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19. Religion and Politics

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    6:30 PM

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Tonight the subject that we're going to study is very appropriate for the time that we're living in. We're going to talk about what Jesus said regarding religion and politics and what we want to do is trace the life of Jesus and the conflicts the controversies that he had with church and state. Because the scenes that Jesus went through are the various scenes that his people are going to go through at the end of time. So look we know how the life of Jesus developed and how it culminated will know exactly the situation that God's people will go through. Also in these last days I'd like to begin by turning in my Bible to look at chapter four and I invite you to go there with me. Luke chapter four and verses sixteen twenty one this is the beginning of the ministry of Jesus and Jesus is going to proclaim his agenda what his agenda is all about. By the way at his baptism the Holy Spirit has been poured out without measure and this is going to give Jesus' power to preach and power to perform great signs and wonders. It says in Luke Chapter four verse sixteen so he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up. As it's custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read and he was handed the book of a prophet Isaiah and when he had opened the book he found the place where it was written the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of the sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to pray. Which the acceptable year of the Lord. Then he closed the book and gave it back to the attendant and sat down and the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on him and he began to say to them today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. Then of course the Bible tells us that Jesus went out and he taught with power and he performed signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit which he had received at the moment of his baptism not because of the power of the Holy Spirit in his preaching and in the signs that he performed. The Bible tells us that multitudes started following Jesus not us. Matthew Chapter four and verse twenty five. On this point Matthew Chapter four verse twenty five when Jesus begins to fulfill his agenda that he had announced at the synagogue in Nazareth. We find that multitude sketch the spirit and they start following him. Matthew Chapter four and verse twenty five it says. And great multitude followed him from Galilee and from the capital it's Jerusalem Judea and beyond the Jordan. People following Jesus hungry for the Word of God and hungry for miracles that Jesus performed in the healing of the sick and the casting out of them. But this popularity of Jesus very soon got him into deep trouble with the hierarchy with the establishment with the religious leaders of his day. It's a sobering fact books that as you read the Gospels you discover that the very people who prop past. To be the people of God The very people who professed to be expecting the Messiah. The very people who profess to be remembering the religion of the Bible were the ones who will build prophecy in destroying the lives I want you to notice some of the texts that speak about the trouble that Jesus' body and why he got into trouble. Matthew chapter seven and verses twenty eight and twenty nine. Matthew chapter seven and verses twenty eight and twenty nine. We read this a long time ago in our lectures but now we want to read it again. By the way this is right after Jesus has given the parable the man who built his house upon the rock and the man who built his house upon the same. You remember that the man who built his house upon the rock represents those who hear the word of Jesus and do it they hear the word of Jesus and do it. Now the multitude love to sit and listen to Jesus but they didn't like to listen to the scribes. Why not it's Matthew chapter seven verse twenty eight and so it was when Jesus had ended these sayings that the people were timings at his teaching for he taught them as one having up there already and not as the scribes. So this crisis began losing their authority because instead of teaching the Word of God What they did was teach the traditions of men in a moment we're going to notice that you see what gives power in preaching is not a preacher. What gets power in the preaching is the Holy Word of God where the word is preached there is power where human beings simply speak their own opinions. There is no power and that was the problem with the scribes the scribes taught what the rabbis. Since Jesus quoted written scripture Jesus always said it is written and therefore his teaching was with authority and with power constantly the religious leaders were asking Jesus where he got his up already. Notice what it says in Mark chapter eleven Mark Chapter eleven and let you read verses twenty seven and twenty eight. Mark eleven twenty seven and twenty eight. Then they came again to Jerusalem and ask he was walking in the temple the chief priests. Those were we would call them today. Pastors. The school riots today would would call them the old Jim and the elders we would call them the church administrators came to him and they said to him by what up already are you doing these things. And who gave you this opportunity to do these things. The reason why they asked Jesus that question is because Jesus had not studied in the schools of the rabbi and yet he teaches with authority. So I want to know what your rabbi. Did you study went which would give you authority to teach these things. Now let's go to Matthew chapter twenty three and verse two and take a closer look at this idea of a polity. According to the scribes and Pharisees Matthew chapter twenty three verse two and what I want you to notice is that Jesus is in constant conflict with the religious leaders over the question of authority to teach not us Matthew chapter twenty three and that's read verse one and verse two. Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples saying the scribes and Pharisees sit where on Moses seat. Now I need to stop there for a minute and explain to you what Moses is this is a technical term in the days of Christ Moses seat by the way the Greek word here is the drug that we have heard the work of the writer. When the pope speaks he speaks how happy brother. That means he speaks from his throne and his papal throne gives him what our priorities. And so in the times of Christ the Bible says that the scribes and Pharisees sat on a seat. This supposedly gave them authority to teach. Now what does this mean. Sitting on the sea you see in March after seven if you go there with me Mark Chapter seven which we've already studied in another context. We noticed that the jurors in the times of Christ had a very unique view of tradition. They believed that God at Mount Sinai had revealed to Moses. Of course the five books that we find in what is known of the parent or to Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy that was the written word of Moses. But they also believe that at Mount Sinai God had given Moses many oral traditions which were only spoken to Moses and Moses transmitted these teachings to the elders in his day. Those elders transmitted it to their successors their successors transmitted it to their successors and so on successively until the day the price. This was a type of what you might call Apple style like succession and I'd like to read from it. A book by the Jewish scholar Marse Marcel Simon. Jewish sect at the time of Jesus. He describes this he says an oral law was revealed to Moses along with the written law and this oral law was faithfully transmitted from generation to generation. This is according to their view the rabbinical treatise a bot which means the fathers formulate parasite theory of tradition and retraces the unbroken chain which beginning with the law giver lent each succeeding generation of doctors and then Marcel Simon who was from a Jewish source source a Bach chapter one and verse one. And here's the quote Moses received the law from Sinai and committed it to Joshua and Josh not to the elders and the elders to the prophets and the prophets committed it to the men of the Great Synagogue in other words the idea was that not only did people need to live by the written Word of God given to Moses but they needed to live in harmony with the traditions which supposedly had been given orally to Moses transmitted by a success. Should have scholars from generation to generation went to the times of Christ of course. Christ rejected this idea of oral tradition. Jesus never quoted oral tradition. In fact he rejected the traditions of the scribes and the piercings. We remember that we studied Mark Chapter seven there are certain technical terms not at verse three or the piracies and all the Jews do not eat unless they wash their hands in a special way holding what the tradition of the elders and then burst for once again have the same idea when they come from the marketplace they do not eat unless they wash and there are many other things. They have not received an hole. There you have a process of transmission once again. First by then the Pharisees and scribes asked him why do your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders. These are the oral traditions. Notice verse thirteen making the Word of God of no effect throwing your tradition which you have worked hand down there you have the technical terminology handed down and many such things you do. Now these oral traditions were not part of the word of them. They supposedly had been given to Moses. They supposedly had been passed down. Many of these traditions in fact one thousand five hundred twenty one of them had been added to the Cyber Command. Imagine trying to keep the Sabbath commandment and keeping your eyes not only on remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy but trying to keep your eyes on one thousand five hundred twenty one potential violations of the Sabbath commandment and supposedly these were given to Moses and they were transmitted from generation to generation and many of these things they believe that at any point the scratchcard or the rabbis could discover these truths in the oral tradition. Very interesting because there's a church in the world today that have the same view and is a worldwide church. It has the same idea of apophatic the succession and most of its doctrines are based not on the Word of God but most of the doctrines are based on oral tradition supposedly transmitted from the days of the Apostles. Let me give you an example or a few examples of this idea how oral tradition and all the Word of God we talk about Mark Chapter seven I'll just refresh your memory you remember law Corben children could dedicate all of their possessions to the temple but. I could use it during their life time when their parents said hey son daughter please help us because we're destitute they would say we can't help you because we've dedicated it to them in that way. The law carbon the tradition of carbon I know the commandment says Honor your father and your mother not as another example. Go with me to John Chapter eighteen and verse twenty eight. John Chapter eighteen and verse twenty eight this is when they've already smeared Jesus and God Notice what it says here in John eighteen twenty eight. Then they let Jesus bronchitis to the prep already you know and it was early morning and I noticed this but they themselves did not go in to the Pretoria lest they should be defiled. But that they might do so don't go into a place where there are Gentiles because you'll become defiled. But at this time they're already planning to kill Jesus. Their hands are filled with blood. They don't want to be defiled by going into the Praetorian but it's OK to plot to kill Jesus saw that tradition is really and knowing the commandment that says Thou shalt not kill. You remember we studied Mark Chapter three verses one to six where Jesus healed this man who had a withered hand and they were watching him closely to see what he would do to see whether we would heal this man on the Sabbath and of course Jesus did the Bible says that when Jesus healed this man they went out and they plotted on how they could kill Jesus. You see it was wrong to heal on the Sabbath but it was OK to plan to kill someone answer. So why go there traditions that you can heal and so there is no text in the Bible that says that you cannot heal on the Sabbath that was their tradition and let me tell you. Something the devil has passed the Sabbath in a negative light in the Christian world the way in which the pasties doctor made it the Sabbath to man the Christian world when they see the Sabbath they think that the fabric of the Pharisees is the Sabbath of the Lord and therefore they throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. They throw out not only the Sabbath of the scribes and Pharisees but they also throw out the Bible Sabbath the Sabbath of the Lord your God So Jesus got into serious trouble because he went by in his written he didn't God by the traditions of that big an age and so they were constantly asking him now do you sit on Moses seat where do you get your authority from you didn't go to the schools of the rabbi. How is it that you have a right to teach. In other words the great conflict between Jesus and them was