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Leaping Compromise- Part 1

Isaac Olatunji
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Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • April 10, 2015
    9:15 AM
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Let us go to the Word of God in the book of Isaiah Chapter sixty two and with a look at verse eighteen I was there the second chapter and verse to me and the Bible says go through go through the gates prepare you the way that the people can cast up the highway gather out the stones and lift up and before the people you know the spirit of prophecy says that the greatest want of this world is the one of man men who cannot be bought or sold a man who only a mole souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by his right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as a needle to the pole. Men who will stamp of the right though the heavens fall that is very rare in this age you know with everything changing in society. Folks in organizations and groups that you would think would stand on the moral principles of God and the moral principles that have made this nation the United States a great nation. They're bending towards the left and brothers and sisters so goes the world so goes the church and the very principles that we hold dear are Seventh Day Adventists are being attacked are being on the line. Undermined and being how should I say it is right here under my hand and whatever negative connotation you could you could put but in short what we seeing right now is a thing called leaping what leaping Compromise Does that sound familiar. All right I'm pretty sure you know what we're talking about. See this man leaping I don't know how high he sleeping but this is leaping and right here is symbolic of the compromises going on in the Church of the Living God The Bible makes it very plain that we should not live by bread alone. Well every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. Brothers and sisters we see in a compromise where we're living right now and the greatest crisis in the history of seven day average is we really are living in that we are Seventh Day Adventists believe that God has called this church through the prophetic word to be the remnant in these last days he's given us the word of God He's given us a spirit of prophesying. I'll highlight the precipice has made us what we are. But this crisis. Brothers and Sisters is an apostasy homicide by Ellen White called the omega of apostasy and one thing I want you to remember that a journey to compromise begins with a single word Somebody let me say that we went on a journey to apostasy excuse me begins with a single word compromise very important very important. See once one pillar is removed the whole building can fall or reminds me of a time in Israel there was a wedding in Israel back in the late one nine hundred ninety S. And while they were having their reception on the third floor while the people were dancing and having their fist devotees all of a sudden. The floor just opened up and people fill down three stories down to the bottom and what happened was is that the reason why the the the the place failed was because that when they were building the building and the builders knew that they were opposed to put a pillar in the right places. But in order to save money they say we're not going to put a pillar there and there happen to be the very place where the thing caved in brothers and sisters God is given as biblical pillars as the foundations of our faith in any one of those pillars are removed. We're going to have some problems so we can't compromise but the compromise has come at a light talk about it as an iceberg as it was about an iceberg what we had to meet it we had to meet it head on. Now what we want to do is this is what we do that let me have a word of prayer you know we have prayer and we just pray one more time. Father in heaven. Anoint this hour and bless a city. We pray in Jesus' name amen amen. The Bible says in Revelation Chapter thirteen about the whole world wandering after the beast. We understand that pretty soon the United States government will enforce the law and right now we see this right here with the protection of a word free Sunday by the by the Europeans on the alliance where we have the churches civil society but also the what somebody trade unions in didn't God tell us at the trade unions will have a part to play in this. God already told us so we see this and not just that we're seeing people playing with the calendar to where the calendar has been altered to make Monday the first day of the week which makes Sunday the seventh day. So therefore we're seeing an all terrain of the very things that God has made there. I'll try to alter marriage but they do tamper with the calendar have mercy. So what happens is this right here the devil is setting this thing up European somebody Alliance notices right here national back to church Sunday every September of every year we see we are seeing the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecies prophesied in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy not just that but the question is will the real seventy eight minutes please what stand up is time for us to stand so that the subtitle of this whole series is will this real seventy eight minutes please stand up. Because let me tell you and we're told in testimonies Vanya five at a time is not far distant when the test will come upon every soul and then she says the mark of the beast will be urged upon us and those who have been compromising step by step she says will yield to the powers that be. That's why this message just seminar is so important when we talk about leaping compromise brothers and sisters out of a prevention is better than a pound of cure my writes about it if we can prevent this stuff from escalating. We can do that but I think hearing the whole problem. Because let me tell you this right here we're living in a day when God wants us to lift up the stairs and the stairs. We will be lifted up again. Sad to say We're told that the majority will be sifted out. God will have a remnant that will stand faithful all the way until the end. Now what we want to do when we talk about this we'll talk about where God has brought us from as a people. Now let's understand in Exodus Chapter twenty in verse two God says I am the Lord by who somebody God which you have brought the out of the land of we're out of the house. But on this I notice this right here. Egypt is symbolic of the world can we agree with this right here and the children is rewarded in bondage for many years in Egypt. But God brought them out by strong hand them aright and then he gave them the law on Mount Sinai. So you must understand that before God gives us the law he has delivered his first M.R.I. to Jesus while receiving Christ is our personal Savior. He delivers us from bondage. Then he gives us his law and his precepts to do them so that we can be and shall be a peculiar people. Now God grow up a Seventh Day Adventist Church out of the out of the world per se out of Babylon so that they may keep the Sabbath and order to proclaim the third angels message to the world can we agree with their brothers and sisters and when God has brought us out of Babylon. It is very important we don't go back into Babylon M.R.I. somebody so therefore God in order to preserve his children going back at the Egyptian worldly Babylonian bondage plan he said after to do is the land of where. We're needs well Xai not what So otherwise what the world with the worldly folk do when I supposed it was a church M.R.I. somebody has called us to be able to you people. He says I'll make you the head and not the tail and if I have to deal with the land of where Kaine and whether I bring you too shall ye not do neither so you walk in there was somebody or other words God was just showed to be separate from the world in other words don't go back where you came from M.R.I. somebody and number two don't. Top the ways of the world that's around you can we agree