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Overcoming Excuses With Scripture

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • April 10, 2015
    3:15 PM
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We're going to tell you guys about a little product that we have this is called A Life on the edge D.V.D. set. I was on an airplane trip from Washington state all the way down to the Washington State over here from your viewpoint to Florida and there was a young man next to me that was killing everything he could see on his little portable video machine he was just playing these kill him up shoot 'em up games. He finished that so he gets out another portable device and blows up a few more things on this portable device and then all of his portable devices lost their battery. And so I look at him he had his headphones on it wasn't his headphones were unplugged from his devices because they obviously the battery was dead. And so I meant I said man would you like to watch a video. He's not sure what kind of video do you have. And so I pulled out the great controversy part one I actually had this on my M.P. three player or my i Pod then I had all of this imported to my i Pod And so I handed him my i Pod he plugs in any watches the first half of the great controversy Bible study. And then when he's finished he said Man that was good but it's not finished. Do you have part two. And so then he watched part two. I don't know who this young man was. I don't have contact information for him. I gave him our website so maybe at some point he did purchase this from us. It's a D.V.D. set that has thirty four hours worth of presentations and it also teaches you how to give the bible studies the price of this has been discounted you can imagine it's quite expensive to create something like this in a professionally recorded situation. So the price tag for a set of these thirty four hours of D.V.D. presentations all of the handouts are on the twentieth D.V.D. all of the Power Points and keynotes are on the twentieth D.V.D. And so the. Price for that is one hundred fifty dollars. Once you purchase it you can duplicate it all you want. We just ask that you don't duplicate it to sell it. If you duplicate it to share it and so that's called A Life On The Edge said I have three sets with me. What we're going to do this afternoon is we are going to help overcome excuses with Scripture. We're going to teach you how to overcome excuses with Scripture. When I'm doing Bible studies I will ask people as we are going through the Bible study is this clear. And they will either say yes or no. If they look at when I say if this is clear and they do this what are they probably thinking. It's not clear and so even if they say yes with that expression on their face what am I going to do. I'm going to explain it again. Well eventually it comes to the point where you are calling for a decision from those individuals. You are asking them based on the information that you have given them all that information built up to a climax point and they either decide to go with the truth or they decide to slide back in this direction. The incredible thing about truth is that once you know it you can't get away from it. And so because you and I have a burden for the people that we are studying the Bible with then we are going to encourage them to make that decision to follow what God is asking them to do. So our goal this afternoon how many of you have a Bible with you. Everybody have a Bible with you. So I've got one I've got to I've got three somebody can use my Bible as soon as we start the exercise if you like the so may have a Bible on the phone maybe you could use that Bible. What I'm going to do is I'm going to pretend that we had just had a Bible. Study an hour Bible study has been on the topic of the Sabbath and so I'm calling for a decision on keeping the Sabbath. And so I don't know who'd like to be my guinea pig who'd like to be the one that gets to a litter there that just went plumb often. So who'd like to be my guinea pig. No takers on that. All right so would you join me up here. There's Vorhees. Now this war he's confessed earlier to the class that she was at my eighth grade graduation. And and she is really educational lady at that time. All right well praise the Lord. And so I'm studying the Bible with Miss Alice can I call you that is not our Miss Alice. Now I tip typically call her Mrs Vorhees or Mrs Vorhees. But I've been down in Florida so long I just call everybody Mis and the fellows I just call by their first name and so we have just finished a Bible study on keeping the Sabbath. So what I'm going to do at this point is I'm going to use the key question when it comes to calling for a decision. This key question is what would keep you what would keep you everybody say that. What would keep you so Miss Alice is just been a privilege to study with you and to study the awesome topic of the Sabbath and so you enjoy the study as well. Tell me about what was your favorite part of the study. Well praise the Lord. Miss Moore he says is there anything that you can think of that would keep you from honoring God in this way. No ma'am I want you to play along with this situation. Now I want you to play along. So your greatest fear then is that your family now. How about your own family. They're sensible. What would that then mean that your in-laws are not. Oh I see. Miss Alice if God could take care of your greatest concern which I understand to be your in-laws and them feeling like you would be pulling their son away from them if God could take care of that. Is there anything else that would keep you. OK so we're just going to pause here in what we're doing. I have just isolated what the biggest roadblock is for her keeping and honoring the Sabbath. Now for those of you who have given me your e-mail address this is a document that I compiled I compiled this document out of Louis Torres book titled gaining decisions for Christ. That book goes after illustration after illustration of how he used scripture to help individuals overcome their fear or their excuse or their