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22. Prophets and Psychics

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    8:30 PM

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Now tonight we're going to study. As you've seen in the list of topics about rockets and psychics and what I would like to do is go back to right before the times of Christ actually about four hundred years before the coming of Christ the last prophet of the Old Testament was Malakai Malakai wrote approximately four hundred twenty five years before Jesus Christ and after Malakai passed Israel entered a period over history which is known as the impure Testament period it was a very dark period it was a period in which there was no prophetic voice. It was a period during which the Jewish people were in great turmoil many false writings appear during this time. In fact you've probably heard the word Apocrypha. Books that were attributed to Abraham to be not to Moses etc but they were really forgeries there were false of occasions people that just wrote the name of these heroes in the Old Testament to make people think that they were written by these great heroes of Hebrew history it was a period when the children of Israel more and more fell away from the truth as it is found in the Old Testament or as it was found in the Old Testament. Those things so I think it's very important that we realize that when John the Baptist arises to fulfill his mission he does so after Israel has been in great turmoil they have been without a prophet for over four hundred years. Errors have come into Judaism like the idea of the immortality of the soul. Among other things. And so it was necessary for them to experience a revival and the reformation in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Now tonight what we want to do is study the mission and the message of John the Baptist. We're going to discover something very interesting in our study tonight we're going to see that as John the Baptist prepared the way for the first coming of Jesus. God has raised up in the world a prophet which has been how to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus. It stands to reason that if God felt that it was necessary to raise up a prophet to prepare the world for the first coming of Jesus that God would raise up a prophet to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus. So first of all let's study about John the Baptist and those of you who are Seventh Day Adventists you're going to find some amazing similarities I'm going to start seeing your hands not like this you're going to say wow that's amazing. You know when I prepared for this presentation I was amazed myself because I had never really seen the parallel between John the Baptist and the end time prophet that God was God was going to raise up in the world. Now some of these facts that you have on your list we are not going to read I'm just going to refer to them because basically the text sometimes only mentions one very small characteristic that I want to underline and it doesn't justify reading the whole text just for that one point but that's the reason why we give you the list of Bible texts. And that's the reason why we give you a copy of the lecture at the end of the meeting so that you can go home and you can go through this list of Bible verses you can compare it with what you have in that material that is handed out at the end and you can catch it in an even clearer and more complete picture of what we study them even see. Even with a lecture here. Now the first point that I would like to emphasize besides the idea that much apostasy at enter Israel. Besides the idea that there were a lot of apocryphal books and false prophets that came into the world before Jesus came before John the Baptist was raised up by God. Another point which I would like to emphasize is that the Bible tells us that John the Baptist did not perform any sign he did no miracles he did no wonder. Now that's important because today many people think that in order for a prophet to be a prophet he has to perform great signs and wonders and miracles not so. John the Baptist did not perform a single miracle or a single sign. Let's notice that as it's found in the Gospel of John chapter ten John Chapter ten and verse there's forty one and forty two John Chapter ten and verse forty one and forty two it says here in John Chapter ten verse forty one then many came to him and said just performed no no no. Right but all the things that John spoke about this man were true and many believed in him there. So John the Baptist was a prophet but he did not perform any supernatural sly. Another important characteristic that we notice about John the Baptist is that John the Baptist did not write any book that is included in the Bible. Interestingly enough let me say that the Lord Jesus once said that John the Baptist was the greatest of all the prophet In fact let's notice that in Matthew chapter eleven verse eleven Matthew chapter eleven verse eleven Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest of all the. It's here it says the following. Assuredly I say to you. Among those who are born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist and then a Bible author Matthew said. But he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he and the reason why he says that is because John the Baptist was not able to experience the ministry of Jesus Christ because he was a priest. But the least in the kingdom saw the miracles of Jesus and heard the words of Jesus and so John the Baptist was the greatest of the prophets. But at the same time the person who saw the whole ministry of Jesus and heard the teachings of Jesus was greater than he. So I want you to notice that John the Baptist. Even though according to Jesus he was the greatest of all the prophets. He never wrote a book then it included as part of the canon of Holy Scripture. Another interesting characteristic which we notice about John the Baptist is that John the Baptist felt very uncomfortable when people called him a prophet. No that's what it says in the Gospel of John chapter one John chapter one in three verses nineteen through twenty four John chapter one and verse as nineteen to twenty four. He felt very uncomfortable he did not want to be called a prophet. We're going to notice that a few pecks very interesting text in a few moments as there's a verse nineteen. Now this is the testimony of John where the Jews same priests and Levites from Jerusalem ask him Who are you. He confessed and did not deny but in fact I am not the Christ. And they asked him what then are you a lighter he said I am not well bred and he answered no then they said to him Who are you that we may give you an answer to those who say What do you say. Say about yourself and then he quotes you he says I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness Make straight the way of