with that. And God gave us the Bible. He gave us a spirit of prophecy in order to preserve us from compromising. But guess what those standards have been eroded and we have some problems and only by shaking the arms with you the only cure for this thing is to shaking M.R.I. somebody and notice this right here. There's a tragic duplicity going on in God's Church. Here we have the lead in the church that the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy are founded on what kind of values Christian values and as it is right here are these Christian values absolute or are they relative to other words they never change Am I right in the same way it was back then it should be the same way it is today. Some things never change and I write somebody or here's something that should not change the Bible says heaven and earth to pass away but my word M.R.I. did Jesus say that my words are not passed away now. God has called us as a church but we live in a sinful way we live in a sinful what society has what kind of values or cultural values and don't we hear that word all the time. Culture being news culture we get adapt to the culture. Now watch us are here now. Cultural values are relative. They change from time to time M.R.I. somebody. Now what happens is this right here. Can we agree that a lot if not both of cultural values today are sinful and should be shunned by Christians. M.R.I. somebody of course we're not talking a cultural expression. When I go to certain countries they have a different flavor to culture not talking about that but cultural mores and values. Let's talk about the culture we had in the United States. The culture says now that same sex marriage is old just as legal and valid as traditional marriage M.R.I. somebody is that a culture of value that we should avoid. But but guess what. Churches right now are building. Am I right to fit their theology in order to embrace this and we know there's going to be big problems with that. But none of this right here. God has cut us out as the prophecy is mathematically virtual and ought to keep a separate from the world can we agree with it but the moment cultural values are adopted into the church just so happens that a Christian dies so we become better to become better to reach those who don't know Lord. Oh no look at this right here. The culture of the Christian values changed now for those who missed any go bad. OK I get it I know that the Christian values become cultural but not just cultural or that it's a sign we haven't as know how to spiritualize everything and put a halo around it. All you gotta do is say Jesus and therefore you think Christian rock is OK. All you got to say is Jesus and you think hip hop is OK. All you got to say is that it is the culture and people will go along with it because guess what brothers and sisters the way to hell is a broader world and many are going to go that way because the way to heaven is a straight and narrow and didn't Jesus a few there be that work hard to make. How come they found it because the scripture says Seek and ye. I mean only a few go where they want to see them now. Now watch this for you. So we have a problem about a guy brought his children out of feral centrism which was centered in what man what a guy had to bring his children out in the world the same way he brought the children Israel and Egypt. But what happened was God told the children Israel told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let my people go that they may serve me because they could serve God of Egypt M.R.I. somebody otherwise we can't serve God and be in the world at the same time we got to come out and be separate. Right but notice right here. So he brought him out of a system sent it by Pharaoh which ascended in man which led to work out a living. Humanistic living now what happened was God brought them out to have them sent in your way or in hail in Christ which is sin and in whose words about it God's Word which leads to work out a living prophetic So we as born again Christians especially of us as Seventh Day Adventists are to live prophetically M.R.I. somebody a minute as we adopt the righteousness of Jesus Christ manifested in a life of obedience to the commandments of God we're living prophetically and not humanistically and that's why it's very important that we understand this right here and what happens as we deal with racism in the church M.R.I. somebody M.R. Wright you know color should be no issue in the church but there are those who are Eurocentric M.R.I. somebody all they worship their race. Which leads to what kind of living. But there are no holes of my race that worship the black man M.R.I. and wear down the white man that's not of God either my son bought it because it is centered and who knows about it. A black man which is humanistic Venus and is right here. So every culture has their humanistic issues you know Sam is right here that one may be more guilty of certain sins in the other but guess what sin is what somebody's sin we are converted as a matter of that spirit of prophecy says that when the latter rain falls that the color line will be viewed in a different way than it is now people have to be looking at color because in the last days if you are seventy eight with you white or black or anything in between you will be persecuted and are right and we will have to love one another very much of a movie back in the day with Sidney Poitier and he was scaping him in his white prison it was escaping from jail and the thing was they were getting together and they had to run together because it would tie together the exam is right here. They wanted the same thing but what happened was this were here the same guy. Oh for some to unite in brothers and sisters was you know way to go down you know what's going to happen this year with the Supreme Court you know what's going to happen this year with the pope brothers and sisters a lot can take place between now and their time. So therefore it is still wait to sleep and be ready. What it's become what we need to understand in order to prevent any compromise in our individual lives. Let me tell you this the church is made up of individuals can you agree with their M.R.I. and collectively we will form a body of believers. Now what happens is this right here everybody is making the right choices we understand that right. Everybody is not making all the same right choices we all understand that. We're told not one in twenty is prepared to close a life history Am I right. So we understand that the overwhelming majority is not on the right side of truth M.R.I. somebody is only going to be F L Y I said that's a small company look at a company somebody that's a small company is going to stand and be faithful. So therefore we have to do is this right here we got to pray for those as the probable says we got assigned crime are right somebody and we're total testimonies volume five page two all night that unless we sign crack mothers we won't receive a C. because it is right here. So what happens is knowledge which we pray for others but we should pray for those and to make sure that we understand that divine right which comes with. Word of the prophet and human fundamental conventions which come through Egypt aka the world. What's always been was somebody's religion no matter how nice you are the man I love when you are the fact that you stand for truth and righteousness is going to put you in collision with those who are not following God view them as wearing it so happens this is right here. There's going to be a difference in Jesus if you see Jesus as all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall we. So you know this is not an M.R.I. somebody so what we don't compromise our lives when we separate ourselves for worldly things and worldly people unless we desire to do that for them doing them good by winning images as well as instances when you do that when you separate. Guess what there will be no collision of Iraq when there is a collision. There will be casualties am I right there will be a loss of Fran's a loss a favor and even in