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18. The Return of Elijah

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    6:30 PM

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I'd like to invite you to bow your heads with me as we raise a prayer to God Father in heaven we thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being in your house of worship on your holy service we ask Lord that as we open your word that your Holy Spirit will be here with us to instruct us and to show us the way in which we need to go. As we prepare for the glory of the second coming of Jesus Christ. So thank you for being with us. Thank you for answering our prayer in Jesus' name amen. The title of our presentation this morning is the return of Elijah and to begin with I would like us to turn in our Bibles to the Gospel of Luke the Gospel of Luke chapter one and we're going to read verses sixteen and seventeen Luke chapter one and verses sixteen and seventeen. Now we're not going to read the context but beginning with Verse five we have the account of the birth of John the Baptist. And so this passage is speaking about John the Baptist. Notice verse sixteen and I'm going to underline certain key words. It says there. And he. That is John John the Baptist. He will turn in many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God. Now I want you to notice that the mission of Elijah in the Bible and we're going to notice that there are three Elijah's in the Bible is always directed towards God's people. The mission of Elijah is not primarily to reach out to the world. The message of Elijah is primarily to reach out to God's best people those who profess to serve. What you'll notice once again verse sixteen says and he will turn by the way that could also be translated convert he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God is going to turn the children of Israel to the Lord their God. It's because the children of Israel have gone astray from God Are you following me. Now notice verse seventeen. He will also go before him but it says he. That's John the Baptist and when it says he will go before him that is before the Messiah before Jesus. And what will he do. He will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah. So what is John the Baptist John the Baptist is Elijah. At least he comes in the spirit and power of Elijah. Notice that Spanish verse seventeen he will also go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah. And here it is again to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Now there are several things I want to underline here as we begin our study number one. Elijah is always sent to those who profess to be God's people that his particular mission. Secondly the role of Elijah. We're going to know what it is to restore the truths that have been forgotten and abandoned by God's own people in the third place. It's his purpose to prepare God's people for the coming of the Lord the gates of John the Baptist. It's the coming of the first coming of Jesus in the case of the endtime Elijah which we're going to study. His purpose is to prepare people. When the second coming. Now let's go also to Matthew Chapter eleven Matthew Chapter eleven and verses ten through thirteen map eleven versus ten to thirteen I want you to notice that John the Baptist in the New Testament he had spoken of as Elijah and by the way John was asked in John chapter one whether he was Elijah and he said no I'm not Elijah. We're going to notice that Jesus says He is Elijah. Now is there a contradiction. Not really you say Jesus meant that he was going to come in the spirit and power of Elijah but he was not Elijah in person. Whereas those who ask John if he was Elijah they believed in the idea that souls came and inhabited bodies after the death of a person and that this was really like in person. And so John says if you think I'm thinking that I'm Elijah in person you're wrong. What Jesus means is that he came in the spirit and power of Elijah to Appin accomplish the same mission. Now notice Matthew Chapter eleven and verse eleven. Assuredly I say to you. Among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist's but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he and from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force are all the prophets and the law are prophesied until John. And now here comes the key verse and if you are willing to receive it he is Elijah who is to come. Who is Elijah according to Jesus John the Baptist. So we have two passages so far no one is coming in the spirit and power of Elijah. Here Jesus says this is the Elijah who was going to come and then there's a third passage in Matthew Chapter seventeen and versus ten Luke thirteen Matthew seventeen and verses ten to thirteen. It says there and his disciples asked Him say why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first. Then Jesus answered and said to them Elijah God truly is coming to Earth and will work. What does restore me say you have a piece of furniture in your house an empty which was made one hundred years ago. But the varnish has fallen are it scratched up. What do you do. You restart it by sanding it by repainting it is that the same item of furniture. Yes it is but it's restore not to the purpose of Elijah is not to bring neutral. It's not the peach mill doctrines. It's to bring God's people back to the old landmarks which they forgot to reach for the truth that has been lost and so it says Elijah truly is coming first and will restore all things. But I say to you Elijah has come already and they did not know him but didn't tell him what ever they wished. Likewise the Son of Man is also about the supper at their hands. What did Jesus mean when he said that Elijah has come already. The disciples understood it no notice verse thirteen