over the Word of God Now the Bible tells us that Jesus knew his ministry soon started stealing. If we can use in quotation marks the word stealing he started stealing the sheep of the scribes and things. That's what it says in Mark chapter eleven verse eighteen Mark chapter eleven verse eighteen when Jesus speaks with authority and with power the people follow him the people are hungry and thirsty for the truth. It says there in Mark chapter eleven verse eighteen and the scribes and the chief priests heard it and thought how they might destroy him for they feared him because all the people were at Tanishq at his teaching. Now interestingly enough the Bible tells us that in the Jewish religion of Christ there were many different denominations there were many different sects we might call them today church. There's one Christian Church. But within the Christian church there are denominations or religious sects or religious denomination. The same was true in the days of Jesus they were all Jews they all professed the Jewish religion but there were Sadducees there were piracies heresies and Sadducees hated each other because their theological teachings were different. The Peris is believed in the resurrection the Sadducees did not the parities believe in spirits. Thus Majesties did not and so the pair are seized by the way I believe in all of the Old Testament as inspired the Sadducees only believe that the writings of Moses were inspired and so there you have liberals and conservatives so to speak in the days of Christ denominations fighting with the tother like you know when it came to destroying public enemy number one. There was a tremendous ecumenical movement in the days of Jesus. They disagreed on their theology but they all decided to come together to destroy the one who in their minds was public enemy number one. Notice what it says in Luke Chapter twenty three and verse twelve. Do you know that Herod and pilot did not like each other they were enemies but you know it's interesting that when the Christ. This came in connection with the Lord Jesus. Individuals who were enemies became friends you know this ecumenical movement this movement to unite not us alone. Chapter twenty three and verse twelve it says they're speaking about when Jesus is handed over to ponchos pilot that very day a pilot and a red became friends with each other who are reported that they had been at enmity with each other when it comes to delivering Jesus and getting rid of Jesus. They come into. HARMAN by the way Mark chapter three and verse six tells us that the have railed against and the piracies also came together to attack the Lord Jesus. Now it's interesting this tragedy is the Pharisees the Iranians pilot parrot their own armies of one another but when it came to getting rid of the one who preached the Word of God with the authority of God They all banded together with one purpose and with one mind you see Jesus also embarrassed the religious leaders very frequently because they would ask him questions and he would answer the questions in such a way that they never felt like asking a question again not as what it says in Matthew chapter twenty two and verse forty six because you have the authority of the Word of God Jesus always said it is written. For example the Sadducees came and tried to trick Jesus you know this story about the woman who was married to a certain man and the man died and then she married another one up to the number seven and sold US agencies wouldn't believe in the resurrection they say. Now you tell me Lord Jesus to whom is this. One I'm going to be married in the day of the resurrection and she'll offend two problems that you have. Number one you ignore the Scriptures and secondly you ignore the power of God the power of God because the Bible says that God is going to resurrect the dead and the scriptures because the Scriptures would never say that God is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob unless God was going to resurrect them someday because God is not the God of the dead. God is the God of the living and so Jesus quoted scripture and these men were embarrassed because of his source of authority. Not as what it says in Matthew chapter twenty two and verse forty six after Jesus once again has embarrassed them. It says and no one was able to answer him a word nor Crum. They are gone. Did anyone dare question him any more. Now the Bible tells us that spies were constantly sent by the religious leaders to check out Jesus to see how they could deliver him or get him slipping up in some way. Not at Luke Chapter twenty Luke Chapter twenty and verse twenty. Very important verse it shows us what the Lord Jesus had to go through Luke Chapter twenty and verse twenty. Day in and day out said Saul they watched him and sent by who pretended to be righteous. Also you had individuals who are infiltrating the circle of the feigning to be disciples so they watched him and sent spies who pretended to be righteous that they might seize on his words in order to do remember him to the power and the authority of whom the authority of the governor. So this conflict continues in the life of Jesus between the scribes and the Pharisees who go by creation and Jesus who goes by the Word of God Now we must come to the end of the life of Jesus and see how his final events develop because God's people are going to go in the same events all over again. Turn with me to the Gospel of John chapter eighteen and verse thirty one. John Chapter eighteen and verse thirty one this is the culmination of the controversy between Jesus and the religious leaders all over the Word of God primarily the Jews have come into pilots' court and now pilot says to them you take him and judge him according to your law. Let me just share something with you. Let's finish reading the verse it says there. But you said to him it is not lawful for us to put anyone to death. Let me share this with you. Do you know that practically every accusation which was leveled against Jesus when he was in pilot court had to do with the first table of God's holy law. Now you know the law of God has two tables right. Two tables of the first table has four commandments and the second table has six got table. Actually of both of them are God's law but in terms of governance the first table the first four commandments are the realm of God My relationship with God the last six commandments have to do with relationships on a horizontal level between people. In other words the first table of the law is God's exclusive round the second table of the law is Caesars or the government table of the law because the government is to preserve the civil order. Does the government for example have a law that shalt not kill. Yes Does it have a law