the minute it could be a loss a promotion in certain places but guess what we all work for God a man and I notice this right here. Elyse is since this is this spirit I guess. Volume two page two eighty three to eighty four were my favorite quotations she said this and the way it is that god of what you know to God he said. But she says quote but they are scarcely worth the money for fear make you what. And let me tell you I work for Gulf States Congress I work at a local university in the religion apartment and let me tell you this right here I mean I don't have any faith when we do this right here for there are some people who can be bought and sold in San Israel here based on a paycheck and they don't want to get a phone call from somewhere else and as an israeli here say we heard this and we heard Vickie please tell me your message but what happens is that there are people who want to talk about certain things because they are fearful of making what their fear of not being invited to a a side next year are you with me. Their fear of not being able to be real with the M.R.I. So what happens is we can't say all died out for this kind of stuff you know Sam is right here. Notice is right here. Opposition has arisen and the church so the plane what some will know what they are you know because it comes in collision with their wants and desires and who they think they really are but no business right here and they and they wish and people know when they want to admit it but they wish this thing has spoken to them. They rather you just talk about love love love love love without telling what true love really is. There's a second job verse six for that this is a love that we walk after his commandments. So true love they sing cries will lead to obedience to everything he says and as the prophet the losses in the life of a true Christian there will be no nonessentials M.R.I. somebody's M.R.I. and any woman who's been married before you know the little things count with the other than Emma writes about is this quote and at the wrong the individuals are too much. I think you're playing along. Similarity always has two hearts and sympathize with the holes in the wrong as they have been part of a larger art thou he that trouble of Israel they are ready to look with suspicion and doubt upon those who bear the plain testimony let me tell you this right here as along these is their devil as long as this compromise is going to be an uphill battle preaching present truth and he's an Israeli preaching the things that people need to hear. People don't talk about people going to school straight up told flat out lies against you gives and is right here in order to discredit your testimony but remember Rader's it is in who do you think he is in the what we're all and let me tell you. People may try to hide the truth and we try to suppress it. But the Bible says there is nothing covered that won't be revealed M.R.I. somebody am I right. They can try to convert this thing puts. Change is a stuff like that but guess what it's going to come out anyway and thank God for the Internet. Thank God for Facebook you can't stop a person from preaching on the internet I'm alright somebody a man a man because you know Internet now has a new T.V. now right. You know there is a television M.R.I. and I remember back in the day we had to turn to the remote control now into a late eighty's ninety Tuggle yet we get up and turn it am I right. Do you have to turn it now. Oh no you can just touch it if I write about it. Someplace you can speak to what the notice is right here and like a Abbe do what somebody though wrong. Which made it necessary for reprove and rebuke so I go into a doctor not to say you've got cancer playing the doctor telling you you got cancer. Adversely as you would think I was crazy right. Thank you for Telamon I can't imagine please tell me what I can do to get it am I right that might be right. None of us are here and if there is one the church the parson God They despise the plain testimony and complain the severity and harshness it is a sad evidence of the lukewarm state of the word church in the Bible's prophesied at the condition of the church will be in one state. Jesus say that in Revelation chapter three in the message to the lay of the seen church so the leap in compromise is going on within the church right now is a DO is a direct result of the Luke one condition that you know the church is not without hope a man notices right here just as long as God has a work. Being courage he would have those who cry aloud and do what they've always and even to not all be controlled by what a man can do to think a man could do to him a man. They're going to preach the Truth God will always have somebody and if this whole lobby is immense to repro selfishness and sands and who are not shown to declare the whole counsel of God where the men will hear or forbear then I saw she says that in the villages who do let somebody rise up against the plains ethanol is why because it does not suit their work out of feelings natural feelings and OK it was all dress and OK I was going to hell I don't care it may be about not being a gossip or are you with me right. People want to hear stuff that will make them feel good but let me tell you this right here. My job as a spirit of position it's a tell it to you like it is so you can seek healing when the Greek position would be as they have here and notice this right here is this quote They will choose their small things spoken to them and at peace cried me ears. I view the church and I more what kind of condition than this ever that was back when she was eleven and she died over one hundred years. So the child was in a dangerous condition back then. What about today in two thousand and fifteen and says quote experiment to your religion is known but by our you know in a spiritual religion really is people want to live in this thing called Christianity it's easy to be a seventy even if you know they're right because we're most intellectually correct people when it comes to the truth of God are you with me because we have the intellectual knowledge of truth and a lot of we have insulation and I was in my right you can go to folk that you think are not in harmony with the truth they know stuff we don't know all there but is there truth in the heart. The exam is right here in Santa Maria so we got to take our religion from the head to the what somebody and the question is who has your heart as Christ in your heart. Or does somebody else have your heart. Well this is right here. The shaking must soon take place to do what's in the church. So what's going to be the solution to all this leaping compromise. How do you know. Because God told us it was profit am I right about the house or shaking or go straight to civil and what I said about it. So that means that the street testimony has to come back into the church and somebody write an order to call people to make a decision and we are really at this is into M.R.S.A. and watch this right here is this preacher should have no scruples the priest the truth as it is found in God's word then Jesus let the preacher is that what the prophet said no I don't do and I'm not supposed to be cutting edge with current insanity right here in the prophecy that the that the shake it will take the testimony will have an effect upon the heart of the receiver and calls on the pour forth the straight truth in exult a standard what is right it is says let the truth cut I am and what that means who showed it to her. God showed it or why. Our ministries had more success or success was in numbers of course assess was and how many people looking at a church on seven I thought success and how much money comes in the offering plate is that what success really is no now would be good to have a lot of converted people am I right somebody right if you're going to have a lot of money to support medical missions by the brand of Iraq but what happens is they were also says the real reason why the ministers do not have success according God is that they are afraid of hurting what they are