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Gnosis, Diagnosis, and Prognosis

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • September 11, 2004
    3:00 PM
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him for a little bit about some sound hurdles analysis fun to talk a little bit about that we do in the event as well as a couple who had an that I want to finish what I visit us last night at the end of that okay so the silly for me I thought life of mass this brings me here in our guidebook together and I plan anyway but we can ran out of time this morning so we were looking at his miracles and how the Lord wanted Israel to bring healing on the Sabbath the most gratified to hear some of your comments in different things about how your processing this issue of bitterness and how your your your your something is and I appreciate the testimonies that the easier with mutually help me grow as well now under the experience of the land with little handling or developing everything I was going out we were talking about the weather to hand being liked insensibly they the right handles and lose and those who minister is coming together the health ministry as ministers and physicians working together and are labeling obligations like I said a few testimonies with you on that we want to move down next to our next Sabbath miracles that I have for us to consider an Ensign John Zephaniah Johnson denied robbing one of my favorite Sabbath miracles in the Bible we have of course the story of the man who had been blind from birth the reviewers zero now it seems as fast by a solemn manner who was why from birth has elected a hearing will be explained if anything is in the negating something very simple the new verse six lives of these things he spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay of course what day was this verse fourteen now I was the Sabbath when Jesus made clay and opened his eyes met in all his strikes me about this of course we can bring the whole mess is anyone of these variables is is that they are the things that Jesus may not be blue and it ran out as our asses and do our part in size and is so complex later when I was relatively easy but Helena was that even though they are relatively supposedly easy facing a very difficult for us to do and where I sometimes like to minimize in life in a minute and say well I is getting a return they also are we to handle myself a severe impact from this country 's okay any and all these things going on for the Lord ask you something someone he hast us the same kind of things this is to just demonstrate a simple faith and musings along the stimulus is even a cell is of relevance and so in this particular passage what I wanted to bring out his simplicity of some things and many times when we started we get involved in assessing we get involved in studying on a field with complicated issues relevant to my grandfather when he turned eighty six years old and yes I see Arizona afternoon out of this agreement was grandfathered in Santa Fe I will swallow while he was unable allow Missouri Valley on Lavallee said in I said when I had said now don't with him it is a and I think I successfully I said okay well I recognize as I write this I was in second mail because I said so exact today I saw the house I suddenly already is mass one hour and in the mailbox it was exactly amount that he is always how is what we need to move so I went and bought a house my grandmother moved in with me and what I was somewhat nervous about this but the simple way of my grandfather was a great blessing to me sixteen years old he had allegedly based on what the any say in our own new insight is this way you do things that you can do is play football stole occasionally been due to a house on the girls in all three month old and comes very well released last week and the three -year-old and so I was absolutely football and he said were going to applicable rules of law of the license okay I'll go with anyone with at least half of the field I can remember the first title and now I really feel my grandmother 's other words they felt on in the middle of the field is always sitting at an elite will siphon billions of the patriarch and the setting in the middle of all was at the site and have been out of the San Jose airport of you know they were only around it was even your own site as I was watching a life you know I was Eisenhower on the no huddle around grandfather is a Windows again will have hands nails it with you say who is in socializing probably no one is right before we began NATO's I think that's a very good idea so you and it is set for the disease all eyes are dark I they are doing family things I can injure themselves a lot more horn like forlorn hope so less than a a lot this is not a citizen liaison and as a general license initially made my grandfather and has a when we lost the championship he was there to my desire anyone into the distant basketball season and an enemy was in all the scene pictures and showing us how his relationship and angry father always was moving us with his prayers not being anything at the end of the season the Lord I pray this is the last season for these voices was dangerous when I was uses always wanting ever was you know never was pushing him on several places in carrying out e-mail down in the end he was a oil over the oriental of congestive heart failure that was developing given the rights of humans in the site is in the article assignment number zero alternatively as my grandpa is going as a bonus footage of the natives what would you tell him not to put under the same as I will call like I was supposed in a professional and that he was in line like Doctor Zoe goes in an exhausted my grandfather these is as a jelly like yourself nicely emphasizes you are not my chosen area will all diligently for absorbing a junior formula absorbing is a cell is rarely erase Palestine in doesn't absorb what's alarming is the doorway but there's definitely absorb light and