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8. Family Values

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 23, 2015
    5:30 PM

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As you read the Gospels you find that Jesus is constantly in controversy where the religious leaders of his day. So interesting James was a Jew and all of these sects that existed in that day also claim to be do you know you had the Pharisees you have described you have the Iranians you have the scenes you have the Sadducees you had all these different denominations in the days of Christ and Christ was a Jew and he was always in conflict and controversy with them you can hardly turn one page in the Gospels without finding Jesus in some controversy with these religious leaders particularly. And as we studied in one of our previous lectures the whole controversy revolved around the issue of whether the law should be read not pallets of stone and you should try and measure up or whether the law should be written on the heart in such a way that you naturally do automatically do what the law requires. In other words the whole controversy had to do with a lot of it not tables of stone or the law written on the tablets of the heart and this is what Matthew chapter five and verse one is speaking about. Let's read it again. Your Jesus speaks that he says for I say to you that unless your righteousness ex sees the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees not of the Jesus does not require lengths. Jesus requires What more does it require at least as much as what the Pharisees were given. That's gotta expect a different exterior does God expect to change but expect better fruit in our lives. Yes Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them. But these things need to be produced by an internal motivation rather than imposed by a lobby with them. And so Jesus says here is what I say to you that unless your righteousness. See it's the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven and then she just is going to amplify what he's talking about. First of all as we've studied he deals with the commandment that speaks about murder parities murder was to kill somebody physically it was the act of murder. But Jesus says No murder is deeper than that. Murder begins in the heart. So if you hate your brother you've already committed murder even if you have not then Jesus goes a little bit further down and he speaks about the famine command in a moment we're going to return to this commandment. We're going to go to another chapter in the Gospel of Matthew. But Jesus speaks about command now shall not commit adultery when he speaks of the Pharisees are very happy because they say we have never slept with anyone other than our own wives. So what do we know right. But then Jesus says Whoever not discipline a woman to comfort her or to desire her has already committed adultery this are so not that Jesus goes beyond the external act he goes beyond just what we do outside and he says that unless our motivations for doing our internal unless the heart moves us to do it it's worthless in the sight of God because it's legalism it's trying to. One salvation so what Jesus wanted was to have people living a religion of the heart to live in the Commandments because the motivation came from inside rather than imposed by a law from outside. Raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying and what I'm saying is making sense to you. We studied it before we had a whole lecture on what Jesus had to say about the rule of law. Now go with me to Matthew Chapter nineteen Matthew Chapter nineteen and we're going to amplify this aspect of the seventh commandment here Jesus is going to deal with the seventh commandment of the Law God not commit adultery. And it's going to amplify what we've already noticed in Matthew Chapter one universe one now it came to pass when Jesus had finished these sayings that he departed from Galilee and came to the region of Judea beyond the Jordan a great multitude followed him and he healed them there apparently is also came to him now as was the controversy we have again same viruses that we read about in Matthew chapter by verse twenty it says once again the Pharisees also came to him testing him and saying to him Now what is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason you know. So then the question that this happens with family values it most certainly does because it's thinking about marriage and so my question is can you get a divorce or any reason to get out of the board for any reason in the sight of God Now I want to know that's what Jesus answers in verse four and he answered and said to them Have you not read it. Where does Jesus direct them to. He does not direct them to the rabbis or to the traditions of the elders. He directs them there to the written Word of God and not to continue saying have you not read. Then he who made them at the beginning is that who made them at the beginning but particularly there are three persons in the Godhead. There's the father that's not in the Holy Spirit. Which one was the acting agent in creation according to what we study and what Jesus does in fact in the Gospel of John just very very revealing itself in verses one to three of chapter one in the beginning of August in the beginning. Was who the word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God. So in the beginning was the Word of God and then it says well you know him all things were created three elements in this passage number one in the beginning. Number two know the where it was bought and number three he created. Now doesn't that sound a lot like Genesis chapter one and verse one we have the same three elements. It's sort of in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. So who was the creator or according to Scripture it was none other than Jesus right. Stablish marriage app of the. So notice once again verse four and he answered and said to them Have you not random that he who made them at the beginning made them male and female who made the gender differences. So is it God's plan that human beings blur the gender difference that is absolutely not. Is it acceptable for individuals to form homosexual marriages or lesbian marriages not if you go by what the Word of God says. Now let me say we need to love the homosexual without loving his homosexuality and we must follow the lead of the lightning. Her lesbianism Isn't that