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15. The Final Judgment

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    3:30 PM

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Now tonight we're going to see what the Lord Jesus had to say about the judgment the final judgment. But in order to understand the subject about the final judgment it's necessary for us to return to what took place in heaven before this world even existed. Please turn in your Bibles with me to the book of Isaiah Chapter fourteen Isaiah Chapter fourteen we read this passage before. Quite a while ago when we dealt with the end of evil but now we want to read it in the context of the study that we're into tonight it serves our interest well how you are fallen from heaven or Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you weaken the nation. Or you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my loan above all the star of God and by the way the stars represent angels. So are you saying I am going to rule over above the stars of God above the angels. And then he said I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the sides of the North and by the way if you read some forty eight verses one and two it says that Jerusalem the city of the great King is in the sides of the north. So this is taking place in Jerusalem not directly Jerusalem but the Heavenly Jerusalem. Continue same in verse fourteen I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. Here we find a description of a being who thought. That the government of God needed to be done away with because he couldn't stand a better government because it looks like we're going to establish a better government than the government of God So Lucifer began questioning the government of God and say you know if I were placed on the phone you would be free. You were going to have all of these restrictions that God has placed on you after all your wives angels your wives preachers so there's no reason why there are laws that have to restrict your freedom. You should be able to live in harmony with what your own heart dictates. And so he started causing an insurrection in heaven among the well before we read a passage of scripture about that insurrection in heaven that civil war we might call it in heaven because it was an infernal war wasn't an outside enemy it was an enemy from within. Before that we need to go to chapter twenty and read verse sixteen. There's a very important little detail here that I want us to notice some people wonder whether there was a law that God had when Lucifer hail from heaven the answer is yes every government is based on law and what no separate question what the law of God Notice even if your chapter twenty and verse sixteen. And we're only going to read this one verse even though the whole chapter is dealing with the fall of this being if that's there by the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within and you know saying what he said. Now we need to go to the New testament to the beloved disciple of Jesus under inspiration to discover what that sin consisted in going with me to first John chapter three and will reverse eight first of all and then we'll go back to verse four. That's what the nature. Obviously an abuse of her words. You see we've said that he questioned the law but he question of the justice of God He said that the angels were free they were slaves were going to notice in a minute that when the devil introduced us into this world he used the same argument that he used with the angels in heaven but not of what it says in John Chapter three adversely. He who sins is of the devil for the devil has sinned from Mount Sinai because some people say that but not started at Mount Sinai. Since when because the letter says in the beginning I wanted sin. Let's go back to verse four it says whoever commits sin also commenced lawlessness and sin is loveless ness or of the Old King James Version says sin is transgression of the law. Now my question is how could Luther her transgress a law that did not exist. Much A lot have existed in order to have sinned or broken our current rest below. Yes God's love is everlasting and eternal because God's law is a reflection of who he hands it on reflection of his character. In other words God is the law. Personified it tells us in written form how God is. And so the Bible tells us that this removes a lot that he needed to get rid of the law of God and he needed to occupy the thought of God and he needed to give freedom to the heavenly beings from this I'm just law. And so the Bible tells us that there was a war in heaven. Go with me to the Book of Revelation Chapter twelve Revelation Chapter twelve and reverses seven Blue nine Revelation twelve versus seventy nine. It's as and or broke out into have been Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels all but they did not prevail that of the Dragon and his angels. Nor was a place in heaven any more so the great dragon was passed out that sharpened of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world. He was passed to the earth and his angels work out with him. Now how many angels was not able to persuade. Let's go back in the same chapter two verse four speaking about this same dragon it says his tale Drew. Are the stars of heaven and among them how many of the angels was able to conquer one third of the angels. And Bob when you realize that according to Revelation Chapter five there are millions of millions of angels Valiants of angels ever described there are a third of the Angels a significant number of heavenly bee. Do you think that the arguments of Satan or of Lucifer must of been pretty powerful for him to be able to convince a third of the angels to follow him in his rebellion. Do you suppose that his arguments were deceptive enough that he could take up one of the angels with him. Absolutely. Now I want