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13. Peace in the Middle East

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    1:30 PM

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Thank you for the privilege of being in your house of worship on your holy day. We ask Lord that as we study this subject what Jesus said about peace in the Middle East. If your only spirit will be with us to inspire us and to guide our minds so that we might be able to understand the importance of the subject in this last these last days of if there is history. We thank you Lord for hearing our prayer for answering us in Jesus' name we pray. In one thousand forty eight the nation of Israel or the state of Israel was established in the Middle East and this has led to tremendous turmoil at the tremendous unrest over there. It seems like a week can't go by without hearing knows about things that are happening over there. Peace talks that are taking place in Washington D.C. or in Camp David or other places as well. In one thousand sixty seven. But Israel conquered the Sinai Peninsula in one thousand seventy three. Israel came into the dominion of East Jerusalem or the Temple Mount. All of these events in the Middle East have led Christians to wonder whether perhaps prophecy is being fulfilled over there in the Middle East. In fact you can't turn on your television set on Sunday morning without hearing at least one sermon on Bible prophecy and most of it deals with events that are taking place over in Israel. Probably you've noticed if you visited the bookstore recently that there is a series of novels that have been published recently by Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkins on time on the end times on the tribulation on what the world is going to be like after the rapture. Perhaps you've even heard about the new movies that have come out. Right. Depicting the rapture and what the tribulation is going to be like. Movies such as the Omega Code and left behind which have actually been box office hits even though they haven't been produced by Hollywood like many of the other movies there is a tremendous interest today in Bible prophecy in the Christian church and particularly all of the eyes seem to be looking over to the Middle East to Israel as the place where prophecy is going to be pulled through. So it behooves us in our study today to discover what the Bible has to tell us about peace in the Middle East about the role of Israel in Bible prophecy. Now I believe that you've all received a list of texts this morning as you came in and we're going to basically follow along that order of lists were not picked we're not going to read them all but we are going to follow the line of argument evidence found in those texts. If you'll turn with me to Isaiah Chapter forty nine Isaiah Chapter forty nine and verse six we find here God's original plan for the nation of Israel. Now God chose Israel for a special purpose eventually was them because they were better than other nations because they were larger than other nations. God chose them with a specific purpose he put them in the hub of the Middle East the center of three continents with one specific purpose and that was that we were their sanctuary of service which he described and depicted the plan of salvation. They would share the message of the planet salvation with the whole world of that day and age. They were to be brought to light to the world they were to explain the sanctuary service the system of sacrifices. There were supposed to talk about the coming see the coming Messiah so that when the Messiah came the world would be ready to receive him. This poor man of God is depicted clearly in Isaiah Chapter forty nine and verse six. Indeed he says it is too small a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of Israel in other words I would raise you up. Only your mission to Israel because then you say I will also give you as a light to the Gentiles that you should be my salvation even to the ends of the year. It was God's plan that the whole world be evangelized by Israel by sharing the light about the Messiah. In fact if you read Exodus nineteen five and six God says that he chose Israel to be a nation of priests. And if you compare this with first Peter chapter two and verses nine and ten God says quoting that text in Exodus nineteen that he chose Israel to call people out of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus the Messiah. But as we look at the history of Israel we discover that they've failed miserably in the purpose of their election before the Babylonian captivity which began in the year six or five B.C. the nation of Israel mixed with the nations and they lost their identity to a great degree after the Babylonian captivity which ended in the year five thirty six B.C. Israel said OK we were led captive to Babylon because we mixed with the nations we lost our identity. So now we are not going to lose our identity we're going to remain distinct from the nations. And so after the captivity they've separated themselves from the nations and in this way by mixing with the nations and by isolating them. Cells from the nations the nations did not receive the message about the coming Messiah Jesus ministered to the Jewish nation for three and a half years and very practically all of his ministry. It was one rejection after another and finally Jesus came into Jerusalem in the triumphal entry which is taking place the Sunday before Jesus goes to the cross and I want you to notice what Jesus says when he enters the temple but with me to Matthew chapter twenty one and will