right. We need to love the sinner but we can never be the same and in fact when we speak to people we have to speak to them the truth in love because we want them to be safe in the kingdom of Christ and so he says he will make them in the beginning made them male and female and said Now this is interesting because when you go back to Genesis you discover something very peculiar. The words that were given at the Mary. It's ceremony in Genesis are simply written as if they were Bibles. Now let's go back there back back to Genesis of if you can see the point that I'm trying to make. Genesis chapter two and verse twenty four. It gives the impression that either Moses is writing this or perhaps even Adam is speaking this but we're not of the minute that the one who spoke these words were Jesus himself. Verse twenty four Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joint was white and they shall become one flesh. Now who said those words just as it's just written or that Moses is writing it or maybe and only speaking these words but what does that say in Matthew verse Corgi and he answered and said to them had you not read that he who made them at the beginning man the male and female and said Who said the one who made them at the beginning right and said For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to was right and the two shall become one flesh. So the words that we use in the marriage ceremony were first used by Jesus Christ. That's as in verse six. So then they are no longer true but one left there for what God has joined together let not man separate question where does Jesus vault or is a body the Word of God and what is the idea of according to Jesus the ideal that existed when creation in the beginning. Don't forget that now we're going to know that in the next verse that the Jewish nation and the piracies had twisted the meaning of marriage. In fact they hadn't ruined to a great extent. The precious beautiful meaning of marriage and so I asked Jesus in verse seven they said to him why then did morals as command is or thirdly get out of the wars and to put her away. You can find that in Deuteronomy Chapter twenty point verse one where balls has allowed them to get the worst practically for any reason but one of the reason was an acceptable on the part of God didn't want to damage that legislation was that his original plan. Absolutely not he says in verse eight he said to them. Moses because of the hardness of your heart. What does that mean the hardness of your heart. We studied about heart heart before and this is a man on what does a heart heart represent the heart of someone who is hurting a person who has a heart I stole a heart that has not been touched by the Holy Spirit. We've studied all of these things so Jesus is saying it was because you were unconverted because you have. Well I went on tablets of stone but not on your heart that you demanded the ability to divorce for any reason. But then where does Jesus take them. Verse eight again he said to them but was this because of the hardness of your hearts. Permit you to divorce your wives but from the beginning it was not so. So according to Jesus where do we need to go for the pattern of marriage. We must go on to the beginning and we must depend upon the Holy Word of God who had twisted the meaning of marriage. The Jewish nation and particularly the fantasies in Christ's day. So the kinder. Percy is between the Word of God given at the beginning and what Moses allowed because of the hardness of the hearts of the people. But Jesus says the pattern the ideal is to go back to the beginning to see what God's original plan is that plan. That's where God wants us to be that point clear. The disciples then say well if that's the case if there are for a person not to get there let me tell you something it's better rather to be sure who you marry when you get married because if you're not sure who you're getting married to it will end in divorce and then you'll be disobeying what the Lord has to say here in Matthew Chapter nine the two points that I want to underline in this passage is number one Jesus gives authority from where from the Word of God and he said that the idea that we need to follow Israel where when in the beginning not the day. Auditions that well I don't because I'm behind his art but God's original plan and creation. Now let's go to the Gospel of Mark the Gospel of Mark Chapter seven to another controversial situation of Jesus with these religious leaders. It's always usually I should say always it's usually with a surprise and the better. Now let's Mark Chapter seven and we're going to go through the first thirteen verses of this chapter. And Jesus is going to deal here with restoring the victim and then Jesus restore the six of them are now shall not kill. Yes to its original meaning yes then Christ reestablish the seventh command Thou shalt not commit adultery. Very reestablish the meaning of marriage going back to the beginning and letting the will of God yes. Now he's going to restore the. Meaning of the victim because that also has been twisted out of shape by just crimes and the fires it is Jesus getting rid of the law. No what is Jesus doing. He's restarting the long trial and Papua New Guinean that point clear in your minds. Now notice Mark Chapter seven and verse one. The controversy is going to have to do with ceremonial washing says the first one then the Pharisees and some of the scribes came together to him having come from Jerusalem known as once again who are the ones that are going to bring controversy with Jesus. The Pharisees and the scribes. It's adverse to now when they saw some of his disciples bread with defiled that is what unwashed hands they found fault. Now this passage has nothing to do with hygiene but we are supposed to wash our hands before we eat. This is referring to ceremonial washings which the Pharisees and the scribes did many times during the day because they thought that they were getting rid of their religious and spiritual development by doing it doesn't have anything to do with physical biomed and physical cleansing. They thought they were cleansing their spiritual nature by doing these things that will become clearer to me personally or the Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash their hands in a special way holding the tradition of the elders and I need to stop there what is this thing of the tradition of the hour we're going to notice