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Three Dreaded Words

Henry To



  • December 6, 2014
    7:15 AM
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Now on this morning I'm going to be sharing our first a little bit about myself and also a little bit about what God's place in my heart in terms of the message that I believe is relevant for every one of us whether we are a doctor or nurse health professional even whether we are Christian this is a very important message for for each of you. Now just to say a little bit more about myself as Rob introduce my name is Henry I was born and raised in Melbourne. I actually graduated from the University of Melbourne back in two thousand and three from the medical school and ever since since since I graduated. God has placed me on a path and one of those paths is to hopefully soon. Also graduate from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons Now the College of Surgeons have no doubt that God has work things in my life to allow me to enter this training program and also why things in my life to hopefully complete the training as well. And I'm I have amazing testimony and stories about how God has done that particularly through the issues of the Sabbath and what we share in too much of that that's why. But hopefully I'll be able to share a personal testimony with you so you know one day about that but I want to share with you a little bit about what it's like to be a surgical trainee. I'm going to start off on this morning's talk by two examples of what it's like to be a trainee and how that has influenced the way that I practice in the things that I did before I started just like to get your heads together will start off with a bit of pressure. A gracious Heavenly Father I just like to thank you so much. Praise the Lord that we can be here together that we can open your Where'd that we live in a place and that you've given this time this morning Lord to just commune with you I pray Lord that will be humble in your side who will listen to your voice Lord you reveal yourself to us as I speak and I pray Lord that each person here will gain a special blessing from being here today in Jesus name Amen. But this was a mission just want to go through two examples of just short testimonies of what it's like to be surgical training. Now this is where I do most of my work the operating. And in the operating theatre when you're a trainee to basically try to you gotta love to operate and one of the things you love to do when you operate is to operate on your own and to have that sense of independence. Now I'm for surgical trainees you start off first by working together with a consultant surgeon a senior surgeon and most of the time at the start you're assisting him so he would do the operation he'd show you all the steps and then you copy what he does and then over time when you get more and more confidence you get to do the operation yourself and so instead of the surgeon didn't do the operation your doing the operation and you assist you and then eventually with more confidence he would he would allow you the entire operation by yourself you inscribe him he might stand in the corner and when you're when when he's really happy with your abilities then he just stay in the tyranny when you can come into the operating theatre and in my second year of trying I was up to that point I was really getting more and more confidence and I was really glad that I could do was confident enough to be able to do some operations and so it came to a time when the consultant said I think you're good enough to do operations by yourself and so I'll just be material you go ahead and go into your stuff and I'm so excited this is the first time that the singer said it was not going to scrap together with me when operated so it was just a minor procedure. I finished the operation I thought I thought it went quite well. Pay cash and saying well afterwards an hour or two later I saw him in the recovery area. He seemed fine cheeky Square and just a day case was fine. Now later on that evening I was on call and when you're on call people come through to those who comment you get phone calls from the emergency department tame and make it come true if you patience. Now I'm going to take a call at about seven o'clock that night and the the emergency physician on the other end of the phone he said visitation I'd like you to see and for those of you who are medical professionals there are three words that you really dread hearing and so that's the why my toddler was called three dreaded words. Now these three dreaded words I kind of borrowed from another talk. But I head butt but when I heard this talk it really rang true. So he made the decision of the phone and he said the three dreaded words that doctors don't like to hear those three words you remember so vividly the audience usually laughing as you might know what this means. So there is no vision was on the phone he said you know I've got to I've got to cut this out that the old man you came in do you remember that you operated on him earlier today and I was like yeah and that usually means that something's gone wrong and he's come back and show and fish or something actually did he came back with swelling over his wound a lot of bruising around the area and basically had a price up with him in time. I came down to see him. Indeed he had all that swelling and it was just a vessel or something that I didn't tie off or something million dietary properly indeed he had a very large team a time and a lot of pain you know and for me as this try nails I caught my first operation first complication as one out of one you know it was really disappointing and but even worse for the patient was in a lot of pain he said how did this happen and you know and all I could do was you know apologize and to treat treating the way it is thankfully didn't need to fake an operation but he gave me that reminder you know that when you hear those words do you remember it gives you that sense that you know what you've done. The operation I've done has unfortunately led to a problem a complication something that shouldn't of Sion of how to make him worse rather than better. I want to go through a second example of also happened to my second year training and as you know this is this is actually