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You Have Everything

Frank Fournier


The gift of salvation includes far more than most people imagine, and it all belongs to us right now.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • July 27, 2013
    11:30 AM
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It's a blessing to be here and I hope it's a blessing to you I'd like to invite you to turn with me to go nation's chapter six. Galatians chapter six and there are some folks who need chairs it's plenty of chairs up front unless you're afraid the preacher is going to spit on you. There is room welcome as you know we're studying the parable of the prodigal son and we saw yesterday that a certain man representing God had two sons and the two sons were sinners. That's what we saw one of the sons was lost in the world and I suppose we can understand what it means to be lost in the world. There are probably many of you who have had that experience but the other son was in the church and he was lost in the church and that's a little trickier you understand. Because he didn't realize that it's not enough to be religious it's not enough to be a member of the church he had deceived himself by judging himself by his own behavior. You understand I had your turn with me to go nation's Chapter six elations Chapter six we're looking at verse three a very interesting verse actually it's a foundational verse. We're going to see in just a minute. This is the latest in this chapter six we're looking at verse three for if a man think himself to be something when he is nothing he deceives himself. Do you know that this verse here is the very foundation of all deception. If you and I did not think so highly of ourselves we could not be deceived because we would put our faith in something outside of ourselves but because we think of ourselves as intelligent or educated or whatever it might be that we are whatever it might be that God has given to us and we tend to want to put. Our trust in the gifts that God has given us and it tends towards self deception. This is what we see in the parable of the prodigal son now I have a question for you. How much confidence should we place in nothing. Not much right. But that's exactly what we do this is the basis for all deception and this is what the fin problem is the sin problem is a problem of self righteousness self confidence self sufficiency. We think too highly of ourselves and we ought not by the way friends I just have three four verses that I can share with you and I just shared the first one. If a man thinks he is something when he is nothing he deceives himself he is nothing. Jesus said in John Chapter fifteen verse five. Without me you can do nothing. John the Baptist said in John chapter three verse twenty seven. You a man will have nothing except it's given him from heaven. So we are nothing we can do nothing we have nothing except God gives it to us and in First Corinthians Chapter eight verse two it says that we know nothing as we ought to know it. Now friend is that enough. Nothing for you I mean what. What basis upon which basis can we put any confidence in ourselves. Upon which basis can we boast. What is it that we have that is not covered by those for nothing yet so we ought to put our faith somewhere else then in ourselves. Now the central theme of the Bible as far as I'm concerned now is found in Jeremiah Chapter seventeen verse five and seven you don't have to turn there. I am going to try to save a little bit of time by reciting some of these verses that I know. It says their curse it is the man that trusts in what in man why because man is nothing in the sight of God because we are. Or damaged goods because we are sinful and because of what kin has done to us curse it is the man that put his trust there. But verse seven says blasted is the man that puts his trust in God and friends you will be blessed I will be blessed if we can put all of our trust in God if we can acknowledge Him in all of our ways what will he do. Well he will direct our path in all of our ways isn't that what it is. The information is here. Well that's what it is and it's true. What would it be like if we acknowledge Him in everything every decisions we have to make and he would respond by guiding in every decision we have to make how many mistakes you think we would make. Well we would make far fewer than we make now and that this is just the simplicity of the gospel as far as I'm concerned. It makes perfect sense if we only believe what God says if we only believe God's word. In one thousand nine hundred seven my wife and I ended up in Africa. Well we were given a call we went to Africa. We were in Zambia for a year and then we were given a call to the SU to Dr Luke and his Rick and Lauren are both doctors give us a call to take their place in a little mission project that they had started sometime before they had been in Africa fourteen years they had this mission project and they give us a call to go there. We went there when the Chiefs saw us the chiefs in the valley call a big meeting together and they said to all the people listen the only reason Richard Lukens and his wife were here in this valley is because they opened the clinic and they kept a clinic going