in this passage that there are several technical terms you know logical terms which we need to understand in order to comprehend what's going on here. One of those technical terms is the tradition of the elders. Another one is holding another one is which. We have received this interesting terminology you Harold what you have received it even speaks there about transmitting what you have passed it says a little bit later on. So this is a tradition of the Elders which has been received and which is passed but now let's go to Matthew chapter twenty three and I want you to notice something very interesting about this idea of the tradition of the elders. Once again speaking about the scribes and the Pharisees the same group not us verses one and two. Then Jesus spoke to the multitude and to His disciples saying the scribes and Pharisees said in a not in my own hands. Seek not from Jewish sources we know that this idea of sending M O C C meant to the Jewish leaders that they have the authority to teach. Actually the Greek word that is used here or or seed is the word. In other words the scribes and the Pharisees they claim to have the right to speak. Happy the world being roaming from the floor you see the Jewish nation believe that there were certain traditions oral traditions that God gave the Moses which were not committed to writing and they were only in that these traditions which were going to orally Tamils which Moses never wrote in his books were handed down from generation to generation by going on in succession. Oh anger in other words these elders preserve the old traditions all the way from the time till the time of Jesus. So when they were teaching from wrong they were teaching the oral traditions that Moses had taught but which were not permitted to write. Very interesting concept the concept that they were teaching oral traditions that Moses had taught but which were written. How do we know that Moses taught them if they're not real how do we know when these traditions contradict what is written in the word because they where do you want traditions talk from the cathedral or do you go with what Scripture say I heard you say scripture but you say there is this idea of succession. There's this deposit of the pay which Mrs received by OK this was passed on from generation to generation to the elders to the owners of the next generation to the owners of the next generation. In Iraq in succession until the day when Jesus comes to this earth and they believe that these words were as authoritative in this oral tradition was as a partner and as important and I asked what were they as the written Word of God and of course these washings were part of those traditions. It's not us. Once again Mark Chapter seven in let's read once again starting with verse four. When they come from the market place speaking about the Jews particularly the scribes and Pharisees. They do not eat unless they wash. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. This tradition the Jesus is talking about here. There's much more he said. I'm just giving you one example because that is there and many other things which they have not received from wire from tradition from the elders and those others from the previous elders supposedly unbroken succession all the way back to Moses so I exist and there are many other things which they have received and want. And a whole lot like washing up pitchers. Couple couple bottles and conscious that the Pharisees and scribes asked him why do your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders. But eat bread with unwashed hands. Why don't your disciples wash their own morning only like Moses said quietly and like I have thought since the days of Moses and Jesus immediately is going to go away or to get his authority if you're going to think Well Rabbi Florence also had thought and thought. Well Rabbi friends and God said so and so Absolutely not. Jesus immediately when he confronts them he goes where the written Word of God but the only thing that we can trust is the Written Word of God because oral tradition soon become corrupted in the process. Now a lot of the first six he answered and said to them well then I would say are you hypocrites. As it is written notice this. This people are going to me with their lives in other words they thought the talk but their what their heart is I mean what kind of disease you know that I've got heart problems. Have we seen that before. I've course we know where they're going to have a spare job is what do you do with it thing. Remember that we read in Matthew nineteen that Jesus died because of the hardness of your heart but at the beginning it was not so and ease of use a scripture to show that I was not like that at the beginning. Now once again. Jesus called a scripture and he says yes people with their own words. Honor me but their heart is far from a number of the outside is beautiful and wonderful but the inside is Corella. Now LOT of verse seven the middle of the verse and in vain in vain the word vain means and be something that is empty. Something that has no license something that has no meaning and so he says and then don't ask me what happens when you follow tradition instead of following the Word of God. Your letter back in May according to Jesus in other words you're washed up is useless. When your politician is going to work and so he says in Maine they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments are what men did James just accept the idea that all the oral traditions were divinely inspired. No the Jesus recognized that we're supposed to follow their own tradition because it has been handed down from the beginning to Moses all the way down to the people of this day and age. Absolutely not he says these doctrines are commandments of men and if you follow the commandments of men you I worship me you motivate me in vain and then all of us verse eight or laying out the commandment of God What amenities you talking about when he says layin aside the commandments of God he's thinking about one of the Ten Commandments. We're going to notice that a man is speaking about the commandment Honor your father and your mother so I want to know what is that in this. Passage is everything then tradition on Noel's one of the Ten Commandments. Tradition is in rivalry with one about a man. So while you accept tradition you're making up many things the commandments of God not us once again. Verse eight or laying