that says that you cannot bear false witness and destroy your neighbor's character. Yes doesn't have a law against spousal and parent abuse yes. In other words the last six commandments are the realm of Caesar and the first four commandments are the realm of God and Caesar or the government has nothing to say about the person or commands of God's law. If you want to worship this lamp you can do that the government cannot say anything about if you don't want to keep any day. It's your prerogative if you want to keep Wednesday as a day of worship you can do that if you want if you want to go out on the street and if you want to say hey I'm God you can do that if you want to swear the air blew by using the name of the Lord. Even though we might not like it. It's your prerogative because those commandments have to do with our relationship with God and Caesar can have absolutely nothing to say with the first four commandments only what the last six because the last six preserved the Civil War And so you'll notice here that the Jews are coming to pilot and almost all of the accusations that they are leveling against Jesus are violations of which table of the first day they say he proclaimed himself to be wild to be God He breaks work on the Sabbath he has committed blasphemy because he says that he can. Forgive sins and what does a pilot say when the Jewish leaders say this they say listen that's not my realm that's not my problem is that you're going to judge him according to your law more about our relations laws on religious violations. Now if you come and you say he's killed somebody that would be my route. If you come in you say that he's born false witness that would be my room. If you say that he committed parent parental abuse then that would be my route. But you're coming with accusations that have to do with your religion and with your God I don't want anything to do with that. Let me ask you was pilot a pretty wise individual when it came to church and state issues. He most certainly was a lot a lot wiser than many Christians in the world today. I might say and he was a pagan ruler so it says in John Chapter eighteen and verse thirty one let's read that again John Chapter eighteen and verse thirty one the following. Then pilot said to them you take him and judge him according to your law but what did they want. Why did they bring Jesus to pilot. Because they wanted the death penalty and they could not execute the death penalty. It's a. Is there for the Jews said to him it is not lawful for us to want to put anyone to death. Notice also John Chapter nineteen and verse seven. The Jews answered him We have a law and according to our law. Are they saying that Caesar's lots of bunnies James as well that know whose law is Jesus violated according to the law. And so we have a law and according to our law he ought to die because he made himself what the Son of God product as we. I mean come to me with simple disobedience. But don't come to me when he proclaimed himself the Son of God that's your problem. You're expecting the Messiah to come. OK that's fine. If he claims to be the Messiah then you take care of it. But they say the problem is that us as a church cannot execute them. And so if you know what they're going to do they're going to mix with the state they're going to use the state to accomplish their purposes. Notice Matthew chapter twenty seven and verses one and two on the process that was followed. Matthew Chapter twenty seven and verses one and two. It says when the morning came all the chief priests and the elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death. Could they do it. Could they legally do it you know. And so burst through and when they had bound him they led him away and the lab rode here and to whom to punch just pilot the Governor have you ever noticed that Jesus went through a religious trial first and then he went through a civil trial. When he went through. The religious trial he was found guilty by the religious leaders. But because they could not execute the death penalty because Jesus had not violated any of the simple laws of Rome they know that they had to get the civil government to cooperate with them to execute the death penalty. And so that's exactly what they did they took Jesus after having tried him in their religious court and finding him guilty of a violation of the first page of the law. They took him to the civil court of conscious pilot to try and get the death penalty and they acted against it. Now it's interesting that punchers pilot several times admittedly that there was no more injuries. This is very significant. Notice what it says in John Chapter nineteen. John Chapter nineteen and verses four and six John Chapter nineteen and verses four and six. Pilot then went out again and said to them Behold I am bringing him out to you that you may know that I have find what no fault in him. Verse six there were the chief priests and officers saw him they cried out saying crucify him crucify him. Pilot said to them you take him and crucify him for I find no fault in him not to. Chapter eighteen and verses thirty seven and thirty eight. It says here piled up therefore said to him Are you working then. Jesus answered You say rightly that I am a king for this cause I was born in for this because I came into the world that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice. Pilot said what is true and when he had said this he went out again to the Jews and said to them I find no fault in him. What this is saying is that the government condemned an innocent man and by the way if you examine the trial of Jesus it was a travesty. In just a vocal role one than Hebrew law were violated with impunity. For example a trial could not take place at night. And the trials of Jesus took place at night. Everybody needed to be made to determine that the individual was. Before he was condemned the prisoner was allowed to have written it since none of these things were done in the trial of the Lord Jesus. It was a travesty of justice. The church acting upon the state to get rid of public enemy number one because he had gained a multitude behind him because he taught with power and with authority from the Holy Word of God. Our question is if Jesus was innocent the way the government said why did pilot deliver him. I want you to notice John Chapter nineteen and verse twelve. On this point this is a sobering idea Ochs particularly in the United States of America where the people have such a strong influence upon their legislative or you know that what's going to happen in this country is that there's going to be an uprising by the multitudes of other peoples of the United States. They're going to act upon the rulers demanding that something be done and the