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A robe, a ring and shoes, what else can we possibly need? 


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • August 1, 2013
    7:15 PM
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Like to invite you to turn with me to Luke Chapter fifteen Luke Chapter fifteen. We're studying the parable of the prodigal son together and tonight will be our last study on the prodigal in the parable of the prodigal son. Tomorrow night the end and Sabbath evening Sabbath night. We're going to look at what it is that makes the elder brother who he is and how that we don't want to be elder brothers not in that sense. In any case and so tonight is our last look at the parable of the prodigal in the parable. So where in Luke Chapter fifteen and we're going to look at verse twenty two we began to look at that verse last night verse twenty two the father said to his servants Bring forth the best robe and put it on him put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet. Now we already know what the best robe is all about. We've been looking at that all week long. It's wonderful it's the righteousness of Jesus. It's a righteousness that has been and that has been formed by Jesus Christ and by his father with no no help from anyone here in this world below. And if offered to us as a free gift we know that it is the robe that it is the robe of Christ's righteousness and there's not one shred of human devising. To me that is encouraging I hope that's encouraging to you because if there was one thread of human devising we would never know whether we could have assurance we would never know whether we've really done our part. We will never know whether we've prayed enough or whether we've studied the Bible enough or whether we witnessed enough to be acceptable to God But now we are. Already acceptable to God because Jesus went to the cross and paid the full penalty. Turns around and offers of his own righteousness. Not one thread of human devising. So we may receive the gift and thank him for it and then we can put forth all the efforts we want in doing good works in being good. In reading the Bible in praying and all the rest it doesn't add anything it doesn't contribute anything to our salvation. But you know effort is good isn't it. Yeah if you're ever going to build yourself up in strength you'd better make an effort. You got to lift a few weights or you got to walk a few miles or you've got to play a few sports or something and we can understand that. And any time we put forth an effort even in spiritual things there are gains to be to be gained. If it is the only way it can fail it's a blessing. It really is. Yeah. So we understand what the role is we understand the symbolism of that and it's a tremendous blessing to us. But now let's move on to the rain. Do you know that there's symbolism here. What does the Rings symbolize. What did you say. A family checkbook. Well you're going to have to explain that one to me later. There you are there you are. I'll have you turn with me. He went right on. Actually I didn't understand it. Earth turn with me to Genesis Chapter forty one Genesis Chapter forty one. But before we read we can reiterate the story of Joseph you remember Joseph Joseph was a bit of a spoilt boy in the House of Jacob because Joseph came from Jacob's favorite wife. If if Joseph hadn't Newfie accuse me of Jacob hadn't been such a cheat. If he had been such as a planter and gone around to cheat his brother in law it with father and connive with his mother and found himself where he found himself with his uncle Laban I believe that the Lord would not have allowed things to happen to Jacob the way he did but you know the Bible says right that with what measure we need a child be measured to us again and because Jacob had had you know it had been easy for him to be a cheat and supplant her. The Lord says you know you've got to pay some of your own medicine and so he ended up falling in love with a beautiful woman Rachael I think I was her name Rachel and you remembered on his wedding day he got cheated. Yeah. So that he could feel what he had made other people feel. Well he still loved Rachel a lot a lot and so he was willing to work another seven years for her she was his favorite wife. He ended up with twelve grand twelve children and Joseph was his favorite because Joseph was the firstborn that came from Rachel and he treated him differently. He treated him a little bit better and eventually he made him a coat of mail. Many Colors which we're showing. That Joseph would be the prince of the family and the other boys caught the insinuation here and they were not happy with this thing. Not only that eventually Joseph had a couple of dreams and you know if he had had any intel and I wouldn't say intelligence feed had been a little bit wiser in his choice of words if he had been a little bit more discerning he would not have been so upfront with his dreams but he was an open kid he had an open heart. He didn't have anything to hide. I had a dream last night let me tell you what the dream was and you know all the heaves are bowing down to his sheaves and something like that and all the brothers caught the insinuation there also that eventually he would be the prince and everyone would be bowing to him and even his father went around. Bad thing is head like really you know that even your mother and I are going to bow to you and his brothers were really not happy with this thing. Well eventually Jacob sent his boys to feed his sheep somewhere far away and they hadn't heard from them in a long time. So he sent Joseph