reasons for not following what God has asked him to do. And so I've blown this out of made it a little bigger here let me move the smells so it doesn't turn off on us. Now I have typed all of this out for us with the Bible verses. When I began my ministry of giving Bible studies remember I went to Mission College of evangelism in the fall of two thousand and two spring of two thousand and three I was working for them an elder Torah says I've got to go out of town. You're going to do the evangelist meeting. Here's all my material go do it. And so then it was all of a sudden up to me as this rookie evangelist to help people overcome their the reasons they feel they can't follow God's leading. And so what I did was I took this piece of paper and if I had my my conversion Bible the Bible that I had when I was first really involved. Two in a relationship with Jesus you would see an outline of scotch tape. Because I took this and I shrunk it down on a copy machine as small as I could get it and still be able to see it you know still being able to see it is very important. If you can't see it it won't help you. And so what I would do is when I was in a Bible study like with Miss Miss Alice Right here I would say after she has said to me that the biggest roadblock for keeping the Sabbath would be her in-laws. I would move to a position that is closer to her and I would say Miss Alice. I went to a school about soul winning and they gave me this sheet of paper that has the most common reasons that people feel they can't follow what God is asking them to do. And so I've got this sheet right here in my Bible and so you said basically my family members as what would be keeping me away from it right. And so let's just look on this sheet of the most common reasons individuals feel they can't follow God's leading. And let's see if we can find the way that you feel and so do you see anything up here that would apply to her reason. My family is not going to appreciate this. Do you see anything up there that would go with that. All right so right here my husband wife father mother brother sister will oppose me. Besides that you see bible references. Now what I am going to do because I want to maintain my friendship with Miss Alice I don't want Miss Alice to take her upset Miss If she does get upset on me. I'm going to say something like this. Now Miss Alice right here and it because this is going to be printed in you're going to tape it in your Bible you would say right here. One of the reasons that people feel they can't follow what God is asking them to do. Notice who am I always saying is asking them to do it. God that's very important. Don't say one of the reasons people are following what I'm asking them to do. You always put that heavy on God because if it weren't for God You and I wouldn't be doing it either. So it says here on this sheet that we should look at Matthew ten thirty six and thirty seven. So why don't we go there. So let's open our Bibles to Matthew ten thirty six and thirty seven. Matthew Chapter ten of course that's the first book of the New Testament Matthew ten thirty six and thirty seven. And when I'm calling for a decision I never read the verse myself. I will ask Miss Alice to read this verse for Miss Alice Can you read for us the words of Jesus in Matthew ten thirty six and thirty seven. So Miss Alice do you feel that this applies to your situation at all. What does it say. OK so how do we apply this to to the way that you are feeling. And so then who is most important to Michel's. So Miss Alice is there anything else that would keep you. OK So so then another concern lesser then then what we were discussing before. A secondary concern would be that the grandmother of your children would think that she would have more authority in raising them than you. How about in your culture. Well totally different countries won't vote. Well shall we look at our sheet again and see if there's anything that would apply to that. So again I'm blaming it on the sheet. Blame it on God because this is God's responsibility. All I am doing at this point is using the principle in Isaiah one eighteen where God says Come now let us reason together and so what are we doing with this sheet. We are listening to God speak and we are letting God reason with each one of us. So let's look and do we see anything that will that would talk about causing division in the home or anything like that. So the Luke twelve forty nine right here all right. It says it will cause trouble and division in the home. If I take my stand for this teaching So let's look at Luke twelve let's see what God has to say in Luke twelve verse forty nine. Matthew Mark Luke twelve forty nine. But you know I wonder if we may start in verse forty seven. You comfortable with that let's start in verse forty seven and then work our way to verse fourteen. So before we go to verse forty eight what is verse forty seven communicating to us. What about forty eight. So do you see that this would apply in any way to the situation we're talking about here. Miss out if the answer is No I don't see an application we can go with a no. So in this situation how would that apply. So you just pause right there where you're thinking I want you to notice that I'm sure that piece of paper pointed out a verse. I really don't see much of an application. But for her there may be an application. So I would just simply go to the next verse if she doesn't pull any principles out of this that would apply to her. Our situation. What I'm doing is allowing time for God to take these verses and speak directly to Miss Alice and her current situation when she makes a decision to follow Christ based on what Christ has said to her. Then when there's trouble in the home she will always stay faithful to God because God is the one that spoke to her. Does that make sense. All I am is a fellow with a piece of paper taped in my Bible showing this piece of paper to Miss Alice and Miss Alice and I running over these excuses or these reasons that we feel we cannot honor God in following what he is asking does this make sense. I'm going to I'm going to