you to notice in these if you're twenty eight and verse sixteen and verse eighteen a very interesting expression is it your chapter twenty eight and will revert sixteen and then will read verse eighteen. It says in verse sixteen about its being by the abundance of your trading. You became filled with violence within and you sinned. What is that. By the abundance of your trading not that word craving is a Hebrew word which is translated differently into other types of the Old Testament and those two other text give us an idea as to what Lucifer actually did let's go back to easy. Your chapter twenty two and verse nine Is it your jacket when it went verse nine. It's the same Hebrew word now that we're going to notice in this verse. But it's not translated training it is translated in a different way it says there in chapter twenty two in verse nine. If you are men who slander to cause bloodshed the word slander there is the same word trading music of twenty eight. Now also it is used in the book of Leviticus Chapter nineteen if you go back with me to Leviticus Chapter nineteen. Well not as another way in which this is translated the same word. It says there. Chapter nineteen in verse sixteen. You shall not go about as a tale bearer among your people. So what does trading mean it means to be a little better. It means to be a gossiper it means to be a liar. That's the reason why Jesus in John Chapter eight and verse forty four said that the devil is a what a liar from the beginning. You say why is it translated trading. Because we use that as a new even in English we say part when somebody tells you a lie and you know the person is lying. You can't sell me that one. I don't know why. Why because he's trying to deal in rhymes and so that's why the word trading really means that the devil in heaven trying to sell the angels not lions law it's about lives about God third of the angels Katha Have you ever wondered why God did not destroy this Lucifer right away. Could God have obliterated from existence in an instant. Oh of course. Along with all of the millions of angels that went with him. God could have done it but what would have happened if God had done the loyal angels would have said we wonder whether what he was saying is right he said. God is a despot a dictator that Islam is respected but he does not allow anybody to think differently than he does and mock this apparently proves it. Because here was most of her who question go on and on. What about doing what he wanted him out. We wonder who the next person is going to be who will be blown out of it and the angelic being what we are rather than out of love and there would have always been the possibility of another rebellion to overthrow this individual this dictator in their mind who had destroyed most of her because of her. Question the government of God and the law go forward necessary for God to allow Lucifer to show his program of government without the law. God needn't work now knows I've heard was that his style of government so that the whole universe could see what his style. Women lead to and you can see it today. Let me ask you the world today is this a desirable place that you would like to spend eternity under the rulership of Satan under his rule lawless government. Absolutely not because transgression of the law does not lead to happiness and joy. Trench questionable leads to slavery and sickness and sorrow and yet not to light as a little perhaps and so the heavenly beings have questions in their mind they say this Lucifer you know he was cast out of heaven. We wonder whether maybe he's right about some of the things that he's saying about God Even though let's say all Angel had questions in their minds that needed to be answered by God In other words God had a cosmic mess on. Let me tell you about the problem of sin is not an earthly problem the problem is a cosmic universal problem because then did not begin on this earth. Sin began in heaven in the very presence of God. But the situation got even more complicated because then Lucifer was cast out of heaven. He came down to this earth and the only place that he could be on this earth was that the tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil and God told Adam and Eve listen you can eat up all the trees of the garden if you want but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat because if you eat of that tree you are going to die. Did God give them a commandment. He most certainly did. Now do you know that in that commandment were contained in principle all of the other ten commandments of well if they are there. Let me ask you when Eve ate of the fruit of the tree what he's feeling. Yes When Eve ate from the tree if you break a commandment thou shall. Yes because he not only brought this upon ourselves but upon the whole human race. When he looked at the group that you break the commandment Thou shalt not kill but did you make the commandment that says Honor your father and your mother her heavenly father. Yes Then do you think that you could make yourself God. Yes So I'm just one command will contain all of the principles of the Ten Commandments which were later I am going to find I'm outlining when God gave the Ten Commandments in written form in a more definite form than the principles that we find in the Garden of Eden. Now I want you to know this that the devil comes down to the tree and it is there and the same thing is going to happen at the tree that happened. Let's read starting in Genesis Chapter three and verse one. You say what does this have to do with a gun. Well Bob we're going to have a judgment let me understand this because the judgment of God have much more to do with solving the universal problem of sin that we're condemning sinners to destruction or rewarding God sinks with heaven. It's much more than that. The judgment has to do with the vindication of God