read to verses twelve and thirteen this is a critical couple of verses for what we're going to study this morning. Matthew chapter twenty one and verses twelve and thirteen. Remember this is the last week of the life of Jesus before he goes to the cross you enter Jerusalem triumphantly people have proclaimed him the king they put on palm branches before him and the children were singing that the Messiah had come. Now Jesus after the triumphal entry comes and he enters the temple and I want you to notice verse twelve. Then Jesus went into the temple of God. What is the temple called the temple of God. I want you to remember that it's critical and throw out all those who bought and sold in the temple and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold them and he sent to them and now we come to another critical point. It is written. Niehaus shall be called a house of prayer whose house the house of G.'s not. So when Jesus goes into the temple it's called the temple of God and Jesus says this is my house. Now I want you to notice that immediately. ACTOR It says that Jesus enters the temple of God and He calls at my house. Jesus begins a series of teachings most of them inside that one of those teachings which is not directly in the temple but it's related because Matthew twenty one to twenty three most of that takes place within the precincts of the temple of God or the House of Jesus as he called it. There's one event which is in those chapters which did not directly take place in the temple and that is the cursing of the big three. You find it in Matthew twenty one in verse nineteen. Let me give you some background we're not going to read all of the texts because I do want you to get out of here in time for lunch and lunch is what Time one o'clock. Not just give up. Now I want to remind you that when John the Baptist came preaching in Matthew Chapter three It tells us that John the Baptist said to those who are present who do the Sadducees to the Pharisees. He said listen I don't think to say to yourselves We are Abraham's children because God can raise children to Abraham from these thoughts and then John the Baptist said. That's it. Put it to the root of the tree and every tree that does not bear good fruit is work cut down and cast into the fire. Now this is taking place six months before Jesus begins his public ministry. That's very important. John the Baptist started preaching six months before Jesus began his preaching and John the Baptist is saying Look Israel is like a tree. If Israel does not produce fruit it will be cut down and throw into the fire. It's interesting that in Mark chapter thirteen. Three years have passed since John the Baptist started proclaiming his message. And once again we meet this tree. Jesus gives a pear parable but with me to Luke Chapter thirty let's notice this parable of G.S. thirteen and verse six. He also spoke this parable a certain man had a fig tree. Now it's accepted fact that the fig tree is a symbol of Israel. You can read it for example knows they are Chapter nine in verse ten it says that the fig tree and the vineyard are symbols or represent Israel. So I notice a certain man had a big tree planted in his vineyard and he came seeking what fruit on it and found none. Then he said to the keeper of his vineyard look for three years. Notice the time three years say John the Baptist says break six months and up till this point the ministry of Jesus has lasted two and a half years there are still one year to the ministry of Jesus so it says. The first time and then he said to the keeper of the Spaniard look for three years I am come seeking fruit on this big tree and find none. What did Jesus mean when he said he came looking for proof on the victory. What does the big three represent Israel and Israel produce fruit in the three years that have passed since John the Baptist first warned about the mystery. No not as want to continue same verse seven that he said to the keeper of the vineyard look for three years I have come seeking fruit on this big tree and find none. Cut it down is that what John the Baptist said the tree didn't produce fruit. Yes Cut it down. Why does it use up the ground but what does the vine dresser's say or what does the one who takes care of the tree to say by the way this is a symbol of Jesus the owner of the vineyard is the father but the one who cares for the trees. Unless verse eight but he answered and said to him. Or let it alone this year also for how long. One more year and if you look at the chronology of look you'll discover that this is taking place two and a half years into the ministry of Jesus. How many years still remain of the ministry of Jesus. One year and such as in verse eight but he answered and said to him Sir let it alone this year also until I dig around it and fertilize it. In other words I'm going to dedicate special attention to it this last year and then verse nine and if it bears fruit well. But if not after that you can cut it down or not we're left in suspense aren't we. Does it say whether the Big Three produced fruit or not in this context. No it simply leaves us in the air it's as if a producer stood behind if it doesn't look at it though it flowed into the by now do you know that the same week when Jesus entered the temple in fact it was Tuesday of that week that the fig tree episode took place. Once again we have a story that involves a fig tree going to meet the Mark Chapter eleven and we're reading the parallel passage from Mark eleven cuz it has some details that the Matthew passage doesn't have but it's within the same timeframe. Notice Mark