let you give me your email address you already gave it to me once don't you. Yeah you did. Your email address is WM This is for me to look at. William W. E E S E E one four seven W. E S E. Got it. That's exactly what it says and so I'll be I'll be emailing it to you. If you'd like it. Yeah you can get it you can get it all. The Lord gave it to me so I can give it to you. Yeah and you will have to do all the research I did on it to get more information. That's a good point you know I think I think it's a great idea when anybody gets married to move away from parents for a little while. Although the Bible never tells a woman to leave her father and mother it does tell a man to leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. But it never says it the other way around. Go ahead. You know for me as a Seventh Day Adventist pastor it and you may think I'm a heretic for this but it really doesn't matter to me. People come to my church on the Sabbath. What does matter to me as somebody who is sharing the truth is whether or not that individual is going to honor the Sabbath or not whether they come to my church or not. But what are how are you going to treat that sacred time. You may want to go to church on the first day of the week and if that's what you want to do go for it. And what are you going to do with the truth that you've just learned about the seventh day and its holiness. Does that make sense. I want I want somebody to to take the Sabbath and to experience a greater and deeper relationship with God on the Sabbath for you and I a Seventh Day Adventist that means that we go to church on that day for somebody that is not a Seventh Day Adventist yet is a Christian. They may say well it makes sense for me to go to church on the Sabbath because that is the seventh day in the commandment. And if I'm going to go worship God then I should do that on that day when I present the Sabbath. For me the Sabbath is presented as a relational concept. You weren't here this morning but we went over. The first reason that we give a Bible study is to present Christ as the blessid hope. That's the first reason. And so when I'm giving a Bible study on the topic of the Sabbath then I make sure they understand that the Sabbath contains the presence of God It's very clear God sanctified it. He set it apart for a holy purpose. He blessed it and he rested on it. Therefore that means that since God blessed sanctified and rested on that seventh day since he made it holy let me just get this back to the size that we need since God made it holy. Can I check. Change what God has made holy I can't change them so no matter what day of the week I go to church on I may choose Wednesday as my day to go to church. But Wednesday when it comes to Saturday how am I going to treat that holy space of time. Somebody is going to go for a hike. Somebody is going to go for a boat ride. It's not not you want to stand a boat ride that would encourage your walk with God somebody is going to go for a walk in nature. Somebody is going to go backpacking for the weekend. My concern is what are we doing with that sacred space of time. Now the in evitable conclusion that someone is going to come to is I should be going to church in that holy space of time when I'm doing an evangelist meeting and we come to the topic of the Sabbath and I'll just really recap what we went over this morning. When God created or what did God create what is your first name. Penn So Miss Pam What did God create on the first day of the week. What did he create on the fourth day of the week. I think you're absolutely correct. So God created an empty space of time. And he takes day for any build up day for where he and empty space of light and dark and he fills up that empty space with the sun the moon and the stars. So God created an empty space and he filled it up on day four. What did God create day to the firmament. Air and he separated the air from the what from the water. That's right. So on day five what did God create. Way it goes with water and air. The fish and the birds. So he takes Day Five any tails up. Day two does not make sense. Empty space fills it up empty space fills it up. What does he create on day three of the earth. What does he create and basics. Land animals and humans. So God takes day six and he fills up day three so our God is a God of consistency. Empty space empty space empty space Day One two three mini takes day for fills up day one takes day five bills update two takes day six fills up day seven. What are in these three thank you. What empty space did God create. On day seven. He created in the space of time. And what did God fill that empty space of time with himself. So when God being there makes that time holy. Did God put His presence into day one. Did he put his presence in today for what about Day six. Did he put his presence into day seven. So can we legitimately substitute a nother day of the week for the empty space of time that God filled up with his presence. We cannot can you and I get a blessing on day one when we worship God and they want to get a blessing if we worship God on day three. Are we going to get a blessing. How many days of the week should we worship God every day. How many days of the week contain their special presence of God and the Bible tells us what they in a week is that that's the seventh day of the week. So because you and I want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ the Creator we are going to come apart and rest awhile with him I have only met one family in my entire ministry. Let's say you were my minister began in two thousand and three or two thousand and two. I have only met one family that was a first day keeping family that kept the first day as you and I would keep the Sabbath. It was amazing. I said hey how do you guys keep the Sabbath this was a pastor of a Pentecostal congregation. And she said well you know on the first day of the week. QUESTION She felt the Sabbath could be whatever day you wanted to choose and they had chosen the first day of the week. She said we we usually don't. Well she didn't say usually she said we never cook. We don't even heat things up in the oven. That's the day that before the sun goes down on Saturday we make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So what do we eat cold cereal in the morning. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the afternoon when the sun goes down on Sunday evening we make a big meal. We spend time in nature. I was absolutely amazed for that family to make a switch to Saturday would have been no big deal because there would have been no lifestyle change in their habits. They would have just been the change of a time when she was a pastor of a Pentecostal congregation and did not make that decision but it was very clear to her that the Sabbath she said oh I'm going to do is I'm going to start keeping Saturday is that and not cook not. Clearly not work on Saturday and then I'll go to work on Sunday as I normally do which is preaching at church. Well I wonder what God's going to do with all of those people that keep the Sabbath honestly and still worship on the first day of the week. Hey you and I open our Bibles every first day of the week. Don't worry you know I visit churches on the first day of the week. They want to know who I am. The pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I'm just worshipping with you today. Wow So then when my choir will not face goes out on all those flyers for an evangelist at me. Those people are going to be like I know that guy. We had a a lady Jacqueline Hughes which is one of the instructors at Southern admonish university in the nursing department. She came in did a concert in our church well our members are very good at inviting their friends to come to things that happen at church. Well this lady shows up at church and she said I know you you will come to my church on sometimes on Sunday morning and worship with us. I said you're absolutely right this lady went to the countryside Baptist Church which is about four miles down the road from us. I'll make it a habit of visiting Sunday churches. Those people love the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why they're there they just don't know. So my my ministry is based on simply sharing the gospel truth in the twenty eight fundamentals with the people that I study with. Very rarely do the people that you study the Bible we're not make a decision to change their lifestyle to follow Jesus Christ with all of their heart. All you have to do is present a very clear concise Bible study and in N.P.P. you'll be amazed. I don't ask people to become members of my church. People ask me How do I become a member of your church. Why. Because they want to continue experiencing true when we do an evangelist meeting. I'll take Mr Ron and Miss Carroll for instance Miss Carroll after the evangelist meeting in two thousand and ten said Scott I just I'm at a loss of what to do. She said I have all of my friends at the Sunday church and now I find out that God wants me to honor him by honoring the Sabbath. So what am I going to do. I said tell me Miss Carol what are you going to do. I'm going to tell her what she's going to do. What are you going to do based on what God has shown us. She said Well all I can think of is that I'm going to go to church on the seventh day of the week and on the first day of the week I said well praise the lord she said is that OK. And I'm going to tell you lots of people make a mistake right here and they say that it's not OK in the Old Testament do you remember the story of name and the Wasn't the Assyrian or the Syrian King. Anyway there was an Old Testament King that had hit the captain of his guard was name and name him was he was the chief executioner of the king. That's what the captain of the guard means in the Old Testament there the chief executioner. Well name him goes over to Israel to get him to get healed of leprosy once he is healed of leprosy he goes back to the prophet that gave him the instructions on what to do and he says What am I going to do when I get back home and my my kid. He wants to lean on me when he goes into his temple to worship his God The prophet gives him his blessing. He says go go with the king. So when this Carol was saying to me what am I going to do. I'm thinking hey you're going to do what God leads you to do and so she went to church on Sunday Saturday and Sunday probably for another six or seven months and finally one Sabbath she came to me after service she said Pastor Scott I just can't do that anymore. I said you can't do what Miss Carol. I knew exactly what she was talking about but I wanted her to open up that can of worms. Not me and she said I just can't go to two services anymore. I said what what has God led you to do. Again this is between her and God. It has little to do with me. All I was was the one that shared the truth. She says Well I have decided that since the pastor at the first day church continues to teach ever that I just can't continue to go there so I'm going to come here permanently. Her Mr Ron two thousand and ten is when we held the evangelistic meeting two thousand and thirteen is when they join the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I mean it's if we let God do the convicting let God do the convincing. All you and I are Persuaders. I am here on behalf of God with Miss Alice to gain the decision for Jesus Christ. Does that make sense. OK any questions. What we're going to do right now is we're going to separate into groups of two two four six eight. Are you out of here or are you still in. OK Two four six eight so there are four groups of four. I want you to turn your chair is fine. So if a partner turn your chairs to face each other yes or no. How do I start a Bible study with a Jehovah's Witness. I'll tell you I haven't had much success with Jehovah's Witnesses and I'll tell you why. When a Jehovah's Witness comes to my house I invite him in and I say can you just wait one moment. I'll be right back. I go to my bookshelf and I get the New World Translation off of a bus off of the bookshelf. I get the kingdom interlinear translation off of the bookshelf and I come back into the living room and I say OK