against the accusation that Satan has reigned against God Now a lot of Genesis Chapter Verse one Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field with the Lord God help me and he said to the woman has got him he said You shall not of every tree in the garden. He's trying to instill doubt if the first two and the woman said to the serpent not are you going to correct this are we made of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the program the tree which is of the midst of a gun but has said You shall not eat it nor shall you touch it let you die. He was embellishing what God said God said don't eat it not that don't cut verse four and the serpent said the woman you will not only die in other words. But it is a lie. Who was the line. So how is the devil trying to make God look he's trying to make God and look like a liar like a deceiver. In other words he's tarnishing that actor. But it gets worse. You remember that I mentioned that the lad said to the angels actually lose a bird said to the angels in heaven that they were slaves because they were subject of law and that they needed to proclaim their independence. Well I've got to say the same thing the thought of what it says in verse five or God knows that in the day when you eat your eyes will be open in other words God wants you to be what the lie. He wants blind observe it. But if you even the three no more blind service your eyes will be open and you will be like God knowing good and evil. What I'm most interested in and I will be like the most high. Now if they have to eat you will be like God and you know that argument here. What our will because but have not really shown Adam an E. His work of creation. You know if Adam and Eve had not been there when God created everything they were created last and so they had to accept the idea that God was the creator by pay because they hadn't seen seeing God create anything and so he says I wonder why God told us not sleep on the street. I'll tell you why it's not because you can but because God knows that if you eat of this tree you're going to be like him and he doesn't want any rivals around you know what the devil is actually insinuating he's insinuating that at some point God eight. Three And when he ate of the tree he became God. And then when he ate from a tree and again the power that's gone he said what can I do to make sure that nobody else bring to my level. So when he created Adam and Eve the antenna takes them and he says. Lesson got have told you that if you have a tree you're going to die I don't believe that it's because God knows that if you eat of the tree you going to be god like it and he doesn't want any competition. He doesn't want to be right Will he want to you know render him blind. He one percent on the rules and he simply wants you to obey the Bible tells us that Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and they brought all of the misery that we're presently seeing. It was not a panorama with even more complicated because God not only had the heavenly intelligences with questions in their mind about what happened in heaven but now the heavenly intelligences are wondering about what also has happened on Earth. But God had a providential plan in allowing him to come into the world. Not if I didn't say that God caused sin to come into this world God had a providential plan in allowing sin to come into the world because it was here that the devil was going to be able to see all the style of government that he would have established and have in fact you know the Bible tells us that the devil took away Adam's position as the ruler of this world and Satan became the ruler of his work. In John Chapter twelve a verse thirty one Jesus called the devil the ruler of this world in John chapter one and also Chapter two and verse one when this heavenly Council takes place in the days of job the representatives from all of the universe come together in this heavenly council meeting and among those who are present there is a discordant note among them come the person. We are closer now why was he there. Who should have been there and should have been there because he was the father and representative of the human race he had been given Domine and over the years he had been given one of our ships over the year he should have provided our benevolent loving mother ship of the earth to promote life and health and happiness. You remember look after four when Jesus was by the devil the devil said look you don't have to go to the cross I'll make it easier for you. He says if you just bow down and worship me that's per second I won't give you back the kingdoms of the world because they haven't delivered on them who would deliver them on to Satan and so on. Running as Providence allowed sin to come into this world this world is a laboratory. You say what do you mean a laboratory. Do you know that in first Corinthians chapter four and verse nine if you go with me there first Corinthians chapter four and verse nine. The apostle Paul tells us something extremely interesting once again in Chapters four and verse nine and I want you to notice what he says here or I think that God has displayed us the Apostles last as men condemned to death for we have been made and it's because you know what the Greek word is if the word apple where we get our word. The gator Ron Paul is saying we have been may be a danger to the world both to angels and to men. We had a tour of the universe and the universe is watching. This living moving picture that is taking place on planet Earth to see who is right. Lucifer or God. And they're comparing the final government of one and the other. So when God allowed sin to come into this world. You're allowed to show what style of government most of her would have stabbed with men going against the Holy Law of God. When Jesus died on the cross the devil was judged and when Jesus