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Wholly Hollywood

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

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  • April 4, 2015
    6:00 PM
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A lot of people ask us in our ministry. So how do you guys survive. I'll tell you what when I left my job in Hollywood I knew I would never see that money again. But I cannot tell you how rewarding this work is to just go around and fellowship with my fellow brothers and sisters whom we may spend an eternity with. I mean that is what drives us. And so we're going to have the deacons come forward and we decided to do something this last year. We hope that people stop asking us to come and speak about this topic. I mean that with all my heart if God said OK we don't need you to talk anymore I'd be like awesome. Sweet. I can do something else. I really want you guys to know I don't want to be up here talking about what Hollywood is doing. I would rather tell you about the love of Jesus. Hollywood is not the issue it is a tiny issue. But what's crazy is we are so impacted by what we see here. Watch all those things and I have seen around the world our brothers and sisters just caught up in this thing. So as the deacons come forward we're going to collect an offering because what we decided to do this last year is we said you know what God there's many churches that want to come and they can afford us. There's many places we said you know what. We don't care about the money. Lord we just want to go and so we said you know what we're going to leave it in your hands God no more charging for this or anything. And it costs money. The second thing that we wanted to do is it takes a long time to make documentaries. I don't know if any of you have seen some of our some of ours documentaries it's taken years to produce. But the problem is is we produce the information well after it comes out and everybody goes and watches it. So that's what we started making these L.E.D. projects which are on current films. They're five to ten minute videos free before the movies come out so you can make a better decision if you want to even put that information in your head in the first place. But it costs money and it costs time. So I want you guys to prayerfully consider there's little envelopes that will be passed around in there with a little card on here this is not just a card to collect money as well as if you want to communicate with us if you have questions if you want to ask us to come to your church or anything fill it out to look at your address. Sign up for our newsletter support this work so that we can get our young people and everyone for that matter to stop messing around with the stuff of the world and get into their Bibles and let's all go home. So let's all walk warpath around Iraq. We want to play some music. Go for it. I want to thank you guys so much because we feel like we have so much support in our church. And you know when we first started this ministry we thought what a weird ministry are you serious god you want to go and talk about Hollywood in front of tons of people. I don't know if I want to do that. And God has just shown us so much compassion that when we travel around it's just amazing. I mean it has strengthened my faith in God just traveling around and interacting with all these churches and it's people like you guys that make that possible. So I want to thank you. And as we move forward. Good let's first open with the word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father as we really open up this topic here tonight we know that the world is starting to turn their eyes to some of these religious movies and these religious things that are coming out of Hollywood everyone knows the world is falling apart and they're looking for answers. So Lord open our eyes soften our hearts teach us how to navigate through some of this material and more importantly Lord give us that daily desire to get our information from your word. We love you in Jesus name Amen. You know if you have seen any of our films a lot of them go over so many secular movies and just like he said it is it is pretty exhausting. We could stand up here and show movie after movie after movie and tell you guys were probably sick to your stomach don't need to see this anymore. But what's amazing to me is this huge bloom of the religious movies that are coming out and I think there's a bunch of people that are really truly honestly excited about this. Hey maybe this is time that we can share the gospel. I mean if everybody watches movies wouldn't that be a great way to share some truth about God. Now also like Kate said not everything you see on television is evil. We make videos for a living I would not make them if I thought they were evil. The television in and of itself is not evil. The content that is on it is often evil. I'm standing here today because before you because somebody shared. At me a D.V.D. that's what really truly woke me up and brought me back into the church. I know the power of the D.V.D. It can be a wonderful tool to win someone over to the Gospel. So I don't want to discredit people making religious things but time and time again I will use this as my ruler always always. If it does not speak according to this there is no light in it. That's the principle that I hope to teach you tonight. It's not a list. This is OK to watch and this is not OK to watch. You'll never hear that come out of any one of our mouths does it line up with my Bible does it line up with what God is trying to teach us and that should be the rule of thumb. How you see these films. So I titled this holy Hollywood and of course I put a whole princes around the like there's a hole in their message. It's not a complete holy message. It has the elements of Christianity. You see the struggle between God and Satan but really where is the focus of a lot of these films. If I start that. I want to read Matthew seven twenty one and twenty two because this verse says not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in