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20. Our Eternal Home

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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Just by our heads and let's pray Father in heaven. Thank you for the privilege of being here tonight. Thank you for having been with us throughout this whole series of meetings the twenty meetings including tonight. We can't help but marvel at how wonderful a dog you are and how you placed everything in your word in such a harmonious way so that there's no excuse for us not going to heaven and not living on the north and that you are going to prepare for your people. We asked Lord as we study about our eternal home that you will help us feel homesick homesick for heaven and homesick for the North homesick for Jesus. We thank you for hearing our prayer. Because we ask it in Jesus' name amen. OK Tonight we're going to study about our eternal home. Let's start at the very top of the lesson in this our last lesson we will study about the eternal home which Jesus is preparing for those who love him. Revelation twenty one twenty two. Standing in contrast to the rest of the book the person one thousand chapters of Revelation describe a world infected by the deadly virus of sin it is a world of pain sorrow suffering and death. It is a place where God's people have no lasting home. As we saw in our last lesson the world will even become an inhospitable wilderness. As a result of the seven last plagues but better days are coming. Jesus is preparing an everlasting home for his people which is beyond our wildest imagination. Let's study together about our eternal hope. The press section deals with pilgrims on the moon the great heroes of me. From able to Abraham confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. I like those expressions. Strangers and pilgrims of the year. They were seeking a what Homeland In other words this was not home. They were seeking a homeland. They desired a better a better what better heavenly country there you go. See I don't always quote it exactly the way it is in the Bible we have to use our imagination a little bit but they desired a better heavenly country. In other words they weren't happy with with this Earth this earth was not their home they were strangers and they were pilgrims they were just passing through. Number two because these heroes sought a better country. God is not ashamed to be called their God for He has prepared a city for them which has what foundations how many foundations. Twelve foundations whose builder and maker is God never told. Look forward to the reestablishing of the earthly Jerusalem that these heroes look forward to inheriting the little land of Canaan. With that earthly Jerusalem absolutely not. They look toward a much greater Jerusalem the heavenly Jerusalem rule whose builder and maker is a God not David. Number three right now. Oh what our names are what Roger Stern and I haven't. I mean it means that we are citizens of our government because our names are written there I see not heavenly. My illness has our names there. I saw that when we get to the city. Jesus will say you are a citizen. You can come in Seoul right now our names are registered in heaven. The apostle Paul explains that our what our citizenship is in heaven from where we eagerly await the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ son out of our names are written there are citizen ship is there. Let's go to number four. The apostle Paul explains that we have what we have here. No but continuing or as the old King James says no lasting city. But we have but we what we see no one to come. In other words in this world we have no city that we can call home. Now let's read the very important note. God's True Children have knowledge citizenship on earth they are pilgrims on the way to heaven. There citizenship was once in the city of Babylon but they renounced their citizenship there to become citizens of the New Jerusalem. At least I hope that's what we've done. If we come out of Babylon we must renounce our citizenship in Babylon. We must say I don't want to be a citizen there anymore and they have left the world behind with its lusts and are marching to Zion. I love that song or marching to Zion beautiful beautiful Zion. We're much marching upward to Zion that beautiful city of God. This can be illustrated with the history of Israel. They left Egypt and became a pillar. Friends on their way to what McCain and they were in transition. They no longer had citizenship in Egypt and they had not arrived yet in Canaan. They lived in transitory tents. No permanent buildings tents. Even the sanctuary was a tent. But when they entered Canaan they settled in the land and built permanent homes of stall God's temple built by Solomon then became a permanent structure of the land. Actually the Feast of Tabernacles commemorated the end of the wilderness wondered you know what they like to do in the piece the tabernacle is every male twelve years and older was required to go to Jerusalem by the beast the pepper Nichols and the Beast of Tabernacles lasted eight days. They left their homes and they went to the City of Joy. And then after eight days of celebration they went back to their permanent home. You know this will be fulfilled when God's people will leave this planet and go to heaven for the peace that Bevere Nichols and then James asked will bring his people back to planet Earth and we will live here in our permanent home in their beautiful now. People lived in bolts made of branches for eight days in other words provisional homes that commemorated the wilderness wonderings and then they went back to their permanent homes. This illustrates the fact that God's people will go to Heaven to live there temporarily and then will return to their permanent home after the thousand years. Now let's talk a little bit about the heavenly Jerusalem now becomes very obvious as we look at revelation that the New Jerusalem is in entre. Asked to Babylon. You see Babylon is a city of sin. It's a city of corruption it's a city of death. It's a city that adorns itself it's a city of