Chapter eleven and verse twelve. This this is at the moment when the year almost has passed the big three of Luke Chapter thirteen has the tree produce fruit. Yes or no. Well let's look and see first whether or not the next day when they had come out from Bethany he was hungry and seeing from up our big tree having leaves by the way in Israel the fig tree first of all produces fruit and then the leaves come out the leaves announced that it has. That's interesting and so so you know from afar victory having leaves he went to see if perhaps he would find something on it. And when he came to it he found nothing but leaves. Point was not the season perfects had the fig tree produced fruit. No what does Jesus do. Verse fourteen in response Jesus said to it met no one eat fruit from you but I did now to victory as a symbol of Israel how many more chances is Israel going to have according to this act the parable of the man and I want you to go with me a little bit further ahead in this story. Notice verse twenty now in the morning as they passed by they saw the big tree dried up from the root. What happens when a tree dries up by its roots. Can it be resurrected again. No So my question is can the fig tree bear fruit. It did not the pig pre-born no fruit and therefore it needed to be cut down and thrown into the fire its plan to produce fruit had come to an end. Now let's go to some of the parables that Jesus gave in this time that he spent in the temple. Go with me to the Gospel of Matthew chapter twenty one and verse thirty three twenty one and verse thirty three. We want to see whether prophecy is really going to be fulfilled in Israel or for that we need to understand the role of Israel. If God is finished with Israel then what is happening in the Middle East has no prophetic significance. Are you understanding what I'm saying and you have to come tonight for a complete picture of what we're starting in our study this morning. Matthew twenty one and verse thirty three once again holding a nine verse ten says that the vineyard is also. A symbol of Israel. The big three and the vineyard. It says there in verse thirty three hear another parable there was a certain land owner who planted a vineyard in your days Israel set a hedge around it that's the law. Doug O'Brien price and in it built the power the power of the temple and he loosed that to vine dressers that the Jewish nation and went into a far country. None were invented each time drew near In other words the time to get through from the vineyard. He sent His messengers are his servants double bind dressers that they might receive what for oh and what of the vine dresser's do the vine dresser's. That's beat one killed one and stoned another. Now the history of Israel has three stages. We don't have time this morning to deal with the three stages but I'll just tell you what they are. The first stage is from Mount Sinai where they were incorporated as God's people till the Babylonian captivity. The second stages from the end of the Babylonian captivity till the time of John the Baptist and the third stage is the stage when Jesus is present here on Earth. Now this first episode where the vine dresser's beat one and kill another install another refers to this first stage of Israel's history from Sinai to the Babylonian captivity. But I want you to notice that there's a second stage of verse thirty six again he sent other servants out of them the purpose and after the captivity you have Zechariah you have Hagar you have Zorobabel you have Joshua the high priest you have a plethora you have Nehemiah you have many messengers that are sent to the Israelites. It says he sent more messengers then the parents and what did they do with them. They did likewise with them and so what does he do finally. Thirty seven. Then last of all what does that indicate last of all this is it. There's no laughter this it's the last chapter. Then last of all he sent his son to them saying they will respect my son who is the Son Jesus. So I noticed that from Sinai to the Babylonian captivity sends messengers Babbitts they kill them after the captivity sends more messengers they do the same with them. So finally says Last of all I'm going to send my son. They will respect my son. Verse thirty eight. But when the vine dresser's saw the son they said among themselves this is the heir come let us kill him and seize his inheritance. What kind of proof is that. Certainly not the brute the God expected. Verse thirty nine and they caught him and cast him out. Jesus did die outside Jerusalem incidentally and killed him. Do you see how the story of the Jewish nation is being told here by Jesus and then Jesus asks the question in verse forty there. Or when the owner of the vineyard comes what will he do to those vine dressers of course they had caught on what Jesus was saying. They said to him he will destroy those wicked men miserably and Ling's his then you're good to their vine dressers who will render to him through the season. In other words he will take away the kingdom from these and he will get the kingdom to a nother people you follow me or not and then notice verse forty two Jesus said to them. Did you never read in the scriptures the story in which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone. This was the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in your eyes. There war I say to you. The Kingdom of God will be taken from you. What does that mean the kingdom of God will be taken from you. Is the kingdom going to be removed from them. I write God's kingdom of priests to share the message with the world no longer. It