died on the cross the world was. I want you to notice that in John Chapter sixteen and verse eleven John Chapter sixteen and verse eleven and by the way this is one of the judgments that the scripture mentions but it is not the only one and will notice in a few moments. John Chapter sixteen and verse eleven. And let's reverse eight so that we can get a contract that says and when he had said that is the Holy Spirit he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment of sin because they do not believe in me. Righteousness because I go to my father and you see me no more judgment because the ruler. This world is what if John. That's not us. Also John Chapter twelve and verse thirty one John Chapter twelve and verse thirty one and then I would explain to you what this means that the ruler of this world have been judged. John Chapter twelve verse thirty one Jesus says now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be what will be cast out. The world was judged in G.. Now you say how then do you know that the sins of every person who. As ever lived on planet Earth were placed upon Jesus Christ with not accept our sin was placed on Jesus in other words the whole side of the world was judged when it was placed on our side of the world was planted when it was placed upon Jesus and you say well that's the case that we're all going to be same old and they'll go to bed now. Jesus made a payment for the whole world but that does not mean that everyone in the world is going to be Satan let me explain why. Let's suppose that there's a bank we'll call it the bank of the universe and that bank there are no funds that have been deposited by a magnanimous philanthropist to pay the debts of everyone on planet Earth. Credit cards Monkee time payments spousal support child support doesn't matter what the Bills are. The Philanthropist that people are going to not money in the bank for everyone's debt to be paid is only one kit. You have to go to the bank and make the withdrawal. The money can be there but unless you go and withdraw the money you still remain and then when the Lord Jesus died on the cross for the sin of the whole world was paid for. Jesus put enough money in the heavenly bank of his max to bargain assumes all out but there's a catch you must come to Jesus you must come to the bank and you must claim the pay. So the world was judged and what a tragedy that the sin of the world was John. And there's still there will be people who are. A lot because they go to the bank. They prefer who's been in there now or when Jesus died on the cross the ruler of this world site and was also judged according to Gee now what does that mean that the ruler of this world are lesser and I mean you gave up their Domine and their kingdom because they gave in to Satan is about right. In other words when they say and they listen to Satan Satan took away Adam's dominion. However when Jesus came to this earth was the devil and they want to conquer G.'s O. G.'s us convert it to frighten and back are because Jesus conquered Siteman. Jesus now took the kingdom which the devil had taken from Adam when he led Adam to stand and not Jesus takes that kingdom having conquered the battle and he says the kingdom is now mine. Let me tell you he only takes the kingdom legally at this point because he has an empirically and physically take in the kingdom of this world or this world will be in the shape you know. Not on the cross he has a legal claim to this world is only waiting till the moment when he will actually take the kingdom and dominion empirically physically. I understand you want to say so in other words who is the ruler of this world or know the ruler of this world now and who G.'s us back. Come let's go back to John Chapter twelve and verse thirty one John Chapter twelve and verse thirty one. This is on the Thursday before the crucifixion of Jesus the day before the crucifixion of Jesus and that's it. As Now it is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be what half hour what does that mean. Past now he's going to be cast up all because of the death of Jesus. Because if you read verse thirty three it says that Jesus was speaking about himself being lifted up and dying on the cross of Calvary. In other words what is it that took away the kingdom and the Dominion from the ruler of this world. That death of Jesus when Jesus said it is finished. He had conquered and the kingdom was taken back by him. Legally it's no longer his. So Jesus as the ruler of this world is one. Now OK let's go to Revelation Chapter twelve. Revelation Chapter twelve and verse ten and so you know that I want us to think that he still has legal control over the world that he still has so many that he still is the king of the world. Well I'll tell you what the king of this world is no longer the devil the king or the devil wasn't thinking in the first place because he was a youth he was a robber but still Jesus had to come to take it away from him. No that's what it says in Revelation Chapter twelve and verse ten. Then I heard a loud voice saying where in heaven. So salvation and right and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the UK heroes are our brethren who work here use them before our God where is God in heaven. Where did the devil go on The Book of Job to accuse job in heaven. Why because he represented what this world but now it say is once again a birthday and then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strength in the key. Some of our God in the power of His Christ. What the accuser of our brethren who accused them before our God day and night has been what has been passed down. As a devil represent the world anymore you know who represent this world. Jesus the rightful ruler because he overcame Satan when he said it is finished on the cross. OK on that verse twelve says therefore rejoice that moon and you would do well