aside the commandment of God you hold what the tradition of men. The washing up pictures and cups but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Traditions touch every aspect of life because you can then you say and many other such things you do not have regarding the other commandments you do the same thing. And now Jesus is going to revert to which of them he was talking about. Notice verse nine and he said to them all too well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your tradition for our man said word of Jesus dog and the ghost written scripture. I challenge you to bring me one verse in the Gospels where Jesus ever quoted a rabbi. Or I don't want to tradition. Not once he always quoted written scripture by this Jesus is saying that it is written scripture which airs on questionable aboard. In fact Jesus constantly chyle and oral tradition because of the Word of God and so understand he says for man's insane I honor your father and your mother. But remember that number by those that have anything to do with family values worth it doesn't deal with the relationship between husband and wife and deals with the relationship between children and parents and cyberspace and promotes a said Honor your father and your mother and you can assist father or mother let him be put. Then when Jesus says these words they're saying oh well you know we're doing all right. We've never cursed God or Jesus is going to say is going to make them shake not dismissing the other but you say if a man says to his father or mother whatever profit you might have received from me is quote one that is dedicated to the temple and you no longer let him do anything or his father or his mother. Now let me explain what Corben words the word carbon means dedicated and one of the traditions of the scribes and Pharisees allowed the children to do the children that were well to do they got them in life. Basically what they could they could say everything that I own and everything that I enjoy. I get a kick to the temple. It is Corbett but all during the rest of their lives they could use whatever I want to the good Injun that turn up for us and then when they die it was property of the temple and you know what some kids being they use this as an excuse when the parents had great need and the parents so help me mother the mother said daughter count me that would say I can't. Everything I own is karma. Are you understanding what I'm saying and I can't help you and then it catered to that that will have mercy on this tradition one wasn't doing with a memorable labo and was going to rain the commandment commandment of God and of course Jesus was indignant I am indignant I know and I'm living two thousand years later are you indignant I mean this tradition what it does is it a little like a commandment of God that says. Honor your father and your mother is Jesus doing away with a commandment that says Honor your father and your mother. Now what is Jesus doing. Jesus is exalted in the commandment he has placed it in the high position occupied he is restoring the commandment to its proper meaning but is not doing away with it what it is doing away with is their petty ridiculous traditions which make of no effect. The commandment of God just like he did with marriage. He also did with the command of the fifth honor your father and your mother. Then he concludes in verse thirteen by saying May the Word of God no. But literally you want tradition which you would have what. There's another one of those words which you have handed down and then for the third time he says and many such things you do. Are you understanding the controversy that Jesus had with these people what are they doing there putting tradition in place of what in place of the Word of God in place of the commanded of God and by doing that they are unknowing and destroying the meaning of a commandment of God and the force of the commandment of God Is that clear in your mind. Now I would like to go to another example. Go with me to the Gospel of Mark the Gospel of Mark Chapter two and verse twenty three. And before we start reading there I want to make something absolutely clear I want to make sure that you understand what I'm saying and so I'm going to ask you a question. Didn't Jesus do what way with the Sabbath to man didn't Jesus change the seven coming didn't Jesus do away with the men then Jesus changed the man. Then she just do away with the Sixth Commandment the says thou shall not you know very exalted and make it even more applicable and more powerful. He most certainly did. Now we're going to take a look at another commandment that Jesus had constant controversies all verse twenty three. Now what happened that he went through the grain fields on the Sabbath that went with them out of it is the Sabbath. If I'm going to God's Commandments what would Jesus been aware that the name how can we say no we haven't even studied it yet. So we're going from Greenville on the south and I want to go to some interesting things here. And as they went his disciples began to pluck the hands of grain. Now let me tell you that the scribes and Pharisees had poor laws that made the disciples great sinners in their sight. Number one by plugging the grain they were falling into the great sin of re being there they weren't really really they were just getting something to answer. I mean they were going out in their combine the harvest their fields. They were getting a meal or if they didn't have come on back there. I'm going to sleep in that they were committing in the eyes of the scribes and Pharisees because their traditions which are basis was that if you're a local chapter six and verse one which we won't be there it's on your list. You'll find that it says that they took the grain and they wrote it in their hands. Now that is the sin but I should say they plan to spend. They're guilty of raping. Now they're doing the oppressing but not yet they threat you need to know also that at some point they must have blown away. And so now they're committing the sin of the wing and then Sam is by this whole process they prepared a meal on the Sabbath and so they've broken up the rabbinical laws that come as a result of a tradition where they break in the Bible commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Know why were they breaking they were breaking the law and commandments of the Pharisees not the commandment of God that it says in verse twenty four