Bible says that God's great people God's people run that are going to be delivered. Even though they have broken no laws of the civil government. Notice what it says in John Chapter nineteen and verse twelve. From then on. Pilot sought to release him but the Jews cried out saying if you let this man go NO YOU ARE NOT Caesar's friend whoever makes them stop barking speaks against Caesar. In other words what the mob there is saying is that unless you condemn this innocent man we are going to have you removed from office. In other words political expediency is what lead pilot to condemn an innocent man because he was employed by the leaders of the Church of that day and by the multitudes will belong to that church to condemn this man who had done nothing wrong except based his teachings upon the Holy Word of God. Now folks in all of this situation there was really another power that was working. You see we talked this morning about the threefold union then arose to destroy your idea or to persecute Elijah in the Old Testament. Same threefold Union which killed the New Testament Elijah the same threefold Union at the end of time which is going to try and kill God's in time. Remnant or world wide. Elijah but you know that in the case of Jesus there was also a great old union the devil works in threes and God worked in Greece. God is a Trinity so the devil has brought has three angels and so Revelation fourteen there are three spirits like crimes that proclaim the devil's message so the devil mirrors what God has now what were the three enemies in the case of Jesus and by the way these three enemies bear the same relationship as the three enemies that he lied to her. Who were the ones who particularly wanted the death of Jesus. The religious leaders the pastors the administrators the theologians I mean again the Bible speaks of the elders arrives there are thousands being opposed to Jesus. They wanted to execute the death penalty could they execute the death than know who did they need. They needed the government to listen up. They also needed someone to deliver Jesus to them so that the government could take care of him and who was that instrument that delivered Jesus to them. Judas Iscariot. Do you see the same relationship the same pattern in which the devil works in fact what was happening to Jesus was choreographed from behind the scenes by the devil by Satan. Notice what it says in Luke Chapter twenty two and verse fifty three. Look chapter twenty two and verse fifty three. Jesus is speaking about the moment when he's going to go into his final trial and he says here the following happy twenty two and verse fifty three when I was with you they in the in the temple you did not try to seize me. But this is your power and then what does it say. And our power our power so more is the power behind this threefold Union to destroy Satan. You think the devil hates the word of God Does he use religious leaders to oppose the Word of God. Does the devil hate God's holy Sabbath. Yes that's why he led the Pharisees to twist the meaning of a sentence because he knew that if you could do that Christians would not want anything to do with them but it's not the Sabbath. Jesus that's a family but the pair of jeans we need to return to the Bible Santa Barbara by the way do you know that in chapter six and verse seventy of John Jesus said that one of his disciples was a devil and you know that in John Chapter thirteen and verse two it tells us that the devil entered joined us when Judas was going to deliver Jesus do you know that in John Chapter eight in verse twenty four Jesus said to the Jewish people who were there who were going to deliver him. And at this time they were thinking about doing it. He said you know a lot of your father the devil the devil is a murderer from when a murderer from the beginning by the way do you know what Judas does call for those of you who think that anti-Christ is going to be some atheist who is going to sit in the Jerusalem temple and he's going to have a big crown with the number six six six on his crown and he's going to build a great big image over there in the temple for people to worship. Think again that is just to you. The devil does not work in such an obvious fact. He works underground. He's called that. I notice what the Bible calls Judas. In John Chapter seventeen verse to John Chapter seventeen and verse to a real eye opener. And I'm sure that you read it before John seventeen and verse not Verse two of a verse twelve it says here John seventeen twelve while I was with them in the world I kept them in your name those whom you gave me I have kept and none of them is all laws except the son prohibition that the Scripture might people will you know that there's only one other place in the whole Bible where the name Son of Perdition is you. Yes and that is and second Thessalonians chapter two where it speaks about the final anti-Christ which will arise in this world. So the final Anti-Christ will be like ooh like Juno is scary because he's called by the same name the son of predation. Let me ask you what kind of enemy was Judas Iscariot. He was an atheist. The Judas Iscariot professed to be religious. Did he walk among the disciples. Did it claim to be a follower of Jesus. Did he betrayed Jesus with atheists. So in other words the anti-Christ is going to be like Judas not one who arises from outside the church but one who claims to serve Christ and arises within the Christian church. Are you with me. I want you to notice the argument that hypo's uses to try and destroy Jesus. John Chapter eleven John Chapter eleven. And let's read British forty seven to fifty three. John eleven versus forty seven to fifty three. Here this is after the resume. Can of Lazarus and now they say we're going to have to take care of this fellow because everybody is following him in fact the seventh John Chapter twelve and verse nineteen. Then you know if we allow Him to exist the whole world is going to believe in him. Praise the Lord. Not according to the notice Chapter eleven and verse forty seven and by the way this is the supreme pontiff the high priests since here in verse forty seven. Then the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered a council and said What shall we do for this man works many times if we let him alone like this. Everyone will believe in him and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation. Irony of ironies. They said we need to get rid of Jesus so the elders won't destroy our nation. Well they destroy Jesus and I was a result. Rome destroyed them. What they expected to prevent by getting rid of Jesus is what they call it by getting rid of Jesus. Now notice what it says in verse forty nine and one of them. I pose the High Priest