fearful of not being courteous and they lower the word of truth. Why because we want people to like us. L. right. Yes something of human nature nobody wants to be hated. I mean there are some people out there to look at the kid with a job that's all you want that's a dime a dozen but they're fearful of not being courteous. I mean lower standard truth and conceal if what. The peculiarity of our faith and try to baptize spoken to a lot and I write somebody M.R.A. you don't tell me what God says about a dormant undress you don't tell people to eat certain un-Christian practice is alone. Yes we got to tell about the love of God and salvation by grace through faith but you must understand that salvation is a garment M.R.I. somebody is a roll of what somebody's righteousness Elyse is bizarre Vegas pays for fifty five of the six that the righteousness of Christ is not a cloak to cover and confessing that it is a principle of life that controls your character and your conduct. So when we tell folks to receive God's love. It was understand that love has a controlling aspect to it. The exam is really like a friend of mine said one time people love the savior but they hate the Lord they were my top people love the savior that was saved from sin but they hate the Lord it tells a look you what you're doing is not a right. People want to serve a half Jesus it's like if you you know. Waffle or pancake baked on one side or veggie burger baked on one side of my ride somebody you want to add no trace M.R. right. So I was you I said Geez you got all of Jesus I'm all right now this is right here and I saw that God cannot make such what So assessable but childe Leslie may pointed in the sense of a decision. Urge and ask all shepherds are crybabies and are preaching smooth things. The service of God cry a lot a new word somebody and leave the results with God because they need to see this right here. Guy in an evangelism we please with six converted people and the mice in the vandalism. God would be pleased with six converted people that have sixty people who are not converted teams and is right here because we baptize all these numbers of people then are converted to the truth. This is going to happen in a few months. It'll go right back out so when we lift up the stereo was interesting but the military service never lowered their standards M.R.I. somebody let me say one word to the military service and never lowered their standards M.R.I. somebody and keep it high. Do you know when you join the Army Air Force Navy Marines or whatever in between you give up the rights to your life. Bullies for years and are a somebody and people go from privation who can't get the air here. Am I right. Has somebody yell at their face. They've got to go to bed early get out early. But guess what. We serve the greatest general the world's ever seen his name is Jesus. Oh but we don't want to give up anything for him or because he died on the cross and he does love me and so it's partly I could do what I want to do. Oh no we are soldiers as a songwriter's is in the Army got the fight we got the we gotta hold up the bloodstain and we got to hold it up until we die. Those who engage in the solemn work up there in the third angel's message must move decidedly and the spear. It in part of God and honestly preached there was a lot and let it was cut because let me tell you this when you got good members that are converted it is true they make good memories and I raise the money they will give you no problems is they should elevate the spirit of what the people do what. Here's this day that come up to it. It's been lowered as she says to meet the people in their condition of darkness in C. M.R. or has that happened and then what happens is the tears and the column as I have also read into that a cell right into the charge of all right and then they tell you to leave him alone M.R.I. somebody and then maybe one thing if you teach them everything when they come in. But guess what that's just. They just a number not a person that Jesus died to save but Jesus said Go into all the world and teach how many nations never Burgess's make disciples of all nations I mean people need to be taught formally M.R. RIGHT you coming into Seventh Day Adventists and they have a right it is unfair to people not to teach what we really believe M.R.I. somebody because all of the stuff on the Internet against them and they haven't a good fellow like you better to teach them to tell him everything I write so they don't get surprised and sidetracked Austar that's only an idiot oh my God don't you charge no more oh no you show them from the Bible. Amen and then when they see this stuff are you are you know that's not right. Notice right here it is the poignant testimony the what counts as a moment is the only thing that will bring up the people to decide. See when you play the people and that will make a decision. You tell me this is a spade a spade is the line you draw come across brothers and sisters they would decide. Let me tell your story I was doing some evangelism some years ago in Chicago area it was a lady who knew the truth she knew she needed to go. That ties into the truth she was bulging with my Bible worker frame so she said can you come and help me so I came inside the house and I told her and I did a thing called the timeline I drove along a line across the paper and I said this is the day that you were born and on this day this happened this day the sadness that you got married their children and now here we come. And I put a little dot here I said NASA time to decide put S for sat with me and you make a decision for the truth and I saw my sister come God Goddess come to us come to you God has brought us to use me to give you the truth and I'm sure to dream to live how we live and I grow I draw one going up one going down. H. for heaven and H. for hail as a good decision right now would be to every which way you go and I walk up a house I didn't see I didn't know anything was going to happen ten minutes later my friends this is a bit late because of what he wrote right here well what have I said it's OK Sister we understand she will never took her stand. So what happens is we get to do the same thing with these people. Am I right in the church and out of the church and when people understand their position respect you better am I right. But when you compromise and I can respect you is this the people a peaceful testimony were not what the people have the privilege of this is this kind of teaching from the pulpit of the day. So we've got to bring people to something different. M.R.I. M.R.I. people looking for something different like even those who are packages big-O. megachurch is a little different and we have the answer. Health wise as well as everything else why Otis is right here it says. But God has service to whom he has entrusted a fearful solemn message to bring out and fit a people up for the coming of what. There's a great There is a great difference in our faith and that of Naaman of classes. It is higher than the Earth is there some powerful to actually test the reason why the devil was the last to reach spirit of props in what I think it is a mere thing guiding it all the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy. Email back in a day when we're back in a day only a few we had all her writings and how did you get it well I can't give my sources right and then the why is he put it off for twenty nine dollars then twenty dollars now is free on the Internet now. All the writers of the Spirit of Prophecy the guestbook folks doing that reading it you know what this is a lot of other diversions other than that washes Ray I mean compromise. Once upon a time there was a man named Joe what a good guy had twenty seven years ago and before he died he wrote a book called creeping what. Which talk about the shocking story of Satan's attack on the standards of the church when I first became a Seven Day Adventists I used to listen to this man's show religiously. Are you with me. The fifteen minute amazing things programmed into it was that the elder Cruz and