exodus fifteen and got people at the end of time will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb. Really how important is it to have the old past in the background. Well I think that the reason why people misinterpret the kind that New Testament Christian. We're going to have to make Christians you have to be a Bible Christian. No let's go to our last correction very quickly we have three minutes before eight thirty. Have mercy let's go here. The central issue in the battle of Armageddon revelation sixteen fifteen explained by the way I read many books written by product and authors and the books you know only talk about the Kings from the east being the Chinese and the Japanese. When they talk about Armageddon as being the valley over their material and they talk about the dragon the beast and Amy just some statue that's going to be put up on they have a lot to think but there's one birth that fall through the cracks and burst with the which explains what this battle of all of our revelation sixteen thirteen explains what the battle of Armageddon is all about. Jesus this Behold I am coming as a thief is he who walk you and keep him. Dharma left he walk naked and they see his shame. The battle is over how you are dressed whether you're covered with the righteousness of Christ or not. How do you follow all of you chose to hang on to see it. By the way that same morning was given to the church of Laodicea didn't make the thousand churches represent a period of a church age before the Rapture. And so on of the church it's fine and then you have the lack of revelation for verse one which means that layout of the church that exists in the world before the Rapture. My question is then why would Jesus one of the Church of late and take with them what your garments let you walk naked and they see your shame which is the very warning which is in the next play. What good would it be to warn to be careful about there if they're not going to be in the world there in the play. I follow me the same warning that was given to the Church of the overseer number three not a Vulcan of the Tribulation will wash the lot of the make them white. And how you deal with the facts. What do you think Jesus have you played. Will you join him in back to and become a part of his body. Number four the fine linen queen and bright which the bride of Christ where are the lack of a right just so the right can they not only have the right just never quite legally but they have a right as the interaction in their life. Jennifer through twenty five tells us that Adam and Eve in their holy state were naked and were not what a shame. But when they stand they lost their glorious world of light and found themselves naked and were right and were strong you have to go back to Genesis to understand if I would have more time to have quit by this point I tried to cover their nakedness. There naked was later covered by God with an animal can and death of the Lamb covered their neck and how they're going to be Christians in the world there in the tribulation church the faithful will all be Christians because they'll be covered with the righteous path of the Lamb. That's not all that she would be in time controversy of how you are dressed if you have been baptized by what I mean by back of the man talking about immersion been submerged under the lot of that model of baptism. You have put on Christ and you are Abraham and have a right to inherit all the promises. Number six God calls his people to come out of Babylon. If you're in one of these one of these groups God is calling you to come out boldly and roughly where you are so I don't know if I can handle it or not the little hamlet you make a choice to come out. God called his people out of Babylon. Really don't park in her lap. One reply. Are you going to come out of Babylon. 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