darkness whereas the New Jerusalem is a city of holiness a city of light and then corruption a city that is not a harlot a city that is married to Jesus Christ a city of light. Now I'd like to compare two passages these are not in the lesson you might want to write them in Revelation Chapter seventeen and verses one to three. Revelation Chapter seventeen and verses one to three. Here we have a description of Babylon and then I want you to remember the details because we're going to read a passage that speaks about the New Jerusalem and it's going to be in stark contrast to Babylon itself. The Revelation seventeen verse one. Then one of the seven angels will have the seven bolts. Came and talked with me saying to me Come I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the line of her or negation. So he carried me away into the in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns. Now let's go to Revelation chapter twenty one and let you read verses nine and ten and immediately you're going to see several parallels. It says then one of the seven angels who have the seven bowls interesting Same same idea. Filled with the seven last plagues came to me and talk with me saying Come. That what he said in Revelation seventeen. Yes Come I will show you he said I'll go to show you got it but now he says. I will show you that right. No lambs right. And so he carried me away in the spirit not to the wilderness but to a great and high mountain and showed me the great city Babylon also called the great city isn't it. Show me the great city the holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God In other words Babylon represents everything that is bad and Jerusalem represents everything that is good and that's why God calls us to come out of Babylon where error is taught when darkness is followed where church and state are midst were a day of worship is kept where people believe that the dead are dead. But that the soul is immortal and lives on after death. Right to believe that we're not now in the judgement but the judgement takes place when you die you see God knows that in Babylon there is nothing God and so he says if you are born with truth you need to know what you need to come out don't try to reform it. It can reform up will come out of her my people and join as citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem. Now let's take a look at what the heavenly Jerusalem is like number one in our second section of the city where we have our citizenship is the New Jerusalem. We are told that in this city God will dwell with us and we shall be his people and God himself will be with us and be our God Now you the story of the Bible is not us reaching up after God but God reaching down to us in Genesis Chapter three God came looking for out of many. In John chapter one it says that the word was mailed make Plesch and dwelt among us and a Revelation chapter twenty one twenty two it says that God will be sent and he will dwell with us so it's interesting that in all stages in all stages of human history it's God coming down. God came to the garden does make Adam and Eve after they sin he comes looking for them. When man falls into sin Jesus comes and Tabernacles among us. And ultimately Jesus and his father will dwell with us for ever and ever. It is an awesome thought that God will transfer his headquarters from heaven to this earth. The New Jerusalem will become the capital of the universe and a king will dwell with us forever. What an honor and what a privilege. Number two the city is said to be laid out as a square. It's length. Brett and I are equal in other words it's not really a square it's a lot it's a Q That's right now do you know what shape as a cube in the Old Testament it was the most holy place of the sanctuary. If you want to read that that's found in Prince Kings Chapter six and verse twenty which means that the New Jerusalem is equivalent to what to the most holy place of the sanctuary by the way to heaven is much larger than that just Jerusalem there's more to heaven than the New Jerusalem. It's much bigger like in the New World and there's going to be much more than the New Jerusalem. There's going to be the whole earth. Besides I saw recently the New Jerusalem is the equivalent of the most holy place of the sanctuary where God will dwell and where we will go to visit in the Old Testament the high priest all he could out of the most holy place but at the end of time. I'm When the holy city sends God's people. Everyone without any barrier will be able to go into the very presence of God. Now according to the Bible the measurements of the city was twelve what twelve thousand furlongs or as other versions say twelve thousand stadia. Now I'm going to tell you how many twelve thousand stadia are. Twelve thousand stadia is equivalent to two million five hundred and eighty six thousand square yards or yards linear yards Actually that's two million five hundred eighty six thousand yards. That's the length the breadth and the height each weight two million five hundred eighty six thousand yards. By the way our stadium has about two hundred fifteen point five yards or up or long as it's called here in the New King James Version. And so you would have to multiply two hundred fifteen point five yards times twelve thousand and that's how I got the figure two million five hundred and eighty six thousand. Now that's a pretty big place isn't it. I think it's an awesome place. In fact let's read the note. The city is actually a purple cue just like the most holy place of the Hebrew sanctuary the city is three hundred seventy five miles in length and height and covers an area of about one hundred forty thousand six hundred twenty five square miles. This is equivalent to the size of Virginia District of Columbia Pennsylvania Maryland New Jersey Rhode Island and Vermont combined. I would say that's a pretty good sized city don't you don't you think. Is not expecting a lot of visitors talking about what we expect. It's a big city if it's such a big place. Now let's go to number three. The city is made of pure gold not if it doesn't just say gold it's pure