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By Faith Alone

Frank Fournier


At our best we are still unprofitable to God, yet because of His great love, He saves us.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • August 2, 2013
    7:15 PM
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My vice president asked me made me promise that I would tell you about our little education program that we have at Eden Valley. We have and by the way I have these little cards here. I have only a small stack. If anyone is interested in the little card there right there you can pick them up after I'm done with you. In any case we do have an education program at Eden Valley it's only a six month course. It's very practical very short and as far as I'm concerned it's very good. We teach what we call medical missionary work which includes massage and hydrotherapy and natural remedies and all of the things that also includes doing evangelism out in the community and one of our goals. Which I think we have achieved is we have organized for ourselves a study like you would organize Bible studies but these are on L. and in Colorado. It's very difficult to get into the homes of the people people are very secular there in Colorado. But we've organized studies like we would do Bible studies but they're all on help and by this means we're able to get into the homes fairly easily We have a lot of studies going on and then these by the Health Study lead towards Bible studies and it's much much easier the the the right arm of the message is getting us into their homes and then they get interested in in spiritual things and by the time we're done with their health studies and pretty soon we're able to get into their homes with Bible study. Well our course is called the well and if anyone is interested it's not very expensive I think that in the last the last six month course which I think ended I think it was only eight hundred. As for the whole six months and we feed you and house you and all the rest. And obviously we're losing money. But but we need to get ourselves established again. We're doing this in out of the last course that we did we had two of our students in their forty's who are requesting to be baptized. And so it's effective. Anyone who has someone that has nothing to do would like to get a very practical little course. Welcome to Eden Valley. Let me put this here. OK I'd like to invite you to turn with me to Luke Chapter fifteen. This is what we've been studying all week long we're studying the parable of the prodigal son. We finished last night with the Prodigal himself. The younger brother and this evening were moving on to begin to night study. The elder brother now. The younger brother of course was without God in the world he got from his father all that he wanted. He went out into the world and he enjoyed life which he thought was going to be enjoyable anyway. He turned his back on his father. He wanted to be independent he wanted to be unrestricted he wanted to be free to sin. That's what he did but he found out that life was not that enjoyable out there as a matter of fact things got worse and worse and worse until he came to his senses about his spiritual condition. He came to his senses about it is religious or is it his relationship with his father and then he decided it was nonsense living in sin and he came back to his father and there was great rejoicing over one soul that found salvation. Well now we turn our attention to the elder brother the elder brother of course is without God who He is living independent up to his father also. But what is messing up with. His mind is that he's living independent of his father but he doesn't know it because he has remained with the church and he doesn't understand that he is in dire straits. He's in trouble spiritually how would you like to end up in the wrong resurrection. After all is said and done thinking all along that your Christian experience because it was externally right that you were going to be a candidate for Heaven you were going to be saved in the kingdom and you find out that you're raised in the wrong resurrection What do you think you'll feel in that day I don't know that you will feel that but what do you think people who are risen who arrived in the wrong resurrection will feel you it will be a terrible day won't it. Well you know I don't want to be there for sure. That was the problem with the elder brother that is the problem with the lay of the FIA did you know that. And one White Laodicea thinks everything is alright when everything is all wrong. Well if everything is all wrong and we think everything's all right and we die in that condition which resurrection do you suppose will come up in. Isn't that a scary thought. Well there's no need to be afraid really because this week we've been studying righteousness by faith. We know where our assurance is we know who our God is. We know what he's done on our behalf and we may have a salvation but salvation leads to a deeper and deeper and deeper experience with the Lord. And that's what we want to study together we're in Luke Chapter fifteen we're going to look at verse twenty five. Now his elder son was in the field not keep in mind this is a Christian apparently outwardly externally the he is not out in the bars dancing and drinking and forty fornicating with Harlow. If he's in the field he's in the mission field if you please. He's working for his father even the church is employed as a matter