the Lord. So John says I'm not the Christ not Elijah and I'm not the prophet to come now this is kind of strange because Jesus said that he was Elijah. Have you noticed. Let's turn to the Bible and read that Matthew Chapter eleven and verse fourteen. Matthew Chapter eleven and verse fourteen. The Lord Jesus says and if you are willing speaking about John and if you are willing to receive it he is what he is Elijah who is to come by the way do you know which designation John the Baptist like to call himself by. He liked to call himself first the voice of one crying in the wilderness as we read. But there's another name that John the Baptist hand and which you enjoyed using. Notice Matthew Chapter eleven and verse as nine eleven. Matthew Chapter eleven and verses nine eleven and by the way Jesus is speaking and he's going to say John the Baptist is what his name is what is functions it says in verse nine. Jesus asking the multitudes. But what did you go out to see a prophet Yes I say to you and more than a prophet. Let me ask you was John the Baptist merely a prophet. No he was more then a prophet according to this. Now notice what it continue same verse ten for this is he who it is written behold I send my messenger. Don't forget that word because it's very important. Behold I found my. A messenger before your face that is to prepare the way for the Messiah who will prepare your way before you. So what did he prefer to be called The Messenger of the Lord and he also wanted to be called a voice crying in the wilderness. According to Matthew Chapter three and verses one through three and we've noticed that he was more than a product His function was far greater than the function of one of the prophets of the Old Testament. Now why did John not want himself to be called a prophet. I think one of the reasons is because there were many false prophets roaming around those days and the designation prophet had a bad reputation. Our second reason is because according to what we read the role of John the Baptist was far greater than the role of an ordinary prophet because his role was to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord. No other prophet would claim that but there was a third reason why John the Baptist did not want to be called a prophet and that is because John the Baptist was a very humble man. Notice John chapter one and verse twenty seven and you know this verse you read before John chapter one and verse twenty seven it say. If it is he who coming after me is preferred before me whose sandals crap I am not worthy to what I am not worthy to lose. In other words John the Baptist for three reasons did not want to be designated a prophet even though Jesus said He was the greatest of the products number one because his work involved more than the work of a product because he was preparing the way for the first coming of Jesus preparing a people for the first coming of Jesus. Secondly because he. As a very humble man. And third because there were many prophets who brought reproach upon the name prophet and so he said you can call me a voice crying in the wilderness. You can call me the messenger I will do you know that John the Baptist a rose in harmony with two specific prophecies of the Old Testament that predicted that he was going to arise in other words there were specific Bible prophecies in the Old Testament that predicted that John the Baptist was going to arise as a prophet before the first coming of Jesus. You say where are those prophecies the purse is in the book of Isaiah. Go with me to Isaiah Chapter forty and verse as one to three. Isaiah Chapter forty and verses one through three this is the first prophecy that John the Baptist uses. Just as what my mission has been predicted by prophecy my mission has been foretold by what the prophets have told before they spoke about me arising in this day. So he arises in harmony with Bible Prophecy not of Isaiah Chapter twenty and verse one comfort yes comfort my people says your god speak comfort to Jerusalem and cry out to her that her warfare it's evident that her iniquity as part where she has received from the Lord's hand double for all her of the INS. Notice verse three. The voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make straight in the desert highway for our God that says every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and Hill shall be made low the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places Smoo have you realized that these are the very words that John the Baptist who ordered to open the gate. His mission and his message he's saying this purpose he spoke. About me it back to Matthew chapter three in verses one to three quotes this passage and little chapter three and verse is supported by he quotes verse three four where it says every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and he'll make you lol the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places will so I want you to notice that John the Baptist arises in harmony with Bible Prophecy. But there's another prophecy that John the Baptist fulfills specifically from the Old Testament and that's found in the book of Malikai Malakai chapter three verse one verse one. See he doesn't write it's simply all about Son by surprise. He rises in harmony with prophecy. Notice Malakai chapter three verse one the whole I send my what messenger and he will prepare the way before me who is the me there. Jesus that's right and not us. And the Lord whom you will see will suddenly come to his temple. Even the messenger of the Covenant in whom you'll be like be Paul behold he is coming to the LORD of hosts. This is the very passage that Jesus quoted to say that John the Baptist had arisen in harmony with Bible Prophecy and if you continue reading there and Malakai chapter three and verse two and three it says that when the messenger would come and he would prepare the way for the Messiah Messiah would certainly come to his temple and he would purify and cleanse. But Ken let me ask you Lord Jesus cleanse and purify the temple after John will build his mission in harmony with the prophecy Malakai chapter three and verse one. No he claims the temple at the beginning of his ministry and at the end. Let's just read the cleansing of the temple at the end of his ministry Matthew chapter twenty one and verse twelve to sixteen. Matthew chapter twenty one and verse as well Lou sixty here we find we read verses twelve and thirteen in another context before but let's read them again. It says in verse twelve. Then Jesus went into the temple of God and rolled out all those who bought and sold in the temple and all are turned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those sold it to cleanse the temple yes or no did he suddenly come to his temple he will certainly then verse thirteen and he said to them it is written my house shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves and then who is left in the temple. All the money changers all of the leaders have been cast out of the temple and it was left it says in verse forty than the blind and the lame came to him in the temple and he who are the enemy. First again. But the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did and the children crying out of the Temple St Paul's and the son of David they were indignant and said to him Do you hear what these are same. And Jesus said to them Yes Have you never read out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants you have perfected her he saw in harmony with melike I pray verse one it says that God would send his messenger who would prepare the way and then the Messiah would come suddenly to his temple and bursaries to him three of Malikai three saying that he would then cleanse his temple. Now another important aspect of the ministry of John the Baptist is that John the Baptist not only arose in harmony with two specific prophecies that talked about his mission but he also all rows at a time when there was a great religious awakening and the reason why there was a great religious awakening because there was. Kind prophecy in the Old Testament known as the prophecy of the seventy weeks. Now the Jews know that this prophecy of the seventy weeks had begun in the year or seven B.C. they knew also that at the end of the seventy weeks the Anointed One the Messiah would come and they could come they knew that there were going to be one hundred eighty three years from the time that this prophecy began until the Anointed One the Messiah the one who would be baptized would come they knew that the time was near. So in other words John the Baptist a rose at a time when a time prophecy a crucial time prophecy from the Book of Daniel was to be able to get all of these details because we're going to come back to them. There's a striking similarity between this and what happens later on in history. It is simply amazing. It's mind boggling even for you. People have been having it all your life you know I haven't seen this until I started preparing for the series. It's simply amazing. Now probably some of you already know where I'm going. How many of you think you know where I'm going. Oh yeah OK Some of you are very smart and some of you are smart but you just haven't caught on yet. Now notice was John the Baptist lied. Did the religious leaders like him know to whom was John the Baptist and he was sent to on a ministry to the Romans. Oh no I guess not all to the Greeks. No Your Honor to the Babylonians know that there had been destroyed long before that the Lord was John the Baptist sent he was on a mission to prepare God's people for the coming of the Messiah. Let me ask you how did the leaders. Of Israel look upon this property of John the Burn Notice what it says in Luke Chapter seven Luke Chapter seven. And let's read verses twenty nine and thirty eight by the way the problem wasn't with the people the problem was with the leaders they didn't like being called generation of vipers. I can't say I blame them. The only problem is they were that now not Chapter seven and verse is twenty nine and thirty by the way prophets don't mince words. Prophets tell the truth they tell it like it is. They ruffle feathers because they cramp your lifestyle. See the reason why people don't like profits is because profits tell them truths that put them. Finger in the fall and some people say oh you had me at Brad Pitt's big Sure thing now I think there's a prophet who speaks nice things and some things you can be sure he's are both probably because in the Old Testament prophets were the ones that vote beautiful and nice things. Now the honest Luke Chapter seven verses twenty nine and thirty in when all the people heard him even the Pats collectors justified God having been baptized with the baptism of John the people you know they actually like John the Baptist but eventually they followed their leader noticed the attitude of the leaders in verse thirty. But the parent sees and lawyers that the scribes rejected the counsel of God for themselves not having been baptized by him. Notice once again that the primary enemies of the Prophet were the leader of the Prophet in this case John were the leaders just like in the Old Testament the kings of Israel are always of the prophets but the messages I should say almost always almost one hundred percent of the time when the prophets brought them a message. The old Paul. The message and they've put a little profit into jail of a stronger profit or they killed him in some other way. So I want you to notice that John the Baptist was disliked particularly by the leaders of the nation that he came to reach. Incidentally in Matthew Chapter eleven in verse eighteen he was accused by the leaders of having the devil by speed S.P.P. by the power of the devil. Interestingly enough they said you have a demon that's what you're propelling ministry and mission and message is all about. In other words they attributed his property to get to Satan and his evil and now another interesting aspect about John the Baptist. If you read John chapter one and verse six you'll notice that the Bible says that he was sent of God In other words he is simply a messenger of God. It's interesting John the Baptist did not belong to any of the Jewish denominations of his day he was not apparently he was not a Sadducee he was not a Herodian he was not a surprise he did not study in the schools of his day he was not a leader in Israel he was not a member of the Jewish side he'd run anywhere he was. He sent a message to Israel to the leadership of Israel primarily in other words he wasn't a leader he was sent by God and by the way he was never ordained by human when he was cold and he was ordained and he was sent by God he did not occupy any position of importance and leadership whether it be Peristyle or administrative or whatever in his room. Now another important aspect about John the Baptist is that John the Baptist did not bring any new cruise line no new doctrines no new teaching. John the Baptist was called to reach for the truth that had been buried in there. John the Baptist always quoted as I mentioned two of them. Can his ministry the prophets of the Old Testament. In other words John the Baptist did not bring to light any new revolutionary. True he was not an innovator his source of authority was the Old Testament Scriptures and he used the Old Testament Scriptures to point to Jesus for example in John one verse twenty nine he said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Was that some revolutionary revelation that people had never heard before of course not. They could identify with the sacrifice of the Lamb in the Old Testament sanctuary which took away sin in other words John the Baptist did not bring any new doctrines any new teachings. What he did was try and restore or rebuild and reestablish the