gold like clear what like clear glass you see that John is kind of struggling to find words to describe what he's seeing. That's the frustration of the proper properties transported to heaven and he shone heavenly things and he has to describe in words what he saw in heaven. That's pretty difficult choices you know. Like in chapter fifteen he says I saw a sea of glass like a sea of glass and it looked like it was mingled with fire. Well the fact is the reason why it's mingled with fires because the glory of God shines in the sea of glass it's so crystal clear it doesn't look like what it looks like glass and so so John is struggling and by the way he describes this in human words but it's going to be infinitely more beautiful and more spectacular that he can describe in human words. So the goal is so bright and pure that it looks like what like glass like Crystal. The foundations of the city are composed of precious and not precious stones and by the way I get a little bit of research on those stones and those stones are all of the different colors of the rainbow. In other words when the light shines on the foundations the city is going to look like a rainbow. Let me just mention those very quickly. Cal's Adani is a blue like a heavenly blue sardonicus is a red and white combined Saadi is deep red. Jasper is kind of like a color of a rainbow. Several different colors like a prism or like a diamond window. Light shines on it. Chrysolite is gold colored girl is green like the Pacific Ocean. Topaz is a triad like a transparent green crystal press is like a very light purple. Jasim is a very bright violet color Sapphire is a blue brilliant blue and Eminem of course is a dark green and Amethyst is a very deep violet color and so you have all of these beautiful colors that form the foundations of the city and of course the foundations of the city you have the names of who you have the names of the Twelve Apostles the tribes on the door. We have about nations the name of the twelve apostles by the way is this city the city of all of the regime from all ages. Yes because the foundations have the names of the Apostles and the dollars have the names of the tribes all of God's people are going to be included that not only the New Testament Christians or the Old Testament liberal Jews. Now let's go to number five each gate of the city was a girl. Those must be some size pearls. Oh yes. Have you ever seen Pearl Pearl tell you it's so beautiful you know it's kind of like a cream color and it has the colors of the rainbow in it very very beautiful. And every dollar is going to look like it is going to be a pearl. According to Revelation. Let's read the note. Throughout the book of Revelation the number seven the number which denotes God's perfection has been predominant. But now the number twenty clips. Number seven figures are twelve a multiple of twelve. There are twelve gates twelve angels twelve tribes propagations twelve apostles twelve thousand furlongs one hundred forty four cubits. Twelve pearls twelve kinds of fruit one hundred forty four thousand. The New Jerusalem is a city of God. But it is also the city of the Redeemed along ages and the number twelve describes the redeemed because in the Old Testament you have twelve tribes and the New Testament you have twelve apostles the sons of Jacob were the founders of the Old Testament church and the Apostles of the New Testament were the founders of the New Testament church. In other words even the number seven has been eclipsed and not only emphasis is that this is the Met. That's how the City of God the people of God from all ages from the old approve the New Testament. Number six there will be a pier or river of life clear as crystal. Not like present a lot or which proceeds from the throne of God and the lamb the Holy Spirit invites everyone who is to come and take the water of life freely. In other words you don't have to pay for it. It's FREE. Number seven in the middle of the street. On either side of the river is what is the Tree of Life which produces a different fruit each month. Now how can a tree be on both sides of the river. Well the fact is that there each side of the river has a trunk and then the tree meets on top of the river. In other words the tree of life is like a gigantic arch that goes across the river. Now notice the not very. They usually work for Kerry in Revelation is dead and will then run. It's years in Revelation seven one eight seven nine four. But here the word is cool. This word means what. And it is used to describe the cross of Christ in Galatians three thirteen and first Peter two twenty four where it says that Jesus was hung on a tree. Does this perhaps mean that we will all the privilege of meeting for the tree of life to what Jesus did on the cross. Perhaps. Number eight there are seven things the city will not have no more what I see and whether that speaking literally or whether it's speaking in terms of the sea being the nations that are in turmoil and war I don't think really makes that much difference because I don't think we're going to have a huge seas that we have now and I definitely know that we're not going to have the sea in the symbolic sense of the word. Number two there will be no more what no more death more sorrow nor crying and there shall be no more no more pain. Number three the city has no temple in it. The city is the most holy place of the temple and that's where God inhabits. Now will be neat no need for what her son already known. And so some people say well you know how then can we keep a servant that's not so normal. There's not months there knows weekdays. The Bible specifically says that there will be no sun no need for sun in the city we have to read carefully. It says the city has no need of sun or moon. Clearly not the newer. Because there is. It will be a weekly cycle in the north because we're going to keep this up. There must be a cycle of day and night. Number four and there will be no need for oh I already did this with no need for the sun or the moon number five there will be no night. How can there be a night when the glory of God is all the time