of fact. Verse twenty nine says that he kept all the commandments at least he thought he kept all the commandments. He was keeping all the commandments externally and yet there was something drastically wrong with his Christian experience. It's amazing to me but it's possible to do things externally and be deceived by that into thinking that we're all right because we're doing everything just right. As far as we're concerned and we're all wrong. Verse twenty five now his elder son was in the field and as he came he drew nigh to the house which you know and all the parables of the house represents the church and so he drew an eye to the church and he heard music and dancing. Now I would not put that word there dancing. Now you know don't take it too far. He heard music in any case and he was confused by that. Now it's amazing isn't it. As far as I'm concerned you see in verse twenty six he calls a servant over and asked what these things meant. Now friends if there's any place in the world where there should be joy and where they should be music it would be in the church don't you think. I mean in the world out there it's bad. There is crime and there's sickness and there is murder and there's all kinds of things. There is war there's a lot of bad stuff happening in the world but there is one place where God called a refuge for his people and if there's any one place where on earth where there should be joy where your music is coming out the windows people would not be surprised now what in the world this young man comes by the church he hears music and he is confused. An adult church before don't you think. Verse twenty seven. So the servant said to him Your brother is come your father has killed the fatted calf because he has received him safe and sound and then it says and he was angry from a human perspective and I think from our perspective in any case there is no reason to be angry at this point. This man should have been rejoicing like everybody else because his brother had come home. But he was angry. So now we've got to take a little time and begin to look at things from his perspective. Why is he thinking the way he's thinking. Well first of all you've got to consider that it's his younger brother his younger brother left home and he's done no work around the place at all. He's in he's taken his father's money he's taken is inheritance he's gone out and he's enjoyed parties and booze and drugs and sex and so forth and sin of all kinds this is what he's done and now he's got the gall to come home. He's got the nerve to come home with his hand outstretched needing help. And worse than that The Father responds with help the father is immediate The father received him with open arms and he gives him help and he doesn't give him what the elder brother thinks that he deserves to get. You see and the brother is the other brother is confused because they have the other brother had been the father he would have had something to say to the younger brother. But no the father received him and he applies the merits of the fatted calf to the younger brother there's been no penance. There's been no work the boy has spent no time on probation while he himself I mean the elder brother has always the babies always work. He denied himself the pleasures of sin. He stayed with the church and he did all that hoping to be saved. At all that hoping to be seen of men. He did all that hoping to be thought of as a good Christian or Christian. He he was hoping to receive the robe he was hoping to receive the ring he was hoping to have the shows he was hoping to be given the Gospel Commission and he received none of it. And the big question in his head is why. How come I have done everything right he has done everything wrong. He receives everything I receive nothing. He cannot understand he cannot understand. He does not realize that his type of religion does not make him better than his brother. Did you know that being a Seventh Day Adventist does not make you better than a Baptist. Does not make you better than a Roman Catholic a Muslim a Hindu whatever Buddhist. It does not make us better than other people. Did you know that you are every whit a sinner as much a sinner as those people out there in all the other churches or outside of churches all together. Did you know that we are as bad as the worst of them about out there. In so far as theme is concerned in so far as we ourselves are concerned do you know that our only hope for the Kingdom of Heaven is in the cross of Calvary and in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and there is no other hope for us or for anyone else. Turn with me to Romans Chapter nine Romans Chapter nine. Now I know we've been talking like this all week and now I am having a hard time not repeating some of the things I've already said because we said a lot of stuff this week. Where in Romans Chapter nine we're looking at verse thirty in Romans Chapter nine. There's a comparison here being made between the Jewish people and the Gentiles the elder brother represent the Jewish people and their younger brothers. I represent the Gentiles and this is what we have and I want you to see what Paul has to say about the elder brother here and the younger brother what shall we say then that the Gentile that is the younger brother is among us which followed not after righteousness in the need to notice with these people the Gentiles did not follow after righteousness and I believe that Psalms one hundred nineteen