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Despicable Christians

Frank Fournier


Legalism takes its toll, more on the legalist than on others.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • August 3, 2013
    7:15 PM
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I have a little confession to make. Last night I talked to you about our little school and I said I thought the tuition was eight hundred dollars. I lied. Not like Jimmy Swaggart crying all over the place. I thin but I thought I was telling the truth but it isn't so. It's actually four thousand three hundred dollars for six months. It's really a bargain but it doesn't sound as good as yesterday so I apologize. I had to call my vice president to find out what the price really was because I was questioning my own judgment. I ought to stay home a little more. I would know what's going on. In any case we're here together it's our last time together and I'm going to miss doing this but I couldn't keep it up forever anyway and so I have another appointment we must go on you have appointments but off friendless and take what you've learned this week. The Lord has chosen this week to send just the right people to speak to us to speak to you. Take it home. Take it home and like somebody said sometime during the week he's going to go home and he's going to buy the C.D.'s or he's going to paint them or he's going to go on the Internet or whatever and he's going to listen to them again. There has been some really deep deep profound material shared with you this week and you can't lose sight of it. It's wonderful. Turn with me to Luke Chapter eighteen. Notice I didn't say Luke Chapter fifteen. I said Luke Chapter eighteen. We're looking at the elder brothers Christian experience. This is what we're doing he thought everything was all right with him. He thought everything was good. Well the meth with his brother his brother comes home and his brother receives the merits of the fatted calf which represents Jesus you understand his brother comes home and receives the robe and the ring and it shows in the feast. Everything that he always wanted while he himself received none of it. And it of course precipitated him into a major spiritual crisis. And so this evening I just want to look at that kind of person that kind of religion. That's why I had you turn to Luke Chapter eighteen we're going to look at a little parable that Jesus spoke starting with verse nine. So this is Luke eighteen we're starting with verse nine and this is addressing the elder brother in the other parable Luke Chapter fifteen it's addressing more than the elder brother. It's going to be addressed here as a Pharisee. And if there are any of us who have parasitical tendencies and by the way that's every one of us. Yeah yeah I don't know if you'll recognize yourself here but it's not hard not hard. Let's just look at verse nine and he Jesus spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others. Now and what did they cry they trust in themselves that they need God. More they did but they didn't know it because they trusted in them selves and what in themselves they did trust for for righteousness. They were good they were good and they were good apart from God. Now I can't help but mention that some of you were not here this morning at the devotional hour your conference President preach the sermon. I mean he hit it right out of the park it was amazing on righteousness by faith and the whole thing boiled down to thin thin is living a life apart. From God then is just simply living your life without any dependence on God and that's what sin is and when you live apart from God then you are in plural all the thin plural in your life is due to the fact that you're living your own life there is a way that seems right on to a man but the end thereof is the way of that. It is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. You just can't do it apart from God and that that's the whole crux of the whole thing. And if you and I could come to the place where we are dependent on God every moment every day for every decision we have to make you think he if we acknowledge Him in all our ways. Do you think he would direct our path. Oh yes he would he would direct our path. How many mistakes do you suppose we would make I asked that question earlier this week. But it makes perfect sense to me. Yeah and that simply what faith is that whatsoever is not of faith is amazing. Well here we have an individual who trusts in himself he doesn't think here he trusts in God He trusts in himself therefore he can live his life confident that he is righteous because trusting in himself he looks at his works he looks at his behavior. He look at all that he's accomplished. We're going to see that more and more as we look at him. But then it says here that when an individual trusts in himself that he is good he ends up being doing what despising others. He becomes despicable. It reminds me of the cartoon character I don't even know which cartoon character but there was one that used to spit out this word despicable. Yeah. Sylvester you've been watching that. Yeah. So people who trust in themselves that they are good and despising others. That's what it says now that we have a wonderful illustration of it if you'll turn with me to Genesis Chapter sixteen Genesis Chapter sixteen we're going to look at verse four. This is the story of Abraham and Sarah twenty five years earlier or almost twenty five years earlier. God promised to Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son twenty five years later they don't have a son and now it is past time for Sarah to have children she can no longer have children. And so now he's scratching her head. How come God didn't answer this promise we got to help him in this matter. And he comes up with a great idea then that someone else can have her son on her behalf. You understand but