there's no point in bringing in anyone else if they are not going to keep the clinic going and we says no problem we will keep the clinic going after all my wife has a great can educate in and I have a great can educate and between the two of us that's twenty years why can't we keep a clinic going. Now of course it doesn't make any sense it doesn't work quite that way but we did keep the clinic going and one of the main reasons as far as I'm concerned is the Lord wanted us there and my wife has a huge aptitude for medicine in spite of the fact that he's had no training except on the farm you understand and so we kept the clinic going it's amazing. Dr Luken stayed back for four months and he thought my wife how to pull teeth and how to suture wounds and how to dispense medicine and how to do all kinds of stuff. Now this is all the background. One night it's midnight my wife and I are sleeping in bed and all of a sudden there is a whole pile of noise outside I mean a lot of noise and we're wondering what in the world is going on now you have to understand the suit to is called the kingdom in the sky. It's build on the rock and Byrd mountains are to loot the mountains depending on which side you are. And we were at six thousand five hundred feet in the mountains towered above us and so our driveway was up and down by the way we had the only vehicle in the valley and so I had to cement a couple of tracks up the driveway so we could get out when it was raining. Well anyway there was an ox cart coming down their driveway and then the ops guy it was a lady ready to be delivered. We went outside to meet them and they said she said to my wife you must deliver my baby and my wife was like. I have never delivered a baby before. I don't know how to deliver babies. There's a hospital twelve kilometers from here. If you hurry in an ox cart you know how do you hurry. Well anyway you can go to the hospital and the lady said no I am here I am ready and you must deliver my baby. Well I you know Richard had left a little library in the office there I went down there and I found the book and I found a chapter in a book on how to deliver babies. I gave the book to my wife. I lit all the lanterns I boiled water not knowing that you don't need to boil water because. They do in the movies I boiled water. Yes and my wife with a book and one hand delivered her very first daily with the other hand. Well friend listen we were in Africa for ten years and my wife delivered one two three four I don't know how many babies every week for the time we were in Africa for ten years I cannot tell you how many babies my wife delivered but I can tell you this she never lost one never lost one. Now how in the world does that happen. Why is it that she didn't know anything about delivering babies but never lost one baby in delivery. She delivered babies in the back of a pick ups on the ground in smoky hut in every situation you can think of. She delivered breech baby she delivered babies with a cord wrapped around their neck. She delivered babies that had teeth. She delivered twins. There's not a situation you can think of that she did not have to face. She never lost one and the you know that this is an illustration of the plan of salvation. It really is. She didn't know how she did not lose one. We can't save ourselves. We can heal ourselves but we need not be lost there is a God in heaven. Yeah he hears our prayers. He'll work with us. Oh I hope you can hear that and you ought all to be working for the Lord don't you think. Yeah well the problem is many people will not put themselves in a position where they might make a mistake or it might be dangerous or whatever. Whatever you think God doesn't live through those circumstances also stand with me to Luke Chapter fifteen. We're studying the parable of the prodigal son together in Luke Chapter fifteen we're going to verse twelve we did verse eleven last night and we saw that a certain man had two sons. Well the younger of them according to verse twelve said to his father Father give me the portion of goods that fall. All to me. You know what that means a young man comes to his father he comes with a request for his inheritance. That's a huge insult in that in that culture and I suppose it's a quite of an insult here too I suppose if a young man should come to you and say bad I want my inheritance and I want it now what would you say to the young fellow. I mean what would commonsense say Well that's right. You're not getting it as a matter of fact you put your arm around the young man and you say Listen kid you're too young you're not ready you're not mature enough. Besides that I have worked I sacrificed I deprive myself to build this empire. How can I put it in the hands of someone who has invested no sweat no blood no tears into this thing at all. I mean I can't take the chance of putting it into the hands of young people who are not ready. Would that have been the right thing to say would that have been common sense. Well I'm sure that's what it would have been but you know God fences anything but common. And in the parable he does something different here you can see that in verse twelve and still at the end of the verse it says He that is the father divided unto them his living I don't miss