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Leaping Compromise- Part 2

Isaac Olatunji
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Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • April 10, 2015
    3:15 PM
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When you try to leave me cover my eyes. What do you think of crude mean compromise. All right. Mathematical Joe what. So bye bye. Sometimes a message that I don't like this all is going to sound very negative. But guess what I got some good news today this is not a negative message name in a minute but what happens is this really how many uni here are parents. It's correction negative is never negative it's always positive. Remember when you were a child you mother said this is going to hurt me. I didn't believe that. But what I suspect by that OK I'm now understand a man but we're not here to spank anybody but we're here to present true fame him as it is in Jesus and I want to tell you that it's been a seven day that is four twenty. It should be twenty five years changed my life came right out of right out of high school didn't know where I was going I just came alive to the Lord and I absolutely show me the truth and he did and God It had everything in place and from Washington D.C. So I live not too far from a general conference and it's so funny I was dating a girl at that time and I was going to visit her and I drove past and guess what I saw to my left the General Conference building at seven even if I would join at the nomination but the Lord led me to two seventy eight minutes friends of mine that became one of the past the Right now Mitt I'm thirty one years ago playing a game of football and I think thirty one years ago I am still a young man that I was a teenager and I want to thank God for their friendship there that friendship. The Lord at the right time he gave me this evidence message in my life has never been the same ever since. And right after I got baptized in one thousand nine hundred right at me even I wasn't fresh. Out the pole thing because I was what I want to be in be a basketball player want to be an entertainer but the Lord said they're all a member you're called to the minute you need to be a minister and that was the last thing I ever wanted to be but I want to say thank God I ran from the call about a year but I thank God I did accept the call and with the heart and college I went to the seminary and started passing five years after I got converted and I'm in the seventh heaven is a ministry for the last twenty years and it has been for years a man pastoring right now and all space conference and now teaching in the religion of the value department it is a mountaintop experience and brothers and sisters let me tell you something. This message as sweet a man as it is in Jesus and I want to take you to our opening Tex I think Texas is in the book of Isaiah sixty two and when God called me into the ministry he want to tell me that I want you to lift up I want to do with the text is right here and it has to be done in the spirit of love M.R.I. somebody in the Amen. It may not always sound loving and then we tell you this right here. Messages like this when done in the spirit of Christ is love a man the Bible says in the book of Isaiah sixty two in verse ten Do you have. All right the Bible says a verse team go through go through the gates prepare you the way of the people cast cast up the highway gather out the stones and do what lift up and heard all of the people because we're living in a day when we have a thing called weeping what's about it. Compromise and just from my study of the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy and just looking at avenues history we are live in Sholay effort greatest crisis in the history of Seventh Day Adventists. When the enemy is trying to shake the church but I guess. Some good news for you to cherish me Piers about the fall but the prophecy is not going to let me tell you this is going to remain one of the citizens I will be sifted out. So what happens is this right here and I want to really hit a point here because there are those who are concerned about the wrongs of the church and rightfully so. And there are some who have taken a course of action which we don't talk about today even though those wrongs in the church God's going to correct my right somebody and he has it's God or day means one things we do not need to do is jump ship. Amen amen. We talked about this before and we're going to we're going to talk about this and we just kind of got to get past some things right here. God said I am the Lord by God which abruptly Atalanta where somebody out of the house of our bondage and we said the Egypt is symbolic of the world. So what God has done is for each and every one of us he's brought us out of Egypt are all in Egypt spiritually. Second it out body and then he gives us his will after he converse us and shows us as we will the bible since after the doings of the land of where you are and you do well Shall you not let the money after the doings of the land of Canaan whether I bring you shall he not do neither so you walk in their work. So we covered in our first session then we don't go back where we came from and we while we are in the world were not to be of the world IMO by somebody so what happens is this right here when we understand this then it makes a very honest understandable to understand a duplicity going on in the church. Gods remnant church which have what kind of values Christian values these values are to be absolute M.R.I. somebody but we're living in a sin for what that has what kind of values and these cultural values are changing from generation to generation. Am I right. We get into all that kind of stuff but what happens is what we see is the cultural values have come into the air. And when this happens what can happen but what Christian values can become what cultural and not just cultural they become spiritual or all you gotta do is say Jesus do it people will accept it. But what happens is this where you know God has given us principles that is to separate us from the things of this world. Now I just want to show you this diagram right here. God what the children of Israel out from under Pharaoh because the Egyptian society of the society of the world their time was centered in the Pharaoh which is centered in West somebody which leads to what kind of living. No one but God said Let my people go that they may worship me because they could worship God while they worship in body servant Pharrell. So what happens this guy had to bring them out here to show Farah who the true God was first Am I right somebody Amen and then God brought them out to where they could be centered and whose word which leads the work out a living soul on these last days it is very important to be clear proof ethically and not humanistically But if we move in gold the world with the church. Guess what that prophetic women can become fuzzy and living in a day the things they used to be black and white have now become gray. Trust me acting all the time at Oakwood pepper but not the park it knows I'm talk about. CD rocks tell me I know Seabrooks brought here by his favour preaching here he said we're living in a time where we have to be free and Seventh Day Adventists and to all people it is so true. Local I don't mind IS THIS THE MY BROTHER Well that's going to go you can just tell it now you got to tell it but you gotta walk people through it. Act inductor questions and help them to come to the conviction that you're trying to teach them from the Word of God you got so many different ways of doing it today. But brothers and sisters before we get into the moral compromises that we tell you this right here we got a race problem in the church has got to stop. Amorites somebody a man a man black or white is a man you got people there Eurocentric enough. Being your own name it because guess what. For Are you with me on black men. But what happens this is this right here when people put their cultural soldier things before God's word we got some issues and I write somebody so you know what God's going to probably have to do to bring us together. Bring on a time of trouble such as never would ma'am and we're told in the spirit of prophecy that when the Holy Spirit is poured out the color line will be viewed in a manner different than what it is right now Amy and then I think we're gonna take care of all that and some of the stuff you don't want to get into right now but what happens we understand that divine wet and humid fundamental conventions will always be in what religion that's what the Bible says come out from among them in the way and touch not the ugly word thing is the reason why he told us this now but I'm going to get we are to talk about this but do you know this young man right here he is resting in Jesus I believe a man made a great impact upon my life he wrote a book are creeping on the shocking story of fate with a sneak attack on the stand in the way. Church and it was he wrote this book at the time when the church was going through a terrible time of the day has been for a crisis to where I mean the things that are so how we have been administering. I actually had to give you a job but more than forty years. OK So you know that I made a lot of things that we took for granted before others came in and start dismantling it people started leaving the fate they were staying in a face that we got a chance at the nomination. And let me tell you it is