I have a question for you mostly for you ladies I suppose you can think also if you're a man but but the ladies will probably real relate to it a little bit better if you had been Sarah that day and I suppose that Abraham was fairly wealthy. So my guess is that Pharaoh had several maids. Several maidens tending to her needs because they were wealthy and so here Sarah has come up with a plan that that Abraham ought to have a child by someone else one of her maidens. Now ladies if you had several maidens if you had several servants the late girls which one would you choose. No you can't say that because Sarah chose one thing and fellow Thiel and all she had it in her head to say I am going to choose one and hit I don't don't think he went. Eenie meenie my name oh he probably had to think in her mind this is going to be my son. So the girl I choose needs to be good looking. The girl I choose needs to have a nice spirit the girl likes. Those cannot be rebellious The girl I chose must be subservient to me. Easy to handle in all of this don't you think so. It seems to me that if I was Sarah that's what I would want you to have to think ahead and you would have to choose one that would be easy to deal with one that you love already. One that has been obedient to you one that has been submissive to you that I think is what you would do right. So she chose to chose an Egyptian girl called Hagar and of course if we go to verse four now and where in Genesis Chapter sixteen verse four I want you to notice something strange I think strange and he went in unto Hagar and she conceived and when she saw that he had conceived her mistress was what the spies in her eyes. Do you think her mistress was despised before them. No no. So why all of a sudden is Hagar despising Sarah. Because all of a sudden Hagar is superior to Sarah in one thing in everything else probably Sarah's superior to Hagar Garza slave girl she's just a servant girl. He's young probably and all the rest and Sarah is her mistress you know he's in charge he's got money he's got influence you've got power he's got everything else. But in one thing Hagar is superior to her mistress and now he can look down her long nose at her mistress and say you can't do this. It was important in those days that women had children you know that that was that was very important. Sarah never had a child. Hagar had a child or Abraham and he despised her mistress do you ever despise anyone. Who do you despise if you despise anyone and I hope you don't actually. Yeah usually we despise people upon whom we look down on the intelligent despise the unintelligent. The strongest buys of the weak and friends I think if I see it I think that I probably pin boards and I sit on several boards that have millionaires very strong millionaires don't become millionaires by being weak you understand you know and I have nothing against them. They're in the same boat were in you know they they are thinner is like we are but they have a strength human strength human color characters and I can see that they don't know how to relate to weak people because they themselves are not weak and they don't understand weakness they don't see the beautiful despise the ugly the educated despise the ignorant the religious despise the irreligious and the Saved by the law is that right now because the fate of this by the law then it would show that they are not saved at all. Yeah the fav they're different aren't they. I would like to take a little side trip with you we've been looking at righteousness by faith all week. But righteousness by faith is supposed to produce fruit. And I would like you just just we're just going to look at a few verses too just to look at what it is that it means to be a Christian to be saved to have Jesus Christ in our hearts to have the Holy Spirit in control of who we are as Christians turn with me to Philippians chapter two. Philippians Chapter two this is the verse that I shared with you last night that I said I was borrowing for from tonight we'll look at it one more time. Philippians Chapter two we're looking at verse three let nothing be done. As strife or vainglory. But watch now but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves. And my question last night was what would the world be like if everyone in the world esteemed everyone else greater than themselves. What would the world be like. Why friends it would be like heaven because that's how heaven is going to be. Do you know everyone is going to look up to everyone else. No one is going to look down their long noses at anyone. You'll be walking down the streets of gold one day you've been in heaven I don't know how long. And all of a sudden you spot a mile or two or I don't know how far because I don't know how far you can see in heaven but here comes Moses down the street of goal and you're walking his way and he's walking your way and all of a sudden you you begin to be excited because this is Moses after all and you haven't met him yet. Heaven is a big place and there's a lot of people there and you haven't met Moses you know it's in all of this and you're about to meet Moses and you're looking up to him. But the closer you get to Moses you notice that he has the same excitement and he knows who you are and he looks up to you and you think to yourself that that doesn't make any sense. I'm nobody. He's Moses the greatest human leader this world has ever seen. How is it that he is looking up to me. But when he comes to you he says well you don't understand you know I lived when I lived it was one thing to live those many thousand years ago but you lived through the last days and I don't know if I could have lived through the last date you have my full respect on that be wonderful. Yeah that's how it's going to be in heaven. Well is that how it is in this world below. Oh no oh no. But praise the lord that's the way it is in the church isn't it. Well