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17. The Rapture and the Blessed Hope

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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So I don't have and thank you for the privilege of being here tonight. Thank you for the wonderful day that you have given to us just a beautiful sunshiny day. We asked nominees we open your word that the sunshine of your Holy Spirit will come into our hearts and as the sun energizes the vegetation and helps it to grow and to produce fruit we ask that Jesus will shine in our hearts and lead us to produce fruit in our lives as well. Be with us as we study this lesson tonight give us your wisdom and we thank you for hearing us and for answering our prayer because we have faith in Jesus name Amen. All right. The Rapture and the blessed that hope by the way the lesson tomorrow night of all of the lessons of the seven are it's one of the two favorites that I up and saw you won't want to miss Blair from tomorrow night make sure you study it and come and come with it ready because we're going to go through it rather quickly and I'm going to add a lot of material that's not in the letter. OK let's begin with the introductory paragraph of our lesson in our lesson today. They we will study what Jesus taught about His second coming. Many Christians today believe that the coming of Jesus will take place in two stages. Stage number one the rapture of the church before the tribulation. And number two his glorious coming after the tribulation to reign on earth for one thousand years. The question is is this scenario correct. Is it even important to understand how Jesus will come in this lesson we will study what Jesus said about his coming as well as some other verses in the New Testament which address this particular issue about how Jesus will come. Now there is one thing that we can be absolutely certain of and that is that the devil hates. Christ's Second Coming. He does not want God's people to be ready for the second coming. The reason we know this is because the devil hated the first coming of Christ. And we know that when Jesus Christ came to this earth the first time nobody was expecting him except for a few shepherds in the field and three wise men. Traditionally three wise men. The Bible says that the some wise men came from the east not God Some wise man came from the east. They were not even Hebrews. They did not profess the Hebrew religion and they came to visit Jesus bringing gold frankincense and myrrh as it says in John chapter one in verse eleven at his first coming. He came to his own and his own did not receive him. Do you suppose that it's just possible that the devil is going to be seen in the Christian world. We got in the manner of Christ's second coming so that when Christ comes the second time the vast majority of the Christian world will not be expecting him. Do you believe the devil has gone through conversion experience and then he's not going to try and deceive the Christian world before the second coming as he did see the Christian world before the first coming. I don't think so in fact I believe that in the Christian world today there is a vast deception which is going to lead Christians not only cannot be prepared by the second coming of Christ but to accept that counterfeit Second Coming up Satan and we're going to discuss that in the lesson tonight as well as in our lesson tomorrow night. Let's go to question number two or number two in the lesson it's not actually a question as we have seen in previous life and there were multiple properties in the Old Testament which pointed to the Messiah the other two. If they were he was going to be born. Yes they had the Old Testament say that he was that he was going to be rejected. The Old Testament say when he was going to be baptized in the Old Testament say that he was going to be crucified but he wasn't going to die for himself he was going to die for others that the Old Testament prophecy that he was going to resurrect. Yes there are abundant properties in fact I have a list of over fifty prophecies from the Old Testament precise prophecies about how the Messiah was going to come the first time and yet when Jesus came nobody was expecting him and the question is why. Number three the reason why the religious leaders of the people did not recognize Jesus is because they were expecting an earthly king. In other words they were expecting the Messiah to come differently than the way you came. And therefore when you came in they were not ready to receive Him now. Partly then I skip number two. Well yes I covered it basically But let's go through it and as we have seen in previous lessons there were multiple prophecies in the Old Testament which pointed to the Messiah the most exceptional was the prophecy of the seventy weeks we started that prophecy. How precise not only as to event but as to time and yet they were not expecting him. Amazing. Now let's go to our next section. Gathering the elect. Jesus will return with the clouds of heaven and he will send his angels with a great sound a trumpet that parallel the first Thessalonians far the large and south will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with Mutt and with the trumpet of God that the thing coming if it now he's going to say. As an angel's with the sound of a trumpet with a great sound of a trumpet to do work to gather together hands no methods point to gather together his elect from the farmer in question are the elect on planet Earth. When Jesus comes yes they are. Now let's go to question number two. Jesus assured us that the great tribulation would be shortened or that the elect sake. He also said that during the tribulation Satan will perform signs and wonders to receive if possible even the elect. All right my question. If Jesus assured that the tribulation would be shortened because of the elect and that Satan would you see during the tribulation if possible the elect must be elect go through the Tribulation. I mean how intelligent do you need to understand this you need to be in order to understand this I mean if the elect the devil intending to deceive them during the tribulation and the tribulation is going to be set in sight and for the sake of the like it must mean that the elect will go through the Tribulation. But you know the argument that's given by modern Christian scholars is they say well but the elect here is talking about the Jews and so that's why I included number three or the Apostle Paul asked Who shall bring a charge against God's being elect by the way the same Greek word and then I continue saying it is God who justifies Who is he who can dance. It is Christ who died and furthermore is also risen it is not us. When does it say he will be or is involved it is who is Iran at the right hand of God who also will make intercession for us. No home makes intercession for us. Let me ask you hold of Christ in her seat for whom did Christ die. Whom does Jesus Christ justify do you act so horribly elect. Now