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If You Love Me

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • April 4, 2015
    10:00 AM
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So this message this morning is titled If you love me what we can all finish this right. Think about this. BINSTED right here if you love me do what I say. Interesting. Let's do our heads for a word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord as we open up this topic here today I don't even know how to describe the way that you love us. It's not even in my vocabulary. So I just pray that you say you do speak your words through me today. And may we see a beautiful picture of how much you love us and what you're asking of us today. So we praise your name. You are an awesome God we love you in Jesus name Amen. How many of you are in love. Let me see your hands. I don't see every hand going up. In fact I see a lot of elbows. They have you see. I heard a rumor and you're going to have to tell me if this is true or not that you come to Loma Linda to find your mate. Right right. Just a rumor but I have a little personal testimony to tell you on that. That little rumor. This is where I found my mate. When I left the church and I spent many years in Hollywood my wife was going to the dental hygiene program here at Loma Linda and so I fell in love with her here on this campus and it's amazing like when we came here last night I parked in the little place where you would go if you were in the dental hygiene area and I can remember. Or I was so in love with my wife that I would come in often be her guinea pig for all of the competencies and things that they have to do and let me tell you the first time my wife was giving me a shot because they have to give shots right. I'm laying there in the in the chair my eyes are just just see in red roses. I'm just completely in love and my wife is coming in like this and I'm going Are you sure you know your new line but I was so in love with her I was willing to do whatever it took. Right and if you can identify with us here. I mean I had my teeth pulled. I think I came here to the dental program and literally had every excuse I think I can be just so I could come here and you might keep it clean. I was madly in love with my wife and I asked you the question Who here is in love. Let me ask you this question. Who here is in love with Jesus. I'm now all your hands go up. You know what I found is really interesting about this idea and topic of love is many of you have have maybe heard of our ministry or maybe you saw a flyer that made you come here to that we talk about Hollywood and some of the things that that Hollywood does. And Tom talked a lot about gardening last night and sometimes some people go you know what. Gardening. Wait you guys we're going to talk about Hollywood all of this is intertwined together. Those of you that were here last night see that when you garden you see these beautiful truths of growing God's character in our lives. And I hear something quite often actually. We've traveled around and we've given these presentations on Hollywood many times and many people say I love Jesus I really do. I love Jesus and with all sincerity of their hearts I'm sure they. Do but they're still watching some of these terrible terrible things and so I wanted to share this presentation with you today because what does it mean to love somebody. What does it truly truly mean. I mean we throw this term out here today. People love popcorn people love snow scheme people of all sorts of things and then it's like we're supposed to understand what God means by loving him and keeping His commandments. So I looked into this idea of love and you know what's interesting about love. I just typed in the Internet. What percentage of songs write about love. Anybody want to guess that ninety right. I thought it was actually to be ninety two if not at least a lot of the research that I did that I read. It's more like sixty percent of all songs are love songs because I'm sure there's probably a lot of other ones that you know are very against love. But what I typed into is in the top billboard the one hundred billboard. Guess what the percentage of the top one hundred billboard is about love. Ninety five percent have something to do with love and of course it's not God's picture of love. It's much often portrayed as the world's picture of love. So love is very much so a part of our our our world's vocabulary in the movies. They said that it was somewhere in the range of like eighty to ninety percent of films have some kind of love story intertwined into the movie. So this thing we're all obsessed with we're all interested in Love how do we love. So I hope that you get a little bit of that understanding from today's presentation gods. A marriage is a representation of the church. Almost everyone in this room has heard this before and I have heard this many times before. And when I when I started doing this presentation I wanted to say I wanted to see OK what is it really that God was asking us inside of this marriage that gives us a great picture of him in traditional Jewish literature. The marriage is actually called a kiss kitchen and which is translated as sanctification or dedication. Sanctification indicates what's happening not just in a social arrangement or contractual agreement but a spiritual bonding and the fulfillment of a mitzvah and the divine precept the dedication indicates the the couple now have an exclusive relationship that involves total dedication of the bride and the groom to each other at it at the extent of becoming one soul in two bodies now. So I was very interested in this the Jewish wedding because there are so many things in the Jewish economy that pointed to God I pointed to Christ pointed to the story of salvation. It's like their whole entire culture was wrapped up around these little signs and types of things that would describe what God was wanting his people