that year I said to them you know nothing at all nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people and not that the whole nation should perish. In other words we need to get rid of this man because if we don't the whole nation is going to what is going to perish. The Romans are going to disappoint the street is going to destroy the Church unless we get rid of this man. That argument is going to be used again against the remnant of God one of those that are like evolve a nation of desolation is a continuation of what we're talking about tonight a very very important lecture. Not us want to continue saying here in verse fifty one nor did he say now this he could not say on his own authority but the High Priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation of course he didn't know what he was talking about which is that the back of the news. First if they do or not but that nation only but also that he would gather together in one of the children of God who are scattered abroad then from that day on they plotted to what they plotted to put him there and you know the multitudes simply blindly follow the religiously they didn't think for themselves they didn't study by themselves if their leader said you know this man is public enemy number one they said let's get rid of him. Instead of spending on their own and reaching their own conclusions. It blindly follow their leaders. Notice this detail in Matthew Chapter twenty seven and verse twenty. Matthew Chapter twenty seven verse twenty four to that I had not been for the religious leaders the world would have seen the greatest reformation in the history of the world. But the religious leaders shut out the light so that it would not shine on their black eyes. Not if Matthew chapter twenty seven and verse twenty. But the chief priests and elders perswaded whole the multitude that they should ask for the rabbis and what and destroy. Geez now let's talk a little bit about the choice between Jesus and the writers. Luke Chapter twenty three verses eighteen in one thousand fellas that parabens was in prison because he had caused them submission against wrong in other words it caused an insurrection was Barabas the type of Messiah that the Jews wanted. Yes because his one idea was to take up arms and to destroy the hated Romans and to rule in an earthly political kingdom. And so when it came to choosing Jesus and His spiritual kingdom or parabolas and the kingdom the literal earthly kingdom that they expected the Messiah to take control over that choice was very easy. They chose barabus. In fact they went so far as to say we have no pain but sees. When they allied themselves that way with the spent they resigned the theocracy they rejected God as their leader and they totally became identified with the state and of course the last step would be the destruction of Jeanne. How did Jesus look at this issue of church and state what Jesus had a very quick you said to pilot Mike. It is not of this world. You see it my kingdom was not this world Jesus said the pilot and Johnny in verse thirty seven. My disciples what what they would do for my kingdom but he says My kingdom is not of this world. You remember that in the garden of its lemon when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus Peter took out his sword and he cut off. Malpass is the servants here and believe me he wasn't aiming for his ear they mean for example the problem is he was a fisherman not a soldier and so he missed and repeated that Jesus says to the other disciples. What's wrong with you come they find me with a start. That what Jesus said. Jesus said to Peter put away that sore. My kingdom does not function in that fashion. You remember one time Jesus and the disciples were walking and there were certain cities that have rejected Jesus and the disciples like the argue out of the coal fired all who have to burn him up. Jesus says hey that's a great idea. For some compel them to follow me that way what you think it does not good to take control of the political structure in the world because the civil powers function on the basis of what. I'm not on the basis of what's been planted in the heart of man Christ spiritual kingdom as Jesus said to look seventeen twenty one. He said The kingdom of God is within you. Listen folks before you can enjoy the kingdom of God Already you have to have the Kingdom of Grace and the kingdom of humility in your heart because that's what prepares you for the kingdom of glory. But the Jews they wanted the glory without the humility they wanted the kingdom of God without the kingdom of suffering. Jesus said first of all. You have to have my kingdom in your heart and then you'll be ready to have the glorious King. So Jesus says you don't know what spirit you're up you're not of God's Spirit you're of the devil spirit in the last week of Jesus's life and ask Jesus that question should we pay tribute to Caesar or not. They thought they had Jesus up a creek without them because if Jesus said yes the Jews would say we don't like this guy because we hate paying taxes this season if we said no they would say we have a perfect right. Condemning Jesus before a pilot because he said you're not supposed to pay back to throw. So Jesus says listen we're going to bring recording looks at it he says who superscript. They say Caesar and Jesus says Render unto Caesar the things that are seizures and unto God the things that are God's. This way the Lord Jesus separated what church and state church and state up and join together Jesus would have never been killed. But the sad fact is that the religious system of those days used the political structure to destroy Jesus and when the Jews said we want around us instead of Jesus they were saying we want the kingdom of politics we want the kingdom of course we want the kingdom of God put on the glorious throne but we don't want the mysterious spiritual kingdom that is in the heart. Allow me to read you a statement from my favorite biography of Jesus. I'm referring to a book which is precious to me the Bible is the most precious but this is a precious book it's called the desire of ages. It's the most wonderful biography that has ever been written about Jesus it is just phenomenal. You have to get a copy of that lesson to work. The author says this is on page five hundred and on this issue the relationship between church and state you know what course does forcing people by the power of the state forms either people or martyrs but not true believers hypocrites because people say all our religion because they're afraid of their own martyrs because if you say we will not be forced to force never changes the lives of people that's why it's wrong in the United States for their religion. Religious leaders