you act all those who from the time of the Apostle Paul accept Deadpool. So who are the elect who are going to go up at the time of those who have received gene. Well Christians gulp of the tribulation. Yes you understand the section the clear and the questions all right. Good now let's go to the next section. One taken and the other lead in Matthew twenty four forty and forty one we find that what then you say why do you put a space for the word then. Because it's important when when when. OK Thank you. Well would that seem to indicate them are all of them. Thank you very much. In other words there's this event that takes place and then this is going to happen. So do we need to look at the previous verses. OK now let's go to number one again. Twenty four forty and forty one G.'s affairs. Then two men will be in the field one will be taken and the other left. Now some have understood the text in the following way. Believe errors will be taken to heaven by Jesus and I don't believe this will be left behind on earth is that what the text says that is not what the text says that is an interpretation of the text and by the way it doesn't even fit the text when you study it carefully. The text simply says that one will be taken and the other left. It doesn't say one won't be taken someplace and the other will be left on another place. It simply says one will be taken and the other one will be left. No word of caution is in order. We must be careful not to explain words in the light of our present day meaning but in the light of their original biblical meanings see words back there meant different things that now it's all we have to look at what these words meant. In biblical times as we still see them politically the ones who are left are the same while those who are taken out a lot and somebody says but Pastor Barca are taken means taken and left. Means left behind doesn't it. Yes in our English language. That's true but we don't go to the English language. We got to the meanings of the original words as they found in the Bible because the Bible language ads were languages that were spoken Greek two thousand years ago and Hebrew even much further back than that and so we have to allow the Bible to tell us the meaning of these words left and taken not number two. No word then in Matthew twenty four forty eight as well as in Paul. One leads us back to verses what thirty seven to thirty nine. What do great events are compared in these verses in the days of Noah and lot and the second coming of Christ right. So whatever that means whatever the word then means it means that the flood came and took them all away and then one is left and one is well taken. In other words the flood comes first. One is left and one is taken the second coming comes one is left and one is taken. Now let's read the note versus thirty seven to thirty nine described apply the normal word purple out in the New Testament is part of us. It's two years for example in Matthew seven twenty five or twenty seven or Jesus talk about the man who built his out on the rock and the floods came. It's also used in Revelation twelve where of the serpent spews wanders out of his mouth to make the woman be taken away by the collective but when the New Testament speaks about Noah's flood which is actually God's blood blood in the days of Noah a different word is used not the word part of course but the word got back to me smoke. What English word comes from capital is most likely in other words the one was a wound wide capitalism a worldwide disaster. Want to say this was no little papa most network eight had a collision of major proportions. No it is the law is an it is a moment when the cataclysmic flood came that way. One was taken and the other way is that clear in your mind because at first the flood came and took them all away to be in the field one will be taken the other left and then when as when the part came and as when Jesus comes. Is that clear in your mind the word then indicate a sequence. Now let's talk first of all about the word. Let see the way that is interpreted by most by most conservative Christians today is that they say lapped means left behind by the way there's a there's a movie and there's a series of books called Left Behind and the idea that you know your church is raptured seven years before the glorious coming up give us about your day and those who aren't ready for the rapture will be left behind with the lost are left behind and the same are taken. Now is that what the Bible is trying to tell us absolutely not. Let's go to number three. Let the Bible tell us what this means not Tim La Haye not Stephen bore the Bible I could care less what scholars say unless they say something that's harmony were in harmony with the Bible then I don't care what they say. Not if number three by the way why do we need to go back to find out what it means one was taken and why was left what is supposed to be a good place to go to find out where it would be a good idea to go back to Genesis. Back does Jesus and the fact that Genesis is have a look at but I don't think I do. One was what Blair and the other take it is not speaking numerically but they said some were left and the others what they can now if you want to know who was left and it was taken. Jesus is saying go back and study the blood. Are you with me now. According to Genesis seven twenty three when the plot. OK I'm gone. Destroyed what a living playing there were on the face of the ground. How many only the beasts not all men all human beings. How many people outside the ark perished. Oh you mean to say there weren't some that perished and some that were left behind a light because that's what the Rapture teach the rapture they repeated They say that when Jesus comes in the rapture the saved is going to take to heaven. Some people will be destroyed by this coming of Jesus because of course you know the pilot was raptured to heaven. There are planes going to going to crash. You know and whoever is driving a car and is raptured the car is going to crash into a tree or whatever animal and if you have somebody who's who's a captain of a boat and the boat is nearing the port and the captain is raptured away well that poor ship is going to crash into into line and so they say a lot of people are going to die but you see what they teach is that the saved directed away but those who are left behind. Some of them die but some of them remain alive. Does that get Matthew twenty four. No because Matthew twenty four says that when this happened and when this happens it doesn't say there will be some living and some dead who are left behind and some other ones the same who will be raptured away. The fact is that there's only two groups those who are saved in the ark and those who are outside of the Ark and I destroy a unit that I want to take but those who take the rapture they say that when Jesus comes in the rapture there's going to be a group of their people people are going to die and they're going to be a group of living people. We're