to do and be. So I started looking into this. What is this Jewish marriage marriage all about. Now Malakai three fourteen says it is useless to serve God What profit is it if we keep His ordinances and we walk but we walk as mourners before the LORD of hosts. So what good is it if we actually we. Man I gotta do this I mean I really got to do this. I take something that's that's kind of. Any story about my wife when I come out here and I would go to the dental hygiene and I would get worked on. I wanted to hang out with her and often it was on a weekend or or something and I'd come out early I'd lived in Los Angeles so I'd spend all this time in traffic three hours sometimes to just get out here. Now I've come to visit her for a little bit and I'd wait for her to get off and she lived with her brother. So I would go to her house and I knew my wife is very clean and she loves things in perfect order and very clean right. So I would go to her house and I knew she would come home on Fridays and want to clean. In preparation for the Sabbath and so what I would do is I would get out all her scrubbing stuff all of that stuff. I get on her floor I'd wax or poor I'd make sure all her house was perfect. So when she came home I could just hang out with her. Now she lives with her brother right. And he's no dummy. He's kind of catching on to this and he starts they start leaving his laundry out you know he's like all right you know this guy's in love with my sister who will be there and I'll have to admit I think I folded his laundry once or twice I was in love but can you imagine if I treated my wife like that. Man I have to do this in order to gain her love and acceptance and I don't want to do that. That's what this verse is telling me is literally why it's useless to serve God if that's how you serve him. You do these things out of love right. So let's get into this. They have fifty four five says for the time maker is done husband the LORD of hosts is his name and the Redeemer the Holy One of Israel for God the God of the whole earth shall he be called God is our husband. We are His bride and so I wanted to kind of understand that. I wanted to look into that so I looked in. If steps of an Israelite marriage. OK Those of you that have your Bibles you can turn to Genesis twenty four verse one hundred five I want to I want to point something out to you here and this is the story of Abraham when he's asking his servants to go and look for a wife for his son Isaac. So twenty four one through five Abraham was old and well stricken in age and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things. And Abraham said to his eldest servant of the House who ruled over everything he had put I pray to your hand under my thigh and I will make you swear by the Lord the God of heaven and the God of the earth that you shall not take a wife to my son of of the daughters of the Canaanites among whom I dwell. But you should go to my country and to my kindred and take a wife to my son Isaac and the servants added to him perhaps the woman will not be willing to follow me to this land must I needs bring your son again to the land from which he came forth. Well there's a couple things I want to draw out of this verse. We know that it was typical in the Jewish world to have a mate chosen for you. And sometimes when we think of that in our day and age we think oh my goodness like can you imagine if your parents had to go and pick someone I love you dad but I don't know if I would feel comfortable trusting that too to my parents but in this context Abraham was picking his son and this is a story that is parallel in what's going on and we know Isaac is a type of Christ. Remember when he was laying down his life on the altar and Isaac was going to to sacrifice him. The spirit of prophecy says that he did not try to say No dad don't do that. He willingly lay down his life and so to me this kind of says. You know the wife has to be willing to come first of all. And you know Isaac being a type of Christ he was not supposed to go back to the land where he came from twice. And that's kind of like Christ came down here to win us once right. I'm going to show you a bunch of parallels to this Jewish wedding and what's going on with him in the in the course of history at this moment. If Asians one four three five says according to he that hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before him in love having predestined us unto the adoption of his children by Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his Will we were chosen before the foundation of the world to be in this marriage with Christ. Just like in the old Jewish economy they were chosen to those kids were chosen to be married right. So steps in an Israelite marriage. Secondly the son of the mask meter would travel to the home of the bride and negotiate a price that must be paid to marry her and to redeem her from her father's house. Now I think about this spiritually and I think. Didn't Jesus travel to a far land and didn't he negotiate a price for us right. So you're seeing some of these steps that are in the Jewish economy are also literally steps to what Jesus has done for us. Now when they would negotiate this price there was a piece of paper that was called the catbox and what this was with a written contract that the that the person who was seeking the wife would go their way. OK And what is it. As was literally a description of what what he wanted in a wife. What he was willing to do himself what he was looking for and and this was a contract literally and so what would happen is they were the bride to be. I would look at this contract she would say she would I would be willing to do that so let's just say for example I like and cakes my kids are obsessed with pancakes and every morning they wake me up five o'clock dad want pancakes want waffles like I just get some cereal but let's just say I needed to have my pancakes every morning. I would write that in the Ketu bar