then the disciples understood that he spoke to them of whom of John the Baptist and so in the New Testament Elijah is John the Baptist not in person but he came with the same power and to proclaim the same message and to fulfill the same mission as Elijah of the Old Testament. Now let's ask ourselves what was the mission and the message of this new testament Elijah of John. There are several elements but with me to Matthew Chapter three verses one to three Matthew Chapter three verses one two three. We're going to study now the elements of the message of this new testament Elijah of John the Baptist. We've already noticed that he is coming to restore what has been forgotten and what has been abandoned. He is coming to call God's own people back to the old landmarks and the reason he's doing that is because he wants to prepare people for the coming of the Messiah. Now let's study more specifically what his message is. Matthew chapter three in verse one in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judaea and saying Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand what is part of the message of Elijah he calls people to want to repent. Now let me ask you what do you repent of of course you repent of sin. Let me ask you what is sin. First John report says that sin is the transgression of the law. Then John the Baptist exalt the law I'm not sure if in fact he was willing to die because he preached the law of God particularly the seventh commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery when he preached that commandment will not and a few moments he gain the enmity of a woman called her odious and she got so angry that he preached that commandment to her that she made up her mind that she was going to kill him so when he says repent it manged to repent of sin and you can't repent of sin lest you realize that sin is breaking the law. So John exalts the law of God But let me ask you what is the solution for same. Well not us John chapter one and verse twenty nine on another element of the message of Elijah he not only says repent he not only says you've broken the law. Be sorry because you have broken the law. He not only exile. So the commandments of God. But there's something else which is of crucial importance he also speaks about the solution to the problem of sin. In John chapter one and verse twenty nine this is the way that John the Baptist the New Testament Elijah introduces Jesus Christ. Verse twenty nine the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. So notice that John the Baptist not only calls people to repent because they've broken God's law but he also tells them what the solution to the problem of breaking the law is. It's found in the Lamb of God that when you accept the Lamb of God He takes away your sin. He watches your sins in His blood. Notice Revelation Chapter seven and verse fourteen on this same point. Revelation Chapter seven and verse fourteen. Jesus as the Lamb of God as the solution for sin. It says there in chapter seven and verse fourteen and I said to him see. Or you know so he said to me this is speaking about the reading these are the ones who come out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes that by the way robes means character they have washed their robes and made them white in what in the blood of the Lamb. So I noticed that John preachers to things he preaches a lot and he preaches back will he preachers the need to repent from breaking God's law but he also speaks about Jesus as the cleansing power as the forgiver of sins. Lewis Black he preaches a law and he preaches gospel as well but he preached more than words not just what it says in Matthew Chapter three and verse in Matthew Chapter three and verse ten. You have at least bought about receiving forgiveness through the blood of Jesus from your transgressions of the law. He did much more than this. He also spoke about the power of the Holy Spirit. Notice chapter three of Matthew and verse ten actually lead three verse eleven and then we'll go back to Pan in a moment. It says in verse eleven I indeed baptize you with water onto repentance for forgiveness of sin you repent your baptized your sins are buried in the wine or your sin is taken care of that represents the fact that Jesus the Lamb is going to cleanse you from your sins. But he speaks of more than death. He says I only baptize you with water onto repentance but he who is coming after me is mightier than I whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with light and with fire. So he not only speaks about forgiveness of sin He also speaks about receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. Now what is the power of the Holy Spirit bore. Let's go back to verse ten verse ten it says. And even now the app's is made to the root of the tree. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and passed where and cast into the fire. Did John the Baptist only say that it's OK to be forgiven but not perfect. Did he speak only justification and not the need for a tank a Bible I know. In fact he says produce fruit meet for repentance what that means is fruit that comes from repentance that follows from repentance. My question is how can you produce the proof that you do it yourself and you do it through your own power only through the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact the Apostle. Paul in the latest chapter five and verses twenty two and twenty three speaks about the root of what the fruit of the Spirit and so John the Baptist says when you have the spirit you have the power and when you have the power you will bear what you will bear. Now what is that. That route is not only forgiveness it is holiness it is sanctification. It is living in harmony with God's will. Because the Holy Spirit is in your life. You say how do we know that. But