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19. Lessons From the Days of Noah

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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So let's pray Father we thank you for the wonderful day that you have given us. We thank you for the privilege of being alive. We're thankful for your word for the privilege of being your children. And Lord we're just so thankful for the many placed blessings that you poured out upon us abundantly we ask that as we study this lesson tonight that your Holy Spirit will guide us as he has been with us throughout the lessons before and Lauren I ask that if there is anybody who has not made a commitment of their lives fully and completely to Jesus that tonight will be the night that they will make that commitment. We thank you Lord for hearing our prayer not because we have any merit but because we come to you but all through the merits of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen. OK let's delve right into our lesson. It's Lesson Number nineteen lessons from the days of Noah. And let's go right to the introduction in this lesson. We want to study the cataclysmic worldwide flood of knowledge today. The reason why this study is so important is because Jesus said that it foreshadows the destruction which will come upon the world at the very end of time. He said that it was in the days of Noah Saul Shalit also being at the coming of the Son of man. But there is more to this story than generally meets the eye. You see usually when the story of the light is compared with the destruction of the world the comparison is done between two things Number one the world was very wicked in the days of Noah and it will be very wicked before Jesus comes. And secondly the world was destroyed in the days of Noah and it will be destroyed when Jesus comes. But if you study the law. Yes And you'll notice that there's a far more detailed comparison and type ology to the two stories than just the wickedness and the destruction. There's a whole substructure of events in their proper order in the days of no language or shadow. What is going to happen at the very end of time. You know the more I study the Old Testament the more I'm convinced that there is no story in the Old Testament that is simply a story I believe that every story in the Old Testament beside being a story is a prophecy and as I say the more I study this the more amazed I am that God wrote these stories not only as events that occurred but he wrote them in a way in which they're fulfilled on a larger scale in the future and the story of Noah of course is a prime illustration from the Old Testament. We don't have to even guess at this story because Jesus very clearly said that as I was in the days of Noah so also shall have the at the coming of the Son of Man Jesus made the story of Noah and the flood typological are symbolic by telling us that. OK Let's talk about Satan's hidden agenda. Genesis three predicting explains that there would be war there between to see what the woman seeing and being heard. Serpent's seed. Now let's put this on the board so that we can not have it clear in our minds. God said that that was going to be enmity between the serpent and the woman and between the serpent sea and the woman's feet then it says that the woman seat might crash the serpent's head and the serpent. When Brewer was the scene of the woman I mean he was he knew. Now we've already studied a long time ago in our first couple of lessons that when God sent this to Satan Satan was determined that he would not be allowed to come to the world and of course when the seabed come to the world would you come to the world and ascended to God it was the state had to take second best which is persecuting the church or the woman into the wilderness and then ultimately he will persecute the remnant of the woman at the very end of time. But its primary war is against Jesus. Now let's go on to question number two even though the seed of the woman is Christ. There are many seeds of the woman that preceded Christ. In other words this story of Genesis three fifteen is repeated many times in the Old Testament figure or an illustration in time to illustrate what's going to happen when the big building takes place and of course the first illustration of Genesis three fifteen is found in the story of Cain and Abel. Let me ask you in that story do you have a woman yet. Do you have to see. Yes Do you have enmity yet do you have cited. Yes we gathered seven for a job great while the Cain was out me one good one for another. Cain was operating on his own he was the servant of the wicked one. So in other words the very elements of Genesis three fifteen you have in the story of Cain and Abel but only thing is he who is the woman in this case only prefigures the church and her seed which is able to reproduce receive Jesus Christ. I understand what I'm saying and this story is repeated time and again to be older than the story of Isaac. When you smile the story of Jacob and Esau you know we have a five billion you have two seats you have a woman you have enmity between the two things and you have to say been working behind the scenes. Now there's something which I need to mention which is very important to this. What determines whether you are of the woman's feet or of the serpent's scene. If not who you are born but what kind of character you have you know that brought Cain and Abel were children of whom are correct and yet the Bible identifies Cain as the seat of whom the serpent. In other words the key is not where you are born or from whom you are born. The key is what kind of character you pose there by the choices that you make in other words being a seed is not genetic it is relational. Now let's go to question number two. So far so good. In the story of Cain and Abel Abel was the cry it was the seed of the woman the woman and Cain what Cain was the speed of the wicked one that is of the serpent by influencing Cain to kill Abel Satan thought he had gotten rid of the sea. So the first map of the devil uses to destroy this feed is work trying to kill it. Number three is not going to find another method that the devil uses. Jennifer score sixteen twenty four prevent the genealogy of Will Cain and Jennifer five delineate the genealogy out CEP who took the place of Mabel by the way did you notice there in Genesis part twenty five. Then it says that when Cain killed Abel that God gave him. Another scene. Did