from person experience from just going around the world we still have not completely recovered from the day has been for a crisis. So what happens is it has given me to the script. Let me tell you this right now the Internet was not around in one thousand A.T.M. or writes about it but it's around a two thousand and fifteen and then we tell you there's a lot of negative things about the Senate they haven't searched our doctors and R.T.L. an M.R.I. somebody and if you're not going to regret it you may believe someone asked. I've had a talk to students that have left the church. Now and child assault here it is right here. But F one is they think is so overwhelming they must think I'm not I'm talking about and people are leaving by the droves the U.S. and Israel here. So the Internet is doing a lot of damage when they would tell you this way or God will have a room in a man and I want to tell you when you study this chill as it is in Jesus you will know that the doctrines that we hold our present truth as it isn't Jesus and we think up a joke Cruise's contribution but they will tell you if you let me just write the column I think the compromise is not creeping it is wasn't hiding anything and I to play basketball in order to get a job really have our eyes that are the right thing now and then we tell you this right here the Bible says Remove not the agent what was the father of what I said and then we tell you this right here this is not a perfect church even though this is God's Written inchers mam they had their trials and tribulations back in the day but let me tell you this right here from my study of the Bible not how many but I want to believe that we have. Twenty eight and maybe really more than that because you know God gives the church more light but let me tell you this right here the dodges we hold true and let me tell you this right here. What brought me into this church of course was Jesus Christ. But is there straight unadulterated three Angels' messages you hear me. And it gives me pride and I am proud to be a seventy minutes in two thousand and fifteen Amen amen and we should hold our heads up and not look we should not look down to other people that are not of our faith but let us know that to whom much is given much is what we quiet still is a very fearful thing but what's going on is the landmarks that have made us a people are being remold and brothers and sisters we talk about a man name who who is symbolic of God's and remain people he had a mission M.R.S.A. a mission of deliverance to deliver the children of Israel out of abundance of the even M.R.I. somebody but God gave us the palatial as number one he is he was that was to be straight M.R. I read the scriptures right. But secondly he was not to do what he was here because that here is an identification M.R.I. M.R.I. and notice this right here we talk about the line now. Did he kill the lion with his bare hands. They don't because it was so strong. Oh no he didn't because he had the what somebody the power of God The Scripture says the Spirit of God came upon him by the power of the Holy Spirit the Bible makes it very plain that Sansa killed a lion with his bare hands meaning that symbolically we as Christians cannot overcome the lion the devil who is walking about has a role in what and we cannot overcome them unless we have the power of but what about the Spirit of God Jesus has without me he can do what somebody. Nothing in your spiritual life but what is right here we have got as many people as we seek to win souls from dark to the one that was alive. We cannot do it unless we have the Holy One. That's a source of Sasa strength was the word and but the symbol of the strain was as well that was this distinction and you know that the source of our strength is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in him. We need to pray for this power every single day was the Christ our example to where he prayed for hours and I pray for fresh anointing of the Spirit of God and we're told in a spirit of prophecy that as we go before the Lord and meditate before often will our hearts bond with and that as we feel is a loving presence upon us we need that experience on a daily basis and is right here and let me make a confession. I mean the minister for twenty five years now been a teacher for almost a year now. It is harder for me to read about now than it was when I first came in the church and I think I don't study much Bob I still do but it is more effort is OK what is right here. So this honeymoon period in my average experience has been way over and what happens is this right here the enemy. Darts in your life to wear is going to try to cause you believe God but I want to tell you this where you don't give up on God because he did not give up on you. A man look Has anybody ever had their own garden against Simmias Miriam's Lord take this cup of tea for me I'm all right I mean the live human but yet he submitted to the wild was nevertheless not my way but we will be well done and God strengthen him we need the power of the Holy Spirit. But let me tell you the symbol of our strength is the three Angels' messages the everlasting Gospel and Didn't Paul say that the Gospel is the power of God to salvation. I think everyone that believe if you know what I think you are here is our hair is our message and watches are here when we cut off our hair we lose our power. And guess what the devil said OK I can't defeat him with the Philistine men use a woman. Yes Well you know Santa has a woman Brown of the Mariah and he knew she wasn't right because he was a he right and in the Aramaic her name it seductively only known she was a right every time I called him and he was saying to the doctor and they might say this is the world and not this all these foreign doctors in the fall and you're just an artist and didn't the Bible say in the last days many will give heed to what kind of spirits to do thing what spirit hansoms spirits not good enough to do thing am I right and there's some teachings that are very seductive and if you're not rooted in rather and what you believe as I believe it is from the Word of God and the righteousness of Christ you will be swept in your foundation and what happens is the devil has sought to bring in a spirit of compromise. So guess what happens. He had an ecumenical as he had a worldly alliance. Yes he had a vegetarian diet right here it was a paradise but what is right here. He gave up his birthright per se but he was. Tell anybody what the secret of restraint was on my right and my right and he told the wrong person and thought that she loved them right. Well first of all the Bible said to Deuteronomy Chapter seven dodging into Mary with a heathen M.R. RIGHT NOW he wasn't married to her but he was probably on his way M.R.I. somebody and guess what the Bible said if you do it they would turn away your heart from following me and the wrong woman led to him to get his hair cut off and the Bible says they have a lot of it was cut off so we go to what will serve the locks right now and the Bible says that when his locks were cut off she began to do what to him. Afflict And let me tell you what Adventism like did in the last days at the National some below and his hand is right here. Ellen Weiss isn't testimonies Vanya five the church will be sifted not by retrials divas and Israel and so what happens is the devil wants Seven Day Adventists on to share our distinction of mercy to where when this person comes to. As history left we will have no strain no power to win the world for Christ and we talked about the several blocks of Seventh Day Adventists. Can we talk about the seven locks the first and most important luck is salvation in righteousness by faith. Well by grace are we saved through what we noticed is right here. That saving grace teaches us in tight is to deny godliness that great spot to sit right here is a two sided coin where it seems as unconditionally and it gives us power over the enemy and then the second law the law of God in the word somebody. Number three health reform as it is not healthy for a man no istream is a name and number for the what kind of message are beautiful sanctuary message where Jesus is our sacrificial priest at the Holy of Holies a man make an atonement for the blocking out of the sins in the sanctuary. Number five the fate of the what this is extremely important. Right. You must know what happens to a man after they've got the enemy's going to come in the spirit of prophecy. Number six and number seven. That's your understanding of a second coming or what rights can't be several lots we have no power. Amen is this some serious stuff. So what happened was he was shot he was surprised at the time when a child of God them out once when Want to show you the time needed God strength was when he compromise and let me tell you this right here in the West is the nomination to compromise doctrine is a lie everything it stands whereas it is and so will be nobody to stand before Him when the time of trouble comes. That's why otherwise there is to be how much compromise with those who are worshipping an idol but I was told that men will employ every way to make it less prominent. The difference between the faith of Seventh Day Adventists and those who observe the first day of the what we talked about this she says is no time to hold down our what we call it. So what happens is that any want to bring in a spirit of compromise let everything lukewarm is where we lower our standards have mercy as it