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5. Moses and Jesus

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 23, 2015
    9:30 AM

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Very interesting parallel between Moses and Jesus. In fact as we read the Bible we discover that Jesus is the fulfillment of what Moses prefigured in other words we might say that Jesus was a new Moses because Jesus did the same things on a larger scale than Moses. Allow me just to mention some of the parallels so that we can see the relationship that existed between the Old Testament Moses and Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of what Moses represented both Moses and Jesus delivered slaves from bondage. Moses delivered literally Israel from slavery to the literally Egyptians Jesus delivered us from slavery to Satan and to sin. There Moses and Jesus went through a very severe trial when they were born. Remember all of the babies were killed with the hopes of killing the deliverer. Well the same thing happened with Jesus as happened with Moses and it was a pagan King that pronounced the death sentence in both cases but Moses and Jesus were protected in Egypt interestingly and in fact God called Israel out of Egypt along with Moses and the privacy of Hosea Chapter eleven says out of Egypt I called my son God called Jesus out of Egypt for Jesus to perform his mission. But listen Jesus dealt with groups of twelve males as with the twelve tribes and Jesus with the twelve apostles that Moses and Jesus called seventy to extend their work that Moses and Jesus were severely criticized by the. People that they were sent to Moses we could say brought manna from heaven but Jesus said I am the living manna that came from heaven. Moses when he struck the rock brought water from the Rock Jesus said I am the rock and I am the writer that comes forth from the rock. Moses instituted we might say the Passover in Israel. Jesus according to the Apostle Paul is our Passover. Interestingly enough both Moses and Jesus led a people out from bondage to the promised land of Moses to the physical land of Canaan. Jesus to the heavenly Cain. Interestingly enough Jesus spent many days on the Mount being tempted and Moses also spent forty days on a mountain and after spending thirty days on the mountain Moses came down and delivered the law unto Israel. Jesus after spending forty days in the wilderness came out and he said almost one amount to deliver the law of his new kingdom. Let's read that as it's found in Matthew chapter five and verses one and two and incidentally both Moses and Jesus were baptized before they gave the law from the mountain. You say I was Moses baptized well impressed when it is Chapter ten the Bible tells us that Israel says were baptized in the sea and of course Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan and so there are a whole series of parallels between Moses and Jesus Jesus is the whole movement of what Moses indicated. Not the particular point that I want to take a look at as we begin our study this evening is that both noses and Jesus delivered a law to God's people. From a mountain I don't think. I have to tell you that morals as in the Old Testament went up to Mount Sinai and God gave him the law on Mount Sinai and then Moses came down and he delivered the law onto the people. Well the fact is that Jesus after his baptism after spending thirty days in the mountain being tempted he also came down and deliver the law to his people noticed. Matthew chapter five in verses one and two and seeing the multitudes he went up a mountain and then he was seated His disciples came to him. Then he opened his mouth and taught them saying to whom is Jesus speaking here to the twelve disciples to whom did Moses speak to the twelve tribes of Israel that's right and they're both delivering a well now let me share with you the way some Christians look at the relationship between Moses and Jesus. They say that men as it is not us. As an individual who gave a law which was pure justice and punishment to Israel. Well as jesus from the Mount of the Beatitudes he gave a lot of love and grace and mercy and so they placed a contradiction or they placed a division we might say between Moses and between Jesus Moses came along there was justice a law that was punishment if you violated it. Now Jesus when he sits on the Mount of the Beatitudes to speak to his people he gives a lot of mercy of love and of grace is this true is this the way that the Lord Jesus look at law is a true one that Jesus as the normals is not present. A law that is pure love where is where I as males as presented a law which is pure justice and pure punishment. Many individuals believe that that is over. Relationship between Moses and Jesus and the two laws that they gave. Now let's take a look at this in our study tonight. In order to understand what we're going to study from the gospels we need some Old Testament background and I'm not going to read all of these passages I'm just going to make reference to them and hopefully in our minds will be able to understand the context in which Moses gave the law and then we're going to study the context in which Jesus gave the law. Exodus Chapter one chapter nineteen describes how Israel was in bondage and they were delivered from bondage by God they were delivered by grace. If you read the story they didn't do anything to deliver themselves to pray themselves God simply heard their cries and God delivered them from bondage because he loved them. So Exodus Chapter one through eighteen speaks about the bondage of Israel and God's miraculous intervention to deliver them from bondage to the Egyptians and then God takes them to Mount Sinai and on Mount Sinai God is now going to give those who are to Israel in fact let's notice Exodus Chapter twenty and verses one and two. Exodus Chapter twenty and verse is run and two and I want you to notice that in the Old Testament we have a law but we also have grace. You see God deliver Israel from Egypt by His grace because they cried out they didn't earn it. They weren't behaving themselves but simply heard their cries and he delivered them. Now I want you to notice how the Ten Commandments