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14. The Rapture of the Saints

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    2:30 PM

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I'd like to get right into our club by picking up in our mind back to the time of impact a little bit important as the Bible tells us that the working poor. There are men awaken among men in fact awakening was manifested particularly in the ministry of the Baptists. I'd like us to go in our Bibles to Matthew Chapter three Matthew Chapter three and read about this tremendous religious interest that was awakened shortly before police began his ministry. This year Matthew Chapter three and birth by then Jerusalem and all to be young and all the region around the door and went out to him and were baptized by him in the daughter. Now what made the interest of the people particularly significant is the fact that none of the Baptist up here are very much like the libel and the Old Testament in Maryland and I tapped her for the last chapter of the Old Testament ends with aplomb with the promise that before the Messiah would come God would say and like you who prepared away like a cock like a Geiger needs like Elijah grasses like Elijah and so there's this tremendous awakening among the Jews they're saying could perhaps be that this is the extent they had no idea which will bring the messiah into the world. It's interesting to notice that it says that if you lose them. Even the rink than younger go or any other method. We know that at this particular time there were members in with the start of a Bible prophecy back John the Baptist wanted I think where it speaks about a boy crying in the wilderness preparing the way for the Lord. In other words people said this can't be written you my job which will lead to the coming of MacTire because look even using I say according to the past about the coming of Elijah war. It's all the religious leaders were writing prophecy the multitude were reading Bible prophecy they were into the Scriptures but we don't catch them. There was one great problem however and that is that as the leaders Study Bible prophecy they study that in the light of their own are. You say they told me that the Messiah when he came would be a glorious Messiah he would destroy him I hated Romans he would make Jerusalem the center and he won a Stanley Cup of Nations once again. And of course the market will gladly listen to their religious leaders by the way there were many denominations all of them Jewish at this time you have for example the scribe to happen they are of the Sadducees you have the writing and the scenes those out so many different denominations but they all considered themselves the people of Iran. They were doing when the leaders work reaching the people. When the Messiah comes you can know that he is going to destroy those Romans and he's going to set up God's kingdom in paper. And then Jesus. And the billionaire will work tonight you're going. At that has maybe never see any prophecies about the coming up right from the old. It's amazing the promise he said when he was going to be born. What he was going to be when he was going to be would be announced by a star that he would be born of a virgin and many other prophecies. It even said that he was going to be born in Bethlehem. There was an abundance of purpose to say when he would come and how he could come how we would come and how he would be and yet when he first came the Bible says and John Tepper one in verse eleven that pain to his home and his home. How good of all of these nominations of this time and all of them oh great power and accepting Jesus. Well reason is simple they mis understood the way in which saya would call the rental properties in the light of their own preconceived notions. And when Jesus did not come. As they expected they were directed and the amazing thing is that they not only regret these us but if you win the girth of their own they chose and I write ins. You remember that scene where these us and rabbits are banding or on the island you know there are rabbits what's believed to be the myth by them and that we do in fact lead an insurrection over all the Roman government. That's the type of reply up at the good work and when they had the choice as to whether who chose the missile that didn't mean what their purpose. Any expectation and the Messiah the Promised Land they told of sign. Bob you know what the word barabus means the name barabus means son of the Father and so really the choice between two sons of the bar and they chose not only there but and we care only the purposes about how we're going to be delivered and how he was going to be crucified the zeros for me or brought up questions from the right past the man who what do you mean. And they didn't even realize that they were in fact the doing the thing and when they perfect the people over because instead of receiving Christ they giving out everything in their power glory. Well there could be no greater fear of anti-Christ. So even though they have an abundance of prophecy knowing how Jesus would come what he would do their preconceived ideas about what they were you'd see that of receiving me this it will be for all people who truly understood Bible prophecy in the form of a read. Now I would like it to go to our one thousand and forty eight state of well what we are. Many Christians believe that this is one of the great signs of the Union because they believe that Bible prophecy in the own past mid-point of the reestablishment of the Jewish nation because most of the provinces according to them will be popular in the Middle East. Do both of you who are here this morning. We've studied about what the cardinals and we noticed that when Israel became so to speak. Anti-christ and destroy Christ who was the very meaning of their existence the meaning of their religion. Jesus took away the kingdom from them and he gave the kingdom to the church so that the church would proclaim