I was very aromatic as fast as standardizing on his way to the doctor the doctor looks at my grandmother me this is now our Macintosh really latest to do so will I not only does it all I really think it is in the same sounds like what in the world somebody needs a human Revolution Doctor North is going in authors on using the inmate in the darkness as I can talk to Buddhism and is the now anything you grandmother runs on his is the anything erupts involving and help the circulation of the thing I run anything he wants to know about us as you know that was why the social data grandfather is no reason to take them away from that thing that was giving comfort as you learn from from a grandfather was this whole idea that this will sometimes it's better this time than I is various aromas and rooms and whatever heroes and role models about how to do ministry is how holy is the own gospel roots and gimmicks and and him alone I will now than before was ever in any Seventh-day Adventist Church of almost all of the service to humanity others are just happy I saw a sci-fi film called I would rate as an image is a set hair in his easy chair and he went down right this whole set of testimonies volume one through nine in conflict series was the best handling is really and says I like Tylenol I say one hundred and tell me anyone ever say anything once was I asked him as an additive in always pointing to him in volume four learn to pray three hundred and eighty seven page three hundred and three thousand one and he asked me what you think of that link a small grocery silliness about hotness meeting when it came to other things to show you anything that was a great blessing this is so old layout actually the questions they they really help me so simple remedies in John I know we can talk a lot about being blindness and different things but in August the simple things in our walk with the Lord that define whether or not really with an anytime side in a air I think more people are dumbing down the gospel is singularly silly I think that many godly people in the administration and other churches I think I especially redesignated as a Sarah working all our friends down down the gospel becomes chastened and people are on their way by I accept several island as rising Asian-American and eighty six of the American Red Cross this is we will help after hurricane Ivan is now touting there is more joy out of SAA has something here significant people know what is the minimal they want something is worth something are you willing I will as well as a buyout my wife sending my wife and her father did not like most of the father ran like this I believe that but I was serious about this and he did not like me at all in the Lindsay his moving through the rigors of those story five years later he finally gave his permission a Gonzalez nose and waving it a lot now I will see him in the vicinity is as is evident by the ruling and I said I look back on that and I will know that it wasn't Leon nothing like that still the right one intranasally on site is a viable source of ignition by the time I got a value that the things that we that we we have to go to Safeway for our article in the small things simple things like that of Jesus Erikson 's basic client will send everything is in person while sometimes it doesn't well with a sort of Assam in this regard the Lord Sam was sitting with me and he was a him assignment about his that's a very interesting situation analysis and a morning in a set I have had many times immunity is warmly different times and I was like what we're doing Idol someday the bride wore an person setting innovative event and I was pleasantly since I frozen so as a layperson I was laughing out of the vain labor 's work with and finally came all the way through different studies and thanks anyway anything to me as I think Sam may be right he wants to be baptized on this day this invasion would work for him the shareholder like most part so visit him and Sam was still wearing about Tylenol three or four gold annoyance for golden writers alike anyway I was at Israel as well and of course as is raised for the racism that is I knew that there were in the Museum of the Koran and these are things that you know you need a Miami had no relationship with an office in my lifetime that I am his friend on their prey from Senegal however I buy what I learned is a very good thing if I've learned that if you pray the Holy Spirit is in the people only remember an end anytime in the USA and that negatively someone who makes a living thing on things is a zealous man anyway so I went to Pakistan as similarly as to the lowest setting in San Francisco that is really like the taken manliness like the him through town he was like while that's cool you down selling our back I began studying these the second round was within another guy that I was oh so how many different people and idols of homozygous conveners and that I shall lessen some of his editing with adornment about how they were reading out a little wary these days and actually had gotten sort in him and everything was showing the different cultures like he is about a single related to to all that is and an annual couple weeks later he decided in the insurance and he says I think I will I think my raise our idols I send you is that he has said what you want to go to Macy's I got together with them in that time me and he says you know and he showed me what he thought about their identities is what is a I said while I know I think anything are willing to give anything out for the Lord Vista zero and so as well as how about that pace is yell one of you is an elusive invasion maybe don't know this but in my culture verily seven days that are called auspicious things and those were the days in which is related to the various gods and I was baptized today I it was bizarre like more something that God will place you only other thing I feel like I don't say this I didn't even know this is a problem is so in celebration with family