you notice that the expression gave him another seed in place enable Cain killed for not only a mole was a seed which would lead to the seed of the devil killed a boy if that's all. No not lineage from work promoting the Messiah will come. But then God raised up another seat in place of Abel Now let's read the note. Very important note before we are able to discover the devil's hidden pre-flood agenda. We must review a few things about the world before the plot between creation and the plot that was a period of one thousand six hundred fifty six years this is the term and by examining the genealogy of Genesis by God not going to take time to do that but you look at the ages of the patriarchs before the flood and you'll find that the flood took place one thousand six hundred fifty six years after creation so that the first point the second point before the flood. Human beings live to be over nine hundred years old. No sin had entered the world. Their musical and mental energy must have been enormous Would you agree with that. Imagine a scientist working in a laboratory for close to nine hundred years. That's why I believe that before the law they had a farm are developing technology that we do today I really believe that number three in the world before the flood was very close to its pristine beauty. There were no drastic temperature changes there was no scarcity of food. Our natural resources no huge bodies of water no huge deserts. Number four most likely there were very little busy not at all meant to be fruitful and multiply. Imagine how many children nine hundred year old people go there specially when there was no spare reality. Actually when there was north of natural resources and cool. Amazing. There must have been what millions if not billions of people on the planet the day before the flood and by the way that not speculation. I've had God computer experts put all of that data into a computer and they reach the conclusion motivate the conclusion that the population had to be in the billions. But let's say that the population was in the millions. Still what's going to happen is very striking. Now let's go to Question of the poor is the people of Europe where in your mind. Number four. Genesis six one Cor speaks about the sons of God and the daughters of man. Not some Bible teachers have thought that the sons of God were angels and the daughters of men were humans and that the relation the sexual relations between the angels and the human women produce hybrids who are called the Giants in the Old King James the Hebrew word is nappy lame. Now I'm going to tell you the reason why I don't believe that there are several reasons that I put in the not but let me mention one or two other things that are not in the know. First of all Genesis Chapter six makes it clear that there were giants before the sons of God and the daughters of man had sex. Let's read Genesis Chapter six verse or it says very clearly that the Giants were not the product of the sexual relations between the sons of God and the daughters of men because the nappy name existed even to. Then it says in verse four there were giants those Nepalese by the way the word map really means the fallen one in Hebrew so there were giants on the earth in those days and also their word when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bore children to them were the Nephilim only the product of the relationship between the fans about of the daughters of men are going to exist before they existed before. That's one point the other point is that there's only one other place in the whole Bible where this word Nephilim is new and that in the Book of Numbers Chapter thirteen where it says that in the land of Canaan there were giants. No we're not really. Now those giants after those giants came up to look like the wicked people were destroyed. Obviously those inhabitants of Canaan were not a cross between angels and human beings. They're called never feeling the same of the giants before the flood and so for these two reasons plus the reasons that I have in the note these Nephilim were not the Giants were not the product of our sexual relations between the sons of God or angels as some people believe and the daughters of men by the way are of the Protestant Reformers including John Calvin and Martin Luther believe the sons of God were the righteous and the daughters of men were the Linney ology genealogy of King but we can it's only in recent years that the scholars have you know because they say many scholars don't believe in inspiration of the Bible anymore so they say this is just a myth that came from ancient Babylon you know all that the human being crossed with angels and the result was some type of hybrid and saw it have to do with with recent discoveries in the land of Canaan. Our parallel career and saw that the scholars just assume that you know in the Bible the same thing that I'm babbling on the myths of Cain and say let's go out to the know number one with additional reasons you understand God better because Angels don't reproduce that's another reason. Do you understand the meaning of the word not be lame if used after the flood. They they just but it was not caught in between angels and human beings before the flood because the Nephilim existed also after the plug went all the way get it already been destroyed. Now three additional reasons that by the way also the word we know you need to add that to the builders of the Tower Bible are referred to by the same name minimally known as the individuals who are mentioned in Genesis Chapter six it says the was where the mighty men men are renown are men with a name. OK Chris additional reasons. The immediate context indicates that the sons of God were the descendants of step and the daughters of man were the descendants of Cain is that clear in the context of what comes in chapter four. The genealogy of Cain what comes in Chapter five the genealogy of Sep and how does Chapter six begin sons of god daughters of men. The context indicates that these two girls are members of two different genealogies are understanding my point number two. Genesis is the book about to see Cain and Abel sons of God and honor the men Isaac and Ishmael Jacob and Esau. Joe also if any of the others you know that Genesis is the story of two human seeds at war in every one of these cases both are what are human and number three the Bible elsewhere makes that clear. That the sons of God are those who have been converted