says the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to one nation bearing the fruits of it. Question What is that nation that would bear the fruits of it. It is not the Jewish nation it is who the Gentiles or the church which will now pope will the mission of Israel and then notice verse forty four and whoever falls on this stone will be broken. In other words if you accept Jesus your heart will be broken. But if you don't it says on whomever it falls it will grind him to powder. By the way that is speaking about the destruction of Jerusalem. Now we need to go to chapter twenty three. When a Jesus culminates this presentation in the temple. Matthew chapter twenty three and I would like to begin at verse twenty nine Jesus has reviewed the Jewish leaders the scribes and the Pharisees and now he culminates in sermon by saying this to you scribes and Pharisees people groups because you build the tools of the prophets and adorned the monuments of the righteous and say if we had lived in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. And at this point they're planning to kill Jesus. So they were planning to kill Jews as they show that they are partakers of the spirit of their forefathers. It's as in verse thirty one there. Or you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets and then notice verse thirty two real then the measure of your father's guilt. What does this mean. We'll up the measure of your father's view. What do you fill a cup is the cup totally full at this point. Yes Jesus says real cup the cup of your father's guilt. In other words there's no other opportunity. Well verse thirty three notice what he calls them serpents. Why does he call them serpents that's not a very politically correct or to speak because they have become a. Agents who see in wanting to destroy what Jesus serpents brood of vipers. How can you escape the condemnation of hell and I want to know that even after this Jesus says it is still going to send the messengers for they destroyed us and he's going to linger on time just a little bit. Notice verse thirty four therefore indeed I send you prophets I will send you the tense of the verb in the Greek is future. I send you prophets wise men and scribes some of them you will kill and crucify and some of them you will score Arjen your synagogues and persecute from city to city for the Who was the one who persecuted groups if you can see where many of the disciples also scorched in the synagogues. You can read it in the first five chapters of acts. So Jesus is a mess and not the Capistrano but I'm still going to give you a chance by sending you preachers and wise men that will present the message perhaps you will listen to them but it doesn't happen. Notice what it says in verse thirty four. Therefore indeed I send your prophet Weidman inscribed some of them you will kill and crucify some of them you will spoil our junior synagogues and Percy. It's from city to city that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth from the blood of right just able to the blood of Zechariah son of bearer Khaya whom you murdered between the temple and the altar are sure of me I'll take you all these things will come upon this generation and then Jesus as all Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How high up and I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing and now I want you to notice our critical small verse verse thirty eight. Do you remember what the Bible says about when Jesus entered the temple whose temple is the temple of God Jesus says this is what my house but even after what happened with the big three and then after what he talked about the vine dresser's even after talking about them as a brood of serpents and saying that the cup was filling up they still rejected him and now notice what Jesus says in verse thirty eight. See you know it is a lamp unto you bestial Whose house. Who was it. Where it's not God's house and by the way do you know what's interesting. When Jesus left the temple and the house was left desolate the very next event that Jesus talks about is the destruction of Jerusalem. Chapter twenty four verses one and two. Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple and his disciples came to him to show Him the buildings of the temple and Jesus said to them Do you not see all these things are surely I say to you not one stone shall be left. Here upon another that shall not be put on there. You see when Israel when the Jewish nation. Right they said we have no king but Caesar. They were rejecting God and Christ as their king. When they said his blood be upon us and upon our children they were pronouncing sentence upon themselves. They had withdrawn from the can not perceive it God had made with them and they were rejected as God's chosen and special nation to fulfill the mission of bringing Jesus to the world by destroying Jesus. They totally eliminated any election that God had for them because the whole purpose of their election was to proclaim Jesus is not to destroy. QUESTION If they had the plan of God then simply because God rejected the nation of Israel as an instrument to reach the world for the Messiah. Absolutely not. You remember when the Lord Jesus was on the cross of Calvary his last words were It is finished and you know what happened when Jesus said it is finished. The Bible says that the veil of the temple the veil that divided the holy from the most holy place was ripped from bottom to top. Thank you some of you are still awake out there. The male of the temple was ripped from top to bottom What did that indicate this was being done by whom. By