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18. The Thousand Year Reign

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Father in heaven. Thank you for this wonderful beautiful day you've given us. We thank you because you're our God. You've given us the privilege of being your children. We ask Lord that as we study tonight your Holy Spirit will be with us and help us to understand the things that are soon to take place in this world and the place that you're preparing for us in heaven. What a privilege to have you as our God and as our Father bless us and keep us in your care as we study this lesson and we pray in Jesus' name amen. And I'd like to begin this evening by asking some questions the questions are not in the lesson but I'm going to I'm going to begin the lesson with these questions. What is the purpose. How the millennium. Why doesn't God destroy the devil. His angels and the work of human beings at the moment of the Second Coming. Why does God wait for one thousand years to finally destroy the locket. He could do it at the second coming of course. Could I make a new habit in an order that the second coming. So I am allowing you another question. If the meek that is the Saints will inherit the earth why do they not receive this inheritance at the second coming. Why does God take them to heaven for one thousand years before giving them their final inheritor. Another question why do the wicked die twice at the second coming and after the thousand years. If God is loving and merciful How could he allow the wicked to die twice. Another question why is there a judgement after the thousand years. As described in Revelation twenty eleven to fifteen. If the saved are already in the city. And the like it outside the city. Why would a judgment be necessary. I understand my questions. Another question why our statement is angels bowed to the earth in a living state during a thousand years. According to the Bible what does it mean to bind and unbind Satan. Another question. In the last I'm going to try to answer all these questions. What will be the condition of the earth during the thousand years. Will it be a paradise like the Garden of Eden where God's people will live happily ever after. Will it be an arena where the lost will have a second chance to be saved. Will it be a kingdom come for the Jewish nation. In other words what events take place before during and after the millennium and why do those events take place in the way they do. Now let me say that this must be important. Or God would not have put in his word. Somebody once said to me I never study the things like the millennium because by the time the millennium comes around we're going to be saved. Are we going to be lost. So it's just an academic matter. Well the fact is if God included this in his word a whole chapter plus the first eight verses of chapter twenty one it must be because there are some important things that God wants us to know or else he would not have put it into words. Last I read the Bible says that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is useful. Now let's begin our lives and at the very top in our present lesson. We will study the thousand years of Revelation twenty we will seek to answer several important questions such as will the millennium be spent in heaven or on earth. What will be the condition of the earth during this period. What will God's people be doing during this time. Why is there a white throne judgment after the millennium. What does Revelation mean when it speaks of second death. Is it even important to know what will happen during this time. Let's get right into our study by beginning with some introductory and structural matters. Revelation nineteen eleven twenty one describes what he meant. The second coming of Jesus that the battle of Armageddon is the second coming and the Battle of Armageddon is fought under the seventh play or the Six Flags the preparation for Armageddon right. Remember we study but really in Freddie's dries up that marks the fact that now the armies are going to enter and overcome babbling. Well the multitude of nations tongues and peoples withdraw their support from Babylon and then Jesus comes with the armies of heaven to fight against the beast and against a false prophet and to cast them into the lake of fire. Now by this time the plagues will have decimated the population of the planet right. I mean imagine. SARS. All over the body in the mouth the tongue and the eyes are dissolving. The sea has converted told me into blood. All the fish have died. The fountains of waters the drinking water is all turned into blood. The sun has scorched all the vegetation on planet Earth and then right up in the sun does that you have an intense darkness. And then I don't know. Six black people are killing each other. I mean the playact are literally decimating planet Earth not what happens at the very culmination of the Second Coming. It says and the the rest the real the word there is a light pulse which means the remnant. In other words when Jesus comes there's only going to be a remnant left only a remnant of the wicked. The rest of the wicked. Because all of the other way could have been what had been killed by the plagues. They're not going to be that many people to kill. When Jesus comes to destroy when Jesus comes and so it says and the rest were slain with the sword by the way the sword of Christ is His word. Revelation sixteen seventeen says that when Jesus says it is finished. That will mark the destruction of the wicked. And saw their destroyed with a sword which proceeded from the mouth R.P.M. who sat on the horse. Now number two the millennium is described in Revelation twenty verse one Revelation twenty one verse eight and events in these chapters are not in chronological order Does that surprise you. We've learned now that Revelation is not in chronological order. You have to be careful about the sequence of events in the book. In fact the millennial events run in cycles. We know this because the same climax is reached four times. No the events are repeated four times. Each repetition has a different focus. Or different emphasis. Now let's take a look at the war. Emphases that are given Revelation twenty one to three the central focus in school. Satan and the condition of the earth. In Revelation twenty verses four through ten the central focus is what the Saints although at the end there's a little bit about the wicked surrounding the city but even then it says that they call it surround the camp of the saints. So the focus is the Saints. Revelation twenty eleven twenty one one the central focus is what the judgment of the wicked on earth in Revelation twenty one versus two through eight the central focus is what life will be like in the holy city for focus. And when you put