what's happening here we're talking about the Gospel we're talking about the plan of salvation and we find that the father who loved these boys whose love is unconditional. Give is where we would withhold. Now the reason he gives where we would withhold all pursed of all it's not to get you to put away your common sense. The parable is not written with the intention of having us turn away from common sense this is just a parable by the way but it was written in such a way as to help us to see that God has to give so that we do not perish. Did you know that you know that God takes the initiative. Do you know that God went to the cross before you were born before you were born again. Do you know that. God paid the full penalty for your sin and we could go on and on and on. All apart from you what you have done and what I have done he did it in an objective way for us and he had to do that if we were ever going to be saved because we have the sin in our hearts we would have no desire for God we would have no desire for salvation unless God as a matter of fact it says in John Chapter twelve I think it is verse three to five Be lifted up. I'll draw all men unto me and the only reason all men are being drawn by the way all men and women are being drawn to Jesus and it's because God has already done something that is very attractive to us. OK The question now is why did God give when he gave his living. The will with her to Mike. When Jesus was there and he he was in the temple watching as she gave her to Mike said afterward to the disciple she gave all that she had she gave her living and this is what it says of the Father in the parable he gave his living. In other words he gave everything but we have to go to the spiritual side of this thing. God so loved the world he gave what now with his son what did he give. I want you to turn with me to Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight nine. I could recite this verse but I want you to cast your eye on it if you have a Bible with you because it's probably the most important verse we're going to read today. And if you can get your faith to lay hold on this on this verse you will have everything nothing lacking. That's what it says right here. Romans chapter eight we're looking at verse thirty two he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all by Notice here for whom. The son was delivered it for us all and don't think it was for Christians because he had not been delivered there would have been no Christians in his deliverance that made Christians by the way. I mean is the deliverance of God of His Son to die for us on the cross. OK So this is for the whole human race here. I want you to catch that he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us lot all things. Do you know that you have all things this morning this evening do you know it's true and if your faith would lay hold on this promise you would have all things because that's what it says. Jesus went to the cross paid the penalty turns around gives us His righteousness and in His righteousness is All Things. It's amazing but it's true and I think it's faith and works twenty seven and it's just coming to my head. It says there that his righteousness will accomplish everything. Nothing lacking. It's all the whole gift is in His righteousness. It's amazing. Now do you believe that you have all thing. Does it feel like you have all things. You know I've often wondered sometimes I find that the idea that there are some people who are millionaires in this world and I obviously am not a millionaire in this world and so in my mind it goes like this now why would it be that he's a millionaire and I'm not. What's there about this. But friends it isn't true it isn't true just because God has taken money and entrusted in intrusted it to that individual. Doesn't mean that I don't have it because my Bible says that I do I have all things. Is it true you just take the promise and Phillip in chapter four verse nineteen. My God shall supply all your needs is it true have you ever lacked anything. Not friends listen I never lacked anything I used to work in the mines for I. I told you that already. Nine and a half years in when I left the mines I was making one hundred dollars a day. That was forty years ago and I actually that wasn't so bad. I built a house when I was twenty years old my wife and I we had a new car in the driveway we had all the toys of the day in any case which meant hunting and fishing equipment but I had them and I use them in any case I was making a hundred dollars a day and I thought I was pretty good. I still think it was pretty good back then today I'm not sure but whatever. You know when we gave our hearts to the Lord the Lord put his hand on our shoulder and he said I want you to sell everything and follow me. Sold the house sold the toys kept the car you need a car anyway right. And we moved into supporting ministries two years and students one year as staff and then after that of course I told you yesterday that was made President do you know how much I was receiving as the president of the Woodland Park Foundation in South River Ontario twenty dollars a month. For six years. Is there a difference between a hundred dollars a day and twenty dollars a month. Yeah