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4. Good and Evil

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 22, 2015
    5:00 PM

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Tonight we're going to talk about what our Lord Jesus had to say about good and evil. And we're going to begin our study and in fact our whole study is going to be based on a parable that our Lord Jesus told which is found in Matthew chapter thirteen so your turn would lead me to Matthew chapter thirteen we're going to study a parable that has most of the aspects that we're going to study tonight about good and evil. Now this parable is known as the parable of the wheat and the payers It is a very symbolic parable. In other words it has a whole collection of symbols. And one of the neat things about this parable is that Jesus not only gave the parable but he also gave the explanation to the parable. Now this isn't always the case. Sometimes Jesus will give a parable and we have to look in other portions of Scripture to try and understand what the symbols of that parable mean but this is not the case with the parable of the wheat and the payers we have a very clear explanation as to what it means. Now there are some missing elements in the parable regarding the solution of the problem of evil and what we're going to do tonight. We're going to study the parable and we're also going to add some elements which are not addressed directly in this parable so that we can get a complete picture about the origin of evil right evil exists today and how evil is going to come to an end. Now I'm going to turn in your Bibles with me to Matthew chapter thirteen and I would like to start reading at verse twenty four. We're going to read the parable first and then we're going to try and seek the meaning of what Jesus was trying to teach. Matthew Chapter thirty. In verse twenty for another pair of that he put there are two of them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed Gretzky in its view that right I meant slapped his enemy came and so tares among the wheat and went his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the terrorists are also appeared so are the servants of the owner came and said to him did you not good seed in your field. How then does it have tears he said to them. An enemy has done this. The servant said to him Do you not ask them to go and gather them up. But. He said no less value than what the terrorists you are up route to meet with them. Let Beth read together until the harvest and at the time of the harvest I'm going to say to the reapers first gathered together the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn. Now this is the parable of the wheat and the tears the question is what does this parable want to teach us. We're going to find in fact that the parable has many lessons to teach us regarding the Karajan of evil the existence of evil at present and how evil will finally come to an end. Now first of all let's talk about who the good climber is who plants the good seed and will come a little bit later on to the interpretation of Jesus but we want to look first of all at who the good finance the good plantaris who planted the good seed that me. To John chapter one a text that we've read before John chapter one and verses one to three he added speaking about the creation of this world and it speaking about the creator of this world and it says the following in the beginning was the word. You speak words don't you remember that you speak words such as in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made. Notice how this text begins in the beginning God and then a little bit later on in verse three. It speaks about this word creating openings. Now do you see the connection with Genesis one verse one Genesis one verse one says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. So are the road of John chapter one and verse as one to three is the same individual which is referred to in Genesis one because the order of events or the order of words is the same in Genesis one one you have in the beginning God created in John one one to three. You have in the beginning was the road. Oh and he created all things. So in other words the creator was Jesus Christ. Now the question is what was the creation of Jesus Christ. Line. Well the fact is that in Genesis chapter one seven times we are told that when Jesus created this world he saw that it was good. You can read that in Genesis chapter one seven times. It tells us that God saw that. Right he had made and it was good. And incidentally in Genesis chapter one you find a formula constantly. Then God said so the God of Genesis one is speaking and in John chapter one verses one through three. This individual is called the heard you speak where do you see the connection. In other words the creator was Jesus and everything when she created rose and that was good including Adam and Eve In fact it says that after he finished his work a six day God looked upon his work and he saw that it was not only good but very good. Now Genesis chapter one tells us that God placed man as the ruler of this planet when he made him good lechon. Yes Genesis chapter one and next read verse twenty six and then we'll read verse twenty eight itself and verse twenty six Then God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness and then notice let them have a minyan Dominion means rulership let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over the cattle and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth and then verse twenty eight repeats the same idea. Then God blessed them and God said to them be prudent and not apply and let it happen. Don't minion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth. So Jesus created everything good at the beginning including Adam and Eve and then genes are spread out around the earth. Our planet Earth and