now I don't usually go to the basement and Bible studies learned that amazing facts or the seminary him however based on that panel Wednesday on our own zoo is also life-size is a sensor and so I went to the information within the open of this cover panels and I covered for Gould who was that he was worsening quantitative summary teases in the healing of this man I sat on the Sabbath as his is a very simple thing and that the Lord sometimes asked us to do simple seemingly insignificant thing if you know where the Adventist pastor he asked me somehow to talk to people about things that sometimes are very difficult to talk about the how a lot of the other sponsor this event I think it was an idea that I have more and praying that the Lord would like this and I think that was how I feel about life is going to advertising lines was listening for voters in the formula race similarly may probably have some other and so I think what the Lord is wanted in general many times in this verified him down and take away things is like when I used to do seek out the garage to take something out my guest toolbox is a small mania Helen Rencher steam room three oh one Emeryville South Korea is this a small thing and then Dan wouldn't allow it never ceases everything in the house so they mainly get his lives and daylights out of exploiting eighty and have never had experience or learn how him here on the ground and I went downstairs and I think for wings hanging away anything we see in the Bible or the spirit of prophecy remember that this time school blocks I understand what it's for when I understand it was an something my daughter is now his learning unless for the disciplinarian in my last time I came home CM online and on the floor spread like a lot of early contests and that she had her lighthouse and neck she had her marvelous the only problem was I discovered this at night time I sit in the front door I rules on the panties I fell backwards on the White House new marvels my head in the middle and we will enjoy her mother and they'll will definitely force that was my fault that I will be monitoring what you figure that out but the simple things the simple things Jesus asked for several days and sometimes the simple things from you and their implications of the next miracle Falluja thirteen Luke chapter thirteen Matthew Mark and Luke Luke chapter thirteen verse ten through seventeen we have another Sabbath miracle and we have the picture given their mind in the wrong place yes thirteen Center seventeen him as one of the synagogues on the Sabbath and behold it was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years and was then told her I in no way a raise herself up when Jesus saw her he called him as a woman you are loose from your infirmity and he laid his hands on her and immediately she was may stray and glorify God ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation because Jesus is nailed on the Sabbath had a set of the ground there are six days on which men ought to work therefore me a lot of them and on the Sabbath day the Lord than answers instead reprint those monies one of you on the sabbath loose his ox or his donkey from the stall and leading the way to water it so I this woman the daughter of Abraham Satan is now think of it for anything here's the latest from this blog on the sale illness during the double murder aggravated by this thread I thought over and over the years first of all the thing that strikes me as if this woman must have many places to get healing before this woman must have been in had problems worldwide and anything that a senior Canadian chronic pain many of you that that's a long time rezoning me ending up going into esophagus of place we are dealing with people that have anal let's say you never the people coming in the emergency room the ones that have innovate to sell them as they were coming from and across like this and they can hardly move it on time and it looks like there's a given their hit of the devastation across as all kinds of pain and this lady was like that this reminds me the story of the all love was him AR and this person had a phone and then once it has terrible neck pain about meeting was a foreign-policy result problem of the national cello the first doctor came in the doctor 's name on and he would come in there exists in on Cornell 's name can come in and him with his face in an hour and so he ordered x-rays nothing showed up and so he sent in with the local elections on the way while Alexei McCain added I was on the next shift like a million of the president has next day still resonating us another doctor saw in order this time more tasks are excellent and the work for you will present a niche I was on my almost one then the Pacers game and next day this is Doctor Peter who was working in that particular was one of those old days doctors the catalyst life is finally going to look like Santa Claus and his community and cannot discuss the philosophy of philosophy a life-size alien languages you know we will break down he was very god-awful and he was in the hospital by building and moved to the assignment and then this person was there had this terrible pain like this in all as you know and so as they all broken English different things and so if you look at the assortment of charts now almost ready to be published in book form anyone who will start again since then you can ask that person I think what you think what the guy was I getting and him and all his library guy said he said anything here in Madison other than what you have the here when this first started I went down the street broken English and downstream and I got some lessons from my friend all I can idea you can read English so when you think of this analysis and was somehow fifteen five okay cause I think that of course is what and so the science taken a bus can also view life as it is with all the reef is that interested on my horse got some Benadryl has given to know slow IV in his eye so I is is is is there anything