with food and just to find out how these boys are doing and when he came over the hill when he did finally find them. They saw him coming and they said Aha Here comes the dreamer Let's see what happens to his dream by the time we're done with him and they had planned to kill him. But Reuben didn't like the idea of killing him and so he convinces the brothers that they should put him in a pit. Reuben goes for a walk or wherever he goes he was gone some time by the time he comes back. Josie has been sold to the Ishmael like and now he's becoming a slave on the way to Egypt. It had been Judah's idea Judah's Did you understand and he saw few dollars coming down that the track there and he thought oh I've got a better idea. After all he is our brother and we shouldn't kill him. I mean we can make a few bucks too. And so that's what they did. They sold Joseph to the Ishmael life who brought him to Egypt and there he was sold typographer and in part of his house he rose to the top he came to the place where part of her didn't know what was in his house because Joseph was such a manager and so on. And he won. Part of his house but part of her had a wife and a wife took a shine to Joseph and he really tried to get close to him and one day they're both in the same house and part of hers. Wife laid hold on Joseph jacket and doesn't let go. And Joseph leaves the jacket in her hands and flee the house and he has the evidence. This man attempted to molest me or something and that left of course Potter. Where would a decision to make to save face because in those days a slave would have been killed right on the spot except a part of her understood his wife part of her knew Joseph he knew exactly what happened. He wasn't going to kill Joseph because he knew that it would be his wife's fault and he to save face with Joseph in a dungeon. And Joseph was in this dungeon as far as I can tell almost ten years. So long time isn't it. Yeah he was just a young man and everything that was happening to him was bad you know it was just a series of bad luck. If we want to say it that way not knowing that there's a God behind the scenes who organizes and like I I recited not so long ago in heavenly places page two sixty five. He is the order of all our experience with many. All I assume that Joseph was close enough to God to understand that there's a God in heaven and that he is the order of all our experiences and so he didn't lose heart. He didn't lose his mind. He didn't lose any hope. He just kept looking to Jesus kept looking to God for a reason why all of these things were happening because there was a reason. Eventually the baker and the butler find themselves in the dungeon and Joseph is in charge now of the prison. He's a prisoner in the cell but he's in charge. One day he's making his rounds and he comes to the cell where he finds the baker and the butler and they have long faces and he says what in the world. How is it that you're looking so sad today seeing that you're in such a nice place and they had a reason because they had had dreams you understand and so Jay Joseph said hey I can interpret your dream is not to worry. The Butler tells his dream three whatever. I forgot the dream. Anyway he tells the dream. And Joseph interprets it and in three days he said you will be released and you are going to go back to work for the Pharaoh and the baker found himself encouraged because there was a good turnout for the butler and he said well what about my dream and Joseph said the Earth in three days you will lose your head and he did lose his head as the butler is leaving. Joseph caught him and he said wait a minute listen you're going to be free. You're going to be returned to the to the fair all you're going to be working with him. Remind the pharaoh that I am here I am a Hebrew and I'm a slave and I don't belong in here it was all you know I've been fed up. Please tell Beryl about me so did the butler ever tell Pharaoh about Joseph's mom. Yes he did two years later. Two years later the Pharaoh has a dream. Seven fat cows seven skinny cows and seven skinny cows eat the fat cows. The pharaoh knows it's an important dream but he has no clue what it means. He called in his wise man and his magicians and his players or whoever it is that he has over there. He called them in to interpret the dream no one can interpret the dream and then about their goal I am I know a man who can interpret dreams because he did interpret my dream but he is in the dungeon and the Pharaoh says hadn't come up. So Joseph comes up not only does he interpret the dream but he is able to tell the Farrel how to manage the crisis that is coming upon them and the Pharaoh was quite taken by that now I have read in my own head in any case to believe that the pharaoh was a very very young individual because you remember Moses Joseph when he was about all some many years later said I was a father to the pharaoh. Remember he said that now Joseph was only thirty years old when he. He was a father to the pharaoh So how old was the pharaoh and besides I'm glad there had been an attempt on the pharaohs like that's why the Baker No but there were in the dungeon and so the Pharaoh maybe very young couldn't trust his own staff couldn't trust his own people. Somebody wanted him dead and there he finds the Hebrew who is really trustworthy. He probably the Pharaoh probably had a connection with part of her part of her may have told him what this what integrity was in this boy Joseph in this man Joseph and so the Pharaoh decided that he would lean on Joseph because he was so dependable. Yeah yeah and he made him what the governor of