particularly Adam as we'll find in the New Testament. Now we notice in this story that Jesus told in Matthew chapter thirteen that you not only have a person or a farmer who plants brought in this case it's Jesus who plants good in this role in plotting creating Adam and Eve good but the story tells us that there is also an enemy. Now let's go to the explanation that Jesus gives in this parable. Go into Chapter thirteen and verse thirty seven He answered and sent to them he knows that God see Israel the Son of Man we just noticed that did we. So he replied It's The Good to see is the son of man not us both. Thirty eight that he is that old and that God's son came down where Adam and Eve sons of the kingdom. Yes In fact they were given Romesha now you say but they soon. Yes that's true we're going to come back to that a little bit later. But even after soon God still has good seeds in the world that they're not and that then I still have bad seeds in the world. Now let's go back and notice who this evil run is it continues saying in chapter thirteen and verse thirty nine and I me who sold them that is the palest Israel is the devil. Now let's ask the question why are the devil. There are several things that are interesting in this parable. Number one that evil one exists before evil people you can spend this permit. Even then plant the pairs and the pairs represent the sons of a good one. So another one to plant sons he has to have existed before. In other words there is an evil person who existed before evil came into this plan. Another thing which is very clear in this parable is that God has absolutely nothing to do with the origin of evil. Evil was not planted by God that was not planned by God in Iraq according to this parable comes as a result of an evil individual planting evil seed in other words children in this world. Now the question is Where did this evil one come from I don't know whether you've noticed in Genesis Chapter three. It's very interesting. The serpent just suddenly is there in the Garden of Eden. There's a saying right now you know if there's an evil force because this happened and really the Book of Revelation I don't identifies with and faith in the great serpent the dragon and so on who deceives the whole world. Revelation identifies this as Satan. Now in Genesis Chapter three even just suddenly appears the serpent is trying to convince Eve to disobey God This indicates that an evil one existed before evil came into this world. Now where did this evil one come from. How did he come to be in the Garden of Eden. Well Jesus has the answer to this question that want me to look at Chapter ten. Luke Chapter ten and remember we're still in the Gospels. We want to particularly pay most of what we're talking about from the Gospels unless Jesus sends us elsewhere in the Bible. Lent chapter ten and verse eighteen. Notice what Jesus said about this evil one and he said to them. I saw Satan like the lightning from but this may be an email run come from heaven. Jesus as I saw him problem heaven now because Jesus says that he saw this individual proper we have and he gives us permission to go back to I say that we've got to go back to right is they have tapped the propane because Jesus is reminiscing on what happened in Isaiah Chapter thirteen you see the Bible says that this being was once a covering angel in the very presence of God He was in heaven he was perfect in all its ways he was beautiful he was the leader of the angelic criers he was created to be a musician. There was no pain absent in him according to the Bible when God created him. But he came up with the preposterous idea that he could rule the universe better than God and he wanted to God from his fellow that's known as Isaiah Chapter fourteen and verse twelve. However you are fallen from heaven and her son of the morning and the connection with what Jesus said. I saw Satan fall as lightning from heaven. Absolutely. Jesus knew his Bible Jesus not of the Old Testament fallen from heaven I lose the person of the morning. However are cut down to the ground you have weakened the nations. Well you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven. I'm going to exact my own about the stars of God I realized I said on the Mount of the congregation on the sides of the door I want to send about the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high and you'll notice that there's a little word that is used several times in this passage. It's the word I I am going to send him to heaven I don't want to drag my own Irishman on the Mount of the congregation I'm going to send him at the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. In other words he wanted to overthrow that from his throne and he wanted to rule the universe. You know that the Bible tells us that the devil existed from the very beginning even before sin came into this world. He was a liar and he was a sin. Notice what it says in the Gospel of John chapter eight and verse forty four. John Chapter eight and verse forty four. Here we're told something very interesting about the devil about Satan. Jesus is speaking to the people of that day to a certain group of Jewish individuals who were there present and he said the following. You are out of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning. What does that mean he was a murderer from the beginning. According to Jesus is the mere intention. Murder is considered as murder. Yes escape when times are rather murder according to Jesus. Yes Now my question is did Satan developed a hatred for God. Yes In fact you can read a Revelation Chapter twelve versus seventy nine that I was going to have a little surprise in his angels watch when I thought of the angels. Redman with Michael and his angels and when you have where are you have revenge. You have hatred in other words the spam it I've managed was in the heart of Lucifer. Even in