the message that would draw people out of darkness into God Marvel it's a lie. In other words according to the Bible God is with the Jewish nation as a chosen instrument and therefore Bible property not people who do the Jewish nation. It is true and in the Christian church. And yet today I find it in both of the books or the buying of books. And homeworks are speaking about the property in the Middle East. You watch movies that are produced by many Christians today like Left Behind and the Omega Code or I.V. of the rapture and then the seven year tribulation for the Jews in the Middle East. You know you can't turn on your television on Sunday morning without seeing also a tremendous interest on the part of the preachers to a lot of them in a way that's got to be a rapture. And then afterwards they're going to be this problem and this will be like when I'm sure it was not for the Turks because the character of the Raptor right at the beginning of the tribulation and then the seven year period will be for the troops and everybody looks over to Israel everybody looks to the Middle East. Well there's turmoil over there in the last couple of weeks. That's an indication that prophecy is about the new pope will be possible. Read all of this turmoil in the middle have been. Our rights they've been correctly All right the current ones who wear property not. It's just possible that a majority of the denominations and I speak clearly that the majority of the got denominator chanst today who claim to be Christian with their teachers and their leaders are mis directing the minds of people that have them up to the pope we're going to wrap us in the Middle East when property of the people the old right in the midst of a Christian church and they cannot see it because they are looking in the wrong way. I'll tell you something. Or that they have OK the second coming as much as they did the first any but if you would. Able To me see frankly not born Jewish nation with practical God only what makes you think that the devil is not going to target the whole world with their leaders so that the world expecting Jesus to come in one way when really the bible is going to come in that way. It behooves us then will study what the Bible has to say about the rapture of the saints. In other words about the second coming of Jesus. I want to go first of all some of the arguments that are used by those who believe in the people you like the rapture but and I mean that they believe that means of this going to come back to the could relate and gloriously but are you going to take the tour expect to happen when the tribulation begins or when the tribulation is about to begin. At Whitehall accrete with relation to the saints I think it has been seven years before Jesus comes into glory. Tony I want to go to some of the arguments that are used and we'll just go through this list that you have it. I'm not going to read them all but I'm going to repurpose some of them so that you have a clear picture of what I'm involved. Now if you read second puzzle Monier captor who and verse three you'll see that the apostle Paul says that Jesus will not come until the apostasy comes. Now what the words are by the way the Greek word in the New Testament Apple. The very word that we have a band of apples. Are part of the in fact in Acts twenty one in verse twenty one. The apostle Paul when he goes to trial he's like you know appointing people who are saying well what does that mean that he's accused many people teaches people to forsake mould in outward up the ice from the change but you know how people who believe in the related Raptor with respect they say the word our posters are part of which is a very unique mistranslate incidentally because that is never use this word in this way but they say it means departure and so what Paul is really saying is that Jesus will not come until he passed. I'm a saint. You haven't come. Affective but you cannot print through the word of power in that way because if you read second pepperoni and you discover that it is thinking about this up are you a man of sin the ballot man of lawlessness been revealed doing signs and wonders that will be a part of the overall about the context shows that this is a departure from the way this is not to be plucked from planet earth. Another argument that is used by those who believe in a pretty pretty elated Raptor it's found in that Bible if you go with me there will read it first Buffalonian Tapper. All right and verse nine. First of alone you can't provide even verse nine here the Apostle Paul saves or God did not appoint us to read. But when pain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ to God isn't a point here forever and so the argument of this one. During the tribulation God is going to be poured out without me your mercy revelation that the universe once says that they're right that during the tribulation the door of mercy has closed the wrath of God is going to be poured out without any mixture of Merced. This world is going to be a major disaster area. They're right in that but they say that because the apostle Paul says a lot of not appointed us to read. How can Christians staying in the world when God says that they've been pointed out. If Christians are not appointed to work. Let me ask you this how did the Hebrews in Egypt when the plague were falling when the wrath of God was called. When a shielded by Divine Plan. When the plank. Yes so you don't think that if the church both later and God will be able to steal them from the destruction you see God's people are not going to rob a bunch of people they want to be shielded but one of the wings will feel the wrath of God. Let me ask you remember Daniel when you were thrown into the lion's den with a wrap of the Queen. And yet I could not do. He came in a young man with fiery furnace by the way this whole episode vagal corporate greed is an illustration of what would happen during the tribulation because American has to raise up an image