to Jesus Christ. Behold what manner of Love The Father has given us that we should be called the Children of God and the apostle Paul says in Galatians chapter four that when we've been baptized then we join Jesus we can cry out by God because God is our father when we converted so not only are the sons of God also individuals who after soon to receive Jesus Christ and were converted. Let me ask you did Adam need to be converted apis then you know everything a person in the Old Testament have to be converted in order to be saved and to be born again. Yes they did because no one who has not been born again can enter or see the kingdom of God He has made that very clear the nakedness and so these individuals are sons of God because in the Old Testament they chose Jesus Christ through the sacrificial system. Incidentally as their Lord and as their Savior saw other reasons clear you have a right good number pi. Now we'll see what the beveled agenda was by mingling the seed of a woman with his own seed. Satan reduce the number of paper people on the planet to eight. Which method works best trying to kill the seed or trying to trying to mix the seed the mix. Then you suppose that's going to be true at the end of time too and you know what that there was going to do at the end of time he's going to try and deceive as many Christians as he can and does work rape of his last resort is going to be a try and kill him because if he can be said of you if you won't bother with these factors eventually he's going to try to kill you though about the two men met at the Dell users who are all of human history. OK And I've got to know if God had not been wiped out at the end. What this prequel I raised the whole of humanity would have degenerated to the point where there would be no holy line put in which to introduce the Messiah into the world. UNIFEM the devil the real agenda behind it all when you see God is said to the dental I am going to say what a seed to the world and this scene is going to do more with you and in the process of the why are you going to want to see or crashed you know it and whether that will thing you said I can't let that so you come because if I do he's going to crush my head and saw all the Old Testament What the devil is doing is he's trying to be seen Israelis don't have the Israel destroyed. He's trying to save everyone particularly in the light of Israel because he knows that Messiah is going to come from the line of Israel in other words the enmity of Satan in the Old Testament is not against Israel. Yemen appears against Israel the thought of people mistakenly assume that the enmity is against Israel and it's not. OK Let's talk about the sinfulness of the people who raise the almost total depravity of the race before the blood is described in Genesis six. Then the Lord God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent that's obvious hard was only continually. That's quite a description isn't it. Wow look at the word that I use the wickedness was great and it every intent of a part of his heart was only evil continually. Now Jennifer flexor side is talking about what we're talking about thinking the thoughts of its heart were what other parts of it were evil continually but that. Into behavior together as a man thinketh so he and that's why the devil trying to possess mind you know the devil knows that if he can possess the minds of young people he can possess everything about them that's why he's invented rock music that's why he's invented videos that's why is invented Doc certain television programs that waythe invented pornography he's invented all those things to possess their minds because when you have their minds you have them. The battle in the great controversy is a battle for the human mind because he wears the mind has you know one who controls your mind control your behavior. Yes that's why the Mark Mills on the corner of number two. Genesis six eleven and twelve emphasizes that the evil thoughts of man were translated into words into action. The parrot was called up before God and the earth was only when my islands saw God mark upon the earth and indeed it was corrupt who are all players had come up to now know that their work their way they have to do it. Action see evil not meant to evil action to wicked society. Now let's go to number three in not seventeen twenty six the thirty not a story about blood and the story of Saddam are presented as kind of a condition the world will be in at the end of time. This must mean that they're not fans of Saddam or similar to those which were being committed before the plot would you agree with that because Jesus says that was in the days I'm not and immediately afterwards he said as it was in the days of luck So in other words not of these events illustrate the condition of the world before the coming of. Now let three of them know the name Saddam has become synonymous with sexual perversion. That's where we come where the word sodomy comes from. We know that homosexuality was practiced in the cities of the plain even to the point that the minute Saddam wished to have sexual relations with the angels who visited lot in fact they said God The wicked man said bring out those two men that are in there because we want to know them and imagine that Lott had become so corrupted by Saddam himself that he said no not the command I have two daughters that I haven't had sex for you could have named imagine. But I was more than a little sexuality there were sexual perversion sexual aberrations also let lots daughters have learned the ways of Saddam very well they made their father drunk so they could commit incest with him and by the way the two sons Moab and Ayman. Was that more and more of an aim and became the progenitors up to all the nations of antiquity as a result of the daughters of not committing impressed with him. Now is E.Q. next one number or is it guilt sixteen forty nine and fifty explains that Saddam had become selfish and materialistic. She and her daughter had what pride. But we're going to work right. You know about the Apostle Paul in the catalog of sand at the end time says that men will be lovers of the their own selves. So you have pride pulled out of what. Of bread and abundance of idleness. So now let's try an abundance of greater good in abundance of I don't this. Neither did she strengthened the hand of the right of the poor and the needy. In other words they were ultimately selfish and materialistic. They didn't