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6. Overcoming Life's Mistakes

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 23, 2015
    11:30 AM

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Tonight we're going to study about how we can truly overcome lives the stakes. How many of you have ever committed at least one mistake in your life. Now somebody did raise their hand here I saw some of it didn't raise their hand. I'd like to know what the secret is. Or not having committed even one mistake but we all have. Tonight I would like to speak particularly about not just everyday mistakes that we commit but the larger mistakes which the Bible calls seen in other words how to overcome life's sin or lives since and in order to understand what we're going to study tonight I would like to just review a couple of things from our study last night. You remember that the old covenant had blood. Didn't the Old Covenant of blood. Yes that they don't I'm going to have a low. Yes the old covenant had seen that the old covenant had redemption from sin. Yes and no. Now does the new covenant have begun but what kind of book I mean is it better but because it's the blood of Jesus doesn't look I'm going to have a lot. Yes but the same is right where it is. The lights the flame but it's written in a different place. It's not on tables of stone but where in your heart there's a new covenant have soon. Yes. Does the I'm not going to have great course if it as sin which is transgression of the law you need what you need Christ. If the Old Testament had transgression of the law did they also need grace. Absolutely and so basically the two distinctions between the two covenants are number one the old covenant had. On the new covenant has been her blood that really takes away sin the Old Covenant has but the Israelites they thought that they could keep it on their own so they said everything the lawyer said we will do all I saw there's a lot written on tables of stone but under the new covenant those who have accepted Jesus receive the lot not on tables of stone but they receive the law of God written where upon the tablets of a human heart and that's what we particularly want to dwell on in our study tonight and we're going to follow rather closely the Gospel of John chapter three this is the story of Nikodim anybody ever heard of nigga Venus he was a great leader of the Jewish nation and we're going to follow this chapter and when I dress once in a while when we need to study something really important from some verse and we need to amplify it by other passages in Scripture. Now notice chapter three and verse one. There was a man of the Pharisees and all that's very important what was nick of the humans he was a Pharisee but not only embarrassing. There was a man of fantasies named Nikodim aim of the Jews. Now basically what that means is that Nick at the Mets was a member of the Jewish said he'd written which was the governing council the central governing council of the Jewish nation. So this was a very prominent man. Now the question is what was a Pharisee like well this passage doesn't tell us what apparently was like and it doesn't tell us what a one of the Jewish Sanhedrin was like but we have another person in the New Testament that will help us understand what their cities were like and what the rulers of the Sanhedrin were like and you know that was great. It sorrow of Tarth the great apostle Paul not we're not going to read the verses that are here in your midst and you can read them at your leisure. But in Acts Chapter six and verse twelve it tells us that Stephen was taken before the Jewish Council and the Bible says that when Stephen was stoned his clothing was placed at the feet of one of the members of this council. Saul of Tarsus and then Chapter eight and verse one tells us that sometimes us after Stephen was stoned when I wrote with my age to continue rounding up those who believe in Christ to kill them. Now what was Saul of Tarsus like before he came to know Jesus. Do you think that nicotine was was a moral person was negative. No Well yes was the apostle Paul a male person. Yes but neither one of them were spiritual. They were moral but not spiritual I know many atheists who are moral they don't kill anybody they don't commit adultery they don't steal they use clean language they monitor their parents they are very low but they're not spiritual. Now what do I mean by moral and not spiritual. Let's read that a scripture that the Apostle Paul himself gives of the life that he led before he was converted to Jesus Christ. And you'll see that he was a great man he was very moral very righteous it says in chapter three of the book up and it begins. Verse for the following. Here the Apostle Paul is speaking though I also might have confidence in the flesh I want you to remember that word in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the last question I'm more so sad. Size the eighth day of the stock I mean Israel and the tribe of Benjamin Hebrew Hebrew concerning the law a fantasy concerning zero persecuting the church concerning the righteousness which is in the low lying militia was the apostle Paul before his conversion to Jesus a moral person. Yes but he was not with her eyes because he was right and so now we know that nigga Bemis was like because Saul of Tarsus was a Pharisee Pearcey. So I looked ISIS was a member of the jury Sanhedrin as well as negative as so we know that nickname. Saul of Tarsus had the same idea. They were very proud of their righteousness they were very proud that they were Hebrews they were very proud that they were right just in other words they felt a lot of the other kingdom and besides that they belonged to the chosen people of God The children of Israel. But evidently nicotine was felt that something was missing. He had heard about this Jesus in fact he had seen Jesus cleansed the temple when he thought about the