of its god he commands everybody to worship the image. Whoever doesn't worship the image is to be killed. Revelation thirteenth as the identical but the beasts raise up an image. It commands everybody to worship the image of the beast and when it's built and give support take place during the population period. If God was able to protect them from a young man when they went relation why would he not be able to protect these people who go the extra point. That's correct but the fact is that even though black people get in the preview later they're not going to suffer God's wrath because it's intended for those who have rejected Jesus brief time to separate father father maybe it's got passed by me. Nevertheless not my will be done but you are so Jesus your cup but you won't hear me because God is not going to make you make people drink the cup of Iraq like it do you just trying to get in your place you don't have to worry about drinking it if the wicked who agree of a bear. Well well that idea that we got were not appointed program that we're not going to go up with the whole lot of us in the loop of the world and incidentally of privilege in one sense that no where I will part with this is there could be a lake and so where we described in the Great Tribulation then it's found in the Book of Revelation and God there speaks about shielding and protecting his people in the bathtub. Another argument with you. It's found in Revelation chapter three and for if you go with me. Revelation reimbursed them and obviously we can't cover all of the arguments that are used but I just want to give some representative news look at you see that that's another way of looking at these things. Revelation typically a birth parent because you have to have my command to Person of the year. I also will keep. Our oil which will come up on the morrow to test the new year you know they use this phrase I will also power to mean that the way that it keeps them is by taking them out of the well let me ask you Can you from the hour of trial by who's thing on planet Earth. Yes In fact I'm going to redirect the identical record and tells us what it means it doesn't mean that they grew out of the world so they can keep you that means that you're gambling and he won't keep you from the power of the evil one. But with me the gun grabber servant me John Chapter seventeen where this identical expression is YOU John Chapter seventeen and verse fifty your Jesus is break with father and he says I do not pray that you should take them out of the well. Very significant. But then you should not should keep them if I want so that the back the dog people in the cryo mean that he has a record amount. No because Jesus Spirit clearly then I don't write it you can come out of the world but you keep them from the evil around the world. Well this idea that God's people mean that they have to be taken out of the world with their argument that it is found in Perth alone in Napa three a birth thirty birth of alone in chapter three and verse thirteen where the apostle Paul says something which I have been used by Christians and they say you know this picture is so clear that how can you get around. Well let's take a look at the long and spree in verse thirty Aquidneck rebirth whelp of the current there. And maybe I'm going to make inquiries about him to one another and well just as we do to you so that you may have to start with your heart. Brain lives in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We're all here saying you know what they say is to me it's coming up a large group of light. We're all here right now. We can't come with all his saints unless it came before. Do you understand me or not. Now that sounds logical. The only problem is the identity of the thing. Now who are these sayings that Jesus come when they are not human beings. Well that's going to do to me chapter thirty three where the apostle Paul is getting this from Chapter thirty three at birth through speaking about when God came to Mount Sinai. The giving us plenty low. Chapter thirty three and burst through it says and he said the Lord came from Steiner and them from here. Each shone forth from Mt parent and he came with heaven. Oh oh yes. So from his right hand came a fiery law or them who did Jesus come way up when he came to Mt Sinai where ten thousand obvius Saints where they'll say they were angels of course nobody would say the same for the heaven was clearly the saints that are spoken of by the Apostle Paul but when he says that Jesus can't recall if they are not human saint they are right and here's angels in fact you know in Mark eight in verse thirty eight. We find that the angels are called the horror movie in one of the word play. You know that the word brainy and the word holy are the same. We were so when Jesus comes with His holy angels he's coming with distinctly angel. Incidentally in Revelation Tepper nineteen records twenty one we find this scene Jesus coming as King of Kings and Lord of lords and heavenly armies are coming with them. One other words these are what it says and become a Saint. Not talking about coming up with those that Raptor they have been talking about coming with is work with these holy angels because they are called saints in the words of the army and are not another argument that it is found in Matthew chapter twenty or where there are twenty four and birth of sporting according to a bit of the real table. And it sounds logical. Only thing from logical empower you and your brother pets which explain them and then they don't sound so laughable. First body then two men will be in the field one will be taken and the other two women will be grinding at the mill one will be taken and the other left and they say see it's where. How can't you get it. Etc Clearly one is going to be taken both the ones that are taken in by Raptor and then there's both who are the ones who are left behind a live and well we need to be careful about the way we define words we can find the