Egypt. Now look with me. Where in Genesis Chapter forty one and we're looking at verse forty one and Pharaoh said to Joseph C. I have said the over all the land of Egypt. Now what is the token to that fact. Look at verse forty two and forty three and Pharaoh to copy his ring from his hand and put it on Joseph's and and I rate him and gestures of fine linen and put a gold chain about his neck and he made him to ride in the second chariot which he had and they cried before him the knee and he made him ruler over all the land. Of Egypt. Yeah and what was the token that said that he was the ruler over all the land of Egypt. A ring a ring of authority. That's what he said. Aster matter that's what he said. Yeah. The ring represents authority. Joseph came from the dungeon and in one day was the governor of Egypt. Can you imagine. Yeah the prodigal son comes out of the pig pen and when he gets home that same day he is made equal with his father and and the signal dead. He is was that his father puts a ring on his finger and he says that boy is is my equal here on the farm or on the empire that we own here. And friends you and I come out of the pig pen when we give our hearts to Jesus and the Bible says we become kings and priests for God. Isn't that amazing. That's Revelation Chapter one Verse five to seven is probably verse verse in all it's five and six. Yeah the scripture reading that we had earlier John chapter one verse twelve says as many as received Him to them gave he now he read them gave you the right to be the Son of God the King James Version said to them gave he power. The real word is authority right there. The Greek word. Yeah as many as received Him The moment you received him the moment you come out of the pig pen of sin and you accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ then to you he is given power could be the sons and the daughters of God and power power not just to live a Christian life but to live a life of sacrifice and service and to live a life of Christian activity. This is what we want isn't it. You can't add anything to the salvation that God has worked up for us but we can work like crazy. We can't because when we see what God means to us when we see how good he has been to us when we see how loving he is toward us how forgiving help ation How willing to nurture us along one of these days we're going to wake up and we're going to see Jesus for who he is and for what he's done and it's going to turn our hearts toward home and we're going to be eager. We're going to be enthusiastic. We're going to be workers for God turn with me to Mark Chapter thirteen Mark. Chapter thirteen we see there a little one verse parable in Mark chapter thirteen which is which I like I love that's one verse parable Mark thirteen verse thirty four for the Son of Man is that a man taking a far journey. Who is the Son of Man In this parable Jesus is and he's going on a trip. How hard the going is going back to heaven. Sure he's speaking to His disciples and they know who he is he is the Son of God He called himself the Son of Man and he's going on a far journey he's going back home to heaven who left his house the church he leaves that down here below and gave authority to his servants to do well to work for God and I look at the next phrase and to every man his work. How many men. Which men. All who receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior to them gave he power to them gave a year already and to everyone he gives his work. Do you know that God has no unemployed servant. None none and there is no reason to be unemployed. I'm not talking in a worldly sense they're not talking about working in the mines or working in logging or or fishing boat or anything like that but if we are children of God There is no reason to be unemployed. Under God today you remember Y2K. Are you all old enough. Yeah. Why do Kay somebody's got a crazy idea that on January one the year two thousand all the computers would crash and with the crash of all the computers the whole work world would implode and then everything would be in such chaos that we would be all return to the caveman era because they would be so terrible. And you remember what people did why they hoarded being. Then they ordered water and they bought cabins in the woods and they bought guns and they bought a new nation and they've got all kinds of waiting for Y. two K. did you do that and I'm not going to ask for a show of hands because some of you may have done something like that but I tell you what I didn't do anything like that on the strength of this verse I could see right here that I had work to do or God before Y2K. And if Y2K for some strange reason turned out to be true and the whole world would be in chaos all I knew is that I would still have work to do I would probably have more work to do after Y2K than before. Isn't that true. Sure it is. And my God has always supplied all my needs I don't care of the word in the world implodes or explodes it doesn't matter to me because my problem the promise is still sure my God shall supply all my needs. Is it true it's true. Yeah I would. I often wonder how it is that more people are not working directly for the Lord. Why not. Well I want to go to Africa where you don't have to go to Africa. Well you know I've got work to do here and there and I had other things to do and I don't know I don't know somehow somehow the answers don't resonate. Now after all I have to feed my family right now. I was in Zambia one time when a young man showed up. He was coming from America. The young man was South African a white South African and he come from America and