is in Jesus where there is no distinction when we have no power but let me tell you this right here. Did Sampson know when he told him in secret that this was going to happen to him as soon as he told it he should have broken up but he got comfortable enough with the Scripture says that when he got his hair cut he was sleeping. Emma right somebody while the bridegroom tear all the birds in slumber and was about to slap rather tough plus the wake up let me tell you I'm a light sleeper any life because of an ear of any have you sleep with. Over here I think of the thunder an outside but I can tell it's not going to face you still be sleeping well of you that are going to sleep I wish I could be like you because if you were my name in the house or anywhere I would wake up in the meeting that he was in a deep sleep and notice what the Bible says that he got his eyes got them all right somebody and we'll talk about what those are is in a second and then me. Here it is with you because of his compromises this will lead to his downfall. And what I want you to know that the lovely Jesus is take work and be aware of the level of the world and that in a way. Now the Bible says the kingdom of God is like it to leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of work to the whole was left him and in Bible prophecy a woman equals a work so this eleven is the gospel of Christ according to the Bible Spirit of Prophecy. We had three measures of meal and didn't God give us three measures of meal for second and third age of messages as it is in Christ so the whole was leavened to with the gospel have to have complete control not just of our heads because let me tell you there are a whole lot of intellectual advocates who are not in Christ. Am I right somebody we have to be heart Adventism our right somebody to wear that religion has to be from the head to the heart. Never going to forget what joke you said it will be stuck in my mind he said men are going to miss heaven eighteen inches from the head to the heart. I don't want to I don't need to add what I to be a football fan or a one time the cribbing Browns were going to the Super Bowl first and goal on the one your mouth for seconds. You watch a football game and your team is on the one yard line. You are pretty much shortly going to go it right and all the time it gave it sort of running back in the running back at the one yard line and the other team guy in the water supply you with a problem us Jesus are you with me at the last minute you know the end is right here. So therefore stay away from the last game in what is right here now. Righteousness if the danger of this what it separates the soul from all those who trust to their own what eleven now cannot understand how foundation is the price they call sandlot and righteousness what. They have no appreciation of the evil of what. No understanding of the terror of the law but they do not respect God's moral standard that is the reason why there are so many experienced in these last days there is no law in appreciation of God's Law The Law got the character right as the law of the human form instead of God's standard of righteousness. Men had arrived and was not in I don't care what your liberal conservative moderate whatever they want even man made you want to call people people are I think all standard by which to measure their own characters and there is no bottom is real spiritual level me to measure you by or vice versa. We're going to measure ourselves by that man called Jesus Christ the man and whatever you tell them to do it will be judged as by that word and we come up to within faith in Jesus. Now do you listen at the fact that one of the Pharisees is what I think people preach a powerful message all of the continent the very message they talk about out of minister went on years ago. This is terrible you know priests of powerful sermon on health reform talking about leaving certain articles although it went out after a sermon that evening during the week. Oh it's about the very thing that he preached about two hours before I am certain now I'm here trying to be faithful I'm like What is he doing. The level of hypocrisy with me and it were not care for those who will catch up to the list right here so that the read a lot so much or it's not going to hold us accountable. But what everybody else does around here. Gosnell's account of what we do here. Amen. Losses right here eleven of the Sadducees is those who are were half converted as a live in June and in the heaven of hair it is just straight out worldliness among God's people. So that's leaping compromise isn't just on the liberal and S. R. and D. in this band is right here. The slightest deviation from strict integrity can. We gotta prove my right somebody the prophet lore says that So what happens is this right here I'm going to veto it but let me tell you I don't know it's up to my own cause or in my own heart. I'm failing cries so out of this right here this letter and this car doesn't even compromise is really a heart issue though. Refusal to surrender the heart to Christ we'll examine why you and I mean to say it is there are some things we don't all come to the same understanding at the same time in the same way. So sometimes we believe we will be able to grow M.R.I. somebody but then we take on the fundamental changes that have made us who we are as a people we cannot compromise and then we do this the Bible says and the dragon was what somebody with a woman and went to make war with Rome that last day when it was cheap but what a mess. Going to have a testimony of what some of you can make of the crisis that was going to be at the M.R.I. somebody and their mission is with you. Yes there's problems in the seventy AD miniatures and I want to tell you I've had the privilege to bring people back into the church that hate the Church so much on them off the books. I pay my taxes are relational more but they help reclaim them back and let them know that God has people that do love the Lord. That's what we got to tell you ma'am and give up on this church and they tell you this right here on the seventh day when the church is the reigning church about a promise don't you ever forget any man and we if we don't know who we are now anybody can maim us and if anybody can they must answer to anything. We got to believe that God has called us to be. That's who we are right somebody now watch us right here. Thank God for Ted Wilson people like that to understand let me tell you it is that we get to this ring I want to hit this right here because a whole lot of stuff where you're all right now because what happens is our job a Seven Day Adventists are the call got people from all over the world M.R.I. and out of spirits of Babylon the script has come out of her my what. People so what happens by cutting our hair by cutting artists and guess what. If we're not careful we will be calling me as many people out as we used to do the same is right here and what happens is you have some who try to join up with the Americans and Israelis. So what happens is this right here. We must understand that there are some people in the seven they are going to church you know they got three times they have an issue you get the sense you get the badness and to be honest it is the ones that brought me to the church that were bad mixed but you got some madness in the church a man in every by the man to conquer the man everybody I made public today will come. I'm a pres I may take it as too far you hear me but why does my hair color charts Babylon to where the spreader probably says that those who assert seven they are going to charge the cost of Babylon or any other battle of might is better will stay home. A man tell me I can see why she said no call it back then but if you live with that they should call a BABYLON No no no. You know if the room in a minute if the lady in the latest Inc edition what they feel hopefully you have a rifle by the right and I got to hit this right here I got to talk about this we're in a while because the whole world is that we stand with worth of mining they are on the ship against seven they have been is because they would not yield homage to the word honoring some This thing is right on the horizon some of you saw with the lady said two weeks ago she didn't know what she was saying but when I thought oh man this thing's close know what I think and then the pope going to Congress and then they come out. Legalizing gay marriage and I know a lot on that with all the possible have spoke a lot but now you've got and we had an Arkansas and other states where we did have some law to protect ourselves from being sued M.R.I. somebody and I don't know let me tell you this thing to happen is we're going to be in a different habit we will be in a day. Different World. Pretty soon the couple of months and we're going to see the moral breakdown of society go to more and more where they are it's going to almost look like having a day of rest will make sense. That's almost anything that is they would make this a man watches right here now this is the pope got a lot of the stuff on here and I'm going to get into this right here. But watches where you all says the L. might prophesied out a lot of profit so what she wrote is a prophecy now I gotta read this to you now the bible says not a standard M.R.I. somebody a man let's start a seven a miniature is not Babylon M.R.I. somebody the Bible says they'll be and what she and those saints and eight M.R.I. somebody and not try