I don't know you know I suppose that not so it should be. So but I have noticed that that's the way it is that Pugwash camp meeting and it's been a tremendous blessing to me this week. It really really has been a blessing to me. I like to just look at the next verse we're looking at verse four now and we're looking at what it means to be a Christian today and that's what it means and by the way like I said last night the Lord didn't mean that everyone is greater than we are the Lord means that that's how we treat everyone. There's all kinds of people in the world and we're not all the same and you can find someone that's greater than you are stronger than you are more beautiful than you are more intelligent than you are more educated than you are and you can find the opposite also but the Lord no. Treat everyone as if they are superior to yourself. And what an impact that has on the hearts of people. Oh absolutely absolutely. Verse four we continue in the same line or in the same vein. Look not every man on his own things take care of your things but be as concerned also with the things of others. Now I assume that's the way you operate. But I am the president of an institution. Eden Valley and you know it's amazing to me but on the institution people happen to feel like nobody owns anything and it doesn't seem to matter as much because I don't own it nobody owns it and so when we take a vehicle at the institution somebody will think well let's just drive away. Well wait a minute why don't you check the oil while somebody else will check the oil they always somebody will check the oil I don't have to check the oil. Well what everyone said the same thing. Yeah and it's amazing that humanly speaking we have the the sense that we want to really take care of our stuff not some people don't take care of anything not even their stuff. But but Christian thinking. So I would I would assume. Are we not to take care of everything especially if it doesn't belong to us. Oh yes oh yes. Turn with me also to first Corinthians chapter Chapter ten. First Corinthians chapter ten. Just practical verses from the Word of God on how we are to live as Christians. First Corinthians Chapter ten we're looking at verse twenty four. By the way this adds nothing to your salvation. This is the fruit of salvation and we look for the fruit to show all to know whether indeed you have received Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Verse twenty four Let no man seek his own but every man another's wealth. Is that how you operate. Making sure that that you make everyone around you wealthier for being around you. Yeah but in this world it doesn't work that way does it. Oh no in this world every man for himself and it's dog eat dog and I want to be wealthy and if I can I will use you to make myself wealthy. We see the same thing in verse thirty three from the Apostle Paul even as I please all men in all things not seeking my own profit but the profit of many that they may be saved if every want to have this attitude. If everyone was working to enrich everyone around what a rich world it would be as a matter of fact my Bible says given it shall be given unto you. Is that a true principle. Do you know that if we actually believe this this promise that we would give a lot more than we knew. It's amazing we are Christians we believe the Word of God We believe every promise in the word right and the Lord says here then it shall begin. If you pressed down shaken together running over Shall men pour into your bosom and we say lard really is that true and so how much do we give how much would we give if we actually believed. Because it's true and yet there is something in our hearts that boy it's not that easy always to give. Is it now because we actually don't believe it like we should. It's amazing how God deals with us. Romans Chapter twelve Romans Chapter twelve and we're looking at verse ten. Be kindly affectioned one toward another with brotherly love in our in honor preferring one another. You know what the word prefer means. I mean some people are preferred. Some people prefer Chevy's and some people prefer Fords some people prefer apples over bananas or over oranges that's what it means to prefer something. Well here the Bible verses saying when an honor is being poured out or given out prefer that somebody else get the honor rather than yourself that's what it thing one time. We we're at Woodland Park Foundation and we were having a board meeting we were part of the board meeting. My brother in law were asked to step out because they had chosen a president but now they wanted to show it to choose a vice president and two names had been nominated. Myself and my brother in law so we stepped out and we were out a long long time. It appeared like inside the board meeting they couldn't make up their mind which one should be vice president. You understand. So after a long time somebody stepped out and came to me and said you know we're having a hard time we don't know who to choose and so we come out to ask you if you have any idea and I said well that's easy. She was my brother in law and he's far more intelligent he's far more. Or capable he should be the vice president and I suppose they went to talk to him also and I don't know what he said. Well anyway they went back in and they deliberated for some time longer. Who do you suppose they chose to be vice president. Now they chose my brother in law. I knew you would say that. Yeah. And that's how it should have been and that was fine with me. But some time not so far later they had to choose a new president and they chose me to be president. Now they should have chosen my brother in law but he's been vice president just long enough to know he didn't want to be president and so it fell upon me when there is an honor being doled out. See that it goes to someone else to the best of your ability. Unless of course and