think about anybody else about helping anybody else than home than themselves. Did you read the catalogue of sins in second pier to port twenty two. It's depressing every time I read it it's so depressing. Carry that live in by the way of talking about it. Talk about the plot then about Sodom and Gomorra and gives a catalogue of I mean it's horrendous what is said there the practices that were taking place before the plot in our world apart are coming to the point to the same point. Now I want to put a chart here on the board so you can visualize how this story typifies what is going to happen at the end of time there. Porky point the time that I want to know that's point number one of Time is in the light of the wickedness that existed in the world God raised up Noah to preach. We're going to call this the period of combination the period of probation for the pre-flood race. And so that's what we're going to discuss right now will complete this child as we go along. So the first stage is probationary time number one. We thought the world was this Dr God sent a powerful worldwide message a warning by the way there were inhabitants all over the world because it said that the whole earth was filled with violence and you notice that the whole let's build up miles. No I was a preacher of what righteousness knowledge three but not judged by numerical standards I know a lot of evangelistic crusade with a tragic failure. I don't know what the conference President would have back then to now are you a good boy. Love the boat no that doesn't mean that our current post president isn't going to be on the boat. Don't get me wrong and don't get me into trouble. Just imagine the millions of people who lived on the planet. Only eight persons responded and they were all members of the same family. Yet the story of Noah represents what will happen in the end time. Do you suppose that the majority will be on God's side. No I did not preach a smooth message he denounced the sins of the antelope Ians that means the pre-flood race and called them to repent and allow God to right to change their behavior. Number two I know not only preached a message not beyond what an honor. That's important you know they thought he was you know got that going on I'm going to go out and thank you like for this great revelation that you're giving me and so I realized the information to the pre-flood ways he says not have told me that I was going to be applied. And people say well what are you going to do about it. Well well I will provide. I don't think so. There's a reason why God called NOLA not only to preach to ARK let's read the note. His words were backed up by his actions. Imagine building a tire transatlantic blood on dry land when it had never rain. Now are showing that he pounded into the boat that he believed his message. Yes You're saying if there's a fight once he left it all we have time efforts stirring elements and resources into the building of the ark while the rest of the people who are saving pouring in Boone why your flock and I how much of what they think survived so what are we doing saving a bunch of our money and piling up houses and piling up car if our knowing that we don't even believe what the Lord says we should be investing in and not just me and them constantly I don't say. Just didn't really I think we should be frugal. And whatever is not absolutely necessary for life we should be investing in dot com If we really believe that Jesus is God and so willingly Are there was not one job among many. It was his primary tires not of that it was his building of the Ark which condemned the world did you know that they did not that there wasn't a preaching primarily it was the building of the ark that condemned the world nor did the absurd because they believe God hates simply means trusting God and not to do a lot. He set that up a bit but you cannot trust God unless you love him and you cannot love him unless you know him and you cannot know him unless you spend time with number three. No US preaching was accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit who was driving with human hearts. So was the preaching get with the preaching given power by the Holy Spirit. Yes In fact the Hebrew word Dune scribe means to plead a cause to contend and it's translated many times to judge in the Old Testament knowledge spirit not only scrawled with human heart but in the process the same spirit was also judging them based on their response to his plea. In other words as the Holy Spirit through No I presented the message. The decisions that people made sealed their destiny in others they were judged by the preaching of Noah I got if anyone I'm saying you know went through this preached and only Spirit speak to your heart. Well if this is true you need to accept that you need to let it really the ball is in your court. If you choose to watch that. Your brain salvation upon yourself. A god is the one who say mean you not by your decision you're allowing God to save you if you reject your bringing judgment upon yourself by the way that's what it means an Exodus where it says that they have the Lord hardened their own heart. Some people have trouble with that the Lord hardened fails heart but that what they forget is that several times in the first part of that but it also says that they are all hard and his own are not expressions Hale hard not in the large garden. Well the way that Mullard hard part was by preaching the message could have most of the noun revealed God's truth of the Powerball each man what if they don't do so God by presenting a message no response. Pharaoh was hardening of heart you know a lot of the blame prepare hard and not get the message. Just reacted if you like to use that celebration the sun can shine on not clay and weapons of the with the clay it hardens or the same sun can shine on ice and what does it do it melted the sea the Son Jesus shined upon human hearts and human hearts can react by hardening or human hearts can react by melting before the power of God. But ultimately God is not responsible. People reject the message as the people before the flood. The pre-flood race was given a period of probation of what one hundred twenty years as soon as no was preaching was all over the lot the door would be shut and probation would be would be what. Finish. Let me ask you when the door closed at the work of the Holy Spirit come to an end. If it did with the preaching of the Gospel come to an end with everybody