in them. Whatever happens about your eyes they got rid of this past. Who went there day and night to accuse the brethren to accuse job to accuse others. No longer that and says Good riddance he's gone we don't have to put up with him anymore. Praise a liar but it's a rule. Be the change of tone. Rejoice and you will do well and then we will rejoice when all but one of the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the dead life come down to you having great rap because he knows that his has what a short time you know a longer line is more dangerous than a will live there now will have received I bet the new thread. As it says in Genesis three fifty if that would be crushed by the seed of the woman and it was before and now we must deal with other aspects of it with a certain sense in which also were judged at the cross. However it still remains to be seen who is going to benefit from them right in others. Individuals need to come and show whether they accepted that they rejected them. That's where we're going to talk a little bit more fully about the concept of the judgment. The panel he was judged at the cross of Calvary. But are you still on line there are still some flames to say about the judgment of this world and the judgment of Satan. Now let's go to John Chapter seven verse fifty one and I want to read a text that anything to do directly with what we're talking about. But it gives us a principle which will help us understand what we're going to talk about in the next few minutes John seven and verse fifty one. Here Jesus is about to be tried before the Sanhedrin a nigga Bemis the band that we studied about before they have some very wise words. Does our law judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing. You say for most Christians the judgment simply means that you know in the last day Jesus will say OK you were right to come up here with me you were going to go burn in hell. That's the extent of their Constable Richard. But the biblical concept of the judgment is far more expensive than because you see the purpose of the judgment is to convince the whole universe that God has been right in the way in which he had failed. We've seen the purpose of the judgment is to vindicate God before the universe after all. Let's just think about this for a moment. There's got people records of our sins in the Bible say that it keeps since written books. Yes there's God keep a record of our good deeds in his book deeds that come as a group. Me Yeah. If he keeps our tears were not there because someday we're going to appear in the judge that correct. Now of course the reason why I got people's records is because he might forget you know about that I better keep a careful record because if I go I might forget something might pass me by. Let's import does an omniscient all knowing God need books. Reverend Wright said but even without judgment of course that I'm going to go to the records. He doesn't need a judgment but you need to judge him read to the heavenly angels do. And because the beings of the universe are not omniscient they don't know everything. It's necessary for God to open the books to show how we decided each case to show that he was a righteous and merciful in the way in which he dealt with you know that for the purpose of the judgment is not only to reconcile the earth but also to reconcile heaven. Well let's go to the book of Colossians chapter one. You know when we read the Bible we have to read it carefully. There's a very interesting two Mercier Tashi chapter one and verses nineteen and twenty the Laotians one verses nineteen and twenty it says they're for it please. When you met him in whom there is no message should dwell in August and by Him that is by whom. By Jesus. But him to reconcile all things to himself by him. What are you going to do. Jesus reconcile all things to him right. Only the things on earth. It says whether things on earth are things where in heaven having made peace through the blood of Christ. You know when the devil did what he did to Jesus all during his ministry and when he was suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and one who was beaten and crown of thorns was thrust on his head and people slapped him and spit on his face and there were demons behind moving these crowds on the heavenly beings Betaine indeed any ounce of sympathy that they might have had for saying that this point was totally torn away. So I was not only kept out of that been very sickly as a representative of this world but it was also a path out of heaven in the sympathies of the heavenly be. So one of the purposes of the judgment is for Jesus to reconcile with himself not only the things on earth but all the things where you know let's talk a little bit about this idea of a judgment you know that God's system of government and judgment is shadowed by our earthly system of jurisprudence you say How's that. Well in an earthly system you have first of all an investigative phase of the judge that right you know the what we call at the trial the answer in a sentence without a trial in these United States of America I know you have a trial or an investigation. What is investigated the evidence is that right there the during the trial go forward. What happens if the individual is found guilty at trial or after the investigation sentenced is what pronoun. What nicotine was one thing he was saying hey according to our law is an individual condemned before you have a death because of them in court. Would we do that now after the sentencing made what you had. You have the execution of the sentence. In other words what was given in the sentence is actually implemented with the particular individual that went through the trial. So you have three brains. You have the investigation phase the trial phase you have the sentencing phase and then you have the execution of the sentence whatever