God and was God Same this whole system of the Old Testament is coming to an end and now things are going to shift from the literal Temple in Jerusalem to the heavenly temple where Jesus from the little literal Temple in Jerusalem. To the Christian church which is now called to fulfill the mission. Let me share some real important information with you on this. You see when the Jewish nation was rejected by Jesus because they failed to fulfill their mission and they actually destroyed the whole meaning of their religion. Jesus said Now I'm going to transition from literally Israel. They didn't hope you have a plan. There's nothing more I can do about them. So now what I'm going to do I'm going to take a nucleus of faithful one from them and through the Christian church I'm going to fulfill the mission which they were supposed to fulfill and so now a new Israel a peace not a literal Israel but a spiritual Israel. Go with me to the relations chapter three. Galatians chapter three and let's read verse twenty nine elations chapter three and verse twenty nine. I think probably most of us know in this verse it says there. And if you are Christ. Then you are what in my hand. C N N According to the promise. What does it mean to be Abraham see today do you have to have Jewish blood flowing through your veins you have to live in Jerusalem. Does your last name have to be Colin because according to Jesus to be a Jew or an Israelite means to have accepted him as the Messiah. Now let me ask you then where is Israel today. Is Israel over there in the Middle East God's true Israel. No. God's true Israel is one or two or three are gathered together in Christ's name and where is that. So answer output is not located in a little place in the Middle East and Israel is also an accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and so is Israel today. Jerusalem today is world wide. Allow me to share a few very important points with you go with me to the book of the fusions Chapter Two Chapter two You remember that in the old system you had the temple. Does God today have a temple. Oh you most certainly does not have the patience chapter two and verse twenty page and chapter two and verse twenty where the apostle Paul is speaking about the church let's begin to verse nineteen. Now there or you are no longer strangers and foreigners he speaking to the Gentiles but fellow citizens when the saints and members of the household of God and now notice this having been built on the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets. What is the no household of God founded on the literal Stone's literal star almost no one of the nations of this new temple people the Apostles. And the problem is what does it contain you say having been built on the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone is the Chief Cornerstone just one great big stone like the one that existed in Solomon's Temple. Absolutely not. The chief cornerstone is a person. The foundations are person. I'll continue saying in verse twenty one in whom the whole building being joined together grew into a work a holy temple in the Lord. What is the temple today you have to go to the Middle East. And try and encourage them to build the temple on the Temple Mount today. Would that have any prophetic significance. Absolutely not. Because Paul says that since the Jewish nation was rejected as the instrument to take the message of the Messiah to the world God now has a spiritual temple with a spiritual cornerstone with spiritual foundations with spiritual stones being built up on top. So let me ask you where is the temple today. Wherever the Apostles of the prophets and Jesus are the chief is the chief cornerstone and the foundations of where the stones of the temple today. There's lots of them gathered here this morning. You're all stones each a star. All built up in the temple. Now let me ask you in the Old Testament there was a kind of a glow in the temple the glory of God Remember used to descend and they could see the glory of God in the most holy place. What is the glory of God of the temple today. Let's go back we can step or two. It says in verse twenty two in whom you also are being built together for a habitation of God in God in the spear who did Jesus and His Glory into this spiritual temple he said I will send you another comes and so does God have a temple today. Yes but what kind of Temple is it is a literal or a spiritual temple is that all men call all right. And why it is worldwide. Now let's not a few other things here we have a capital city today. Does this kingdom of Christ have a capital city is a Jerusalem. Sure news but not the earthly one. The apostle Paul says in donations chapter four verses twenty five to twenty nine. Jerusalem which is a bank is the mother of us all. In other words in prophecy today we don't look forward to that earthly Jerusalem which has been forsaken by Jesus your house has been done to you guess what. Where is jesus today. He's going to heaven. In what city in Jerusalem do we have our citizenship there. Do you have your citizenship there we're not there physically yet but I'll tell you my citizenship is there. It says in Philippians chapter three verses twenty and twenty one. Our citizenship is in heaven from which we expect. Geez it's like when I travel south America what are we going to give an example to Chile at the beginning of the month of November when I go down there. I'm not in the United States I'm a citizen here but I've got my passport down there and know I have a perfect right to come back to the United States and enter it because I'm a citizen. Here see