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The Faith that Works by Love- Part 2

Nicole Parker
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Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor



  • April 11, 2015
    7:30 AM
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But yesterday we talked about how the law of sin is the love of self which you know the love of thought that's what brings on rest right and the love of self created us unbelief unbelief. You know I'm here let me get my flight that they're going for you. Unbelief is the inability to believe that the law of love is the best way to run the universe. God has told us that we should live by the law of love but we want to live by the law itself. When we refuse to believe that God is love Love is the best way to live. Then we set in motion and belief which set in motion pride and we see that Lucifer story right and everything. And ever since then I would challenge anyone to find anything that's not rooted in unbelief and pride this cycle of the two that feeds a love of self. But that means that God has a remedy if we can believe we can take by faith the love of God and realize this is the principle that runs the universe the seeking of the lowest place the service that well that faith that we have in the love of God will give us humility. It will help us to see ourselves the way God sees us as weak and helpless and sinful as we are. But at the same time as priceless as the infinite worth infinitely loved in the light of the Cross this is the great power of the gospel. Justice and belief and pride of the cycle at the root of every sin so faith in humility. Reverse that cycle. They are the remedy for sin. Now I want to tell you a few stories because how does that look in real life you know I know for many people that that's a great concept. My husband does a lot of pastoral work and he is. Started at least five Church plants are helped out in meeting with the starting of at least five or six Church plants in Africa and here in the States. And there's one story of a church plaque project there that I remember especially the true story. There was this passionate team of young evangelists. They were on fire to serve the Lord. They were very active in the community they were out doing so much work. They didn't have very much money but they had great vision of what God wanted to do through them and they were absolutely confident God was leading them but they had a problem. They couldn't decide who was going to be the leader of the church who would be the pastor because you know what the the reality was every one of them secretly wanted to be the pastor because they knew this is going to be a vision that's going to change the world that is an incredible movement. I want to be the faith on the handles. I want to be the face on the Web site so they didn't always want to say it right up in front but there's this battle underneath the surface kept spilling over into the way they related to each other messing up their church plant until finally. They realized what was going on. They thought the Lord earnestly they bowed they made things right between themselves and the Holy Spirit was poured out you know what happened. No one wanted the headship anymore no one wanted to be the head of this church. No one thought the highest place. Now the actual picture of what those men look like might be a little more like this. The church plants that the disciples were trying to start with Jesus had a great vision behind it. It was God's vision. God wanted to do something mighty through them but what cycle was destroying the disciples ability to do God's work. It was that cycle of unbelief and pride. If I don't try to push for the highest place what if god. Doesn't put me there. I want that place that pride prevented them from being ready. They sincerely wanted to serve God but they didn't understand what it meant to enlist in the service of God When Jesus said to the rich young ruler you want to follow me. Sell everything you have. The disciples were horrified they'd just finally gotten hope and this guy comes walking up to them you know in those days you could tell this guy had money you could tell by his clothes right. They may have even known who he was and they were like say lamb for supper and the disciples were like go JESUS don't mess with one up please don't mess this one up and then Jesus says sorry you want to follow me you're going to have to seek the lowest place you're going to have to become despised and rejected you're going to have to lose the status you have and the man said you're not worth that. And he walked away. Isn't that heartbreaking and yet here were these twelve disciples following Jesus and that whole concept that Jesus had just shared was still a mystery to them. What heartbreak. Jesus must've missed at that last supper as he sat there watching waiting. These are the twelve men he's been training to start the church plant that will change the world. They won't even wash each other's feet. They're looking around I'm not doing it I'm not doing it I'm not doing it. They all think I'm the one who's going to do it. And so Jesus girded himself with the towel and then after he washed their feet according to Luke twenty two at least he sat down with them and he talked with them about this. Luke twenty two verses twenty four through twenty seven says that this unit also rose among them as to which of them was to be regarded as the greatest