left behind and they say that are going to be taken back they have a let me ask you that that blood terminology that Jesus uses. Absolutely not because it says when the product comes one will be left and the other will be taken when the second coming alright. One will be left and the other will be taken in other words after the flood there were only two groups the saved in the ark and the last outside the ark when Jesus comes. There's only going to be two groups the saved and the lost. Not those individuals who die and are lost in those individuals who are alive and I lost. I understand what I'm saying now it becomes even more interesting. Number three again according to Genesis seven twenty three when the flood came God destroyed every living thing all living things that were on the face of the ground. Only Noah and all those who were with him in the ark remain Yes Larry yes. No because because the story of the flood is not a direct prophecy like Daniel revelation in other words that the stories we have a story in the Old Testament that is fulfilled on a larger scale in the future. The time periods do not apply in prophetic terms because you are not dealing directly with symbols. You understand what I'm saying. It's only in the great prophecies of Daniel revelation which pure prophecy and it's not a story that's taking place in history with that which then becomes a model in miniature of greater events in the future. Only those prophecies which are in Daniel revelation which are pure prophecies they don't have all been in the past but they're going to be fulfilled in the future from the time of the prophet. Only those prophecies do you apply the year day principle my Novelli That's an interesting place. I don't know how. It's got weather data Lord someday. Amazing place. OK let's go to our note by the way you know what I want to live with and I tell each other that me it means that it's supplied by the translators. The verse really ends by saying only know a lot and those who are with him in the ark remains. Does anybody have the N.I.V. or the New International Version you want to read that verse in not and I mean real loud so that everybody can hear you all I know or what. I checked out twenty Bible translations in eighteen of the twenty translations it says that only Noah and his family were left to the King James and the New King James says only Noah and his family remain so my question is why the left ones. Maybe likely not going to pay my way or any of the modern scholars or even myself in general that I'm twenty three. Who are the ones who are left are the ones who are left are the saved Noah and his family. Well whack whack. Let me ask you Do You Do we even use that same terminology today for example when there's a devastating flood. We say that the plan to take everybody away wasn't anybody left to do is think that way. Yes we do. Who would be the ones who are left don't want to survive and that's what Jennifer seven twenty we have right now. Everybody outside the ark why don't I know according to the N.I.V. and only know audience family what will lead. Now let's read the note. Very interesting. This Hebrew scholar by the way there are several quotations. I could have included but I'm only including this one. The Hebrew word in Genesis seven twenty three is a liar according to the Hebrew scholar Gary G. Cohen The word seems to be used almost exclusively to indicate a static action of surviving after an elimination process no matter what the cause. So why are point to that which remains or has survived. So one of those will be left when Jesus comes. Thus same to survive not talking about those see those who are left are left behind and they're lost and also like they're going to take him to heaven and most others say it doesn't fit it doesn't fit with Matthew it doesn't fit with the plot and it doesn't fit with the Book of Genesis. Now let's go to number four. A few other uses of the word SHALL are in Exodus fourteen twenty eight we are told that Pharaoh and his army is drowned in the Red Sea and not so much every one of them remain part of the N.I.V. translate that you want to read that would be allowed to. When I am directing the identical Hebrew word is translated by the N.I.V. and Genesis lamp and here it is translated work said I am in the king know King James remained all of those words synonymous out it's anonymous. What a picture here. Who are the ones who are left. Or survive or remain the same to the last to say very clearly. Now notice the next one number by number twenty one thirty five explains that Moses slew on his sons. And it's people. Intel there was no service. Then somebody may want to what survived. So who are the ones who are left. A survivor who likewise judges worth sixteen explains that Cicero. That's a fascinating story you ought to read. Judges born by Wow Talk about a prophetic story really want to include that one in our next series that's a tremendous tremendous story. Very symbolic of the end time but it says they are in judges for sixteen that Cicero and his armies were destroyed and not one man was left. Very same words a lot. So when the left one to be answered by God survives when Jesus comes. Let's say it is about now because the plot is used as a symbol where the plot came. Everything outside was destroyed. There were two groups of people. Something that survived outside the ark and others that were destroyed everything was destroyed. There were the same to a lab and there were a lot as well knowledge were taken. Now let's go to the next one Number Six idea of Forestry speaking about the end time sense and it shall come to pass that he who is black by the way if you read the context of speaking about great military campaign against Judah and it is used and it says that the men of Israel were going to be slaughtered. But then it speaks about the remnant in this verse and it says it will come to pass that he who is live at the words all are in Xi'an and what and we may just have the same words. But it's translated left and remain where Benjamin insulin after the destruction will be called Walk. Only everyone who is recorded among the living in Jerusalem the ones who are left are the only one the same word. Even first steps alone and more fifteen and seventeen which is that which is the prime text or one of the prime text that is used by those who believe in the rapture before the tribulation. Even that text when you read it carefully bears this out. Look up Earth there's a lawn in S'pore wrong with me of course there's a long and that's so important that we need to read it even if you did put it in the space. First there's a long and chapter four and verse eighteen and also verse seventeen wants to read those two verses. Rosalina has a real strong voice like a trumpet and she's not picked out either. Right where all that who are alive and what are thank you very much. Keep on reading. Then I want to dance or live I'm not going to go to heaven because also what who died and went to sleep so I don't know