I'm physically gone but I have the right to come in. So right now we're physically on Earth but we have our passport which is the blood of Jesus which is Jesus as Savior and Lord. And so he's up there. And someday because we're citizens will be able to join him up there. So in other words are I should not be focused on the earthly Jerusalem I should be focused on the heavenly Jerusalem where Jesus in the old system that were priests is that correct. Let me ask you what about the new system. Their priests know there is a High Priest Jesus Christ in the old system you had to see each one of those seeds starting with Genesis three fifteen pointed towards Jesus. We see in the Old Testament you had Kings a succession of kings but all of those kings pointed to Jesus the King in the Old Testament you had pastors or shepherds all of those shepherds pointed to Jesus the Good Shepherd in the Old Testament you had lambs that were sacrificed. All these pointed to Jesus the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world in the old system you had a covenant in the new system you have a better covenant because it has better blood your sins are truly forgiven and the law is written on your heart. That's a better covenant with better promises but they are promises that are accessible to everyone on planet Earth it is not ethnically or geographically limited. Are you understanding what I'm saying. In other words if privacy is going to be fulfilled in the last days is it going to be pope will literally Israel in the Middle East. No because we know what. But about a Spanish with them. But does God have an Israel today did his plan fail. No Does he have an Israel. Yes Does he have a Temple Yes. Does a spirit live at that temple. Yes Do we have a high priest a sacrifice a Klavern and better promises everything that the Old Testament half the New Testament has better and it applies to all of God's people everywhere in the world. Now do you know who the enemy of Israel in the Old Testament was particularly the enemy par excellence of Israel in the Old Testament Babylon is not right. Patton was a great enemy of Israel wasn't literal Babylon the enemy of Israel in the Old Testament. Yes according to The Book of Revelation what will be the great enemy of God's people will be under BABYLON So I guess we need to keep our eyes on Iraq. That's where each of Babylon was you know Saddam Hussein isn't finished. See because it says a battle is going to attack God's people is going to be the enemy of God's people at the end for a listen. If God's people today have God's Israel today is a spiritual world wide people. That would mean that Babylon is also a spiritual worldwide power which opposes God's understanding in other words we're not supposed to look to the Middle East for the pope we're going to Babylon as the enemy of God's people. All we have to do is recognize that Babel is a worldwide system which will oppose God's word about Israel. Let me ask you this very sobering. The apostle Paul says that the anti-Christ is going to sit in the temple of the second Thessalonians chapter two you know what most Christians think that means you know what they do. They look where they look over to the Middle East they say well if it's in the temple of God doesn't it. And where is the temple in Jerusalem. So that must mean that the temple is going to be rebuilt. The problem with this interpretation is that totally ignores the fact that in the New Testament the temple is spoken of as a church. The Apostle Paul for example besides what we read in evasions chapter two. He says in First Corinthians three sixteen and seventeen Know you not the temple of the Holy Spirit. Same thing and so I think that you can read first Peter chapter two the temple is always spoken of as a spiritual temple where Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone. It's founded on the teachings of the Apostles and the prophets. The individual members are the stones that are built up and the Shekinah Glory in the temple is not only spear. Let me ask you this. Where is the anti-Christ going because not in the Jewish temple but where in that picture. Because the Church is the temple and the church is worldwide. Which means that the anti-Christ is going to sit in some way. In the worldwide church I understand what I'm saying is are focused on the Middle East and people lookin to say let's let's watch what's happening there. Rebuild the temple and there's going to be a rapture. Everything's going to take place with reference to the Maoist the true enemy Babel and girls worldwide the anti-Christ sits within the very question and people can't see it because they are looking in the wrong place. Are you understanding and listen to this and we're going to amplify this point tonight you know they saw bring back that the people who claim to be the people of God at the first coming of Jesus became the anti-christ because they killed Jesus. Are you with me. It got quiet here all of us. Jewish nation that prefers to be the people of God maybe came by Christ to destroy ji. Do you know that Bible prophecy tells us that in the end time the properest people of God will once again become the anti-Christ but this time they will not try to destroy Jesus but they will try to destroy the body of Christ is faithful. Oh and this power is treated in the temple now not in the Jewish temple but in the Christian Temple and everybody very very reviewer's this power and respect this power and want to form alliances with this power and they cannot see that they're forming alliances with a system which is going to take away and restrict