you guys can kiss is a website for me but I know that I height of the road and that will design work with you know these things doesn't even listen design work patient time delivery work with what came to them those the lessons taught me the importance of listening to listen to people yes he did anyone help them and the only thing that the problem with legacy at the time that we don't listen throughout her life this is even here let them hear you want to turn off enough anything was of course him this is where I live how we live well Isaiah says without money outcry for McCain is money hungry pages of the Holy Spirit and you say the way you pay as you pay attention like the pavements and everything since I wasn't paying attention the one other thing this miracle in the next one is archived together because they are full of miracles that Jesus healed on the Sabbath those the next loser fourteen verse one through six not happen as he went in the house on the rules of the RCC on the Sabbath they watched him closely and behold there was a certain man before him who had dropsy and Jesus answered and disposable lighters and Pharisees of his father he'll understand what they kept silent they took him and him and letting go then he answered them saying with you having a donkey on Fox's fall into a pit will not immediately pulling on the Sabbath day and I could not answer him regarding these things in her own opinion of the drive signal this is the thing I want to notice you this is their people understand how immunoassay is a formula to face I may certainly a stairs of something going wrong in a sale is going on in and in all cases it is that ACN is in Ceylon and the amazing thing is right but in cases where there is one of the implications and Leona wholly elective surgery clinics in failure and everything like that everything we needed probably not that we also know anywhere that is him for everything is already know many of them are bad however that Satan said taking care of people is not a business that's amazing you what is this more intentional ministry are you with me as Jesus was and is voluminously now how does this apply to know where I met my wife two things first of all this is I was like okay as I said Jesus was an ministry I add and many Oleander course says in a medical schools many times people if they're honest you have underlined this desire to have that sexy ass people about and they go through a lot of things whether looking for that second president of the unit of the government in the air over here while so I will I Jesus and his interest in the mouse is unsustainable on interviews I think this idea and visitors of the known some physicians will tell me I'm talking than I said cannot is is is is is is a lot I want to talk about politics religion with my patients I want to get that close limits without I'm performing a service we need to build a company in this anatomist is the minimum amount and some that will tell you that is this is because a few days and as soon as I found another amount actually only thirty forty tabletop nanometers so you will know that Christ is the only universal event number of times you can Jesus and disinterested benevolence Jesus was presented to me has the perfect matter his life was without cell Chris Andress whatever marked with this and say that was what I thought about open positions were saying or suggesting what was that with himself as introverted as uneven amount it was definitely a self interest what a disinterested benevolence every self-esteem on this prison will fall by the way like Judas is sold as Lord they will so the principles of a noble generous businesses of four little numbers game all subtly shifted from God 's people those who want heaven Muslim all innovators as being here using principles of heaven solo or money wasn't an enemy second half and certainly this is benevolence is different than that you know I've come down to the zoo to understanding and analysis closing in on identify slide is a sample of self-denial and is interested in the Netherlands with more than five serious suffering of thousands found all his short period of three years was as long as the world get in the world of celebrity will is an analysis done on a single and is people making work is going to renew their father prophesy I was just one way to the All-Star of the time I will have time to do I sure will CNN law that you're working with people him is now homeless is wondering what was going to say this interested benevolence is a so is asked how they will in person I will sell you and I will think you're willing to share something is heavily but directly about the Lord Jesus Christ and you can care less what they think of you but you really have been busy his ranks of the people in a way but it is interested in no way did he do that and all the action while naturally positions in the analysis as requested in his answers and analysis is that taxiway 's most healthcare systems today is managed care another way of saying disinterested benevolence in our early institutions I will talk about this is another in a human visitor by Cecil in their work high religious sand point is certainly exalted principles of the present through the annotated theory and practice will have presentations were safe I printed only for the recovery of how the special blessing of God will not rest on our institution more than upon those workaround theories are as you will have the citizen is special blessing of God starts to be drawn away and meanwhile the blessing of God and whatever his decision wherein it possible is easier that is his interest in the know the greatest danger the continual morning him flowering sanitary anyway and such an institution in order to help the feeling is abundantly as necessary as the radar receiving on Helena 's indemnification is a link then zoom zoom while Endres is that is the focus of any Navajo size of the Seventh-day Adventists of the necessary purpose from the historical document it is well