to tell the end of time God says that angles will separate to memorize them but it is not my job is that right. Anybody my job is the priest show as it is indeed of them arise about it. Now let me show you guys not calling me to preach bedtime sermons or bedtime stories. Now how many are told a bit out of it to your child to put them to sleep. You wrote This them and there's a thing on Facebook where a lady just a little cloth over the baby's face and make the child leap within forty second that's kind of unique but the bottom line is this right here there are people preaching bedtime sadness on the words putting people to sleep. Again are you with me that is not my job my job is to preach Christ in His commands are you with me and his wheel well I'm delighted to do it we'll. Oh my God. Yeah a thousand law is where Em brothers and what is in your heart to obey God that is not legalism. Amen for those that are married happily married a man you know you shouldn't commit adultery but you love your lie so much you love so much I mean think about the law. Are you with me right because you love the bars and I'm all right so what do you love Jesus Bobby Mattick right yeah yeah. There's his will to follow were so my love. If this is like I say when the end when the devil told the angels of God that there was a lot of like there's a lot going to somehow Christ through them is right here in America when the Sabbath comes and we pay all I got to stop the one of them is that I'm just glad they bring it in M.R.S.A.. So what happens if the balance now Ally prophesied the enemy and what has sought to bring in the supposition that a great what or change his limitations. Yes I forgot he told a lot of his followers stay with me and so you can change it from within is an Israel here and then we tell you it is right here on the heels of what I do with not a fortnight but then we do see a change in Senator here and I came when the changes will really begin to a celery and I'll always have my mind made up I must stand well the heavens fall and a great reformation was to take place on the Seventh Day Adventists but that this reformation working and giving up the what we stand at the pillars of Iowa and there are people who do not believe in our doctrines and they'll say yes with their mouth but they be lying their false witness in heaven he's an Israeli That's why it's very important to really screen who comes before us because let me tell you this right here a degree does not make you qualified to pastor are you with me issue a spiritual commitment to Jesus a man and the bottom line is if I came to the Catholic Church to be a Catholic priest believe in God. Right we're trying to change our doctrine in the polls he's not God is that let me be a prize if I want to be a lot of it I want to also have a right and some of the others are that this well if I were to get that home because what happens is this where you can to walk together except maybe what if I was to be a Pentecostal minister I better start saying something until a little rise about it right. If I don't know but I bet if they were so I hummed and all that kind of stuff on the rise of salt and then I'll get them out. It's a strict on their requirements. Shouldn't we hold a stand on the whole system before people because what happens is that when you bring in people who are not as committed to the message you sold will be deceived and I'm not going to mention any stories but I've had people tell that it's been done what the church told the admin for apology based on how I was taught by Professor are you with me. That's very serious. Was right here and that this reformation because this again if a doctor just as well as our faith in engaging in a process that what she said was reformation to take place what would happen and this is what we get a stand against leaving governments the principles of truth to God in His wisdom has given to the Roman Church would be what. There there are things that are on paper they're not necessarily preached anymore I mean I talk about in the classroom. Last week I talk about a couple of minutes and my attitude is this reactor that young people look I'm not blaming Obama just give me some information there are some things and things have not been handed down Gee who would have been given down the right way or have been muddied over ever not the way you get the way I got to talk to these young people is look here's the truth. Asking the right questions make a good decision based on the truth and then they will appreciate. But she says they will be discarded. And our religion wasn't very serious. Our religion would be what brothers and sisters let me tell you some changes have taken place from within you know Stan is right here in a CD Brooke said we got beef and haven't isn't our own people do not believe and just just this as I go on the fundamental principles that have to stay in the work for the last fifty years will be accounted as what it is there's a new organization with me what not so much a physical organization but of a way of thinking. Once you're here. They both have a walk out of order would be what. Dumbing down our faith and the system and celestial what would be introduced. Yes I have a doctorate in the park as a doctorate. Been imitators around here we all brethren in a min and they need to say this right there are people that will not accept anything from anybody here unless you have letters next to your name did you study theology or you know theologians of their food which you say libel but the Bible says when the spiritual physical was the great mentor he will guide you to harm us true you know the greatest the elders all those rumors are right and one of the pillows in that I don't know do you have them all right if you know Christ well I would have no human I have letters like the unnamed I met in the broadest sense was Israel the founders of this is that we're going to say doesn't do wonderful work. The Sabbath of course would be lightly way as also the God who created it and nothing would be a what allowed to stand in the way of the new movie Brother says this is the media. It's like an iceberg and she had a dream of iceberg and I'm going to read the statement to you some of you read it before what happened was I know it's going away from it but she was going forward and the captain said do work to it for those who read or the me just read it I was very Jeff but here and there towering high above a ship with a gigantic iceberg and authoritative voice cried out you know what I mean you gotta deal with it you've got problems in your marriage you've got to deal with it and I write and I write a lot of families they've got problems in their home they want to question under the rug and they want to use sex in going out to the movies or going out on a date to cover it up but the best thing to do if the talk about an M.R.I. M.R.I. somebody but what happens is they get immediately got to do with it if you've got people teaching that there is no science we're going to have it we've got to deal with that. M.R.I. somebody if you got people a government that what we believe and trying to con people believe that the thing that you ought. I'm not sure and you know it's true it has to be dealt with. Does not change anything in them and only makes it worse. If you knew you got cancer we're going to we're going to we're going to fire somebody right you know not to fire back and hope you get he'll match a limb arise about it or some other way you will deal with it because you want to be an M.R.I. So my wife is right here. There was not a moment when it was time for whatever action engineer put off posting and the man at the wheel steer the ship straight into what do you know what he will see you through it with a crash you struck the ice there was a fearful shock and the iceberg broke into many pieces falling with a noise like a thunder on the back and they may ask you a question it just shifts I think. If you think he is there for the passengers will buy only what Bob the force of the collision notices right here. No lives were lost you know why because they stayed in the ship. A man and I have friends that are part of independent churches and I've had to tell someone that's not only show you what it was the principle here in the advantages we have is called a representative form of government where people are transferred and so is the why since that is not God's will for the same in the BE in a district year after year after year after year after year he should be transferred. But in the PIN The Congregationalist system he is there for life am I right. That's not God's plan right there was Texas about a bank to let them know that is not God's plan and they thanked me for it but watch this right here. That's why we got to stay in a ship is there as the vessel was what but not beyond repair and then she said it went forward to glory. She said I well know the meaning of it. Representation I had my orders I had heard the word like the boys from our caf They knew what I knew what my duty was and there was no doubt a moment to what but what kind of action. Hacker must without delay obey the command made and that was at a time of the health of apostasy. When John Harvey Kellog was sweeping a lot of people away from the face with pantheism even to the point E.J. Wagner eighteen jelled minda God use an eight hundred eighty eight longboard I mean would give everybody but what happened was you had to meet it and call it what it was and then we tell