religious liberty and are going to destroy my God spoke of powers the reason why they can't see it is because they're looking for the pope. Crap I see in the wrong places. Well if anybody should say Pastor how is this that you say that at the end of time they're going to persecute and try to destroy the body of Christ is that the same as trying to destroy Christ in principle yes because the church is the Body of Christ and Jesus is the head. I've never seen a head walk without a bun. You know remember when Saul of Tarsus was on the way to on the way to Damascus. He's persecuting the church. Voices heard from heaven that says so why persecute me now wait a minute Jesus was in heaven. I was miffed. Why persecute us now. Me What. He persecuting Jesus. Yes I know personally no but do you know who he is people and the voices heard that says I am Jesus whom you are person. Jesus said in that you have done it on to one of these that these my brethren you have done it work onto me. If you give someone a cup of water in my name you have done it not to me. So by persecuting the body of Christ at the end it will be just like persecuting you like to talk about the relationship between the shepherd and sheep. David of course is the ideal Good Shepherd. What would happen when the wolf came to try and devour one of David who was the Wolf really trying to eat. But you say the sheep you know but when the law when when the lion or the bear or the wolf went after one of the sheep who was that lion or bear really attacking the the right because. We're going to see some time to destroy the bear and the lion we're really trying to destroy all who see at the end time. The Bible tells us that the body of Christ will be under the sentence of death. Everybody thinks however that after the rapture you know the temple will will be rebuilt over there and the Christians will be watching from heaven and I we're going to deal more with this and then everything is going to take place in the Middle East and Christians won't even realize that they are fulfilling prophecy until it's too late. You know the irony of all of this is that the Jews who claim to be God's people. Actually became the Anti-Christ by destroying Jesus and they fulfilled Bible prophecy and they didn't even realize it because they expect the Jesus the Messiah to come in a different way. Is that also true of the Christian world is a Christian world expecting Jesus to come to the what the Bible teaches and as a result they will be subject to a powerful delusion. Yes Now let me summarize what we studied this morning very briefly by saying or expressing to you belief that many of many Christians have today they say that God has two mutually separable peoples. He has a Jewish nation and then he has another people which is the Christian church and God has two separate plans one plan for the Jewish nation another plan for the Christian church. So you have the Old Testament he had a plan for Israel when they rejected Jesus God suspended his plan for Israel and now God says OK I'll use the church Meanwhile until I can use Israel again at the end of the age. And basically you read the publications and they say that they're going to last through mutually exclusive and separable people with two different plans. The fact is that God only has that one people throughout the history of the world even in the Old Testament those who were children of faith or the children of God in the New Testament those who are children of faith are also children of God In fact as we look at the New Testament we discover time and again that God has only one people let me share this information with you. John ten but with me quickly John Chapter ten and verse sixteen John Chapter ten verse sixteen. Here Jesus says and other sheep I have which are not of this. Was he talking about the gentiles then also I must bring and they will hear my voice and there will be two clocks and one shepherd. Who is the shepherd. Jesus how many blocks one those that are old and Berlin are not of this fold become what become one but only has one Israel. We read it in donations chapter three. If you are Christ so you are what Abraham say so let me ask you every one of the Old Testament to look forward to the coming of the Messiah and accept that Jesus on the basis of the premise where they through Israel. Yes How about the people today who accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. Are they true Israel. So how many Israels was going to have only one Israel the Israel that received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Let me ask you how many bodies the Jesus a go at me to the book of repeated evasions chapter two and by the way we're going to follow up on what we're talking about this morning this idea that God only has one people one temple one Israel tonight because this is a very important point in the light of what's been said about Bible prophecy notifications chapter two and verse fourteen. Four He himself is our peace who has made but one that is Jew and Gentile and has broken down the middle division between us. First sixteen and that he might reconcile them brought the god into what one but running through the crowds there by putting to death the enmity not us also versus eighteen and nineteen for through him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. Therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the Saints and members of the household of God How many bodies does Jesus have one by the way how many cities diseases there. One it's called the New Jerusalem. You know what's interesting. That city reflects the people from all