my name and in thy name we not cast out devils and in the name of we not done wondrous things in the name of we not made all these great movies and and things that share the gospel but was doing the will of the Father. Was it in accordance to the will of the Father. Is where this is. And Matthew seven twenty three it says and then I will profess them to them I never knew you Depart from Me you workers of iniquity. Those. Even to be harsh words and they're going to be said to those who believed with all their heart they were doing the will of God and it's very difficult to tell people like people come up to us all the time and say hey I really want to make the great controversy into a movie great cool. Well you know what I first say before you say I want to make the great controversy into a story guess what you need to do. Do you want me to make the great controversy story. If you do that and all of a sudden you say hey I made five million dollars to make the great controversy story. Lord if you want me to make this great conversely story give me the five million dollars. Yes what if you get five million dollars in the in the in the mail. You have every right to go to God in heaven and say I gave you the decision. And you gave it to me. Trust me if you put the answer into God's hands and he doesn't want you to make it you won't make it. You will try and try and try and try and try and it will be impossible. If you say God if you don't want me to do this I ask you to take it away from me. Do you see the principle here. So I always encourage people hey if you want to do something like that for God's great Who am I to tell you you should or should not. Don't ask me don't ask the opinion of anyone in here. The opinion of God and God alone is that in the in the will of the Father. So I want to ask you this how many of you recognize his face. How many of you think he's a Christian. Raise your hand. No one. All right the question was asked to him Where do you get your inspiration for your music. Here's what he says. He said he keeps God in everything that he does have. Never seen his music. I hope not. How about this lady. Is she a Christian. The question was asked to her. OK now who are created everything that's Jesus. My Bible only tells me of one thing that created everything. The YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU got to understand these people actually think they're following God. This goes on and on what about Steven Seagal. Oh God while he's breaking your legs and chop in your arms. While many celebrities Bruce Willis many celebrities attribute their success and their followings to the success that God has given them it is quite shocking. What about this lady Lady Gaga. You don't think she's a Christian. Listen to what she says when the question is asked to her in the car. How are you so famous. I want to know seriously how did you become the top of fame in the world and listen to what she says. For me. Did you know that before every single concert Lady Gaga prays with her entire cast. I'm going to stop this because I believe in the power of prayer. I'm not even going to show you because I know she's not praying to my God. I believe that this is a very twisted view. Remember not everybody that says I am a Christian it can't be me that made me famous. It's Jesus. Now here's where you know where they are. What do we call it. Know them by their fruits right. So all of a sudden I hear this person say guess what I'm a Christian. And she has all these prayers. OK. I know them by their fruits. Here's what she said at every single concert notice she was praying right there backstage. She was praying at Madison Square Garden in New York she's crying backstage going to have such a loser I can't go on stage oh everybody thinks I'm this amazing person and I'm not. And she was let's pray let's pray to God I pray to God that I get strength. Then she goes out on stage and she says this every single time she gets out on stage. And here's what she said. There's one thing she hates more than anything in the world. When I'm in them. And of course we'll stop it right there. She needs more than money is the truth. But what does my Bible say who is the very definition of truth. Where do we even get THAT from. John fourteen fics says I am the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except for me the very definition is Jesus. So who ultimately hating. You know I went to one of our Adventist academies. I'm not going to tell you which one I gave a presentation and I didn't speak on Lady Gaga. I spoke on just movies because we typically don't speak about music and I went back to the dorm rooms because I like to fellowship with some of the students. It's what helps seal this into their mind that I'm not some crazy fanatic. And so as I'm sitting there hanging out with them guess what I hear in the hallways. Lady Gaga bumping in the hallways. My heart just breaks my heart breaks. And so I had a conversation with the students and they said no no no. She's a Christian. She's just this is just all an act for her. That's our brothers and sisters. Not everything you see that says Christian is Christian. Just because it talks about Jesus that has no meaning in that. Want to show you a couple news clips of some of these popular Christian movies that are coming out. You know Brad Pitt was slated to play pilot. This is a couple of different movies that are going to talk about this. All right for you. More or three or four hours or so all of a sudden. Did you hear what they said. He's going to play ponchos pilot which the script reads like a biblical Twilight Zone Act. Did you hear that whole thing that Will Smith is going to play Cain and Abel. OK Here let's look at this. This is how twisted this is. It's called the redemption of Cain. And guess what. It's a vampire twist. Come on people all ri. What is the devil do you mean. Why is he taking these these these stories and just twisting them a little bit. Bruce Almighty of course. We even make comedies about these things with God and you know what's