and say I want my pancakes just like this or whatever it is that you wanted right. Now the woman would look this over and and they would discuss it and you know the man would per say I mean promising to love and protect you he's he's giving his bowels right and he would state what term or dowry he would pay. Now why did they pay for their bride. I looked this up and I said I want to understand what was it that they were actually purchasing a woman was very much so a worker in the house when you took that woman out of the house you were taking a worker and so often it was like a they went in they got the water they fed the sheep they did all sorts of things are you going to take this out of my house. I need some compensation here. And that's pretty much how that dowry started and but that is a spiritual parallel here with you know God paid a price for us and negotiated the price. And he's written this Ketu bought this covenant. Now once the price was reached he would pay the price and then they would have a prayer and they would share. Over a cup of wine. Notice I put grape juice on their grape juice and at this point they would officially be patrolled it was a contract or a covenant at this point so do follow me what's happening here. The man goes to a foreign land says I will buy this bride from you agrees on a certain price and gives a contract stating what he's willing to do for the bride what he wants the bride to do for him and then they take this cup of wine and they have a sip and they seal it. OK Now think about this. I always wondered you know what was with this sealing everything with a cup of wine in the Bible and as Jesus was sitting here taking his cup with with his disciples during communion. You know what he was doing he was sealing into their minds. Guess what I am every new I am giving you a contract and I think in sealing this contract with this cup of wine. Now it's amazing to me is that Have you ever been to church when they have communion and people kind of stay home. You guys don't write everyone shows up right. You know this is one of the least attended activities in our churches. It's really sad because this is this beautiful moment when Christ is showing again. I am willing to be married to humanity now. It also makes sense when Jesus was in the garden of disseminate. I always wondered why was he talking to God in the language saying take this cup from me. Like what did that mean. Take this cup from me because you see in the Jewish marriage ceremony. When that cup was taken to sit they were married. You were as good as marriage you actually had to get a certificate of divorce to go get divorced after you took that step. And here he is just about ready to go to the cross and he's not saying Lord I don't want humanity anymore. He same. Is there another way and this is now taking of the cup away from Jesus was and is makes a lot of sense in the Jewish mind. Under the context of the marriage ceremony now of course we know that he said Not my will be not my will but I will be done Lord. Exodus twenty verse two says I am the Lord thy God which brought the out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage First Corinthians six verse twenty says you were bought with a price. We know that that price was that infinite sacrifice that Jesus gave to us on the cross and what a Precious Gift that was. So Botros So look at this. Look this up as well. And this makes a whole lot more sense to me now when Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant and he was he hadn't been with her because there was this time frame that they would be Botros T. they drink the cup of wine. He's already given the contract. They're basically married and she comes up with a child. Now of course you can understand why he would be so saddened because they were basically married the Trold means to arrange for the marriage used in passive. The couple was betrothed at the approval of both families. So now this cad to bar this covenant Exodus thirty four Verse twenty gives us an idea of what this covenant is you know we give wedding vows and things during our marriages. In today's modern world. But I want to I want to talk a little bit about this covenant for a second Exodus thirty four Verse twenty eight says this and he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights and he did neither eat bread nor drink water and he wrote upon the tables of the work the words of the covenant or the Ten Commandments. So this covenant is being spoken of as a marriage contract. And you know before I get to that I want to I want you to think about this when the children of Israel were at the base of Mount Sinai right and they're sitting there listening to the voice of God right. What's been pictured here. You have a whole assembly of people there witnessing something you have the cloud that's all over the the Mount Sinai and you have this veil so to speak that's literally between the children of Israel and God and God is telling them the Ten Commandments telling them this is what I would like from my bride. OK So picture this so that the children of Israel are sitting there listening to this. Do you remember what they said. They said Lord everything you have said we do. Where do we hear that kind of language. At a wedding you hear the vows being said and then you hear yes I will do what you are asking of me. Right now this is really interesting and I looked up you know the hoopla that was in the Jewish wedding. Why did they have a hoopa. What does that signify. And there was many sites that had actually talked about that being a symbol of what we went through at the Mount Sinai and there's so many little traditions that I was really fascinated to find out I'll let you guys look them up and you know why they smash. Last day you know they do this where they say they say but they throw the glass down they smash it. But Mazeltov that that is right modeled off what they're demonstrating with that is they're literally saying