the things they ask you know as a result of what I learned from the amazing facts broadcast in from the bible studies a man I can't tell he shouldn't use amazing things like so much I tell people right now. Washes right here so you want to book Oliver and cover my eyes he has been there for approximately twenty one years and there it is and he was the come up from the great day would he call it we call it quickly compromise on holiday but no more. It is leaving all over the church is at a point now and you know I'm telling you the truth and let me tell you just a pastor a conference or so I'm not knocking all conference but let me tell you it is at a point now that unless you can find a church is really trying to uphold what we believe in a really mean reading this stuff in the back I was going to prophesy knowing how God was a church to be going to church sometimes is like an eleven o'clock game time decision is and you know what I'm talking about right. Where my dongle level where am I going to go. M.R.I. and where can I go and not a poke their churches at home L three be an M.R.I. somebody apocalypse sham are I think up on the Internet now everywhere and you can donate all of that but what happens is the something of yourself together and sample data drive a long way to get to a church of our I somebody I know a friend of mine and her daughter for three years straight to Joe for going to half hours one away every Saturday to get some presents roof but they went they did a very weak religiously M.R.I. got some dedication and some of the people in Huntsville tell us they live too far. We're only twenty miles an hour with a bit but the bra. Mercy it's all spoiled but that's OK. Yes that's I F OK well I was right here. Man when he died I was in the seminary as an I was in my first year of graduate school a seminary and I remember the pulpit I think was the dean of the seminary said that we get some bad news said Joe Cruz is passed away and I held my head down because I knew with the prophecy it intestinal has value for pay seventy seven that the devil is waiting for the departure she says of a few more standard bearers. So the false prophets can take their place and cry peace peace with a load of B.S. and it's the first time I'm going to say this I know it's being tape recorded. When I became aware of it as all those takes about false prophets. I was told that the first three preachers and am I right and so we got a false price and false probably still arise. Guess what I thought I was talking about only the first three brothers but after twenty or twenty five years I've been a minister for twenty years I've come to realize that apply ask the Sabbath keepers as well to M.R.I. somebody does you got a seven day adventists false prophets and seven Amen is false teachers M.R.I. somebody I'm all right so what. That's why oh yeah yeah. She said quote testimonies while Tessa was a little space for a mini was there in our pulpit with a torch of false prophecy in your hands to move from the hellish torch of Satan. Just recently a certain person at a certain institution thank God it was not all that he preached. Certainly call atomistic Eve justifying homosexuality. I mean justified it I mean I think justified it he justified it to where the Seventh Day Adventists folk were crying and saying that the best salmon I ever heard what it was it was affirming them in their gayness not telling on the come out from that type of stuff and what happened was he said in a sermon that is quite possible that David and Jonathan have more than a friendly kiss. Quite possible I don't leave it open and I had to get a real life. And I'm like Wow And guess what happened it was a job if you close your eyes right now what would you see nothing. Have mercy but me to got deal with the institution friend of mine whose wife worked in recruitment there are parents who are who you would give us an inch out of the school are not sending their children there a man because I'm not send him a case of them school to get turned off by some homosexually with M.R.I. a PE and admin is education cost does pay but it cost the right somebody and you don't pay twenty five in some places thirty grand and I tell you to chill and I'm paying thirty grand anything I better get my money's worth M.R.I. somebody a man bought me a theory about Monica I want you I want everything I want G.P.S. I want all of it M.R.I. Turbo all of it all right but when you pay for something and don't get what you expected you want to refill an M.R.I. somebody with him playing the habit as a surgeon did no refund after kid after a couple weeks. Hey that thing but none of this right here the Bible says and Proverbs twenty two ver. Twenty eight removed not what our fathers and what that was kind of the stablish from the Bible and from the visions of this matter probably. God says don't remove it. I think then remove them because they have been removed. That's why we got the problems we have right now and then we just kind of give a disclaimer. I'm preaching really zealously but please let you know I don't hate this church a Mrs God is going through a man is not Babylon it is live is the M.R.I. somebody at church may appears about the fall but it will not fall. It will remain while the citizens I will be let sit it out and I Got News For You got some good news for you. They're about to be sifted out. Just make sure you know sister that amen amen. So when we talk about leaving camel as the best way to talk about this we got to use an analogy. Jesus talked in parables alright we don't talk in parables today for those who are watching or talk in a parable about somebody called with his name. Sampson now Sansa was called to be a judge am I right somebody and he was called to deliver the children of Israel for the hand of the what. Phyllis things because if you read the book of Judges but most bloodies book in the Bible probably seven. Different times they went into the world they got back into the world in God seven times if you're ever going to cry to learn what was merciful and took him out so God Some us in a special kind of judge I'm going to give him a supernatural power to show my might that through one man I can effect change and God told Sampson's mother that before he was born he was not to eat any unclean thing M.R.I. somebody it was a lesson in health reform I'm a writer and also a racer not do what he was here to as you say. Meaning that we will talk about this most especially he was not here it is here am I right there are some ladies in this room. Out of this room when you were seventeen years old you here with doubt of the growth would guess what you just get cut and cut and we go back no more am I right somebody right and this is a man who had long hair and you definitely got that M.R.I. somebody but the Bible says that Sam's was a let barrier grow. He was not to cut his hair and let me tell you something The hare was a symbol of a stroke and we agree with that and what happened is that the Bible says that he met a young boy I mean while I was at is stronger than the old line we can slap it around and it will die some other young line and he roared at him but the Bible says assassin dealt with that with the bible see it in the spirit of the Lord came highly upon him and he ran to him as he would have rented a kid and he had nothing and it's what somebody's hand meaning that saves and killed this lion with his own bare hands. By the power of the Holy Spirit am I right. He killed that lab with the power of the Spirit of God meaning that without the Spirit the mind would not have been killed now and the devil walking about has a rowing and the only way we can defeat it was to the same power source at Samson and as we are Seventh Day Adventists because Samson represents God's women people these last days going out into the world the only way we can overcome and take over the lion's territory we need the power of God M.R.I. to see this sort of sense of strength was the Holy Word but the symbol of this train was is what somebody here you see there on the screen right here at the symbol