whether you're thinking about this but if the Living Do not going to be with the Lord before then that would mean that the dead don't go with a lot of people living because the Bible says that they're caught up what together so that must mean that when people die they don't go directly to heaven. That's the point. You don't feel sorry for you. Let me just explain it again. Paula understand that I just really have a lot going on I haven't before that do that they don't have to be for the living they go but they go together. OK Now put that in the living got together to have I'm going to heaven when they way when they die now because then they would have gone first before the living and I just can't understand how Christians believe that the second coming is an important event when they believe that there are people who died in Christ went to heaven when they died. So why did Jesus come to get him. They come for their body. Is that what the tech sell themselves shall be sent that man with a shout with the might of that danger with the cup but God and the dead bodies of those in Christ will write her children in Christ will write first when Jesus went to Lazarus was told he didn't say I have come from Haven't given to a body and body come for them. Now I will address and never has been never story a bill because the only gravy and then within the group. OK Now first I'm going rather they know that there is a right and what who are the ones who remain. Well let me show me what caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the large lab in the air. See you remain and then you're lucky you're caught up a little later on we're going to go on to the next chapter the very next chapter the first few verses and we're going to see something tremendous relating to these verses. Now let's go to number eight when Jesus comes the second time we are told that the inhabitants of the earth will be burned and few men will be left. Why will you men be a lamp because the rest of them walk right take an artist Roy In fact we're going to notice when we talk about the word taken but the word taken is used when you want to speak about the last slicing up twenty four uses words taken and left the last ones are saved and taken ones are destroyed. You have genes or culture of the human who are left I would say. When Jesus comes when Jesus comes in Revelation Chapter six it says what a great day of his wrath that come and who shall be able to stand you know who is going to be what is going to be right we may all going to be all that destruction comes the few men who are left out I say and of course the other ones are taken. We'll talk about that tomorrow. There's something about about three times that will give us an incentive to come tomorrow but believe me you don't want to burn even once. Number nine. Yes another question. Thank you for letting me know that there's questions you know so well I might have tomorrow tomorrow. They talk about the millennium. Who is left behind. So all you need to come tomorrow because see I told you not to get me off track and I'm being very disciplined. Number nine Matthew twenty five thirty nine tells us that the plot came and what you all know I mean not blood at all times I'm away while it wouldn't want to get away with it all the wicked are taken away that means that who was left by the Righteous I mean do you need to have the intelligence of Albert Einstein to understand that I don't think so. Matthew twenty four thirty nine tells us that the blood came and took them all away and in the wake of the parallel passage in look seventeen twenty seven tells us that the blood came and what. I've also never taken away one's words or destroyed. Number nine. Let's talk now about the word taken now from a biblical perspective. When the city of AI was conquered we are told that it was taken. What does that mean that the city was taken with an everybody in the city was saved. Sorry doesn't work that way because it explains them then it was set on what on fire and left you still have any doubts about what pagan means. It tells us that none of the inhabitants were allowed to work to remain at the word like God who scape so why not let God a liar. In other words nobody was allowed to escape all of the wicked were taken and there was no one left if there been somebody left they would have been someone who survived who remain. Now allow me to read the note. Another Hebrew scholar longer seek either very conservative scholar good biblical scholar and you know he has a lot of his prophetic view straight because he goes directly to Scripture is not a Seventh Day Adventist but he's a very good scholar he says this about the word like God taken most of the one hundred twenty one uses a block God deal with men capturing or seizing towns men spoils and even a kingdom. This word also serves as a figure of divine judgment. The stone up stumbling which is Christ by the way will cause many to stumble across will be brought up in the hands smeared and be captured the word captured there is the word taken. So whether Kagan wants the right to show the way to the wicket. Number ten remember that reference in Isaiah twenty four verse six when I left the words you are the ones who are left over say the word taken is use and used also in Isaiah twenty four not us. Number ten you know they have twenty four seventy nine eighty we have a description of the desperate attempt of the wicked to escape when Jesus comes but I want to study. Isaiah twenty four in much more detail in our lesson tomorrow night Lord willing. It says they're in Isaiah twenty four He who comes up from the midst of the pit shall be what shall be caught at the same word like cut which was translated taken in Joshua chapter eight but it's translated differently what does the UN I.V. use there I'm curious. OK the word cock is used also. That's the word taken or caught the old King James translates taken will be taken in the lot in the sneer. Because I mean the right just all we get are the ones taken the right to make it you know I can access from the windows from on high open and the foundations of the earth. I work our second number eleven in Johnny. We have the story of a woman who was caught in the same word but but it's the same by the way it's the same word that is used in Matthew chapter twenty four who are taking the word lumbar no interest in what does that mean that the woman was taken or was caught in adultery. I suppose that means that she was saying what does that mean when it said that she was taken or she was caught. It means that she was discovered she was surprised in a lot in Iraq and what did they want to do whether they want to kill her. So when you're caught you're right you're guilty and you're going to get what killed number twelve in Paris those alone inspired by the Apostle Paul warned that we should not allow the coming of Jesus to overtake us. As of now let me let me just stop you just a minute. Even though the clock is moving very fast in first of all only of chapter four