then God has a lot to do with this stuff. He's the one that decides who is going to be where Roman fifteen. Romans Chapter fifteen with the book from verse one. We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. We don't live to advantage ourselves do we should we live to advantage Arthur have you ever sold a car you know you never sell a car unless the car is not as good as it used to be. If your car remains as good as it was when it was new You'd probably stay with the car forever because that's why you bought the car you liked it it was good you drive it and you drive it. But it always deteriorates everything in the world deteriorate so you have to come to the point in time sometimes where you got to sell the car to buy another one. Now usually there's something wrong with the car if you want to sell it do you tell the people all that's wrong with the car you're about to sell I mean who are you protecting them are you if you were a Christian who would. Do you protect them or yourself. How easy it is to to think in terms of what's going to advantage me but that isn't Christianity by the way. Oh no when we're filled with the Spirit of God Our greatest concern is always for the person next to us. Seek you with I was telling not very long ago and I don't know how well that fits but I was telling someone not very long ago when I cut an avocado and a half. I always give my wife the bigger hair. Now somebody said that's not possible because if it wasn't happy it wouldn't be a bigger hair and I like that. Oh brother. So when I cut an avocado into I give the bigger half to two my wife always. That's my rule if there's a big apple in a small apple I will take the small and if there's a big piece of pie and a small piece of pie I will always take the smaller. If there's a hand of banana I will look at the bananas to see which is the worse one that's the banana that I will take. I have made it a rule for myself you know why. You know when I cut an avocado and a half. How much difference do you think there is between the two halves. Well there is and I know they're not happy because there isn't hardly any difference between the two have that's not even worth talking about or thinking about. Well listen there is a huge difference. There is a huge difference and it isn't in the mind of the receiver. It's in the mind of the giver. I can testify to it when I cut an avocado and a half. I want the bigger half. I've been a Christian for forty years I still want the bigger hair even though it doesn't make any sense it's hardly any different because I am hard wired that way. I am a selfish sinner from the beginning and I always want to advantage myself and if if. It's a prayer in my soul all the time. Lord destroy selfish is selfishness in me help me to cooperate with you in destroying selfishness in me help me to do the thing that is right help me to sacrifice myself I think I shared with you earlier this week what my name my name my personal all what's the word my person all your sent statement Thank you John. He knows me yeah. My personal mission statement is to live at all expense to myself for the honor and glory of God and for the good and happiness of others all that I could live up to that mission statement. What a blessing it would be. So here we are and that our strong ought to bear the infirmities of the we can not to please ourselves let let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification for even Christ please not himself. Jesus didn't come to be served. Jesus didn't come to be advantage. He didn't come to make money. He didn't come to own property. He didn't come to find a title or to be called Mr President. He didn't call he didn't come here for any of it. He came to lift you up and to lift me up at all expense to himself and you know where to let him you know where it would lead. Same place same place we would find a cross in Allah. Oh yeah. What a wonderful what a wonderful what a wonderful stuff I've heard here this week really and you know this. This principle is the best in the in or between a married couple. It is everyone here that is married one of you is stronger than the other the stronger must bear the burden of the weaker but we're not talking or. He about physical strength are we know one of you is intellectually stronger than the other and it doesn't mean the man will be very often the woman is that's what happened to me. Now I'm one of you will be stronger socially one of you will be stronger emotionally one of you will be stronger sexually one of you will be stronger and the stronger one is to bear the infirmities of the weaker one. That means carry the load. Yeah this is what Christianity is all about. Matthew eleven Matthew eleven. We're looking at verse eleven in Matthew eleven I think somebody I think Pastor matters use this verse this week. Matthew eleven eleven. Verily I say unto you among them that are born of women there have not risen a greater than John the Baptist now who is saying this Jesus know what he is talking about and who is the greatest man ever born in this world. John the Baptist's that what Jesus said right what he said. Well what the John the Baptist never do. Never wrote a book. Not even in the Bible and he got a book that he wrote. Did he work any miracles I don't know that he worked any miracles perhaps he did I mean he was a prophet of the Lord didn't conquer the Romans he was what did he do. Well he spoke the word of God but it wasn't what he did that Jesus was relating to. It's who he was and this is what God is looking for in a people. How how often we think that an individual is a great Christian because he's built an institution or because he's gone to Africa and he's been a missionary and his escape was an elephant in whatever you know. But that isn't mean you're gray. A Christian I know all the Lord is looking at the heart. Yeah so what is it that made John the Baptist greater