of his tribe was his hair. Notices right here what is the source of our strength. Seventy of it is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit early and latter right in power the Bible says. Actually you have. What low rent and the time of the what rain and rain is needed for growth M.R.I. we're told in the Bible we have to pray for the rain in the time of the Latter Rain and we're told in the testimonies that we're living in the time of the latter a when God will give you largely have a spirit. So therefore we can talk about what other people are doing one thing I tell my church God is not going to hold us accountable what everybody else is doing in the church is an old account of what we know and we do. He was an Israeli here and so we got to bring the balance out. So yes there may be those living in sin those compromising lowering the standards but the question is What are you doing today. Are you praying for the morning and then are you planning for the latter rain to baptize you with power from above so you can finish the work. Because let me tell you this right here a lot of so-called conservative so-called present your churches have become nothing more than religious country clubs members only and we just study study study study study we get that off the word and don't evangelize but let me tell you something. Even some of gone so far to say now that I've heard people say that now is not the time to evangelize. It is criminal are you with me. Can we do something about that carries a thought that was very probably about that so we thought well leaping compromises the liberal stuff. You've got some compromising on the conservative end have mercy and when you are not witnessing for Jesus that's compromised M.R.I. somebody you have to compromise on the Gospel commission or God's going to bring the people in will he go bring him in for us. Summarizing all you missed in the money sitting in today I want to read you something this is powerful. This is testimony to the church. Volume eight page one eighteen and let me read you the part that laugh OK yeah yeah this is good it is a solemn and terrible truth that many who have now been zealous in proclaiming the third angel's message are now becoming listless. An indifferent the line of demarcation between Worley's and many professed Christians is almost indistinguishable. Many who was burned as Adventists are conforming to the world. It was practice its customs as selfishness instead of leading the world to render obedience to God's law. The church is uniting more closely with the world in transgression to that we can agree with that right. But notice this right here. If they leave the church is being converted to the world. How many professing Christians are slaves of men in their indulgence of appetite the extravagant expenditure for money. Selfish gratification greatly This honors God if this if that was the only story I can continue on I got to bring in some balance and through lack of zeal of Palm a gauge of the third angel's message of many others while not apparently living in transgression. Our is nevertheless merely lending the influence on the side of Satan as those who openly seen against God You know why because they now witness because think about it. To withhold truth from somebody is transgression are part of my right somebody that's treason against the divine government if it aint about it to try to use the Bible in the spirit of profit and say that the time has not come to evangelize. Something wrong with them. Amen and see at our church we have we got a seminar makes perfect tomorrow we go on mama's indoors past been we will not endorse and invite people to come home because the Golden Rule say as you have others to do want to you so do you answer them. Some of you were massive an event all your life and so I came and brought you the truth like fake yellow I would have an early M.R.I. somebody right. So if we have the attitude they were not to go in take down seven they have been is not a Christian but he did become the Christ and the present prove something to him. Really we need the power of God and this power of God is coming on those who prepare for I saw that none can share this refreshing unless they have taken the victory over every word somebody overpriced services love of the world and over every wrong word and actions therefore Gosho Prada spirit of those who have obtained the victory but how we obtain the victory we have tamed that victory today and my right thanks be to God which give us the Bible says the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. So you can pray for their victory as a gift and claim it and it's yours right now and what it says we should therefore be drawing nearer and nearer to lose somebody and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stay and the Battle of the day of God Brothers and Sisters is gone be the latter rain to give us the power to go get ready come through in a couple of months I want to show you but the symbol the word somebody of our strength is in our message and I write somebody a man. We bring those angles back am I right. We need to bring about what we know the angel not three blind There's nothing that I could mean anything am I right. We need to break that thing back but let me tell you I made a sign to prove anything is in my heart a man watches right here but Santa has a limit problems. He has women issues and you talk to some in some times and some men will admit that women's is my weakness. But let me tell you this right here. You already know that since I had a woman problem am I right. And her name was who and he knew she was a right because in the original language whatever name Mitt seductive embers that he knew she wasn't right. But guess what the scripture says he fell in love with her and in Bible prophecy a woman symbolises the word and she was not the true church SAS It was symbolic of God's true people. Medical Alliance Hello I'm all right. United with the wrong church Am I right. Instead of cutting your lungs which he should have been he was fornicating with her Am I right. He had the man because you know what happened right. She said What's the secret of your strength and she lie he lied three times and every time he lied she did the very thing that he said he should a new right there so I was out to get me but you know what he got cocky he got arrogant M.R.I. somebody he got comfortable and he said that she would never betray me. Let me tell you that blood is thicker than water and yes he had Look he had he had a raw diet or a no meat no flesh no dairy products I'm alright. He had appeared on a school so I have to live right here but he was not he may have a great deal of appetite here but is that the type with the modern woman brothers and sisters. It led to his downfall and I mean to let you know if we do not stop having these ecumenical attitudes with these with the world and with the fallen churches is going to be the downfall of many seven there it is are you with me a minute got to come off of a moment and be separate and test not the What own clinging thingy. Now God has come out of her my hotel so we got to go to you got to go to the people in Babylon the get them out. Amen we got to bring them out Amen. We're not bigots M.R.I. somebody. We're evangelists we're missionaries but Jesus when I was a hotlink I was what I was thinking back on this. My junior year me and others what it is first a church we went to a Sunday church that's right. On Sunday a man and a Sunday church they have a tradition that when you claim to be a minister or whatever to let you sit on the pulpit and mercy and then let you preach and then we found out they had a buyout study on Thursday nights. So on Thursday night he was at a Bible study where the associate minister Sam Walker was there and so we went there we was evidence infiltrators are you with me. We were in for trade like that yes it was an A right we have to trade this Baptist church with the battle there sat there and you know we did it we didn't challenge we helped them out of the Bible says this The