of this country to want to take over the reins of the government. You can add more lies America by controlling the government the way you can moralize America is preaching from the pulpit and having the Holy Spirit come into the hearts of people to transform their lives because of trust. A nation does not come from outside and that comes from inside out. Well that's what you said. But today in the religious world there are multitudinous who as they believe are working for the establishment of the kingdom of Christ as an earthly and temporal domain. They desire to make our Lord the ruler of the kingdoms of this world the ruler in its parts and camps it's not just like the Poles it's palaces and marketplaces. They expect him to rule through legal enact limits enforced by human authority. Since Christ is not now here in person they themselves will undertake to act in his stead to execute the laws of his kingdom. The establishment of such a kingdom is what the Jews desired in the days of Christ they would have received Jesus had he. Then we're going to establish a temporal Domania to enforce what they regarded as the laws of God and to make them the expositors of his will and the agents of his authority but he said My kingdom is not of this world. He would not accept the Earthly throne. Let me tell you something. Shortly afterwards there was one who accepted the earthly thrown to the devil offered Jesus very alone in the wilderness and Jesus said no but later on just a while after Jesus ascended to heaven there was one in Rome who was offered beer. Except you continue saying the government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive on every hand. Work crying abuse of extortion intolerance and grinding cruelty. Yet the savior can't that no simple reform if you ever see Jesus beginning again slavery. Did you ever see Jesus picketing against abortion which was very common in the days of the Roman Empire. No so what. Did Jesus care peace you're dead. I'm pro-life. I brought prayer. I'm pro Bible study and you say the government can enforce those things and that's good because prayer and Bible and all the things that have to come from your own you continue saying he attacked no national abuses nor condemned the national enemy he did not interfere with the authority or administration of those in power. He who was our example kept kept aloof from earthly government. And he explains why not because he was indifferent to the woes of man but because the. A remedy did not lie in merely human and external measures to be patient. The cure must reach men individually and must regenerate the heart not by the decisions of courts or councils or legislative assembly not by the patronage of worldly great men. Is the kingdom of Christ established. But by the implanting of Christ nature in humanity the work of the Holy Spirit. This whole story that we look there is going to be repeated in the end there. Sadly the Who We studied it briefly at the end of the presentation this morning the Book of Revelation Chapter seventeen speaks about the harlot which must represent an apostate church because in prophecy a woman represents the church this is a church that has abandoned the ways of Jesus' church that exerts worldwide dominion. And this church is going to join the kings of the earth according to what was done this morning in littler daughters and they play the role of Judas. God's holy people will once again gold the trials of the Jesus one who once again church and state will be joined together with the idea that it's going to be going to bring a great blessing in these United States. But like with the Jews what they thought was a blessing. Became a curse in the very government that they wanted to use to destroy Jesus was a government which destroyed them at the end of time the same thing is going to happen all over again. We live in the greatest country on planet earth the United States of America and I know that many of you probably are from other countries and you say that's kind of arrogant. Well let me tell you why it's not because this is the richest nation in the world. It's not because this is the most beautiful country in the world there are people of all countries. I mean you go to Switzerland your lap because of the view. It's not because the people in the United States are nicer than any other place. Let me tell you this is the greatest country because of the principles upon which this country was built. The prime principle our Founding Fathers realized that it was necessary to separate the church from the state. Therefore in our Constitution directed the words Congress shall make no law respecting the guess that Leishman out religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It has an establishment clause the government has nothing to do with establishing religion. It doesn't say any religion or a church. It says religion and also it has no right for banning the free exercise of religion. In other words the government is to govern in civil affairs and the church is to govern in spiritual affairs. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God What is God. You see our founding fathers were closer to what had happened in Europe during the middle ages. They knew the results of Union Church and State. They knew about the Inquisition. If you read about the Inquisition It's amazing Bob The Inquisition function on the same principles as what led to the betrayal of Jesus. First the individual was tried before a religious court. He wasn't given no rights to have anybody as a witness his goods were confiscated and then if he was found guilty. In the court of the Inquisition he was delivered to the secular power to be externally I think what happened in the Middle Ages. And let me tell you this the greatest enemies of God's people have been God's people from the days of Cain and Abel the first murder in human history. Both of them claim to serve and worship the true God one worshipper arose to kill the other one because the other one worship the way God said you're supposed to work. Who are the greatest enemies of the prophets in the Old Testament. Wasn't the Babylonians and the Egyptians and the Assyrians those who wanted to kill the prophets were the people to whom they were sent. God's own people who were the ones who killed Jesus who destroyed Jesus the very people who claimed to serve God who persecuted the church during the middle ages the church that claimed to be the Church of Jesus Christ. What makes you think that it's going to be any different at the end of that. Not as what it says in John Chapter sixteen John Chapter sixteen and verses one and two. Your Jesus is speaking prophetically and he says the following. John Chapter sixteen verses one and two. These things