we have balls a lot of them right. No also remain in the very next chapter the Apostle Paul speaks about those who are all that are taken. How many groups are there going to be when Jews have got who are those who remain and those who are the word overtaken is the same word that you find in Matthew twenty four. Or take it. No more that they can or the overtaken ones that day does not overtake you as a thief. So what is what is the Apostle Paul saying he same like Jesus when Jesus Come don't be what. Don't be taken or don't be overtaken because if you're overtaken or you're taken same Greek word you're going to be what you're going to be lost you're going to be destroyed. So who are who are the remaining ones are going to save the last who are the ones that are overtaken or taken that are lost. See the Biblical terminology it explains this we don't have to impose our meaning on the text the text itself explains these things for us. Now let's go to number thirteen speaking about the second coming. Matthew twenty four of us already said that some will be taken. Paul warns that we should not allow that day to overtake us and Luke says that we should be careful that that they might not come up on you unexpectedly. Let me ask you is that the same thing to say. Let not that they take you let not that they overtake you or let that that they not come upon you like a different way of saying the same thing and one of the ones that are in danger of that afraid of a lot a lot. This is clear. Never going home. I would hope so. Let's read a note. Today we use similar expressions as in Biblical times for example of a devastating flood sweeps away a problem we have to take them all away. Was an earlier letter drown everyone. Didn't anyone remain with everyone swept away. Wasn't anyone anyone preserved. Did not flood destroyed them all. Wasn't anyone's. All those words synonymous Garces anonymous. Now there are other arguments that people use to try and prove that the Rapture will take place before the glorious coming of Jesus and we're going to look at some of those very quickly now the apostasy in the rapture the Apostle Paul explained that Jesus will not come unless the work unless the falling away comes first. Now let's read the note. Also believe in a pre tribulation rapture say that the coming here referred to is not the glorious second coming of Christ but rather the Rapture seven years before. Now the problem with this view is that this text very clearly proves that the anti-Christ will sit in the temple of God before the coming of Jesus the true. Because Jesus will not come unless there is a pounding away person so in other words the probably a way takes place before the coming of Jesus. Those who speak about the Rapture they say that this text is speaking about the rapture but what they have to do is they have to reinterpret the meaning of the word apostasy. Let's finish reading the note. How do those who believe in a pre tribulation rapture handle this they ran terp at the word apostasy are falling away and say it really means be Parcher are snatching away. Total violation of the language. They say see what they say is that Jesus will not come in as good as appearing until the snatching away comes first and then there's a part of the book the about that's exactly the snatching away. Now unfortunately this is a total violation of the Biblical text because that's not what the word apostasy of means even in English we know a lot about us the means of c I means about a C. and if you read this in context immediately after saying the Jews will not come until the apostasy comes then it says what they prophecy is all about the man of sin will sit in the temple of God showing himself to be God. Or apostasy it is used in another place in the New Testament in Acts twenty one verse twenty one we are told that the Apostle Paul was accused of what forsaking mousers word for saying there is a pause to see what does that what does it mean that the accused Paul of forsaking Moses In other words he was apostatize ing promoters they're talking about a snatching away. No speaking about falling away from a lot from the faith from the truth. Now let's go to our next verse. Next section not appointed to read. In first as an audience five nine The apostle Paul explains that God did not appoint us to wrath but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Number two in the seventy. With the seven last plagues we are told to do what the seven ages are taught to pull out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth right now we are not appointed to wrath so we won't be here during the plagues So that's the argument the argument has to take first as a loan against chapter five they say were not appointed to wrap the planks are God's wrath therefore we can't be on Earth because we would experience God's rep. Are you following the argument. Knowledge or even know if God is not a point of his people to wrap up to salvation. How. And they go through the tribulation and the plagues if the plugs are revelation of God's wrath. The fact is that they will be on Earth but the place will not touch them. The plagues are for the Babylonians who have the mark of the beast. God's people have the seal of God and they are protected from the devastation like Israel on Egypt from the place like you know like a flood like the three young men in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion's den. They will be protected by divine power can make a living on Earth and still not experience the wrath of God Of course I mean how powerful is your god. That's the question is all powerful. So canny partners ramp up on the world but still these people from Israel of course. So this argument that you're not a point to read I mean doesn't hold any water. Yes no point us to rap that's why he's going to protect us when he pointed out Israel is not going to snatch us away so we don't have to go look around. Now let's go to our next argument that is used. And fortunately we already dealt with the seventy weeks that the big where they say the prince that shall come that some Roman prince is going to sit over in the Jerusalem temple and we study the seventy weeks in detail if you remember we saw that there holds absolutely no water so we didn't deal with it in this lesson. Now the next argument kept in the hour of trial in Revelation three verse ten God promises his people that he will keep them from the hour our trial which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth. So is God going to keep those people from the our trial. No doubt about that. Note those who believe in the pre tribulation rapture say this means that God will now not allow his people to go through this time of trial. But is this what the text means. Fortunately the same author of Revelation all ultimately the authors all these. But the same writer as the Book of Revelation. The writer of the Gospel of John has helped us to understand what it means that they will be kept from the our trial which will come upon the