he stayed a few days visited with us and then he left and went to South Africa for a week or two later a young lady came from America a blonde young lady and she stayed a few days in a few days later she was off to South Africa I came to realize that he was on a hunt. No the young man was running and he was running after him. He thought he'd found herself a husband and he was going to have to catch him eventually while she did catch up with him but it didn't work out. Well what's amazing to me is that she was in South Africa where she caught up with him and he stayed in South Africa for seven years. This young lady and I'm not going to give her name because you know the Adventist world is not that big and you may well know her. But in any case she was one of the most she was one of the best teachers I've ever heard on health poor helpful living. It didn't matter what you talked about it didn't matter if it was charcoal or supplements or or herbs or biology it didn't matter if it was natural remedies or hydrotherapy just didn't matter she knew it and he was super super good at teaching it. So she began to teach in South Africa our help message she was so good that she began to get calls from everywhere other countries and within South Africa to teach and teach and teach well eventually she ended up in a place called so where Till now I don't know if any of you are familiar with South Africa so wet though is a township. How should I fake a ghetto outside of Johannesburg there is a million people outside of Johannesburg living in tarpaper shack. OK the poorest of the poor and if you happen to be white you don't go near there because it is very very very dangerous these poor people are very very poor and so she made her way now this is a blond white girl beautiful beside and made her way into the wet or how she survived I don't know. She started giving classes to young South African people boys and girls men and women on help and the people eventually began path Well now that we're learning all of these things how can we use this to make a living if you know what she answered. She said All you have to do. Very very simple all you have to do is go door to door find out what the needs are in that home. Try to meet the needs. Work eight hours a day and God will pay you. Is that true is that the kind of advice you could give if you received that kind of advice would you believe it would you take it. Friend It is true. Sure you cannot out give God and if and if you have no work and you don't know what to do go to your neighbors go door to door find out what's going on see if there's anything you can do for them. It's amazing but God will supply all your needs. Because the promise is true and if you're working for God Do you think the Lord will not supply your needs and and how will he supply your needs what will he give you do you think. Turn with me to Matthew chapter twenty this is a another parable. This is a parable of a man who owns a vineyard and he goes out to the city center or town center at the first hour of the morning and he hires everyone that there to work in His vineyard and he goes back at the third hour he goes back at the six hour and he goes back at the ninth hour and he keeps on hiring everyone that they're to work in His vineyard the vineyard owner represents God the vineyard is the world and and he is making Christians. He's drawing them in and he puts them to work in his vineyard. Well he returns at the eleventh hour. In those days people work for twelve hours you understand. It didn't make sense. It doesn't make sense for a man to return to the city center and to hire everyone to come and work for one hour does that make sense. No not in our thinking but this is the parable by the way we're living at the eleventh hour. There's probably only a. Two minutes left in the eleventh hour. Yeah and what is God trying to fade us this evening. Go to work in my vineyard. Go to work in my vineyard and I will pay. That's what he said. Very thick with his nephew twenty six and about the eleventh hour he went out and found others and being idle and said to them why stand you here all day idle. They say to him Because no man hired us he said unto them go ye also into the vineyard and whatsoever is right that shall ye receive. Now what's he going to pay them. Whatsoever is right. If you have to receive a call to work for the Lord please don't ask what are you going to pay me. Don't ever ask that question. It's an insult to God God has already promised to meet all of your needs. Don't go asking how much are you going to pay me. God says I will supply all your needs' whatsoever is right this is what I will give you and you know everyone is not called to do the same thing. Some people are called to work for the church in the ministry in the church some people are called to be called porters. Some people are called in supporting ministries and some people are called to be separate from all of that. They're all called to work however and everyone is not paid in the same currency. Did You Know That. I think I shared with you not so long ago that when I used to work in the mines I was making a hundred dollars a day but when I went into supporting ministries I was making twenty dollars a month. Now there's a huge difference between one hundred dollars a day and twenty dollars a month. Well let me tell you I have never ever ever lack anything never and this is forty years of it and there are some people who will look at me and say you're not you're not because you don't have you know. Don't have a pension plan. You're nuts because you can't afford insurance. Then if God leads me