what me to Romans Chapter six and verse twenty two Romans Chapter six and verse twenty two see many Christians are short changing themselves. They only have half a gospel and you know they believe that they're forgiven. But there's no power in their lives and so they they sin the same and time and again time and again with no victory over sin. They say I know that Jesus forgives my sins but I'd like to have more than that. I'd like to have the power to overcome sin in my life not just Romans Chapter six and verse twenty two. But now having been set free from sin that happened when Jesus died on the cross and having become slaves of God That is when we're baptized and we become servants of Jesus. You have your fruit too. But what is the fruit of holiness and at the end what everlasting life. So what is the fruit. It's a sanctified life the fruit of the Spirit is love peace longsuffering. You know the list that's found in the latest chapter five. It's a change in your life as Paul says it is holiness in your life. By the way the apostle Paul says in Hebrews chapter two and verse fourteen that we need to perfect holiness in the fear of God without which none will see the Lord because the Bible says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see. And so John the Baptist's exalts followed by saying repent of sin sin is breaking the law he says but you can take care of your sin you have to turn to the Lamb of God and wash your character in his blood. He'll take away the sin of the world. He'll take away your sins. But God also wants to give you His Holy Spirit is what Elijah or John the Baptist says and he wants to give you his spirit so that you can produce the fruit of your spirit in your life so that you can have a life of holiness in harmony with God's will. But there's more to the message of this new testament Elijah. Notice what it says in Matthew Chapter three and verse twelve. Matthew Chapter three and verse twelve. The message of John the Baptist is also a message of judgment. The message of Elijah is a message of judgment. Matthew Chapter three and verse twelve. It's as their hands that is Jesus's winnowing fan is in his hand by the way I need to explain what a winnowing fan is because we don't use when we winnowing bands today. Basically what would happen is that they would place the grain on the ground on top of a large piece of plastic or some type of material and then they would have probably not plastic but some type of material but they would have the oxen trample on the grain and then there was someone there there were people who had big hands but they would do they would take the grain they would put all it up into the air and the people with their fans would blow away the chaff and of course the grain was heavier so it would fall back onto the not plastic but onto the material. Now that's what I'm going to impanel doesn't burst Well once again. Here's a winnowing fan is in his hand and he will only purchase threshing floor and gathering his way into the barn What does that we represent the righteous. What does the barn represent His Kingdom have been. That's right it's S. and gatherings week into his barn. But he will burn up the chaff. What does the chap represent the wicket but he will burn up the champ with quench fire so let me ask you is the main message of John the Baptist a message of judgement. Is God going to come in judgment upon everyone in this world to see whether they have truly repented of sin and one of the Holy Spirit has really produced the fruit of the spirit in the light. Yes And you'll notice that John the Baptist does not say by their profession you shall know them. He doesn't even say by their forgiveness you shall know them he says by their fruit. Every tree that does not produce what fruit is cut down and cast into the fire. And incidentally do you know it's very interesting that the Bible says that we are saved by faith. But we will be judged by works because the fruit of our life our works show all whether our great was true whether our trust in Jesus was true back in John Chapter fifteen in verses one through eight Jesus speaks about abiding in Him He says he who abides in me and I in Him bears what bears much fruit and then he says My father is glorified. When you bear much let me ask you Can you talk about a judgment without talking about the law. James Chapter two and verse twelve says that we will all be judged by what by the perfect law of liberty the standard in the judgment by which your life will be evaluated is God's holy law. So you can't talk about the judgment like John the Baptist who is the New Testament a liar. Unless you also talk about God's holy law because you will be judged by the perfect law of liberty. Once again the message of John the Baptist includes several things the message of Elijah it includes repentance from sin. Sin is transgression of the law it includes accepting Jesus Christ washing your character his blood for forgiveness it includes receiving the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. It includes producing in your life the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It includes the idea that Jesus is going to come in judgment and is going to separate the righteous from beyond right just on the basis of his holy law. There's a lot of elements in this message on the larger in what is the purpose of this whole message that he proclaims. No it Luke chapter one and verse seventeen. The whole purpose of this is mentioned in this verse it says there Luke one verse seventeen the following. He will also go before him that is before the Messiah in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just and now notice this last line to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. What was the purpose of the work of this new testament Elijah