in the height of the best moment in your life this is a marriage by far is the best moment of your life right. How many of you are married and are married. Right OK how do you think of the best moment of your life. I should say the same hands go up. It was the best moment in my life I mean it was amazing right. So what they're demonstrating with that is they say in the height of your most amazing moment in your life. Be careful because things can break in the height of the Temple of Solomon it was broken down. So it was to keep you aware of you're on this high here everything's going right. Nothing to go wrong. Oh yes I can. Things can go wrong and it's to put that remembrance in front of your mind. Let me Deuteronomy for verse thirteen says and he declared unto you his covenant which he commanded you to perform even the ten commandments and he wrote them upon two tables of stone. Now I like this verse because it is something that jumps out at me is it's not just the Ten Commandments. There is much more encompassing this insane. The covenant and even the ten commandments that are included in that covenant. So what does this exactly mean now. Second Corinthians eleven verse two you know to put two verses actually on the screen for you for I am jealous of you and this is Paul talking of the church and he's trying to describe this thing called jealousy and and he's putting it in this word of a marriage context. I am jealous over you of godly jealousy for I have a spouse. As due to one husband that I may present you a Chast version to Christ and some other versions use pure bride of engaged you to another bride so jealousy is a terrible thing. I don't know of any of you have ever experienced jealousy but I me can tear you up inside. And it's interesting to me to think of our loving God jealous over us like really jealous over us when we constantly follow after other gods because it is in some of our other presentations like the one called false system of worship and things there are so you don't understand. We have traveled around the world and spoken in the most conservative churches where everybody looks like they walked often Ellen White said. And all of a sudden they're all watching the same movies there are seeing the same things we're asking who you're seeing Batman. Sweet little old eighty year old ladies raising their hands in the front like well you don't even look like you own a T.V.. What does it mean to have to be presented as a pure bride to Christ. Now the wedding dress is really the only significant piece of clothing during a wedding right. I mean who cares about what the groom winners right. It's all about the bride all about what she's wearing right. And it's really interesting this dress we're going to get into this a little bit later Revelation seven seven eight says this let us be glad to rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is come and his wife has made herself ready and to her was granted to be arrayed in fine linen clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. Now so obviously. Already this describes purity but but give me another word for that. Putting on a white wedding dress in a spiritual sense is like what your character right Christ's righteousness right. Putting on his righteousness putting on Christ. Now I'm going to come back to that thought I want to I want to keep going on with these steps because I'm probably running out of time here. Stepford Israelite marriage number three. They would get baptized together and that was a symbol of starting this new life purifying themselves. Dying to self and coming up as a new creation and having this life together now. You know Christ was baptized right now I thought about this and I said why would Christ need to be baptized. Honestly I mean it's a symbol of us laid down our sinful life and and coming up as this new creation but that's not what Jesus needed to do at this point it seems. So I ask these questions and I said what why did you do the baptism and I looked into all of like why did the Jews get baptized together and what did this sin signify together. Now the baptism. It was really this symbol of purity and the symbol of being prepared and being ready. So what Jesus was doing was he was saying into the Jewish minds as he was getting baptized. I am getting ready to be married to humanity. It was a symbol that should have rang bells to them and they should have understood it as these are the preparation steps that was happening here between Christ this bride now the third or fourth flee the groom. Would leave his bride for one full year. So after they would get the troth together they would have these steps together. They would part ways and they would not be seen together with each other. I think about that. Spiritually where is jesus right now. He's away from us he's away from us. So all of these things that were happening here in this marriage ceremony and when he was away. What do you think. What is what is Jesus doing when he told his disciples he was going away he was going to be one to prepare a place right. Well guess what in the Jewish wedding with the husband would go and do and of course we get to prepare a home from John fourteen one two three four I go into her place feels so so in the Jewish world. This groom would go and to build on to his father's house. That's what was going on when they were away for this for this full year. Now he would often leave a gift with his bride to be sane. I will come back and take you again and of course we know from John fourteen fifteen to sixteen that Jesus left the Holy Spirit the Comforter to be with us. He's going through all these steps that are the same as a marriage ceremony. Now in readiness steps for the Israelite marriage the groom as he was away his wife was to be in a constant state of readiness you know why. Because she did not know when the DAY nor THE HOUR of the wedding would take place. I didn't think about that. The bride was supposed to be ready and