when I went to Africa I was given a local wage fifty dollars a month he was costing us more than that to live in Africa. We married two daughters on this side of the ocean during that time and at the end of ten years I had as much in the bank as I had when I had first gone to Africa not knowing I can't tell you to this day how it happened it just happened to be that way. My God shall supply all your needs and mine too. He does anyway. That could be a whole other sermon. Turn with me to first John Chapter five. First John Chapter five a beautiful verse the evangelicals make hay with these verses and rightly so. Where in first John Chapter five we're looking at verse eleven this is the record that God has given to us eternal life and this life is in his son. God does not separate the gifts He gives. From his son all the gifts that come from God come to us in Christ. That's why it says in the very next verse he that hath the sun half of life. He that has the sun has everything because with his son he has really given us all things including eternal life. It's on the whole it's the whole package. It's amazing to me. OK So what has given though. What has God given the whole world. All things including salvation including eternal life. Now last night we read and I don't know. Seems like I missed something here. Maybe I did. Yes I was reading this week a value Genesys survey which was conducted among Seventh Day Adventist youth in the late eighty's and early ninety's. Now the survey found that the vast majority of the Seventh Day Adventist young people had no assurance of salvation and so the question was asked why is it not a fact that young people were appalled to find out what it is. What was the reason that they felt like they had no assurance of salvation and the main reason was this. I mean it just almost across the board the typical answer was this our behavior does not measure up to God's requirements. That that was the answer. Now where in the world did they get the idea that their salvation was based on their behavior anyway. Well you have to know of course that they grew up in Seventh Day Adventist home they went to Seventh Day Adventist schools and they also went to Seventh Day Adventist churches and somehow we are able we have produced the idea that our salvation and our assurance is based on our performance. But do you know that isn't true as a matter of fact if you were here last night you heard it. When I say I'm sixty four. Vera Six. What does it say. All our righteousnesses are filthy rags. Well friend if all our righteousnesses if all our good deeds if everything that we do our prayers are penitent confession and our religious services are filthy rags if because they go through a corrupt channel they come out the file then why and how in the world can we look at the things that we do and think that we can find assurance there. It doesn't make any sense it's all be filed this is who we are we are damaged sinners. Well why is it then that we ever look there to try to find salvation. It doesn't work because it isn't true. There is nothing to look to. If you look to yourself and to try and find salvation or assurance of salvation you are not going to find it and then you will be discouraged and that's what happens for young people. Where did they get the idea if we haven't implanted it in their heads. Because we have that idea. Isn't that amazing. First Corinthians chapter three verse eleven. First Corinthians chapter three verse eleven. You might know this verse by heart. Now for other foundation can no man laid and that is laid out. This is the foundation of salvation year for others foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Christ Jesus. What is salvation based on where can we look for any kind of assurance friend only in the birth and the life and death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ turn with me to Romans Chapter five I sure hope you don't mind using your Bible because I don't know how to preach otherwise. This is revelation. Romans Chapter five we're going to go to verse eighteen. There are some theologians that feel. So then Romans Chapter five is the clearest exposition of the plan of salvation in the whole Bible. Look at verse eighteen if you don't mind. Romans Chapter five. Therefore as by the offence of one who is this talking about Adam. OK Therefore by the offense of Adam's judgment came upon all men to condemnation. So in Adam all men are made sinners in Adam all men are condemned and I don't. All men must die if you want to look at verse twelve it will tell you that there wherefore as by one man Adam sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned. You go back to verse eighteen and in the middle of the verse it says. Even so in that means by the same measure. So as Adam has implicated the whole human race in sin condemnation and death. Even so by the same measure watch the rest of the verse here. Even so by the righteousness of one who is that Jesus Christ the free gift came upon all men to justification of light so in Christ by the one righteous act that is on the cross of Calvary. A free gift came. What is the free gift. The wages of sin is death and the gift of God is what eternal life. Sure and let me see another verse a fusion