it is you know that God's system of government follows the same process and the key to understand it is to understand the two resurrections that Jesus spoke about. Go with me to John Chapter five and let's read verses twenty eight and twenty nine. John Chapter five and verses twenty eight and twenty nine. We've read this before but now we want to read it in a different context. Key to understanding the biblical concept of judgment. The concept of Jesus of judgment is the true resurrection it says there in John Chapter five and verse twenty. Do not marvel at this for the hour is coming in which all who are aware. Yeah not grain will hear his voice. Where are the dead in their graves. Where will they hear his voice in the brain and I want you to notice that there are two resurrected and who are those who have done more to the resurrection of what who like those who have done evil to the resurrection of one of them me. Now when do these be. People who resurrect in the resurrection of the righteous receive their reward. Let's read verse There's a loneliness chapter four which we read last night for us that's alone and chapter four. When do they receive the birdie. In other words what the verdict pronounced in their favor was first as a loan and chapter four and let's read verses fifteen to seventeen. It says there the following or this will take you by the word of the Lord that we were alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means receive those who are asleep or the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ will rise. For then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord when we do the right just living at the right just then who will resurrect when Jesus comes to receive the reward. At the second coming a little at the second coming of Christ. This is known as wench resurrection the first resurrection. You first of all said the dead in Christ will rise first. Now let's go to Revelation chapter twenty Revelation chapter twenty. And let's start reading at verse or Revelation chapter twenty and verse four. This is speaking about events during a thousand years it says and I saw it all and they sat on them and judgment was committed to them. I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the Word of God I would not worship the beast or his image would not receive his mark on their foreheads or on their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ. How long for a power than you. So let me ask you those who had been beheaded and killed do they resurrect when Jesus comes before the thousand years begin yet. How could they reign with him a thousand years if it will resurrect at the beginning over a thousand years. Doesn't make sense and so when are the dead who died in Christ and the men who lived for Christ rewarded it's at the moment of the second coming of Jesus. That's the part of the resurrection that Jesus says those who have done good will come forth to the resurrection. What to the resurrection of life. Now let me ask you. Does the Bible tell us that this is the moment that they receive their reward. Absolutely. We're not going to read it but you can read Matthew sixteen twenty seven where Jesus says you will be rewarded when the Son of Man comes in His glory. Revelation twenty two in verse twelve Jesus says behold I come quickly and my what and my reward is with me to give everyone according to his works. Now here's my question do you suppose that the cases of these individuals who died in Christ and resurrect and those who are alive and Christ and are taken to heaven rewarded when Jesus comes. Do you suppose that they had to appear before the Judgment Seat of Jesus. When you think yes. Not a second Corinthians chapter five and verse thing in second Corinthians chapter five and verse then it's very clear there that they had to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Second Corinthians Chapter five verse that I've been I'm going to share something really mind boggling with you at this moment because most Christians don't realize that the judgment has three phases the righteous are first of all investigate it now in heaven in the judgment. When their case is analyzed and Jesus finishes analyzing it he pronounces sentence. These are worthy of life and way. Second time he rewards them on the basis of the judgment we give them before I want to show you that in a minute notice second Corinthians chapter five and verse tense as well are we must all appear before a Judgment Seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad. Mikey question if we all are to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ where does that judgment take place it takes place in heaven according to the one we're going to notice that and will. So the judgment takes place in heaven. So where are we supposed to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ in Heaven. Are we going to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ when He comes out in a second coming to think of the weather. Why would we have to appear before a judge will see what we get they have it at all by the way without a judge when we go to where you can stay here. Here's where you want to come with me. Which means that the cases must have been decided when people are you so you say then how is it that you appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. It's very simple. You don't appear in person. You will appear through your record. Does God keep exact records of us in heaven. Do you know that God has another you written in heaven with the smallest little detail. Every part everything you in every emotion every word every word is written there there's an exact transcript in heaven of you. Almost another you would have been only for life. And here's the interesting thing. See I am personally on earth but in Heaven I'm in a book. James us is personally in heaven but on Earth. In other