whole world. The same John who wrote the book of Revelation also wrote the gospel of John in John seventeen verse fifteen. Jesus prayed for his disciples. I do not pray that you should take them out of the world and a large dog wrapped around but that you should want to keep them from the evil one. Is it possible for God's people to go through tribulation and yet be kept by God's power. Yes that's what John says in the parallel verse of John chapter seventeen next argument coming with all his saints in for our stars alone in St thirteen the Apostle Paul explains that Jesus will come back when all his saints. Now let's read the note. They also believe in a pre tribulation rapture say that Jesus could never come with his saints. If he had not come for them first and say obviously Jesus could never come with his saints unless he took them to be with him in the first place. The key question is Who are these saints with whom Jesus will come. Number two in doing around me thirty three Verse two God is described as coming to Mt Sinai to write his law we are told that he came with ten thousand. I don't hears Saints. Well then the Rapture must of happened before God gave the law on Mount Sinai. Right because you can with ten thousand of us ain't saw the Rapture took place before God gave a long sigh and I it's not that I trivialize it up around here that what the text is really saying folks who are the saints in the Angelus but I you know what the word Saints means what. What word in English is related to saints who are Holy See in Spanish we have only one word. Santals. There's not two words samples. Santo means holy or holy one. When it's seventy comes with his saints. It means that he is coming with is horribly once the angel holy. Of course now that's rebirth. Number two again in Deuteronomy thirty three version of God is described as coming to Mt Sinai to write his law we are told that he came with ten thousand obvious Saints. These ten thousand saints are really what angles because their number is ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands. You know what's happening there is that John is struggling to describe how many angels he saw because in the Greek language there is no word for millions and so and so he is he's been verbose so that he can let us know that it's an inaugural balls the same ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands but very reliable is what he's saying. In Mark eight thirty eight The angels are called a lot. Now all the angels at the same word some thoughts on Hillary. Holy angels with the Saints at the same Greek word the word holy is the same root root word for saint in Revelation nineteen eleven to twenty one Jesus comes with the armies of heaven which are here is what angels so much for this argument let's go to our next. We're running out of arguments. Yes keeping all these things here is one. Here's one that proves the rapture. He looked twenty one thirty six Jesus tells us people are praying so that they may be accounted worthy to escape all these pain that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man or see if there is there that we need to pray that we can escape all these before they happen. Well let's take a look at that argument. If that earthquake hit a certain place and a lot of people died but there are a lot of people that survived. Would it be proper to say that the people who survived escaped the earthquake of course but doesn't mean that they escaped bad mains that they shot my way doesn't necessarily mean that you're not you're not going to be in the earth when the earthquake comes. Now it means that the earthquake came and you what and you escaped from it and by the way the next question clearly tells us it gives us the answer to this. It says at the second coming of Jesus the question is asked Who shall be able to what. Do you see the connection. When Jesus comes in Revelation Chapter six The islands are disappearing and the mountains are disappearing and the wicked are hiding in caves and they're crying for the rocks to fall upon them. The question is asked for the great day of Israel has come and who shall be able to walk to stand. Is that the same or that you used to hear in look. There's more need to pray. But when Jesus is manifested we can escape and will be able to what a spend escape what the wrath of God What I have all of your not. Yes Gene all me. OK what the Psalm ninety one seven think. Write that one down. Oh right thing the tribulation doesn't come near. They escape cars escape doesn't mean that you weren't there. It means that one when the disaster happened you got away with your life. OK so much for that argument let's go to our next. The budding of the fig tree here's a biggie. Do you know that most most people write in Bible prophecy today say that the greatest sign that the coming of Jesus is imminent is the reestablishment of the state of Israel in one thousand forty eight that is the biggie. They say that that's true beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Rapture could take place any moment after nineteen forty eight. And this is the argument that they use We're going to go through it in Matthew twenty four thirty two and thirty three Jesus said that when the fig tree by the way of the fig tree represents what. It's not always Israel but it represents Israel. Now when the victory puts forth what believes it is a sign that the summer is near. Now is the sign the victory or is the sign the budding victory that the focus or is that the biting that's the focus. Well let's continue reading. He then said that when we see all these things when we see what just the body of a big tree just about ING of a big tree when we see all these things we can not that his coming is near even at the doors. Now we will read the note because I already mentioned that let's go to number two in the parallel passage of Luke twenty one twenty nine and thirty Jesus said lok at the fig tree and all the trees. Are there particular significance to that victory or is it to the body the body starts saying let's look at the fig tree and and all the other trees it is the body which is significant not the big three and number three is devastating for this theory totally devastating because if the fig tree. Let's assume that in Matthew twenty four when Jesus says when you see the fig tree Bud You know that the coming of Christ is near. Let's assume that that's talking about the reestablishment of the Nation of Israel. That would totally go against something else that Jesus said Do you remember when Jesus talks of the end of his ministry actually this is happening on Tuesday and he was crucified on Friday. If you look at the Bible Chronology he sees a fig tree in the distance. And he says to this I play let's go over there and see if we if there's any fruit of that tree one hundred. And so when you get to the big tree and it showed up you know why. Because in Israel I think I've mentioned this before in Israel. First the fruit comes out of the tree and then the leaves come