this way and he's promised to supply all my needs where do you suppose I'm going to lean. I'm going to listen to you who are telling me that I'm not or I'm going to listen to God Who said I'm going to supply all your needs. Yeah I'm going to trust the Lord I am not afraid. It's amazing how the Lord has supplied for me I'm still in supporting ministry you know we don't make wages there right. We are volunteers. M D S I president at zero wages at Eden Valley we get a stipend and you'd probably fall over if you knew what it was. Oh yeah and the Lord not only supplies my need you know it's true I'm not two hundred thirty pounds pretty skinny actually but it's not because I don't eat enough. Let me tell you. Yeah and it's not because of whatever the Lord of giving me a beautiful car. You would wonder how can you be. How can you have the wages you have and you drive the car you're driving. Well God gave it to me. What can I say I didn't go out and buy it. I never would have bought it because I couldn't afford it. Yeah it's just that way. The Lord is so good the Lord doesn't think the way we think. When it comes to economy can I show you something. Turn with me to Job Chapter One Job Chapter one. I want you to see something about the way that God thinks about the economy or finances when Job Chapter one you know the story God calls of meetings all the sons of God Satan shows up because he has usurped Adam's authority. He considers himself now a Son of God in this world he's in charge of this world. He shows up at the meeting and God sees a wonderful opportunity and he challenges Satan he says to Satan Have you considered. I have a job that he is upright and perfect and all of that we see that in verse eight and allowed fed on to say Satan has now considered it considered my servant job that there is none like him in the earth perfect and upright man one that fears God and shuns evil and Satan answered the Lord and said Does job hear God for nothing. In other words you've put a fence around him you've made him the wealthiest man in the world. He is serving you for what he's gaining getting from you. Can't you see it. Take away everything from him and you'll see that he will not serve you for nothing. And there's a lot of people who go to school. They get an education so that they can work for the church in order to have a steady paycheck. Now all of that is not wrong. But if that's the only motive I think there's something wrong. Yeah because if we don't want to serve God out of a heart to win souls and we only are serving God or going through the motions of serving God because we want a paycheck at the end of the day or that week or the month or whatever it is then there is something wrong with the picture. And so threatens accusing job here of serving of not serving God for nothing. He is serving God for what he can get out of God and God says OK take everything from him. He want to happen and so faith and did that he took everything from him and what happened. Their job cursed God Now he didn't. So all the theme thing happens all over again. And God challenges faith in again and he says have you considered my servant job and and faith and says Yeah yeah right. Skin for skin touch his skin and you'll see he will curse you to your faith. Did he do it. Man did he ever do it and I don't know it doesn't say in the Bible how long. Thing lasted but it was a long time it was a long time. He was fully federally completely tested and in the end you could say though he flayed me yet will I trust in him. He lost everything he lost everything he had nothing left and he still serves God with integrity would you. It's coming to that. Do you know that the Book of Job is written for us to prepare us to know what it's going to be like in the time of trouble. I have a whole sermon I should write or maybe I would share it with you. Yeah yeah this is what the Book of Job is all about. This is where we are headed and if friends are serving God for any other reason then that you love him and that he has been able to put a new heart and a new spirit within you. Then when we come to that time when God Why do you out of everything and I say God isn't God Satan you know. Then we're going to see who are God's pastors in the world who are God's workers in the world. You see God's economy here. You remember Galatians chapter six verse three. If a man thinks he is something when he is nothing now who did God die for what God died for nothing. Really he went through all of that for you and I who are not. Well if God would do all of that for nothing. Don't you suppose that we could serve him also. Now I know I've twisted that to a point which is ridiculous because God doesn't think we are nothing. We're worth everything to him we're worth everything to him but still and all. What did he get out of that. He got me most of you wouldn't want me. Yeah well let's see here where are we. Let's go back to you. The parable of the prodigal son and after putting a ring on his finger he put shoes on his feet now the shoes haven't happened to have something to lose them all. So what do the shoes symbolize and you want to know I think fairly easily that right the gospel message go with me to Romans Chapter ten. We're just going to look at that quickly I think you put your finger right on it and it happens to be true. Romans Chapter ten we're looking we're going to start with verse thirteen only because I love verse thirteen but we'll start there. Romans Chapter ten For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Isn't that wonderful. Oh it is. I remember you know you I have a son my son will be forty in a