heaven and so it says here from the beginning and does not stand in the truth. Because there is no truth in him when he speaks he speaks I He speaks rock and he speaks from his own sources that he is a liar and the father are bit. So not only was he a man I went from the beginning but he was also a robot a liar do you think that this being Lucifer would have had to tell some pretty powerful lies about God to convince a third of the angels that they should follow him. We're not going to go into music you're Chapter twenty eight tonight. That's another passage that talks about this Lucifer being this glorious being but there it says that Lucifer that's about gone among the angels and he was able to convince us that only angels that he was right and that God was wrong. Notice what it says and first John chapter three and verse eight. The beloved disciple of Jesus who spent three and a half years with Jesus and actually ruling down the rest of Jesus in The Last Supper. I think you know Jesus better than any of the other apostles. Notice what he has to say in first John chapter three and verse eight. He who sins is the devil for the devil has sinned from going from that beginning since. Yes but then I assumed from the beginning. Let me ask you what is well that's not you versus earlier here in Perth John Chapter three. That's not a verse for let's say about John himself tells us right before this verse where it says that the devil I sin from the beginning. Let's see how he defines sin it says in verse or whomever comment when I ask her comments lists next and then it is right next door as the Archangel. Vergence as sin is that transgression. I am not law. Let me ask you what came first the law and then Lowe's or Lucifer and then the law and then when you say how do we know that. Well the lamb nothing like this but in order to transgress it has many people thought it was a noble goal that's bonuses that's the germs that Israel but the Bible tells us that this being a lot of sand from the beginning. And John the beloved disciple tells us that sin is the transgression of the law. Now you say but how did sin come into this work. We know the story it's found in the book of Genesis and Jesus although a lot the Gospels corroborate this story the story of Creation The Story of a literal fall of man in the serpent came and tempted Eve She fell into sin then she tempted her husband Adam and he fell into sin and I want you to notice that when they gave in to the tempters power they lost their position as the rulers of this world and another one took the rulership function or the kinship function of them or you say how do we know that. Well bear with me to the Gospel of Luke chapter and verse has five to eight. JOHN JARRATT excuse me look chapter and verse as by put it right. This is an amount of temptation when the dentist tempting Jesus and I want you to notice what he says. Starting in verse by then the devil taking him up on a high mountain showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and then I said to him Oh all this be a rumor ship Dominion control the teen ship anywhere you want to put it on all this. Apparently I'll give you and they're going to every now knows this this has been read to me and I've given it to him and I wish I could remember this kingdom into the hands of Satan that was I don't know but when I met conquered by Satan the result is that Clinton took dominion over the world and this is the reason why Jesus called him the prince of this world or the ruler of this world. In John Chapter twelve and verse thirty one and incidentally we find a very interesting story in the Old Testament just as a side like in the Book of Job God celebrates this special meeting in heaven and the representatives come before the presence of God the representatives of rock bands around and interestingly enough among the representatives from all of our guys well who comes representing planet are so frightened. In fact this is the first time in the Old Testament that the name Satan appears the adversary the accuser he comes up there and yet here is this joy and he accuses God poetry juggler. And so we find that according to G.'s us when I am allowed himself to be conquered Satan took over the relationship of this world. Now let me make something clear. Satan took over the rulership of this world but he was not a right a legitimate ruler of this world. You see Jesus was the true ruler of this world and he had delegated that responsibility to Jesus still as the owner of the world but now it had been usurped or stolen from Adam. Let me illustrate what I mean. Ninety ninety one. Saddam Hussein from Iraq invaded. The little country of Kuwait. Kuwait had no defenses against Saddam had a very powerful army and you know the star he went in. The king was deposed the country was taken over and there was no way that the king of Kuwait could recover his power because he was much weaker than Saddam Hussein. Now let me ask you did Saddam Hussein have a legitimate right a legitimate right to claim rulership over Kuwait. No and that is he in control of Kuwait when he conquered it. Yes we have an image of a king depots and he conquered it. Absolutely yes but he was not the legitimate ruler of Kuwait he was aloof. He had Starman whereas now here is a let me ask you was it necessary for a more powerful for us to come in and to make to do not come away from the usurper and return it to legitimate killing absolutely Is that true. Yes Clinton took control of the world. He stole it from Adam he was not the legitimate ruler of the world and yet run more powerful than he had to come to planet earth to do battle with him and to take over the kingdom which Satan had stolen and return it once again to the legitimate owner. To me Now it's interesting to notice how Satan proliferative in Spain. Let me ask you this Have you ever growing a garden. It's hard work isn't