one seventy two said all thy commandments are righteous or something like that only and so in essence what it's saying here is that the Gentiles followed not after the keeping of the law they did not try to keep the law and yet it goes on to say that in spite of the fact that they followed not a hard act to keeping the law they have attained to righteousness. They became righteous not trying is not amazing even the righteousness which is of faith and so by faith they laid hold upon a power outside of themselves and they received righteousness not focusing on trying to keep the commandments. Just focusing I suppose on Jesus Christ's right and the gift of God and and the goodness of God and their hearts were so welled up in gratitude that they didn't want to do something wrong. They didn't want to hurt their savior. He didn't want to do bad and so they ended up righteous not trying to be righteous. Thirty one. But Israel which followed after the law of righteousness. Well of course we all know about the Jews in the days of Jesus. They multiply the laws in an effort to protect the Ten Commandments and they tried really really hard. They had so many laws to keep. In an attempt to be righteous and yet it says here though they followed hard after the law of righteousness they did not attain to the law of righteousness. And the next question is why not why wherefore. Because they thought it not by faith but as it were by the works of the law. If we go on to chapter ten starting with verse one I believe the Apostle Paul explains all of this. Brethren. My heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel that is for the elder brother is that they might be saved and I bear them record that they have a zeal for God they're very rich. Not according to knowledge or are they being ignorant. The most educated people on the earth probably at that time were what ignorant. Is it possible to be ignorant. Even we. Is it possible for us to be ignorant. Our friends there is the gospel there is a true Gospel there are plenty of all thoughtful for every truth there's a thousand lives and it's possible to buy into one of those thousands of lies and I think we have the truth and that's what they thought and they were ignorant that's what it says. Verse three for they being ignorant of God's righteousness. What about God's righteousness they were ignorant about. They were ignorant about the fact that God's righteousness was a gift. That's what they were ignorant about. Watch as we read. For they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness have not committed themselves unto the gift God's righteousness It's just that simple and I suppose if they can fall into this trap this ignorance then I suppose you and I can fall into the same ignorance and then verse for Christ is the end he is the fulfillment of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes the broken law demands two things first of all the broken law demands that we. Live a perfect life from the day we are born to the day we die. The law will not compromise not for one thing and if you live the perfect life from the day you were born to the day you die but only sinned once you have broken the law and the law demands the second thing is that you die and eternal death. Well friend we haven't we can't obey perfectly can we. We haven't obeyed perfectly the Bible says All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and we don't want to die can you see how hopelessly lost we are can you see it. Well yes we're absolutely do you know that if you live perfectly from today if you could get on your knees and say God I promise you I promise you I will never see him again. And you managed to do it. Supposing you managed to not see him from today until the day you die. Do you think you'll go to heaven. No You know why. Because you've already thin. Sure if a man should be before the judge and he should go to the judge and say Judge I know that I have committed murder. I really am sorry but I promise you I promise you I will never kill another man in my life again. What do you suppose the judge will say well you're not on trial for the people you might kill in the future. You're on trial for the one you've already killed in the past. It's already done you're already guilty. You're already going to be punished. If there's no turning back there's no turning back and you and i friends have already thin there is no hope for us except in Jesus Christ of course God so loved the world God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. And when the only begotten Son came down here he was able taking our lives upon himself to live a perfect life from the day he was born till the day he was Die healed healed the day he died our toning there and after he died he resurrected he went to his feet. Other than in the one hand he presented his perfect life and in the other hand he presented his atoning death and God the Father said it is enough given the human race. My righteousness the righteousness of God the righteousness of Jesus Christ by the life of Jesus Christ and His atoning there we find salvation and there is no other way. Did you know that the elder brother didn't know that the Jews of old didn't know that the Christians of today many Christians up to date and all the other world religion think that religion and good behavior and hard work and a reformed lifestyle will make a way for them into the kingdom of heaven. Consequently the loot the Jews lost their place as God's