Chapter two VERY say For by grace are you saved through faith. It is not of yourself it is a gift from God Is it a gift. Well I'm sure it's a gift and to whom. What does it say in Romans chapter eight Chapter five verse eighteen. Even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon whom all men to justification of life. Is it true can you base any assurance there in first selected messages three. Forty three paragraph one he took in his grasp talking about Jesus the world over which Satan claim to preside as his lawful territory and by his wonderful working given his life he restored the whole race of man to favor with God Who that he restored to favor with God the whole race of men. And how did he do it by taking all of their sins and going to the cross of Calvary. By living a perfect life from the day he was born till the day he died by dying on a Torah and atoning death for all of their sins the whole human race. And so it says in desire of ages one thirteen I don't have it written here but it says that when Jesus came up from his baptism that the father pronounced over him. This is my beloved Son in whom and though I am well pleased. And then there's our village's says in this statement God It embraces all of humanity all of humanity is embraced. So what does all of humanity have it has what God has produced for all of humanity. Salvation you know. Now what do you have to do. It's already given to us. Do you know that a gift that can be received can also be refused. Is it true. Yeah this is the whole crux of the matter. Why then do we look at our works now listen I'm not done with work here and don't start thinking that I'm going to go off in some strange place where we don't have to do work friends we will work as a matter of fact we're going to work more than anyone else in the whole world if we can ever get a picture of what God has done for us if we could ever come to the place where we see how good he is how loving he is we. What does it say in Romans chapter two verse four. It is the goodness of God that what leads us to repentance. Is it or isn't it. Yes. Yes and friends. It isn't anything we do we can repent of ourselves but when we see what he has done there will well up into our hearts such a gratitude. Now if somebody does something for you to which you are extremely grateful. What are you going to do against that person. It doesn't make any sense when someone does something for you and you're extremely grateful to that individual. You don't go out of your way to try to do something bad to them it doesn't work because your heart is filled with gratitude and isn't that what we ought to feel this evening as we watch the plan of salvation unfolding before us. You know filled with gratitude and filled with assurance because he's already in his birth and in his life and in his death and his resurrection objective of us before we were born before we were born again while we were yet sinners while we were undone while we were ungodly while we were yet his enemies. Christ died for us and paid the full penalty and offers it to us as a gift. Why do we have to do. Why does he have to do to convince us that he's already done this it's written in the Word of God Can you see it with his son. He has really given us all things. Turn with me and we'll keep trying to emphasize that with turn with me to Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two. I you know I pray all the time for somehow the Holy Spirit and the ability to be able to proclaim this I have a I have a prayer list I suppose many of you have a prayer list and the second thing on my prayer list. The first thing is I pray for the Holy Spirit and all the wonderful qualities that could come with all these. The second thing is I pray to understand righteousness by faith. I pray to experience Christ as my righteousness and I pray for the power. Work to be able to explain what it is that the Lord reveals to me now. Not that I know any more than anyone else but I'm praying for it not because I want to know more than you but if I could just have the power to share what God shares with me that would be enough for me. Where in Genesis chapter two. This is where God created Adam and Eve there in the garden and God begins to think they must be able to show how they love him they have no way of showing it and so he creates for them the slightest the lightest task that he can possibly create. He chooses one tree out of many and says don't eat from that tree and that will show that you love me. Verse seventeen but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil thou shall not eat of it for in the day that you eat thereof the house shall surely die. Now did Adam and Eve ever eat of that tree. Yes they did and when they ate from that tree in that day did they die. Well there are three answers to that and if we had time and if we were sitting in a circle and we were relaxed I would listen to you. But I'll tell you what the three answers are OK A lot of people would like to say that again. Well I think it says in dying down shall die in other words you're going to begin to die in that day and that's true they began to die that day. I believe that Adam lived to be nine hundred thirty years old so he didn't die the day that he ate there. The