back let me determine before I started to ring. Yes very important point number five. No its message was accompanied by a powerful What miracle. And by the way the Hollywood version is wrong you have no honest sons going out and hunting down the animals and putting a rope around them and yanking the animals and trying to get them to come on to the ark. I thought of the Bible since the Bible says that the animals obeyed the voice of God and went into the ark to know they never went to the welcoming party but you have a lion then elements and oxen in rabbits then and he kept a log of all the animals as they entered the ark. Now why this powerful miracle. I believe that when you look at the book of Jude. Then why the milk of the animals. Obeying God and entering the ark seems to indicate that human beings have fallen below animal level this is the reason why do ten of them brute beasts sometimes beasts are wiser than human beings and if you don't believe that remember Baylen remember that don't you have more sense than bio never did say I was going to curse Israel only came to a place where there's a big embankment on one side and there was a big wall on the other and the little donkey could just barely print and the donkey stopped and so pale and starts beating the donkey to get a donkey to go and he wouldn't much and so now he beats and maybe even higher higher in town come on get don't you donkey you brute beast. And and you know all the donkey wouldn't budge and so here is beating the donkey and suddenly the donkey person says why are you beating me. I'll tell you what if I had a bone to speak to me I'd be out of there in a hurry they almost so many I'm going to donkey said what I would do with you instead of being you. And then the tail more of a brute beast could see what the prophet could see it see the lesson that we're learning here. And his eyes were open and he saw in front of the donkey the angel of lard with his sword drawn before him a tongue can't stop before the angel of war and the prophet could not see the angel. In other words the animal have more sense than the prophet and before the blood the animals obey God and human beings did not number six and I was not writing from a bomb but rather a what a mist went up from the air and water the whole place of me. Our goal of the earth or of the land. Interesting that God created an automatic sprinkler system. Oh not by your lawn but I know now that we do know the planet was covered with water before creation. Correct on the second day God place part of the water above the earth and part of the water under the earth the water about provided a uniform climate the whole world was indoors. Not all of the world was like a gigantic greenhouse that the reason why they found parcels of tropical plants in the North Pole. In the polar region say how could there be tropical plants there. Because there were no polar regions before the flood in fact I believe that the earth was tilted slightly and it exits. And of course the canopy that made this an indoor world came down when the windows of heaven were up in the canopy of water came out. Now let's continue here on the second day God placed by a lot above the earth and part of the water under the earth the water above provided a uniform climate the whole world was indoors and the water below sprinkled the earth at the plot. God did not have to create water he merely brought the waters above back down and the waters below back up. Just imagine Noah trying to convince the pre-flood race that it was going to rain. This appeared illogical IMO reasonable and scientific and empirically absurd and yet no upgrades done. Just imagine what the great teachers of the universities were saying that sociologists sociologist were saying and this guy is a menace to society. The psychologists were saying this guy needs to have a psychological or psychiatric evaluation that scientists were saying this is. In typically impassable they are strong and said there is no record of anything like this ever happening. The theologian said God loves everybody too much more something like this to happen. All the experts thought that it was impossible. And you know what they know I do. Any bill. Now let's talk about the close of probationary time when Noah finished building and preaching the Lord who shut the door are dumb shot him in. And I've got to our probation was shot by God you know when the Dharavi are called to say they were saved and the lost were lost. After this there would be no changing of sides at this time the Holy Spirit ceased to strive with the hearts of humanity. All the walls outside the ark were lost when the door shut. They did not know it until it started to rain. That's put this here on the board. Point number two the dollar what Adore calls is when the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and no more preaching. Everybody's case is decided when the door closes. Now let's go back to NO and if the family were in the yard for seven days before it started to rain. Have you ever wondered why God let Noah and his family in the ark for seven long days before it started to rain. I mean if you could God have made it rain the same day they went there for some reason he did because this becomes a regular work or an illustration of the end of time. Yes God could have made it rain that very day but a place of no R. and S.. Family was what changed it to the most during this period. They must have wondered Will God help me only his word and send after all this was a time of trial. Imagine each day goes by and there's no rain. People outside no doubt become more and more giving. And it was a time of apparent defeat for those who were inside the ark because apparently time went by and they were not vindicated by God. We can imagine the ridicule and the implications of the multitude. But probably God protect the block as well you know I've been on a family went wandering that the market will become more and more there and although the Bible does that become very quick by the very much the one goal out by Google more and more growing the time went by. Byrne unbelievable. So I'm going to start appearing in the sky that the world clown and suddenly they feel a bolt of lightning go off with a gun and they hear the rumble of thunder and then a little drop of rain falling when heaven how do you suppose they'll fill your heart must have been what everybody want to get in the ark now. But let me ask God and let them and then them