truth that had been buried and forgotten by Israel. Notice what it says in Matthew chapter Chapter seventeen and verse eleven. On this point Matthew Chapter seventeen and verse eleven. Very interesting every time but Elijah appears is never an innovator he's never creating new doctrines with the Kings he's always restoring noticed. Chapter seventeen and verse eleven of math. So yes there are the following. Matthew Chapter seventeen verse eleven then Jesus answered and said to them. Elijah truly is coming first and he will not he will restore our own thing. I don't follow him and incidentally I can go one step further if you know that all of the Old Testament prophets their only function was to restore the fruits of that Moses wrote which the people have forgotten the prophets of the Old Testament do not bring any new term that is not in the writings of Moses. What they're doing is not telling the people you've gone astray promotes this you've gone astray from the Scriptures that you have come back to the more you can read it time and again in Isaiah in Jeremiah No not roads are I do is call the people back to the truth which has been already revealed in other words they are response and by the way this is in perfect harmony with the light of the Old Testament you know that the light of the Old Testament. He basically what they need to be restored. The worship of Israel he reached for the commandments of God Did he respond the sacrifice of the Lamb didn't he. You remember in the first Game Stop great game that he took the stones of the altar of God that had been torn down the stones were all over the place. He took twelve twelve strong and he rebuilt the altar in other words he's really establishing the worship of Israel that's why he puts twelve stones there. Incidentally any. Also stashed away I have I have not troubled as well but you know when your father's house have troubled Israel because you have forgotten the commandments of God and you worship in Vail. So all he's doing is restoring true worship. He's restarting the commandments of God he's restoring the sacrifice of the lab which takes away the sin of the world. Even Elijah does not bring in a new truth. He's restoring the old through and incidentally if Israel had not fallen into a part of the city there would have been no need for Elijah. If Israel had not been in a biography there would have been no need for John the Baptist. God raises the profits because God's people have forgotten the truth and they were caught with the light from God So God raises up a party and let's talk a little bit about the message of John the Baptist John the Baptist had several elements in his message that I'm going to go. Matthew three in verse three says repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Let me ask you what do you repent of sin. And what is in it John the Baptist's example of he most certainly DID YOU KNOW that he was willing to die to uphold the law of God You say I was there he told the king it's nice in the presence of erroneous. You said Thou shalt not commit adultery and erroneous that's all you have your head some day and she did it because he abandoned the seventh Amendment. A blog or in other words John the Baptist. Exalt the law of God He called people to repent but you know what else you exult that you also exalt the dilemma of the solution he pointed people to Jesus. I kind of remember talking about this last night. Not have wanted St John's up there one and verse fifteen. John the Baptist is always pointing to Jesus. John chapter one and verse fifteen It says John bore witness of him what the John do you know who are Jesus and cried out saying this was whom I said He who comes after me is preferred before me for he was before me. Notice also verse twenty nine verse twenty nine the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world not it's also verse thirty four it says there and I have seen and testify that this is the Son of God. So John the Baptist not only told people you're sinners you're breaking God's law you need to repent. But he pointed to Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He always testifies about Jesus but he get more he reproved the leaders of Israel back he says Don't you think the saying your heart. We are children of Abraham that can raise up children of Abraham from these words. In other words you had a very being. Right I'm actually for the lives that they should not consider that because they belong to the true church that that was going to guarantee them salvation. Another element of the message of John the Baptist is that he called people to produce. We've talked about this when we dealt with the return of Elijah last Sabbath morning and encourage people to produce through the let me ask you what is true not only does he say every parent that you can be forgiven by the lamb but he says also once you've been together and you know it may produce fruit which follow from Repent Now what is the proof of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering etc You know the passage in the latest chapter. Jesus said He who was by me and I had him there as well. Much fruit does a light change the John the Baptist call for a change in the life that he called for a sanctified life. He most certainly did and we read also Romans Chapter six and verse twenty two where the apostle Paul says that we have been delivered and we have become slaves of God and we have as our group saying that the case and that is wholly myth and at the end everlasting life. So he called people to produce fruit to prepare for the coming of home to prepare for the coming of Messiah because when Messiah comes he's not going to say by their words you shall know them. They're not going to be judged by their words they're not going to judge by appearances. They're going to be judged by their fruits are by their works you say no wait a minute you're saved by faith. Yes but you're judged by works according to the Bible because they don't know how they're how can that be. Well it's very simple you see your words show if your baby is real a work let's say isn't really are you well I'm going to say truth great producers want if you like doesn't change. I've got a snicker when I when I hear these born again Christian politicians who swear the air blue they say we need to learn to live America. Any other swear by their fruits you shall know them. The Bible says in that right Christian thought differed. They should go to different places they should want different things they should listen to different things then the world as they should practice different kinds of different kind of entertainment different kinds of social activities. Because the proof of the light shows whether we have really given our lives to the Lord and this is in preparation for the coming of Jesus by the way John the Baptist also preached about the coming judgment didn't and he says he's