money changers and he saw the authority of Jesus. When these people fled from his presence and he said there's got to be something special about this man and so he decides that he wants to have an interview with you. Let's first to keep your place there in John three because we're going to return there very frequently. It says this man came to Jesus by night. Now the reason why he comes by night is because he's afraid that he will be seen by the other members of the Sanhedrin. He's afraid that he might be seen by the people and they might suspect that he is following this messiah. If so-called Messiah of Israel. It's whatever he comes by night to Jesus and now he wants to batter Jesus up. He planted fan in fact he says Rabbi means teacher. We know that you are a teacher come from God. I want you to notice that nicotine does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah at this point. He believes that Jesus is a great teacher a great teacher and choices Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God So no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him now what he's trying to do is make do you think he believes that I'm a great teacher and he's impressed by my fine. But Jesus is not going to do any pretty talking he is going to go right do it right and he's going to tell them they're getting exactly what he needs. No three Jesus answered and said to him most assuredly by the way when Jesus when Jesus says Verily verily I say see the New King James translates it most assuredly. But really in the Greek it's Amen Amen Amen Amen which means only what I'm saying is follow. Truly I say to you about is how he makes it personal. Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. Now whenever the mass heard these words he was very irritated with me if I miss my Doesn't this fellow know who I am I am one of the rulers of the family. Indra and I can't. I in my family I'm a leader of the chosen people of God How did he tell me that I need to be born again and I'm lacking in any way. Not as what it says in verse or YAXLEY shifts the conversation a little bit make of the most said to him How can a man be born when he is old knows what you're saying is absurd. It doesn't make sense. Kenny enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born. And I want you to know as the Jesus instead of laying off he actually wasn't on maker yet he says and promised by Jesus answer that I verily I say to you unless one is born of a Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God he says you have to be born of God and Spirit and they. There are six that which is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Now we need to understand folks that women in the New Testament the word Rush is used in an ethical context such as this. The word simply means the question the selfish nature with which I am born. Notice what the apostle Paul says and Romans chapter eight and verse eight so that you can see what the word flesh means. Romans chapter eight and verse eight. The apostle Paul says man that I can not please God and he goes on to say in verse nine by. I'm not in the flesh but in the lab in the spam it was the same two words flesh and spirit. You were not in the flesh but in the spirit. If indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he is not he is. So when the Bible speaks about X. dealing with a simple selfish nature with which every one of us is born into this world and if you don't think that you were born into this world with a selfish human nature all you have to do is go to a store and watch a little boy whose parents don't want to buy him the toy of choice. What I'm going to I don't want to go after all your own child and I'm not going to the hands of reason he screamed and he couldn't get through my head because he's I don't think that he is not giving us the Bible says we are all born with a Presley nature and so what Jesus is going to give humans you are in the flesh my brother and of course Nick again this is really offended by Jesus saying to him you are born in the US you're born again of the Spirit. You cannot see and you cannot enter the Kingdom of God You see folks the problem that Nicodemus had was that the outside was OK but he was suffering a severe heart disease. You see the Apostle Paul SAGAL Oh Menton there you tell me on tables of style. Every day he would look at his life and he would compare his wife with the tables I'm starving and I measure enough but his heart was set. Because he had not been heard. He had not accepted Christ the law had not been written in his heart and so he was trying to make a splash Lemaitre hears from his nature live in harmony with God and you know very well that even though externally we live in harmony with God's law he had evil thoughts and feelings and intentions that every day went against the Holy Law of God. Now let's go to the Gospel of Matthew so that we can understand a little bit more what we're talking about. But with me to Matthew chapter five and let's analyze this starting at verse twenty Matthew chapter five and verse twenty this is a very important words. Here Jesus is speaking and he says well I say to you then unless you are right to mess it see the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. Does Jesus ask us who are less righteousness or more righteousness that the righteousness that the Pharisees and scribes that that you asked so we have got me just as much as I am not going to say something. Twenty cents. Well I say to you with it unless you go by just not succeeds the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees you know by no means enter the kingdom of heaven is that what Jesus basically said pernickety most as well. Yes In other words a problem they could be most is a problem of righteousness' his right just outside but he has a kind nature inside. Now what did Jesus mean when he said that our righteousness needs to exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees. Well let me tell you what the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees was like the Bible says Thou shalt not kill and they said we haven't done that. We've never taken out of a night I was going to see a gun but there were no guns. I don't think and I don't know I never I don't anybody I've never committed the act so I am OK but at the same time they're already laying plans to kill Jesus solving in the heart even though they haven't committed the act. Now that's why the very next verse after Matthew chapter five Verse twenty get Jesus gives an example of what a great oh I just miss is verse twenty one you have heard that it was said to them you shall not matter and whether murders will be in danger of a judgment but I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be daily in danger of judgment so I G.'s of the thing. It's not enough to just not commit the act but you can even have the motive and intention but in order to not have the melody or the intention you have to have your heart what change. No it's verses twenty seven and twenty eight you have heard that it was sent to those of old you shall not commit adultery and when Jesus says this The verses are saying how I wind up are we not committed adultery with another woman. But then when Jesus talks about the law I mention and he makes that commandment even more demanding they say oh we're in trouble now but twenty eight but I say to you that whoever locked him up to last her has already committed adultery with there it is like going to Jesus the same nickname has a problem his problem is that he has a kind of nature and he's trying to make that kind of nature or made a lot go externally and it appear that he does it but internally he cannot subject himself to the law of God He cannot have that greater righteousness which is righteousness outside and also righteousness where righteousness inside that leads to the right. It's also not what I would like you to notice. Matthew chapter twenty three where this issue is brought to a head by Jesus. He's speaking to the same group scribes and Pharisees and several times in this chapter. Jesus calls the scribes and Pharisees what hypocrites what is a hypocrite. Eckankar I'm against. Why don't question I'll sign a sign of something else if I could. In other words he's AWOL in sheep's clothing. He's like nowhere in this but I have little red riding hood you know. It looks rotten thing but inside by nature it's something else not of what Jesus says to them verse twenty three. Where are you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you pick a time of mince and of and comment. Anything wrong with it does God expect us the paper so I was apparently wrong is that part of what I just miss that part of manifesting righteousness and the like. Yes but what was missing that the external was for your pay cut out of the Mint and innocent good men and have neglected the way they are matters of the law. Justice and Mercy and faith. These you ought to have done without leaving the others I'm done you know you need to do the external but you need to do that because the insight is right are you saying you say that verse twenty four blind guides who strain out the net and swallow a camel. Where do you scribes and Pharisees hypocrite. Now notice this for you cleanse the outside of the cup in the dish but inside they are full of extortion and self-indulgence and then he says in verse twenty one are blind. That's the first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish that the outside of them may be clean also. Where do you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you I like to use. Which indeed appear beautiful beautiful outwardly but inside men's rooms and all unclean news even said you are also outwardly up your right to men but inside you are full of High Park want to see and what lawlessness where is the problem of the scribes and Pharisees outside or inside and inside in fact do you know that they use the outside to show how good they were actually going to them. The idea is you know I don't measure up to luck. OK well I'm going to go on are well I don't know I'm going to go I and I don't really do mean and of course the end product of that is to say and I don't know that he's not even rated up to my standard so I don't think it's not only a method of self exculpation but it is a method of bashing those that do not reach high and piety. In other words that's a problem with the heart. There's a problem with the inside. Let me tell you folks the problem of sin is far greater than overcoming bad habits on the outside because all sin begins and springs from the heart and if the heart is wrong your actions will be wrong. You say oh you know well let me give you two examples the first temptation in human history was each temptation I mean was each sent to take the fruit. Is that what he said. We like to think so but not really if you read Genesis three you'll discover that it says first About Eve that the fruit look nice. Then she says that she desired the fruit because it could make her wise. Then it says that she what she took the fruit noticed that she desired it before he took it you know that's the way adultery comes about adultery doesn't happen overnight when somebody in the church or outside the church commits adultery with someone else. It's usually the result of a long process of covetousness that has existed in the heart of the act is only the fruition of what is taking place inside the heart. The same could be said about either since. Now we also have the story of a can you remember a can in the Old Testament stories in Joshua chapter seven when Israel went in and conquered the city of Jericho. God told them not to take anything from Jericho that was the type of the land that all belong to Lord and the Bible says that A can wed in and he saw some gold and he saw some silver and some precious