chosen people. The elder brother never wore the robe never wore a ring never had the issue was never was given the feast all of that and I left my brothers and sisters unless you and I will get a grip on the gospel unless we can understand this and internalize it and receive it fully and thank God every day for it. We may well be as lost as these people were talking about turn with me to Luke Chapter seventeen Luke Chapter seventeen. There's a little parable here. In Luke Chapter seventeen it really seems to paint Christ a little bit out of character in Luke Chapter seventeen and will begin reading with verse seven which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will say to him by and by when he has come from the field go and sit down to meat and will not rather say auntie and make ready wherewith I stop I may stop and gird myself and serve me till I have eaten and drunk at an afterword Thou shall eat and drink. Now notice I said that Jesus is a little bit out of character here. Jesus came to serve not be served however. Or he is giving us a parable and he is talking to us about the way we do things in this world. You don't hire a servant to serve Him It doesn't make any sense right. When you hire someone to work for you we expect him to work for you because you wouldn't hire him otherwise. So this is all the Jesus thing. Verse nine. Does he think that servant because he did the things that work and commanded him no way he paid him. That's so he says I throw not verse ten. So likewise you know notice here. Likewise when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you when you have kept all the commandments say we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do you see it. If you manage to keep all the commandments Jesus says it counts for not as far as your salvation is concerned friends that counts for a lot in so far as your witness is concerned. It counts for a lot and so far as you glorifying God in the sight of the world and other people it's very valuable the Lord wants you to keep the commandments I'm not going to try and teach you tonight we don't have to keep the commandments. But I'm trying to say that it doesn't count towards your salvation. In so far as your justification is concerned. Now now we are justified by the blood of Christ at the cross of Calvary. Period. That's it that's where our righteousness comes from. And when we receive it we have it in reality. We will do right. We will do good but it will contribute nothing to your salvation it will come a tribute to your reward and that's a wonderful thing how would you like to end up in heaven with no reward. I think some people will be there that way. Well I doubt it. We could weigh that I suppose a long time. Yeah yeah. Now somebody will say well. Doesn't the Bible say that it's hard and that you have to work hard to get into the kingdom or go with me to Luke Chapter thirteen you know I'm keeping you and Luke so that you don't have to turn a lot of pages. Luke Chapter thirteen verse twenty four. It seems to say there that we have to work really hard in order to be saved. We're looking at verse twenty four. The first word at least in the King James version is strive. Now my margin says strive as an agony that seems pretty hard don't you think. Have you ever agonize you know have you ever decided well I think I'll spend the afternoon agonizing. That's pretty hard isn't it. Yeah you can agonize on command you have. You agonize only when you really have something to agonize about. And so here we are. Jesus is commanding us to strive as an agony to enter in a distrait gate. OK I want to enter into the strait gate let me go to my room and strive as an agony and then like how do you do that. Hardly I mean how do you do that anyway. But that's what it said strive as an egg you need to enter in at the strait gate for many I say unto you will seek to enter in and shall not be able because it's so hard that what it seems to say oh yeah oh yeah that's what it seems to say but you know friend that's not one thing. What is the gate. You know Jesus. John Chapter ten. Go with me. John Chapter ten we need to read it. I want you to see it in John Chapter ten. We're looking at verse one and then verse nine in John Chapter ten. Verily verily I say unto you He that enters not by the door or the gate into the sheepfold but climbs in some other way is that even a robber. Verse nine I am the door. I am the gate by me if a man enters in he shall be saved and shall go in and go out and find pasture. What if we don't enter in buying him or will we find salvation. So when this is talking about and striving as an agony to enter in through the strait gate it's not necessarily talking about our trying with all of our hearts to be good so we can be saved or are trying with all of our hearts to keep the commandments. So we could be saved or trying with all of our hearts to be to perfect character so we can be saved. It's really talking about guarding ourselves again thinking we can save ourselves. Do you know that it's hard to switch from self dependence to faith in Jesus Christ and that's where it says strive as in agony to enter in through the right gate. Jesus Christ. Find your salvation in him stride as an agony. Well I tell you what we ought to get on our knees sometimes and just plead with God to give us an understanding the understanding that is lacking. Now I'm going to digress just a little bit here because it's not in my notes but in early writing to sixty