and the prayers sent to him by the way if you're wondering whether this was robbery. They were still green. No the law allowed people to pick and not grey for me if they were hungry. So the problem with now shall not steal doesn't apply here but maybe somebody might come up with that question. People are in question. First went to war and the Pharisees said to him Look why do they do it is not unlawful on the Sabbath. By definition it's not a fabric of the Lord above but I don't see how it is that tradition just like carbon was their tradition just like divorce was their tradition. So by that definition the disciples have bred in their law they would rather have the disciple sucker and be hungry on the Sabbath. Verse twenty five but he said to them Have you never read David what David did when he was in need of hungry he and those within how we went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest and ate the showerhead which is not to eat except to the priests and also gave some to those who were with him. Where is Jesus boy once again. Then what is their site was I doing. They go all over once again right after the shot. Jurors program wrong and then I want you to notice the tremendous conclusion that we have here in verse twenty seven not only does Jesus go to Scripture but now he is going to take us back where to the beginning as the original intent and meaning of this commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Let's press twenty seven and he said to them thus far but was made for man and not man for the Sabbath stop. For more on the Sabbath was made or who I thought it was or that you could have said the Sabbath was made for the Jew he could observe the Sabbath was made for Israel by the same Fatma was me. Well which is a generic term. He's saying that the fabric was made for our humanity. My question is where and when and who made this. When does Jesus send us all of them are saying hey sense of again we're back to the beginning as the ideal of observers. Does Jesus do away with them. What is he going to do he's going to say you have traditions contradict the meaning of the sample because in the beginning it was not so and so where do you suppose we need to go to understand the true meaning of that. Well Jesus themselves of the Sabbath was made for. Well he sent us back to Genesis. So do you suppose it might be a good idea to go back to Genesis. That's where Jesus sends us. He says if you want to know what the Sabbath what it means then let's go back to Genesis. Incidentally I may ask you how many Jews were there back in there. How many. What am I to do. Nice try the word Jew comes from Judah June was one of the sons of Jacob and Jacob lived in the second row only in B.C. who have to see him long after creation. You know what's right and what's not a Jew. That's why Jesus said The flag was made for man. If we take orders well that would take us all the time of Abraham but Jesus said The Sabbath was made for man. He's transcending Abraham and he's taking us back to the very beginning and so we need to go to the beginning to understand this. Now let me just review basically how the Sabbath is related to family values. Because let me say folks these are the two great creation of the world were made at the same time somebody might say the pastor isn't the Sabbath a sign of the rest that we get when Jesus redeemed ourselves in that is a secondary meaning of the stem. But you see when the Sabbath was made originally there was no see the Sabbath was made for man before sin and for the forever in its original meaning that creation meaning has nothing to do with sin and rest in Jesus Christ after says it's part of God's original plan. Let me ask you was it part of God's original plan that children honor their father their mother was a part of both. The original plan that man and woman should not kill was a part of God's original plan that human beings should not feel was a part of God's original plan that human beings should not commit adultery. We just noticed it. What was the intent of the Sabbath originally. Listen I find it ironic that some Christians I speak with you clearly. Let me let me just say I don't want to offend anybody here tonight but when I became a minister I promised the Lord that I would speak the truth and I speak it because I love you. You say well you don't love me so much because you speak strong well that's Nazi definition people give up today is is you know that she was she really just told me all about it a lot as a matter of what we believe we don't want the same place that we are not wanted to go to jail. But I don't regret it and I'm going to heaven now we need to go back to Genesis Let's go back to Genesis just as you read the story of creation and discover that God created things. The first six days he created the world and everything created light firmament dry land trees flowers sun moon and stars fish birds and then on the first part of the sixth day he created the animals people man came into existence and then it's interesting to note of how God created man by the way this is taking place on the second half of the sixth in the creation of God takes dust of the ground. He makes Adam out of the dust of the ground he warms him in that he tells Adam go name the animals and so Adam goes and names the ant. And there was a special purpose is if you're Regent So you've got to know that as Adam was naming the animals he was going to find that each one had a mate and he was going to be a little interesting little and that's exactly what happened and as I was naming the animals he theories that every interact haven't a rabbit every I don't have but this week I was up bow and far and you know what I already know how can I answer now God said something really strange After every day of creation God said. It's good it's good it's good. But now he learns and he says it is not good. There was something in creation with the past and that was not God so I said it is not good that man should be alone I'm going to create Mary and so what he does he creates the woman out of the man and brings the woman with me so I want to be known as the sequence you have the creation of all ever everything that's in the world including the birth of the fish the animals then man has created them and then one is created for man for fellowship with man and then the very last event of the sixth day is God calls Jesus Christ calls Adam and Eve and he says now Adam you