ages because the Bible tells us that the foundations of the city have the names of the twelve apostles. But the gates of the city have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. And so you have a little city. When the Apostles and the tribes twelve and twelve represented in one city in other words all of God's redeemed are going to be in one city. You know there are some others that even say that that the church is going to pass eternity in heaven whereas in Israel of the Vatican the under because God has two separable. Please let me ask you how many wives does Christ or one woman are to be asked to separable people than Christ is a spiritual bigamous and I see you smiling at them but it would be true if you look at Revelation Chapter two out there it speaks about a woman clothed in the sun with the moon under it represents the Church of God from the Old Testament and from the New Testament. There's only one wife that Jesus has one church. That is to use the word wisdom knowledge Prudence discretion. These are words that characterize wisdom richer and these words occur more frequently in these three books than any other book and the vocabulary of wisdom is almost exhausted in the preamble of Proverbs one two three six it gives us all a basic vocabulary there. That's true but I don't find it very helpful for reflection. Just having a bunch of numbers that we all write or use these words I don't find that particularly useful so Murphy Rowan Murphy also now deceased he says it's not historical. That means by which he means it stands apart from Israel's covenants and basically that's right. In the wisdom literature there's no mention of Abraham. No mention of the show's history. No mention of Moses almost no mention of David aside from the superscript Solomon son of David King of Israel parking that in the poetry the actual was his it's stands apart from salvation history of the rest of the which is the spine of the Old Testament it seems to stand apart from that and I think that can be helpful. Brutal men in crime sure they have both they they they are fundamentally wrong. They say the book is humanistic it emphasizes human dignity not God's glory. The human capability of knowing by sense and reason not by revelation almost like a secular book that you can you can get it apart from Revelation who we just saw a job twenty eight you can't say that I think this is a misconception of the book. The prophets Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph. We know what we found the Messiah and the burial said to him Can anything good come out of Nazareth. Philip said to him Come and see Jesus on a panel coming toward him and said to him Behold not of this the whole Israelite indeed that must mean that there is are light not in B. are you with me and this is an Israelite indeed. Why is he an Israelite indeed. Continue reading verse forty eight. The Daniel said to him How do you know me Jesus answered and said to him before Philip called you when you were under the fig tree I saw you. So you have your light and bead sitting under the symbol of his room under the big three. Verse twenty nine panel answered and said to him Rabbi you are the Son of God You are the king of Israel. Now we know why he was an Israelite indeed why. Because he recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Then it says in verse fifty Jesus answered and said to him because I said it to you I saw you under the fig tree. Do you believe you will see greater things than these. And he said to him most assuredly I say to you hereafter you shall see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man what Jesus is saying is that in order for you to be an Israelite in B. You must accept and recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord of your life that is not happening today in the Middle East. Actual prophecy is not being fulfilled. The Christian Church is setting setting itself up for one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world by focusing the guys on literal local Israel instead of focusing their eyes. In spiritual world why Israel with worldwide enemies instead of keeping their eyes focused on the New Jerusalem. G.'s the Christian world will fulfill prophecy like the Jewish nation fulfill prophecy and they will not even realize and tell it to me. Need God deliverance from such a delusion. Father in heaven. We've studied this morning about the role of Israel and Bible prophets now we know why there is no peace in the Middle East. It's because Lord you have withdrawn your presence and also Lord because we know the devil is mixing things up over there because he wants our eyes to be turned over there. Well thank the Lord that you have given us a comprehension of Bible prophecy so that we will not be deluded in these last days I have learned that you will help us to go to your holy word study or research these things. They might appear to be intellectual but Lord it's much more than just feeding the intellect. We're setting up barriers to resist the great deceptions of say in the last days. I ask Lord that you will be with everyone gathered here this morning particularly with those who have heard this message for the first time I ask through your Holy Spirit you will speak their minds into their hearts. Large that everyone gathered here might be on the right side. Thank you Lord for having them in the foreground story might bring into this media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about her. If you would like to listen to more sermon we visit W W W R U. verse dot org.


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