begin. We don't begin by saying that I shall have no other gods before me. Notice how they begin in verse one and God spoke these words saying I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage that is the prologue to the Ten Commandments. Go Insane. My dear let me tell you from bondage to the Egyptians and then in the next verse in verse two we have the beginning of the Ten Commandments. What is God saying to Israel but to say I delivered you from service to fail. No because you love me I want you to do what I want you to keep my commandments I want you to respond to me in love. Now I want you to notice what it says in Deuteronomy chapter four and verse thirteen about these ten commandments. Do it on to me chapter four and verse thirteen. Very interesting what the commandments are called excess there in verse thirteen. So he declared to you he is what his covenant. Don't forget that's a key word. When she commanded you want to perform that is the Ten Commandments What is the covenant. A covenant is the Ten Commandments. So we declare to you His covenant which he commanded you to perform that is the ten commandments and he wrote them on two tablets of stone. So the covenant is what the Ten Commandments God deliberately as well really because they cry out to him now God says I want you to respond to me if you let me keep my commandments. Now how did Israel react when God wanted to make this covenant with them when God said OK I want to make this covenant with you I want you to keep my law because I delivered you because you love me. How did Israel respond to this. Let's go to Exodus Chapter nineteen and verse eight when Moses goes up to the Mount comes down he tells Israel that God wants to make a covenant with them and I want you to notice how the people respond. Exodus Chapter nineteen and verse eight then all the people answered together and said that I have spared Ken really well that way. Do someone else has brought back the rights of the people to the Lord. So did the people enter into a covenant relationship with God. Yes they do it so I got the picture clear in your mind. The people do not deliver themselves they cry out to God because they cry out to God God in His mercy by His grace delivers them from bondage to Pharaoh and to the Egyptian Then he takes them to Mount Sinai he says now I delivered you from your previous master. Now I want to be your master. And so he said as I delivered you from bondage I delivered you from Egypt. Not if you love me you will keep My commandments. And how did the people respond to this covenant that God wanted to make with them. They said everything that the Lord has said we will do. How long did that decision last. Well and last but it will collect on US thirty two. When they made the golden calf and they danced around the golden calf and they worship the golden calf. But isn't it true that Israel constantly was breaking the Ten Commandments. Isn't it true that they constantly disobeyed the will of God. Absolutely you can look at the history of Israel. Most of the history of Israel is composed of negative experiences where Israel is violating the law of God. Now here is another very important point about this cover. You see the old covenant had two aspects the first aspect was the law. God said This is my life I do live and you know I want you to keep it because you love me. But Israel did not keep it. In fact there's no one in the world that is perfectly kept that covenant except for Jesus and now Israel since but the Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Now there's a second aspect to discover and that aspect of the Covenant is that if the people sinned there was probation. If I sing I almost to satisfy the penalty that needed to be paid for their sins and here's where it becomes very interesting because in Exodus twenty five to forty you have a Hebrew sanctuary and what happened in the Hebrew Saints were animals were sacrificed and so you know honest to God he delivers them he gives them is a law they say will obey it but they document. So God provides a way in which their sins can be satisfied and taken care of by the sacrificial service of the sanctuary. So when Exodus we have a lot of the Ten Commandments but when Israel does not obey the law if the penitent and fag for their sins then God says I'll give you the sacrifices the shedding of the blood of the animals and that will satisfy the demands of the law and I'll be able to forgive your sins live and drink in the Old Testament. Now I'd like to focus in particularly on one of those sacrifices you know we could be here till next year this time just studying the sacrifices that we have in the Hebrew sanctuary but I'd like to dwell particularly on one and that was the sacrifice of the Lamb. Morning and evening but with me to Exodus Chapter twenty nine and verse thirty nine Exodus Chapter twenty nine in verse thirty eight and thirty nine notice. This one sacrifice. Which by the way was followed as well it was up in the morning and I was up and in the evening and the altar burned day and night continually and never went out. Meaning that the sacrifice of Christ was acceptable to everyone. Now thirty eight Now this is what you shall offer on the altar to want to land the first year. Day by day. Continually one LAN use a locker in the morning and the other. Only when you show up at twilight that is in the evening. Let me ask you why were these animals offered why why was the blood of these animals shed. Because of work and that is sin. That's transgressing God's holy law. And so when the people disobeyed God's law even though they said we'll keep it the result of sin. And when they sinned they were subject to the death sentence but not provided the animals the sacrifice of the animals the shedding of the blood of the animals to satisfy the demands of the justice of the law. Are you understanding what I'm saying so that they could be forgiven but now here's my question did those sacrifices really take away sin. Let's suppose that you have sheep in your backyard and you say oh no I just told a lie. I'm going to go get one of my lambs in my backyard I'm going to bring it and I'm going to slit its throat and showed its blood and my sin is taken