stand right here Eve I'm dramatize and Adam you stand right here either you stand right here and then God says therefore still a man leave his father his mother and shall be joined unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. What God has brought together that moment against the sun. I declare you know. And in one and somehow God created marriage is marriage a creation institution is a part of gunfire original plan. Yes But now listen up to what I'm going to say immediately after God married Adam and Eve and they were in fellowship and God says everything that I made just for you. It's my character you know. But all over everything and now you're going to have sovereignty. You're going to I'm going to maybe I won't. But immediately after God marries them we find that God institutes a sap not as what it says in Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two that's actually that started chapter one and verse thirty one and then move into chapter two it says in chapter one and verse thirty one. Then God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good. So all the evening and the morning with the sixth day let me ask you who had made all of these beautiful wonderful things. G.C. Was it necessary that anime Adam and Eve remember where all of this came from. What can keep fresh in their mind the fact that they were made for each other but they were also both made for God it's interesting the first day that Adam and Eve spend on earth is not a view of work it would be a breath and who were wrestling with with God with Jesus. Usually not come on past is that what the Bible says God rested. God bless God so I don't want to not have Chapter two and verse one. Thus the heavens and the earth and all of them were finished you know. They got ended his work which he had done and he rested on the seventh they promote all his work which he has done. Then God bless the third they are trying to fight it because in it he rested for all his work which God had created me so what was going to do the rest the rest by and still no Jesus at the Sabbath was made for man and so it must be given not only god but who less than with God man I don't let me have part of God's original plan I want you to notice the beauty of this marriage is not a buying or marriages a trial on the sixth they got makes marriage out of an even exist. I mean for one another but I'm to say I don't think he said come and rest with me I really make both of you for me and I want to have a from now on we're going to meet your garden and you're going to look at the world and you've got to look at one another and are going to like how it's going to look at everything is made everything that he is going to want to whatever god you are you know why so many marriages fail today. It's because their marriage is up to instill a marriage of the three. The Sabbath is an integral part of marriage because the last back on the six they just forgot to marry out of many and then he said Come now today which I believe it was at sundown. We're going to know in our study in our next lecture when the Sabbath begins. AGAZZI is now what I want you I want you to spend the whole day being with Will Make You know what you think atoms then or come running when I got so many things to do or how it is I'm going to give me this yoke of bondage. Which I can imagine Adam say lard. You mean to say we're only going to be able to then wonder why I'd like to spend every day you know I don't think they do but I will go and ask them to Sabbath and so you have the Sabbath spending this beautiful day with the Creator God the Sabbath is an integral part of marriage. And I find it ironic and I'll share this with you. I find it very ironic that Christians today are packing homosexuality and lesbianism and I say yeah you need to attack those things because they will but the reason why they are doing it you ask now why do you say that a man and a man should not get married. Why do you say that a woman in a woman should not get married. Well because God in the beginning of May malam very well and he said that a middle of a female should get married and then I ask him and what about the Sabbath. God make that at the beginning too. Are you with me and they say well you know marriage applies what the Sabbath does but why why don't you pick and choose one and not the other. We're going to find in our next two lectures that a tremendous point Lucian has done for the Christian church and most Christians believe that this is gospel truth. You say this can't be this can't be possible can't happen. How many people in the days of Jesus were more able to tradition that they were to the Word of God. Almost everyone was on the wrong side. We're going to know if as we continue studying this that the majority does not necessarily mean that it's true. Right the only foundation where we can be secure and sure is the foundation of the whole way. Inherent in Bible right where they were but that was where we must stay so help us God. Now let's go back and take a look at the Sabbath of appearances. We'll continue this on Saturday night. Would you like to continue some of this on Saturday night. Now I want to know there is some miracles that Jesus performed on the SAT You know it's interesting when you look at the miracles that Jesus performed it was that he was doing it in the Pharisees face he was saying in your face you know I'm serious. And this is not I'm going to read some some passages from this book here is called code of Jewish law. Now when the lives of people who are in danger on the Sabbath measures could be taken to save their lives. According to Jewish tradition. Let me read you for example permission Aiyana which is a Jewish fourth combat time. Chapter eight in verse six this is what it says. Whenever there is doubt whether life it's in danger. This overrides the fact now going to live is more important than the Sabbath when life on danger in the family do everything possible to save. But you know all the miracles that Jesus performed on the Sabbath were not emergency. In no case what's like in danger. They work well on me and would have meant nothing for Jesus to wait until after sundown to heal these people. For example a woman who had been bent over or ate. Years what difference will be made to a man who had been a paralytic. We're learning again here a man who had been blind from birth. Oh man why don't we have our hand is that a deadly disease. Oh you know