month. He is the youngest in the family. Always A quiet. Private and close. You never knew where he was just couldn't tell where he was spiritually because he wouldn't say he never knew he wasn't he wasn't. Our other boys couldn't drag him away to get into nonsense he wouldn't go. But to know where he was spiritually you just couldn't know he just couldn't know. And I remember one time we were we were walking and taking a walk together here in Canada we were on the road it was snowing in the middle of winter and I wanted to get close to my own son is just hard to get close to here no. And so finally I didn't know exactly what to say because he just every time I spoke to him about spiritual things he would freeze like he didn't know how to respond and he made him uncomfortable. I didn't want to make kind of uncomfortable you can push kids too far and so I didn't know how to approach it but one day we're walking down the road and I said to him I said Now listen I said I really don't know. What you're going to do with your life. I can't I can't read you. I don't know but I said so I said you know you may throw it away some time you may get yourself in trouble. I just want you to remember one Bible verse and it was Psalms fifty verse fifteen. Call upon me in the day of trouble I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. I said just memorize this one verse because if you throw away your life somewhere down the road you're going to be in trouble. There's no doubt about it. If you could just remember this one verse call upon me the day of trouble I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. Now this is what I see here For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Maybe I should tell you another site you know you kind of got the idea some of you like stories and since I've gone in that wasn't part of the sermon this little illustration here but my son grew up. We brought him to Africa when he was fourteen he still there is still the missionary and now he's the president of the farm institute the big missionary place teaching a lot and whatever. One time he came back to America he was twenty six he had gone to Andrews to receive all his flight tickets E.E.'s he has all the tickets you can fly anything. I suppose though he doesn't practice much he doesn't fly much because he's so busy being the president and all that. Then he came back to America when he was twenty six years old twenty five years old to get his airplane mechanics ticket and so he was he was in Oregon for two years and I thought you know he'll find a wife. I was you know he was already twenty five and he had no girlfriend really and I thought you know maybe he'll find a wife. But he didn't. Here is what happened and I don't tell this story very often but I just want to show you what happened. He called me one day. Now I was living in Chattanooga at the time he called me one day and he said that I need to talk to you. And I'm like Really. My son he said talk to me. And he you know he was always so careful and so so guarded. OK what's up. Well he said I feel every weekend I rent an airplane I fly up to Washington with my two buddies. They have two sisters over there. Their girlfriends they visit with these two sisters and I I don't have a girlfriend then so I'm there for the weekend with them all. But the two sisters have a mother and I spend some times with her and I'm getting the picture right away like you're getting the picture probably right away. And you know he's not saying very much so I just straight out I said Do you love her and he said yes. And you want my advice. Yes. OK He's twenty six years old by this time I said. I am not going to tell you what to do. You're twenty six years old she is forty. So that's fourteen fifteen years difference. She's older. I said if you take her I will love her as much as I will love anyone else. But I said take a moment to reflect. You love children and he really does. He always loved children. He always had a baby in his arms in Africa. And I said she's done her children are already teenagers she's not going to have any more children when you're forty five he'll be sixty. That's not going to be fun. As a matter of fact I really think that if you're going to if you're going to marry her you're going to live to regret it. However it's your choice I don't want to tell you what to do but if you want to know what I would do at least looking from outside objectively at this situation here's what I would do. I said here's what you do. You turn around and you walk away just turn around and walk away. Now this is going to be the hardest thing you ever did in your life I told him that because I know your heart is already in it. You love her. She's attracted to you. This is going to be hard your heart is going to be torn. You're going to suffer more than you've ever suffered before I know this but if you want to do what I think is right just turn around and walk away. I said she will call you. She will cry. She'll be at your door. She will send you email. She will do everything she can. She's going to come after you and it's going to be a lot of piers and it's going to be really hard to keep working and so I left it with him. And I've wondered what he would do. That's what he did. Turn around. You went and she came after him. He went to Africa she came to Africa you know it was it was a pursuit like I expected. Yeah. But he kept going and you know the Lord rewarded him. He met another young lady and I don't know how to tell you that story. Well I I I might stretch the thing pretty far. Yeah I went to Africa one time and I went to Zambia when I was in