to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus the Messiah. How many people were actually prepared when Messiah was this message primarily for the Romans. We say No no not primarily. Was this message primarily for the Greeks. Is Elijah message for the church. Only Or is it primarily for the world. It's primarily for the church because the church is an apostasy. Elijah comes to restore Elijah comes to turn the hearts of the children back to the Father the teachings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Elijah comes to which star Elijah comes to make a people ready for the coming of Jesus. People who claim to serve God but their hearts are far away from him. Not just Luke chapter three verses four and five Luke chapter three verses four and by here we find a little description very important description about the role of this new testament Elijah. John the Baptist is actually quoting a prophecy from the book of Isaiah chapter three in verse four says as it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight. Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and Hill brought low and the crooked places shall be made straight and the rock ways made smooth I want is that talking about. You know when a king was going to visit a certain area in antiquity they need to make sure that the road was perfectly in perfect condition for the king to be able to march to wherever he was going in his actually right in his chariot to wherever he was going without any bumps in the road without any holes in the road so that a path could be prepared for him this is really speaking about bumps and holes that we have in our lives and God wants to repair those bumps and those holes. That's what the message of Elijah is all about so that when Jesus comes there will be no bumps. No holes in our characters so that when he comes there is a people prepared for his coming like to share with you just a few details about the Old Testament life. It's interesting that every time Elijah appears in the Bible and there are three primary lodges and there are two secondary Elijah's they were only going to talk primarily about the New Testament Elijah in the end time Elijah but when ever Elijah appears he never appears by himself he always appears accompanied by three enemies no matter what you or I judge is whether it's the old testament Elijah the New Testament Elijah the final Elijah he always appears when he appears to present his message. There are three enemies that arise with him at the same. Now let's review very briefly the three enemies of the Old Testament like most of you probably know the story of the Old Testament Lige or God raised him up to come be Israel because Israel was an apostasy they were worshipping Bale the Son of God they were breaking the commandments of God according to Perth's Kings Chapter eighteen in verses seventeen eighteen they were practicing false worship and so God raised up Elijah to go and take a message to the children of Israel to bring them back to the Lord their God Now would a larger Elijah arose to present the message who arose to uphold his message a threefold Union. The first of these of course was king here you know what kind of king air was he was a weakling. That's right. He was putty in the hands of whom. In the hands of jism there in other words basically she dictated what was going to take place and he just followed what she said. He was spineless. Well let me just for a moment to take a look at that. First Kings Chapter twenty. One in verse twenty five. We're not going to do a lot of the Old Testament Elijah because that would take us far beyond the time limits that we have but we need to know just a little a few details about this noticed first Kings Chapter twenty one and let's reverse twenty five it will tell you what kind of king he was. It says there and there was no one like a ham who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the Lord. Now notice this because Jessica bell his wife stirred him up so when the streams just were billed as moving the strings and a hammer is the king he has the political power he is the symbol. A ruler that can make a thousand declarations but unless they have this vile woman behind him manipulating him Elijah has no problems. This problem is when this woman joined forces with the king. Now let's notice something about jazz availed you know years ago was she was a prostitute. It's all Revelation Chapter two and verses twenty to twenty three she was a harlot and she had joined the King when the harlot joined the king. Suddenly the existence and message of Elijah was in peril. It was in danger but there was a third element in this union of the Old Testament wasn't only the King Ahab it wasn't only this time a woman just a veil but there were also the instruments of jazz a veil to extend her religion. Notice what it says in First Kings Chapter eighteen. Let's go to Chris King's chapter eighteen and notice the third leg in this triple alliance chapter eighteen and verse nineteen. Here we find the following words. Now they are for sale and gather all Israel to be on Mount Carmel. The one hundred fifty prophets of veil the four hundred prophets of Asherah who what who eat at jazz of Bell's table who did jabs about the false prophet Vale In other words this harlot woman sat on a park bench. Priesthood to which she extended her influence and on which she extended her power. They were her spot persons so to speak and so we find in the Old Testament threefold Union Jessel built the harlot a have the king and the proper thing to do in the beatings just now to extend the apostate religion among God's people among Israel now what kind of woman was this jazz or they'll notice chapter eighteen and verse four. It says For so it was while jets of oil massacred the prophet of the Lord. This was a persecuting woman