when that happened probably since the time that he was born a man was some part of the dropsy which is an accepted retention of water in the tissues which causes great pain but it's not a matter of life and death and Jesus made a specific point to doing his miracles of healing in crime cases on the side you know the reason why there are many people who think it's because Jesus was showing that we can bring this out. What you read all these stories you'll discover that it was not because Jesus wanted to teach people that you can break the Sabbath it's because the Lord Jesus wanted to restore the Sabbath to its true and proper me he wanted us to have up to the place where God had established it. You see after the Babylonian captivity which took place about five hundred some years before Christ the Jewish rabbi said we're never going to go through this again because it was a devastating experience for the Jews with Evelyn you go there. I mean when the city was surrounded by now if you can answer the book of lamb a patient says that the mothers ate their children that was on it was that bad and the prophet Jeremiah and other prophet said the reason why is because you have disobeyed the covenant you have disobeyed the law of God So after the captivity when they went back to the land the Jewish leaders that never again is this going to happen. We are going to make it impossible for people to make God's law. And so they built a wall around the law a wall of all kinds of traditions to protect the Sabbath from being broken. Let me give you the military the Bible says Nehemiah Chapter thirteen that we are not supposed to carry a burden of this that and of course it's talking about merchants who are carrying their wares and bringing them to the market on Saturday. But in the times of Christ the traditions of the scribes and Pharisees said that if you wore a wooden leg you would have to take it with me on the Sabbath because that was very apparent. They said if a woman had a pin in her dress she had to take out the pin because carrying on pin was carrying a burden on the Sabbath. They said if you had to jump over a group you should be able to actually do it because if you fall in the water and you get your parents let you might fall into the terrible sin of ringing a woman could not look in a mirror on Sabbath because she might find a gray hair and she would be guilty of the sin of these are all actual law. What we can understand why Jesus then I want not to see and not sacrifice even to don't happen in the days and I say Oh you think this idea of Jesus say I'm tired of your Sabbath I'm tired of your sacrifice. You think that's all of the crimes of Jesus read I think I want their god says to Israel I'm tired of your little ones I'm tired of your sacrifice. I'm tired of your Sabbaths. Because your heart is wrong. You have just been a little pompous I apply it but you're hardly wrong none of it is acceptable. Type on it and that's already do you allow me to read you some of these loans. I consider this is from the book code of Jewish law. Which is a compilation of all those laws and rituals by the way there were one thousand five hundred twenty one of them to protect the family from being broken. Let me ask you one of the G.'s of the pack the pack the Sabbath the man or the AIPAC the wall he had packed the wall but Christians you say they say I don't want anything to do with the Jewish Sabbath. Well I don't you know because the fact of the rabbis is not a savable or the fat of the land I says I'm also going to make out of it because they're just as good as based on human clinicians and not on the Word of God You see Jesus was not getting rid of the day he was getting rid of the wrong way. Some people wonder why didn't Jesus give a direct command in the Gospels to keep the Sabbath. Why wouldn't everybody was giving him. The paraphrase would be very one of them talking about the fact that you know that we keep it to the very letter to the married got some reason why Jesus performed his miracles. He doesn't have to restart the Sabbath because they're keeping the Sabbath. What he has to do is restore the Sabbath to a true and proper meeting raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying in the Christian world has fallen into the Arab saying I don't want I don't know what the Sabbath that was for the Jews because they're looking at the fab a little the eyes of the Pharisees instead of looking at the Sabbath through the eyes of G.'s. Allow me to read you hear him say here's one of those fifteen hundred twenty one it is forbidden to open a door or a window opposite a burning and let the flame be extinguished but one may close the window or the door. It is forbidden to open or to close the door of an oven in which the fire is burning. For by so doing one either increases or decreases the flyer. Here's another interesting one went mud on a garment maybe scraped off with a fingernail night but not when it is right or it is then equivalent to the act of growing the knowledge that a little bit of what Jesus is dealing with here is restoring the Sabbath the creation of the pleasant experience of men and woman meeting with Jesus on the holy day. It's ironic that Jesus was the creator of the Sabbath and also claim that they are looking to destroy the One who created the sap and on tap not us another one just as it is forbidden to write on the Sabbath. So it is forbidden to erase any writing. It's not about it is forbidden to remove or to reset doors or windows on the side even when they hang on iron interest and are easily removed or reset. One who really sets them is skilled construction and one who removes them is guilty of demolition and even went so far as you know in Israel that this particular breed of sheep had very heavy pails that drag along the ground and of course when they drag along the ground there pale blue jeans and so what they would do is that we put a board under the tail so that as the she moved it would drag the board underneath the pail and the power line. But you know what they would do on the Sabbath. They would remove a bullhorn left a shake they bearing a burden on that and you might think I'm exaggerating I'm not I'm grieving from the calling code of Jewish law itself. Maybe one more time is just about up. So we're going to have to pick up where we left off. Next time we may not cover a barrel with a claw. If the barrel is not entirely go and there is an empty space of a