than any man born of a woman. It's right there in the verse. However it's very hard to understand unless you really have your spiritual cap on. Look what it says. Following what we've just read notwithstanding he that is lethal in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. What is the thing about John the Baptist John the Baptist was lethal in his own estimation than everyone else around him. In other words John the Baptist is themed everyone greater than himself. And in case you think I'm stretching this verse Let me read a few from the Spirit of Prophecy. This is live. The Events page two ninety six paragraph three. The greatest there that in heaven now the greatest there is belief in filth fifteen. And the least is the greatest ingratitude and well below the Athenian. When we get to heaven we will esteem everyone else greater than ourselves. Yeah because the work of justification the work of salvation is to lay the glory of man in the dust. And before we are done before we get to the kingdom. Your glory will be laid in the dust so that God can do for us what we we cannot do for ourselves so that we can come to the place where we distrust our own powers so we can come to the place where we put all our faith and all our confidence in God because we've lost all confidence in ourselves and when we do that we esteem everyone else greater than ourselves and that wonderful. Yeah it is wonderful I think. Let's go back to our parable. Luke Chapter eighteen and we started with a parable we only read one of hers that were in Luke Chapter eighteen verse nine in. He spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous and they ended up despising everybody else because they were very esteemed themselves greater than they should have the theme themselves. Verse ten to men this is the parable now two men went up into a temple to pray one a pair of feet the other a publican we know that apparently was a pastor of the day a well respected individual gone to seminary gone to church school gone to rabbinical school gone to the schools of the prophet. They knew their Bibles at least they thought they knew their Bible. Everyone looked up at them they were the leaders in the community that through the Pharisees were but the publican was a tax collector and he usually He was an Israelite collecting taxes from the Israelites to give to the Romans and they were despised because much of the time they were also kind of thieves. They padded their pockets far more than they should have. OK so here we have the comparison of two one very well respected pastor and a thief publican. If I can say it that way. Verse eleven the Pharisee stood and prayed with himself. Now here is my question why did he pray with himself. Because God wouldn't hear that kind of prayer. That's right God wouldn't hear that kind of prayer and noticed what he called himself. Let's read it again the ferry thief stood and prayed that's with himself. God I think the WHO is he calling God. Yeah. LEMON Let me show you from the Spirit of Prophecy this is signs of the Times February one thousand eight hundred eighty five he began his self worship God I thank Thee that I am not as other men are extortioners unjust adulterers or even as this publican and friends this is what it means to be self-righteous when you are self-righteous you have made yourself. God you are your own idol. You are your own god because you are not dependent on the God of Heaven you are dependent on yourself therefore you are your own savior. That's what it felt right to fair if he was all about. Really you didn't recognize it of course they never would have said it that way and then the funny thing is that he says I am so thankful that I am not as other men are. Well where in the world will you find a man that is not as other men are. There is no such thing every man is as other men are. But he had come to the place in his self estimation that he was above all men not realizing that if the Spirit of God was withdrawn altogether from that individual that he was capable of sinning anything that any man could see in the worst man in the world he would end up being. Not realizing that he was dependent on God for who he had become and if you there was anything good in him it had come from God but he thought it was coming from himself and so he said I think he thought this was great. I fast twice in the week. I kind of all that I possess. I'm not an extortioner and I'm not unjust and not an adulterer and I'm not like that publican over there for sure. Yeah yeah he was worse than that guy over there let me. Yes he was you know well the furphy thought himself a bit and he thought for sure that the publican was lost because he was comparing his external behavior to the publicans external behavior and it didn't it didn't end well. You would do the same thing wouldn't you. If you look at the publican and who he had been and what he had done and what he represented. And all the rest and if you look at the ferrety which was a pastor and he fasted twice in a week and get tired of all that he possessed and he wasn't on just me he wasn't an adulterer he had an exemplary life. It appeared you know what's interesting is that Jesus didn't think so. If you look at verse thirteen and the publican standing up far off would not so much as lift his eyes. They haven't but smoke upon his breath thing. God be merciful to me a sinner. You know the only difference between the law and the saved is that if they feel their need of help from God and the law can go through life. On their own steam at their own expense on their own dime and everything is going OK They think that's the only difference. You see we're not better than other people and sometimes I think it pays. I'm trying to bring back something Dr Neal said. He thins most who is most right not paraphrasing but he was on the screen here. He seems most who is most right that was on