it. Or do you think it's easy work. I'll tell you it's hard work I mean you have to constantly rider you have to fertilize. You have to make sure that has enough sunshine planted in the right place you have to make sure that you pick up and we in other words it's a lot of work to have a successful garden. Let me ask you how much work does it take the plant. We now know that they're going to want to get out here and at the plant we will release proliferate I am if you really need them. Oh yeah. How did I meant to and then revoke your hand is taken over by weeds. How is it that the devil who tempted Adam and Eve proliferates evil in the world. Let me tell you how he does it by overcoming people and having those people overcome other people and having those other people overcome other people and these people become the instruments in the dead man's hand and to proliferate the reeds are the tiniest among the children of the Kingdom among the wheat. Now let me give you some. Examples of this first example is the case the vitamin E. group ten thirty say that out to me you say that then it would have to go and personally temp then you see all you had to do and when he conquered only he was able to go and conquer Adam and this is the way that sin proliferate in the world the children of the Democrat liberal in the UK the terrorist groups in the world among those who are good and incidentally God also has of this world. People that have given their life to Jesus Christ. These are the good seeds only thing is many times we think that there are less good seeds than peers because parents almost proliferate on their own. Let me give you some Biblical examples of the principle how the devil extends its power in the world. Notice first John chapter three and verse twelve. Let's notice one of the first tears that the devil planted in this world. First John chapter three verse twelve. This is speaking about me. Now because that in the book of Genesis a few years ago I did a whole series like this for the book of Genesis I know that many of you are here because I've seen your faces before. At my previous meetings about it's interesting that in Genesis you have the idea of two seats don't you. You have a right to see which as a person sons of the kingdom. In this parable and you have a look and see which other fathers are saying we have the first instance of this in the story of Cain and me. A man was God See even though he was a sinner he had committed his right to Christ and so he was a good see on the other hand was Cain as Cain notice verse twelve not as Cain who when a good man. Notice he was I've been what I've done my good run and manage his brother and while I'm going to murder him because his words were evil and his brother's writers noticed that the devil uses Cain to kill his enemy. Abel we also find it in the New Testament. Let us for example in the book of John chapter six John chapter six. And let's reverse seventy. John chapter six and verse seventy in approach this is speaking about someone that we all know about Judas Iscariot not of what Jesus is. Jesus answered them and I'm not choose you that well and one of you is a devil. Now however as that one who wrote that they had taught us that was just read them in person and I think that there is no right or was he he was an instrument I am the devil father Falcon's purposes let's notice that in John chapter. Thirteen and goes to see John thirteen in verse two is going to explain how I am Judas is a devil. It says in John Chapter thirteen and verse two and supper being ended that having already pointed him to the heart of Judas Iscariot Simon's son to betray him. How is it that Judas was a devil the fact that the beggar put his plan into Jonas's not into Judases heart this is the way the devil proliferates he was evil kingdom. Now notice also we are not going to read B.S. at this moment but I'll be pro to it because we've read it before. John Chapter eight and verse forty four Jesus says to those who are gathered in front of him you have no idea Father but then why did they want to do they want to. Do you know Jesus at the end of the chapter. They're ready to stand him because Jesus says Before Abraham was I am that's made us remember one example Acts Chapter thirteen and verse down here it speaks about an individual called and why him and not us having a past addresses alignments. Acts Chapter thirteen approached him and said Do you see and I brought you son devil you know enemy our bad righteousness when you have not ceased perverting the straight ways of the law or not is that a lie most is part of the Apostle Paul that our child the devil. These other peers they are the evil ones that are planted by stating that have the character of sight in their lives that refused to give their lives to Jesus to be converted. These are the instruments in the hands of so to rest the good seeds are like the other eleven apart. Souls are the ones who commit their life to Jesus. The ones who have been born again. They are also trying to defend the principles of Christ in the world. Now it's interesting to notice the type of kingdom that Satan instituted in this world when he took Adam's position you know as you look at the gospels you notice something immediately that you don't notice in all of the rest of the Old Testament and that is the tremendous more there than exists between Christ and the powers of dark. That's one of the book of Matthew a big dance hamburger right. Then we can say that he arrived like a demon possessed individual. He was the instrument in the hands of Satan because he gave this decree to kill all the children two years and younger. Let me ask you. Was Herod a pair. Yes he was a terror in fact the devil tried to use him took care Jayson's we notice in other words that the devil from the birth of Jesus on is trying to destroy Jesus. Whereas Jesus is trying to proliferate