winnowing fan this is a map of the three and verse twelve. Here's when his hand and he will separate the wheat from the one from the chaff and he will take them. We represent the right just and he will put them in his mind and the wicked he will what he will cast into the everlasting fire. Let me say something you know that John the Baptist and we're going to study a little bit more about this in a moment you know that John the Baptist did not have all of the light. He did not really understand the relationship between the birth of the second coming of Jesus. He actually thought the first coming was going to be the time when God would take the wind and he would throw them into the fire. That's why he says that in Matthew Chapter three. But by the teachings of Jesus we know that the casting of the wind into the fire was not going to take place until which coming of Jesus until the second coming of Jesus. That shows that profits sometimes have limited knowledge and it's necessary for people to study or another prophet to come and information to what the previous prophet had given. So then we can have a complete picture. Now John the Baptist speaks about the judgment when you speak about the judgment without speaking about the law. But suppose you go before a court of law or a court of law isn't it you go before a court of law you're accused of some crime is that a crime compared with the civil code is that why you're there. Branch press the civil code there was no civil code right. There would be any judgment and so when he says that he is looking for his and it's and it's going to judge it must mean that he's going to judge by what by God's holy law. So how is it that God's love bit of of done away with if God is going to use his love for the judge because the truth is. Now what was the ultimate purpose of John the Baptist. All of these things the ultimate purpose was to prepare our people for the coming of Jesus. Well that's what it says in Luke chapter one and verse seventeen Luke chapter one and verse seventy here is telling us about the mission of John the Baptist and it says in verse seventeen. He will also be what we bore him that is John or Jesus in the spirit and power. Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just what is the ultimate purpose to make ready a people prepared prepare for the Lord. So what is the purpose of all of his preaching repent accept the Lamb of God produce fruit in your life. There's a coming judgment what is the purpose of all of that. He's telling the people missed. It's coming. And when he comes you have to be one ready you suppose that when Messiah comes the second time we need a similar message and we need to be ready. Yes or no. Absolutely. Now notice also what it says in Matthew Chapter eleven and verse ten. Matthew Chapter eleven and verse ten of the same point of making a people read in Matthew Chapter eleven and verse ten it says here for this is he who it is written behold I send my messenger before your face who will work prepare your way before you. So the purpose is to prepare people for the coming of that the whole purpose of his preaching is so that the people will receive the message they'll receive forgiveness. They will have a transformation in their lives so that when Jesus comes he will find a people who will say oh this is our God we have waited for him and he will save her is a large point Lyda if I was a boy I don't know if it was John the Baptist. Nobody would be ready for the coming of Jesus. Now another interesting detail about John the Baptist is he was kind of an eccentric though. Kind is a mild or if you look at his interest camel's hair. If you look at his diet wild locusts and on the way the locusts are not grasshoppers as a locust tree and he lives where in the desert and he preaches well already no file system. In the desert he preaches what power an abrasive message an intrusive message and don't come out. I can imagine the religious leaders saying listen I don't know whether you can trust this guy. He might be establishing a Cold War If you look at John the Baptist you would imagine that that was a cold winter. I mean right you know message went which appears to be drawing the multitudes away from the accepted religion. But lo and behold the Bible says that he was the God I meant to the John the Baptist grew in his understanding. You remember the John the Baptist when Jesus came he was so excited. He said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He didn't want to baptize Jesus because he realized that Jesus was the promised Messiah. But you know like in Matthew Chapter eleven and verses one to three we find that John the Baptist's begins to wonder whether what he agrees was who are now are crap that's perfect Dubrovnik comment. Thanks first of all most banks do they grow in their understanding. Yes So what do you do when a prophet says something at the very beginning of his ministry. That doesn't seem to jibe well leading to believe but then later that prompt it makes clear and corrects that partial view that he had what you do you take the person you when you say he was well what you know you look up at the M.L.O. concept that that profit rock or are your problem. Answer John the Baptist you know. He wasn't where he said Are you the one that we're expecting is that the disciples are you the one word that you should we expect another. And you know that Jesus didn't answer he said to the disciples of John. Just wait a minute. Watch. Basically they're holding all the dives of the blind healed the lepers. Peter Hart the people who were critical jumped up and then Jesus said to the disciples of John. Now you go tell John what you and I can imagine the John the Baptist was provender to be comforted when you heard the news about what Jesus was doing because John the Baptist's know that when Jesus began his ministry he predicted that this was going to be his mission. So John the Baptist grew in his understanding of scripture. I want to go to one final point about John the Baptist before we go to the final moment of all of this. Do you know that John the Baptist have a testimony of Jesus saying oh come on where does the Bible say such a thing. Go with me. The John chapter one John chapter one I want to read verses seven and eight John chapter one verses seven and eight. Listen to this. Listen to the analogy which is used to speak about John the Baptist seven verse seven. This man came for a witness. You know that that word witness there is the same Greek word only only here it is a noun whereas in other places it is a verb. Testifying is a verb. But here it is a witness. The word marked was a means of witness. The word market means one who gives me the act of giving. Now it says here. This man came for a witness to bear testimony you could translate it to bear testimony. I'll blow up the light that all through him might believe. And now notice he was not that