gearing up learn. Well whatever happened after the flood. Maybe one of many that when a plane has made one of them yet they were afraid not because they recognize that there are certain who are not there to go find that they were one of the scribe we weren't going to have to admit to have made them in any group but think I think I'm one of that caught fire with I got caught on the other hand when they haven't committed adultery and murdered your I am sorry but what we have done we won by about the pamphlet went with it without a proper without bringing up a lot. Well you know like I have the experience known in Colombia and sometimes I had school that was copying from another more unbelievable. Well anyway I have I would I would remember and I would call him and sometimes it was a very important lesson for all parents to him with the Queen's not not make me feel depressed because I'm not going to be able to live with them for our own rule book so I'm going to move you know. So I'll give them another question he said they were firing and they repented come what may have been but the next class where they were killed. Do you think they want to know what they got caught up in point by an outside world outside that they were going to be a sky crane were terrible. Now let's go out to the crowd a subtitle a worldwide panic with events in the New Testament. All right you know we're bottom of the press the lives of letter would move all we want to know what some of the one with some local or in the valley of all at the point of many plethoric by example the Epic of Gilgamesh and an ancient Babylonian plugs go on with have many similarities with a biblical thorn but I believe in point of blood what the been plenty more out the of right. Why has the blood of the Epic of Gilgamesh come about the people around them. Oh my God what suffering and thunder I think if you know how many people thought we can sleep knowing your cranial reason compared to the movement of the Bible. Let's talk about who the real votes for a worldwide flood. Note that the monopolies understand the flood to be anything like a world wide event correct. But if we question the account of my own question I'll probably live with all that but good enough for me. Mike there's more proud of it all. Well I'm a violent world like violence. What a what a world. Not while I'm gone no one with family and the animals in a boat. Mogo what could that not have migrated to another location. What we need where there have been preserved for them your local club when he's going to survive elsewhere. Hoop on the God of the living thing which he made every weapon to creation with creation was a worldwide event when the destruction of Often what's God made might also have been a world without a language the Venice of seven seven nine. But whatever all the above the earth. Prevailed and increased and greatly increased prevailed. Extremely. This type of language would be meaningless for the local UNIFEM And one thing that we have understood when all behind me under the look of it. What part of all of them don't know them. Units of seven twenty one fans an all clear upon the earth and every man. Jennifer. Seven point eight million twenty fourth of the dog of all living things and only Noah and apparently remain Genesis obviously not servants. Jennifer seven grand. Tell us how it works no I think all of the final resting place would not have been true if it were the local collector got a twenty one and want to know about the rainbow when we lived there and worked with some local club and got there that he would never cover the whole lot again. Well I understand I mean all nations of the world all the same promote survive on the planet you look at right up to them and diaper and all men are the one of them with me when I'm up and them are universal worldwide flood the world with a population of that very point. Memories of a worldwide flood. Popular in every culture on the planet the moon that we go back with a little sword and finally the powerful record and the poverty of the earth when the Cape are sometimes there with a manger world like a pack of folks going to be found all over the world not only in certain places all over the world for animals have been found upright going about other powerful animals which were crushed and dismembered before they were very plucky knowledge of science. Also saw that there was a world wide path. Then another and hopeful one with the Biblical truth another crew ROCOR when the problems of the grave were broken up and the heaven was open all the windows were the length of a very unwelcome but not all of them were from above and we all know now that we're here I would have a period of time everybody had been decided could we call that Frank believe I'm a victory for the way we're going to kind of come in the Cuyahoga like that you know we can all go out there we're going to have no idea that there are now one of them above and below. Or numbering No I mean certainly we're and we are there in their production but they were a lot but when you were say they're protecting our children by divine power at the hawk will lead to even know who agree that a lot of religion it was dark it was empty and all the work apparently what happened this time. One operative of Satan himself who was compelled to remain in the midst of the warring elements who knew or even of the same happen. To say what will happen there in the millennium he will be but we will all be dead some of them will know that we want to know are you going to happen when people so let put me here by the way that second point of time the cauldron of the point of time there is the time of the famine bravely for thought written and then point number one you have but what of the destruction and then of course and who also have a period during which Satan is a lot but we are number five bound by the way we look in the plant that we're going what we need to understand the spirit in prison they were in prison or the time of the flood level that we will do on the ground that will put our pets and will deal with the next time I want more no I knit family came out of the Ark had been well clearly saner and worse. Totally green or not well then what. Then existed. Parrish green running where liar. So point number six I said that there was actually cooler but you conclude what happens after the button you have to have built in a point to come out the world that I've been clear and confident. Obviously