words there's a transcript of me up there in when the judgment comes. I don't go personally there before but I go through my what I wrote my records. God is going to open up the books and he's going to read me all my life to the smallest of the people of the whole heaven of the universe. You say wow. How could I ever pass. We can't because we're not worthy. That's why we need to claim Jesus as our attorney because he never loses a case. You see you have to retain the attorney because Jesus is not only our High Priest he is also the judge. And so he is our High Priest who intercedes worst. But he is also the judge so the judge is on our side. Would you like about a trial if a judge was on your side. Pray tell are not going as well by one of the as the land the Bible since you say that. Why doesn't open the records that's in the purpose of opening the records is not quick and then you know the progress is happening the records of the child I am going to bring. There have been past Earth Day more I'm going to give myself a example worth. Yes they committed many sins but luckily he claimed my forgiveness my blood. All sins were forgiven and he received the Holy Spirit in his life again. HE Do you suppose we should bring him here. And heavily being say we haven't looked at it right now. You would be right to bring him here. Let's say a senator if I. Oh praise the Lord. Why do you love comes he brings Here's what he brings his reward to reward after war with every man and you too. Now let's notice what it says in Acts chapter ten and verse forty two Acts chapter ten and verse forty two very important verse. Paul here says the following. And he commanded us to preach to the people and to testify. Then it is he who was ordained by God that is Jesus to be the judge of whom the living and the dead. Now I can prove to you that we don't go to the judgment personally. You sales there. Would you care to tell me how that person could go. How much of the Dead Know before you go how much what where are they well they're dead in their graves. So how can they appear before the Judgment Seat of price than if a judgment is in heaven and they're in their graves for the record of their lives. I want to read some texts that speak about what happens when when our name comes with You see God has to show that he is right in saving us. He has to show that he's just and merciful and saving because the devils are rather see just how do you think about their sinners God and Jesus has opened the records and you have to probe and say yes they were sent. Look they repented. They claimed what they received the power of the Spirit in their lives they implied it in me. They reminded me. You see God has to prove its case. What would you think of a judge. A criminal comes before him and the judge before any trial or anything says you're guilty you're going to the electric chair. Somebody said now wait a minute is he going to have a trial. I mean the trial I know everything. How do you suppose people would be all about that I think that judge would be people do you suppose God can simply say oh I don't need to judge these people. I know everything I don't really know. But they claim the blood of Jesus and I didn't claim the blood of Jesus. So what's the use of having a trial. God doesn't need a trial. Who needs a trial. I have of the universe and the trial so that God can prove that he has been right in every single case that he has evaluated the Bible says that our citizenship is in heaven. We're citizens of him and we're just waiting to come down at all. Revelation chapter three and verse five not it's this this is a very interesting verse. Revelation chapter three and verse why I don't know whether you read it in this context before but it says there the following. And Jesus is speaking here. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out he is named from the Book of Life. What does Jesus have up there are what our name in the book of life. Now a lot of this but I will ask his name before my father and before his angels. It's marvelous verse. What is Jesus going to do. He's going to compare our what our name which is in the book before the father and before the angels in other words he's up there to deepen our teeth. Jesus said and looked up at verse eighteen your name is written you see what Jesus evaluates before his second coming is our name. Our record in the books. In other words we are judged and we are sent physically but the records we are present back if you read Revelation fourteen go with me there. Revelation Chapter fourteen in verses six and seven. Very interesting pair of verses here. Three great message of it that God sends to the world. Shortly before his second coming. It says that I saw another angel line in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the obvious judgment will come. You're of the vulcanite V.O.M. his judgment what has come in the Great in the past ten years. This shows that the judgment this judgment in heaven takes place before the second coming. Now do we know that because this is the first angels message the first angels as the hour was judgment has come but there are still a second message that need to be given to the world after that. There still apply message against the beast his image is Mark that needs to be given to the world and then Jesus is seen coming on the clouds. So in the first angels message God says the our judgment must come now but there are still two other messages before Jesus comes. That shows that the judgment is not when Jesus comes the judgment is when in heaven before he come that judgment of described in Daniel seven where it says the judgments and the books were opened and talking about something that is happening in heaven. Let me synthesize the last portion of our study tonight. How is Jesus of guard today. How do you dress today and have Hebrews eight Ceci dressed as our