out and announce that there is fruit so if the tree has leaves it has their fruit. But this tree had mates but it didn't have any fruit. Jesus talking about here there's no doubt whatsoever what he's talking about because in the same in the same chapter Jesus spoke about a vineyard that bore no prude. You remember that parable when he came looking for fruit sent messengers not sent my messengers nor Pruett sent his son. Let's get rid of him. So does the fig tree represent the same thing other than yours. What does a vague represent Israel. This victory that Jesus cursed represents what Israel now let's not is question number three. Jesus explicitly said to the fruitless street victory which is a symbol of Israel. Let no one eat fruit from you ever again. The next day when Jesus and the disciples passed that place the tree had dried out from the roots any more rock or Israel of Bible prophecy. None. It's a distraction because the devil wants you to look towards Israel instead of looking toward Rome. And instead of looking toward what's happening in the United States particularly in church state issues so so much for this argument. OK Jesus' coming as a thief in Revelation sixteen fifteen Jesus gives the following awesome warning and you know when I've read many many books like I mentioned last night on prophecy on the ballad Armageddon they have so much to say about who the kings of the East are and the drying up of the Euphrates and you know the dragon the beast and the false prophet in the three evil spirits like frogs and pages and pages. But this one verse is rarely even commented on. What do you suppose doesn't want anybody to comment on this verse that tells you what the battle is all about. Revelation sixteen fifteen Jesus gives the following Also morning by the way do you know something interesting. I mean if you if you look at if you have a red letter edition in your Bible. If you have a red letter edition the red letter edition means that all of the words of Jesus are in red. There's something very interesting. Jesus speaks many times in the message to the three to seven churches but this is the only verse where Jesus speaks directly between Revelation chapter three and Revelation chapter twenty four. Do you suppose that this is the only thing where Jesus is directly speaking it must be of supreme importance. Behold I am coming as a lot as a P.C. blessedness he will watch this and keep his word. Garments. How do the damage become white in the blood of the Lamb. Lest he walk naked and they see has changed why do you have to go back to fully understand this. Genesis two and three. When Adam and Eve sinned they were naked and they were ashamed when they were covered with the skins of the Lamb. They were dressed and not ashamed. Now there's a whole issue in the battle of Armageddon is whether you're covered with the righteousness of Christ or not whether you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and as your Lord truly that's really not quickly. Not to believe in a pre tribulation rapture claim that there can be no sequence of signs which must occur in all in order before the Rapture. They say many if there was a sequence of signs which must occur in order then the per the coming of Jesus would surprise no one. I understand in their argument that we have a series of signs that must be fulfilled when you look at the scientists and you don't have to come because as we were here in this light now it sounds like a good argument. The problem with this argument is people people could be surprised if they chose to ignore the signs. There's another number that volcano that exploded in Columbia several years ago twenty two thousand people buried. I've been on that snow covered slope many times when I taught in Colombia. I've been to the to the city that city that was buried before was buried obviously let me just share some interesting information with you about having signs and ignoring them necessarily not necessarily because you have a series of signs you know you know when Jews are going to come you can ignore the signs or you can misinterpret the science correct. Let me just read this to you. On Wednesday November thirteenth I wrote this myself. One thousand nine hundred five the city of I'm middle Columbia was totally buried by an avalanche of mud. Caused by the eruption of the volcano never will build reefs some twenty two thousand persons lost their lives. Could this disaster have been averted. Were there not signs of impending destruction. The answer is yes. Why were so many people taken by surprise when there were so many signs. In an article published by the newspaper an effect of the order written by a long photo that he gets called out on we discover that every single person could have saved their lives if they had paid attention to the signs but they chose to ignore and disbelieve them. Now let me read you the times. Eleven months before the disaster the mountain had begun spewing out smoke. The floppy snow on the mountain crest had become a solid sheet of ice due to the intense heat within the mountain. The water level of the revers increased due to the great amount of melting snow the cloud of ash and gases which was only one hundred fifty feet high at first increased to seven hundred fifty feet the second day and the day before the disaster had reached a height of sixteen thousand feet. On September eleventh you know better than September eleventh. The earth tremors reached an intensity of three that people could feel the earth shake all day that people could constantly hear the mountain rumble within this newspaper writers telling all is saying all of this. The authorities have to close the roads that gave access to the mountains tourist resort because they were totally covered by mudslides. It was impossible for people to keep their houses clean because of the volcanic ash which blew into town daily. We could constantly smell sulfur in the air a torrential rain along with wind up hurricane proportions began to fall. Around nine P.M. of the night when the volcano exploded it was dark and usually dark eye witnesses who survived affirmed that it was like a supernatural darkness. Yet twenty two thousand people died right. Well let me share this with the same article a priest the town priest by the name of Ed got a print on it came over the radio at seven P.M. that night and all the people there is not reason to panic. Please keep keep keep calm. The civil defense in an official radio release affirmed there is no reason to be concerned concerned. The bishop of the town town of Mostar Also do you. Larned against fanatics who are making it appear like a major disaster was imminent and of course he skipped town. I'm the mayor said don't worry the governor of the state of Colima said later said that that disaster could not have been predicted beforehand. Colombian Scientists time of the last because of this volcano is never going to erupt. Nothing is going to happen. Beware of speculations and exaggerations. The secretary of mines