the screen. Yeah it's true. If you come to the place where you can see yourself because you have come close to Jesus the closer we come to Jesus the more faulty We will appear in our own eyes because the closer we come to Jesus the more the contrast is between his perfection and my great lack. And I begin to see more and more and more of my undone condition. And I feel bad and everybody else begins to look better than me. That's salvation is not weird but it's laying the glory of men in the dust. So then he can do for us and that it's at this point that God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It's a wonderful plan except that we haven't always understood it. We haven't always known we go back now to verse fourteen and Jesus says I tell you this now and the public in the the one who's external behavior has been so messed up. I tell you this man went down to his house justified rather then the other who was saved and in this town. So if you're looking around in the crowd today and you see someone who's not doing very well he may well be closer to the kingdom than you are. Yeah and then Jesus gives us a law on the rest of verse fourteen there. I want you to know that God puts himself in full charge of executing this next promise. Verse fourteen the second half for every one that exalts himself shall be of age and he that humbled Himself shall be exalted. Dangerous isn't it. Yeah I've had this experience all my life. It just seems to me before I was a Christian I when I was a little boy it seemed to me that if something was really hard to do and I sweated over the idea of trying to tackle the thing it always turned out to be easier than I thought it was going to be and any time I came to the place where I thought something was going to be so easy I was going to sail through the thing. Then there's a God in heaven who seems to be in there organizing it so that I run into a wall and it is ten times more difficult than I expected. It's always been that way and I have to attribute it to the fact that there is a God in heaven who will follow through with this promise. Any man it doesn't matter. This is how God operates. If you exalt yourself he says I'll knock you down if you humble yourself he will lift you up while out of that I think a lot of loathing. Well anyway in the parable of the prodigal son won't the prodigal and the elder brother were lost one was lost in the world one was lost in the church but because he was in the church because he outwardly did better than his brother. He felt sure that his religion his good behavior had earned him God's favor he felt sure that his brother's sinfulness would keep him out of heaven and then the brother comes home and the whole thing turns around. The younger brother get the robe and the ring and the shoes and the faith that he gets the merit of the fatted calf applied to him and the older brother gets nothing and he is angry this is what we read the other day you know that it is at this point that Cain killed Abel. Turn with me to Genesis Chapter four Genesis Chapter four. We're going to look at the story of Cain and Abel just a little bit. Genesis Chapter four will look we're going to start with Verse three and in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground and offering unto the Lord he was a farmer. And in those days things group beautifully. I can imagine I would have liked to have seen his offering and he had a huge basket and it was full of fruit and vegetables and he had waxed everything and he had shine and polished everything and he grabbed this huge basket and he climbed up the hill. He went to the gate of the Garden of Eden which was still guarded by an angel there. There was the altar and he brought the big offering to the Lord put it on the altar and he had made a sacrifice and God are to pay attention to it. And when they were to me verse four. And the Lord. Now verse four enable He also brought the first wings of the flock and the fat thereof Abel was a shepherd and he too was making a sacrifice. He went into his flock. He took the best little lamb that he had and he brought that to the altar and he offered it to the Lord. But notice what it says the Lord had respect Abel and his offering but to Canaan his offering He had no respect. Now why not. They both made a sacrifice they both came to the altar. They both paid something and offering to the Lord you know that Ellen White said that if Cain had brought and offering this his offering as a thank offering it would have been acceptable to God but he didn't bring it as a thank offering. He brought it as an atonement. He was going to atone for his sin by a sacrifice that he himself had made. Now all of a sudden his brother comes they both make a sacrifice and enables that sacrifices respect that of God is received by God do you know why. Because Abel brought a sacrifice that. Project could forward what God was going to do what Abel was doing was showing that he himself was not making a sacrifice but it was a sacrifice that God Himself was going to make and God had respect on this gift offering and so we see Cain was wrong he was angry and his countenance fell very very steak and Cain talked with Abel his brother and it came to pass when they were in the field that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew him. You know this is what was in the elder brother's heart. You know that don't you. If you go with me to first John. First John we're almost done. First John Chapter three. And we're looking at verses fourteen and fifteen by the way verse fourteen is amazing verse. If you want to know if you are saved. Here it is. First John chapter three verse fourteen. We know that we have passed from death to life. You can know you can know right now we know that we have passed from death to life because we love the brethren. He that loves not his brother abides in death who so hate