hand and it's four inches between the beverage and the cover because by covering it we are making a tent but we may do so by leaving a little of the opening uncovered. Imagine having to live this way. Everything you do in my blanket and I break even and I break it up. But they have mystery. I think regulations imposed from outside but not coming from the heart coming from inside knowledge go quickly here. The march after three because I want to finish this let's go to Mark chapter three and verse one very quickly and will deal with a few more Jesus's miracles in our next lecture on Saturday night by the way the Jesus break the Sabbath. Listen if he broke the Sabbath he's a sinner the biggest sin is transgression of the law and by the way if you say that Jesus brought the server you're on the final apparently because that's exactly what the Pharisees said As Christians we need to think we need to read scripture for ourselves. We can't go by tradition you know the reason why everybody reject Jesus is because they follow the tradition of the religiously instead of going and studying the Word of themselves. So it's seven chapter three in verse one of mark the end of the synagogue again and a man was. There who have a withered chronic chronic like wonder if Jesus Christ all sundown this man is going to die. No Nanos and they watch him closely. OK to spy on them. Whether he would heal him on the Sabbath that they might accuse him. No problem with criticizing and accusing them of a bolt but to heal someone and give them joy and happiness. Mortal sin. Verse three then he said to the man who had the weather hand step forward he's going to make the case all of us where everybody can see the use in their base so it's coming. So he comes out burst forth and he said to them isn't law Paul on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil to say my boy to kill. Well they're up a creek without a paddle let me tell you why because if they say that it's OK on the Sabbath it's not OK to heal on the Sabbath. The people would say these guys are merciless but if they say it's OK to be on the Sabbath they were be undermining their own traditions their board and so there's one level and by the way let's go over to Matthew Chapter twelve and verse twelve very quickly. Matthew Chapter twelve The first well the question is is that lawful. Some people say Jesus brought this have not so now been twelve twelve as the parallel passages describing the same experience and it says in verse twelve at the conclusion of this story how much more value Jesus speaking then is a man I am going to see than what it is lawful to do good on the sap just break the law by doing this I said no he said. It is a lawful to do good. So there's no issue of fear of whether Jesus is wanting to change the day of worship or whether he wants to get rid of the Sabbath. No he says what I said is law. Go back to march up with what he says is a lock on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil to slave labor to kill less or the like of this man wasn't in danger so why does he say save life or to kill. Because he knows that in the hearts of the people they want to kill him. We're going to notice that in the first five. So when he had looked around at them with anger this is the only time in the whole Bible when Jesus is walking other heavy rain and by the way it's right just indignation. You know what righteous indignation is and by the way his indignation is tempered with grief. You know he he has righteous indignation but he's also Greenpeace filled with pain. Now it's so let me get knocked around the anger being crazy by what are the same problem but they're measuring up about their car their heart by being green by the hardness of their hearts. He said that the man Stretch out your hand and he spread it out and his hand was restored as whole as the other. What do you think the Sabbath going to mean that after this experience my respirator. But then when he created it might be. Yes said Art is about the meaning of them. Yes he knows what happens on with that person then the Pharisees and by the way if you read looks looks pretty out of it says that they went out of their mind with anger then the Pharisees went out and immediately planted Whitman Iranians against them how they might destroy him. Oh it's a sale. It took me a lot but you can plot to kill us that's what Jesus would do. He wasn't getting rid of Assad he was getting rid of the traditions that they had created their totally twisted the meaning of the Sabbath instead of being a partner with Jesus it had become a way of measuring up and earn your salvation and earning brownie points and having everybody look at you but that's not the meaning of the Sabbath. The meaning of the Sabbath is and worship with the Creator Jesus Christ now in our next lecture and talk a little bit more about the miracles of Jesus performance that were going on is that the Sabbath was a day of relief from stress but the Pharisees made it and they had to increase your stress it was a day to rest in Jesus and you know what the sad thing is the Christian world of the Jewish nation Abo fall into the same error because the Pharisees one of the Sabbath but they didn't want the Lord but the Christian world wants the Lord but they don't want that. But love lots of people who who love the Lord and the center because the Sabbath is our time with our beloved city and its play Father in heaven. We've studied about Jesus the great model teacher. We've discovered that far from eliminating the law a man of mine an inmate on the restarted to exclude me. A sixth commandment seventh commandment the command of the Fourth Amendment and other commandments he wished foreign to the true meaning getting rid of the traditions that have been piled up these commands for the Christian world I have no problem with this. There are six. They don't see the important of the four parts of the four I have to remove the veil and help people to see the beauty of yours that they have fellowship with the creator and with our beloved really because you have given it to us to spend her time with you. Thank you thank you for having them with us. Rangy listening in this media was brought to you by audio clips a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about it first if you would like to listen to more sermon we visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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