the kingdom of God and clubs. Let me say that the enmity of Saint was manifested against Jesus all thirty three years of his life. You can read it in the manifest but against Jesus twenty four hours a day seven days a week but then I was honest but not only directly but indirectly. Even angels and flung the wicked individuals that he had gained on your side. He was constantly after Jesus and as you read the Gospels you notice the pathetic story of how the king. I'm not saying we have become the mom say this. Let's read a couple of passages that we find of the New Testament on the type of kingdom that Satan would have instituted in the universe and you tell me if you would have liked to have. Lucifer occupied with all of them are thinking that he could really look really universe better than God. Notice Mark Chapter five not Chapter five and verses one through seven. And incidentally in the Old Testament you don't have as far as I know any examples of demon possession although undoubtedly there were some but don't Testament does not highlight any be meant as a sort of a bass players begin. People even told me where the count has. I'm into action why do you suppose that was the case. Let me ask you Do you suppose the devil knew approximately when Jesus was going to be born. Do you think the devil know where Jesus was going to be man. It's interesting the devil no one knew when and where but the Jews didn't have the foggiest idea why because the devil from his instruments even the Protestant ministers and the priesthood and the false prophets and the religious leaders and the Elders of Israel were supposed to be teaching the nation the principles of righteousness and teaching them to act like the Messiah they had deceived the nation that Jesus came to save. They had become in other words instruments see what as Mark Chapter five and let see what kind of kingdom Satan would have instituted if God had allowed him to take control of the universe. Let's read verses one to seven it says then they came to the other side of the sea to the country of God began to rain and when he had come out of the boat immediately there met him out of the Tombs a man with an eye on. When spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs and no one could find him not even with a chain because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and the chains had been planted apart by him and the shock was broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him in ways night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying out and cutting himself up with style. But when he saw Jesus from afar he ran and worshipped him not as the type of kingdom that Satan would in people who are the rain out there mind sick mentally and spiritually. I mean their bodies ripping our chains broadening out the mouth that is a kind of being them. That site was trying to institute when Jesus came to this world. These diseases everywhere ethnic hatred. The jury was saving the Gentiles hating the Samaritan violence hatred and happiness we all are. I'm not sure that's what the world was like when Jesus came for that's one of the reason why all of these things proliferate it as Jesus was going to come is the devil knew that Jesus was coming to come forward. And the hand I love the occult the hair and the darkness sprang into action to resist the authority of Jesus. Not absolute chapter nine and versus thirty eight and thirty nine. Another story of hire the devil may work in the days of Jesus. Look chapter nine and verses thirty eight and thirty nine. It says here. Suddenly a man for the man to talk cried out sane teacher. I implore you. Look on my son for he is my only child and behold a spirit seizes him and he suddenly cries out it can also save him so that he forms that Amelle and bruising him it departs from him with great difficulty and if you notice the parallel passage in the Gospel of Mark it says that this young man when I went up into the fire he would but I went up into the ladder and try to commit suicide because of a spirit that took control this is the type of kingdom that was going to be instituted by Satan. If God had allowed him to take control of the universe of people in the days of Christ believe that sickness came from God. Leprosy was the finger of God Poor leper had to walk on the other side of the street had to isolate himself from society and when he was walking down the street he would have to cry out unclean unclean unclean and nobody ever came close to him they thought that an individual is blind from birth because either he or his parents had seen in other words the idea was that God And Dr making people sick God enjoys making people unhappy that enjoys taking away pieces but enjoys destroying sinners God would never mix with a partner. With the sinners and with the harlot and the religious leaders instruments of Satan where the powers to isolate themselves from society those who are supposed to represent God we're giving a false image of God. It's all about Jesus coming and he's going to set the record straight. Notice John Chapter fourteen John Chapter fourteen and let's read verses for you to wait. John Chapter fourteen and verse as for the weight. If the conversation that Jesus had with Philip and actually let's start. Reading a verse. If you had known Me you would have known My Father also and from now on you know him and have seen him. Philip said to him Lord show us the Father and it was sufficient for us. Jesus said to him Have I been with you so long and yet you have not known me. He who has seen Me has seen the Father so how can you say Show us the Father. In other words everything Jesus did everything he taught me was revealed who the father were those who the devil had made. Let me ask Jesus not only came close to and spoke again but he actually put his finger in the wounds and made them clean the man who had been born