wasn't a vile woman now who was in control of this whole situation in the Old Testament was the king the dangerous figure. Now one of the false prophet the dangerous dangerous figure not without just a bell they could do nothing. Who is the dangerous figure that's manipulating and guiding everything in moving the strange it is this vile harlot woman just now with this background were able to go back to the New Testament and we want to ask the question did the New Testament Elijah John the Baptist also have three enemies that arose at the same time that he did not want you to notice that there's going to be this plot is going to really stick and not going to become very very interesting you see Elijah never. Rises by himself. Whenever I ride up Piers and hear straight he has three enemies wake up at the same time. Now notice Mark Chapter six and let's begin reading verse fourteen. This is going to speak about the death of the New Testament. Elijah it says in verse fourteen now King Herod heard of him for his name had become well known that is he had heard about Jesus and he said John the Baptist is risen from the dead and therefore these powers are at work in him. He thought that Jesus was John the Baptist raised from the dead. Verse fifteen others said it is Elijah and others that it is the prophet or like one of the prophets but when Herod heard he said this is John who might be had said he has been raised from the dead or and then we're going to hear the story for Herod himself had said and laid hold of John and bound him in prison. Why why did he bind him in prison. What is the enemy of John the Baptist herit was that his primary enemy. No I wasn't. Who is the violent person in this story of the death of the New Testament Elijah it is this harlot woman fornicating woman we're going to notice in a moment notice once again verse seventeen for Herod himself had sent and laid hold of John and bound him in prison for the sake of her obvious why was he in prison because I know because of erroneous He is brother relapse. Why was already taken his brother's wife but the Bible call that adultery so is her reality as an adulterous woman. This by a woman who is moving the strings absolute. Me Why did John get into trouble. Notice verse eighteen for John had said to her hair and it is not radical for you to have your brother's wife. The John the Baptist rebuke this vile relationship between the King and her road is the fornication of the two. Yes This caused the anger of her audience. It most certainly did. Now notice verse nineteen. Their poor erroneous held against him and wanted to kill him but she could not she probably looked like he maybe had a little deadly wound or something you have no influence or no power in herself she needed someone to help her regain her power and get what she wanted. Not notice what it says in verse twenty four Herod feared John knowing that he was a just and holy man and he what protected him was was the government the enemy of Elijah. John the Baptist was a similar power a danger to him by it so no impact of the civil power actually what that did to him. That's a good thing you say and when he had heard him he did many things and heard him gladly. No problem with the government. The problem come from elsewhere in all this verse twenty one. Then an opportune day came opportune for home for our audience that's right then an opportunity came when Harry went on his birthday gave a feast for his nobles the high officers and the chief men of Galilee. Now we're going to notice the third protagonist in the story by the way Herod is a what. I think Ham is a harlot woman and what is the third protagonist in the story. Verse twenty two and when erroneous says all of this is a relationship to Mother daughter. That's got to be a coincidence I don't think so. Revelation is going to pick up on this. How about the Old Testament is a reflection of what happened to the Old Testament Elijah the same relationship absolutely inside seven verse twenty two and when her audience as daughter herself came in and danced What do you suppose they were drinking at that party. Water right. Good old collagen man. Bottled water. Give a good blood pickle you need here and when your audience first daughter herself came in and danced and pleased him and also sat with him the king said to the girl ask me whatever you want and I will give it to you. He also swore to her he had to be drunk blokes whatever you asked me I will give it to you not to have my king for a day. Have mercy. Now verse twenty four is the daughter the dangerous bigger this story is the king the dangerous figure their story you know in the Old Testament Elijah story is the king of the dangerous big the prophets of bail the dangerous figures. No it is just a bit. And so this story bears a striking similarity to the Old Testament Elijah he has three enemies. John the Baptist appears. He's Elijah all of a sudden the Bible says My three are going to be raised up to. So it says in verse twenty four. So she went out and said to her mother. Amazing. What shall I ask who does she cater to her mother What shall I ask and she said the head of John the Baptist. I know what I want to be your mother said I want you to bring pastor boar's head on a platter. I would hope that you would say Mother how do you ask such a thing. That's horrible. Was a daughter just like her mother she was an image of her mother. And not only that she was the spokesman for her mother. Any relationship with revelation. So these are the things that show me that the Bible was inspired by God there's no way a human mind could have invented this. It's too precise feeling that because history repeats itself because a devil is always the same and God is always the same. So history is always the same because history operates on the basis of divine principles