good for us to be now as we go go through training the you need to do a certain number of procedures and the College of Surgeons get you to do a minimum number of procedures before you become proficient at it and focus trust P S which is when you have a flexible telescope which you used to look I'm going to be the patient asleep of course you look down the esophagus. Let's not make the first part of the first second or third party to a datum to examine if there's any anthology there and so we knew you needed a minimum of two hundred of them and then the college would deem your petition to do get these on your own. Now we know we don't get really excited because I really wanted to get my numbers up and I want to do as many as I could because you know the more that you do the the hopefully then the better I'll get out and the more I can tick off that box on my thing. So it was a Friday morning and a sixty year old lady came in with some vomiting. Now she had positively sure renal failure which I lived on no pain you know I did a playing field couldn't obviously see a small bowel obstruction so I talk to my consultant so it was on during the day and I said you know these patients come in vomiting I think she's going to be released this afternoon here and that we have another space right at the end of it and it'll be perfect you know we can get this lady and do the procedure for her and you know and hopefully find out what's wrong and get her home and I thought you'd be cranking out another number two why you know so at least you know the really good at this lady and I can add her own. So indeed we got everything organized the consultant heard the story thought you know if she will go ahead and do that and so indeed we went through our afternoon list we have this lady on which she was given a sedation and then I was you know that I went ahead and did the contrast between now and then as I was going down and usually I found a lot of fluid within the stomach now it's not unusual you see that and only patients faster than you normally see all these all these fluid in the stomach but sickly green colour fluid and a little bit unusual fluid there so I just sucked as much as I could out and have a look around. Took some biopsies as Beast as we do by Standard and then finish the procedure and then at the end of the procedure at the few minutes afterwards a lot of my Nazi nieces were saying oh poor lady she's got a bit of coughing you know quite Rush I just I just thought it should be fine because we all went well no problems you know she'll be right and then you know if you have to see her again and did she did have a bit of coughing. Short of breath you seem quite well but you know it's a pretty low morbid procedures just because Roscoe P. You know I didn't see too much so you know so then I thought she should be right I thought going to a chest X. ray just in case to make sure nothing bad going on in there. You know ditch a six or a little bit of pool infiltrates nothing tonight as of you know she should be fine. So you know I it was Friday afternoon I was going away for the weekend I handed over to the weekend tame and then I left and he came back to Monday so Monday started started work once again and we can say you can come up to me and he tells me those three dreaded words he said Do you remember the lady you do the gastroscopy on Friday and I said yes I remember her once again that feeling in your heart from the something's gone wrong you know and he told me that lady died. What how did you possible could be I mean I just did a gastroscopy and it was nothing major and yet I got a there's a may call in the ward on Friday evening I rushed to see the patient really you know a lot of exposure to stress. We we try to get enough oxygen into her we ensure that it has a shrinking sense of care and twenty four hours later. Despite all efforts from all the doctors she died I was like How did she possibly die. What happened and I said we repeat the chest X. ray and she had lots and lots of infiltrates basically she aspirated and then because you know she was well she died. I can believe it's the first time that I had that I did a procedure on a patient died afterwards when I was back on what happened really looked through and I thought about that the case and what happened. We look at the X. rays before they said this lady had a small bowel obstruction when we looked at the at the abdominal expression a small bowel obstruction and she was basically asked for any from that and then after I did the guess Roscoe P. we. With with sedation she is aspirated fit the fluid actually and then and then you know she aspirated so much that you know that her lungs can handle a little fluid in the chemical Unitas and she died when I think back at these two stories and when I think about the feeling that I felt right after that I was you not only have that really sinking feeling that you know that something you've done has unfortunately hurt another patient but it really impacts you as a doctor one of the many professional that incision that you've made despite all of your rigorous training despite the trust that patients put in you you have still made a medical error. I freely admit that I probably rushed into doing a procedure on this lady and on the other chap I wasn't meticulous enough in my in my home state. Both these patients had magically had complications the second one a major complication. And you know you go through you know sixty six years of medical school you memorize anatomy physiology pathology history patted you everything you possibly can so then you become the best person you can to make the right decisions all the time. Did you see the best American plan to hopefully have never made it with no medical errors. That's right and so I thought you know I'm going to study harder I've got to work harder I got to make sure that I want to close with my history and my investigations in China not at all to make an error is I don't want another person to die. It's completely my fault and I don't want to go through that feeling again and worst of all I don't want anyone any single person with family to go through these areas once again. But despite your best efforts as many professional despite your best efforts as a as a doctor force you've got to make another error again. How