second thing is that they died spiritually fusions Chapter one Verse two dead in sin and trespasses were born that way were conceived in sin and you know the Bible said and so began to die. Died spiritually. And third one they did not die that day. Now the guideline didn't he say that in the day that you eat there shall surely die. Did he mean it. And what did he mean when he said that well he meant that he was going to send them back where he got them in the first place and that was nowhere. That's exactly what he meant. Well why is it that god. I've said they would die that day and they didn't die that day. Do you know why do you know where the answer is. If you'll turn with me to Revelation Chapter thirteen we're looking at verse eight now it seems like a strange place to find the answer the question is asked in Genesis the answer is in Revelation Chapter thirteen a strange chapter full of beasts and all kinds of symbolism and the mark of the beast and the number of his name and six six six and all of that is found in this chapter now look at verse verse eight where in Revelation Chapter thirteen in all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. When was Jesus' plain. From the foundation of the world what in the world I thought he was crucified just two thousand years ago. Well friend the pain that Jesus suffered at the cross of Calvary didn't begin two thousand years ago at the cross of Calvary. It came with the very inception of sin as soon as there was him there was a savior. As soon as Adam took a bite from that fruit the glow was coming from God because God is not a liar and Jesus stepped between Adam and the blow that came took the blow pond himself and became the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Now here is one of the most important questions I'm going to ask tonight. Well where would you be today had Adam been killed that day. You wouldn't be here. Can you see that the only reason you have life is because of the cross of Calvary. If there had been no cross that had been no life and you are alive today as a gift from God from the cross of Calvary and we saw that in Romans Chapter five verse eighteen justification of life that's what it was. Jesus paid the full price to get the human race light and friends he didn't only give you light every loaf of bread is stamped with the cross of Calvary every drink of water is stamped with a cross. Calgary every gift that you enjoy it is stamped with the cross of Calvary because if you had no like you would enjoy no gifts. Isn't that true. Yes and how much do we owe him and friend. Does that say anything to any of us. I mean I'm just thinking in terms of if God gives me a gift in this man do you suppose he does not want to give me the other gifts. Why do we think in terms of I have a new car. I have children I have grandchildren I have a wife I have been I have money I have a home I have all of the things. Thank you God for all of these gifts and then we scratch our heads and wonder if you would give us the gift of salvation. Friend he gave us one gift he didn't give us a whole bunch of gifts he gave us Jesus Christ and in his time he has really given us all things and the little gifts that we enjoy having family and everything else that we have is simply a nearness. It's a down payment. It's a guarantee of the greater gift. It's all wrapped up in one you have to give. What are you going to do with it. Can you see it. Oh I wish I could be clear about this. I really really do wish it. Did you get to eat today. Do you know that when Adam in that he actually forfeited I can read that as a matter of fact eight hundred eighty eight Materials eight thirteen and fourteen by rebellion and apostasy man forfeited the favor of God then he was no longer entitled to a breath of air a ray of sunshine or particle of food. Well not only has Adam sinned and forfeited all these blessings we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God We all have forfeited anything and yet did you drink water today. Did you breathe any air today. Did you enjoy your food today. You have wives and husbands and children and grandchildren. Is there nothing to enjoy. A friend's life is full of enjoyment and it is all gifts from God based on the cross of Calvary. And if there was no cross they'd be no life they'd be no no give. How much do we owe God friends turn with me to Acts chapter seventeen Acts Chapter seventeen I want you to see this in just another verse the Apostle Paul is in Athens Greece and in Athens Greece is where the center of philosophy is. He goes over there because people are very educated there and they have a lot of influence and he hopes to win a few so that these people with all these influences can go out and win more people but he was terribly discouraged because people with a lot of education. I hope you don't have any. Not quite true. But anyway I'm glad you have education but don't think like some of these people in Athens Greece right. It had gone to their head and they thought this guy can't teach us anything. Even though we had the greatest truth that could be thought anyone and so he is discouraged. And one day he enters the temple I don't know which temple it was and there is all these gods on different walls I suppose. And