I will get a approximate the truth is of little importance and it will go away in a state of mind harder of access and before they're going to be hardhearted if this is just one daily family is this is before they came so absolutely about disinterested benevolence organizations one of the practical application of the four euros the my wife and heresy is so seeing his policy is hot and then I'll may fail only crazy as hell Roman SCR aliasing Romania the slot is a language that I apologize and I will give you only want and no one here here thank you so much again by the Salinas Romain within beautiful music this morning what a way links is yesterday releasing the light as Jesus I will place in dozens of the line phase is working as well and this was love at first site for me the girl while you know here's my problem had as their welfare and in our father who also implemented by the was a blessing in disguise for most of the him at the illumination is very safe remember I've been very different than living it here I will by this time I was converted and I was really writing this hometown in any and all I wanted was a failure her father into myself about my past anyway there's always a slight even the sons of Eli was a bad situation and doing within the family prayers he was vaguely like Lord please protect your family from attacks from now and from within and I was trying to connect devices as I could and five years later finally desire and a number of things that I would take care is irony is doing is sorely needed in the past I only will I be married anyone here will be made as will as we had living around you you will get around as an place and I will survive and convert it I is is a yeah who is as is will is available in new so I I I assess as I desire a you are seeing with me on everything and there is a feeling I raised as an sycophancy how will you say he is a man that I am a Muslim and I you think is the opposite you know this was simmering this is England I never say anything is her him and the I saw her in anything a hero and I went over there I was sitting down finally obvious unwavering honesty as I said so on that hillside development of energy was romancing pleasantries lesson and is disagreeing with a little more subtle now being handled by an invisible what is this is the what they call the great controversy I think that you know something cataclysmic blow of flash insignia is great controversy and is having an identity ordering everything is unfortunately with that and has visited and most people whether they got everything on and as he says in a little while you are celebrating the Christmas I got hauled in as little as you and I to I felt like I had an outsized edit on County and enjoyed tonight you know I love there is facilitated in and so I went out that I was I was actually involved in urban or rural game and enzyme linking mechanism is used as the readings just there like this is sort of you know the problem was listening to know her over talking you as a woman everything on this is related to say that someone else is the summerhouse is really what all of this we can listen in and at one sick child as we can see everything without I ran into the next filling the Internet cell phones and even have car and I worry that I have called I called my friend is is now safe Doctor Haugen I said Doctor on in all he was an earthly felicity on online online using my feet I was really in however maybe obviously it was a million hundred designers because I am down your house for your monthly say here in Alamo that will work on anyway it ended up in what is it really worth yes it is a Beta user of an emergency if you'd like to that the company is your choice whether you want to consider as an thermoset will say it was you will say here is the premise of went back out there so now you know slowly since I remember a conversation and so then I had to leave us alone and I think I'm going to tell you this week and you know someone else there and see over is what is I don't know and I is I is my friend and would like to pursue a man out of Vegas announced their because I do want like I was in an unwinnable loan would be greater perfectly summing times and then she called me later out when you think about this is what I think is worth going car is almost great him than what grandma while away an over matter I saw a lot more of your father and mother raise arenas the prophecy she and her parents Association Romania and the soulless life rolling place where they had they had to be willing to die for their faith parents can go to school because they had taken stands for the Santa and so they were very very very much wanted to be of following the Lord on the staff and every other area of life and they worked in the hospital there but they made a decision with the natives is in is that they had to work on the hospital and of course in both of these passages we see that it's okay to take a few seconds and I put a notice that that Jesus wasn't paid for that and they I was working as a nurse of time I never really thought about it I have my pay in the basin anyway I went outside doing what the family sat on doing his vessel things and then I was like I is less than extreme as less is a militarily sense I mean I'm just very disinterested only wanting to help people and even all that whole phraseology then maybe I'll try I was working in his emergency departments on we saw fifty thousand pesos in areas like LA until I find schedule so I can go in nine four seven eight five F Elizabeth things I was okay I like the land unsuitable for that money sizes like they cite the money side some and money quickly I don't want to live in well I'm not going to hold it on vacation and seem right I him at the scene and then almost seem unworkable and more as I feel on the island is seen here in the emergency room anybody who doesn't have assurances as to add Louisville and I and I was to go and live in some facet of this is going I philosophically deemphasizing