garments and he said you know not good for these things to go to waste and he went and hid them under his bed. Now in Joshua son of verse twenty one when finally a can is discovered by Joshua the Bible tells us that they can give the process of instant he says I saw all these things that you say I committed them that is that I took them and then he says I hid them by the way after Eve committers and she's trying to hide to answer a lot of that sin always begins where and how. It's when the intentions with the feelings. That's where the anger comes from and thought if you want to Congress then you have to conquer it. Not when you're tempted to perform the act but when you're tempted to have the feeling or the inclination. Martin Luther once said some very wise words. He said You can't prevent the birds from flying over your head but you can prevent them from making a nest in your hair. And what he meant is you can't prevent temptations from coming across your mind but you can prevent the temptations from lounging in your mind from lodging in your brain but you have to have a particular power in your life. Whatever happened and make it a must and Saul of Tarsus did not have this. Let's notice Jesus had a lot to say about the heart bringing about sin that is what he says in Mark chapter seven. Go with me to Mark Chapter seven and verse twenty by Chapter seven verse twenty by the way in our topic next Wednesday night we're going to study Mark Chapter seven in detail because this is a very very important chapter in the teachings of Jesus. Mark Chapter seven verse twenty. Notice and he said that is Jesus. How can that be files a man from within from where. From within our heart. Men proceed evil but I don't want to raise fornications matters that covetousness wickedness deceit licentious licentiousness an evil eye. Blasphemy pride only snus all these things come from where. From within and defile a man. Where is our problem is that with our actions. Or is it with our heart. So what needs to be done. Do you have to solve the problem of your actions or do you have to solve the problem of your heart and then your actions will take care of themselves. That's the second. Jesus said in Matthew chapter seven verses fifteen to twenty by their fruits you shall know with so you can know what's inside by the brutes. Can't you let me ask you what does an apple tree produce what a dumb question that produces what holds. Do you have to tell the apple tree. Now I have a dream. You better produce apples. I've got us not because the nature of the apple tree is to produce not Apple. Now if you have an evil heart. Well these sins are in the Jesus spoke about. It's going to come out the same thing but if you have a heart that has been committed to God then what's going to come out of your heart is the good. Incidentally you all know the story of David horrendous in the David community. Oh you read Second Samuel Chapter eleven by the way he followed the same process that I talk about he did not start when he took back either instance started when he went out onto the balcony of the palace and he looked out and he saw Bathsheba baby Naked Now that was not a sin particularly at that moment when he went out and momentarily saw her. But what should he have done. See there was the bright light over the head to use Martin Luther's analogy. He said Oh no no no I will not continue looking. Then temptation would not to become sin but the Bible tells us that he kept on looking and so now looking seeing became covetousness and covered just missing his heart led him to take her and when he took. He did everything possible afterward to hide what he had done but be sure your sin will find you out. And Davidson was found out. David wrote that beautiful psalm and I'd like you to go there with me some fifty one and I want you to notice that they even asked the Lord for two things in a psalm of confession praise the Lord. You know his sin was horrendous. But David was a man after the Lord's heart because David repented truly vs and he confessed this not to sound fifty one in verse one of the first thing that he asked for his forgiveness. What does the new covenant give us true forgiveness through the but not us that that the first blessing the day that asks for the one in verse one have mercy upon me or God according to your loving kindness according to the multitude of your tender mercies to blot out my transgressions. Now they would get rid of my sins. But he asked for something else. Now let's first ten Create in me a clean heart all glow and we know a steadfast spirit within me. So we ask what are the other boxing that we talked about last night. Forgiveness through the blood and what they need to cleanse your heart. And incidentally what's interesting about the word create here in verse ten it's the identical word that is used in Genesis one verse one the word bara which means to create from nothing in other words this takes place as great a miracle as the creation of the world to create a new heart in DAVID And so David prayed to God and God gives him a new heart. For those Christians who think that the law of God is a heavy burden that Jesus got rid of it on the cross that Christians don't have to keep it anymore because the Lord Jesus kept it in our place. Let me tell you that after David went through this terrible sin he wrote Psalm one hundred nineteen and you have the verses that are on your list time after time after time. David says how I look at your I love your law they know what it is my meditation they would then say oh you guys are bad let's say OK I mean nobody can keep it. He said I love your love. So what was the problem with the scribes and the Pharisees had they had righteousness outside but they had on righteousness inside. What do they need a new work. They needed a new heart. I wanted to know if you remember the story of the rich young ruler that came to Jesus and he says you know what do