them all together you have a complete picture. Now I suppose that John could have written everything out in one outline but that was not the method he used to organize his book that was not the Hebrew method of writing you know the way that they wrote was by repetition by cycles. In fact Hebrew poetry is characterized by what is known as parallelism. There's three basic kinds of parallelism in Hebrew poetry. There's one is called synonymous parallelism. Where the first line is repeated in the second line in different words and sometimes there are three lines. They repeat the same thought in different words because the principle of Hebrew thinking is repetition. And then of course you have Also what is called an parenthetical. Parallelism where what is said in the first line in the opposite is said in the second line and then you have synthetic parallelism where what is said in the first line of thought is completed in the second and the third line. But the main point of Hebrew thinking is that when they write they write on the basis of repetition. And that's why we find war times the millennial events repeated here. Now let's go to work. First you or her center of focus the view of Satan and the earth the angel who comes down from heaven has the key to what not I'm less pit unfortunate translation because the word bottomless just simply is not there. The Greek word is our bozos where we get the word obvious from so it should be translated. The deep or the abyss. Now the reason why this is important is because in question number two we're going to find another verse that uses the same Greek word in the Greek Old Testament in Genesis one verse two we are told that the earth was without form and void and without form means basically that it's disorderly and void means that it is empty. I like the Spanish translation better not be analyzed by this other than I have up. Even I see say the earth was this only an empty sea that's what it means. Did some of you understand that. Wasn't there a beautiful Spanish. Well let's continue here and the darkness was on the face of the lot of the deep by the way that's Colombian Spanish. Now let's we don't know the word deep in the Greek Old Testament is the same as in Revelation twenty verse one abou source. There were deep thus described a planet in what condition in a chaotic pre creative state. It isn't. Not worthy that the plagues of Revelation sixteen actually reversed creation Did you notice that the planks afflict the very things that God created during creation week. I don't let you know if they're not going up like the sun and the moon doesn't pick the vegetation. Do all of the fish die. Seas filled with blood is you have broken up everything that God created in Creation Week is undone by the Plex which means that the earth is going to return to pre creation chaos. Let me ask you could this planet sustain life before creation will be able to sustain life after the players know so I guess so much for the idea that this earth is going to be a paradise during a thousand years. Impassable some people say Well but but doesn't God isn't God going to make a new heavens and a new work. Yes but that after the millennium. That's not the point to malign him. It's after we need to keep it in mind. Now the very things which God made during creation are afflicted. The earth has broken up the sun moon and stars are moved from their places by the way that's why the Earth is in darkness during the millennium. All the vegetation is destroyed. The seas are filled with blood in all the fish die. The planet returns to darkness and all human beings die. Number three we have corroborating evidence of this not only because the word deep is used in Revelation in Genesis to speak of the planet in a pre created state but the prophet Jeremiah tells us as much. The prophet Jeremiah was permitted to see the earth during the millennium. He heard the sound of not one event is that the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout. With the voice of the archangel and the what the trumpet about. So what the Jeremiah say he saw what the second coming of Jesus. He heard the sound of the trumpet the alarm of what or which war is this which battles this Armageddon he then beheld the earth the lot you know Israel now. Now there are and indeed it was without form and right you know there are only two places in the Bible where that expression without form and void are you. Genesis one verse two and Jeremiah or twenty three. Genesis is speaking of the condition of the world before creation. Jeremiah far is talking about the destruction of the world when Jesus comes which means that the world will return to the condition it was in before creation. Now let's continue here. The earth will be without form and void according to Jeremiah and the heavens they had no what. Let me ask you before creation was there any light. No God had to say the first day what. Let there be light. He also saw the mountain kind of all. In other words there's going to be an earthquake during the millennium. Jeremi also be held and indeed there were many human beings there was no man I know a lot about Isaiah twenty four or six that says Few men are left field of the Ruby but I know that there is no man left according to me and all the birds of the heaven had what if the birds are gone which God made the fish die in the sea and the birds are gone now. Well land had become a what a wilderness does this sound like the earth is going to be a Garden of Eden during the millennium and all the lot of us are broken down by the way this is identical to what it says in Revelation sixteen percent being about the seventh like it says the cities of the world. And so it says the cities were broken down at the presence of the Lord by his peers what anger is this the outpouring of God's wrath at the second coming. It most certainly is there's no doubt about it. Now let's read the note in spite of the incredible desolation caused by the wrath of God We are told that at this time God would not make a way and are there still some things that happen even when the planet returns to pre created chaos. Yes there are still some things that are going to take place. Number four in Jeremiah twenty five thirty to thirty eight. I hope you read the whole passage we have a powerful description of the coming of Jesus. We are told that the Lord will our from on high and out of his wife's from land from his holy habitation where is his holy habitation. He will give. Say what. When we find that we're past that somebody else bar. Yes it will get us out. And then it says as those who track the grapes then we find that a revelation but one time they again understand Revelation without the Old Testament. And then it says on that day the lot way the sole aim of the Lord will be from one end of