and faith and principles and therefore our history repeats and repeat. Because God always works in the same way and the devil always commit the same respect. Now notice once again verse twenty four. So he went out and said to her mother What shall I ask and she said the head of John the Baptist. Did you even think it over. OK. Immediately she came in with paged to the king. That's saying I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter with the king know that he had made a mistake. He sure did. They didn't have the guts to stand up and do what was right. No because he had made a decree and he didn't have the willingness to change. You know that is going to happen at the end of time too if you want the second half of what we're studying this morning you've got to come tonight. What Jesus said about religion and politics that is a very hot topic these days and we need to know it. So I expect all of you back tonight. Verse twenty six and the king was exceedingly sorry yet because of the old and because of those who sat with him he did not want to use her and he immediately the king sent an executioner and commanded his head to be brought and he went and beheaded him in prison and now verse twenty eight is a crucial verse brought his head on a platter and gave it to the girl and the girl gave it to her mother. Who is the mild person in the plot of this story. It is the mother her daughter does her bidding and put all her daughters to get the king to do her bidding. That's the relationship. Now let's go to the book of Malikai chapter four Malakai chapter four and that sea of John the Baptist is the final Elijah or whether we are to expect another Elijah before the end of human history not as Malikai chapter four and verses five and six. Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. When does God promised us on the larger before when before the great and dreadful day of the Lord when is that the great and dreadful day of the Lord. Well if you read verses one two three four behold that pain is coming. Burning like an amen and all the proud. Yes all O. do wickedly will be stubble and the day which is coming shall burn them up says the LORD of hosts that will leave them neither root nor Brett. Sounds very similar to what John the Baptist said every tree that does not bear fruit is cut down. Where in the fire verse to you who fear my name the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings and you shall go out and grow like spalted camped you shall trample the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this says the LORD of hosts. So let me ask you before when is God going to send Elijah according to this passage before the great and dreadful day of the Lord before the second coming of Jesus. Why does John the Baptist the final pull Millman of Elijah brothers. No because John the Baptist died and Jesus came and it's first coming but he did not come with the description that we find here Malakai chapter four. And so we are to expect another what I'm not doing my job. I'll listen to a principle that I'm going to share with you at this crucial principle we started at last that Sabbath morning. We started it last Saturday night and I'm going to review it now. Who is Israel today. The church and where is the Church all over the world. Right. So Israel. His world wide and it is spiritual Israel not literal blood of Abraham necessary will necessarily flow into the bay. So Israel is worldwide. Let me ask you then this harlot or let's say Lige uppers. Elijah must also be what. Worldwide it must mean that the harlot must also be work worldwide. It must mean that the daughter is also world wide and it must mean that we're not only talking about one individual KING We're talking about the kings of the earth and of the whole world. What I'm saying is that because when we are Christ we are Abraham see Israel is worldwide. Therefore the Elijah that brings the message to Israel is world wide. Therefore the Arab armies that oppose worldwide Elijah are also worldwide enemies in other words we're not dealing with literal people we are dealing with world wide system as I understand it. Raise your hand if you understand and you're so quiet out there this morning almost this afternoon. So we're to expect an entire new life here but it's going to be a world body like it's going to be a movement it's not going to be a person and it's going to present the message to God worldwide Israel and they're going to be free world by no means well the question is does the Book of Revelation speak about the larger in the worldwide enemies. Yes it does go with me to Revelation Chapter sixteen Revelation Chapter sixteen. We're going to talk now about the endtime Elijah revelation sixteen and let's read first of all first of all verse nineteen revelation sixteen and verse nineteen. It's speaking about Babbie. When a notice of a great city was divided into many all three parts. Thank you. White very white Babyland cabal very coincidence an accident not a great city was divided into three parts and the cities and the nation still in great Babylon was not of great battles in this battle of great Babylon was remembered before God to give out the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. Now what are these three parts of them. Let's go back to verse sixteen. Actually verse thirty speaks about the three parts of Babylon it says and I saw three unclean spirits like bronze coming out of the mouth and then that of the dragon. That's one and I don't I'm not I'm gonna be just that. True and I don't I'm not a prophet. So how many parts is Babylon three the dragon the beast and the false prophet. Now the question is What do the dragon the beast and the false prophet really represent. Let's talk first of all about the brain. You say the dragon represents Satan. Yes primarily