words of a Bible on the understanding of what we're going to when you're saying you must understand them it will work wonders. That correct. So we need to understand what the Bible means by PECO. And then I can give you an analogy you know the old thing Burton says that all those who die or our language are preventable. Now the word prevented a means to keep someone from doing something but in old English prevent means to precede another word in the opening James is the word conversation we're going to have a good conversation and have nothing to do with the way you think the word conversation in all England means contracts are who they are. So you can't take a modern meaning of a word and say that that's the way that you were in a biblical convert Now what does this mean. Let me I want to tell you up front that are the opposite of what people think. That pagan ones are the ones who want to destroy and the ones who are not going to say but of course you say how is that person. I mean taken me back in and that means that right. Yes in modern English that that's what we're interested in how the Bible looked at this fall back with the one by the way the basis of the argument is based on the blood you can read in the previous version of this idea one be taken and the other being glad that using the foundation story in the context that heaven and earth twenty three and it's a seven birth when it really thinks about Noah and his family. There are who grew up here I want to know what it repaired so he destroyed all living things on the place where both man and creeping thing and bird of the year they were destroyed from the earth. All right. Noah and told him what we may you know that many Bible Bergen rant like that word work and actually that better will that one of the words in the Bible but after the calamity happens of a disaster both will remain one. Well let me ask you who were the last one that the part of the blood the fame but we're going to going to one of those who were a bit strong but I tell you this also America is against us. No do your best. He's arguing about words. Ever understood in the Bible. Not in our modern terminology not even for they would say but they have a certain area would say listen that the lead paint everyone away whether anyone where and then I thought you did and I went up speaking you know it was everybody just what wasn't anybody left. Well it means those who are not destroyed most of the What Would Jesus Camp who are saying now let me review the text of the Bible. That's about who were wrecked and me. But above all who are let go at me quite the attacker or the attackers or Oprah didn't die hard because people are so caught up in what they've heard and what they've learned from their teachers that have gone to the Bible by the Japanese emperor. But then you see now on the war and I want to read bird one but it's last year and it just come to practice. He who is in Zion pay more. In a different language the part where Jesus is thinking like one who knows your thought that he who is in Zion and he who remains in Jerusalem will be cold homely everyone who is required among them living in Jerusalem. Only ones but ones who remain. Why not if I take a chapter eleven. Gee that's not the script one are the same and the pagan ones are the law. Well that and I think eleven and verse eleven thinking about what's going to take place after the Babylonian captivity. A lot of going to gather here people have a capacity that day that the Lord tells us that it's hand again the second time to recover. Well written and gives people who. Who are going at once the remnant and then it said from of Syria and Egypt from right rotten course from China are the men came out and the islands of the sea. So the map once more saying no let's also what it says in verse sixteen same chapter that then there will be a highway for the rest of the good people who will be robust to your ear and it works for you in the day that he came up from the land of Aleppo ones are home safe and you can read the other verses that we have here by the way if you want to find out ever look up in a can pardon the word of the word. Through your own thoughts or what I think. Check me out and I don't like your figure there are witnesses so wonderful because then you'll be committing the same thing at all believe in the propriety. I'm not here for you. It isn't for me and accept what I say for people might not think that one until I'm here to awaken. Congressman but I don't know and that's why I give you a copy of a lecture a copy of the nurses though. Look I'm all oh let me make sure that what I'm saying is in harmony with the Bible. Now what about the market by the way do you know that the woman who was in adultery the Greek word is the same word the woman with pagan in adult but the threatening that the woman with well it means that he would work with you know the element of surprise. None of us who are protected think about those who are not fucked up or not wrapped up their pants and birth. One break and it's used in a few very frequently in a military context by the way would Jesus comes he's coming as a military leader as being of Kings and Lord along with it's only got what we have prepared a verse one so that's there now it came to pass when I go night stand it being burned out rock whack at work taken a eye and hand I don't really what destroyed it. What does it mean to paint a I it means two totally. It's totally severed me to save it that way. Exploit but it's also Jeremiah Captain thirty eight and birth twenty eight. Jeremiah chapter thirty eight and for twenty years now we have the same word. Hated them they are my attempt at thirty eight and when you are out there oh my I remained in the court approves and probably say that Jerusalem was work. Hate him and he was there when. Most of that was taken. What does that mean that they say no that means that your first line where they're going to destroy the people were taken captive. And according to