the earth even. Another They shall not be what they shall not be long. Why won't they be lamented but make others nobody torment them. We just read that there is no man they shall not be lamented or gathered all buried. No but the barium very clear here is crystal clear. Like today was so. Number five is they are ads that when Jesus comes he will make the earth empty and make it we might see the same terminology similar terminology to Jeremiah chapter four the land will be utterly What emptied and utterly plundered the inhabitants of the others are barred and few men are there. And of course the Left ones are the ones who are left in Matthew twenty four and the taken ones are the ones who are going to last right. We always body that number six. The powerful angel from heaven bind Satan and cast him into the abyss. Do the deep into the earth in a chaotic state for one thousand years. The result of this binding is that he can deceive the nations no more until the thousand years are finished. So the binding of Satan means that he can no longer what do you see the nations but when he is IMO he can not see the nations so another is binding and unbinding has to do with the nations are you with me. Now let's read the note. Satan is bound to on Earth which has returned. Pretty creation chaos. How could human beings live on this planet when the seas of the fresh waters are all good the air has the stench of the dead the planet is in total darkness and there is no plant or animal life the binding of Satan means that he cannot deceive the nations because there are not nations left to be easy because the rest were killed. When Jesus came we read that Revelation nineteen twenty one right now but after the millennium Satan will be what you know just for a little while. The punishment of Satan. Now this we did get into is a lot because we don't have the time the punishment of Satan reminds us of the fate of the scapegoat on the day of atonement. Numberless scapegoats ceremony all of the sins were cleansed from the sanctuary and and the high priest would place both hands on the head of the of this legal whose name is Alfonso. So we call them Azazel. We mispronounce it as easily. But anyway he places all of the sins that have been brought out of the thank you on the head of Azazel and then as a result by the way who knows. As slaves all represent the ramp three represents seitan. The juice in there. In Jewish tradition in the town known for them as a result is a malignant spirit. So I know very well who will represent it and interestingly enough if you read those two verses and limit it to sixteen twenty one and twenty two there are two characteristics about Azazael first of all it says that as a soul is sent out into the wilderness. And secondly it says that the wilderness is not inhabited. You read those words that he sent out to adults. I'm going to ask that is not inhabited. Is that the condition of the earth there in a thousand years. Yes and I'm fortunate I wish I had an hour to talk to you about the sanctuary dimension. About one thousand years but we don't have the time to do it but you can ask questions on Saturday night so somebody might ask could you tell us a little bit more about zazen. Just a little suggestion. OK Is the sack per section clear across the center of focus. In the first section whose the central focus of Satan and the condition of what the condition of the earth that the central focus of this search by the way the rage Kramer says summer arrives. The events before during and after the millennium. Yes because a sense that the angel comes down he binds same during the thousand years he can deceive the nations at the end of a thousand years. He's released so that he can deceive the nations for a little while you have all of the millennial events summarized from the perspective of Satan. But immediately you ask well what about all the saints. What happened to them. Well let's go to our next action when I'm evolution twenty one to three and we are left with several questions What happened to the righteous. What does bind a man behind me. What happened to the wicked who were destroyed at the second coming. What did Satan. Deceive the nations to do after the thousand years. What happened to say after he was released a little while. Does Revelation twenty mostly say what happened when he was released when the law not simply says that he was released for a little relief to be seen the nations do seem to do what we don't know just in verses one to great that's why we need the next election which builds on the previous section I understanding why we have these four outlines of what happened. Right now after he was released a little while. These questions will be answered in the succeeding verses. Now let somebody want to read for me John. Five twenty eight and twenty nine. It's not in the lesson but you want to write it in next to question number one the end of a second central focus of the millennium. John five twenty eight and twenty nine I would like to read those verses. Jean real loud or you know what or how many resurrections do we have according to Jesus We have two now in those verses he doesn't tell us that there's a thousand years in between. That's why we have to go to Revelation by the way Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ Jesus is speaking in Revelation. If the testimony of Jesus and so revelation amplifies and clarifies there are two resurrections that Jesus spoke about the resurrection of the righteous and the resurrection of the wagon are separated by law are separated by a thousand years. Now let's go to question number one at the beginning of a thousand years the right just been raised to life. We know this because Revelation twenty verse four says that they live it. If they live they must have been dead. They lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. Instead only to reign with price for a thousand years they must have resurrection resurrected this resurrection is called the first resurrection and the righteous and Hallie are resurrected in it. Was resurrected in the first resurrection. The righteous and holy God staple people right. The Saint Saints. Because it's it when it says holy It's the way. Oh. Sites so the Saints are resurrected in the first resurrection. And when does this resurrection take place at the beginning of what at the beginning of the millennium. Not the Apostle Paul adzes testimony Number two the Apostle Paul explained up the dead in Christ will rise. There are very interesting. The dead in Christ would rise what are righteous and so resurrect right on the first resurrection. Oh OK Thank you. Lend also want to live and remain shall be caught up caught up. What do you get caught up together with them with with the dead in Christ in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. That