nine I don't know if you know early writings to sixty nine. It's a chapter on the shaking elder frizzy used to say if you're going to study one chapter in all of the Spirit of Prophecy on your knees that the chapter you need to study on your knees and I have studied that thing over and over and over and over again. It's an amazing chapter and you will see that it always points to the future it always points to the future and it says in the future. Seventh Day Adventists or at least part of the Seventh Day Adventist congregation are going to get on their knees with strong faith and agonizing cries they're going to plead with God Why. Because they want to victory. Now wait a minute are we not a victorious people. Friends we are not a victorious people no we're not. God is wanting to make a demonstration such as has never happened in this world he wants to use us. It's not going to cure him. Good to our salvation but it will contribute to the demonstration that he wants to make and we are not able to make that demonstration and we're going to wake up to this back one of these days. There's another group in that chapter that is it says how does it say it they're not interested there. Their lack of a physical about it. They're they're thinking everything they're indifferent that's the word using that they're indifferent and they think well everything's fine I mean what are those guys doing anyway and they don't get the victory that the other ones are getting and they are swept away. And as soon as we get this victory whatever it is the latter rain is poured out a great shaking. And it says that the destiny of the church hangs on one verse in the Bible that you know that the destiny of this church hangs on one verse in the Bible. Now you couldn't make it more simple could you. God says listen one verse your destiny hangs on one verse do you know what U. verse it is it's called the Council of the true witness is verse eighteen of Revelation Chapter three VI of me gold tried in the fire and white Raymond and I set the destiny of the church hangs right there in that amazing. Anyway that wasn't part of the sermon but three turn with me to Matthew Chapter nineteen Matthew Chapter nineteen. We're going to continue where we've started the other brother has me talking about the rich young ruler here in Matthew Chapter nineteen the rich young ruler comes to Jesus. He wants to know what he must do to be saved. Jesus says keep the commandments he says I've always kept them and then he asked what lack I yet. And Jesus is willing to tell him what he lacks yet. Yeah you know what he lacked. You see he was putting his trust in his riches and Jesus said well you know you'll never. Yet they haven't by putting your trust in your riches. So I tell you what here's what you lack. This will save you. All you have to do is go sell all that you have give to the poor. Come and follow me. Verse twenty one. You know the rich young ruler went away sorrowful because it didn't make any sense to him. Do you know that it didn't make any sense to the disciples either. You see the disciples being jewish had the idea that if an individual was wealthy he had the favor of God So already he must have been saved because he was wealthy. He was young he was good looking he was wealthy he wanted to be a disciple. He was attracted to Jesus and the disciples were thinking want to catch want to catch. If Jesus would just draw him in and Jesus repulses him it appears to the disciples. Jesus is actually telling the man what he needed to do. If you wanted salvation he was turning his head away from that which he trusted to put his faith in Jesus Christ and the man wouldn't do it. The disciples misread this whole thing to misinterpret it and they thought Jesus is chasing him away and it doesn't make any sense. So Jesus finds himself having to having to explain to the disciples why he did what he did. Now watch. Well start with verse twenty three. This is his explanation then said Jesus to the disciples. Verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly that is with great difficulty. Enter into the kingdom of heaven. And they're like no way that doesn't make sense. He's already rich he's already got God's favor. What are you saying anyway. You know Jesus is blowing away their minds and so he decides to illustrate it in verse twenty four. Again I say to you it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Traditionally at least in the past our evangelists used to say that. There was a little door on one of the walls and that that surrounded Jerusalem there was a little door on the other side that was called the eye of a needle. If the main gates were closed in the evening and people were too late to get into the city they could go around the city and find a little door called the eye of a needle and if they found that they would have to take the stuff off their camels and carry everything through this door and then the camels would have to get on their knees and then they would have to fight to get through this little door with their camels but they could do it but do you know that this is not a proper illustration. Do you know that this would destroy the gospel if that's what Jesus was meant. Meaning no it's not a proper illustration it's not true. Jesus was not talking you cannot be saved even if you work as hard as a camel to get through anything. Now when Jesus was talking about putting a camel through the eye of a needle he was talking about a sewing needle. Now