care of that the way it works. Oh crap that bird and other animals really remote. No the creator of all had to take the place of all the only human creation that everyone could pay the price for everyone. In other words an animal could not satisfy the justice of the law. There have to be someone God either who could satisfy the demands of the law. Notice what it says in Hebrews Chapter ten and verse four Hebrews Chapter ten and verse four Regarding the sacrifices of the animals. It's there or it is not possible that the bride and goats could take away sin. So the question is why did. Got have these animal sacrifice if they really cannot take away sin because God wanted Israel through those animal sacrifices to see that they represented what that they represented the Messiah would come. In other words the people in the Old Testament were saved by faith in the blood of a coming Redeemer whereas we are saved by our faith in the blood of the Redeemer who had come up in other words it was a method whereby God could shut out of their minds that the wages of sin is death so that they could manifest sorrow for their sins and manifest their faith in the Messiah who was going to come. The animal blood did not save them. It was the Messiah who was going to save them in the Messiah in Jesus Christ. Now go with me. Is this clear the context of the Old Testament in your mind. Now let's go to the New Testament Let's go to the book of Matthew and Chapter twenty six and will read verses twenty seven and twenty eight. Matthew Chapter twenty six and verses twenty seven and twenty eight. He had the Lord Jesus is instituting the Lord's Supper which takes the place of the Passover now. That's what it says there. In Matthew chapter twenty six and verses twenty seven and twenty eight Then he took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying drink from it all of you and I know it's this is MY GOD. But the new covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins that is for the forgiveness of sins. So in the Old Testament God we have a covenant yes or no. Yes Well the two parts of the Covenant. Number one I want the law. Number two know if a person but then what the animal sacrifices to satisfy the demands of the law. Now here Jesus is speaking about the covenant he started about surely has brought for the remission of sins. Now my question is how did John the Baptist introduce Jesus when he was about the baptizing. He said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Sancho failed the ceremony of the land offered morning and evening in the Old Testament Jesus did but let me ask you less the brother of Jesus more powerful than the blood of those animals. Yes I want you to notice that in the Old Covenant there is blood and in the covenant those blood but they're not common as I don't do that because it's them. Jesus it's Brad then. Actually forgive sin and incidentally let me tell you this that unless Jesus had come to die all of those sacrifices in the Old Testament would have been in vain because all sacrifices have the intention of people manifesting faith in the coming Messiah. IF Messiah didn't come for all of those people would have perished in their sins no matter how sorry they were for their sins and so you have an old covenant and you have a new covenant you have a law in the Old Covenant. Do you have a law in the New Covenant. Let me ask you this why did Jesus have to shed his blood. Why did he have to shed his blood because I was saying and what is a sin. Let me ask you what sin under the new covenant any different than sin under the Old Covenant. Are you with me tonight or not. Well the same in the or the new covenant is at times questionable but yes I was there. Action person under the Old Covenant. You just blow animals really satisfy the demands of the law. No permanent yes then a threat of the demands of law from incompletely for everyone in the whole last world yes so it is but in the OP as well there's a lot of the old and there's a law in the know. Now you're saying in what way is the new covenant different. Well the first way in which the new covenant is different is because the New Covenant has better blood because it's blood which forgives sin blood which takes away the sin of the world but which when it is claimed really and truly remits sin really and truly for good. But now let me share with you an awesome secret about the new covenant that many people have forgotten or ignored. You see there's two aspects of the old the new cover at Mount Sinai. When the people said all that the Lord has said we will do. They soon soon broke that commandment and they needed the ceremonial system didn't think it was or at least one individual in Israel that we know who was patient for a period of forty years and did not follow Israel in its apostasy Who was that it was most in fact it's as an Exodus Chapter thirty four that when he came down from communion with God on the mountain he. This time I mean what the glory of God because God had done something with my eyes as I'm going to take a look at now you see the Old Covenant and the new covenant are different because the new comet has better blood than the old covenant the new covenant really forgives the Old Covenant in itself could not but there's more to the new cover. Go with me to the book of Jeremiah chapter thirty one and let's start reading at verse thirty one. Jeremiah thirty one and verse thirty one. Let me ask you was the Old Covenant deficient. It was a deficient. Yes you say how could you possibly make God gay division it was deficient in the sense that the that the blood could not forgive. Right now how about the new covenant not us Chapter thirty one of Jeremiah. Let's start reading at verse thirty one very powerful passage. Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a way that we noticed that in the words of Jesus that Jesus speak about a new covenant. Is this the same covenant that Jesus spoke about their original covenant and I would not want to behold the days are coming says the Lord when I make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the House of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt and I was I'm not going to make a comment like the one I made back there so that the covenant was bad then coming it was bad when a good guy bad give a bad government. I don't think so. Well that was the problem. We continue sane once again. First only to not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which then but where was the problem then broke it. Though I was a husband to them says the Lord. Now why did they break. You know why they broke it. Because for them the law was written on paper still instead of the law being written on the tablets of their hearts and this is the second great secret about the new covenant. Do you know that Moses had a new covenant experience at Mt Sinai because Moses had the law of God written on his heart. You can tell by the life of Moses the Bible says. But he's the meekest man that ever lived upon the earth He was patient with these people. Forty years he lost his temper fighting at the very end. But for forty years he put up with them and he was no file He was patient and he was meek. He didn't join in as well apostasy. The fact is that Moses had a new covenant experience in the Old Testament but God says most of Israel didn't they brought by carbon. He says so I'm not going to make that kind of covenant with them anymore because they just look at the Covenant as written on tablets of stone. So what kind of covenant does God say he's going to make. Verse thirty three. But this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their minds and right in their hearts and I will be their God and then they shall be my people. Second great blessing of the covenant the law is not written on tables of stardom it is written on the pad but somewhere by my question does the law change under the new covenant. Is that a lot of changes you know that changes the place where the law is written. There's a lot changed in the New Covenant with respect to sin is sin still try special they're under the new covenant. Do you still need better but under the new covenant is the last day of the same era. Yes but the law is written in a better place under the new covenant you have two great blessings you have better but art and the law is written in a better life but the law doesn't change the law stays the same but instead of being written a tablet of stone it's written in the heart. Now you might be saying well bastard but this is this Old Testament stuff. Jeremiah so brought me to the Book of. And that's no that's what the book of Hebrews do you know that Hebrews quotes this passage that we just read from Jeremiah thirty one Hebrews Chapter eight and here we're going to tie the two blessings of the New Covenant and the law written in a better place like Moses had it written in his heart I don't like it if you want to read an interesting passage about how Moses our new common experience in the Old Testament you can go to Second Corinthians Chapter three where it speaks about Moses having the law written upon the tablets of his heart. But we won't be able to get into that tonight because we don't have enough time but not us. Hebrews Chapter eight in verse seven that first covenant had been faultless. Then no place would have been sought for a second because finding fault with them with with no with the people he sensed the whole of the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with boughs of Israel and with the House of Judah this is quoting from where Jeremiah thirty one verse nine. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they did not continue in my covenant and I disregarded them says the Lord when I was the problem with the covenant or with the people with the people. But then this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my was in their mind and write them on their hearts and I would be their God and they shall be my people not a bench outages neighbor not his brother saying know the Lord for all show me from the least of them to the greatest of them and now notice for I will be merciful to their own righteousness and their sins and loveless deeds I will remember no more what to do. As things of the new covenant. Again that's not what C.N.N. by better blood and the love of God written where in a better place in the heart instead of being written on tablets of stone. Incidentally you remember that when the Lord Jesus was on the cross of Calvary his last words were what it was and then what happened. According to Matthew Chapter twenty seven when Jesus said it is finished that curtain was rent from bottom to top. I think you know some of you awake out there that can resurrect from top to bottom. Let me ask you is that a normal way. If you're going to rip a curtain you climb up on a chair you grab it on top and you have a doubt. Of course but the fact is that this curtain in The Financial only between the holy and the most holy place was being read from top to bottom because Jesus was saying the euro Covenant has come to an end now. All that is finished because now I have a better word and idea written only on tablets of stone that is finished I also although it was never God's plan he says now I will give provision so that the law can be written upon the habits of the heart. So let me review. Does the Old Covenant have a law there's a new covenant have a law that was the Old Covenant. Does a new covenant embeddable or does the Old Covenant transgression of the law. Does the new covenant of transgression of the law. So the only two differences between the all in the New Covenant are that the New Covenant has better blow out and the New Covenant the law is written in a better place but it's the same law exactly. Or to your mind that's the same line that's not a different law. Let me ask you this then. Still the transgression of the law today most certainly So now the question is what attitude did Jesus have for the law. Let's go to the Gospel of Matthew chapter five and that's known as how Jesus considered the law because some people say that Jesus wanted to get rid of the Old Testament law see the Old Testament Law the Ten Commandments that was that was the Old Covenant and now we're under grace the new comer. Incidentally I like to ask you a question why would you need grace if there is no law. Why do you need grace. Because you what sin but