she has come all the way down. No So what happens if somebody appears a lot in different places on planet Earth performing miracles and speaking pretty things. Not Christ you can be sure of that but by those who are expecting Christ to come to set up his millennial kingdom will be a minute. That's why you need to really understand these things before probation calls obviously were probation plazas all cases are decided. But what you believe about this now will be will determine whether you do see later. All right number three Jesus promised to take his people to his father's house. The Potter's House is where you know heaven because Jesus taught us to pray. I Father which art in heaven. So if we're going to go to the Father's house it must be that we're going to go to heaven. I can only way. How about you. Since the world suffering sorrow pain it's time to read the note are strictly reading a revelation twenty four to ten does not mean all the saints will be in heaven during the thousand years. However we will see the Revelation twenty one verse two does point out this fact very clearly in the text that we just read also where Jesus promised to take his people to his father's house and were caught up to meet the Lord in the air would indicate that at the second coming. We're not going to stay here but we're going to go to heaven. Number four the Saints were given for all this and they want and they remain with Christ one thousand years. Now the roles are reversed. See and they were trampled upon and persecuted but now they are royalty rates lowered or we are royalty. Number five. What should be the word about her space. Judgement was committed to them to hold to the righteous they also resurrected in the first resurrection and of course the living. Note the question is are they going to judge. Obviously not all angels they all need a judgement today obviously not the righteous because they already know that. This must mean. What's the only group that's left us must mean that they will judge Satan and his angels and the wicked who are left behind. What. Yes that's a real left behind now in a minute we're going to see why. Why let me ask you Does God know everything so why judgment. Lesson papa judgments not for God. There judgment as well as creation. You sit back and say these are saved and these are lost and people ask why because I said so but God knows that he has a universal rebellion on his hands. Rebellion began and I am an angel. People are deceived and so it's necessary for God to open up the box in heaven to show those who have gone to heaven with him. Why are those individuals on earth were left behind. Now let me ask you this. Is any case going to change during this millennium judgment isn't going to happen that the Saints are opening up the works of the wicked who stayed behind and the devil and his angels and all of us Ron I don't quite follow the same guy in heaven and all of the loft have been left behind. Then why have a judgment lesson the judgment is going to be like an instant replay. So let me ask you does an instant replay change the play. Now what is the purpose of an instant replay to see if the umpire blew it right. That's going to happen in Amman is not going to change anything God is going to give us an instant replay of the lives on the way. You're not going to change anything he's not going to doctor the box. He's just going to react and he's going to show us why you don't like it we're lost because you know there's going to be people in heaven that we never expected to be there. And there's going to be people that are not there that we were banking on the fact that they were going to be there. There's going to be questions and Sadat says listen I'm not going to leave any loose ends. Everything is going to be in the clear day. You understand the purpose of the millennial Joe. But I can respect the God like that who cares what a puny little Stephen Moore thinks OK And by the way the judgement that is there before the second coming up right. Doesn't have to do their judgement either he already knows who's going to be say see the purpose of the judgement before the coming of Jesus is to to determine the group of the sate and that urgent before the second coming because at the second coming is going to take them. But there's no urgency with the work of the gods are staying behind. I went right now I saw a hand a long time ago over here. Yes the judgment is also it's all of the intelligent universe of God. All of the world's That never sand all of the angels that never sand all of the people on planet Earth. The Devil and his angels everybody ultimately will see in the lesson at the end of the lesson tonight is going to bow it is going to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory rather everyone even but then I want to say I'm going to kneel before the majesty of Christ and admit that God was right in the way he dealt with every case I can respect the God like that who cares what we think right now the millennial judgment is going to be like it's going to be like an audit. Let me ask you do auditors change the books. No they only take the think of the book at keeping with camp out there all they sure have. Yeah human auditors do but not how do you know that there's no shredding machine in heaven no heavenly Enron. Now let's go to number six the Apostle Paul told the Corinthians do you not know that the Saints will judge the what the Saints will. Judge what do you know what the Apostle Paul is saying there. Who are the people of the United States who just love to go to court and sue people. The context is that church members were taking church members to court if you read operate within six months. And the apostle Paul is saying listen if you can't settle things in the church between yourself and you have to take your doing your dirty laundry before wild things. How do you think you're going to someday judge the world. I don't you know I'm going to judge the wound so learn learn to take care of things here within the realm of the church. And then what does he say. Do you not know that we shall judge what danger changes at Cannes we were going to change what they wanted to so I have to be what he has to be the wicked angel. All right just will not be subject to the work to the second it saw many deaths are there too. First step and second their number. Eight. By the way when the Bible says that the Saints are going to judge the world not talking about the world in its material composition it's speaking about the world in the sense that Jesus says that the world has hated you he says about the disciples. It's the wicked people in the world it's the same that James says in James four for adulterers and adulteresses don't you know that love for the world is enmity against God. It's a