and he said to them the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them but not so. I'm with you. Rather let the greatest among you become as the youngest and the leader as one who serves. I am among you as the one who serves Jesus wanted each of them to look for the lowest place I could be not because the cycle of unbelief and pride was chewing out the life of them. So Jesus did something to change their vision. What did he do. You thought the lowest place he modeled servanthood he demonstrated to them the law of the universe. Imagine what it could have been like. Imagine the story if they had reached that upper room. And then John or Peter or Matthew or someone had seen hey nobody's washed anybody's feet and rushed off to get water and then one of the others said no no don't do that let me let me think of it. Surely that would have flooded Jesus' heart if he had seen that if he had been able to be bluffed by seeing Jeff on about to face the cross but it's not in vain. These men truly love me they truly love one another. The seeds of the gospel are taking root in their lives that are springing up in a new way of living. Are we going to make the same mistake. By God's grace let us not seek the highest place. Don't let the story be written of us too so that someday two thousand years from now in the annals of history in the universe when people turn to the page that was two thousand and fifteen they'll see the same thing we all had to fight for the highest place. No Jesus wants to teach us the lesson of faith and humility. What is faith. What are we talking about today. Faith is belief in god character of luck it is believed that at the core of the universe is so. If sacrifice is a God who seeks the lowest place. That's why he is the safest and the only one who can rule on the throne because he has no need for the throne. He doesn't crave power he craves service this is who he is. Faith is belief that love is God's law by which he rules the universe. What is humility you know I remember a story of a man who was a slave and just had suffered so much in being separated from his family and finally he'd had enough when he was being sold again. He decided he just wanted to die when they put him on the block. He started shouting I won't work I won't work. They ignored him started auctioning off. He kept screaming the same thing I well not work. You can't make me work. One man stepped forward and began bidding for him in earnest. And even though everyone off with building a building and then finding the price higher and higher this man kept it up till finally he paid an exorbitant price for this man. And as they took him down from the block he shouted in the man's face I will not work you've wasted all your money you can beat me to death I will never work. The man didn't say a word he just led him to his wagon put him in the back and off they went toward home. When they got to the man's estate he loved this new slave out of a block of slave houses there were these neat little clean cottages and he said this will be your home right here as long as you're with me. The man said Why are you treating me like this why are you giving me such a nice place I will not work for you no matter how nice it is. You cannot make me work. He said I didn't buy you to make you work I had set you free and the man fell on his knees in anguish and say thank you thank you. Please please. Let me serve you all of my life is Jesus we serve. If we don't want to seek the lowest place if we don't want to serve Him Perhaps it's because we don't realize how he has served what he has done for us. You see God wants Hearts. He doesn't want the service of a great rumbling servant who's willing to do it because he knows he's going to get beaten afterward if he doesn't. God wants the heart nothing else is valuable to him. If faith is belief in the character of God that this is what he is like. Could it be that humility is the following in his footsteps. Could it be that it's the natural result of beholding the character of a God of love. I think so in fact I'm sure of it. I mean I'm I'm cramming in a little bit of what I've been studying of this but the evidence is overwhelming. Go study for yourself and you will be amazed at the power of faith and humility. Testimonies for the church Volume nine says if the remnant people of God will walk before him in humility and faith he will carry out through them his eternal purpose enabling them to work harmoniously in giving to the world the truth as it is in Jesus. We all know God opposes the proud. He gives grace to whom. Well the humble the humble are the ones that he can teach his way. Selected methods by and once as in the work for this time it is not money or talent or learning or eloquence that are needed so much as say grace with humility. No opposition can prevail against truth presented in faith and humility. Oh I want to power like that when I go out and share the gospel that people cannot resist the beauty of this message of love because they see what it's done in my life. It's against everything in our carnal hearts to seek the lowest place. When we hear the story of Lucifer in heaven and we hear that he thought you know he's an archangel Jesus is an archangel how come he gets to be exalted higher than me. Well like well that makes perfect sense but it didn't to the angels. People like you want a higher place than somebody else that's not the way it works here in the Army of God the general of the