there. There will be no night and the gates will never be what will never be shut. Praise along right now are genies our gate openers for a long hard road. So there's no reason to have doors and locks and fences none of none of those things. Number six nothing which what which defiles shall enter there. And there will be no light there will be no curse. Doesn't that sound like a nice place to live. Are you looking forward to living there. Same babble as everything bad. BABYLON wants to settle in this world. The Babylonians they love this work. Not but according to the Bible this world is not a permanent home. This world is passing away. And what the Bible means by that it's time to go writing like a leper. What's on this earth is unreal. No real things other things that we can't see as well not as a little bit later on in the lesson. Number nine the city will have a cosmopolitan flavor. It will be transnational because there are people from every nation it will be transgenerational which means that the regime for all generations will be present there and it will be multilingual. You know this debate about what language you want to speak in heaven you know I think probably it might be English because Americans can't learn any other language and not going to have one. See on them. So you got happy and then you got people from every nation language group an epoch will be there John Sagna numerable multitude from nations tribes peoples and tongues standing before the throne of God So you know what if you can't get along with people from different nationalities and different races here you're not going there. If you think that your race is superior to everybody else's race forget it because you're not going to be happy. So we need to remember that all of us belong to God's family and are equal in the sight of God and in other words we have to learn how to live in heavenly society on earth. Now number ten God promises that the former things will be will pass away and that he will make all things what you know. The new heavens and the North will not be an improvement of the old but rather a totally new creation. Second Peter three explains that the earth and the work. Then our unit will melt with fervent heat. Then after the earth is cleansed God will make a new heavens and a new earth where righteousness dwell. Now I'd like to deal just for a moment with a little translation problem that we have in Revelation twenty two in verse fourteen. You'll find that most modern versions if not all of them translate Revelation twenty two of us fourteen. Blessed are those who wash their ropes. Have you noticed that when I said I'm old school. We wash their robes that they might have a right to the tree of life and enter through the gates into the city. I don't believe that that is the proper translation of the verse. I believe that the translation blessed that I was doing his commandments is the best one and the reason why is the parallel that we have in question number eleven. I want you to notice how the revelation on down is what happened in Genesis. Did God give Adam and Eve a commandment in Genesis. Yes Russ were all of the Ten Commandments contained in that one commandment when we study this in one of our lessons that every commandment was really contained in that one commandment. Then Adam and Eve disobeyed God Yes they disobeyed God So what did I do with them. He cast them out of the garden and home to the place at the gate. He placed angels at the gate and why were they placed at the gate so that they would guard what the entrance to the tree of life and as a result. Genesis says that what came in the curse and Deb those two very words are you saw I want you to get the picture here the picture is. God gave Adam and Eve His commandments they disobeyed the commandments God cast them out of the garden. He put angels at the gate to ban them from the tree of life and as a result comes the curse and their revelation and does all of that. Revelation twenty two. Tells us that the Saints keep what the commandments of God and as a result the Saints are not cast out but they are allowed what it did to the city and where are they all out into the city by my angels that are at the gates. I hope you read that verse. Revelation twenty two in verse twelve. And as a result the Saints will be able to partake of what the Tree of Life and Revelation says that there will be no more curse and. Or will be no more debt. Are you with me. So Revelation I am does what happened in Genesis. It's the antonym of Genesis and it all has to do with whether we will obey God or not. You say Are you saying are you saying that we're going to go into the heavenly Jerusalem because we obey God No I'm saying that we're going through the gates into the city because God by His grace redeemed us and because we love him so much we keep His commandments. It's very different to say that we go in because we keep the commands then to say that we go in because of the grace of Jesus. And as a real result we kept the commandments of God. At the bottom of the page characteristics of the city citizens. All of us citizens of the city will be what will be overcomers. Now let's read this note. It's very important. God Now fulfills the promises and I say now it's when the New Jerusalem descends he fulfills the promises he made to the overcomers in the seven churches. Let me just go through this quickly. Do you know that the very promises that Jesus made to those who are overcome in the churches are the promises that he fills in Revelation twenty one and twenty two. Let me just mention this that I can't go slow for you to copy it off but you can do the research yourself. The charge of F.S.S. God promises that if they overcome the lead of the tree of life is that in Revelation twenty one twenty two eating of the tree of life. Yes to the church of Smyrna. God says if you want to come you will not suffer the second death. Is that a reward of never listening. No second there. Revelation twenty one verse seven says so that those in the city do not suffer second death to turn him up. Jesus promised I will give you my new name in Revelation