blind. He says forget this idea that God makes people blind because of their sins and the sins of their parents. I want them to have their eyes wide open. Jesus taught that God even cared for little sparrow that they help of the tree he said. God he even has the hairs on your head come to let me tell you every day he has to readjust them. And mine of course. Jesus taught you know the story of the women caught in adultery that God runs. Give people even if they have committed adultery. The story of the prodigal son he thought that the father is open and waiting for his children to come home. Through the parable of the lost sheep he thought that that God sent His Son Jesus to rescue this one sheep that had gone astray. This world so they could take this world back into the fold with you and Jesus according to the Bible. Cast out demons right then to reveal that God did not want people under the control. See this is what made the devil particularly angry is the fact that Jesus was revealing to the world the true and genuine character not as what it says in John chapter six and verse as fifty three the fifty six Mark Chapter six and verse is fifty three to fifty six. If you don't think that that was a sick world that the devil had instituted through his dominion. Notice what it says in this passage. Mark six and starting with verse fifty three. Then each site it says there when they had crossed over they came to the land of Gennesaret and anchored there and when they came out of the boat immediately the people recognized him and ran through the whole surrounding region and begin to carry out unbends but those who were sick to where ever they heard he was wherever he entered into villages cities or the country they made the sick in the marketplaces and begged him that they might just touch the border of his garment and as many as touched him were made well they had an image of God What a picture of God In contrast with the kingdom of Satan. Yes So Matthew chapter four and verse twenty four Matthew chapter four and verse twenty four. And this site is even more pathetic because it gives us a list of the diseases that people suffered from that size there. Then his fame went from Iraq Iran Syria and they brought to him are sick people who are going to let various diseases and torment and those who were demon possessed epileptics and paramedics and he hears them. Would you have liked to have been there. Oh that must have been some time I have sinners who supposedly were being punished by God Now Jesus said If you have seen me you have seen what my father was. Now what the devil knew that Jesus had come to take away dominion to take away the kingdom from him I want you to notice with me a very interesting passage that we find in the Gospel of Luke chapter four and verses thirty one to thirty six. Do you think that the humans knew why Jesus had come. You better believe it and they were going to put up the fierceness private parts to keep Jesus from taking over the Dominion noticed Luke chapter four and VS thirty one to thirty six. Now before we read this passage allow me to remind you of that first gospel promise that we find in the Bible. You remember what it says I will put enmity. This is my favorite verse in the whole Bible. I read point enmity God says speaking to the serpent between you and the woman and between you and seed and her seed you see the connection with the parable Jesus gave of the gate of the wheat in the pairs there are two powers and to see and then it says in Genesis three. Being God speaking to the serpent. He does see that the women will crush your head and you will only wound T.V. This is the first promise of the Bible as to how this controversy was going to come to an end. The seed of a lemon Jesus Christ was going to crush the head of the serpent once and for all to deliver his people from the power of the devil knew that the devil understood the prophecy of Genesis three fifty and he knew that Jesus had come to destroy them. How do I know that. Notice look chapter four and verse thirty one Then he went down to Capernaum a city of Galilee and was teaching them on the Sabbath and they were astonished at his teaching where his word was with parity now in the synagogue there was a man who had a spirit going on. Clean demon and he cried out with a loud voice saying Now let us this last nail we need to do with you Jesus of Nazareth. Now notice this. Did you come to destroy us. I know who you are the holy one I bought. Interesting that the demon knew but the Jews didn't have the foggiest idea. The devil had done his work well. But no fear of the DEA have you to distract them. That's their deepest concern that Jesus has come to destroy them and to take away the kingdom in fact if you read first John Chapter three inversely it says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Now let's talk about the culmination of this very the devil did not leave Jesus alone even warnings. He tried to overcome them in every way possible the first thing that he tried to do was kill Jesus not only when he was born when he had put on him and all of the children two years unless slaughtered. That wasn't the only time there are other times the gospels don't say that directly but knowing that the powers of darkness are manipulating events to try and get rid of Jesus because Jesus has come to take the kingdom away from them to return it to man we can understand that these events were the work of Satan behind the scenes or example the Lord Jesus was once in a boat and the disciples were in the boat with him and they were away. Suddenly this tremendous storm out of season because there were other ships out there on the Sea of Galilee. It would have never gone up if it was during rainy season during storm season. But the fact is there were many boats out on the lake and. Here Jesus is sleeping on this huge harm comes upon the lake. Who