the Bible what does that mean I mean those who are saying well that's taken me I mean who are taken by surprise and right now let's see how. But with me that's probably who rapper seventeen and burst once they have looked after seventeen and twenty seven. Where once again it's about the blurred look seventeen and birth twenty seven he just says thinking about the green blood race they ate they drank they married rights they were given and married until the day that Noah entered the ark and the blood came and went and destroyed them all. Now let's compare Matthew twenty four and verse thirty nine what we were courting Roy demo let's not of the permanent twenty four and verse thirty nine says about this replied race and did not know until the letter came and went and took them all away. So other ones work. We're going to weigh what was wanted but according to Jesus and loose as they were just go ahead and Matthew Chance they were taken away taken away one hour and those who are around the idea of the remnant. Those are the ones who remain out alive. Group you know it the wrong way around. They simply say they're clear and they they can and where they can be taken in. It means that you can't read the Bible that way you have to let the Bible play its own terminology it's on now the question is how is it going to come in and meet that related Raptor. Well me of certain group are going to see them they'll be silent. Nobody's going to hear it is that the picture the Bible gives of the rapture of the Second Coming. Absolutely not. Well let me a birth of a long war and ironically thought I am not going to read now the one that is you bought by people who believe in the record and they say that this is a pair with Bing armor that I call them you know. First chapter for me. Or if we think you are going to want to Lord who are alive and remain until the coming of the law or the idea of remain Again one who remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means preceded those words for the Lord himself will be sent from heaven with a shout article by him. It's going to be an archangel. The problem with this point. Anyway. It's going to be a silent trumpet and in right well right now people powerful and fun you know wake of the day all right you know you might have trouble waking up with one. Well here's my sweat wake up a bit. Unlike coming up just like a secret rapture. Oh can the ever construe the idea of a thing when its own lives are somewhat the point of view. Archangel not notice Uncle Matthew chapter twenty or twenty nine and thirty about the event the glory of the glory of second coming of Christ. Matthew Chapter twenty four. And notice what it says in verse thirty one you know it's this. Actually let me bring in our media after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give It's like there's a problem heaven and the powers of the heavens will be shut for the powers of the world. You know that our government is not one of the power over what the Bible make balloon. Thank you very much. Let me make a roll of the night. Somewhat. But the powers that be shaken. It means that the sun moon and stars will be true. Right. Powerful. Anything but that's where the birth or even the final sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. There are and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with high honor and great glory. I proudly queer and yet you know it is also for me. Revelation or whatever fragments that yes coming with the clouds and sun I was so sick of him. Some of you are still awake it's been a long day. It says he is coming with the clouds and what every eye shall see him. In fact you know that he was my neighbor says that Jesus when he promptly will come a second time. You believe in a raptor then. Gloria I mean that would be a third time. But there are no records inspector could see this coming up like the Bible says He came the first time when he became an adult and he will come a second time without sin and He will come to same. Allow me to mention that some people believe all of the people who backed it up and not only will it be that he just is going to come see them trick and rap of the church out of the world but you know both attractive in heaven and this could be latent of the Jewish nation a little but they also say that when the Lord gives us comes his glorious come seven years later we're going to come to a fabric of who on earth one thousand. I will see the serious repercussions of this in a moment you might hear about how we come to the important thing is that you believe that he's coming not school we need to know how we're going to come or else we will be the street according to the now you see this going to come in his glory of the French the idea that the church is not going to help you get out of Iraq or the way you think all of the world is going to be about what's going to happen when they find themselves they're going to have any shot that they're not going to be really see that's what the governor what they want to convince Christians don't worry about anything you know. Oh well property the prevalence of Bulbul that operate the plant but the you know well made. Well watching what's happening on planet Earth a verbal war we want to believe that well that we are not ready for that would be like. When they're in the will will not happen but who would stay and remain faithful. Now would be the glory of a period of old wooden seven years when is it coming to that other thing the mother. No revelation sixteen speaks of devastating right. They are going home. America where people. Everybody agrees that the plagues preceded the second coming of do the right arsehole parable and forget all of the of the world. Imagine all of our sources are rushing water turning into blood. Imagine the sun then crimes than ever before starting the meditation and human beings. Imagine a supernatural god. That's a plan B. or imagine according to a person like short people have in their homes than in their