twenty two it says that his name will be on their foreheads to the church of fire Pyra Jesus promised you will have if you overcome you will have power over the merchants. Revelation chapter twenty two. It says that God's people will be king govern over the nation. The church upside its God promised that it's not just those insiders who overcame would have white garments and he would not erase their names but the book of life. Revelation chapter twenty one verse twenty seven says that those that are in the city are written in the Lamb's book of life to the church of Philadelphia Jesus promised in Revelation three Verse twelve that if they were faithful they would have their name no Jerusalem written on their foreheads. And of course in the Book of Revelation they enter the New Jerusalem into the church of Laodicea Jesus sent to you overcomes I will grant to sit on my throne even as I overcame and sat on my father's throw in if you read Revelation chapter twenty two three and five. It says God's people will sit on the throne. G. In other words the promises which Jesus made to the Church Militant people sales to the Church Triumphant. Now listen to what I'm going to say. Revelation one to three describe the church and its struggles as does Revelation for the nineteen Revelation chapter twenty one and twenty two describes that same church having gained what the victory being trialled but so my question is were the churches on earth during the tribulation. They must of been. Now let's read the note. God now fills the promises he made to the overcomers in the seven churches to each church. Jesus had said to him who overcomes. This proves beyond any doubt that the victors in the seven churches went through the turbulent events of revelation for the nineteen. In fact the entire book of revelation was given for the churches did you read Revelation twenty dollars explain it as this is what Jesus says to the churches. Notice that we must overcome as Jesus overcame and Jesus overcame the world. The flesh and the devil. Revelation one through three presents the Church Militant that is at war on Earth. Revelation twenty one and twenty two. Present the same Church Triumphant. In other words having gained the victory in heaven. So why is it important for us to study about the seven churches to see what it means to overcome. Absolutely. Let's go to number two. All the citizens of the New Jerusalem will inherit some things. Thank you very much. All the citizens of the New Jerusalem will inherit things and I want to vote. Ours will inherit them. So the promises were made to Jesus and when you joined Jesus you get on the bandwagon. They have only one way to save Dave because Jesus recovered everything. When we receive Him we receive everything. Falter we see Jesus means to have everything to reject Jesus means nothing. Oh now. And we will be called what sons and daughters of God. It was by accepting Jesus and being baptized. That they became sons and daughters of God regulations three twenty six to twenty nine. It says though that all who have been baptized have put on Christ. There is no longer an issue I am afraid. There are no longer any jewelry there is no longer any male or female you are one in Christ Jesus and if you are Christ you are a man see and you will inherit all of the promises so the crucial thing is to receive Jesus and to announce it publicly by being baptized. See baptism does not save you. What Baptism does is it proclaims to the while I am now. Jesus is about one of the core claims that you are receiving Jesus as your Savior and Lord you become his son and a daughter of God yes. The similar baptism in the Old Testament is in the story of naman. The symbol of baptism in the Old Testament is the baptism of Israel in the Red Sea. The similar baptism in the Old Testament is in the story of the flood. First Peter three says that the symbol of baptism in the Old Testament is in the crossing of the Jordan river before Israel into the Promised Land. So I continue. There's a lot of our baptism if you know the story of naman is the most extraordinary story a baptism in the whole Bible. This guy who had leprosy they got the property lighter and a lighter says Don't bathe in the River Jordan seven times. And boy does he ever get mad you know he was from he was from from Syria from Damascus. I didn't see any rivers in Damascus. But he said there is much cleaner rivers in Syria where I'm from and that muddy old Jordan River and of course as soon as our soldiers raise and weapons this is such a big thing that the prophet is asking you to do it yourself. So sometimes it takes other people to convince people that it's time to get baptized. There's a whole. Story that there's room for all servant on baptism in this story. And then of course naman because when you get seven times that doesn't mean that we're supposed to get people seven times under the water the number seven represents the perfection total perfect cleansing and you know he submerged himself seven times and when he came up the second time the Bible says that he was probably comes from is that person leprosy represents man. Leprosy it desensitizes you not really reached the point where leprosy is so bad that they can cap your finger you don't feel it. When it gets real bad. And the Bible says God does things he does it well it says that when naman came up the seventh time his skin was like the skin of a child not the skin of an old man. And thus cannot and will not agree to it. Because he had buried his leprosy in the waters well so much for baptism so exciting them baptized you think about it baptized by immersion by the way some people say well I've already been baptized by immersion. Well the fact is folks that the Bible says that when we learn new truths that we didn't know before we come out of Babylon you know we're baptized in order to indicate that we're joining the body of Christ which teaches the truth. So because baptism is not only joining Jesus that Islam is joining his church. See there's two meanings to baptism you're joining Jesus personally but you're also joining his body which is the church. We're going