famous first John two fifteen and sixteen love not the world nor the things that are in the world the world means a worldling. When I go to Judge we're not going to judge the material substance of the world it's the worldling. Those whose life is committed to the world. Now number eight. They're what the rest of the day. We will not come to life again until the thousand years are now. I don't know if you get the point or not but if the writers resurrect at the beginning of a millennium like we've noticed. And the rest of the dead do not resurrect until after the thousand years who must the rest of the Bad Beat has to be that we could be right. Now let's read that note very important note. All beings in this world experience a what a first birth. At least I hope all of you did and the first lot but see we experience a first birth and we're living our first like right at the beginning of the millennium but also died in Christ will resurrect to their what to their second life. Never more to die never it's the right I just have Second Life that not second. I don't want to get on the other hand they also were also born to that from their mothers to their first night yes. Oh and if they die well they resurrect a second life. After the thousand years. Yes but then they will be judged and they will stop a lot. They will suffer the second death. Second Death is always after the millennium after the thousand years never does the Bible speak of second death before the end of the millennium and the reason why. At the beginning of a millennium the righteous reservoir and they live forever at the end of a millennium. The wicked resurrect. And they die forever. He followed me. So in other words there's two resurrections and two destinies. One. The righteous will inherit eternal life and the wicked. The wages of sin is what is. There that clear in your mind. Now let's got to note very important note. Continuing on the third page there's a punctuation problem in Revelation twenty first by the original New Testament manuscripts did not happen to Asia in March so the translators placed them where they felt they belong to the New King James translators should replace parentheses around the following phrase. But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. Then you say well how do you know that and is that some invention by Steve Martin O. the most popular version today does it. The New International Version. Somebody of the New International Version of the N.I.V. no yes doesn't add parentheses. That relation to any verse five. There parentheses around the word says but the rest of the dead did not live again until the Lauzon years or vanished. Yes it does. So I told you the truth I am not putting punctuation marks where they should not be. Now what's happening here. This parent that it all statement breaks the flow of thought. That's what parentheses are all about right. To add an explanatory note because John is he's you know he's seen what's happening with the righteous but he says what about all of them it was when I saw the angel says OK I'll give you this parent that equal explanation. And so this parent medical statement breaks the flow of plot in order to explain what will happen with the workers who are left behind at the beginning of a thousand years they do not rise to life again until well after the thousand years. That must mean that during two thousand years they are dead and that's what it means that Satan is bound. Let me ask you where does the power of Satan reside and I ask you how many how much power does a king have about subjects. Imagine me going to New Mexico big wonderful New Mexico. Run I have lotsa land and I take about a thousand acres where nobody lives. And I say I declare myself king of this realm and not much power because the power of the king resides in his people. And because all of the we can add them during the thousand years. How much power does say now he can't be saved. So by no means. Then all those people are dead and because the dead. But why did that come to light after the thousand years that means that he is unbound. So the binding and unbinding have to do with the death and the resurrection of the wicked. OK Number nine at the end of the thousand years Satan will be a the not of number nine. We're probably going to get there in one thousand years then Satan will have no one to do you see when the wicked resurrect at the end of the thousand years Satan will have his power base back and will be able to see once again the cards. Maybe I shouldn't use this illustration. Give some promotion to Las Vegas but it's a bigger speech because it seemed to be stopping for a moment like it and the writers appear to be in jeopardy. The vote happened before the millennium to nowhere around green camp want to thank me. Well the third my pocket theory even to talk about it even talking about that we get all the pent up locals think the righteous and surrounded by other things by the way you'd have to talk about the planes who are here because of thank you. Thanks live in the sanctuary encampment. We won't get into that right now you can have better tonight. So either way gets around the camp think and they'll be let out a lot. Named if it is not yet now entering the not very important know what happened to got people all over the earth before the millennium. Remember that we talked about before the millennium that the way they are gathered in the wine press around the city. You never know. Where is the Friday before the millennium. In heaven but one of the recollection of that city on earth. It's where the fight live and where the fight. Jesus Christ and where are they all over the world but you're also amid a lot worldwide where the wine put before the millennium he kept the bride in the Wind power of the king over the harvest of the oh this is what a lie it would be part of a thousand years. No we can't all of a whirl around the righteous where all over the world are you with me but act of the millennium let through the rest of the know Jerusalem before the millennium is world wide where two or three are gathered in Christ name but after the millennium all God's people are gathered in a literal played trombone. Then a little plenty of new Jerusalem come about when were they gathered there they were gathered at the park and going to do that because then the game helped a lot to gather and he gathered them all I mean you know but we start to see that the Saints are going to spend the millennium in the streets. Now that principle clear that a good number eleven I think and then of angels and the wicked will be unable to work to conquer the thing they will be kept in a lake of fire and brimstone and now we have a translation problem. Lurking no King James that's where the belief and the power of profit are. One of the New