you something the church survived the alpha but I want to shoot this with you. She also prophesied of another town that she prophesied of the omega of apostasy and I believe that the leaping compromise this going on in the church is the result of the omega of apostasy approach. A SOB alive. Now let me share this with you when I share this information with you I know you should know by now that I'm not being negative in the church as a man I'm only bringing our property as foretold in when you priestess that you got to be a balance because we're told be not what many want apart from a lot and I'm seeing people leave this thing I mean there are people that will want stocks and it is no longer walking with us he was an Israeli one when they had left and I'm like and I mean there are some that have left I'm like maybe one a lot of the right church but I had to go back to the word a man and a man giving each a what the rhythm of it the parting of because again I need to work on a Spirit and not just on what we have now with all of this danger but the Omega will be of the most star it will be worse in the Alpha and the Alpha was well essential lives in North America maybe parts of Europe but this Omega is taking place worldwide where we have seen a different face live of seventy haven't washed ashore here. The omega of apostasy has what. The stand as a biblical evidence lifestyle and work at worship and then let me just say this with you. Let me share this with you. I'm going to talk about maybe two or three things that has really changed the facial structure of the church and the media is causing many of our people to have mercy and I'm like Have mercy to where you get people are tipping different swinging thing sinning and what else somebody what am I talking about. People have made the church book club M.R.A. they're taking worldly music I mean music while I mean I'm like oh my how can you bring this in the church. Raping Iraq leaving it has a brain. Rap music into the church and am I right and is going all right and if you say anything against it then your fanatic you know the Bible says The Lord is in is what let all the earth what does that make a joyful noise M.R.I. somebody about to die. They used to talk about but the Bible makes it very plain that he had to be referenced them all right if I came into your house if you if it's your move let me take off my shoes and I come up telling them about it and well and you have a reference to your house I'm all right now God is not required to take off our shoes when we come to his house but he was a holy attitude you know we're right and do something you know intuitively this should not be in the church and I read it was happen is this right here people in order to get new members or that or the people that have a Wal-Mart marketing mentality when it comes to church growth. They lowered the price in order to bring in more customers and yes you may bring in a lot of people but what happens is this where you got holes in account or how important people you know are right. It's going to forty seven evangelism God would be pleased if sex work and brought it to the church in sixty who were not going very well if it's the wife say about this the things you have described is taking place where you know what happened in Indiana. Make a long story short I have another Power Point they were mimicking the Pentecostal services of their time they were bringing in the music of the world playing dance tunes to sacred words to have a carnival. She said these things would take place just before the work. Every uncool thing will be one of the worse it's going good while in the church. I mean people do awesome stuff on line handling at the feet of the lot. There will be what with what music and wells and what else is it going on today and now maybe ten fifteen years ago the question was who has been in the church today the question is who doesn't get it and I write about it and what happens is this where one of my fellow theologians I'm up apartment will mention his name but he told me said Isaac he said got to be honest if you want to go to church in Africa being punished bring all those wild music this pulsating thing demonic do not come from Christ. I'm all right now. If God say we got to meet we got to sing dead last the law or must know life into that we're told I think you know Yeah well people tell us so far they feel charts M.R.I. somebody so is that the senses are rational they have become so to where they cannot be trusted to make what kind of decisions and this will be called the moving of the work of the Holy Spirit an obvious goal here I'm just going to just really be real we can't just be honest with you in the African-American church is really prevalent and we can about work you know. Black rabbit I mean tell us what this means. Actually what it means is not the majority of students say I see this going on right now. Yes Can you tell me three to five times what is going on. Ninety five of them will say it's going on at this church this church that church in this church. Why because we have a lot of the thing for themselves in as an Israeli I don't want nobody ever said a doctor all said Are you with me on the say the doc overedited you know you will but what happens is this right here at the worst of times of change I mean I know I'm on Mars and other people question but I had done some beautiful things on music I don't want to get into that right here but let me tell you this right here when we get to have it's going to be sacred M.R.I. somebody and yet it's probably euphoric now but at the same time it's not going to be worldly and we're living in a day when people feel that we have to compromise. Status of music to bring people into the church and then we tell you. I used to be a club where I used to be the hip hop R. and B. all the rest and when I came into the Church I knew this was the biggest thing for me to let go. I thought that being a man was the music I listen to the parties and all that stuff. But God brought me out from that to enjoy sacred music. But guess what didn't God say the way to be A working with people including in our music I'm all right to be a young man a young black man in urban America whatever and not listening to this kind of music. Amen is weird. People M.R.I. somebody Zionist Bud Light that they see the world as though ball what they have why can't we be both a Jesus a man by a blast Jesus music of a man. Oh I have a business right here when the standard isn't the truth. I've got to try to achieve honest I really can't water this down now when I'm a little cover my husband leaping on the music. But let me tell you this when the music starts getting why or if there are young people before they forget how to dress. To a church. Because if the music sounds music sounds like the club then guess what. They dress accordingly and wear this kid can I can I talk about this right here. We serve in their benefit here right. We're leaving the bar I was going to probably write you a read you weren't even more during my race of that M.R.I. It was a time and I mean let me just put a disclaimer again. Were saved completely by the grace of God you know that right. But we are to be distinctive M.R.I. God has given us his wheel. Dena Van is right here to show this thing to everybody else and that it's actually I believe that Jesus IS M.R. right now into the preaching of the word but the lifestyle of Christ I will tell how many minutes I mean all men today when they see that you are a dear. Very different M.R.I. somebody from the world and you have the spirit of Jesus so you got it with the spirit is in there. If I call it like you mean it to me like it was such a lot of ladies now this issue address because apostate vanity of the human heart I'm alright in a world where the world says you got to dress sexy to be a woman God ask them what are the incentives right here in order to do that for many women. We got to deny home yourself and take up your butt and do what people want and I said before people love the savior but they hate the look and sort of over time people love the savior but they hate the Lord they love the savior to say I remember when it comes to him being a lot of how we live. They don't want that Jesus but Jesus is not every witness to me Lord Lord shall we say if they wish to do the work. It Love you all you want but you know ladies love love love is not and now is a verb M.R.I. every woman you know that Honey I love you but I love her too. That's not love America somebody love it I love you and all your lady leave me alone. M.R.I. and you so am I right. I mean a lot of this right here to whom if they were there I would know the man and the most one the most popular bitches passers in the world. They call him the butt of the black Billy Graham and what does he have an easier one up as adoring Jon look over here with a ring it is here we got a Congress president to govern with while I walk but young people about you got a cool president. But it is here. What I mean look you think you but well that's a nice thing your palate by an M.R.I. That's when I get the breach and if I wasn't going to pray right you know about again as a part of that we our brother's keeper of our right somebody's right we've got to be careful and the reason why God gave us a dress is to protect them. Women Emma right went to dress modestly and I'm in the ME modest Amen a phantom in whistling a sleek girl you look so what can a man just like in the spirit of the day you look