to number three all citizens will have the name of God on their heads and they will see is what. So brothers and sisters we're going to see his face to face with Christ might save your face to face. Willoughby run with laughter. I recall him Jesus Christ who died for me. That's my theory and in the living room. Yes. I will say so. Let's read the note. Don't let it don't miss it. His name must be written on their foreheads. Before they get to heaven correct the name represents the character of Jesus. So in the Bible the name means character that's why when your character changes God changes your name just to Jacob your name will no longer be called Jacob. From now on year your character is changed and so your name will be changed. Will no longer be called Jacob supplant or it will be called Israel. Hands of God. The note of number three. Whoever has our mind has us in this world we see the face of God only by reading His word and hearing his voice right. But when we enter the gates into the city we will no longer live by faith not by sight. When Jesus comes we shall see him as he is and if we have this hope in us we must purify ourselves even as Jesus is pure. Otherwise we must cleanse ourselves now from sin. Why are all the citizens of the New Jerusalem will be God's will that God's servants by the way the Greek word servant there is the Greek word lap but he will. Where we get our word. I don't like to idolatry. Let me ask you is it OK to idolize God. Yeah well not only thing that we're going to sound God and saying that we are going to idolize God. Because we have a right to idolize God God can be our idol he has to be the supreme focus of our attention and the only one of the people because of our attention. So we're going to be a servant. Yes we're going to worship him. The word luck to you or is translated also in other places of the New Testament worship Him number by all citizens of the New Jerusalem will be not only Sabbath people but what are commandment keepers I think that's a good idea how many of you would like to have murderers and have how many of you would like them adulterers and have how many of you would like to have liars and haven't overcome those things why do we overcome. Jesus is going to change it on the way to have a right but the changes are why didn't he just change. Everybody knows things might be overcome now too he will overcome the Bible says we must reflect the character of Jesus. Now number six citizens of the New Jerusalem will be more likely because nothing which what which defiles shall enter the city. No. JR. Reynolds Tobacco Company. No cigarettes no alcohol. No pollution no factories no acid rain. I don't think it's because nothing impure will enter there. Let's read the no Psalm fifteen and twenty four tell us who will be there. Those who have what clean hands and a pure heart. In other words they are pure in thought and thought and action and he was Prop twenty nine we are told that God is a consuming fire. Now listen to this. The wicked will not burn forever but they will be burned. If everlasting fire because God is an everlasting fire. It's the fire the everlasting fire that burns them up. Never does the Bible say that the burning and burning and burning and burning wherever the fire is everlasting because God is a lever lasting fire right. People have misunderstood everlasting fire. They think that everlasting fire is God an everlasting fire everlastingly Sorry about the redundant God is an everlasting fire everlastingly right that that mean that what he's going to consume is going to exist forever. Now that I know that a lasting and God is an everlasting fire so the wicked will be destroyed with everlasting fire because God is an everlasting fire. I understand my point in fact they are thirty three for being asked the question. Among us still do well with the devouring by her own among us shall do well with everlasting burning. The answer is surprising. We're going to live in the everlasting fire. He locks righteously. He would despise as the gay not only a question of how do you take advantage of people to make a good again who gestures his hands refusing by the numbers and the way in which a way bribes stops his ears from hearing our budget and shut his eyes from see. Oh able. Advocacy is going to be like you know people right there. A place of absolute bliss. God's people will never experience what hunger or thirst. Jesus Well what I love the Jesus was good with people and lead them to live. Being fountains of life and now none of this. And God himself will take away a handkerchief will kick out of trying to take out of cleavage and Weibo a lot. How can I and it's going to wipe away the deer I've a line of your cry and don't worry because your sorrow will soon be turned to joy. Number two animals in the coming kingdom will not forget in all about Solomon the Bible says that the law is going to sit with the lamb. It says the children are going to play with snakes. Have mercy and I want to go and only I will not be budgetary as they were at the beginning because there will be no so why don't we learn to be vegetarian. You know people don't learn here when they get to heaven and they see that wonderful table with pomegranate than men are and all those goodies are going to say a lot about you. But factory of their number three there will be no political impact in the coming kingdom of the blind Well you say that that well known name will relate the times I want to sleep and the dumb Well it's big and saying oh brother so other people the people who have political Deepak Lal both physical defects are going to disappear and there will be no less lands are ruled out. Also I have a desert. No lobby desert a little bit closer in the earth made new and packed the desert Well a lot. Real Radio right and wrong but a low number by them will be what and the saved will say this is our God we have prayed for him and he will live and he will say ma God's people will be given bodies which will be like a body of the Resurrected Christ. He will question our bodies to be like his glorious bun. These bodies will be what in corrupt hands