softly so I'm sitting there by this person that no person that I was working in Benton Harbor Michigan in time and words running it around anymore more people start and call up and say so there were things they found out who knows another car pretty soon you will be Santa Cruz and helps establish your diseases is doing this anyway is to certify that I was there but it is a failure and an out money I found out and this is to start working this way I do over again I wouldn't go that well when I would start giving out money like there is a disturbance incident was probably the only good for me but I was always trying to will I write them were this was the last Sabbath that I worked at that institution I write at work and I was basically larger than it already found I was there and was alive going from the door of emergency room father around the site by about twenty feet down at almost the more way for me to get to work so my boss called me to send we really appreciate you we really do I have some good news for you that is was was was is you hear of your job is safe and secure beer him are you working with you I am sorry to tell you that he cannot work here on sundown Friday at sundown Saturday anymore and him and I went in a few other times he doesn't know that citizens of the hotel over the years I've has gone back to that and while I was I believe he is on me in my experience with that commitment I will that would be for you but there are several physicians and licensors that they have had his same understanding annual and they found an error resource that's behind the scenes but it's called a medical emergency five years of the people behind the same thing you know how great a blessing as many people that help subsidize any help programs in the city I can point to at least fifteen people online search who is handling was put out a way they could have been put out otherwise with that was that Sabbath money which is all this money is as they use it in a way to draw people into the kingdom power unless worldwide is about it the committee on certain other losers that is an alliance that will join us a secret to that would be a great children's growth will all say to you is an serious about this if you are God with disinterested benevolence concerning the staff in your lives and will will seafood in the King or anything lies about this as something that is about four probably at the Islington and ends in your sandbox has been a robust set in him I is one hundred nine thousand five hundred twenty nine and is there also has to have looking out for a few thoughts we have exhaustively other than that of the five verse one through nine after this was facing Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is in Jerusalem by the Seagate influences Hebrew Bethesda having five porches and these make great multitude of sick people blindly realize when you a lot for an angel went down at a certain time and pool insert of the water and whoever set the first at the story of the water was way well whatever disease he had now a certain man was virulent and infirmity for thirty eight years and when Jesus timeline there is a already Mennonite in this alongside a sedan you want to be made well certain areas within the sensor I don't want to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up while I'm counting on the Stephanie forming Jesus I then lies in bed a lot and immediately the man was made well that of his men and walks and that day was the Sabbath is not a greater article is well not as a lot of things we can talk about in this miracle but you know some people to study this text they say this person had paralysis for a number of years what was the woman I was the one person talking of this is the person maybe and develop the tertiary syphilis are some kind of problem like this all ties of unique ideas I've heard both there was so brazen they came this I can't remember why I recently had in the spirit crossing that I can't remember him for that is but I is the simple fact was it was paralysis and the other was for Alice's in the site and with an overhead house is on file anyhow he was analyzing this enhances self-pity and always different things but I think Jesus is what I want to deal with here this will close this message on with maybe yet another illustration of the museum on Friday nice thing as soon as he has had his and his brilliant in Westerly were dealing people when I was dealing with us any notice required under the act and a new one to be made well and interesting patients or people or any red family members that really don't want anything well the frustrating thing is your family members if you talk to them when I was talking to them when they say that maybe do some people in this room that many just don't want to be made well here are excellent and as I was causing one of the has affected Diana Sweden was that we would like to address this issue that it is because I think of something else deal with I was going I is Iran and I think it was after that way had been identified him in there in the hospital I still as well as is all you know I is working the other hand he's the only result in an alley probably the United Nations as a Morongo lifetime disorder there is brand-new 's Graceland one hundred monitors they were willing to Hewlett-Packard mongers but they were monism you can send and was the violin now the only ones the is certain that is the right of your shark probably I am surprised they has how many and added all of the intimate bistro salad in the face in my understanding of the normal realization was even was called yellow in penicillin and always hung out all all else until I is tale about that is and it was only while imprisoned in his scratch that has her new move the little bit of something but the Arthur God 's will I is him he is the way people are lying he is something that is doing wrong and also wrestled his relationship in the involvement of his life and he is doing in the case is a little bit you go back to that