interesting about about that movie is the guy who plays God doesn't even doesn't believe in God so they picked an actor who's totally atheist to play God you know when he doesn't even believe in God He's very outspoken about it. I mean there's just tweaks in these whole things. Remember what Keith showed you with this resurrection. I want to show you something. Notice how those words this will make you question everything you believe you know what's amazing about Hollywood. They will put out in front of you exactly what they're doing. They flash it to you Did you see how quick that flash two seconds but it went in there. How many of you want to question everything you believe. No right. OK so then look at this is another T.V. show. Oh OK So then they tell you in the T.V. show what this is about. This is between two worlds and they flash all this kind of stuff for you and you get all caught up in all the visuals and everything. The battle for mankind. They're telling you this story is literally about the great controversy right now to show you this is the end of the little promo that they have for the T.V. show this is a terrible terrible T.V. show called hollow man. OK this is the horseless headsman or Sleepy Hollow sorry Sleepy Hollow. OK I took a screen capture of the town Sleepy Hollow and here's what it has on the town population one hundred forty four thousand. Now wait a minute. How could you possibly put a number of one hundred forty four thousand on the screen and not know anything about that number. You don't randomly guess there's one hundred forty four thousand people in this town. So I don't even need to watch the show you can watch thirty seconds of their promo and go I don't need it. Let me teach you a trick. Any time there are words written on the screen somebody put it there on purpose. No words fell off of somebodies computer in the right spot and then all of a sudden just somebody had to make a decision. If you see a sign like this there is a director a producer somebody made a decision to put that in there. So when you get caught up in movies and television how many of you sit there and posit and read this stuff. You'd be amazed what you find in the background. I'm not telling you this to promote go home and watch all these movies and try to find the stuff in it. I really mean that I hope that you do what I did when I started doing this. People always go how did you see what you see. I mean how do you catch something like this right. I'll tell you you don't catch it by watching the movie you catch it by reading this. The more that you read this the Bible the more that you go are that's an error you can't get and a counterfeit by studying the counterfeit. You only spot the counterfeit by studying the true genuine That's the only way they were able to spot some of these things. So Exodus gods and kings right. I mean the Bible come all these plagues in the walls of the water going up right. I mean let's just be honest here how many people wanted to see these plagues and things like this. Raise your hand anyone. Anyone remember you're in the house of God to tell the truth right. This I mean I want to see these things I'm looking forward to and we get to heaven. I go I want to see this visual replay of what happened here on this earth. Seriously. And here this is like something that that man is making to show you some of these amazing things. But here's where it errors from the Bible. Here is that the actors in talking about their roles. So nothing matters in this acting world. In less they get into your hearts and your minds and make you feel something that's dangerous that's dangerous to me because I know that there are two things that are happening there is a faith and there is an emotion and if you train yourself off of the emotion and not the faith. We know we're coming up to this crazy time of trouble. So anytime I hear wow they're just trying to motion really pump you with this and that. Ding ding ding my little a ten and ten I go up. Really. Scott look to science not miracles to part the Red Sea I didn't even need to watch this movie. All I had to do was read one article didn't look to two miracles but look to science to explain it. Here's what Scott solution was. They came from a deep dive in the history of Egypt and after reading about a massive underwater earthquake off the coast of Italy it caused a tsunami. So the water did not part because of something miraculous that God did it partly because an earthquake was underneath there which spread the water apart. Now guess what that does to my God. All it does is put a little taint on people's views. Oh maybe God couldn't do a miracle like that. What else can't you do. Sod all remember than most settle he created creature. All it has to be is ninety nine percent truth one percent there. Is it worth anything. Now so all of the plagues he look to science to to to do now Christian Bale the main actor said that Moses is likely schizo Franek and barbaric. He was a very troubled and Tamil tourist man and he was very much a crucial material material. OK So he says that God was equally as material material apes subject to sudden and unpredictable changes of mood or mind and of his material temperament. Now what does your Bible say about God to change it. So here's an actor that does an incredible amount of research to play this role really needs I mean when you look at what he did to get into this role of Moses he read the Bible. He didn't understand the Bible. He didn't get it because spiritual things are what spiritual. I discerned it's not a book you can take this thing and give it to Stephen Hawkins or some smart person in the world and this is jibberish to them. You can hand this to a third grade child and they can understand these deep spiritual truths of God so it doesn't surprise me that Christian Bale would say this about Moses and of course we talk about the Lego movie. So I'm not going to I don't know why this was in there. This might have been left in there from a different presentation so no work so no work was another movie and I'm