you know what she often did. She got all of her things ready to be married. Now some brides would try on their dress make sure it fits you know over the course of the year. Or you can kind of get a different size. I know me and my first year married man I've started but in my suit I don't hear. But this this preparation was to be that she would always be ready and in a state of readiness and Matthew twenty five you know of course that the parable the ten virgins they were to be ready ready for that for the coming back. Now the bride as it was getting nearer to that year they knew that the wedding was about to happen but they didn't know when. So they would often wait in their wedding dress because they didn't want to be caught without their wedding dress. I want you to think about that. What does it mean to have this pure wedding dress on. Now the groom didn't know either and this is true in the Jewish wedding. The groom when he was done building on to his father's house. It was for his father's job to say you're ready to bring a whole family into my home. Go and get your bride. What's going on here with God trying to show us what is the context of what we're supposed to be about in our everyday lives here on this planet right now. How many times did people perform this ceremony over and over and over again which should have rang bells in their minds. Now Psalms one hundred forty four twelve says that your daughters may be the cornerstones polished up of the symmetry of a palace. I found these pictures of actually some of the head dresses and clothing that these women would wear. Now I find this very fascinating. In the Jewish tradition you notice how she's pretty much wearing her entire household on her head. Do you know why that is. That's all she could take. You know it's beautiful. Listen to this parallel here. She was allowed to take what ever she could out of her house if she could wear it on her. What are you taking to heaven with you. What ever you can put on the character of Jesus and this is like I mean this stuff was like whoa I cannot believe these people had so much spiritual truth that everything that they did from their money to their farm into their you name it God was giving them a picture of what was to be His Church. Can a maid forget her ornaments or a bride her attire Jeremiah says you know the bride. I mean I went to a Vietnamese wedding when I was out here in in all Melinda one time and she had four wedding dress changes. I mean I was just like. But I remember my wife stressing over one. I can't imagine many right the wedding dress is is is such an interesting beautiful part of getting married. Steps for an Israelite marriage roughly about a year after that wedding would take place at midnight. Oh wow is correct the Jewish wedding would take place at midnight I thought about this and I said you know what. They went to bed when the sun went down. They weren't hanging out ten o'clock on Facebook. They were asleep in bed. Now listen to this this is beautiful. So it was as though the bridegroom was ready to go out and get his bride his father said Your house is finished go and get your bride. His friends would run out before him and start going out in the streets with torches and say the Bridegroom comes the Bridegroom comes get ready. That's why Jesus when he told the story in Matthew twenty five this is taking place at night. But he's sleeping. He's telling the parallel. They're running around with torches. You know what Jesus is going to do when he comes in the clouds with a shout. The Angels bright lights are going to be telling the world. Get ready get ready Jesus is coming. This is a simple wedding a simple wedding that was repeated over and over and over again was showing this beautiful truth. Now this is actually a wedding picture of a couple. They don't look very happy do they. I wish I could have Photoshop the smile on their face. They're supposed to be happy today right. I say a sixty one tenses I will greatly rejoice in the Lord shall my social exult in my God for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation you have clothed me with the robe of righteousness as the bridegroom deck's herself like a priest and a beautiful headdress and the bride adorned herself with jewels. I mean just just picture this beautiful day that they were supposed to just be on cloud nine. Just like we are going to be on cloud nine when this day happens. Now another thing that's really interesting was the man would often dress in his most kingly robes as kingly as he could possibly make himself look and he would often wear frankincense and myrrh. Where else do we have frankincense and myrrh. That's Jesus. All of these things were just a little tiny shadow of these deep spiritual truths now. But I rushed through this because I want to get to the end of my presentation or Revelation two verse four. There's a problem in the marriage. God says this I have a complaint against you if you don't love me or. Each other as you first did you know what the Bible said to say he's not a happy love story throughout the whole thing. We have constantly broke God's heart. We have chased after other lovers we have left what God has wanted us to do. And here God is is you could just hear his heart breaking when you read through many of these Old Testament stories Isaiah fifty eight one hundred three says cry aloud spare not lift up your trumpet voice like a trumpet. Tell my people their transgression and the House of Jacob their sins yet they seek me daily and they delight to know my ways and as a nation did righteousness and did not forsake my ordinances of their God for they ask of me the ordinances of justice they take delight in approaching God why have we fasted they say have you not seen we have afflicted our souls and have you not taken notice. In fact in the day that you fast you find pleasure in all of your acts extorts you know what this verse tells me this is a people that were following the ordinances