or immortal never to die. Let's read the note. The bodies of the redeemed will be real question blood bodies but I'm tainted by corruption and mortality. First Corinthians uplifting fifty have been misunderstood so their pleasure and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God neither does corruption inherit incorruption and so some people say See when we get them and love not less and blood will be like ghosts. Now the Apostle Paul means when he says that rush and blood will not inherit the kingdom of heaven or the Kingdom of God He's simply saying that this simple corruptible body can not inherit the kingdom of God because the second part of the verse says neither does corruption inherent in corruption. In others and in corruption rather inherit. I was going to go. OK let's go back to the beginning of last year and we shall not inherit the kingdom of God neither dot com option it had what encryption is another expression blood means our life in our present work. Come up to date our body in a corruptible state is not saying that we're not going to have pleasure but I hope you read Acts thirteen thirty four thirty seven. The great philosopher stock that the body was an encumbrance as they stalk him deteriorate and wear out the body. They reach the conclusion that the body is evil and only the soul is good the problem is they did not have a revelation that we have in the Bible. We did not realize that time corrupts the body because of sin not because the body is inherently evil. So the problem is not that the body is evil. Let me ask Adam Happel action blood when he was created. If you had not even know eaten of the tree with that body you have lived for ever so much the problem with the body has a problem with them. Problem is with some folks. There's no problem having a body whiplash and bones. Jesus have a body with less involved in heaven now and you'll die no more. According to The Book of Romans Chapter six. Jesus have a real body but he was right that actually did the bible says he. It just does not does not have a push and go like you see that I have now. In other words the great perspective and perspective is right. OK let's go to number seven. Let's go more quickly our future home will be a place of unparalleled what joy ran from the large shall return and come to Zion Webb singing with everlasting. Our joint not the emphasis on their heads. They show up to mean joy and gladness and sorrow and sign chuckling away not the number of times they speak about joy and gladness and happiness. That's what heaven is going to be like number eight. God will create a new heaven and a new work and the former things will not be remembered or come to mind. Not as the result of this in God's own words but be glad and rejoice wherever it when I create probably home I create Jerusalem as a as a rejoicing and her people a joy I will rejoice in Jerusalem and roaring. I've just said it once I've got the video of your play it will die. Jars to my people the wife of wimping shall no longer be heard and in her law the voice of cry and the song with the reading about saying is what song and the light and the lamp. There it is finished is spoken four times in history have a beginning of history before sin entered the well God what finished his work of creation. When Jesus brought his work of redemption to a close he said it is finished and interestingly after he created he painted and then the rest of the seventh day when Jesus said on the cross it is believed he rested in the to never think about it in other words the Redeemer did what the Creator did because the creator is the real human. Run the data left plagues have been poured out and thought people have been doing that. That is going to have a seal of God One of the seal of God. That's only seven. God's voice is heard saying what it is not in other words the persecution and oppression of my people is finished. Number four when Sam has been obliterated from the universe God's voice will be heard saying what it is done over it is finished for ever and ever. Now we come to the most important part of all. Oh I want to see that city with foundations and gates and all the precious stalls and the tree of life and all of the lot I want to open it up there was nothing of that. It won't still be worthwhile being here. Because I'm in there. Now let's not underline the north and the New Jerusalem will be real places with real people. When Jesus resurrected but then he had a body composed of hands and what we eat as well as pleasure and home. So let me ask you the genes of known haven't had pleasure must Jesus be occupying a space right now. So if you want to know whether I have an Israel just asked whether Jesus is real. If Jesus Israel heaven is real because Jesus is their number two Jesus encouraged Thomas to place his finger in his hands and in his side and then told him not to be walk on believing and either don't have a lack of faith. Number three the Apostle Paul explains that because the children have partaken and flesh and blood Jesus partook of the same as Jesus was departing for heaven an angel sure that it cycles this same Jesus Jesus. No the G.'s of that have hands and makes no real Jesus. This same Jesus who was taken up into heaven will come in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven. So is everybody going to see him. Yes. Number by God we will enjoy every gathering with the dead in Christ. Imagine meeting Moses and Elijah. Of course he didn't die in Enoch and Noah. Wow no problems I have a story about an after we don't want only the light is out. Andrew. Right. Oh great like you're talking to them getting acquainted with them up Labrador but not us. No we will enjoy every gathering of the dead in Christ. Even our relatives who died in Jesus the greatest joy have had in a movie to bask in the everlasting fellowship with Jesus. After speaking about the coming of Jesus the Apostle Paul exclaimed and laughs We shall always be a lot. See that the pocket after talking about the resurrection and the bad and Christ rising and but we haven't been going and I am going to have appointed. We shall ever be. We