King James Taylor in Revelation twenty nine and now others are saying they give the impression that the beast and the false prophet were already in the lake of fire. Are you went right there. But the problem is that the words are there is supplied by the translators because they feel that I belong. But if you read if you read carefully I have met the devil any of the angels were cast into the lake of fire when the thief then the polls were cast. He thought even of angels work out where the pop up in the meat market. Are you having enough of their if not pleasant but it has to harmonize with more cast iron with me the devil in the veins of Warcraft where the beast in the park proper work out when they pour the money into the fire that they were burning all during the millennium that still there at the end of the millennium. But then we felt that if they make a point of the poem punished the beef in the pot crop at these systems is going to be the same like a fire that is going to perish but that one of the angels. Are you following me. My burnable I'm sure and when and when I worried about power size that means that the translator supplied that word because they think it belongs. But it doesn't belong. Oh OK now let's read the note. Revelation twenty nine reaches the climax of events after the millennium. Several questions remain and what other questions why would all the thirty five and all out by block every bomb any information about that no. What is the name of the video we get so out of it. We informed about that part. Now whether we're going to are convinced that they were wrong and God was right about that when the painkiller theory nothing directly on that. What about the judgment during the thousand years like that painful given judgement but then how the practice when the practice is going to be repeated after the thousand years the same thing that the writers find heaven about the work of the devil is a job are going to be shot to the devil in the range of what we get at the end of the morning and then everybody in the. You know we're going to be convinced the guy was right. The writers will be convince the wicked will be convinced and the devil angels will be convinced that the purpose of the millennial judgment father played any danger of I'm going to get canned media caters and also know that God was right in the way that he dealt with them. Can you admire a god that even care about the record being the God of the right about the way you don't think I can really respect a God like that you know it's not a God who cares who says you're saving your life live because I've been to many Muslim. OK now let's go to our next election the view on the way that this point event at the beginning and during the millennium have faded from view. You know the beginning and the end of the millennium. You don't have you don't have anything about that. My concern now is weapons judgment of the way again when back to the millennium after the thousand years the left arm. Then again before I don't like a copper. However any what they write. Judgment takes place left. Judgment I obviously think lately quite awake at work like a fire right. How could it take right after they were destroyed in the lake of fire. This must mean that I didn't want to eleven being is what is repeating events which took place before the wicked were destroyed one of the ongoing he's going what he likes but he's going to talk about the battle of angel in the wake of a gap in public or something that happened before that. I will tell you and now I'm going to talk about a judgment. Like before they work out then I think you can't read Revelation twenty twenty one in a linear fashion because you make up your hungry like a buyer and you say well they're kept in here and there have been here there can't and here you know I suppose triple purification or something. Well number two I don't resurrect after the thousand years then before God and not Robin. A booklet liable problem. But in the books where the lives of the we're going to be there in a minute and another what not so not if there are not and there is a book. They're not the same thing. One I think and the other for now we'll talk about that in a moment. Let Reba know we know about that when I read the record before they span before God because we are told that the three gave up and then we were in it and cap and Hades Hades I mean the great gap emigre driven up and then there were in them so I did the work and resurrect yet the three on the grave and that gave up but there they were in their resurrected in other words we know that this judgment is right on Arab League of America seven and knowing that we could surrounded the holy city on earth are you following me. Preoccupied and it becomes when you read carefully that you know we usually get really really we think we know everything. You know whenever I study I discover how ignorant I am always discovering new things about the Bible and always question always have something new something that surprise you. Even their birth forgot the word of any game of the only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Every time I read it and thought it something fresh come that I didn't know before that the beauty of the Bible that doesn't happen when I read Geiger. OK number three books so you understand what I want to put something in brackets that are my own remarks. OK good because that's not in the thick of it put it in so you can understand what it's referring to the marks plural campaign we worked on the market. The record of our lives in other words and they are judged according to the things which were written in the not according to their work according to the work of some people have problems with the not know we are saved by grace who play our words reveal whether our faith was genuine in that judgment. It will be seen that many of the wicked men. Lord Lord but their lives were nailed whether it's by their fruits you shall know them Jesus said He would play by their faith you shall know them by their parents. We got our proof showing that we had paper not white ground. Well the White Throne Judgment is the them that grow because at the same I mean that of in Matthew chapter twenty five where the. The sheep in the Gulf are gathered before Geneva and he separate the sheep. If there's anything that I don't think I know why put on and usually we take that separation of the sheep and don't as something that happens at the second coming. It doesn't happen at the second coming. It happened after the millennium. Jesus didn't see them at all. He's opening the box and you know many of the book saw the wicked can see Matthew twenty five starting with verse thirty one verse forty six. OK now let's now well every page for our on the wall here will have ten minutes left. Yeah