want to sin first cause of the law but if you said that God got rid of a lot that could be no sin because sin is breaking the law and if there is no sin why would you need grace. So this idea that Christ did away with the law is really a way of doing away with the need that we have for God's grace. Now notice what it says in Matthew chapter five verses seventeen to nineteen let's look at the attitude of Jesus or the law. Jesus says do not think that I came to destroy the law or the Prophets I did not come to destroy but to fulfill what I mean when he said I came to fulfill all its very simple all you have to do is change it around to fill full in atmosphere of that system with God Jesus was empty in itself it had no meaning. Am I right it only has meaning as it pointed towards Jesus. If Jesus didn't come how much meaning with. It's just a map. None because it's hard meaning was found in Jesus Christ. So Jesus says don't think that I've come to do away with the Old Testament law and the prophets. He says I haven't come to do away with I have come to fulfill and that was what he continue sane by the way he's saying this from the mountain is you get then you're saying in verse eighteen for assuredly I say to you till heaven and earth pass away. Has that happened yet. You know one jot or tittle the jot is a little kind of a little done in the Hebrew the yellowed smallest letter the you and the pedal is a little accent mark in the group like a period. So what Jesus would say well surely I say to you but I'm going to pass away. Not wrong comma period. Well by no means pass from the law till I was fulfilled that Jesus come to do away with the law. No In fact I want to show you now that the law that Jesus gives from the mountain is even more demanding than the Old Testament law. You see how that pastor. Well go with me. The chapter five and verse twenty one and twenty two. You have heard that it was said to those of old you shall not murder and we are not going to be in danger of the judgment. What is murder and me taking out a gun and shooting someone you know that too is murder. But Jesus says that murder is deeper than that. You see murder is not an act. Primarily it's a motive which leads to an act it's something that comes from inside which leads you to do it by the way you won't want to miss the sermon tomorrow because. Talk about overcoming life's mistakes is going to be the second part of what we're dealing with and I'm going to talk to you about how you can have God's law written on your heart how you can have a new life a new heart because that what that's what God wants and so he says in verse twenty two. But I say to you that whoever is going green with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother Rocca that is fool shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says you will shall be in danger of help are not as Jesus says that it's not only murder to kill someone it's murder to hate your brother. Go with me to first John Chapter three where the beloved disciple of Jesus expresses it in a slightly different way and even clearer than what we find there in the text that we just read. First John chapter three verse fifty nodes. Whoever hates his brother is a man or any part of that that you don't understand. That includes in church rights as brother is a murderer and you know that no one has eternal life abiding in him. So according to Jesus what is murder only killing somebody physically. No it's hating someone. Well now that's a problem because then you don't have to deal with the act you have to deal with the heart. Because America comes from the heart. Notice I was taught Matthew chapter five. Still talking about how Jesus looked at the law. She intensified it he made it all the more demanding he said it is not binding but now it doesn't only relate to the act that reaches to the heart. That's why the laws have to be written where they are. You should be afraid of killing somebody because you're right you're afraid you'll end up in jail if you have love in your heart for your neighbor. There were meant to be any civil laws forbidding murder. Now notice what it says in Matthew chapter five and verse twenty seven. Jesus from the mountain. See this is the love of Jesus from the mountain is Jesus doing away with the law. Oh he's actually making it more demanding because then it goes to the heart verse twenty seven. You have heard that it was sent to the worst of all. You shall not commit adultery but I say to you that whoever won last has already committed adultery with her and you know Mark in his heart. Yes and I was too animal a text of the Slayer. Thanks to her to commit adultery. Now what did you just say he said Listen forget about adultery is only sleeping with a woman he says I went to live in and demanding the Met He says if you look upon a woman even on the internet or even an X. rated movies who are intimately know not have is if you look at a woman to cover her you have already committed adultery where you have already committed adultery in your heart. So Jesus instead of doing away with the law from the mountain actually underlines the law and he says that the law deals more than with X. It deals with the condition of what with the condition of the heart. That's why God wants to write he is a liar. Under the new covenant you have a heart because when the. I do not know what is going to have to tell you we read in the book of Hebrews. No one is going to have to tell you now this is right and this is wrong because you will automatically do what's right and you won't do what's wrong because it comes from where it comes from your heart isn't the same under both covenants. Yes Now some Christians say but Pastor isn't that just enough to love. Yes as long as you understand what love is. The problem today is love is understood in a sentimental romantic you know love is the most abused word in the world today. Oh I love paying cakes I love my car. And then someone says he loves this woman but really it's not the wagon. It's maybe the external characteristics of the woman and she is not feeling it's not a sentiment it's not an emotion. Lack is much more profound than that. If you say that I don't is a lot and you understand