light but was sent to bear witness to that light. Now that's interesting. Was John the Baptist that light. No But was he raised up by God to bear witness to that light. Yes and interestingly enough if you go with me to John Chapter five and verses thirty five and thirty six you'll discover something very interesting. John Chapter five and verses thirty five and thirty six. You see John was all right but he wasn't battling not just the words of Jesus in John Chapter five and verse thirty five. Here he speaking about John the Baptist. He says he was not burning and shining lamp. What was John the Baptist. Jesus is the light. But John the Baptist was one land. In other words he was a master light that was raised up to lead to what greater light than the first thirty five he was the burning and shining lamp you were not willing for a time to rejoice in his light but I have a greater witness than John where the works which the father had to get me to believe that the very works that I do bear witness to me that the father has said. So John the Baptist is said to give testimony or witness to a whole to Jesus he is the Lamb. The small light that leads to the great light. Now I want to ask you a question. Didn't the Jews already have that. Well let's read right there in John Chapter five or thirty nine. John by thirty nine Jesus said to Jewish leaders you search the Scriptures. Warning them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify at me or give witness of me. Testimony of me. So did they have the scriptures which gave testimony to Jesus. So here is the crucial question if they have the Scriptures that they passed them or they did years why would they need a lesson like John the Baptist to lead them to the script I knew it would not be enough for God to say just you know studied scripture study the Bible. Why raise up a lesser light to bring alive the Bible the Old Testament so that when Miss I have come the people are waiting for him. I can imagine the Jewish leaders saying all we only go by the Bible we all might follow. The bible oh no such thing as contemporary prophet will be against love. As you read it here it says that John was raised to give testimony to Jesus. But the Scriptures of the Old Testament already gave testimony to Jesus. So what was the role of John the Baptist. His role was to be raised up to awaken the interest of the people in the study of what in the study of the written scriptures. Are you understanding they are not in other words he was not given as a new light to supersede the light of the Old Testament to have crews that were not already in the Old Testament. He was raised up to awaken impressed in the study of the Old Testament so that the Jews would say Oh we haven't seen the mess. In the Old Testament and some of the Old Testament would light up because John the Baptist the man the lesser light had brought the greater light into in their mind are you understanding what I'm saying. Well John the Baptist was a lesser light that led the greater likeness. John Chapter five vs thirty one thirty three. John five thirty one to thirty three and if I bear witness of myself my with this is not true. There is another who bears witness of me and I know all that the witness which he witnesses of me is true. You have sent to John and he has bore witness to the truth. What did John do. He bore witness to a little bit of truth and then if you continue reading Let's go there to John chapter by and continue reading what Jesus then says to these Jewish leaders he speaks about John being the little lamb the supposed awakened their interest in the study of scripture you know and they have the scriptures they claim to follow the scriptures they claim to understand the Scriptures but really they are violating every principle of the Scriptures so I bought rays of John to bring them back to the Scriptures not as what it says in John Chapter five. And that's part of verse thirty nine. You search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me. But you're not willing to come to me that you may have like. I did not receive honor for a man but I know you say you do not have the love of God in you. I have come in my father's name and you do not receive me if another comes in my in his old name you will receive. How can you believe who receive honor from one another and do not speak the honor that comes from the only god and he said do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father. There is one what appears as you Moses in whom you trust. What if you believed Moses you would believe me for he wrote about me. Let me ask you what if the jurors had seen Jesus in the writings of Paul. That's where there have been any need of age on the back. Absolutely the reason why God raised up John the Baptist is because the Jewish nation had forgotten the Old Testament Scriptures. They get forgotten. Jesus in the Old Testament Scriptures and so it was necessary to bring their attention back to the great prophecy which pointed to the Messiah and interestingly enough. Acts thirteen verse twenty seven says that the Jews as a result of not understanding the scriptures they will know the Scriptures by crucifying you have mercy. When you don't understand scripture you will build scripture in the negative sense of the term. Now let me ask you Do you suppose that at the end of time God is also going to rightly get the prophecy to prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus. Do you think that the same problem exists today in the Christian world which existed in the days of Jesus does everybody claim to know the Bible well the Bible Christian. We don't what the Bible says or if we go to church on Sunday. We've got the Bible on our side and we believe that the dinner. Have mercy. There are so many divergent views in the Christian world today as in the name of Jesus. Many different sites and their nominations. If a prophet arise what would be the function of that brother to bring new truth to give us some hidden truths that nobody ever knew we were always going to bring was revelations. Know if God raised up a prophet a purpose of raising up a prophet would be to exult work the ribbon at the church. What would return one thing. Again with the Scriptures and obey them. Some people say well after but doesn't the Bible say that the law and the prophets were no more probably after John Luke sixty or sixty four that's the case then we got to throw out the Book of Revelation from our Bible because of the law and the prophets were until John the Baptist and when John the Baptist died no more profit then John the apostle of Jesus who wrote the book of Revelation you know he died at the end of the first century so he couldn't be a true prophet because the prophets were until John the fact is that the Apostle Paul and all of the lift of the gifts of the Spirit mentioned to get the prophecy The fact is that the book about constantly