sure. Now this may be old news to a lot of you guys because when this first came out a lot of people rang the bell on this one and said No no no no this is really erroneous but I've asked the question how many people have seen this movie. Out of sheer curiosity many people have gone and seen this movie just out of curiosity. You may know the truth. You may sit there and watch this movie and say no no no this is totally false and this is erroneous right. But I want to show you there is a deeper more cynical thing that was placed in this movie that is well beyond error. And here's what it is at the very top. This is their actual Web site it says that the film is inspired by the story of Noah Wyle artistic license have been taken we believe that the film is true to the essence values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith to millions. So the website at the top says listen we made a little bit of artistic license but we stuck to the basic main thrust of the story. OK I've not seen this movie but here is the creation clip that begins in the very beginning. Wait maybe I didn't play it all right. Before I get to that this is there an error and ask if he's the one who was the director of that film. He also made a film called pi and he was at it was one of his first films that he made and he put a lot of things called the Cabala in pie. Do you know what that is the cabal. Many of kind of I've heard of this. OK so in his first film he entered in the Qabala story now Noah was based off of a novel a French novel has nothing to do with the Bible know it even though it has the same name and it's about a guy with a boat has nothing to do with Noah in the Bible. And here's where Noah gets his lumber to build the ark from this magician who gives him some magic beans and that's what grows the trees and all this kind of stuff right. This is in the novel. Notice what's in the background right here. That's the tree of the Kabbalah right. So all of a sudden this is what the tree of Kobol looks like if you've ever followed like what Madonna and all those like musicians are into this is Jewish black magic. This is as I say tannic of magic you can possibly get into. And this stems all the way back to like Solomon's day I mean this stuff is really really dark and I mean without going into great detail these are like all the different demons that guard the different gates to the different existences terrible stuff. OK So Gary Nairn asked the writer of Pi says this when he was in New York or when he was in the western wall of Jerusalem he ran into these religious people who wanted to introduce to him mysticism and they wanted to show the beauty and magic of religion and they brought him back into the air to bring him back into the fold of Satan. For me it didn't quite work because the devil had a lot of nice toys. I did come away with some nice stories and some good. Ideas and that was the seed for a lot of the Kabbalah in the film. So if he's putting cabal in his first film is he putting cabal in his other films right. Is the question. Well these here these Gollum's which are the demons helped build the ark that's not in the Bible. That's terrible. Say ten mixed up and so when she is walking through this field he goes is that is so hard mind looking at the film. Well what is so hard. Maybe many of you have never studied the Kabbalah that comes from the so far right here which is a Kabbalah manuscript So even though the words that the actors are speaking to each other have Kabbalah meaning in them they have this snake that goes up and blesses Noah and I mean it's just like twisted stuff. This is not even close to the Bible. So those well meaning Christians that go there to say I want to see this great boat that floated on the water and everything don't realize you just sat in a dark room opened your mind as wide as you could open it to introduce Kabbalah thinking into your brain and you know it's interesting. Our other documentary called suit all the G.E. talks about the science of what goes on inside your brain. You know when you walk into a theater and you stare at a blinking light in less than thirty seconds your brain stops working off of the frontal lobe and starts to react off of your limbic system. Guess what. Where do you speak to God in your frontal lobe. So when you go into the theater you literally turn off your ability to talk to God and you open up your emotional mind to accept whatever they want to tell you. It's fascinating and the devil is so good at it. So why are they continuing to make all these stories if if Darren Aronofsky even admits hey Liz. I'm godless I have my God and My God is narrative filmmaking I could care less about God Be careful what you allow in your mind here. Even the lead actor here is going to talk about his character of Noah. What does my Bible say about the character of Noah. Here's the actor who has spent months years possibly straining studying learning trying to put on this character. When my Bible tells me Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord this is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous blameless man among the people of his time and he walked faithfully with God. It's impossible to be faithfully walking with God and not be nice. That's impossible. If you just listen and you know what your bible says you can spot these out and go why would I want to sit in a dark room and watch his thoughts. So let's talk about some of these bible movies that are coming out like The Bible series that was our own history channel from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett and this is the this is the Bible series and the lead actress Roma Downey was also on a television show called Touched By An Angel. Now do you know is this lady right here with her. Her our actress co-star on Touched By An Angel. I wanted to look up now that this woman here Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett are very outspoken Christians. I mean they they go on interviews after interviews and I mean they are really really pushing Christianity out to the