absolutely. OK. Oh aka literal three men aboard the block of light is not part in their judgment. To show the way that they are what their names were not in it you know I got to show them the book and by the way your name isn't in the book you know why I understand it he can talk about what might be shown here name of noname here not want to know why he was with the lack of life. That's why you're not in it. Did you deserve to be in their lives. No we did it with a minute then why the book and book are open because the book has made the books have a record of a lie. The know the names of the lost will be in the book of life will not be in the book of life because of the record of their light which was written in the book at that point we do not know what those works while knowing what we were. No no it is remarkable that God will not destroy the wicked until they are convinced that God has just been with them a lot of gone by the Book of Life contains the what the names of all who will be what they are the wicked in that what you know and they're even alive because look at the works that way then let's read number affects after the judgment of the wicked and they will be cast into the lake of fire and woke up a lot. Second that we do not Revelation twenty point even at the rate of the famed climax that previously been reached in twenty eight and nine right. Twenty eight or nine were the work of crap and the lake of fire. You know they're all in a range of crap and like a fire. But now twenty fourteen fifteen speaks about the same like because he went back to talk about the judgment and reach of the thing climate. Number seven OK OK perfect number after Saipan and in range all the way to get there and the Gray had been cast into the lake of fire. God will make a new heaven and I know because I haven't heard what passed away not the not very important. The chapter donation at the end of verse fifteen is unfortunate not only did the original authors not put punctuation marks they did not divide chapters and verses those were made for our convenience and they divided Chapter twenty at the wrong spot and you're going to see why. Chapter two visions were not established by the original authors. They were added to our convenience. Revelation twenty one. First one really belongs to chapter twenty. In other words after his angels the work at the grave and there have been burnt out. God will make a new heaven and a new work and if they want to try it. Revelation twenty one one is really the conclusion of chapter twenty. Not me introduction to chapter twenty one. How many of you are with me if you don't know if you don't believe that you're going to have you know I've got a really messed up. Let me ask you when the wicked when the white get around of the thirty whether thingy on or across that we're going to be out and the wagon were aware that the city on the other. But now if you begin Revelation Chapter two hundred twenty one and verse one and you think that begins a new series you have a serious problem because in Revelation twenty one verse two then I John Thaw the New Jerusalem descending from heaven out of God How could God have made a new heaven and a new earth and the city hasn't even come down yet for the wicked to surround. I only thing with the movie you know I've gotten all the city the last section everyone clears up are good at the end of chapter twenty we are left with several unanswered questions what was in the books which condemned the wicked one the writer can have a thousand years. Why well like in the city be like and what will God be like. These questions are answered in the last outline of millennial event number one we're going to list quickly. Revelation twenty. First to begin the final outline of course millennial events they have outlined begins when John things what all they have said no I don't feel them coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for the vigor the new series of nit the understand why a begins in a very clear your mind when the word gets around. Well that must mean that this is talking about the time when the thing if you spend it so that the won't get good surround it and will see that clearly in a moment that we've been in Revelation twenty seven or nine we are told that the New Jerusalem of on the earth where the wickets around means that the New Jerusalem the federal program into the earth before the week that surrounded it and before they were carved into the lake of fire may have been the case of Revelation twenty one verse transpired before the lesson twenty one verse one. Not if you know that the city is identified by name. There can be no doubt that the light that are in that city this is true for at least three reasons number one spectacular perk of Iranian sport the seventeen explained that Jesus will think of people who haven't. When he comes. So they must come back with him when the city dispense number two when the word gets around the city after the millennium. No write up are in fact right. And number three the mint condition would make it impossible for God People who live here so they both have been aware of them in the city in heaven and by the way are clearly seven he was eleven that Abraham and the patriarchs looked for a heavenly city builder and maker is God Number two John heard a voice from heaven saying that the tabernacle of God is where. Men and they shall be his people. God himself will be with them and be their God this earth will be the capital of the universe. Can you imagine the privilege of living on the planet that will be the capital of the vast you live are not ready for number three. God promised us to wipe away every what every kid from the eyes of his people by the way will live with Piers during the millennium the peers are not like the way an act of the law and that we examine the case of the wicked those who stayed behind maybe loved ones there will be peers. So I think he will wipe away all tears from their I provide them with people and I'm sure that there will be no more like you know my dad nor I don't know what you are crying now I shall be no more pain. Paper line number for God promise to give up the fountain of the wider freely to him who we can even now spiritually drink of the part of a lot of life but then we will be able to manually drink from a lot of the river of life. Number five also overcome will in all things and God promised that I will be his God and He shall be my time to become sons and daughters of that we must we baptize First we must spiritually join a spiritual kingdom if you want to spend eternity in your little kingdom something I'm a member by marriage and you need to start thinking about it or you need to continue thinking about it because that the operational moment when my beloved. This is not me not a daughter in