call our number six. The main purpose of the coming of Jesus is so that we saw that where he was we wanted to we may be all he has been with Jesus. In effect you know the name of the New Jerusalem is going to be changed the name of the New Jerusalem will be no hard is there. And what they didn't you live in the Lord. If they're playing hard like about the move through with the market we're going to put him there. We must first have fellowship with Him in number eight and Revelation twenty one and twenty two repeatedly emphasized that God himself will be where he is. People act the exact translation of Revelation twenty two three years and he whipped them and as Emmanuel will be their God Number nine sixteen eleven David as you well show me the power of life in your presence is what joy at your right hand are what pleasure is forever not if in your presence and your right side. In other the key is once again being at home being with Dave. That's what heaven is Jesus. And there was no other way. Some people are pretty materialistic when they think about heaven. You get to thinking about the gold's creed in the thinking about the gates of pearl and the foundations of precious stones. All that is only the girl's heart. The mink are the commemorative sign the regime will go to the city from what paramount among and from Sabbath to Sabbath. To honor the Lord in Jerusalem the monthly trip will be to eat of the tree of life. And the weekly trip will be to worship Jesus and His Holy Father. That's the Sabbath will commemorate creation. We. Jesus rested from his work of creation. It will commemorate redemption because after Jesus said it it's vanished. He rested in the to understand it will commemorate deliverance because God people of God's people had the seal of God which is the fabric which protected them in the Final Crisis and it will be a sign of free creation because we will keep a lot of eternity a Sabbath of me nor the notes that I will be a concrete place in space and time. Eternity is not a timelessness so that's that. The Buddhist idea that that you know going after you die you go to a realm where there is no time and no space. Timelessness and safety nets. Take that Scripture teaches that we will live in a realm where there is endless time that ever between time left and endless time a whole world of difference. And notice there will be money in the nowhere as well as a weekly cycle or correct. This indicates that Jesus will create this world of six days and will rest on the seventh day and we talked about this before. Number two Corinthians tonight explains that he has not seen nor heard nor even any I don't know what the heart of the imagination of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him are you going to miss out. I hope that. It's too good to me. God makes the call let's go to our last section. If we receive Jesus we will work we will inherit all things. Everything that now belongs to Donald Trump will be mine and I think that now belongs to Ted Turner will be ours. Because we will inherit all things I want to put this out you understand what we're talking about. See here we have God the Father. And here we have Jesus the only one who is truly the Son of God is Jesus. All of the rest of us are children all right. Because we are sinners we have no right to claim to be children of God. But here's the bill of rights a group can not have direct access to God. Because were sinners. So what we do is we receive Jesus and when I receive Jesus I become a brother of Jesus and because we are brothers we have the same power. Are you with me now look at what I'm missing. Got dramatically I was the Son of God because I become a brother sister of Jesus by receiving Jesus and then because Jesus is the Son of God we can claim the same father. That's what Jesus meant when he said I am the Way the Truth and the light not one man comes to the pot but by me there is no other way other than who Gene. Number two we must lay up treasures in heaven. How do you spend your money to the heavenly bank. By putting it where I can reach people with this message. See the offerings that you've given here that it's going that goes to our evangelism front so that we can do preacher similar like this so that people can all these things. Number three we should make the chives ranch Moses make he could have been the next major product power glory out of a god all of the pyramids and all the other ready chose to go into the desert with a bunch of critical people who are forty years and he learned to be the make up man I know he preferred that sucker or saved and you know what. It know that chosen to stay in Egypt. He would now be a mummy in the basement of the British Museum. Or if he's lucky he would still be in an undiscovered Pyramid of Egypt. Moses is now in heaven because he made the right choice. Number four we must never remember that. This is one of those little mistakes that that which claims that should be things which are not the same I am more real than God what I was saying this is totally absurd. Or the post-modern mind not in the way you tell me that when I can see is more real than what I can see that exactly what the Bible says Heaven is more real than what we have on this earth because all that we have on this earth is going to burn up our real inheritance is there. And we should live like we believe in number by ever keep in mind that our citizenship is where in heaven. Nona sent us an invitation will we choose to be there. I don't miss it for anything in the world because it's going to be spectacular. Remember that absence plus time can make the heart grow fonder or colder. When you're absent from somebody in the Google of the period of time extends itself it can cause love to grow fonder or it can cause the love to grow older and I believe that in a great degree Christians living their love for Christ has grown cold and Matthew chapter twenty four. The Christian Church has lost its first love according to Revelation Chapter two. Nothing in this world is lasting the world is what the world is passing away.


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