Bible says that and he was so so impressed with our Bible knowledge so out of respecting us and then when I was in the AFA got while I was in there one of my members one of my theology major France told the brother that the pope was the end of the Popes the anti-Christ. So why do you tell him that the past was like you know what I want to believe that he still has that you know that the pope was in a crisis from reading the Bible and do you know that one thing led to another and then one day we gave them a troop to go a whole year with what is ministers so we are going to be wise as a work at home as a what and do you know. In The Savage Truth came the heartland was in the cafeteria just a gram and I was sitting down gave the seva true and when I showed him with a bullet through me showed him as they had the last chapter about keeping the Sabbath in heaven he said Isaac How can I get my church to keep saying he got converted to the savage truth. Amy anything keeping the Sabbath. Ever since we left the church are you with me and several others so what happens is this right here now I don't mind the liar now you have me come ahead I have off and if you know you have a right angle bracing right if you don't I'm talking about right and try to win people to Jesus. OK I've done that many times map a priest I'm are going to be some a Sunday church and if I did talk about them like they were a man a man in a school take crazy stuff like that to bring people out I might write somebody right and I would be crazy as bold as ecumenical Alliance led to the downfall of Samson and what happens is this right here. It's one thing to try to win them to the truth. When we try to be like them. M.R.S. amounting to like them. Theology is like you know talk and act like them in order to bring them. Guess what happens you get your hair cut off and to ask that like Sampson I write I am praying when they get there but they have a ministerial meeting you know what I pray and they'll let me preach on this and I will preach on this subject. No Muslim is going to be it's going to be. Sampson the let the law look at you here as well as right but none of those why did he try to seek an M.R.I. somebody he did the very thing that God told him not to do. He did not keep that a secret he said it was a bit sad confession had mercy even in street gangs in the world they'll tell their gang members don't be tell your girlfriend anything in the beer with the lab was all he told it he trusted in our law she was a gone do ma'am but the Scripture says she made him to sleep upon her what and she called for me as she calls him to shave off how my Latin. If it locks of his hair arcing and she began to do less about it. Now remember the woman is symbolic of what the law was about to go to Falls Church when will the lot of like seven events. Hello atlas on the aisle are you with me right now and what happened was Satan's hope is is to get us to cut off the Fed a lot of the nomination. So when the expression comes like several strength from him our strength will leave us and they'll be nobody the stay in the devil's way to bring something into the world of brothers and sisters I guess others said and lots of evidence that cannot be cut off. You cut him off you lose power we cut him off when you're teaching you lose power. It kind of off me about I don't know how you will lose your power why are you with me. I'm all right. Your charge is what one dog down I'm all right. Somebody is not going to bring people into the church is going to call you with the leavings and it's right here and it if they could all of this luck in your lives you know what I'm talking about is not one of these let me be a flock or whatever there are people right now till today. My brother for my brother over here will talk my leaving and mercy because they feel like they were late it is being hijacked. But what happens is this right here I got some news for you let you know that you may want to reconsider that decision. What history here this is that a lot of average is in the first block is salvation and righteousness but I think the most important look is how a person is saying the M.R.I. somebody and how a person stays in a saving relationship with Jesus their justification and less about it. Sanctification through faith the second lock is like it to the first when you're saved by grace through faith you'll be obedient to the law and my right to love God and the what the Sabbath and the fan lock and I talk about clean and unclean meat I talk about the real method some are the right arm of the Gospel rise about a right to wear the seven A.M. or seven am and as Minister should be and must be a man. Now I am a seventy minutes pass and No seven a minister a medical missionary evangelist specializing and natural remedies I may be a doctor but not the other kind I'm not a medical doctor are you with me right now what happens is right here with L A Y C tale the people ministers not a doctor about love to do natural remedies and God will bring people now God knows what just where the brow of course not but I'm learning every single day you ma'am and you know something about me so deep about medical missionary work. God will have somebody call you like my cousin's husband which is my cousin by marriage call me Tommy had an element. My thinking thinking activated charcoal you know and it was the very thing that was needed at that time and when you study medical missionary work God and thank God for the Internet a man you can type up diseases and God will help you to put all the pieces together even if you think your doctor is right here. Health reform and of course that Jesus Christ did go on to the most holy place in eighty four for a man and that there is a literal in the me just say this to you that there's a literal two apartment holy place. Most people believe that the more people people believe that when you tell it the sanctuary we also talk about the investigated what the judgment was set for what investigation. Amen. It's all there in the Bible but yet people I mean anything at all to fix what is right. Seven Day Adventist really stands and falls based on this age of greatness as it really does in the inspiration the right Isabella why people have to try to show me stuff. Alawite was a Freemason in all kinds of crazy stuff they try to show that Herat is contradict the Bible but all could be an issue that is not. Let's go move me but if you can prove to me from the Bible which they can add to our understanding of the sanctuary is incorrect. Challis seven they haven't given them are you with me but we have a more I know we have a more shawl where there was a Mardi Gras obviously and if you study Danielle Leviticus and Hebrews tightknit must meet somebody and I try and when you understand like that you know that we have a more sure word of prophecy the fifth one which is very important is the understanding of the state of the work the dead the six unlock is and that's very important and then the Similac of course is the true understanding of the second coming of what is a lie. If we cut this out of our teaching are you with me in our life's mission. Guess what we have no power to stand against the Philistines the waters Sampson the M.R.I. somebody right here and guess what he was. Should he be shocked. Well he was shocked you know because he thought they would never betray him and maybe today this one Pascha said that you could have a snake as a pet. Understand this they could never love you are you with me. They can turn on a new date is right here. We can quote evangelicals were to come close to people of the other the nominations were not saying to be aloof but what happens is is this right here we need to come close to them with the purpose of bringing them the truth. Now the majority may not accept but there would be those who will accept a man this is right here. Therefore they have to be how must cover us with those who are worshipping an idol set. It is right there is this quote I was told who told her that Millan employ every policy to make it less prominent. The difference between