I have spoken to you that you should not be made to stumble. They will put you out of the synagogues today we would say the church. Yes The time is coming. Then whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. And tomorrow in our study we're going to notice that in Matthew chapter twenty four our children will arrive to betray their parents parents their children relatives and friends will give one another up to the civil powers and to the religious powers to be destroyed. You say that could never happen in these United States of America. We live in the twentieth century at the apex of civilization. Have you forgotten that in the twentieth century in the nineteen forties you have the whole Oakleigh in the civilized world that we live in. Have you forgotten that in many more recent countries there has been genocide. The heart of man can be very cruel when it's destitute of the spirit of go back to the United States greatest country that has ever existed because of the principles that it has separate church and state. Our founding fathers knew what Europe was like. They said we don't want their pattern here because it leads to hypocrites and martyrs. It leads to persecution by the way many of the religious leaders of the United States but they want us to go back to colonial times. When I talk about the Founding Fathers I'm not talking about the colonial America. I'm talking about America where the constitution is drafted where the Declaration of Independence is signed because colonial America was a reflection of you know you could be killed for not going to church on Sunday. Did you know that in these United States of America you could be buying your goods could be confiscated if you did support the clergy through your legs. Is that the kind of America you would like to live in I don't think so. You say the devil knows that the separation of church and state is the secret of the power of this country. That's why he's doing everything in his power to join together and it starts out with small things. Vouchers for the government to support your children in religious schools that in and tangled up church and state. You say well it's four thousand dollars in my pocket. What does it profit a man if he gains four thousand dollars and loses its soul. What are you going to say someday when you're arrested because you keep the lard Sabbath because your paypal to God and you say I believe in the separation of church and state you can't. They want us to do well according to our records. You received four thousand dollars several years in a row from the government and doctors to take your kids in religious school. What are you going to say. Using government money to subsidize charitable organization. Mandating prayer in public schools including biblical curriculum you say. Well Pastor you're against all of these things. Now all of these things are religious things that belong in the home that belong in church and the problems that this country has are not due to what the government has done its due to the breakdown of the family due to the breakdown of the church that's due to the breakdown of the spiritual structures of society. You can make all laws in the United States Congress until you're blue in the face. It will do nothing until the hearts of people are seen by Jesus Christ. So we're close to repeating the scene of the life of Jesus the day is coming when we preach God's message with power as it's in the Bible the Sabbath the judgement hour message. Well as all of the other truths that we've been studying in the center the day is coming when all these things are going to be good and we're going to repeat the scenes that Jesus went through. That's the reason why in Revelation eighteen the Lord Jesus said Come out of her might be comparable. That's three people you know the higher up that god of a barn if they were born. And share the same views about the day of worship about Tibet and so many other things come out of her life that you cannot become a parking where ever since and you do not receive the play you wish to respond to the voice of Jesus tonight and say through the grace of God I will come out of Babylon. I will be a member of God's remnant that will preach the true God through the power of the Holy Spirit. No matter what it might cost are you willing to take that step tonight. If that's your wish I would ask you to stand at this moment as we close with a word of prayer for using more than exciting time to live in it and by the way let me say something. There might be people here who have never been baptized or there might be people who have been baptized. I never knew any of the things that we studied in the seminar you didn't even know that there was a remnant church that bridges the truth of God as it's found in the Bible the commandments of God the Sabbath. What happens when a person dies and so many other things that we study. I would encourage you if the Lord touches your heart and you feel like God is speaking to you tonight that you will speak to me or to one of the pastors on this our staff so that we can study with you and prepare you for baptism not maybe to join Christ because if you were already baptized you join Jesus as your Savior. But now you know about a church that the group of you know we know about that message we're going to want to join that movement to proclaim God's message to the world and so I would encourage you to speak with one of the pastors and staff will be glad to sit down study with you answer any questions that you might have in order prepare you so that you can join this wonderful movement that preaches the three Angels' messages to every corner of the planet or let us pray. Father we've studied a strong message. Right. I pray to you that no one will leave this place or pendant because that hasn't been the purpose the purpose has been to study the truth as it's in your words. I asked Morgan if there's anybody gathered here this evening who has been offended through the efforts of your spirit you will come will soften their hearts you will help them to see the truth as it is in G.'s more there are many people here tonight that probably have not made a decision even to get baptized or to join your remnant movement I ask Lord that you will give them the courage to say yes we want to join this remnant movement that proclaims God's full message to the world in these last days. We thank you mark of a marvelous treasure that you have given us in your words what a tremendous blessing it is we don't have to fear what's coming because it's all in your whole you know thank you for you help us to live in harmony with more. Thank you. When this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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