do you suppose caused that store because he wanted to drown. Once Jesus spoke to them very unpopular words in the synagogue at Nazareth. He said To whom did God turn in the days of Elijah to some gentile people to name him to a little while ago and he bypassed Israel in a part of their ethnic pride got injured and so the Bible says that they shot Jesus out of the synagogue. They pushed him to the edge of the city and they were going to follow the Bible says that he disappeared. He walked through them where they can find several times during the ministry of Jesus Jesus spoke some very unpopular words like when he said we are people I am I am because I am the Bible says that they picked up stones. They had every intention of killing Jesus by stoning but the bible says his time had not come. He disappeared from their midst they could not see him you see the devil wanted to kill Jesus before he got to the cross. You say well if you killed him then he would die for sins No because Jesus had to voluntarily offer his life force in the demo. Could not take away his life he had to work it is why voluntarily the devil tried also to infiltrate Jesus with the virus of sin we see it in the mount of temptation tempting Jesus and these were not the only temptation he was constantly trying to lead Jesus into sin but Jesus resisted his every move. The Bible constantly tells us that the devil tried to keep Jesus from going to the cross because the devil knew that if Jesus went to the cross. Listen up now if Jesus went to the cross the devil knew full well that the price of sin would be paid for all of the world and that meant that eventually all God's children would go with him and they were to regain Domine and all over the world. And he would be destroyed and I can't allow him to go to the cross. First of all to not sin and then bow to the cross and die because if he dies all sin is paid for and it can bring its people home and give them a kingdom that I have now I can't let that happen and so I tried to keep Jesus from going to the grounds on the Mount of temptation he does if he says to Jesus listen you think that you have to go to Jerusalem to suffer how much I'll give you an easier when all you have to do is just for a little incident you know you bow down and you want to serve me and I don't know if that is the whole kingdom. Well we are you know right now W. is Peter. When Jesus said I must go to Jerusalem. I must be mistreated I must be crucified. I must be buried and resurrect the third day. Peter browsing the sign says large piece of pessimistic Messiah doesn't die Messiah rules on the throne of Jerusalem and what does Jesus say to Peter. Yet guy behind me Satan. He wasn't talking to Peter he was talking to Satan the idea was that Jesus not go to the cross and then the very next chapter by the way that's Matthew Chapter sixteen in Matthew seventeen Jesus and three of his disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration and when Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus. Peter is so amazed that he says to Jesus Lord it's good for us to be here. Let's stay here let's build great tabernacle Let's go to Jerusalem. Because they were on their way to Jerusalem. Let me hear that there is a temptation for Jesus to stay. Some Greeks came to Jesus at towards the end of his ministry they wanted Jesus to go to Greece to preach his message and Jesus is not not now my place is like went to the crops because of a seed falls into the earth and it will bear much fruit. But if I don't die no matter how much I preach to those Greeks they are still lost. The idea of bringing the Greeks to invite Jesus to do a good thing was to distract him from his mission of going to the cross. Even when Jesus was in the garden of get so many in the cup of God's wrath humbled in his hand the devil tortured Jesus with fierce temptation saying look your disciples are going to abandon you. Your disciples in fact right now are sweeping your work is going to be useless. You're feeling the wrath of your father because you're bearing the sins of the world. This isn't worth it. Pick up and go Well you're locked. I'm not going to I don't not stay here. The idea was that he needs the world to perish. And even when Jesus was on the cross the devil used people at the foot of the cross to say if you are really the Son of God come down from there. The devil led the multitude to revile Jesus to slap Jesus to spit in his face so that Jesus would return it and the plan of salvation would be rude. And when Jesus finally died the devil wanted to make sure that he didn't resurrect. And so he placed all these soldiers around there too. And believe me he put some of his demons there in front of the two had a latched all rolled in front as if your puny little soldiers and up your little demons and a little tiny pebble of a stolen could keep the points of light in the right. When Jesus came out of the two and he said I am the resurrection and the life Jesus have regained the kingdom of this world and some day he is going to return it to you and to me if we are good to see and if we are given our life to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord not as what it says in John Chapter twelve John Chapter twelve about this victory of Jesus. John twelve and verses thirty to thirty three I want to show you that the death of Jesus was his greatest victory. John Chapter twelve and verse thirty two Jesus answered and. This voice did not come because of me but for your sake. Now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be cast out. What was he referring to notice. Yes it was going to be cast out. What event was going to cast him out. Verse thirty three. This he said. Signifying by what death he would know that of Jesus through out the prince of this world. He no longer represent this world in the heavenly court. The representative of this world is Jesus