so holy can go right for you but that's corny right there if you laugh when I tell him that. But being around with you. Brothers have gone out and you got praised and maybe up there thing in our day and whatever that's where some of that blood from left is also we just sort of been there hid them so we just won't look at Moran the lap of the God of the standard draft and let me tell you something. Going well. Wow And people don't know how to dress any more these mini skirts the spirit of probably says the extreme short dress reaching about to the what is won't buys certain glass Well a man she would live with a day she said he was sure that I want to know what happened and I'm all right. What the problem is that today let me ask you a question Is the Bible saying white man and that women adorn themselves a sexy over the battle field Bob and say hey man what kind of a pearl. You know how many you got some of the rebels are going to think Oh right OK OK OK Yeah I guess not comes home and if you have a judgment based on how to address just the character it will be a good wife to use not your brain. Why look at like this what would you say just from talking to him if you had it just based on how she looked. Oh primeval All right. It paid off or like me if I have a three hundred fifty slide presentation phones are rated Norman So this is really the short version of it it was hard to find these leads ris women all the it was hard because it was the heart of like so if you have a problem with it you know it well but I would just like that so I got of him to give me an exam it was hard but anything else is either to find the wrong M.R. right. But if you seek you shall find to write but if you brought them out at home in the light that we're going to say if you had a judgment based on appearance or we need to have some vows that he's going to write or you know like oh no no I will say as what kind of apparel somebody. Carol and they might say it is extremely important so you know I'm right in the little lady when you see a memory and God of not require women to dress like that he was an Israeli but they are modest never write about it and here am I right you would know immediately when you see and when you go out in public people should know that you are a Christian. They did know he was aboriginal Jew Christian there have been women I've been able to look at you go to church don't you. How did you know I just know because Trast was right here. Mot of the of the what kind of arrangement. So when you're in private has your question what you wear to be saved. Jesus the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And when you have Christ and His character His Spirit will convict you you need to dress like me in the Bible to have made himself of no reputation. He wasn't trying to be singing them all right let's see em out of the one of these things and all right so what happened this right here modestly as though on the horizon of clouds that does not hide the air or what. A man if he leaves the what and other sins and let me tell you something when we understand why. Speaking now we got a dress we gotta wear clothes that are right somebody we are told to be to look good in becoming a lawyer right. OK We met him at the time of the scarecrow thing in a minute a minute now you know one thing we have in our schools and churches is fashion shows and people beat people be walkin and maybe do on a catwalk why wouldn't you know it. So we're going to have it let's have a Christian modesty want to show you how to dress now that may not be attended by the most people but that's the truth but if we want to have a Christian part of the contest would see women as well if you want to judge on the panel of course I'm all right you win it. So if I want another one it's not like that but a lot of the press you know this is true. I'll give you permission to dress like a scarecrow. The gospel is balanced a mere emir I like looking nice in a suit in a tidy is an Israeli and you know make sure everything's in order because in heaven it's all order in beauty am I right somebody but watch this right here. So we got to understand them out of the Internet teaches us that is not a sin to let somebody to look nice is not a sin to look nice. Now what happens is this right here the jury is going down. I'm seeing more jewelry now than ever before and what happens is you got and I have to deal with it in every diff way and there are times you go hit on hard times you got to walk people through it because some people just don't know. Actually a true story about this was a two thousand and fifty I can't believe two thousand and fifteen. Anyway two thousand and one two thousand and two was preaching a sermon in Indiana state that has it and a tad of mass and was going to call Will the real seven they've been to police they had a head I'll have my sermon all down before Powerpoint and I walked in that serves as a Lewis and I walked in I was wonder am I in the right church. I'm on the right day. Everybody when I say everybody when I visited were members everybody elders pianist everybody Hanjour and I'm up a range here two people had earrings on Digg. Whoa. Hasek. So I'm almost you know to preach about this subject from the Bible a bit all through the Bible and do you know at the in the service then I was the loneliest man but they were going to happen and then I was like I got to get up here. A lady came in front of me and her husband they had a jury on a field goal that we had. They say we want to thank you passive or telling us this we've been here before. I've used and nobody ever told me and we don't take it off a man so way out of this right here the lawyers tell me can't do it if you don't know what led to all that a minute and that's what we got be redemptive in how we deal with people a man and then we to one of my students and she tell me struggle she has struggled dresses on another issue. She said that because she was born she was born with a black birthmark all over her body. So she thought she was ugly and attractive so she had to do certain things and the law had it she said that now the law is helping to get out of that shell. So that's why I'm saying that you got to walk people through some things M.R.I. somebody a minute here. The bible says his willful juries of the Scriptures not what brought him here or gold or what somebody pearls or costly array. We teach people from the Bible that we are not to adorn ourselves with jewelry is an Israeli. Now can you talk about the rhetoric for a minute. I know that's permissible under was allowed and I want you to think about something want to do think about it OK I was going to give it to you and then you make your own decision and I want to show you where the rain is a customary Of course it is and I was very it's customary to talk about this issue where she has not won what to be spent for circle of gold to testify that we are what Mary now to talk about other stuff and here to talk about the imperative of accounts where is impaired when I talk about that right here. But she saw I'm leavening process to wear the wedding ring. And what happens is the mill's been allowed to it is right now. Young people aren't thinking about like older people looking at it you know if you can wear it and identify I got nothing which is why I got to deal with this because they're seeing these things let me tell you something I've got to be careful what I say in class because let me tell you this right here brothers and sisters let me date Israel you know this is the M.R.I. somebody if I say one thing and there's a contradiction they all call me out on it are you with me. Now sometimes they get over oval. We'll talk about the eagle too far so you got a tie on you know you know and I will get all that. But now when you do your research which you will find that the wedding ring is really a pagan So it really is. Now from this Catholic priest you talk about some things here and he talked about different things that came into the church where he said the ring and what other things are all of what and sanctified by the adoption into the church and I was right here. Now I say here the way he remembers as Lucifer himself why what I say is that my that you do your research now Dr Sevier baccy OKI wrote a book on this. He brought it out very clearly that the historical significance of the wedding ring on the first day of the week which is what somebody in honor of the Son of God They will wear a ring of gold because gold was the color and the G.M. of the day to receive the power of the sun would be a diamond when the sun would hit the time of the Dhamma What about it reminding you of his original name which means what. And the reason why as well on this hand this finger is because in paganism that back you'll be part of it was dedicated to the Son of God So what have I let the young know. Look here this is what now you can do whatever you want to do. If it happens right here a lot you know what the real meaning if you can make an informed decision is an Israeli because boy if I had six six six almost all my coach would tell me to do this is numbers you know I mean I can't play that now for the young people to really know what's going on. People don't believe things don't mean things if I had a ring in my town there's some of the people in the world who know what that means it is not me anything MA Does it mean something very immoral. So Wings do have meaning which is right here. So what happens is this right this is going