but not all. You say in the Bible the dragon also represents the governments of the world or the kings of the world that the devil uses to accomplish His purposes. Let me give you a couple Biblical examples so that you can see this principle that the dragon behind the scenes of Satan but the visible element that he uses are the kings of the world to accomplish His purposes. Remember when Jesus was born. The Bible says that the dragon stood next to the woman to devour the son when the son was born. That's in Revelation Chapter twelve. Question What was it that stood. Next to the woman to leave our Jesus when Jesus was born was that the devil in person I know who did he use a king a king kong. So here it is the male dragon who is being used by the dragon behind the scenes in twenty nine in verse three barrel and we're not going to take time to show how the story of Moses in the story of the birth of Jesus are parallel but in the Old Testament it is twenty nine verse three is called Me Great Dragon who stands in the midst of his room and saw the Dr going to say. Yes but the drive you know what we're also represents the Kings are well I have a question Is there going to be a harlot involved in all of this at the end of time. Go with me to Revelation Chapter seventeen Revelation Chapter seventeen. Let's start reading at verse one Revelation seventeen and verse one says then one of the seven angels who have the seven bulls came and talked with me saying to me Come I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters. So as there are a lot here why don't you sit on many water one of the many waters. Verse fifteen says the water is what you saw or the harlot states are people's multitudes nations and found those who control the peoples of the world. Yes she got she said Sunday that she won't buy or sell no notice what a continuous Anan burst through with blue King and their king which is in a principle with the kings of the Middle East we have time that you say what version are you reading look at me kind of bleary eyed you know. Well what does King Hamad represent the king. What does King Herod represent the king in other words what was literal and local becomes spiritual and worldwide with them the kings of the earth committed fornication a harlot commits predication with the king and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with what with the wine of her fornication what do the kings do when they're made wrong they do the same thing that Herod did to John the Baptist. They're filled with rack you can read it in chapter eighteen will there in a moment. Notice verse why does this woman work by yourself with the king is a just behind it in the King no notice verse by in on her or had a name was written Miss. Three Babylon the Great the amount for the Highlands and of the abominations of the earth. What did she call the mother. Why of all coincidences this time I don't want to get with the Kings. Who gives them a line so that they will never sentiment to kill God's people. Raji idea it says here that she is the mother. How many of you know a mother that has never had children. Anybody know a mother that has never had children I know I know women who have a job but I don't know the first mother who has met you. This must mean that the mother also has what also has children to do her bidding and driving another kings of the earth. The beast is the same as the mother in this passage and the false prophet is the same as well as the daughters are the children of this child. I understand we are not is the plot at the end of time going to be the same as with the two previously lines. Absolutely and by the way what would this harlot referees are this is the amazing things force people are looking over to the Middle East for the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible makes it clear that in prophecy a woman represents the church and a harlot woman represents a church that has become corrupt that controls and dominates the land out there is involved in the political system something that I had because she thought I created with the Kings that has children that were born from her in the sixteenth century and reflect many of her cheek. Are you catching the picture. And so when Elijah is sent at the end of time is he sent to denounce the atheists and the agnostics and the unbelievers. The primary message of the endtime Elijah is to call the Christian church back to the moon. Back to the fundamental teachings of God's Holy Word and that would include God's love. It would include God's Sabbath. It would include Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. It would include the idea that his judgement hour has come. It would include the idea that we are to worship the creator of the heavens and the earth. It would include restoring everything that the Christian church has ever had meaning preparing the Christian world for the coming of a Messiah. Don't get your hopes up too high because John the Baptist preached and when Jesus came he came to his own and he was always treated not how is Jesus going to find the Christian way when he comes the second time he's going to come to Israel and his own are going to receive him not because the church has been corrupted by false teachings and false practices and false doctrine. Therefore God has raised up the remnant today worldwide with the intent of preparing the way and then proclaiming to the church the need of consecrating to live the life of Jesus and to his and time message he is in time. By the way music your chapter sixteen repeatedly Israel is called the harlot that some people call the heart. How could they be addressed in this way. Because they've abandoned the truth of God and Elijah always comes before the coming of the Messiah to prepare the world to bring the church back. I'll just mention these