mentions properties that existed in the early church. So in other words the gift of prophecy is to exist as one of the gift of the spirit till the very end of time and by the way do you know that the Bible says that they're going to be a false prophet that they're going to perform signs and wonders to receive if possible the buried lead. Why would the Devil Rays false prophets if there were two. Why would you counterfeit a seven dollar bill that doesn't exist. You see the fact that at the end they're going to drop it must mean that they're also going to be what trooper go with me to the Book of Revelation chapter twelve and verse seventeen will have to go through this very quick Revelation Chapter twelve and verse seventeen and speaking about the end time church the remnant church I wanted and all of the characteristics. Revelation twelve seventeen we don't have time to study the whole chapter but there's a sequence of events in the chapter and this verse is the last verse in the sequence of talking about Begin time and so on says in verse seventeen and the Dragon what was a dragon represent Satan was enraged a woman what does the woman represent. Church and he went to make war with the rest or with the remnant of her See what does that render what does that bring back to characteristics they heed the commandments of God. None of them thank you very much. They keep the Ten Commandments of God and what else do they have they have that path. The mony of Jesus Christ John Their testimony of Jesus. What will be the testimony of gee what is that this morning. Well that's what Revelation Chapter nineteen Revelation Chapter nineteen and verse in Revelation Chapter nineteen verse then. Here it explains what the testimony of Jesus is it says and I feel that it's me to worship him but he says to me you know you do not do that this is an angel appeared before him I am your fellow servant and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. What are the brothers of John to have a testimony of Jesus and that's as worship God for the past the moaning of Jesus is the spirit. Oh. One of the testimony of the Spirit property. And what does that mean the spirit of the spirit of growth for the simple reason that the Holy Spirit is the one who gives the give the property it the spirit of prophecy because the Holy Spirit gives them and if the past the money of Jesus because the prophet gives witness or testimony to G.-D.. So I want to Jesus because the Bible Jesus and it is also the spirit of property because prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So yes the end time church going to have the gift of prophecy in its midst. Yes it is by the way the devil knows it still revelation sixteen thirty seven is going to raise them. And you know what the purpose of the ball but it is the Conqueror. A mission of the crew member the days of Elijah there were the false prophets of Bell and I was a true prophet he lived up. Well the same thing at the end time. But already have a true Methodist Church and there will be a prophet who would try to counteract the teaching to teach the opposite things about Bible prophecy but not of the Bible. If possible to the sea to the sea the very human. Let me tell you that if the property has appeared in the Senate they are going to church and I'm going to be direct clear I'm not going to beat around the bush I'm going to make the comparison between the mission of John the Baptist and the mission of a prophet the God of rape of the church or name is Eleanor. Let me make a perilous. Did God raise up the gift of prophecy to Ellen White after a long period of apostasy in the Christian church. Twelve hundred sixty years which is known as the dark ages where most of God's truth was lost and at the very end of that period God raised up Illinois to bring people back to what had been lost during this period. Ellen White never perform a sign or a wonder or a miracle. Ellen White never wrote a book which is included in the Bible. Her writings are extra canonical. That means that they're not part of the Bible. The seventh that the church does not believe that the writings of Ellen White are part of the Bible or should even be included in the Bible because the purpose of the writings of Ellen White is not to bring new truth not to bring new knowledge but to reach shore. What the Christian. They have long edge to awaken him and the tension in the Holy Bible you know that Ellen White did not like the designation. Allow me to read you a very interesting statement. Ellen White doesn't realize where you know where this is coming from but it's very interesting that she says this is in her book the upward look. Page one hundred sixty she says I have had no claims to me only that I am instructed that I am the Lord's veterans or what you say I am what the Lord's messenger early in my work I was asked several times. Are you a proper response. I have ever responded. I am the Lord's messenger. I know that many have called me a prophet but I have made no claim to this title my Savior has declared me to be his messenger. By the way do you know that the work of Ellen White was far more than the work of a common ordinary girl because she was called or a period of seventy years to give us knowledge and writings coming back to the Bible to prepare our people for the coming of Jesus Christ. By the way do you know that the mission and message of Ela Why did they get a bite of a promise that we just read them. There are prophecies of Revelation that say that the end time church will have the testimony of Jesus. So just like there were policies that pointed to John there are prophecies which pointed also to the ministry of Ellen White with then the manager Ellen White arose at the conclusion of another great prophecy. Brother John the Baptist at the end of the seventy weeks and unwind at the end of the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days. And as John the Baptist announced that them if I would come. And the earthly temple. Ellen White was raised up in harmony with the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days to break it down to twenty three hundred days and the sanctuary shall be cleansed or that's all. Allen why was never a leader in the seventh they happened to. She was never a pastor she was never ordained by the hands of men. She was the messenger of God to the rest of the church just like John the Baptist was a messenger to Israel. She never claimed a position of leadership because her call came directly from God and her mission involved far more than occupying a position within the church. Ellen White was not raised up by God to present new Drew. You have noticed in this seminar I've read from Ellen White once that was a statement in their presentation on religion politics that's the only time I read anything. Everything else has come directly from the by the teachings of a Seventh Day Adventist Church and be