the faith of Seventh Day Adventists and those who observe the first day of the week is you hear all the compromises we've seen. It used to make us more like them. Are you with me. M.R.I. somebody to wear in some localities some ministers are having a nice Sunday evening services they're having Sunday morning service and brother says yes I'm delighted as of Sunday morning meetings in our parish priest in place where we had a Sunday morning meeting is like that. Brothers and Sisters when you having a Sunday morning meeting at the same time and all that the nomination on a weekly basis. Brothers and sisters let me tell you something. Lyons we could become very blurred M.R.A. so that people will say will is no diff between ten o'clock in the morning and seven o'clock at night it is. It is it is because symbolically it is a symbolic says and see what happens as the Bible says All things are lawful but all things are not what Expedia what happened was and no one person got a lot of flak. Well why are you going to wear one of the flagship churches not too far from here. Declined the invitation for this brother to speak because people were going to protest and strike into anything at that woke up a lot of seventy minutes. Even the nominal was even the ones you like they were like that's not right. Even the ones you thought like one real seven even if they were even though I woke up. Are you with me and Imus then Mr Weiss is what to do in the event was on the laws passed at our church we did a program on that and we said what we gone do what the laws are passed. Nobody said let's have a service in our church or we will have it in our homes and just the way I did say that so well. Here in this controversy I got five minutes left the whole world he was about it and the time is short and this is no time to hold down our work our colors the insanity notice is right here. A company was presented before me under the name of Seven Day Adventists who by using the banner of a sign which made us a work out of evil should not be here and also a way to go back to what we talked about earlier about people watering down the children bring in more people. It's like what one minister said that people want to hear you got some past they have a Wal-Mart mentality a Wal-Mart marketing strategy you lower the price to get more customers you know and you know what we have good prices on the right and if you can't get it why when you get it. Family time or as a matter right or Dollar General or the price is low so people can buy more and then we say in Israel when you love what is added or truth to bring in more people into the church guess what members assistance you decrease the value of the misses what is right here. It's as they said it should not be harassed or strikingly well they claim that it was not the best what answer Kiri what to our institutions and work in me an evolving Institute is all model life and the seven may have been a cell suborning eg conference there it is right here. Sis whether we like it or not is looked upon two ways. Numbers when it comes to people like me people it's in income pay cash M.R.I. somebody's M.R.I. if they if I was the Six Million Dollar Man are you with me where I had thousands of members and guess what. And I brought in six million dollars in tax. Here people will leave me alone right. They wouldn't care what I present are right and really present president guess what. But if a church has that many members and that much money and they are lowering the standards. Guess what. That's right but the problem says this this think the better is to be born there where to the clothes away to the clothes. Probation and you know what probation clothes that means we gotta leave the city's income that is raised. I will this is the mountains here myself OK work out what is right here if this and the scribe in the room the people to God John says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and this is the law and the Gospel the exam is right here and we can't compromise who we are in order to bring people in and you know what happened to Sampson right. Oh you know what happened they just didn't just time up is that we all make sure we will be merely a cheap the Bible says they did what was asked and they didn't do it by anesthesia and he woke up and he couldn't see they did it with no anesthesia. A man will tell you how they did it when we come back this afternoon you can make this afternoon. I got four minutes left. Come back this afternoon we don't talk about what the I mean with the poking out of the eyes mean and how that applies to seven day Adventism. Just understand this is where Satan wants to bring all seven events to it but we have no power no hear no message and no fish and if we can get it like that guess what. You're bringing this on the low and the whole world's going to accept it. Brothers and sisters let me tell you. Protestantism is in darkness some are right they are blind they don't know that the man sitting in St Peter's Basilica is the anti-Christ M.R.A. but there are some within our church that one of their spiritual black hole in a spirit of cataracts but altering the great controversy are you with me. Where taste the punchline chappies out so you know what I'm talking about are you with me and will not even say the pope's an upright and we can't call him who he is now in the Tele peace and prosperity we go on do it at a time when it's going to be illegal to say anything against anybody's religion. And I got three minutes left and you know I know that we hear the very fact that is that in some places now if you preach against homosexuality is considered a hate crime. They have laws in this country you don't even know about until now. You say that it's wrong to be a homosexual. Guess what you could be sued. The INS then Israel and then washed ashore a year if this gay marriage thing to the E.E.O.C. says you cannot discriminate against anybody based on their marital status which is fair but what is a rather sad as we think of a man and woman when gay gay marriage comes to pass. They're not going to alter that is will say marital status then a gay couple can come one of our institutions or conferences and demand employment and if we say no. Our Five want to see status is threatened are you with me and for our institutions a sacred cow the Cretaceous memorize a lot of M.R.I. if you don't do this you will be accredited. They'll do an M.R.I. somebody if you're not in compliance. You're not given a credit M.R.I. somebody says it's going to appear that this church is going to follow this calendar year even to the point where a promise said they produce all of our schools will be closed on them I want to hear that but it is going to be called is going to make a bar so you can't buy education. Whenever I leave. That's right with me but what happens if before their time because that we don't conform to the standards of the World in San Israel last thing I would say before we close for President Barack Obama talked to a friend of my last night there in the in Jamaica you know all those low budget making Macon's do not play when it comes to homosexuality. It is a crime. And he came. Obama's now in Jamaica and my friend is saying nobody talk about the real reason why I was down at the Y Z really down there like a woman it left because he's going to try to influence the prime minister that he influenced the whole country to change their stand on homosexuality and if they can have it it should make you happy where you're going. But those who make a political stand for what's right and there are people who don't even believe in God's word the way we do who take a firm stand on issues rather than we do and we got the truth for you with me. But guess what. Oh no back to it is not my plan. Anybody including myself will be in this condition where you have please. So we need power. Got me man. All of an hour. But you come back part I guess shocked. This media was brought to you by audio through a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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