even those living on this was my situation was a massive failure when we get a room that are sometimes is true that all it is like a seed is on you know the salsas of all of my soul I cast down and disquieted in me as I is a Muslim they couldn't get you to help dating is for some motivation I think this is the important thing about a person with a safe and raising their friend is talking about is and all free celebrities in interaction sorry on other because sometimes I can help you get out of the situation that you would otherwise not get out of the data is available as of the servant you like those the service I was or is the way I will I know I didn't have a single sat all day and I is a you see the last ability is a money was missing from a dozen for who he and so I don't know this is a life-giving as this helps us develop drugs bitterness in my hair I don't have the hospital and I went down to South America is on the South American of course I went with a with an individual went down and I got down there and I was there in Venezuela I was in Caracas and I was walking around ISN I was this is a very affluent families of this family was up in the high-rise in their place I was looking down at on officer handling the war and there is limited in her eye sincere and only for Blair I think is enough for me about them where my selling ice cream or something anyway I forget over all polar bear and I was other than a half hour lazily human and I have always been listened as others in their own will is easy I don't want to idle down the screen as I want water from the street and the last thing I remember is green yellow the only radio as a summary from up north and south through the you are so most of it is the later is going on so I go home and in all the while you know struggling with the subtleties I go home and him at your and I is you will all say they are willing to rehearse and seventy five was all right when we were down in Florida and on the job down there so I loaded up my diesel was going around regarding site and headed on down to Florida to visit his and I went down there I got a job interview for the job in relevant data job but I could bring myself thank God that I went to the hospital I got a job of nursing obviously I couldn't think that was a mess and I can't take this up I didn't like ten times I went to the Sausalito they couldn't take the job will say is you want to say in Psalm thirty two when I kept silent my phone school through all my groaning all day long for your hand was that he had a fun this is the one who I pray for their in-hospital death telling him I was careless I was adamant I is doing this place and then I selected them as finally I said you know I am not going to go back because I simply do not want to change how I feel about my father I simply don't think life is worth that I am not interested in I gave to the decision that I would end my life him they had cells unbelievable you probably buy a hand in the decision nonetheless the North Carolina there was a huge windstorm going on a subliminal law I don't thought that so the software and got my phase in order as everyone down here and as I was walking towards their two men came to me who were interested in each other another man in a propositioning unless first time I've ever been proposition right now is this the way to go out just before you are ready to die these people you know this is a sick man this is bad real bad really bad sigh sidewalk further out of their this overwhelming sense came over and over I was still a song about a was based on bitterness now I understand software so you know the celestial you may well know I want to remain on in my life I saw him again I said you know my mom 's always been kind and loving me my mom has always been there for me my mom is always been understanding and I are relocating this allows calling my mom verse this is this is the right way to think about it was truly call your mom first serve and I called her at all I probably drove away in cycle I found him thanks I have ordered the things we call fulfilling my data Hanrahan is one long as I doesn't call collect call on my answers I says to me where I think you are in danger I've been praying for you all day where I set I'm in North Carolina so you okay so not really this is all don't tell me if I'm telling you come home why are you all will you go someone I don't know that I want to come home she said please come home and just hearing your voice I love you I want to come home and hung up the phone and I went home and do they guide cares for you to think he knows your situation do you think that he can work him home so I to review so that my laws in the Lord of the essay drove home all these ideas about there not being a God I just couldn't believe that my mom would know that that was not worth listening as I drove through Ohio I began saying Jesus loves me the signer of the Bible tells us there is a strong new mothers out there for potential monitors your prayers during the field for your children is very and fathers it is very user they suppose that when I got home everything just worked out fine but is a Fidel was a little upset that I made this decision that I wanted to be well double attack in the was a little bit story by the auto accident in our thoughts these vitamins leave you with this thought I believe in the house were intercessory prayer him that this is a sin that are so very homeless as the father proclaiming this is my beloved son when Jesus had a notorious experience of the models there is a power-play in Israel is experienced by repeating this is their wedding day is in this race is very lively ball is because of his prayer life I believe all most as a license where these people so I would say all the psychosurgery as well was many times beforehand for early warning the latest room and one of my favorite taxes this is an and not Isaiah fifty and maybe you know it from memory may be admitted


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