Zambia I saw this red head young lady he was twenty years old and she walked like an angel. One thing I remember about her. Beautiful as can be walked like an angel. And so I told my son who was in Tanzania this is seven hundred miles over. I said there's a girl in Zambia you need to meet. And he's like they're out of it. OK fine. A year later this young girl went back to South Africa because she's from South Africa and she decided she would go to school find a husband and then come back up north to Africa to be a missionary but the Lord said to her go back to Africa and she said Lord I can't go back to Africa single I'll never find anyone over there you know and the Lord said Go back and he said Lord I'll just go to school find a husband and when we get married then we'll go back and we'll do missionary and the Lord says Go back and then finally she gave up it took two weeks of struggling she just gave up and gave herself to the Lord and said I will be a missionary in Africa. I will do it. And she returned to them to be a missionary. Well a friend of mine feeling Grabner. He he he. I needed to go to Kenya and so with his family and he asked her her name is not a young twenty eight by the way he asked her if he would like to go with their family to Kenya another way through Tanzania they stopped the Q.B. dueler and there there was a lot of young people from Norway. It was a whole school that had come they were having a blast because there are so many young people around and they were going to go to a game park and my son came to the group that was going to the game park and he said I can't go to the game park I've got too much to do but it's worse than that. I need to ask one of you to volunteer to stay with me and do this work. And she volunteered. And that's the end of the story. Now today they have three children and they're still missionaries in Africa and she is seven years younger than him. As opposed to fifteen years older that's a difference of twenty three years and I'm pretty sure he'll be happier with them. Then he would he would have been. Yeah. Now I don't know why I told you all that. Oh yeah it was. Romans Chapter ten verse thirteen whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved and by the way he married the right one. He is very very very spiritual. She is amazing teacher and she has opened him up so that today he is free he is free to talk about the Lord in his experience and all the rest and I can I can just praise the Lord. OK whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed. And how shall they believe in him in the room they have not heard and no show they hear without a preacher. And how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things. Friends. Wouldn't you like to be one of them. Do you not to be one of them. Isn't this a calling to all God has no unemployed servants. He gives to everyone his work and what do you think the work is all there is all kinds of work that needs to be done in the church and that's true. But it all contributes to the spread of the Gospel and How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good tidings to the souls who need it so badly friendless and I don't know if you heard Dr Neal earlier this morning. He left me with such an impression of the mess we're in now. We're God's people and we're going to. Now what do you think the meth is like outside of this room. You know out there in the world where they have no god where they have no hope where they have they can't see a solution to the mess they're in. Now sometimes they don't see the meth and that's probably merciful. However it isn't merciful forever if you don't see your need you'll never call upon the name of the Lord. Find to find help and the Lord wants to the Lord wants to use us. Let's go back to Luke Chapter fifteen and I'll try not to get sidetracked any more and we're going to finish what we started here where in Luke Chapter fifteen we're going to look at verse twenty three and twenty four in Luke fifteen and bring hither the fatted calf and kill it and let us eat and be merry for this my son was dead and is alive again he was lost and is found. And they began to be merry. Now what does the feast represent what does this symbolize. Marriage was not marriage. Now it's heaven it's heaven. We're going to go to heaven and there's going to be a long table and they're going to be an amazing feat. And there's going to be such merriment and such happiness and Jesus will serve us and everything is going to be so wonderful. We're all going to thaw a collective sigh of relief. Here we are we made it. No more wary no more doubt no more pain no more sorrow no more death no more disease no more accidents. It's just going to be so great isn't it. But friends should there be no joy in this world below. What do you think. Oh yeah sure. First Thessalonians chapter five. First Catalonians chapter five we look at verse sixteen and then verse eighteen. That's along in chapter five. And hey I know that you know there is joy down here below. Yeah that joy is blood bought at the cross of Calvary. It's amazing that there should be any joy in this world at all but there is but it all comes from Jesus. Verse sixteen. While we're here in this world rejoice evermore. That's a command. That's how you should be. That's how you should be all the time. Verse eighteen in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you in everything give thanks. Now doesn't God know that some of the methods we can get into. Doesn't he know how bad things can get. Well friends it isn't what God doesn't know it's what we don't know. Don't you know that God would