we're going to go up again but it's still going to happen at the end of time when the world is clear and wrong sooner but yet at the time by the way the type of never you know it's not an illustration it was never complete on purpose and one of those things for example in the old crap about the land of the symbol of home of the group and I don't mean that to be irreverent but I want it I want to make a point and I like the type can all be eloquent. Certain claims about the imperfect eloquence of more time. OK now let's see what we have a thing about the Bloods going in Matthew twenty four G.B. your parallel between the point scoring and it's coming out of the grave of Noah were so. Oh so we'll. But coming of the Son of Man be no no word on you know who aren't by American born or where and where they're not the preplanned rings were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage work on parallel but not that here when probation empowerment there that no one could be on and did not know and count a lot and count. When I came they were like let me ask you Was there something there that the plane right. Not know who put in the time that the door closed and when it started to rain. According to the weather something that we know between when the door closed and when it by appearing not know that they were what we were law the province have called those probation close call on the world to grow more boat crew Concorde see what the gravel has done we can see the Christian world and really what's going to happen with the church is going to be going to be raptured to heaven from the community where the Bible teaches that when the dog provision calls as God's people will have been able to protect them from the Google I'm going to marry one time and for those who don't think that they're going to vote in the election we will not have an effort though to go through look at the never believe that they were going to go. Well I don't know if any one of them will one of them a lot of people who've been out of the world are going to want to move. Where do all of the coming of the great passions things like night and when it comes everybody what have people been surprised. Well I think the point with one hundred percent of the moment I don't know. Well you know everybody everybody when command down the slope of the night comes and moves a knob and normal I don't want to go so the goals will require that and Iron Hammer on the computer and let me ask you Have you surprised all who have been out. No they know they've been surprised when they don't know when I may really surprise when they wake up and make everything OK but the people who thought they were actually but they don't realize that in the morning when they wake up and what's going to happen what's going to happen in Geneva. There's going to call the dog home agent and that's the building up to how many people are going to realize that the operation is cold and that they will not sound like a model that people will know how to program in the lineup and then watching the one give a flip and then will have been surprised not that I'm aware of it when we're out I realize that teams that don't have clothes and their paranoia they will realize that when games are just coming on the crown the Previn with great glory but them are with of the cloaking of a coup it will be to know I'm going to turn around or planet. Oh oh you know when all the Christians believe in fact in the third quarter let me tell you why. So if you don't they couldn't go after you know we were in the privileged and then if we're going to be looking for you know if you're going to play you can play but then if I thought one thing you don't accept the law and one of the Tribulation then you have comes back the set up of the left and going down and somehow your survive the coming of the evil then you have the millennium to reclaim that the I mean so you have a second CAN NEVER BE SAVED MY Bible tells me that is the point of man could die once and after that they had what they have found they can there are not multiple opportunities. Moeller line I've got multiple calls but if you miss the rapture you are going to have a chance in the population. Thinking is that the cremation not going to have a millennium the back with the local vocal closed because of all the whole Illinois at it but no Michael. Very very end of the school. OK Let's talk about some of this born in a powerful problem i've no longer have a lot of what will characterize the world in me that lives with me and where lovers not of themselves. SE The little volatile parents were who I was not close your eyes let them over the book and a lot of sense of a lot of the very conversant with of the people of the club. Number two the Apostle Paul also warned Christians not to be I'm equally right not to grant them where non-believers come out from among them. And being separate. So if the lawn we are reminded that the one sandwich led to the demise of the length of the movie when raised was the moving of a writer write this god called this in time to pull the comma out of Babel and you can't be farmed out to learn you can't have Babylon but you're not going to convert Babylon and they said well you know let's move the map of the Bible and I will let you know Babylonian got no comparable and we can bomb over organic it doesn't work that way when your own Babylon supposedly can reach them with the gospel. Ultimately we will end up one of the Babylonian not them. Phone number three that we are involved of a life important that well they never got there in time. No Nancy to Emily mention Dr Khan and people their methods calls upon the world to what dear God and give way to him because the Army's judgment has come. One of the all of God God might come in the days of Noah. Yes Remember the word boon when the Spirit comes in not greater than I think people are opening or closing the door bringing judgment upon themselves by the and caring God and give the glory and the man that by the fall of man or left messages accompanied by the power of the lack of a holy spirit just like in the days of Nabucco that live in the world and divide that number by God people are coming across them their cup immediately after comparing the timing of the parable book by Paul Simon. The parable of the parable armoring. And the and the stalling of the keeper and not by the parable power power to learn while we wait. Point how are we treating people well we went and got my