what love is I would say man let me explain to you what love is go with me to the Gospel of John chapter twelve. We're going to see that all we need is love. But then we're going to define what love is. John Chapter thirteen and verse thirty five here Jesus is speaking to His disciples and he says by this all right then you are my disciples if you have left out for one another so there are disciples of Jesus is if we have no love. Well that's kind of a general comment is not just low. The question is what is love. Well let's go to another passage that makes it even a little clearer and he finds it a little bit more. Got me to Matthew chapter twenty two. If your chapter twenty two in verse thirty six. There's this lawyer that comes to Jesus and He asks him a question he says what's the great commandment and you know what Jesus answers not is what it says. Starting with verse thirty six. Teacher What is the great commandment in the law. Jesus said to him You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your might. Incidentally this is not a new commandment because Deuteronomy six four says this This is a quotation from Deuteronomy six or four so this isn't saying anything revolutionary. He says this is the first and great commandment and the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself. That's nothing revolutionary either because that's in Leviticus nineteen and verse eighty you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus knew the Scriptures so I said there's two gods. There's a life for God and there's a lot of time out and there's a lot for your neighbor. So now we have a clearer more specific definition of La La Means loving God and loving your neighbor. But still it's kind of a general what does it mean to love God and to love your neighbor. You see the Bible specifies even more and that is in the tent and then you see the big principle as well. Then God says OK like branches up into to love for God and love for your fellow man but then God says I have ten commandments and I will tell you what it means. More specifically what it is to love God and what it is to love your fellow man and if you look at the Ten Commandments you'll find that the first four commandments deal with our relationship with God you shall have no other gods before me. God says You shall not have any great graven image of me you shall not take. My name in vain. You should rest on my holy day of the first four commandments define what we'll do if we truly love about the last six deal with what we will do if we really love our fellow human being. Honor your father and your mother. Don't kill don't commit adultery don't steal don't bear false witness don't have it in other words. LOUKA is the broad principle. Then that's bank branches off into love for God and love for man. Then the Ten Commandments specify even the first deal with what it means to love God the last six deal Look how to love your fellow man but then love is defined even more specifically. Go back with back with me to Matthew chapter twenty two and verse forty. Matthew chapter twenty two and verse forty. Jesus says these two commandments hang up. Oh and by the way that was the Bible in the days of the law and the writings of Moses the prophets is the rest of the Old Testament. So in other words if you want to even a more specific definition of life you have to go through the whole lot to our Bible and incidentally I'll challenge you to do this. There is not one single verse in the Bible that does not expound in some way one of the Ten Commandments for example the story of the you know that the commanders are shall not commit adultery Thou shalt not kill. That's an abstract concept until it happens in real life and you really see why God said Thou shalt not commit adultery and I shall not kill. Does the Bible exemplify that command and the dire consequences of violating it. Yes See the Bible gives us stories of people you know great. These commandments. What it means when you obey them. What it means when you disobey them. People like the story of David as an example of that he committed don't really kills the Bible tells us what the terrible consequences are do you know that that story is simply an exposition of the commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery and the command shall not kill and the command of the National Not that it makes it a real life situation. So Jesus says these two commandments hang all of the law on the problem. So what is love is it some nebulous principle or let's just all get along and hug each other you know that's the idea that many Christians have that's right because I'm going to church that church together just let's just get to go. I love each other superficial The Bible tells us that love is like a god and love our neighbor and to keep in the past about the commandments the first ones with relationship to God the last six with relationship to man. And these commandments hang all of the law of the prophets. You know what all of the Bible is an exposition of these commands. That's why the apostle Paul says in Romans Chapter thirteen that love is the fulfilling of the law. After quoting the last six commandments the apostle Paul says Love is the fulfilling of the law. So if you tell me that all we need today is love and you define love as keeping God's Commandments we're on the same wavelength. But you see you can't keep the Ten Commandments really unless they are written in your heart. Notice what it says in the book of John John Chapter fourteen and verse fifteen. John Chapter fourteen and verse fifteen. Here Jesus says to his disciples a very well known verse if you love me keep my commandments. What is love them. It's obedience to God's law not because you have to but because you want to not because the law on tablets of stone imposes upon you but because the law written in your heart impels you to do not just what Jesus says. Also in verse twenty one of John Chapter fourteen verse twenty one he says he who has my commandments and keeps them it is he who loves me who loves reasons he who keeps his commandments and he who loves me will be loved by my father and I will love him and mine to manifest Myself to him not to Chapter