bio will play what they're going to like that the world knows at this moment. Imagine what I want and that's what my attack reports are going to be burned and it was about Robin Wright. They haven't I don't know why but I don't know man. Even the bank robbery I was on because the winds are going to probably destroy and return to the local recreation passed around like the paradise that the world is going to be there in the thousand years supposedly were being set up it's been done well somebody might say Well but you've got to make a NEW haven't yet been actively not aware what about propriety that Jesus is going to come into play here in the Senate. It's Millennial Kingdom and the fact that the New Testament contradict that. But with me in the Gospel of John Chapter fourteen than chapter Porton and that's really the promise of the visa for me than Port mean and that three Burke was one of the beautiful parks and if you read the preceding context of the Bible time raving you are where you live as well where I'm going on you can't go with you there I want to go if you're not then you can't let me know. He said I'll get mine I knew he was under an apartment and because I think that exactly what happened but he wanted to go but we know that Peter that it's like a problem that we've been looking at so that's very plain of promise verse one Let not your heart will you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many men where the father though. Being a father who are larger than our Father who art where having a product out of it never in my father outside it were so I would I want to prepare a place for you. Where did he go. Who depend of my frock. Oh is he planning to take a stand and then articles are the way to go but when he comes to Berkeley and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and you or I will come again and want to receive you to myself. Hi there. It's happened here and I think I know he said it might have come from any mean to you and when I come I will receive you to myself. You might be in the pub. Motor sport. That's a long and happy or I don't know how could the birth of a lonely or the Apostle Paul corroborate what the Lord he said that before and let's start at birth in the Apostle Paul said. What we say to you by the word of the Lord that we want to live and remain until the coming of the board will might not mean all of us or the Lord himself will be sent from heaven with ourselves with the voice of an archangel and with God and the right will bite but then we were alive and remain shall be well. Why would it not be coming down here live a life and be them. I do it. That's when we were I mean remain shall be caught up together with the clouds to meet. Oh I'm going to hear that you're going to be the No one show you know that this is a serious thing because the devil than hunger. Second. He's going to walk down the printer is going to be the way to the book he's going to deal with the dangers of people believing that Christ is going to clean up the Millennial Kingdom and I don't think it is Christ and science then we who are alive and we may not be part of the weapon in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and brush. I'm going to be with the Lord. But it's also Matthew twenty four verse thirty one where the previous rebirth thirty one cents here and he was eighteen when I went to the what is a novel by the way still in the sky when he was Angel with a great amount of parallel here. And then I shall now we're going to get their hands on you know these are not gathered to us. Do you want to be with me you see it and talk to me as will be one world one. Well that's also second that's a long one if I can never to constantly in the length of your part of the other like a second puzzle on the inverse one thing. Now prevalent concerning the coming of our Lord right in our gathering. He is not going to do what we know are gathered to him because things that you have where you say that the Bible played a well yes Bob may have and were and that but are almost And how long it may have been seven years not long enough years honeymoon with and then you think OK we've learned about the honeymoon I mean we're let go now who are in the home that I am new at. And incidentally you noted to me that warn against people who believe that God will come up with epic one or that you can't be twenty four and then you get waiting at birth twenty three then if anyone here is the Christ or there do not believe or right and proper right and so great times and wonder. So I have to B. C. it will even be in light of all you know I'm not going to be like because we've got a little humor to gather his going to try to defeat the elect but he will not let me ask you why it would be coming for his elect Why would he warned you about the other rebel and the cards and I have told you before where they say to you Look he is in the desert not below or in the museum being in a room. Do not believe why because. This is not going to be seen anywhere on planet Earth. He is going to be seen well enough I think Northwest twenty seventh wherever the lightning comes from the east and west to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man the World War two. By believing that Jesus is going to come which perish of millennial kingdom because they have all that they have but I have a problem with them for that alone. Like a nap or two. But I have a cold or protect income but actually make it appear like T.V. networks whereas these ads will remain in the sky. But now they will want a bigger and I will get him away because he just can't he's not going to partner. We will cut your act with a thousand years when a company or a quarterback right now let's go second alone. Where was the sense and then the lawless one who the Lord will consume with a bear and all of that work from where you are coming with this Would you like me a lot agree with or will they have to be written and like right it's going to be destroyed when a glory