I need to do to have eternal life. Evidently you feel something's missing in his like doesn't it feel you have the inkling that even though he claimed he claims to be a law keeper there something that's missing. So I says What do I need to do to have eternal life. Jesus says all simple keep the commandments and he says those the good be true coverage I can make sure which commemorate they are the same ones that I'm thinking. So he says which. And you've got to know that I shall not steal the instrument committed I don't really know I shall not bear false witness and he quotes the last six commandments except one he does not quote the command at this as now shall not covet in place of that commandment he puts the one that says You shall love your neighbor as yourself. But evidently the young man wasn't really listening or paying attention to what Jesus was saying so he says all these I kept from my youth What more do I lack. I got to know him by the way he was also one of the members of the set and he he was on one are among the john. And so it's and I've got these from my you one that Jesus says what you lack is love as the motivation for your lucky you see you and the keeper which we noticed last night that keeping the commandments are what love in action. Because if you like you're not going to commit adultery. You're going to do everything possible to save people's marriages. If you love your neighbor you're not only not going to kill him but you're going to do everything possible to preserve his or her life. If you love your neighbor you're not only going to not not going to want to steal but you're going to want to share what you have with more with maybe people you know as well as not only ceasing to do evil. The law means to share God's love it means to do good. And so Jesus says so if that's the case you've been keeping the Law since you were you you must be ready for heaven he says I'll tell you what goes on everything you have and give it to the poor and then come follow me and you will have treasure in heaven and what these young men do. He went away sad because he had many possessions and he did not want to give and the Ten Commandments teach us to what to love you shall love your neighbor as yourself you show love going to argue about obeying the Ten Commandments is a law in work clothes. It's all action. So you're keeping the commandments and not loving is a contradiction because the apostle Paul says that love is the fulfilling of the law. By the way the Lord Jesus knew very well that where our treasure is there our heart will be also. Are there many Christians that claim to be Christians but their hearts are in the treasures of this world. Sadly yes. Where is the problem the problem is with the work with the heart you know. I rarely in church speak about giving tithes and offerings very rarely those of you who come here know that I very rarely speak about the need to give tithes and offerings. You say what one pastor. Why don't you talk more about that. You know why because I believe that when people give their lives to God The money will come jumping out of their pockets and it when I'm ready to go into the offering plate not because it was important to me not because a guilt trip is laid on people but because people love their neighbor and and when you look you give You don't say you don't pocket you're not covered just so Jesus knew you since where your treasure is there is where your heart is also and by the way Jesus also said from the abundance of the heart speak the mouth that text is on your list. Matthew Chapter twelve. So what you what comes out of your mouth. What Where in your heart what is the topic of our conversation most of the time. How often this week so far have we talked about Jesus that we talked about heaven and we even thought about him. We talk about our cars we talk about our money we talk about our houses. We talk about our clothes. We talk about our looks. We talk about our job. We talk about sex and we hardly find out. Well I need a little space to talk about Jesus and spiritual things in heaven and the new line that shows that there's something wrong where in the heart because from the abundance of what you have in your heart your mouth speaks if Jesus is in your heart that's what are going to come out of your mouth. There have been secular things are in your heart. That's what's going to come out of your mouth. So let me ask you what is it that we need we need a new one heart you remember that the new covenant offers two promises. Most Christians only like what I don't know your Jesus for gay men I can not go in peace I've been given a little bumper sticker says I'm not perfect I'm just going to have it. Well I'm not perfect either but I'm not just forgiven. I can tell you that because I not only have been forget about my sins I also have received the Holy Spirit of God in my heart. So don't cheat yourself. By only being satisfied with half a glass bowl with half the power the power of forgiveness also received the power in your life to overcome sin. Let's go to the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter thirty one this is a text that we've read last night. Jeremiah chapter thirty one and I would like to read starting at verse thirty one. Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel in with the House of Judah not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt. Remember when God gave his government the Ten Commandments they said oh my lord I said we will work we will do that they know that what they were saying oh because they thought they could make their old nature away because there they were illegal if they can their answer they continue saying my covenant which they broke when I was a husband to them says the Lord. But this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts and I will be their God and they. I'll be my people and then it says in verse thirty four. No I want no more. Every man teaches neighbor and every man his brother saying know the Lord for they don't know me from the least of them to the greatest of them says the Lord for I will forget that iniquity and their sin I will remember no more double blessing the law in the heart and what else. Forgiveness of C four what does God want to do he wants to write his law where in our soul that we will naturally do what the law requires not because we have to do it but because we love God and we will and will be our pleasure to do what God would have us to do. Let me ask you how many women here make bread we have several big bread I have to find out who you are and then I can go sample everybody's bread. Now when you make bread you put in the flour on the wire and everything else you make a great big lump of coal and then you open a little bag of yeast and you sprinkle it on top of the bill. You don't you see if you put it right away I was right I was in order for The Dark Knight Rises the mountain has to be a mother. Yes I And so in order for your life your spirit to lie to grow all the Holy Spirit and not have to be where I am asked to work its way out so that the spirit is in your life when the law is in your like the result is that automatically your life your life. Grounds you don't have to force yourself to grow. See the problem with the scribes in the verse is very simple. I don't know probably none of you very charter. Before But supposing you have this apple tree in your yard it is a regular embarrassment because it's never produced an apple. So this is embarrassing to have this apple tree in front of my house and not a single apple year after year. So what you do is you go to the grocery store and you go there to the to the produce section of the grocery store and you find the apples that still have the stems on them. And at night when nobody is looking like nicotine once you take those apples to your house and you put little grants on the students and you hang their apples all over the tree and lo and behold the next morning the neighbors get up. Oh I'm sure. Only problem is not polls but listen they are artificial apples they don't come from the nature of the tree then the tree that was a problem of their righteousness did not come from inside that righteousness was on the tree so to speak. It came from outside. It did not come from inside. Let me tell you something folks there's a myth among Christians and that myth is God doesn't really care what I look like on the outside. He only cares about the inside. That is a myth because God is concerned with what we look like on the outside what comes out of our mouth how we act how we dress when we go how we eat. You say Pastor you're being realistic now. Not as long as we realize that we do those things because we love God and they come from inside you see a legal test is not a person who keeps the law a legal list is a person who thinks it can be saved because he keeps the law if you understand what I'm saying. There's not one who keeps the law then Jesus was illegal if they have mercy. Jesus can't really just now talk how did he keep the law. It came from where. From within and Jesus says if you love me you will what you will keep My commandments in the same manner. Now I'm going to tell you something which is really exciting. Exodus Chapter thirty one and verse eighteen Let's go there for a moment. Exodus thirty one in verse eighteen we find written there. The occasion when God wrote the Ten Commandments and I want you to know that's what it says there in Exodus thirty one verse eighteen. And when he had made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai he that is GOD GAVE US troops. Let's up that testimony tablets of stone with the finger God who wrote the Ten Commandments. The finger of God Now the question is what is the finger of God. Go with me to Matthew Chapter twelve Matthew Chapter twelve and let's read verse twenty eight. Matthew twelve in verse twenty eight and then we're going to go to Luke eleven verse twenty. We're going to compare the two verses. That's not is what the finger of God is the finger of God about the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone correct. We just know that Matthew Chapter twelve and verse twenty eight. Here Jesus says. But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. How did Jesus cast out the spirits with the wind with the Spirit of God It says you're not there with me to Luke Chapter eleven. And verse twenty. Chapter eleven and verse twenty the same concept but it's explained in different words. It says there in looking I'm going to verse twenty. Jesus speaking once again but if I cast out demons with the what will we shall in the kingdom of God has come upon you. So my question is what is the finger of God What is the finger of God the Holy Spirit. Let me ask you that finger of God that register the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone which was the Holy Spirit the finger of God is that the same Holy Spirit that comes in with the finger of God writes the law upon our hearts isn't the Holy Spirit it doesn't. Yes So what do we need more than anybody else. We need the Holy Spirit. Let me say this Bob have you ever noticed have you ever seen somebody who is just an ideal physical specimen muscular rosy elegant. In a certain they have a heart attack and falls there you see the outside. In D.C. you would have never guessed that the person who thought I was looking outside could have such a sick heart. That's the problem with the bioscience all they want to get outside. But they had a sick heart. Let me tell you about. God is the great heavenly surgeon he's a cardiologist. God does not do it by patents. God does not put in pacemakers. God does not put in a belt that does not do it on your play. There's only one kind of operation that got performed and you know what that is a heart transplant he won't take your heart and if you will allow it he will put a new heart in you. That's not like something that you would like to say how is this possible let's go back to John chapter three and reversed by Jesus at the neck of the humans. Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of what I want her. That's water baptism. And what else. And this. Spearmint he cannot enter the Kingdom of God you must be born of water and Spirit. Water is water baptism and the Spirit is the Holy Spirit that you receive at baptism. You say how do we know. Go with me to Acts chapter two and verse thirty eight Acts chapter two and verse thirty eight. Here the apostle Peter is finishing his sermon on the day of Pentecost Acts chapter two and verse thirty actually that's read verse thirty seven because it gives us the reaction of the people that are listening. It says in verse thirty seven now when they heard this they were cut to the heart and sent to Peter and the rest of the apostles Men and brethren what shall we do in the light of what you have prayed. What shall we do. Not us the answer. Then Peter said to them repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. That's the first blessing we've talked about right. The blood of Jesus was shed for the remission of sins. This is the new covenant remember we read yesterday in Matthew twenty six vs twenty seven twenty eight. This is the blood of the new covenant which is shed for the remission of sins. So in other words at baptism when you're baptized in the water your sins I will not remain forgiven and washed away. But is that all God does talk about things that we need in the New Covenant forgiveness and power. Well that's what it says. Once again verse thirty eight Then Peter said to them repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift but the gift of the Holy Spirit by the way is that the same process that Jesus followed when he was baptized. Bible says that he was immersed you were submerged under the water and then he came up out of the water and what came down from heaven the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and a voice was heard that said this is not my beloved Son in whom I have I am well pleased and you know what the next event in the life of Jesus is immediately after that the Bible says that Jesus goes into the desert to be tempted. How did Jesus overcome temptation by the Word of God. Yes but what had he received immediately before that is that he had received the power of the holy spirit to overcome. Now he didn't have any simple bearing in the waters but he did receive the power of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit guided him into the desert and the Holy Spirit gave him the victory over sin in the desert. Now allow me to just mention something which I feel will help us understand a little bit better what we're talking about tonight. When I was are you. One boy the ages of seven to twelve approximately I had a hobby and hobby was to collect butterflies. Those of you who go into my office at the end of the complex will see a picture frame there with an article from a magazine in Venezuela where I grew up where it was a documentary that was done in the most important magazine in Venezuela on the methods of catching butterflies or several picture of pictures of my butterfly collection down there and I learned a lot of things as I was collecting butterflies. It's one of the greatest miracles that takes place in the world of nature. Do you know that a butterfly is actually born twice if they know I was there. Yeah first time is born a caterpillar from an egg and then the caterpillar eats from the tree the tree where the eggs were early and eats Caterpillar grows becomes large and then a caterpillar buries itself in a cocoon or Crystal is there. Then after a while out of the cocoon comes no longer a caterpillar but all the cocoon comes a butterfly. Now you say how in the world would that happen anyway. Then I've got to look at it comes out of out of line. How was that. Well let me tell you it was a caterpillar. Excuse me a butterfly is not a caterpillar with wings attached. A butterfly is a totally new creation by a miracle of God. Scientists cannot see the power that does the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. But they can see the result. You remember the G. the third the nicotine that's the Holy Spirit is like the wind you can't see it but you can see its effects because it moves the branches and so with this caterpillar shot a minute ago but placed in the cocoon that even the scientists can understand. And lo and behold outcomes a butterfly. You can see the plant but you cannot explain the miracle. Incidentally when the butterfly comes out of the cocoon it changes name. It's no longer called a caterpillar It's called a butterfly. Do the habits of the butterfly change as compared with the caterpillar lifelines the Caterpillar just kind of drank a lot. Like many people. That's why I'm not different then the caterpillar that does that butterfly and then an eight when it was a caterpillar. The answers here and hasn't ever night anything different that's totally different because I was taken place when I was buried in the cocoon and then it came out. Could Caterpillar become a butterfly if it made up its mind that it wanted to be a butterfly. By having strong willpower I'm going to become a butterfly. Lesson You cannot get a new heart. By determining that you're going to have a new heart the only way that you can have a new heart is the one miracle of God. Second Corinthians five seventeen says that those who are in Christ there are a new creation the old things have passed and everything. It's made what everything is made. You talk directly address you like different things entertainment you like you don't like any more the only things you like you don't like anymore. Your life is totally changed not because there was a past with it you can do this you can that you can that you can that you