mainstream through the series. But she became really good friends with this lady from the television series she went to premieres with her became really close friends so I wanted to know who is this lady that she has become friends. With Now this lady is there is a priestess in a New Age church and so I said no this is really interesting to me that Roma Downey who makes the Bible story one of her really close friends is a Dell rose a minister in a New Age church and I said What is she doing hanging out with new age people. Now Roma Downey says she gets in her car and she listens on the radio. Books and tapes from Eckhart Tolly do you know who this man is. Eckhart tolling U.K. Tony Robbins Eckhart Tolly is that guy that's always with Oprah and he's the one that's the new age guru guy about breathing in all sorts of I mean it's just straight up new age stuff right. So she's listening to books and tapes and if you know anything about this man right here. I mean he is just nothing to do with Biblical Christianity. So that fascinates me now. Roma Downey got a master's degree from a school in Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology. So now she has a master's in spiritual psych. All G. and Spiritual Psychology is the study and practice and art of in science of human evolution in consciousness. Does that sound like new age to you and if I read you the list of things that they studied in their Kuhn the Leni I mean you name it. I mean all these just eastern religions and terrible terrible things. What is this woman doing making a Bible series on T.V. It goes on. Roma Downey went on a television show called Crossing Over how many of you know what the T.V. show called crossing over that guy that speaks to the dead. Maybe you've seen it. OK so just just to show you this this is T.V. Guide and just to show you that on to that. One and two. She went on the show with John Edward called crossing over while she went on the show with him. He starts speaking to the celebrity's dead mother and says that the spirit of her mother was commending and applauding her for what she's doing. Ding ding ding ding. Oh oh. What are what is she doing communicating with the spirits. Roma Downey said my mother was telling me that she was very proud of me and my work and it just made me want to weep. If someone is doing something in accordance to the Bible. Do you think a spirit would ever encourage that. Never never. So this is is just a little snip of what is behind the scenes of the people that are producing this Ecclesiastes is nice that we read this earlier for the for the living know nothing. Now John Edward was so impacted by his interaction with Roma Downey he ended up reading writing a book called Practical prey in which he had a whole CD with Roma Downey on the CD So here he is even working with this woman and intertwine in his his work with her. The History Channel called The Bible series. I mean the history on the History Channel Bible series it was an underwhelming mini series not worth the viewers' time. In fact many Los Angeles Times people dismissed it they said it was flat and tedious Entertainment Weekly called it a cheese fest. Philadelphia Inquirer it labeled it a cardboard cut out characters surrounded by C.G.I. and here's what's really interesting to me. Look at this. The premier polled thirteen point one million viewers in the initial night and it retained over. At ten million each night. That's four in every ten Americans watched one episode. That's a high number. How many of us don't raise your hands. I have watched one of these episodes. Out of sheer curiosity I mean I want the Bible to be spread to the world. But man you better be consecrated to God if you're going to put that out on national television. Because there's so many forces that don't want that kind of information out. So let's look at some of these things in it. I mean the story is just full of tiny little errors. When Jesus is calling Peter this scene shows him in the boat with Peter and they have this interaction together and there is no Andrew around. Well that's not what it says in the Bible because the Bible tells me in Matthew four eighteen that Jesus as he was walking by the Sea of Galilee he wasn't in the boat with him. He was just sitting there calling Simon Peter and Andrew his brother cast the net into the sea for a saw them casting their net into the sea and he said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of men. These are tiny little script changes that are happening. In the Bible series when they went through Sodom and Gomorrah did you know that they had the angels totally looking like ninjas and then they fought their way out with swords and were lying flat out of life. Sodom and Gomorrah. Why is this not in the Bible you know what happens when little tiny things like that are changed I mean doesn't our Bible in the end of the Bible say if anyone changes these words there is a curse pronounced upon you so. What is the difference with in an ancient world writing it down in a modern world and putting it on a screen because if you're changing things. Lord have mercy. Now when Jesus is ascending into heaven he tells the disciples go out and preach to the world. They go out immediately and of course for the sake of time or something they just cut it out the Apostles went out and started preaching. But there was no you know Pentecost and I mean that you can't just take parts and bits like that and mash them all together and change the sequence or order of this thing because what you do is you confuse people of wheat wheat. I remember seeing that in a movie but I don't know it's a little bit different here now. Many people endorse this television series as a good thing. And there was a blog writer named Sonny shell who's a very conservative Christian blog writer and they wanted her endorsement so they sent through the whole series and they said Can you please blog about this you have a wide audience please blog about it she said OK I'll take a look at it. So she took a look at it and after prayerfully reviewing the material