lowest the one who serves the greatest number. It's not the one who gets to say you do what I said because I said to do it. That's not the way it worked in heaven and nobody could even imagine where Lucifer was going with that. God doesn't want us to live out that kind of a gospel. He wants a gospel that transforms us into the servant the Redeemer has come so that glory thieves would joyfully live for the glory of another. That's what he wants. Can we live for the glory of another instead of a glory for ourselves or are we going to insist on being glory feed. You know I believe there's nothing that can motivate us to humility and faith like to Welling on the life of Christ. It's incredible. Look at who he was. From the manger to the cross. Here is a God who searches for the lowest place and takes it. When Jesus was born he was born in a stable. We knew that who would be born to he's born to Mary and everyone in the village has been talking about Mary but I don't know how that baby got there but they know one thing there was sin involved absolute for definite sure. And this woman knows what it is. The gossip has spread everywhere this isn't a godly village anyway you know how they've talked about her and even though she's so pregnant she didn't want to stay there with her family she didn't want to stay there with her midwives. When Joseph if I'm leaving. She says I'm going with you. I don't care they're about to have a baby I'm not staying here alone and I don't ever want to come back. They don't even intend to return Connecticut. It's incredible he had no money. How would a good solid carpenter like Joseph have no money and have to wrap the baby in rags. I think everyone was treating both of them the same way you know. He married her. Now we know who did it. Well wait and see what that baby turns out looking like. But he looks just like Mary. Mary won't tell you what an awful awful circumstance for the Messiah to be born to. Why did he seek the lowest place why did he get born into shame so that anyone else who is born into shame will know he's right there beside him. He understands he lived his life under continual scorn even the Pharisees said we know where you came from. We know about your birth. Jesus lived under this. But not only did he live under it he died but he died on a cross the most shameful death possible. Why did he seek the lowest place why did he continually live this way and what if we always call shepherds. You noticed that look at the leaders that God is called he takes the shepherds the lowest the scum of the earth the ones who aren't even worth educating and he exalt them. Abraham with all of his flocks and herds. How does he behave when he sees random strangers walking past on the road. He runs out there. Let me help you let me serve you come to my house. We are the children of Abraham. Do we do the works of Abraham. Perhaps it's because we don't have the heart of Abraham. What about Moses when he was prepared for leadership in his own mind he knew how to lead an army. He not to say you do it and they did it. Everyone jumped when Moses said to do something and God said You are utterly disqualified from my service. Let me give you forty years of being nothing and when he came back to Moses and said How about seventy now. Moses knew what he was and now he was ready for God to use him. This is the theme throughout Scripture. Look at the bailout and the finance and the people who think they can exalt themselves the king fall when you think you're something you become worthless in God's service. But when you realize wow I am nothing and he had left me with an everlasting love. That's when true service began. How did all of this mess happen in the first place. The ultimate glory thief with Lucifer. He wanted the power of God but he didn't want the character of God. He wanted to be the one who had the place on the throne but he refused to acknowledge the fact that throne belonged to somebody who had no desire for glory. The only reason God says glorify me is because he say from self exaltation he is the personification of love. If he is the only one who is safe to rule the universe the only one who can rule it from a desire of love because he owns the throne. It's his Lucifer craved a higher place. The angels were just blown away but he was so persuasive. It made so much sense. If I see the tree and I think the biggest peach on it I'm going to grab it polish it off and eat it from my thoughts before anybody else gets it. Made so much sense self exultation became the law for a third of the angels and the desire of ages tells a heartbreaking story. Santa originated in self seeking Lucifer the covering cherub desired to be first in heaven. There he was the guardian of the law defying the law he says. Got to gain control of heavenly beings to draw them away from their Creator and to win their homage to himself. Therefore he misrepresented God attributing to him the desire for self exaltation with his own evil characteristics he sought to invest the loving creator. Wow what an awful crisis for the angels to go through before everything was glorious wonderful. And when they were called together and it was explained to them we have a law here in heaven. They were like What. There's a law. We were just living in the glory of everyone seeking the lowest place everyone loving one another is themselves. Contrast this this attitude of Lucifer with the mind of Christ. You know I know this is kind of a long passage but I couldn't think of anything that could be cut out Philippians two verses five through ten. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God Jesus own the throne. But he came down from the throne all the time to walk around to mingle with the angels so they didn't know how high he was they didn't know that he was their Creator. They thought he was one of them. And along comes Lucifer and says how come he gets to be higher than me. So God explains this is why. Because he actually is higher than you because he is actually your creator of Earth. And most of her says I don't want him over me. When Jesus came he made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man an infinite lowering of himself already he became he humbled himself and became obedient to death even the death of the cross. Can you see it there. He who owns the throne says Let me show you what God is like. Let me show you why I'm safe to be on the throne. Let me show you how the only way we'll ever met fix this mess will be solved by every one of you learning to live by the law I live by. Wherefore because of this character because Jesus is like this because this is what the God of the universe is like we are for God also have highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. What a contrast this is the God who rules our universe. It's safe to serve him. He's going through this whole process. The judgment everything else to prove to us he's safe to be on the throne of the universe so that when all the universe unanimously unite in saying that's it we want it done we want Finn out of here forever. We're never going to let it rise up again. We are thoroughly inoculated against the evil of self exaltation. And then God says everyone is in agreement. Everyone has examined all of the evidence I can possibly present to you. Who says I. Everyone says get it out of here. Even though it means the destruction of those we love that those that you love God We know this is the only way out. If they will not let go of self exaltation in their hearts they must be removed from the universe to restore harmony this is the God we heard. That's why it's safe to trust the universe in his hands. Christ object lesson says the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of his character. That's us that's our calling. We're called to do this to seek the lowest place to become like a disciple. We're at the out pouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost where no one thought to be over anybody else. We don't see at Pentecost the moment that the Holy Spirit is poured out never made things right with one another that they stack up this guy's in top this guy's right below him this guy's right below him it's not a pecking order it's a everyone seeking along with everyone becoming a servant. It didn't solve all of the conflicts of the church but it got to the root of the problem. Christ wants to recreate this character within us the children of God are to manifest His glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them. Will the Latter Rain do the same thing that the former rain did. Take people who have sought the lower playfield made things right between themselves who have come to the bottom and said we're going to follow in the footsteps of a redeemer who is modeled to us the seeking of the lowest place when we get to that point the latter rain can be poured out safely because we won't go. Hey I got Holy Spirit power but I've got more than he has but I have more than she has. I think I'm a better preacher too. We won't do it any more. We're not safe to receive the latter rain until we all come to the point that the disciples did before they receive the Formery the decider of ages says the angels of glory find their joy in giving giving love and tireless watch care to souls that are far in an unholy heavenly beings bring the loft into a fellowship with Christ which is even closer than they themselves can know he this is the fellowship that we're supposed to go to join. We're preparing to join this team of angels in the universe to go out and share the glory of God for the rest of our lives we have to learn to live by the law that they live by. Each one seeking to push the other higher they've never been able to figure out why we have. This obsessive need to trample on each other to try to get to the highest place so foreign to them because there is nothing save the selfish heart of man that live unto itself. There's this method a vast universe in comprehensible size. Everyone out there living by one law the law of love and then here on our planet we've got this little speck of evil Satan all of His angels and all of us go on. I want the big gift. I want the best you wonder if you still have a carnal nature. See how you behave at the dessert table at potluck when there isn't enough for everybody. We're a pretty sorry lot way. Wow he says I'm going to think of you. I'm going to change you you who are the mutation in the universe the one who said I will be like the most high who gruff that ye shall be as God and Satan that tastes good like that. God is the only one to save to be safe ruling the universe because he seeks the lowest place. The desire of ages page twenty one says turning from all less the requisite representations we behold God in Jesus looking up to Jesus we see that it is the glory of our God to give. I do nothing of myself that Christ the living Father had sent me and I live by the father. I think not mine own glory