are you going to deal with that how each one of us going to going to deal with that I'm sure since then I've had problems and it's a real hit to your confidence because you try your best and despite that still things can go wrong and so. I just want to change tack a little bit and talk a little bit about you guys. Now this sickly as as as a suitable training you have to have confidence in what you do but that confidence can sometimes be a little bit misplaced and you can you know develop ego a little bit and ego is a little bit of a byproduct of what we call that the hierarchy there's a bit of a mythical hierarchy and in surgery in particular the hierarchy is particularly pronounced at the top of the chain you've got the boss which is the consultant surgeon and the boss would make you know the final decisions I guess some patients management blow the boss you've got managers which are basically the surgical registrars that residents and people at my level who would attend to the every day day the patients formulate the management plan plan and discuss them with the consultants above and the institute those plans. Then below that you have workers we want Kogan work is to say that these are people who help to execute that plan so a lot of the allied health nursing staff and some level I hear you've got patients who willingly and always follow whatever management plan that you give them. So this is the so-called medical hierarchy in a lot of the times particularly surgery we institute exactly this hierarchy where me as the registrar I'd Institute of Management Plan consult with the boss and then give the information arrow fly down to the bosses. This patient needs dimity prophylaxis chart you know forty milligrams of click saying he would tell the residents chart on the chart there isn't a chart on the chart the next give give the medication in the patients we released that night and they give them to the Sago hierarchy the surgical hierarchy particularly when you get higher and higher up the chain it really builds your ego because it's like whatever I say is right but if I say happens you know and that's indeed what happens a lot on the ward round I said. These patient need to metabolic spare parts with special needs you know some system just physiotherapy to help them in the recovery then they get histories of therapy. And this is particularly have the operating theater because as the operating surgeon you get whatever you want to make sure that you do the right operation I think scalpel that scalpel. I mean and I don't force it. I mean my mouth drops but you know you know my brow. Now you know who gets the it's not and and this is why V The city cool I guess the caricature I guess gets brought out you know surgeons very demanding they want this they want that you know that I get it I get angry upset you know I think that kind of thing. That's because the surgical hierarchy helps to deal that you know what you want you get for the better for the patient of course you know but of course has an impact on you because you become more and more demanding more and more selfish and I've noticed this happens to me quite often and some of it spills over to home sometimes I tell my wife I mean I mean you drink if you like I'm not trying to sell it and that does happen sometimes. But you've got to be be careful though because particularly as Christians as your ego is built as the more and more self centered you get the further and further you are away from the Christian model the higher you go up the ladder the more and more father you are way off from what God wants from where God wants you to be. Let's turn our Bibles to first Corinthians chapter ten. First Corinthians Chapter ten and verse twelve. First Corinthians ten most of the Bible gives us warnings about self. These warnings and investment is ten list what the Bible says Wherefore let him that think he stand there take heed lest he falls I think I stand on it particularly as as a surgical training I think I'm standing on I'm standing on true faith I'm doing my own operation that means Judy money management plans I'm thinking that I'm standing. But take heed the bubble boy. All this because you may fall in the higher and higher you climb up the ladder the higher and higher you giving more and more of the management plans and information more and more. Actually you can be feeding yourself feeding your ego feeding yourself in a Zion chapter fourteen versus thirteen. ZAYA chapter fourteen versus thirteen this is a very classic example of one of the angels in heaven who fit the self he climbed and climbed this so-called letter of heaven and this is his attitude. For that I said in my heart I will ascend to heaven also my throne above the stars of God I will see upon the mount of the congregation the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high higher and higher we build up as you go higher and higher you want to do more to be more and little and little did he know it. Pride so in his heart and indeed he wanted to be like God or higher than God and as doctors we have to be really careful let's talk about the God complex that doctors have and that God complex is fed simply by this I want this management I want this I want that if you don't follow what I say you're going to get sick. The Bible warns us in the very next Bible verses are forty eight verse fifteen yet thou shalt be brought down to Hell to the sides of the pit. The more we have in our heart the more pride we have in our hearts the more likely we are going to fall and when we fall. What a dramatic fall that's going to be and when we fall it can not only be yourself and your pride that falls but you can drastically affect other people. Patience he missed time of death. These things can happen just because of your pride if you just rush in Let's Go ahead. Truth is left to me is it really the right for the patient you know I can save you can you. Really said his patient. Let's look at the model that Jesus gives them if you can step to Philippians chapter two. And this farm just hates the whole worldly model and he turns it upside down instead of wanting to be the highest. Jesus came down to the lowest instead of what he wanted to be the one that calls the shots he's the one who listens to others instead of being the one who is the one who's in