fifteen in verse ten. Repeatedly Jesus the law give up on the bond of Beatitudes has a high regard for the law but it's the law the covenant at the frame but it's the law that was there on the heart of the problem with the Jews is that they have the law written on tablets of stone and they are always tried the measure of their own I say. OK there's the ten commandments. How am I doing today. Well you do it that way. You're fine. Because you can't do it because there's no power inside to help you do it. But what about The X. Files command that's right not tablets of stone and you write them in your heart that nobody has to tell you do this and do that. Because automatically all of these things will come out of your heart now I know that's going to continue saying you know I reject the universe then that's what we're going to read now. If you keep My commandments you will abide in my word in my lab just as I kept my Father's Commandments and I buy and here's what in his lap. Now let's go first John. The running of the beloved disciple I think you knows a lot about Jesus don't you think because you spend so much. I'm with Jesus in fact he laid on Jesus' breast there in the last supper. Notice what it says in first John Chapter two and verses three and four. Now by this we know that we know him if we keep His commandments. How do we know that we know him if we keep its commandments. Now notice verse four here who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. Notice chapter five and verses two and three also in first person by verses two and three. By this we know that we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not what burdensome. You know when you love your wife doing things for your wife is not burdensome. For example when the anniversary is coming around the corner say oh no not again. Well but I better I better get a president to come out or else I'll hear about it the rest of the year. Only real motivation for buying an anniversary card and giving an anniversary present. I hope you're keeping the law because the law requires it but when you love your life it will be a pleasure to buy her a card and take her out to eat and buy or a present too because it comes from inside because that's you know springing from God It's not in pole. I need to share this with you. The Ten Commandments are a relational document in other words the Ten Commandments reveal what her. Relationships are like you know the Ten Commandments would be useless unless there were people to have relationships. I mean for example they also not kill people who are both of them going to be part of relationship. Yes Thou shall not commit adultery. How can God say Thou shalt not commit adultery if there's not want to commit adultery with him that was the Ten Commandments point out a perfect relationship between God and man and between man and man man and woman the Ten Commandments all relational Dokken and what happens when we break one of the ten commandments you have separation you have pain among people you see the result of breaking the commandments is separation. Now some people say that that sin is separation from God The Bible never says that sin is separation from God Sin is breaking the law and when you break the law you're separated from God. Sin is transgression of the law you're disobeying the law of God and as a result what happens with your relationship your relationship is broken. So what does God want to do first of all he wants you to claim the blood to forgive that sin and that he wants to do what he wants to take it a lot and he wants to write the law in the heart you know that the devil hates God law you know whether they're like it's God's law because the law shows you that you need a savior and point you to Jesus and the devil it's God's goodness because it shows that Jesus paid your penalty so that at a later time Grace but he makes Christians think you have to keep the law that was it's not for Christians the only thing that changes between the old and the New Testament is that in the New Covenant the law is written. Are the parents of the heart but the law is the same. Is adultery any less adultery today is killing any less killing. Absolutely not. Sin is against people sin is against God Sin breaks a relationship when you break the law you break a relationship. That's the reason when the prodigal went home he didn't say Oh Father I've broken the Ten Commandments. What did he say I have sinned against heaven and against what. Then I guess you know your book you can see him and the tablets of stone will never be with you can break one of the ten you can break the ten commandments on them as I read them. That's our strong and it's not going to bother the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone one bit. But you see when you break the commandments written on tablets of stone you're really breaking your relationship with God and you understand what I'm saying when we say for example that we sin against the law. We're really silly and sinning against God because God is the personification of the Law the Ten Commandments are the law in written form God in his person is the person a vacation of the ten commandments and so when we make the ten commandments were sinning against Rome against God whose character is a reflection of the Ten Commandments. I don't and I mean making sense. Are you well I mean when we say that the demands of the law need to be satisfied what I was saying that the demands of the need to be satisfied. When we say that the justice of the law must be satisfied. Well it's aimed at the justice of whom must be satisfied the justice of God might be satisfied. One of the big problems that we have in the world today is that Christians have trivialize the importance of the ten commandment love God you know Jesus twice in his ministry told people who were sinners whom he had forgiven he says Go and sin no more John. I'm fourteen and John eight verse eleven he said Go and sin no more. And of course we all know that beautiful verse. Matthew one twenty three one twenty one actually it says You shall call his name Jesus for He cell shall save his people in their sins. Thank you very much. I try to trick you but you're still awake