whom I am well pleased. Number effect good very important we now find out what was written in the book not the wicked not that cowardly and believing abominable. By the way all these transgressions of the moment. Yes sexually and no fire service I got our peers and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire which burns where I am going to go on with the second there. Now we know what was in the books. There was murder in the books there with adultery in the books. There was a very powerful witness in the box. Then when I got through in the book I understand I now have a pipe. We did not report that we were going there but now we do. Now number seven very important. The contrast between both inside and outside could be more clearly fleeing in Revelation twenty two fourteen and fifteen also doing is coming. But God One of the people the amount of that legalism to keep with the command of the parents is kept the ten commandments and then I want to be like a parrot is a button we keep the commandment not make up we think that by keeping a more faith we keep the commandments because we love mean that if you love me keep my commandments. Well it means that if you don't love me don't people think of the output of the cocoa are going to have to try and sort of but then I'd also do it commanded. They may have a right to the tree of life and may enter through the gate into the all of the people in the penny will become cheaper but outright but not that word but here's the contract but But what outside are the dogs sorcerers and sexually immoral and my dogs and I Dockers and whatever love the brackets is a lie. Dalton cried a lot deeper levels out by our law breakers. We understand why it's all clearer now that the Little Horn thought he could think the law. We went a little more in change of the law are think we can change the law and everybody but the law they're fighting for themselves to be up are the only pretty serious business. That's why the mannequin is called the law left myth man of along the now let's go to our lack last election very quickly. Still lack the perspective of Andrea twenty four twenty one twenty three. Did you study this carefully. Maybe you have a million in the second coming. God will punish what I know how I don't know what that exalted one. Who are these on a high by the way in the Greek translation of the Old Testament. No word that is used. If he were punished in the heaven the hold of the exalted one. Who are the fault of heavenly exalted one a part of the Revelation twenty with that sign of Angel Angel. The Bible they have that the print on the work of the power of the air will not buy. Even question but then again the palate in part in what in high places. Start the second coming God will punish on high the heart of a dog and run but not only the exalted ones who else will be punished and the like and he will punish the kings of the earth is that exactly the scenario we find a revelation one thousand two hundred near member in Revelation one thousand of these in the profit were gathered with the kings of the earth to walk again the one with you know put out on the heart and then the king got destroyed and the very next chapter twelve that the devil is party but now we know that not only the devil because the thought of a high one that you have OK. Number two the high ones and the kings of the earth will be gathered together as what is that about right and twenty is that a revelation to me. Anyway thrown in prison. Yeah at the Highlands I'm thinking that there will be gathered together as prisoners in the pit and will be what shut up in prison. The wicked will be shut in in prison because they'll be dead and the high ones will be forced to remain and by the way the devil is going to remember what it was like during the flood. We covered that span a period of time. I'm planning to run it by me that I'm on a planet there return to recreate in Galle at the time of the flood. That's like first Peter three talked about the spirits in prison. We won't get into that that my term in the flex that we got to get in advertising here. Number three the high ones and the kings of the earth will be punished after what no man I got them when I got got money from the Parliament today. Many of you have said God will punish the heart of my land on the right and then if that after many days that will be fine. Now I don't know how many times that it everybody twice. Ru Paul I'm in awe. Let's read it again because I think some confused looks and says that God is going to what. When G. Love comes number one brought up money I know I know what the heart of it all but one and he will punish picking something up but then after many days that they spend in prison they are going to be what they are going to be punished again. Could you cut that God thank you very much. Myth a principle because and I say if it after many days they shall be visited in Revelation if after one thousand years they will be the days are equal to here through the year they printable. So no because because one thousand days will be one thousand years. Applying the principle one year then we have to be day one year one day after many days we will be partners and the days are like a thousand years ago under revelation so they are equivalent a lot bigger when you have a miracle principle right here. And now now that we have been here after the many days the mold will be what By the way the morning of the what this great and a sandlot epithet talking about because a lot of homes are there going to be a shame because a lot of hope will reign on Mount Bryan and in Jerusalem and before his elders gloriously by the way after the many days and Revelation the other new Jerusalem coming down they have a New Jerusalem here right after the new day. Obviously talking about the play by means of the moon the Planet of the same Revelation twenty one twenty three are that they can explain why their light and run are going to be the little light a lot of good to great and the fun is what I say why has that Revelation twenty one twenty five the pretty had no need of the sun to sign it in it. What I'm glad you have got illuminated it. See how it all began her number right. Revelation twenty one twenty seven says I've not been with the file where I enter the holy of query you have a thread left what are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Everyone who had this hope of seeing Gina and he is matched up I am so even have G. that is pure and the Apostle Paul exiled to personally what he left without which no one will live will see the Lord how do we close our lives. Number five the way to hell and I live by hiding the Word of God this time. Do you buy audio clips. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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