I'd have a hard time putting one hair of a camel through the eye of a sewing needle never mind putting the camel. Why was Jesus talking that way because it was impossible. It was impossible and Jesus wanted to make it as plain as he could make it that it was impossible. So we see it in verse twenty five when the disciples heard that they were exceeding amazed thing. Who then can be saved. If a rich man can't be saved nobody can be saved. As far as they were concerned this was what impossible. Well that's what Jesus was trying to tell them. Verse twenty six. But Jesus beheld them and said to them With man this is impossible. Friends it feel impossible there is no way you can save yourself. There is just no way we can save ourselves. It is impossible and it says so right here. When the Word of God It is impossible. But we're not left to die. The rest of the verse says With God all things are possible. Yeah yeah and if you go to Mark Chapter nine Mark Chapter nine we're looking at verse twenty three in Mark chapter nine Jesus said to him If thou can I can't believe all things are possible to him that believe with God all things are possible all things are possible to you by faith if you believe you know that faith doesn't do anything. Do you think you can be saved by exercising faith no no no no faith doesn't do anything. Faith lays hold upon what God can do. That's all. That's why it was given to us so we can lay hold upon what got and what can God do anything. What can you do by faith. All that God will do for you. Sure and God has promised to do all kinds of things for us. It's amazing but it's God that does the doing it all the time all the time without me you can do nothing. So don't go ahead thinking that you can build a character that you can build a life that you can stop sinning that you can do all of these things in order to be saved. It is not possible the only way that you have God's righteousness is to lay hold upon God and ask him for it and believe Him and trust Him and He will work it out in your life. He's promised to do it so why is it so hard for a rich man. Chapter ten of Mark verse twenty four this is the same story. This is the story of the rich young ruler and we're just going to look at verse twenty four. Same story and the disciples were. One is that his word because Jesus was saying it was hard for a rich man. But Jesus answered again and said unto them Children how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God. Do you know that your rich friend you don't have to travel very far I don't know if Leroy and his wife are gone or still sitting in here but they've seen poverty to a degree in any case I don't think Kenya is the poorest place in the world but there's a lot of poverty there and my wife and I have spent a lot of time in Madagascar are very very poor in Madagascar in Zambia in times where there are famine and people were dying everywhere and we've seen all kinds of real poverty and you are not poor not poor but if you don't have a lot of money you're still rich. Did you know God has given to everyone something. Some of you had youth and strength some beauty some of education some of intelligence some have with some have whatever whatever. All the talents that the Lord has given us and it makes us wealthy. Do you know that our great danger is to put our faith. In the gift that God has given us rather than in the giver. Well that's our big danger and not necessarily money. It can be all kinds of things all kinds of things. Well anyway this is the elder brother's condition. That's where he was that he was putting faith in himself and in his talents and in his religion and in his own experience and in his own good works and in his external keeping of the commandments and he was deceived. So now we need to look again at the elder brother. We need to take another. Look if the elder if the young brother had been just an acquaintance if he had been a distant relative he had been a friend if he had been a neighbor and the friend had thrown away his salvation. The elder brother might have felt some compassion for that individual but don't miss what's happening here this is not a friend or a distant relative or an acquaintance. This is his brother it's a family member it's a partner in the family firm his selfish action has jeopardized the whole establishment. His rush into sin took no account of the suffering that he would cause his family his was betrayal of sacred tries ties it was treason in the highest sense and the elder brother suffered keenly the shame and the reproach and the insult. Now the problem with the elder brother was that he could not forgive them all he could think about when he was thinking about it was the pain and the shame and the embarrassment and should his brother suffered nothing and what can we do to him to make if we can make him feel what he's made us feel. How can the father forgives so easily. Can you begin to feel the frustration that the elder brother was feeling. I've never had that kind of experience. How would you have related to the yo to the young brother to the young rascal when he comes home with his hand out. Haven't been partying for months and years or whatever it was it was. Has anyone ever caused you that much pain that much humility and humiliation that much suffering. Is there anyone in your life that you can't forgive. I preach that one time in my life center and one of the women that was there took me aside afterward she said. You know how hard that