sustained from scripture. A low. We don't need Ellen White to show us what the truth of these last days. Yes but then the truth John the Baptist did to show them the truth if they had accepted. Moses and the prophets that would have accepted the message of God that would have been even even John if the Christian world had followed the Bible and if the seventh amateurs had followed the Bible we would have no need for Ellen G. White if you read the writings of Ellen White you will discover some very interesting things. Her mission was the same as the message of the mission of John the Baptist. His message she solves the law of God She exalt Jesus Christ just re desire of ages even having a presentation about Gene's incomparable biography of our Lord. It will bring tears to your eyes when you come to the chapters for example that speak. About seventy and countering it will literally shake you up when you read those chapters. How she absorbed in her writings she also speaks about the necessity of bearing fruit to the glory of God sanctification the change in the light. Much of her writings deal with the idea that the judgment began an eight hundred forty four and that the judgment will soon conclude and Jesus will separate the wheat from the tails and he will come to take his people which he has already predetermined before him the judgment with him to heaven after the millennium. The wicked will be destroyed with fire. Her message is the same message as the one that was proclaimed by John the Baptist. Many people accuse old white of being the founder of a call. That's not surprising. Don't get your information from the Internet. Don't get it from there. Don't ever get your information about people from their enemies no matter what group it is because the enemies to this reality beyond the crew. So if you want to know the truth if you want to know why I don't read or write. I'm not saying that tonight you have to accept that Ellen White was a true prophet. What I'm saying is that you have to have the intellectual honesty to say I'm going to call and I'm going to check it out. Is that fair. I would also. Ellen White wasn't I could tell you stories of how she grew in her knowledge at the end of her life she had developed many ideas which were partial and incomplete at the beginning of her ministry. Some people say what she said about the shop door at the beginning of her ministry she was right there but we'll look at what you wrote later on when I said I did certain things in her mind and clarified things in her mind. So I planned a little bit later on her ministry. The issue of the shut door could hear in her mind and she puts a clear in her right. You can expect more from Ellen White than you expect it from John the Baptist who also grew in his knowledge. Ellen White was not perfect. She had her moments of doubt. She had her moments were made with Ellen White was raised to lead us to the Bible I find it interesting that she says in the book selective messages Volume three page thirty she said little he is given to the Bible and the Lord has given a lesser light. Speaking about her writing who lead men and women to the greater interest of course to getting back terminology from I suppose she's inventing. No she spoke feeling the same goal at the same role as John the Baptist a lot of what else she says this isn't like a message as Volume three page twenty nine. She says the Lord desires you to study your Bible. He has not given any additional light to take the place of his word which if even and digest it is the life blood of the soul. So why did God give the writings of L. and one to give new doctrines of the information new knowledge but to bring people back to the Bible. Back to Holy Scripture so that we now know what God says in His Holy Word. Allow me just to read one thing in closing if I have it here. I'm not sure that I brought it with me. It's curious. Listen Ellen White of self said that there are people in a way the Bible but I wouldn't have a regular So you're going to talk different than Mormons. The Mormons believe in Joseph Smith as a prophet but when they can't prove something from the Bible. They'll come out with a doctrine the confidence in the Pearl of Great Price in the Book of Mormon and they'll say see it's a theory is that where is it in the Bible. All of what God is reasonable profit and is given as neutral and law. I will never do that with a one way because all of our beliefs are based on scripture. Now notice what she says this is the last quotation volume five of the written testimony is not was this the written testimony speaking of her writings are not to you know light but to impress upon the hard truths of inspiration all ready reveal man's duty to God and to his fellow man has been this thing really specified in God's word yet but you are obedient to the light you are delusional Croom is not brought out that is in her writings but God have that the morning is blocked by the great truths already given and in his own chosen way brought them to the point of people to waken and impress the mind with them all. Maybe live with out X.. You might be surprised that you can know the real concept of the One God Ellen White was that was that good. But she does awaken many ideas in our minds that lead us to the Bible to see things that perhaps we have not seen before. To explore avenues of investigation that perhaps were not clearly in our minds before a wonderful blessing that God has given which are to prepare a copy for the come May the Lord deliver anyone from being like described in the persons who were critical of John the Baptist and attributed his information and his ministry to the work saying some people are doing. Even within the admonition church. With the gift of prophecy the greatest enemies of the gift of prophecy are inside the church inside the seventh they are God People who have us from such a thing. Let us respect and love the church let us read compare it with the Bible and put our lives in harmony with Jesus comes we can say where things are but we have waited for him and he will say Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for that you have a problem that you have given Yorkshire your a capella might and exactly the moment you said you were I know that lots of people here tonight largely don't know anything about a long life. I don't expect them to accept any of this that I've said tonight without reflection without stoning. I have large if you will give them a willing heart and open mind necessarily to go and check it out for themselves so that their lives can be profoundly blessed by this marvelous. Yes if you have the power to put our lives in harmony with your Will you just media was brought to you by an audio tapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it if you would like to listen to more so. Please Visit W W W dot org.


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