even look ask about it said nothing will happen. Even United States geologist Daryl Hurd had said it is very improbable that the cities could be buried by rocks lava or mud. The regional emergency committee sent this message by radio don't expect your windows to shatter don't expect darkness don't expect it to run down the mountain don't expect large layers of ash. Among other things and then they said just go out and enjoy the site. Now let me ask you could they have escaped. But I didn't think because instead of paying attention to the signs they listen to the experts. Is it possible to have all kinds of signs and still not be ready. Still the surprise of the arts. And so this argument that Jesus' coming as a thief if there's you know that means if you can come any moment we're going to notice in our study tomorrow that the coming as a thief or not tomorrow but the study on Wednesday the coming of the thief is emphasizing the fact that the probation for the world is going to close unexpectedly. And when Jesus actually comes people are going to realize that the door of probation had already closed previously. That's why it's called Jesus will come as a thief in the night. You see the coming of the past two stages the first stage is when it comes when you're sleeping and you don't know he came. You've been caught by surprise but you don't know it and the second stage is when in the morning you wake up and you find out that all of these things are missing from your house. Many were also surprised. Now you know that the thief came you know the same thing is going to happen with regard to the second coming. Probation for the world is going to close before Jesus comes. But most of the world is going to be unaware that Jesus has come I think and he's close the door. They will only realize that when Jesus is coming on the clouds of heaven and they're lost. Amazing. Now let me finish. Oh we have so much to cover yet. Maybe we better quit here. Oh no. OK let's go very quickly. The last page OK Be patient. The coming of Jesus as a thief in the night also refers to a lot of darkness appearing. You read that and second Peter three died. Now let's talk about the blasted hope of the church the coming of Jesus will be what this of all impersonal as any parent for heaven an angel told its followers this same Jesus did use a body. They say and that is my question but yes this same Jesus who was taken from you into heaven will so come in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven is the second coming of Jesus visible. Yes BECK That's what number two says Revelation one seven thousand US that when he comes with the clouds and every eye shall see Him That is of those who are alive is coming will not be invisible or secret. Every every living person on planet Earth will see it doesn't sound like its secret to me. Number three the coming of Jesus will be very noisy and very visible. The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a lot a shout with the voice of one Archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first the one with the voice of the archangel as they last. Because the time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice that the voice of the archangel considers that the time is coming when those who are dead will hear my voice. Number four the book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus will come a second time if the rapture were true then there would be three comings of Jesus number by the blessed hope of Christians. Go Arias appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. That's not a secret. Appearing not by the Christian Church is one of the good areas appearing of Jesus Christ in the clouds to receive his people to Himself. Number six Jesus promised to take his people to others house and his father's houses where you know Jesus promised to take his people to his father's house in heaven if there is only one stage to the second coming of Jesus and he stays here with this people for the millennial reign then the promise of John fourteen one to three would not be fulfilled. I understand what I'm saying this is the real reason why the rapture theory has been created. But this problem is resolved when we realize that Christ will come the second time to take his people to heaven for the thousand year reign and then he will return with his people to earth to set up his everlasting kingdom. I understand that not. We'll discuss that a little bit more tomorrow Lord willing an overmastering delusion why is this important. When Jesus returns he well LOT raise serious people to Himself is you going all the way down. No he will not come all the way down to earth that it says that the angel will gather the elect the apostle Paul says he speaks about our gathering to him caught up in the air taken to the Father's house. So Jesus is not coming all the way down. He's going to remain in the air. There's a devil all there why does the devil want people to think that when Jesus comes in His glory is coming he's going to spend a thousand years on Earth because when the devil counterfeits the second coming of Christ. Most Christians who believe that he's going to set his millennial reign up here on Earth are going to believe that he is the true Christ. It is very important to know how Jesus will come about a matter of life and death. Number two Jesus warned that if anyone says to you there or if they say to you Look he is in the desert do not go out. Lucky is in the inner rooms in other words in public and private do not believe it or ask me what I mean. Anybody ever seen secret lightning warrants a lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west side. Also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Now those be very visible and very glorious number three the Apostle Paul warned that Satan would counterfeit the second coming of Jesus and would work with power and signs and wonders and line wonders he said that most people would believe this lie especially those who did not receive the love of the truth. How important is it to receive the truth to believe the truth and to live the truth it's a matter of life and death. Our faith must be firmly rooted in the Word of God we must know how Jesus will come. Lest we really see the change I don't I think that I shall praise the Lord. Now tomorrow night will study about the millennium. One of my very favorite lessons don't miss it for anything in the world. That's Byron sparkles in word of prayer Father. Thank you for being with us tonight and thank you for revealing makes these things so clearly in your holy word. We asked Lord that you will continue to instruct us and teach us so that we might not be deceived so that we might be standing and ready to receive Jesus when He comes and we might say oh this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us be with us as we return to our homes protect the Smart from harm and danger we pray in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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