doing what they're supposed to be doing. Hey we've done all these things God but you've asked us to do and yet here you are telling us that that we we take pleasure in all of these our own pleasures in trying to do what you're asking us to do. God's heart is breaking as he's sitting there saying you're doing all these things but you don't love me. Jeremiah three Verse eight says as I saw for when all causes swear by blacks that in Israel committed adultery all of Israel committed adultery. I have put her away I have given her a bill of divorce yet her treacherous sister. Judah had feared not but also played the Harlot. Also you know it's interesting when you when you study out the ten tribes as opposed to the two tribes both went away from God. Both. That was a sobering thought to me and I said you know we in this administration I hear it so often. I LOVE GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. But I will allow these things into my life. These television shows these these musics that are so contrary to the Bible you know what I used to love those things. I was in love with them when I was in the world when I came back into the church and I fell in love with Jesus here on the Loma Linda campus the first time I sat back in a church the first time I heard him preach from the pews. Tears streaming down my face saying how do you that leave. People ask us all the time why are you so passionate to go around to talk about this Hollywood thing. You know why because I love God why would I want to put myself in front of something that is against my god did. Just like in a marriage ceremony. Why would you do something to your wife or your spouse that you love. That is contrary to what the Bible tells us to treat each other you love each other. I want to say this I will skip a couple of these because I want to get to the end desire of ages. It was Satan's purpose to bring about an eternal separation between God and man but in Christ we become more closely united to God as if we had never fallen. You know this is so beautiful to me because it's like we have an opportunity to be married to Jesus for eternity. All of this will seem like a blink of an eye a blur and all of a sudden we get to spend an eternity in that close close relationship. And what a more beautiful way for God to describe that than a marriage ceremony the union of two people close together doing things that they don't do with anyone else only together it's beautiful. You know this Jewish wedding ceremony is like wow that's awesome that's cool we don't we don't have kind of some of those things in our weddings. But you know what if you start thinking about our wedding and you start thinking about the second coming think about the entire thing from start to finish. You can you plan the date you say I'm going to I'm going to plan this marriage out right. And everybody's excited you send out Save the Date save the day everybody come everybody come right and you know you do a couple of things here and there but as the wedding date gets closer more and more activity gets going around the wedding ceremony and all of a sudden all everybody starts getting busy in it. If you've ever been to a wedding the day before a wedding everybody is running to and fro and doing everything that they can to get to this wedding. Everything needs to be perfect everything needs to be set on the table right and then you have the bride who is away from the from the king right. When I was standing up there watching my wife come down the aisle one of the most beautiful things I remember about my wedding was standing there and seeing her come around the corner for the first time and saying I had this like my God like God open my mind and I looked at my wife coming down I said. This is what God feels when he's going to see us for the first time. And I mean my mind just blew up and all of a sudden my wife started coming down and I could hardly contain myself right. Think about this spiritually when we see Jesus when you see him come in the clouds and he is he is all of a sudden you know miles away and you're like wow this is actually happening he's coming closer and closer and he's one hundred feet away. He's ten feet away from you. You know what's interesting about what we do in our wedding ceremonies. We do this we come down to come and pick up the bride and take the bride back up to where he is. That's a description of what Jesus is doing with us. He's coming back down he's picking us back up and we have this beautiful ceremony. And what is after the ceremony the reception. I looked into this. Every culture around the world it does not matter what culture you look in Ireland is you name it Asia Africa you name it. There is a huge wedding feast where everyone is invited to partake in this wedding feast that's at the wedding. Brothers and Sisters God has given us a picture of what he wants from our church. Every single time we fall in love. Next time you're at a wedding think about that. Think about those thoughts because when it comes to the context of what is called ASK ME TO DO love me keep my commandments. You know what. You can't keep his commandments if you're not in love with him. Fall in love with him but started for a word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father thank you so much. Thank you so much for all these simple examples. On this planet to show us you love us. All these activities that we think are our are just celebrations in a human form and Lord you have placed all these in our midst for us to get a better picture of you. So Lord reaches pray I just pray that here at Loma Linda the words that are said over this weekend that are said in some of these seminars may just fall on the soil. Take a deep roots into our hearts that we turn on and off for factions to know we love you. This media was brought to you by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it as a W W W audio verse or.


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