never ask you to give thanks for anything that would do you harm. Don't you know that ministry of healing two fifty five what what it said This command is first a thought on Ian's five verse eighteen. This command is an assurance that even the things which appear to be against us will work for our good. God did not beat us to be thankful for that which would do us harm. How many things that he did be thankful for everything. So then how many of them will do us harm. None really. It's true. I want to wonderful God it's true but it's true if you believe it you know that don't you. Yeah. My God is good. Nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke Chapter ten verse nineteen. All things will work together for good to them that love the Lord and desire of ages two twenty four if we could see the end from the beginning we would choose no other way to be led. That's what it says. Can you imagine going to heaven and looking back on your earthly experience and saying Oh yeah here. Now I can see where God made a mistake in my case. Are you going to be able to say that after you've gone to heaven. No God doesn't make any mistakes in your case. Can you imagine going to heaven before you were born and choosing your own path. If you think you could choose a path for yourself better than the path that God has chosen for you this is not to say that every decision you make is great. You make a lot of mistakes and there are painful and there are consequences to all of that. Well let me tell you what God knows who you are God knows where you came from. Once you put yourself in the hands of God and you love Him all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and nothing comes to you to harm you. Even though in appearance it's that way if you go with me to Genesis Chapter forty two Genesis Chapter forty two. If is the story of Jones that we started with Joe that Joseph is the governor of Egypt. Jacob and his family are suffering through the famine and so Jacob fan ten his son not eleven there's one he keeps at home Benjamin he sends ten thousand to Egypt to get them food but when they get there they mean they meet a pretty mean Governor of Egypt and he's pretty hard on them but he threatening them to see who they are and by the time it's all over he got simian in prison and he send the boys home and he says to them don't come back unless you bring Benjamin. Now the boys go home and they know for sure they can't ask their father for Benjamin and so they decide to say nothing. They pray I suppose they pray like mad that the famine will end before they run out of food. But God's in charge of this thing and there's no way the famine is going to end before they have to go back to Egypt you understand and so all they wait and wait and wait until the last minute and finally they operate. I approached Jacob and notice what happened in verse thirty six when they tell Jacob listen we've got to bring Benjamin or there's no use going. Verse thirty six and Jacob their father said unto them me have you be relieved of my children. Joseph is not and Simeon is not and now you will take Benjamin away. What all of these things are against me. Where are they. God was organizing to take Jacob and his family to Egypt to Goshen so that they could grow into a nation unmolested. Everything was for them. But you see as human beings we can't see very well can we we don't know what's happening and why the things are happening to us but God has a plan just like he had a plan for Jacob. He has a plan for you. Every single one in this room and he will work out his plan and it won't always appear to us to be the plan we would choose birth cert for sure but it is always the best plan and none of the things are against that they're all for it. If you lose your job. It's not against the Lord may be planning to give you a better job if you get sick. Oh now I want to get sick do you. I don't either. Now why is that happening. No I understand I understand sometimes we do foolish things and we get ourselves into a situation like this. But is God dead because we got ourselves into a situation now we have a God in heaven. He's in control. Put yourself in the hands of God. Finally let's not forget at whose expense was all that feasting in the rejoicing in the parable. Who is it that dies. It's the fatted calf. Don't you know now what the fatted calf deserve to be killed for. I mean couldn't they have had a feast without killing the fatted calf. No they couldn't not in this parable because Jesus says them well it Paul says in Hebrews Chapter nine verse twenty two. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin so that we could feast and rejoice. Jesus rejoice to die that the fatted calf. Jesus is the fatted calf in the parable. Isn't that amazing. Jesus is the fatted calf in our life. His sacrifice makes it so that I can rejoice eternally in heaven. Make that so I can enjoy camp meeting in a pub Why yes it's all blood bought of the cross of Calvary. Is there any way to say thank you to him you think. If users are thank me Heavenly Father. Lord we can feed we can feed it all we enjoy you capable and without you and without the cross we do not like nor joy at anything we can see that our salvation is blood bought and we owe it all to you. Heavenly Father if you would die for us then with the same spirit within us that we might be willing to deny ourselves pick up our cross and die too that we might be a blessing to everyone around Lord. Like we want and we thank him for it. Jesus came. Do you use a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. 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