his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. Cain murdered his brother because he followed through with his hatred. The elder brother in the parable was just a parable didn't follow through to that end. But this hatred that he had for his brother was just as much murder as what Cain had done in the other place. So if we go through the parable of the prodigal son Luke Chapter fifteen Let's go back and we're going to finish. Well I got a couple of more verses to read. Luke Chapter fifteen the parable of the Prodigal Son we look at verse twenty eight it says. And he was angry and would not go into the thief therefore his father came out and entreated him. And so here comes the father the elder brother is angry and the father has enough heart and enough love for the ending. Angry older brother that he comes out to entreat him. Do you know that God came out to entreat Cain twice to talk to him about this. Do you know that when Adam in that God came down to entreat Adam do you know that God comes to you when you have discouraged when you have sin when you have messed up and he comes to entreat you also his love is so grand His love is so great. Yeah but in verse twenty nine we see that the elder. Other had an IG had a reason they had an excuse for acting the way he was acting. He answering said to his father look these many years that I served in there. Neither transgressed I at any time your commandment you had it you never gave me a kid that I might make merry with my friends. I keep all the commandments and you bless that kid who went out and blew all this money and then he comes home and you bless him. I keep the commandments all my life I don't go out and see and I do everything that's right externally of course and no blessing for me no role no ring no shoes no teeth not fair it's not fair. Can you see what he's thinking here. Go to Matthew seven Matthew seven. Now we're looking at verse twenty one. Not everyone that says to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven and the elder brother could say no wait a minute wait a minute I have done the will of my father all my life. Neither transgressed I at any time do I come in verse twenty two and twenty three many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name and in your name cast out devils and in your name done many wonderful works and then will I profess unto you I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity. How do we know that something is wrong with these people's experience. They have done all these wonderful things and yet we know something is wrong with these people's experience how do we know. Can you tell because there are pointing to all their good works as a reason why they should be acceptable to God now and God. No them they did it all in their strength in their own strength they did it all for separate from God it wasn't God working through them it was their own good works and God that I never knew you were never connected with me you were never dependant on me whatsoever is not of faith in that's what he was saying to them. Yeah this is what the elder brother in the parable was pointing to. I never transgress your command. I never left the church. I never went out there with the younger brother. I never was in bars I never was dancing and fornicating with harlots. I never did this I never did that. I am pure. And he was all wrong. This is what Cain pointed to. I carried that thing up the hill. I put out a whole basket. I you know I sacrificed that thing this is what the fare thi was pointing to also I tired of all that I possess I fast life in the week I don't commit adultery. I am not this on and on and on and on while Abel and the Prodigal Son and the publican could only point to a slain lamb a fatted calf and a call for mercy with downcast eyes. You know what happened to the elder brother in the parable. Well it doesn't say but I can show you what might happen to him. Genesis Chapter four let's go back to Cain and Abel in Genesis Chapter four. Cain and Abel look at verse fifteen in Genesis chapter four and the Lord said to Him Therefore whosoever slays Cain vengeance shall be taken on him a seventh hole and the Lord put a mark. Upon Cain lest any finding him should kill him. Now what is this Mark and I read it to you from the Spirit of Prophecy. This is the first Bible Commentary one a ten. Eighty seven. Any man watch now any man be he minister or layman who seeks to compel and control the reason of another man becomes an agent of Satan to do his work and in the sight of the heavenly universe he bears the mark of Cain. What Mark is it really is the mark of the beast. If you want to study the mark of the beast start in Genesis chapter four and it all has to do with righteousness by faith. It all has to do with putting your dependence on yourself rather than your dependence on God whatsoever is not of a good thing. Can you see it. May God help us. What do you say. I'm going to invite you in and now Don't go away. As soon as we're done I'm going to invite you to pray. But Pastor Victor's got something to say to all of us. Let them handle me Father Lord we're so grateful for all that we've heard this week. We're so grateful to know that Jesus Christ is our savior that he has paid the price that he's given us the gift and that we may rest assured in his salvation and that you love us. What a wonderful thing to know that God is on our side and he is on our side. Help us by grace to believe every promise and to just bask in your love. Bless these people here in Pugwash bless these people here in Nova Scotia and Uber. Wait can Prince Edward Island breath left this conference and left the leaders left. Every person may we all be Christians in the sense of the word and we thank you for it. Jesus name unless this media was brought to you by Adil perhaps a web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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