there was one guy with an under scription that said the Unknown God and Pol Pot turns out I know the unknown God. And so with that he went back to the people look at verse twenty five. In Acts Chapter seventeen talking about the unknown god near the neither is worshiped with men's hands as though he needed anything seeing he gives to all modesty now to all everyone in the human race live and breath and walk. All things do you have all things. Are you part of the human race and if you have anything you have everything. It's the truth. Do you know that this is very very very concept is in the parable of the prodigal son. Go back with me to Luke Chapter fifteen now I want you to see it and maybe it's even clearer. Where in Luke Chapter fifteen we're looking at verse thirty one. This is near the end of the parable of the prodigal son has come home the father throws a party the elder brother won't come in the father goes out to entreat him. The elder brother says Listen I've kept all the commandments you never gave me a kid that I might make merry with my friend and the father rebuttal of his son in verse thirty one. Watch what he said and he said unto him Son you are ever with me and all that I have is yours. Now how could he say that to his son. This was a fairer thehotel legal istic hypocrite. Why would the Bible prevent to one who has lost everything. Isn't that what it says here. Son what are you talking about. I am with you all the time and everything I have is yours. What are you complaining about. Do you ever complain. Then oh God in heaven do you think he doesn't come to you and say Da what more must I do. Because with my son I've given you everything. It's all yours. Even if you are as bad as can be. I've given it to you as a matter of fact. It's meant to bring you to repentance isn't that true. Romans chapter two verse for the question. Let's go there let's go there. Romans chapter two I want you to see it because the question is quite apropos that question is right on target. If it's what needs to be asked at this time or verse four where in Romans chapter two do you despise the riches of His goodness. Now listen you can't get any good or if you don't mind my English we have a God in heaven who has done everything for us and he's paid a full penalty for us and he gives us every gift in Jesus. If you can't get better than that right. But Paul says people despise that do you despise the riches of His goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing or in colloquial language. Don't you know that the goodness of God leads to repentance. Friend In the parable the prodigal was meant to hear God's voice in the gift that was given to him. You never give a gift. Who do you give good gifts to people you like the people you don't like. Yeah yeah well usually people we like right. God loves you so he gave you the father in the parable loved his son so he gave him a gift. But in the gift that was a message the message was Son I love you hears everything this is how much I love you and it was meant to turn his heart toward home. Now this is what repentance is. It's just turning around and going in the opposite direction. The young man was going to dissipate away his life and his father tried to arrest him in that stupidity and the boy didn't hear anything of course he didn't hear that a lot of people friends who don't hear the voice of God I don't know why maybe we haven't been able to prevent it. What would be like in that day when the Holy Spirit is poured out upon us in Latter Rain power and when we open our mouth to speak it goes right to the right to the heart of the individual. And they want to but I think sometimes we talk and no one understands. Sometimes we don't understand and we talk and that's why they don't understand either. I guess some of you are saying to yourself If I have everything in Christ why do I feel so poor. Why so little money in my account. Why so few brains in my head. Why so little power in my influence why do I feel so thick. How can this guy preach such abundance when I. I feel so deprived you feel that way. The Bible says we need to walk by faith and not by like there's something wrong with me. What's wrong with that. We only see the surface of things. Isn't that true. Well I can't see into your heart. I can see all the beautiful people I wonder inside are we all are beautiful as we look outside. I hope so. Yeah because we're we probably are but we're talking about other people right. Yeah I think I mean fight is not dependable. How much deception is there in this world it seems like the whole world if they found that it isn't it. It is and so we can't tell by looking what we're seeing. It's amazing. Faith is different. Faith will feature in all reality will fight well only a few temporal reality. Now I don't have any even if you couldn't see it when I do this with my life get I usually hold a little acorn and I hold it up and I think what do you see you know what they say and they call me because that's what it is you know what's in the acorn I mean if they had any faith at all what would they know it'll be a cold. Yes but not really true that I think a lot of pain. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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