on and then people are reading their Bible nor bow wow. But back to what I had in my what then am I know what the Bible I was no wicked thing before my well bottles was what I think was just true pure verite you're going to be any good reporter it may be an imaginary anyway. Do what I'm a young man and imitate is right here. I've been there and I've done that and I know that these movies are not inspired by God Can we agree. Well there are times when we teach against Want to the theater to teach that I mean C.T. books I mean still teaches this if I want a few to still talk about it he said I was the biggest holding them is right here because why because let me tell you this. Steven Spielberg knows the Spielberg is one the greatest producers of all time sit in when you go into a theater you are by yourself into manipulation. There's a video game I'm seventy seven it's called Hollywood. Next Part one in part you can look at it. Hollywood on there it was like he had been reading Elegy white but he worth it. But what happened was he just reason common sense and show different clips showing that these movies are contributing to the destruction of. And that's not the path of the Lord said that there's no employment in this country more powerful to destroy religious impressions then the magical amusements and that's what we were told to shun the theater now with the Internet today I don't have to go to AMC I can go to arise a lot if I go to You Tube and then we get to your story. That's funny now because one day you know what happens. Had you heard of me for a change when I go with you to the movies and I write some of my How to over here. Yes I am. Because that's going on and it should not be watch there it is right there's a lot of truth to do with esteem is telling me yes I will talk about this yesterday in class. They were telling me I had to reason with them based on what I tell you now you know sometimes we teach in this stuff we're trying to stay separate from the world we're walking in Christ you may have a weak moment M.R.I. somebody All right. One day I was watching T.V. channels in use they were not that the channels I do a lot of finger exercise or because it doesn't watch on T.V. So you try to pass some time not parity at night and then on a certain station cliff or settlement in the park that thirty second turned into thirty minutes that they're going to turn into one hour and that thing got so do you see I could not even go to the bear from what you've written in it was it was all about sin and all that kind of stuff like the novel was the bottom yellow passing cars and you know it got me now I wasn't looking for it but what it lemme David abash evil where he was walking outside and he saw that she will say and then he. As you look the same as when he continued to linger and then we tell you this right here man in methane gas so juicy as it was it was a thing called it was part two of a certain series as I got the watch apart for it and I got it was part of my mind until we're all in this. Thank God it wasn't one thing that it was a main degree but then we did it just as badly as it is right here and it took my mind off of Christ and it put my mind on worldly things. So I and I know from personal experience. So when I teach this stuff I will teach and I'm so holy your soul this oh no we all in this thing together. There's something to it is no struggle for me there's some things that God is sitting in is where it is not a struggle for me but there are some days I am I right there is. Should it be see and imitate Israel yeah. I preach all over this country but there has been one place I have never been able to really preach on a regular basis and it wasn't easy and when I preached there I can't buy no more than a couple of days you know why. Because being a lord knows all waiting for me so I was going to hold you with me until God gives me to strengthen centers right here so I know my limits. It lets us the whites this many place themselves on what kind of ground but we could do things of amusement where what if he's a prophet. Get a belief from professing Christian when you resort to the theater. Remember who is there you go let's take a look at that Satan is there then she says. Conducting boa as the master. I mean they had actors in plays that every day I keep hearing this. No I've never been able to show me. Oh back then it was like this it was like it is that they that are in the days no new thing under the world now. If so that's in the play that means control of the screenwriters are you with me. It's control of the producers and even in Hollywood a man has one of the producers said that the thing we love about this is we get a chance to smuggle ideas and now you see commercials. Last week two weeks ago for the first time on my bottom up as this but I am a lot of my friends to man all hands walking in the sun. So when I got there just about to get married and it was a date I'm like I didn't know the L.G. meeting room was going to get into television with all of the civil unions right. All know all they want to control everything is and it's right here and possibly try to make Christian school siege and he with me we go take a stand against it in a minute. He is there to excite what Mandy or some move Have you ever watched a movie made you so mad if you want to kill the person in the movie and be honest with you and I don't know I mean other than here maybe you know if you had you had to watch it but let me tell you this if they're just my passion and glorify what and the very atmosphere is permeated with what that's why we get to know I suppose it's completely we tell you nobody preaches on this NG I mean I mean people still talk about dress and other things but when it comes to this right here you've got leaders promoting this stuff are you with me. But what we do is we got to get back to the parties in Israel and getting back to the blueprint means getting back into Christ. Because when you are in Christ you are and what kind of preaching and I put in the lawyers convict them in no sanctified mind can take pleasure in watching scenes of seeing them all right this is the movie this is the one. He's doing something he should be doing all this is real life. There's some things in real life that do not be seeing an M.R.I. just right here and my husband is right here. People watch it and guess what. Subconsciously the devil can whisper in sickle twenty M.R. right well if you don't do it then to accept because they would tell you destroy your people not on the homosexuals or stuff like that saying it's all wrong. The guest will be busy in fornication for the last generation on television where people think it is OK to have sex outside of marriage and the thing about the L G B T movement with the L.G.B. to move that out of the thing about fornication adultery it destroys the foundation of the family. Because Hollywood the music and through the screen is not thinking about the need for it when they make the movies for our children and for us as adults with it trying to do is to smuggle. Another thought way of thinking to make you think about it if you don't believe me when God so adamantly don't eat the forbidden fruit and I write the devil came in with another worldview M.R.I. and said well what you need to understand is when you eat it you're going to go to a higher state you could have some fun and we are right now because somebody decided to accept his world view and let me tell you this. And Dr Parker would tell you pass of those would tell you would tell you. Postmodernism is in the church to where I'm battling the folks who believe that truth is relative now. What may be true for you may not be true for me etc etc but born Let me tell you this right here it is destroying confidence in the Bible as a revelation from God is destroying confidence in the spirit of prophecy as revelation from God It is destroying an absolute Jesus from being alive to where another Jesus is being created as causing a leaping compromise not only in adding to the worldwide to accept Satan when he comes as the balls rise to we're the devils that everybody can be saved it is a matter of how you live it that will be all. So now so path is leading to a liberal Christian. But what happens is this right here we got to be for it but the Philistines did work to censor it. I mean come on he did the administration already and we've got to make sure that you have not only no power if you have no engine and back in them days they didn't sleep where surgery was never had surgery before they put you to sleep. Take out three hundred backwards. I'll lay on the table one time to take out three hundred backwards when I get to ninety four. I will. But what little anesthesia they did it without any kind of the ending of pain it's a good poker and poked it in his eyes and poke his eyes out. He became the laughing stock of the Philistines. What happened was that devil one of the puck up out of the seven even a change and one of the out of the church called the Bible says before time in Israel when a man went to inquire of God Thus he spake and said Come let us go through what he did is now called a what was before time call the word See here with there is no vision of people who work here and maybe tell you this right here in the US of God's Church. Symbolize the prophetic gift God has given us not only prophetic understanding of Daniel and Revelation the two eyes are you with me. He's given us. A prophetic enough of this serve a Lord to serve