High Priest. But you know he is not only our High Priest is also a gem. You read John five twenty two and twenty seven it says the father judges no one he has commanded all judgment into the hands of the sun because this because he is the son of man. Now words Jesus in this period is both the high priest the intercessor and the church. And he's dressed as a High Priest. When Jesus comes the second time how are you going to be dressed as a teen. Correct. You can read in Revelation nineteen verses eleven to twenty one. The second coming it comes with the armies of heaven. It says he has many questions but I prefer to mind around is that not many grounds and he has got his last year written KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. But you have changed course at some point. Then he ceased being praised then you see this being the judge investigating cases before a game. Absolutely you can't because when he comes he's no longer a priest he comes. It's KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS now he is going to physically take the kingdom that legally he won on the cross of Calvary. Daniel Chapter seven says that he's going to take that kingdom which he took away legally from the devil at the cross and which he will take musically and says in Daniel seven that he will return the kingdom of the saints of the most. Let me make two or three remarks only about the second resurrection is their second resurrection the resurrection. Did you talk about two when is the resurrection of light when Jesus comes right. That clear where those people judge before the game where the case is examined. Why because going to need to find out what they did. Because God had the program's Gaist so they'll be no doubts in the minds of the heavenly beings so that every case will be clear. God only knows what about the second resurrection when one of those people was right at the end of the thousand years. You say how do we know. Well you don't have to be a King Solomon to figure it out. They are where the Bible speaks of the resurrection at the second coming of the first resurrection. I can resurrection of course he would say first unless there was a second one was that second resurrection take place after the bell news how do we know that. Well I've typed up on this before we let me touch upon it again. Everybody in this life lives a first line write shorter line. Personally United for Jesus comes that we were dead than eternal death. Not you personally. Now I. I'm going to resurrect to a second life. Yes When will God's people resurrect a second life at the second coming. When will the wicked resurrect or the second one thousand years that is absolutely clear revelation how do we know what for the simple reason that after the millennium the Bible speaks about second. Always up to the millennium. Second there is that with a thousand years which must mean that they came forth to their second line when active about you and then the wicked are going to begin and I want to synthesise because our time is just about gone. But what's going to happen after the thousand years during the thousand years. We're going to go to heaven we studied this last night right and you weren't would have a working vacation. First Corinthians six one two three says that we're going to judge the world and we're going to judge angels. Now we are going to participate in the process of judging those who stayed behind. You think that there's going to be some people missing there that we thought should be there that night. Do you think we're going to see some nasty people there that we may never expect that is either so I'm going to open the box right. In Baghdad. Twenty first course this judgment was committed to them that is to those who resurrect in the first resurrection the possible sales like I mentioned in First Corinthians six that we will judge what things will change as the good ones. Why would you ever judge are going to change. It has to be the evil angels in two thousand years we will build on that work. So we can will also be investigated before all of the heavenly be. And then Jesus will come after the thousand years. Who reward them. Now let me just mention one final point. Quote The Bible tells us that none of these people needed to perish. Because Jesus made them full and complete pain went away for the money to stay in the back. I prayed to the Lord that no one here tonight will leave the money in the bank will leave the merits of Jesus in the back. I pray to the Lord that if we should die before he comes that will resurrect in the first resurrection. Then as he analyzes our cases in heaven that we will make sure that we have chosen Jesus as our High Priest who is also our job because God doesn't want anyone to perish. He wants everyone to come to the one except his invitation tonight. You raise your hand if you're planning to be in the first resurrection. Praise the Lord if we should die if we're alive. Well it will be translated from among the living. Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you because you've given us in your Word such a clear lesson about the judgment. We know more that the judgment is not for you because you know every judgment of soul that everyone in the vast universe will be able to see each case and be convinced that you have been right in every single case in the way that you have dealt with since and there will be no one a marvelous God Who are you care what we think you want to love you because we see who you are. I ask Lord that each person here might be on there. Last one we might be able to live eternally with the land of the all star a lot of pain and also comes and this media was brought to you by audio clips a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more of sermon legalism W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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