verses very quickly in closing. Revelation fourteen verse acts as if this Elijah message is going to go to every nation kindred tongue and people. It could be larger could be one person one person could not take the message to every nation kindred tongue and people. It must be a worldwide Elijah movement in order for this to be fulfilled. This Elijah well example Jesus Christ yes as the one who forgives sin because it says that the first angel brings the everlasting God. Well which is the idea that Jesus died for us and was buried and resurrected for our justification. This church will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ but this church will also preach that we're supposed to honor the Creator the Perth angels roughly says worship Him who made the heavens the earth the season fountains of waters. This would call people back to the creator and the Sign of The Creator is his holy Sabbath Revelation fourteen verse seven says the part of the message is the judgment has come and this is before Jesus returns. Because after this message there are two more and then Jesus is seen on the clouds so I would have to be a movement that proclaims that now Jesus is in the judgment separating the righteous from the other. Right yes and determining what their reward will be to gather his people into his mind and soul of those who have not accepted his message into the fire. The conclusion of the third angel's message says here are they who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus by the way when the three messages are ended. Jesus is seen seated on a Cloud Horse the cloud represents the angel and now he is coming to the earth in power and great glory because the message of the final Elijah has concluded. People are prepared for the coming of God Now you might be saying Pastor bore Are you being harsh on the Christian world nor the Bible's being harsh on the Christian world because the Christian world has gone astray from God and Elijah is called to present a message to the Christian world. Some people say why don't they have a church focus its efforts on presenting a message to all of the churches. The reason is Elijah is sent to those who profess to be God's people but. I conclude with just one for us. Revelation chapter eighteen and verse one this is the final Elijah message which God has called this church to proclaim to all of God's people in the whole world. Notice Chapter eighteen verse one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illuminated with His glory. This is going to be a world wide magic is going to be a powerful message so tremendous the final Elijah message and he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and Babylon has three parts right and has become a habitation of demons. Does that sound like a place you want to be. You got escape from this Babylonian system a prison for every pound spirit in a cage for every unclean and hated bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication see that this is a worldwide harlot. You see it. And that the King represents the kings of the whole world. And Elijah is a message that goes to the whole world by a people and so it's us privations have drunk of the wine of the weapon fornication the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury anomalous this and I heard another voice from heaven say how am I out your way. Yes I'm not here for you skeptics come I don't know you like Gnostics. Who's in bed on God's people. Is this the Elijah message to God's people come out of nowhere. Many people see God there's a lot of loving Christians in all these years and he's a lord. We're talking about our systems not as individuals. There are undoubtedly millions of God's children in all the churches than in the administration cannot tell you what there's going to be a big exodus from the administers all of those who come to church and just warm the pews. Sabbath after Sabbath and don't come to the evangelistic meetings. Just have to get that in there. It's time to warm up folks it's time to make first things first time to make the main thing the main thing. First I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of my people lest you share in her sins and lest you receive her playings for her sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered her iniquity Revelation seventeen verse six as if this heart is going to try to kill God's people she's going to be filled with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus or Jesus will come and he will be remember his Elijah and like the old there from Elijah God's people will be translated to heaven from among the living. When Jesus comes with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God Those who are alive will be caught up with those who died and resurrect which probably John the Baptist will be there and so that we can always be with the Lord. And then when we're out there will be able to talk with Elijah and with John the Baptist about all these. What a wonderful privilege it will be to sit at the foot of God's little and through our crowds and thank him for all of the wonderful things that he did to make it possible for us to spend eternity with him. Let us pray Father we've studied this morning about Elijah. We thank you for sending Elijah before you come because if you didn't there would be no one ready for the coming of Jesus. I ask Lord that you will help this message that you have given through me this morning will reach into the depths of the hearts of everyone here this morning and the news and monitor and help us belong to that people who have a passion and zeal to share your end time message with the world because Jesus is coming to give us the courage and the determination to do it for your honor and we pray and Jesus' name amen. 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