as a spirit of the F.D.A. church provided prophetic got to see him past present and what else the batting. So what happens is very important as well so this talk of the talk about we need to be you know you have to be a true Christ in the revival and reformation M.R.I. somebody's God given is the word is given as the testimonies to outline the way but too many people say I can't see what's wrong why I've been poked at it is Satan's plan to weaken the faith of God's people and that was about it. Let me tell you it's one thing when you've got not it is putting stuff against away but you've got seven they haven't you got some smart alec them right in the church I will try to make you think that what she wrote in someplace with her own opinion now of course what she said it was thirty eight was forty rules but it was only thirty eight when I talk about that we're told was that they caused a change in your life. Well I don't want to say that well I don't want to lie to rule over them the intent is right here. But let me tell you this guy will have a remit. He will have a people that we favor live far more true who love Jesus enough to follow him to death to your store before we close the very last recession to say I mean to make a man if that the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people what SEO work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to set up a confidence of gods remnant people in the true what is going on for some anyway is it one of them I mean this is one of the brightest minds that ever that I meet a man in the church now I'm destined for you know for years I did I would never listen to a silence on You Tube Let me just let me just talk about this man I knew he was wrong but let me tell you when I listen to a man I have to turn to turn it off because he sounded very convincing in Zen is right here. So what happens is this right here and we thank God that the Lord prevailed and what happened was is the set of the been on bail but the spirit of this man still lives in this it is the same it goes if you want to be immortal in the church be a teacher if you want to be immortal you know only God and more which is a figure of speech. The teacher watches right here I got some good news for you see what they think the money's here or mine is not OK so I was like it was growing you know. But watches are here. How can they hear of is here began the work after he was one and it was wrong again. I guess you have to do is change a minute if you saw this it was I was a child but the little train that could I think I think I got to believe it got stronger and stronger. Let me tell you something and it's here begin the girl is train came back this time he did. Televised strike that the last time he betrayed a secret they stopped it when he realized his trade came back he said in the order of things before my two eyes. M.R. right and he put his hand on how many pillars two pillars and you know what that you know the rest of the story even though Sampson's compromises led to his downfall temporarily there was a revival Reformation event to where the latter part of his ministry. The scripture says that he slew more and that one time than he did in his whole time and I got some good news with the best days of Adventists are before us the pioneers should have been living in our day and I'm going to be right now. I don't want to die. I pray to God I pray to God I live to see this thing that I've been preaching that I mean but leave it if they are like he believed that Jesus was the Messiah from the beginning. They come in the past and I want to be one of those is going to stay. Yeah I want to be one of those that vindicate the character back I want to be one of those that love Christ so much to where I would rather die. They commit one wrong act if you want to have that love you can give him love right now and you can cultivate that love our Bible and reformation and brothers and sisters God is going to do some good stuff for us. So as we close I want you to keep your eyes on this man is the only man if you keep your eyes on and his name is the lovely Jesus a man am I looking to him and by receiving not just looking at Jesus but not receiving strength and it is Jesus all power is given to me in heaven and it works. We're told in the spirit of prophecy that that power is to be a mirror so we can we see that we can we see that power you can we see that. Our on a daily basis and you know what's going on in more like you and be less and less like the world and what's going to happen with the sermon it will be more sharp the things that you didn't see anything wrong at all that's what the past was all about the loss of about Gene I love you more than that event and you're going to be like a man. Joke was told or Mattel is a man and I think was in Pakistan with a Masonic and Joe Cruise and his book bring into my life talk about a time when he did a crusade in one thousand fifty six and he ran a crusade for quite a while and it was a man you know at the in the crusade people got baptized at the end of the crusade that were I mean they were going to blow it up. This main was Muslim and I thought it comes back to have a bad time to quick quick quick. That's hardly right now and all the clues that you can come to the meeting that can baptize you he said I don't come a time getting it because I'm a Muslim and in my country they would have caught me going into that it I would be in trouble but what I would do every day he will walk past a tent and rather than go inside he will sit outside under the palm tree and listen to the Gospel of Jesus and for the time that he heard of he was convicted to give his life to Christ in the cinema become a Christian and join the seventy even a church so he said well the Cruzan went home and told my wife there will be a seven day various Christian people become Christians and the next day we came back to work my job was taken away. When I went back home to get my what I got fired my father in law came and took my wife and my three children away when I came back to the house to raise them with my in-laws the give a while back. They wouldn't talk to me in the bin when he was talking to Joe grooms blunts and scars all over his body because friends and family and acquaintances turn on him for being a Christian and beat him up and he said Joe Cruz can you please baptize me. I believe in the message and he baptized in Jesus name. And he became a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and a year later when Joe crews was going back home to America and he's gone back home. Sadik said my brother he became a faith a member church never got his wife back never got a child but never got his job back. Elder Cruz can you promote me to be a missionary in Pakistan to sell Bibles throughout Pakistan. You can still buy was in America were no problem but can you sell Bibles in Pakistan he said I can't endorse you because if I do that they will kill me which no one is responsible and if I don't care he loves Jesus a lot. Well he lost his job and he lost. They lost everything but he loved Jesus on lies you want to lay down his very life for him. I don't know what happened the sonnet. Well I believe that if you remain faithful he's going to see Jesus and God is going to restore the years with the locus of the brothers and sisters. It's easy to be easy to be a Christian in America is a country it's easy to be a Christian and it was over years but then we take it is going to get very very you know what the Scripture says or what every earthly support is going to become you know Jesus it that your own family is going to betray you didn't mention your good and so your clothes or your it could be your spouse it could be your mom or it could be a bad day. Are you with me. It could be anybody that in Christ and God can allow the time of trouble to call this home of Jesus and imitate it. I can say I love Jesus with all my heart but if I'm not aware that the God of everything I'll sell him out and repeated all he knew he was going to. They have a lot Am I right. Jesus did not give them and then he said three times I was I'll never deny you lower energy is not a lot of them. But guess what happened a couple hours later I don't know who that man is and then who grow up in this is the way says that the faces of Peter and Jesus and man have you ever been called the jail and you got caught you could not live your way out of it. But when he saw Jesus he would have been some of us do it out of broken Peter's heart he would probably never came back to the Lord but the Lord Jesus Peter with love and compassion. You know why because he did look at Peter and he was right when he saw Peter seven eight Weeks Later on the day of Pentecost any for you are you with me. Any of Peter's heart attack and then God it's all Pentecost and then he told us probably the same poll that he did not Jesus to Jesus is the Christ that's going to be our tests. Do you love him. What do you love your wife and will do you love him or love you do you love and love your job do you love you more than your life. We got to come to the point where we love Jesus and His Word just as it's given to us more than anything else and when his church gets to that point they'll be no more deeply compromised the Church Militant will be cut off from the church trial that he will be better if you want to be we can't jump right with it. It's this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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