up there yourself I was named Jesus because he shall save his people that through their sins you see God not only wants to forgive us for the sins that we commit. God wants to give us power to overcome sin and that power comes when the Holy Spirit gives us a new heart in the Holy Spirit writes the law of God in our hearts. Tomorrow we'll talk a little bit more about this but with me to Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four. And let's read verse twelve I want you to get something really significant here Matthew chapter twenty four verse twelve speaking about the last days. It says And because lawlessness will abound. The love of many will grow cold. What is it that leads like to do this you know well I don't really struggle with this because it could have been said the other way around because the love because of the lack of love of people. Lawlessness with a bow but it's because of the wrong business. By the way this is the same word that is used in first John three four words as sin is transgression of the law so I can be translated here because of transgression of the law. Yeah well that will go cold. Why does it say because you break the law Love grows cold because love is keeping the law. Are you with me. According to Jesus this is where I am. Jesus says that we keep His commandments. So when love abounds when transgression of the law or by the result is a lack of what a lack of love. Someone once said to me now is your church law oriented or is your church Grace oriented. You're back question before I said that's a very good question but the answer is then it's neither my church is Bible oriented. In my church teaches there world transgressors of God's love and that we need a break and when we receive His Grace is forgiveness. Godbout for you to do more he wanted to take the law he wants to write it in our hearts. So don't talk to me about law or grace talk to me about law and greets the talk to me about mercy or justice. Talk to me about justice and mercy. You see Jesus. Well just that my transgressions of the law so he could have mercy he is satisfied justice so that he could have my say so is just a simple no such thing as saying that he's all mercy and no just the fact is that he took my penalty so that he could pour out His mercy upon me. I want to go to one last passage tonight. Matthew chapter seven. This is a solemn passage books. Matthew chapter seven. And I'd like to read starting with verse twenty one this is speaking about Christians in the last days at the center part. Matthew seven verse twenty one not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Not saying Lord Lord but doing The Father's Will the lot of us twenty two many will say to me in that the Lord knows I have. Not prophesied in your name. Cast out demons in your name and on the many wonders in your name. Are these Christians either yes or no. Why would they be using the name of Jesus if they were Christians. Did they apparently have spiritual gifts when they do in signs and wonders are all signs and wonders of God and one of Jesus' going to say verse twenty three and then I will declare to them I never knew you because some people say well they give these signs they were with the Lord and then afterwards they left them but you know Jesus that I never knew you. Why not the piper me you who practice lawlessness. You know that word lawlessness is the identical word in Perth gentry for he who sins transgresses the law for sin is transgression of the law. So in other words you could translate it here. Depart from Me you who transgress the law. Since when signs and wonders Americans what did they do. They insisted on traveling upon the love of God the cross not all not only offers forgiveness pulls the Cross also offers power to overcome sin and I was there. Listen when you contemplate the cross and you see Jesus hanging on that cross bleeding and crying out in anguish my God my God forsaken me I asked Jesus I say why is this happening to you. And Jesus says sin is transgression of the law it's because you have broken the law. The wages of sin is death. When I see Jesus on that cross I want to say Lord you mean to say my sins did that to you. Sorry Lord forgive me for putting you on that what do you think Jesus will forgive you. Yes but do you know what when you see what sin did the Jesus you what one thing more to do with than either because from the cross will flow power if we had our eyes on Jesus and his crew and we so how can you say it was then put him down and made him suffer and I don't know if we would not want anything more to do with Sam The reason why we don't overcome sin is because we have our eyes everywhere except on the cross of Jesus where there is forgiveness and where there is power to receive a new heart and a new life where God's law is written in the heart. How many of you would like me to pray that the Lord will write his mark upon your heart to forgive all of your sins. Pray the Lord let's pray Father in heaven. We've studied that Jesus had high respect for your holy law back to find love as keeping the law from the heart. Large you would see in the hands that have been lifted up this evening. There are many people that are struggling with habits in their lives with sins and thoughts and feelings. I ask Lord that through your Holy Spirit you will come and you will bring conviction of sin that you will lead them to the cross of Jesus and then in the cross of Jesus they might find forgiveness for all of those sins but as they keep their eyes on Jesus Lord I ask that you will help them not only to be forgiven but also to have power to overcome sin and the life. Laura we can agree with a bumper sticker that says I'm not perfect just forgiven because Lord you want us to be forgiven and through the power of Jesus you want us to march on to perfection not so that we can tell the world how perfect we are but so that we can reveal your greatness and your power. I ask that you will come close to eat so we will satisfy the deepest desires of their hearts. I pray in Jesus' precious minute this media was brought to you by audio clips a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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