can't do that. Not because the law says don't do this don't do that don't do that. But because there's a lot in the heart and low in Pelosi to strengthen the heart and it's a joy to do all of these things. Can you imagine a butterfly behaving like a. There's many Christians that claim to be Christian butterflies and they behave like brothers. Now listen folks it's not enough only to be baptized in water and to receive the Holy Spirit but we have to learn to abide in Jesus. You see this experience of forgiveness of sin and having the law written in the heart takes place every day and if it doesn't my life you can't depend on an experience you had twenty years ago. Some Christians tell me I've been I've been in the church forty years I have years of experience and I tell them what you have is forty years repeating the same year. Because there hasn't been any growth that hasn't been any progress you think up what do you know Christian who has been for many years a Christian should have many more victories than someone who was a brand new Christian who has just been born. I would think so. Jesus said abide in me you can read in John Chapter fifteen abide in me abide in me abide in me and you let's abide in one another. In other words you have to abide in Jesus. Let me just tell you as a sidelight. When I caught butterflies I would catch them at this national park in Venezuela and I would go in what I met in my jar jar had very deadly poison called carbon tetrachloride. Lyn and I put my butterflies in that jar. I mean the butterfly wood would hardly even move it would just turn its wings the opposite way and just go that's the reason why I quit collecting butterflies because I couldn't kill them anymore they lived such a short time they're so beautiful in the air flying up the Lord wanted dead butterflies in a box it would have made him that way. So anyway I would go hunting butterflies in this national park and I would I can't quite a lot of the ones that are in that picture beautiful these large butterflies. Well a couple of years I did go to that park and I went two years later and I had my met with me and my jar with carbon paper Clore and I was going to catch butterflies and the range of the park said where you go and I said well I'm going to catch butterflies that you can do that. I said why not. Because since you were here last time this has been declared a national refuge and all of the butterflies are protected. Now it's interesting these blue butterflies they love bananas when they were caterpillars that in Lebanon's leaves and afterwards they've been empty but they were vegetarians before and after. And so they said they looked at us and if you've been on the ground they'll all gather around it's like I said No problem. I went outside the gate of the park. I threw down my banana and I thought come back in a half an hour and then I believe some of you is going to get caught up in the bad guys that did not abide in the National Park ended up dead in my collection. That's the way the devil is if you don't abide in Jesus if you. So keep your eyes on Jesus the Bible says that by beholding him would become changed. The devil can come and overcome us even after we have come to know Jesus the Bible says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God You see only a person with a pure heart can see your god. Now you're probably wondering what happened to me could be could be must see the like. Yes he did the last two references on the list that you have John seven versus fifty to fifty two when the Sanhedrin wanted to accuse Jesus. You know who stood up to defend him and was chastised by the other members and even more significantly folks in John nineteen thirty nine The Bible tells us that McGuinty must brought me learn and I was one hundred pounds which was worth a fortune in that day and age to anoint the body of Jesus and the Bible says He must end up along with the others went and buried Jesus in the two so naked Bemis was born of the water and of the spirit and make it the most will see and he will enter the Kingdom of God The question is are you going to be there with nicotine. Have you had your interview with Jesus. Have you been baptized of the water and of the Spirit. Maybe you've been baptized of water and you didn't understand everything that we're talking about tonight. Maybe you need to have a recommitment if we didn't understand what we did the first time maybe we need to do it again because we need to understand what we're doing though a great father in heaven. We've been touched by your message tonight we think. A lord that Jesus was able to reach the heart of nicotine. The Lord there are many nicotine misses here tonight people who perhaps didn't understand everything that we've talked about tonight. People that struggle with sin. People struggle with bad habits. Struggle with life. I ask Lord that you will give them forgiveness for their sins. I ask Lord and you will do even more than that that you will plant your law in their hearts you will give him a new heart a clean heart so that out of love they will do what is pleasing in your sight. Lord if there's anybody who was particularly struggling with sin Tonight I ask that you will come close to them. Speak to their hearts and encourage them right at this very moment. We thank you for being such a wonderful God. We're thankful you're not only taken half of measure to save us just to forgive us our sins but that you also cleanse us from all unrighteousness and you give us a new heart. Lord if there's anybody here tonight that is struggling with filling up the card and making a decision I ask that you will not allow them to leave this place until they have given their life to Jesus as their Savior. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer or answering in Jesus' name. When this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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