but the glory of Him that sent me in these words is set forth the great principle which is to love life for the universe. When I when I read these words when I grasp the character of God Everything in me says I want to be like that. I want to be like that. That's what he wants that's what he's going to create in us. Lucifer had said I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will be like the most high. Christ being in the form of God This is what the father is like counted it not a thing to be grasped to be on an equality with God but emptied himself taking the form of a servant being made in the likeness of man. We know this is a voluntary sacrifice right. The father didn't say to Jesus you get down there and you do that. Jesus said let's do this let's do this and the father said how can I let you go. And they wrestled but in the end love always wins in even for the God of the universe the anguish that he goes through. It's worth it for every one of us. He paid the price knowing that few of us would be saved and even one was going to be worth it. You see humility doesn't lead us to think of ourselves as trash. It leads us to think of ourselves in the light of the glory of God why he loves me like that. Jesus chose to give back the sceptre into his father's hands because he wanted to come down and be with us. You know I've I've read a lot from the desire of ages the first chapter the desire of ages and that's because it's very personal to me when I was sixteen I was angry I was a skeptic about this god of love. He didn't seem to do very much to take care of me. I felt that I had to take care of myself all the time so I started descending into addictive relationships bad entertainment habits things that I thought were going to have any kind of real effect on me. I told God I'm not going to go out and drink and smoke and do drugs and do stupid stuff but I'm not doing that stupid. Trust God thing. This is my prayer. I literally said this to him that you don't take care of me and I'm going to take care of myself. I'll go to church. I'll do all the good outward stuff. But I'm through with the stupid faith thing because you don't do anything. Then I went to a school called washer Thai health Academy. Maybe somebody remembers that name sound familiar. And when I went there I remember the principal Mrs Clarke as I was going through registration said one of the last time he read the book the desire of ages and I said I'm not sure I'd ever read the desire of ages and how I think and I'm not sure I've ever opened to deserve ages I'm sure have never read it I have no idea what's in that book. All I knew was it was written by Alan White and we all knew about it on the right that old lady who wrote Dear Brother all the time and everything else and it was just going to be full of blasting and boring stuff so I didn't bother opening books by her. So I got put into life and teachings of Christ class and I remember the first night that I did my homework. I opened that book deserve a just fact. Oh my goodness I was going to take me longer to read than a novel. And I read that first chapter and I came to the end of it where it says that throughout the eternal ages we're going to praise him for his unspeakable gift with Al Qaida. Your tears to my eyes and I thought I never heard of a God like that but it's light. Maybe I could trust him with my life after all. That night was a turning point for me. I thought the humility of God. I thought somebody that I could have faith in a God who was live. If we can take that message to the world we can show them the character of a God of love a God who loves us like that and he would love them like that. That will change the world. That will bring about the second coming that will bring us into harmony with Christ. I want to appeal to everyone here will we will we answer God's call. Will we have faith in his character and live where we let him transform our heart so that we seek the lowest place and stared at the highest place we don't fight for that we fight to be like him. We fight ourselves instead of fighting each other. God wants to create that within us and I'm asking everyone here to make a commitment within your heart. Stand with me. Will we commit ourselves to humble ourselves before the Lord so that he can lift us up instead of us trampling on one another. Will we let Him by faith. Transform us. Let that faith that works by love come into us. Laodicea but once you need it so badly let it transform us so that we will have the white robes that we need that we will have to I think that that will give us a clear vision of ourselves of the world and most of all the Kingdom of God. How many of you will commit to that with me today. Let's pray. Their hearts are overwhelmed with love for you as we behold your glory how can we resist. Well we teach is to seek the lowest place teachers to serve Lord. There must be people who are hearing this message who need to go make things right with others others they have trampled others they have spoken badly. Lord show with our faults show us where we need to wash one another's to transform it into your image and we will not be like the disciples in the Upper Room Why does not make a mistake Lord refusing to lower ourselves. Help us to love. So you can be the one to implant your character would you like to become like you. Thank you for being this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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