charge and in control he's the one who's really in charge and in control but does that in such a gentle and humble way that he works together with people together with the patients together with the disciples together with his workers in order to achieve exactly the same result but in a much better way looking Chapter two this far the Bible says let this Monday in you which is also in Christ Jesus whom being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal we've got it made himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and found himself in fashion as a man he became Hum he humbled himself and became a billion and to death even death on the cross Jesus instead of becoming higher she says does the exact opposite he goes humble humble lower lower lower lower lower and Jesus gives us the best example of what it's like to be a health professional. And that is someone who is so humble who stoop so low he can connect with even the lowest in society. He can work together with him for any one that he makes. Humble working closely with himself and others and God importantly so that he can give the best my thanks to gather together for the patients that are still left in the Bible to James Chapter four. James shut the four James up to four. And this ten bottle says here. Humble yourselves in the Son of the Lord and He shall lift you up if you want to be the type of health professional who is lifted up who people say you know I thought something different about this person this man and this woman this nurse of this this dentist with his physiotherapist So this doctor if you want to say there's something different about this person you need to humble yourself not only humble yourself during the walk around but how low self is part of this is in the sight of the Lord. If there's no one else around in the morning during your devotions in the evening time before you go to bed if you were humping yourself before the Lord He will lift you up. It's quite interesting when I pry into my diversion in the morning I've noticed recently you know I usually ask God for a lot you know. Lord please give me wisdom said I have got it if you'd operational please give me wisdom during the ward round please help me to deal with the patients today. Please Lord give me strength because I need strength to carry through this the day that I have a hit but I find that even those prayers of you if you think about it even if selfish I'll say Lord please give me this I mean Winston Lord please give me strength I need strength. Lord please keep my hands steady you know please help me tie better you know. Once again they're actually selfish prayers we need to think about ourselves in terms of humility at every stage where they want to walk around with a ring the clinic operating even but even aware of how it doesn't matter when your health fish no not even if you're a Christian. We need to be humble and hum military begins when you are by yourself with the Lord. No one else around the bulbs as you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord no matter where we are no matter what we do but it begins when we are alone with the Lord. Let's turn our Bibles to lost focus for today John for this fifteen strong four. Or this fish thing but the Bible says here first John for verse fifteen whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God God dwells in him and he in God and we have known him belief that the love thy God have to us God is love and he that well if you love to belive in God and God in Him The Bible says here if we shall confess that Jesus is a Son of God God would do well in us and he thought if we want to be the type of Christian talk of health rationalised working together with God God is working together with you guiding you helping you with your management plans helping you with wisdom help you make the right decisions. Q Letting you show compassion and love to the patients to the people that we treat if you want to be the type of person the Bible says here we need to confess. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God God will do well with him we need to confess. So we here have three dreaded words three Jerry was that any Christian or any health professional sometimes read to say Jesus please forgive me. Please forgive me not please give me this not please give me that Jesus please forgive me if we begin with this in our devotions if we begin with this when we in our prayers we begin with this in our everyday lives. God will recognize that you have been humble in the thought of the Lord and indeed you are if you can ask God for forgiveness for the things that you do in your life when you are showing the first step to humility and the Bible says here how myself in the thought of the Lord and He will lift you up if you confess that Jesus if you confess that Jesus is the Son of God God will do well if you are three dreaded words that every Christian sometimes dreads the sight because your pride and ego gets in the way by theist three dreaded words please forgive me are able to save you. Hopefully you'll let me finish with just one last story. Couplet it prettied up and laid out a the story over and over over breakfast but if you are able to say please forgive me. I'm sure that it will help you and your work and fair that you as a Christian so that we can do what God calls us to do which is to care and to love for the people it's putting put you know our lives like they much us out of this because of the printing press. Rationally father we just like to thank you Lord that we have this and that I have the ability to share this message but importantly Lord we pray that each one of us will humble ourselves in your sight. Present each one of us Lord. Well be able to put self aside put our pride aside and say to you each day Lord please forgive me please forgive me for putting self in front of me please forgive me Lord for the errors that I make please Lord make it well in my heart that I may do what you truly called me to do. Lord please forgive each one of us like to give this time a few minutes thought for each one of us to contemplate on this mystery and pray that you will indeed. Thank you Lord for your message your love and your great Jesus. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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