Christ our Savior and our Lord. Now this parable also tells us how he was going to come to an end. It tells us that the terrorists are going to be cut down and they're going to be work alone into the fire. You know Jesus amplify this point in Matthew chapter twenty five. The tears represent the wicked are you saying what about the evil one who planted these tears. Well notice what it says in Matthew chapter twenty five in let's read verse forty one speaking about those who are on the wrong side there on the left side. They're not the sheep the goats they represent the wicked then he will say. Also to those on the left hand Depart from Me you cursed into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. So where is the devil going to end up and his angels in the fires of hell. Where are those who follow satan going to be going to end up as well they are going to end up in the fire. We don't have time to read this but it's on your list. Malakai chapter four verses one to three says that when the fire. Destroys there will neither be left root nor brain the root of evil is going to sleep and the branches or the tears are his followers not rude no brilliant in fact it says that they will be reduced to at all so it tells us an easy cure Chapter twenty eight versus eighteen and nineteen that the devil will be reduced to ashes and he will be found no more. Now what about the gathering of the writers did you notice that it says that God is going to gather His righteous into his barn and they will shine like stars forever. When does that gathering take place. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house I many men do you suppose he's making many mansions but you think God is like the multimillionaires that have a summer home a winter home let's bring home a hall and have the make mansions were so no help in my house my father's house. I'm going to mention if I were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you. That is good for you. I have to Myself that where I am there you may be honest the battle is not over for us the worst is still to come because of Revelation chapter twelve. When the devil was cast out when Jesus died on the cross it says he has been descended to you having great rock because he knows that his time is short. What we are seeing in the world today is the greatest proliferation of evil in the history of the world even in this great country which was raised. Oh God brother. The proliferation of the occult demon possession young people hearing voices and killing people as they hear these voices. This famine natural disasters that change in the climate. The world seems to be falling apart at the seams. The reason is because the devil knows that his kingdom is going to be taken away because Jesus is even at the door as they are called proliferated when Jesus came the first time the fact that the R K L is proliferating like never before in the world must mean that all those that Jesus is even at the door that Jesus is coming. So the big question is not whether Jesus is going to come the big question is what side will you be on when he comes will you be a member of the wheat or will you be a member of the K We have. These are and the only way that we decide is by giving our lives without reservation to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Because if we don't make a decided stand for Jesus we belong to the other part. We can't be on the fence and say no I won't be. Belong to Jesus and I won't belong to the evil one the fact is that he who does not take a decided stand for Jesus is on the other side. How can we protect ourselves from the power of this demon was making a disaster of the world and it will be worse than ever before in the history of the world the Bible speaks of a time of tribulation such as never has been seen in the history of the world or never will be seen again. He's going to be thieves or possible even the elect. He's going to probably write the factors and given his temptations are going to be so that it will appear that the elect are going to be see how can we stand. We can stand by train more than ever before we can stand by putting God's word in our hearts searching the word making it part of our lives we can do it by defeating the devil in the name of Jesus. Do you know that when you use the name of Jesus in a legitimate way the devil has to run because Jesus has given you power of attorney you should know that it is the name of Jesus and pokes the only way that we can stand is by building on Jesus Christ alone so that when the storm comes we will be able to stand because we are built upon the rock. You want to give your life to Jesus tonight you want take a decided stamp or decide you want to raise your hand if you say I'm making a dishonest stand to be on the side of Jesus tonight praise the Lord. Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you that you have not left this world in the hands of a malignant dictator. We thank you that you sent Jesus and Jesus too is that the cross has overcome the power of the devil. We know that the devil is making his last stand. He's already got a lion and he's not going to go quietly. But we know how it's going. Eventually sin will be eradicated and you will create a new heaven or where in righteousness wells we want to be a cup part of that kingdom Lord. If there's anybody here this evening that has a struggle with the powers of darkness and has not given his or her like to Jesus I ask that you will come and bring conviction to their soul to their heart. They might give their life to Jesus or they need this post thank you Lord for having been witness to having brought us tonight from Your World. Jesus daily did this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about what you'd like to listen to more Senate seats this is W W W audio tours dot org.


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