brother we have green one is that the lamp or the parable. God can count on that one by one of our Queen ten Americans giving them a parable green talent wanting twenty five twenty five piping the thirty one and the story of the shape of the dog of Matthew twenty five thirty wonderful and probably come up when you've not palatable we won't. It was about we multiply them right now. Well they're talking about it. Well of money talent in its original context both talking about inventing everything we are and everything we are we have got what I was about I'm going with the Word of God But I think probably praying for the power of the Holy Spirit. Now with a friend with a balcony knowing that occupy until I come. Number six the contrast between the number like this and the number of men we couldn't live in and level as a nine sixteen and fourteen one who you know of but the right group I work with one hundred forty four thousand and the world that are two hundred million kind of on you and your number seven. When the final. After that have been delivered to the world adore probation work well with a scene in Revelation when the pamphlet will work what with smoke and no one by the way live right up and grinned of methods of life like that the write up an open method in Revelation run up and bring the messages the dog lovers and so I think no one will be able to enter it. I'm proud of them and laugh. Why point out according to the book the moment when provoked in Clovis Why do you insist on just met him began just to do you always were helping and then to be still and you're always right you may be right that still he who is only meant to be only and that you wonder whether that talking about the very next verse Jesus says and behold I come quickly and my reward if the give to everyone according to His works when I was talking about the cold movement of a can no longer call the agent or small group of a whole world away but I've got to love the world of not compass types we were in the dark all over the other after Michael stands up. By the way also indicate the glow of the probation or there will be a time of what private sector but well I have no experience and then God People will be what. When I got to amplify and have a talk about the experience of taking cover when and bother with coming to be falling into that black like you've got to happen at the end of time. Then how do you know it reminds me of the story of the little note you know. And they don't put it off and put it off and put it off and you keep on the plane took a path given what you want to get off my back and then she makes the application of a parable he spends it when I'm done. Yeah well I am to the point you have a little bit off with that how much more are well into the plea that we think will love the conclave than in a certain way because there are no well my attitude is parallel to the nth time people look at contacting the experts and the way that you understand one thing and then you wonder whether the parable of the book like the end time it does because we maybe only for those with talking about the birth of Noah I mean and the parable by saying Nevertheless when the Son of Man come Sean Fine now if we're going to find him by the way what of the woman that we're going to what would a widow woman went with it. If you have nothing to talk let me ask you think the church got a link up of if and when a lot lot of local court and then there are you know what will it mean when the judge is going about doing what is right and intervening by them and by the way little when I'll have an advert the Greek word on Google for three to five words as your adversary the Maple Grove about people who might evolve so whenever they aren't in the story of Little who are progun everything awoke a little program open only on the night and where many of those will come from heaven will combine a firebug or time. We want it will be one partner and a well known and then US created. Yeah my whole arm and polo and that we're going to have in our modern and we will learn are there. Satan will be put in real time what with that were put in prison and we're in the plot. Now this plane and what plane going to once again be obligated to remain on the planet. He will have a lot more hit our brains because of all the work another planet will embark on on habitable half of the thousand there and then we'll have our way with a great noise and the elements will melt Well overwhelmingly more than the work that will be burned up. Then what. No heaven and a new earth where we do well. Now knowing that we are to be holy in what turned out and gotten us now to talk about living in expectancy what should we be doing while we when we were coming so I believe it's all work and we've been doing well. Well it's not a miracle or you know not our own work with Son of Man will come in the way that want to walk with a frame one that we want and grandpa while Lago Popov my father and what would we do then went to sleep with. Watchman why and I wish I had money. When looking at the sign just doesn't know what's happening in the world you know what. So I'm going to paint you want and want and pray where we need to pray not know when the time know what we're doing. Well they're born you want that we want all we need to be ready for the Son of Man it's coming on and I are not who we are to live really you know Lauren vamps along or not away but on one thing. Fun but given the call of God in the Cause of God will provide. How much of what you know I had and how much by whom epidemic and yet in the art of having them around how much I admire them I don't people having a method in their own salvation whether or not of the kind what we will build on the car and then of course we have not only been called Aren't they all went home alone come up with a new wrinkle. It's not the word for him. Finally do use of this parable in Matthew twenty two not the making of the parable of the ten burdened with the help of a lamp burning. Always pull it all out of all the map and one can wonder Barton a backup or the man without a letting go I haven't heard of a memo to guy I'm going to check the garment of the glass. When you're all when God certain members of the garment that were provided by the crew. How does a little here on the Bible son overcome whatever you know what it really moves. Well let me return the garment paper right when you where did he fall.


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