of a parent or becoming another pilot or another well the person or the come you know what where that is. The last one also and he is what he is coming and it may be for the other coming for the simple reason that when the other coming break like the one where it could be happen because property going to be happy with the one I don't have any me first match that's coming up a lawless one is according to the working out who think I was going to come with all her writings and writing wonder you know there's one other cracks in the Bible. Well this combination of Word Power signs and lying wonders not mine one would but one act won't go there but there it speaks about. It's being done by. When what on earth and now and you really weren't all are saying then what's going to be emphasizing and wonder what do you know when it's going to be prompt. And the bubble in the world come all the way around here. But up you know years they will bite and then. Mr Solomon right. Apple making good on its own people. Many of the nominees and what misinterpreted purposes and where or what will happen in understanding this lectures written where oh where it's going to become different corporate page in a property. How do you suppose they will of art. What will happen but the one you know the part of geniuses who are and in this way they will look back and they won't even realize it because I mean not Middle Eastern we're going to privately and they're properly. I can't see the captain looking wrong. So Will let me conclude by saying they are usually either a page place before the human rights human and before Jesus comes in. It's not the Rapture it's the cold. There is something that's going to happen before you can see more people think that they can prepare. Well you know when I think I'm tired coming up a moment of clarity and see the full thing I'm sorry. You see the Bible teaches that probation will close when the tribulation is about to begin the Tribulation will go away and then Jesus will come in glory and got rid of the Great say couple breakable and that they will not sit back when you know Christians that they're going to be not serious not likely will that they will know. Let me ask you how many groups were there they have more than one of those who separated with the writer before. I want to know. But probably not nor the dormer right. And what happened or is there wonder why the ring the thing that you can work with one of them told the gargoyle just how many groups are there when the door closes to the same thing a lot of a lot of the country. If there are any can't either Snape to become not no one would expect the rain when the door so. That's And then there's a period when you let them know their faith must be called by me for my but we cannot sign are getting violent in their speech and in action. We know one of them if they're wondering I wonder whether the. I think. And ring him and all we could and like you that she is. Jesus said Soul will it also be at the coming of the son. Like I want to know where the door was shut there will be a tribulation where paper will be tested and then this much it will come as it were the date of Noah so it will be an impact. Well you know he was going to be an event board members come in glory but it is not a rapture it is the code book. When the one of the Lipman level. Well I linked up with sixteen verse fifteen. They vary and you have a Bible with the red matter of the red letter of the word of the one you're looking or by buying that their own red letters in the paper and in the last one I think Peter thought all the time. Revelation twenty to twenty twenty one to restart all the bank would run but with only one word between Revelation for and Revelation What do you want to know where do you the speech in Revelation of those who say that the account of what almost. And that's all I am coming at you right now when one comes right we're going to end up even the night so your empathy come and your sleep then in the morning when you wake up. So really the people people you realize that I meant that of the Cold War of much more income and it's going to work but it will need it is right let it be right like you know even it's only let me feel him any chance the old I come quickly and my reward. Everyone at their word. Let's go. Back talking about what he's talking about one more thing coming up. But what if he who triggered this garment monkey and along with that young garments. What comes out of the midst and up right. Well that everybody agrees that the men think they're going to get it. Well the target. But in Revelation. Very very frightening boxset believe me any time I want to read it but what me but revelation peppery and verse eighteen but warns the last nature of say more that we well let me ask you if you were like her will be in the world we're in the pond or else it would want to talk about how they would have nothing to do with them not of Revelation. Remember taping I coul buy gold and white garment. Maybe more. And shame on me. Why. So if you're going to be in the world at the time of the play is there a danger that the church should be expecting people to come and I mean the Bible can hope it behooves us to go out and have been moved west also to love Will you be appearing if it meant in the one you must be I want to ask tonight I want to do something. How many of you like me to have a special where I will ask God your heart and you might want to say I want to be ready for the call of the nation I want to bring in come I want you to buy one of them. Well everybody got really really really want to be writing a lot of pain. Other heaven. Thank you for the clarity of their work. I can get more and that's why I think we're going to see the comic books like a pub. Well I applaud everyone who gathered here tonight that it planted your call wherever never heard or I have to work. Well of course there are all your old thing happen again.


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