is. She said I had a good boy. He loved the Lord he grew up in the church everything was fine with him and then he met another Seventh Day Adventist boy who led him away to take drugs and ruined his whole life. But the other boy came back. My son never did and you're going to ask me to forgive. Can you imagine how hard that is. Is there anyone in your life you can't forgive I don't want you to raise your hand for sure. If there's anyone in your life you can't forgive how are you going to deal with that. If you go with me to Matthew chapter six you remember Matthew chapter six this is the Beatitudes and we all know what Jesus said there and it's enough to make anyone tremble. He really actually found legal list doesn't it. Where in verse fourteen and fifteen here Jesus is speaking and he says if you forgive mender trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you but if you don't forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses and it sounds as if Jesus is saying you have to make the first move. Go ahead and forgive and as you forgive I will forgive you. But that's not the right interpretation. That isn't what Jesus Christ is saying here. What Jesus is saying here is that if you cannot forgive it's because you don't have forgiveness to give. You cannot give what you have never received. If you have never accepted forgiveness from heaven or from God then you obviously won't have any to give. Turn with me to Luke Chapter seven and we're going to finish right here Luke Chapter seven we're almost done and we're looking at verse forty seven and this is the story of Mary Magdalen she's just visited her uncle. Or Simon where Jesus was a guest and her brother Lazarus was a guest and he dump this perfume on Jesus and everyone is found out and people are complaining starting with Judas. And even Simon is thinking that Jesus can't possibly be a prophet because he's allowing this woman to touch him and all of this stuff and he doesn't know what kind of woman she is. Do you know who dragged Mary Magdalene in into C.N.N. Anyway it was time into you know verse forty seven where in Luke Chapter seven we're looking at verse forty seven wherefore I say to the her sins which are many are forgiven for he loved much but watch now. But to whom little is forgiven. The same love a little. You see if you can't love if you have never received it. If you can't forgive if you have never received it. And let me read to you from the Spirit of Prophecy. This is Christ object lessons two fifty one paragraph one and four. Nothing can justify an unforgiving spirit. He who was unmerciful toward others shows that he himself is not a partaker of God's pardoning Grace. If you don't have any you can't give any. That's is all this is trying to teach. We are not forgiven because we forgive him but as we forgive the ground of all forgiveness is found in the unmerited love of God but by our attitude toward others we show whether we have made that love our own. And if you have not made that love your own you cannot possibly forgive and if we can throw that upside down. If you cannot possibly forgive then it's a sign that you have never made that love your own. There are people who have forgiven stuff that human beings cannot forgive. What was her name. Corey can you remember her. Story Oh yeah I don't know the story very well I don't remember it very well but there was this officer and these girls were having to parade naked going through showers and heaped all kinds of insults and whatever and whatever he did to her sister I don't know may have resulted in her death I'd forgotten the story. And then she meets him so many years later you know the war is over this is America or somewhere and she's giving meetings he's in the audience she meets him and what have struggled for years. He did there was only one way she could be and she had to receive the forgiveness of God for herself. Do you know that she was not any better than him. I wonder if he realizes that I don't know what friends you and I can realize that we are not better than anyone else and if you look down your nose at anyone at all you're missing the boat in Philippians chapter two verse three it says we are to esteem all others better than ourselves. How many others. Well is Jesus saying that there are some people who are not worse than you know he's not saying that he's saying that that's how you treat them. That's how we treat them. We treat everyone as if they were superior to ourselves. What would it be like in this world you know I'm feeling from tomorrow sermon just realize that. What would it be like in this world if everyone treated everyone else better than themselves. Friend It would be heaven wouldn't it. Because that's how heaven is going to be. We pray we stand with me and only father. Lord I appreciate it when I can see the mess I'm I am but I am so grateful. There is a solution. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation. I'm so grateful that you don't leave me to my man. I'm so grateful that I can feel my need and that you promise to me to Lord I thank you and thank you and may you by your spirit go through the whole hall. Touch everything go fold with your love. Open our hearts to receive all that you have to give that we might have something to give also and we thank you for it. In Jesus' name and this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more service leave W W W dot audio first dot org.


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