and consulting it with her wise husband she stated that she was unable to participate in proclaiming or promoting this endeavor due to the highly unbiblical content as well as their portrayal of of the championing the virginity the virility of man. While I can't quite read that there are you know how it is the glory of righteousness and holiness of God. OK so that's what she says the Bible is about God's righteousness. Man's depravity and humans desperate need for a savior Isn't that the Gospel she says what the story left her as after watching it was that and as an angry God He punishes the bad people. All and curse curse is the good people who disobeyed as the really he wants to be a really cool deity who still blesses all the good people but no matter what they really do and whose ultimate desire is to change the world and make people nicer and happier through social reform that's why she walked away from it from. So not everything you see as Christian is Christian. I want to play this clip for you. This is the scene of the woman being caught in adultery. And this is I'm going to leave you on this scene right here as we close but I want you to look at the scene and I want you to look at the events that are portrayed and I want you to say is this close even close to what my Bible portrays the scene as Jesus pick up a stone as if he was going to condemn or and hold it up and be like OK maybe I changed my mind. Where is the where's the writing in I mean that's plainly in there. Where is this scene of the I mean he's sitting there telling I'm also who has never sinned you can cast the first stone. Notice these little subtle changes. It's not those of you who are without sin at this moment because there's no one that has never seen it except for Jesus. I mean those are just little subtle changes in that context. Brothers and Sisters this goes on and on and on and as I bring this to a close I want to tell you this. Why why are they doing this why. Why can't God have a soldier come out and make a proper Biblical film they can make Gladiator a movie with every button I'm sure if you went back in time and you looked at what the Romans. Look like and then you watch Gladiator. You probably go wow it looks just like that. So you're telling me that Hollywood can make a movie that is exactly like that part of history. Exactly to the T. of every piece of dress and every button and everything. But yet when it comes to the Scripture they can't make it correct. No people. What is the Devils last masquerade. What does the Spirit of Prophecy tell us the crowning act of the great drama of deception is Satan himself or person a Christ the church as long professed to look to the Saviors adman for the consummation of our hopes. Now that the great deceiver will make it appear as Christ has come in different parts of your state will manifest himself among men as a majestic being of dazzling brightness resembling the description of the Son of God given by John in Revelation. Guess what brothers and sisters. This tells me that Satan will come on our earth and be in his physical form you will physically see Him with your eyes as they come in Christ. So guess what do you know by putting out all of these things that are tinkering with the model of Christ. What is Noah. No it's a type of Christ. What is Moses a type of Christ Jesus a type of Christ or even the secular world. Neo from the Matrix he's like Christ no wait Superman he's like Christ. Guess what the world is doing. They're confusing you. Of who Christ is and if you are filling your mind with this stuff and not filling your mind with who Christ is and you don't have a relationship with him. When the devil steps is filled on this planet I guarantee you many of our brothers and sisters will be lost. Brothers and Sisters. Turn your eyes away from things that are contrary to your bible. This is our rule of thumb and more importantly than just the knowledge of relationship. I'm marriage fall in love with Jesus. When you fall in love with him and then you see things that are contrary to that you know what I I loved Hollywood so much. My brother has an interview with me in Los Angeles when I was out there. I was twenty some years old and I was sitting there. You know yeah I'm going to be here till the day I die I'm going to make MONEY MONEY MONEY ON MY have cars. I'm out of this lifestyle it's really cool. I'll be here till the day I die. That's what my mentality was when I lived in Hollywood. I loved that place. I loved that industry. I loved movies I wanted to do it my whole life and I said God if you don't want me here you have to change my taste. Because if it's up to me I'll be here I love this place. And I gave the decision to God and you know what. It's so disgusting in my mouth I can't watch this stuff. I don't want to watch it. I'd rather spend two hours in the Word of God. Brothers and Sisters I hope that is something that you all can have in your life. A fire and a passion for the truth. Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer. Dear This is heaven. Dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord as we filtered through the deceptions of this world may we learn how to seek truth from the way that you have delivered to us from your word. Lord help us to trust your word. Take you at your word. Help us to see those things around us that are just slightly changing our views of you Lord as many of us don't know where to go from here. Maybe or possibly caught up in this. Where do you see the hearts of everyone in this room you know the intimate details of what everybody does when they go home. At night and on Saturday night. So Lord I pray that if your will be done in their lives maybe to change their hearts as you have changed mine and those that are wanting to have a closer relationship with you Lord I just pray that somehow through the course of this week and in the words that were said May you sink that conviction deep into their hearts and be we all get out there and win as many songs for you we love you. 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