let's study. You're in charge study with me and it's inevitable they will eventually get to the Jesus was simply a god and not the god. And so what I do. They're very difficult to find. I mean you may be able to find one online. It's called the Kingdom interlinear translation open the kingdom interlinear translation which is a translation from the original Greek into English. So you have the Greek running on the page and you have English running on the page and then in the outside column you have how it is translated in the New World Translation which is that you hold as witnesses Bible. Well in the Jehovah's Witnesses Bible in first John chapter one verse one it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the word was a god. That's what it says in the New World Translation in the kingdom interlinear translation it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God. There is no a god in there it just simply says God And so when we get to that point and I show them in their own publications they. They're not teaching what their own publications say they just they don't ever come there. Yeah you know one thing you need to keep in mind when you are studying with a Jehovah's Witness is that they will not make decisions like you want them to make decisions. Typically when you study with a Jehovah's Witness and you study about the validity of the Bible they'll be like yeah I see that the bible is valid I believe the Bible myself. Then when you get to the Sabbath they'll they'll listen to you. They'll be happy to listen to you but they're not going to commit to keeping the Sabbath. When you go over state of the dead they believe the same thing we believe so that's common ground. When you go over diet I don't know if they believe the same thing we believe that they don't. So you're never going to see them make a decision until. If you go all over you go over the Sabbath. They say they listen to you. You come back you go over a different topic they listen to you. You come back you go over a different topic they listen to you not until they are absolutely ready to leave their friends their family their loved ones their community. Will they show you that they are making a decision. You will go through lots of Bible studies with a Jehovah's Witness and one day they will say to you I know what you are teaching me is true and I want you to understand that if I follow what the Bible has taught I'm going to lose my family I'm going to lose probably my job I'm going to lose my whole network of friends and what I want to know is if I make this leap. Are you really going to be there for me. That's what they're concerned about because they will be rejected by their own society. Does that make sense. So you won't make you won't see them make decision. As along the way there's a book by E.B. price called the Watchtower hour called our friends the Jehovah's Witnesses. E.B. price you can download that book from the internet for free or a P.D.F.. Our friends the Jehovah's Witnesses by E.B. price and that is an incredible resource for learning how to effectively work with a Jehovah's Witness. I haven't ever gotten very far with a Jehovah's Witness because I pull up their own publications. I show them to Jehovah as in Genesis nineteen in the New World Translation and they don't know what to do with two Jehovah's because there's two of them in Genesis nineteen. There's not just one job and so that's interesting. Our friends the Jehovah's Witnesses by E.B. price. I'll find it and put the link in the email that I sent to you how about that. Now find it. So let's go ahead and get into groups of two groups of two I'll let somebody use my Bible who does not have a Bible that needs one that needs to use one. All right back here so let's go ahead find yourself a group or two. The gender doesn't matter at this point. Find yourself a group or two. We're all here together and choose to use the excuse it could be my family is the reason it could be I smoke it could be I've cheated on my wife and God doesn't even care about me anymore. It could be just whatever a litany of reasons that you have ever heard. That's what you as the person is going to give for the excuse. So I will. First of all you'll be the one to overcome excuses and then you Craig will be the first one to overcome his excuse so be thinking of an excuse Miss Alice. Mr Burden you'll be thinking of an excuse you will be the one Miss Pam to overcome is it Danny. To overcome Danny's excuse so be thinking of an excuse. And Mr Wiesel is that right. Or wives. Mr Weise say again he but he is pretty smart. Is I was there. OK So Mr Mr Weise if you would be the one to overcome your wife's excuse is this your wife. Or did I just stick my foot in my mouth. All right OK he's good at overcoming your excuses. So he's had lots of practice this is going to go very well. So think of your excuse so you're thinking of an excuse about something. Anywhere you want to pull one out up. Now remember the language goes like this. I went to a class and in that class they gave us this sheet of paper. We're going to look at this sheet of paper together and we're going to see what God has to say about this. So that's the introduction when some when you know what their excuse is you say I went to a class and they gave me this sheet of paper. Let's look at this sheet of paper and let's overcome it. Let's see what God has to say about this. So let's go now when did I use this last. Well I'll tell you it's been a couple of years since I use this piece of paper because I've done it so often most of it is right up here but this is how I started out in ministry I was just like this. And so we're going to take a pause right now we'll come back in just a little while. I guess that's where you want to end it. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to walk around and I don't know if you want to follow me but I may do some talking with the people that we're working with the media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. An audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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