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Baptism and the Temptations

Roger Miller
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  • April 11, 2015
    9:30 AM


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They're in heaven. We pray that as we enter the realm of your sacred word pay that your Holy Spirit will be here in this place in our hearts our minds teach us your thoughts beaches your ways. Father Son the Holy Spirit and our life to give us strength to do what we find to be true. This morning in Jesus' name amen. The Gospel of Luke chapter three got me talking about the baptism. The temptation and the victory. That's a good order isn't it. Baptism the temptation and the victory of Christ from Luke chapter three and four we need to look at a lot of text this morning I hope you have your Bible with you and I hope you have your seat belts on. We're going to start right now with Luke chapter three verse one now on the fifteenth year of the reign of time period Caesar how often in the New Testament is a time stamp given for an event. Anybody know that a time stamp as in the year of the reign of a monarch or a king. The New Testament anybody you're looking at it and that's it. Why a time stamp here why was Luke impressed to stamp a time at this point in his Gospel narrative. Interesting in Matthew the book of Matthew covers the same topic topics wifi. A baptism temptation and victory of Christ and in Matthew Chapter four actually chapter three the end of chapter three and into Chapter four as we read that narrative will be going to that a little bit more. There's a statement made by Matthew in chapter three verses fifteen. I just want to read that Matthew four. Anyway the first speaks about this episode as when John was down the Baptist was about ready to baptize Jesus. John says that you need to baptize me but Jesus makes a statement that kind of frames Luke's statement here in chapter three verse one he says let's do it this way to fulfill all right you've seen us fulfill all righteousness to fulfill all righteousness here in Luke chapter three verse one in the fifteenth year of the reign of time period Caesar the Holy Spirit moves upon John the Baptist's in his ministry baptizing Ministries a call to repentance and Jesus comes to John to be baptized and it's interesting that if you look at this concept of if you fill all righteousness what is righteousness doing the right thing with the right motive at the right time right. Everything's right about it. OK it's from the Holy Spirit in the book of Luke in this baptism temptation and victory of Christ you see the Holy Spirit. Moving in many different ways in this process he's driving John the Baptist ministry. He's driving Christ is in the driver's seat the Holy Spirit of God and Daniel Chapter nine. The prophecy of the seventy weeks in Daniel Chapter nine verses twenty four and twenty five. There is a prophecy about the coming Messiah to anoint the most holy. Well this is the moment in time that has come the end of the sixty nine years. From four fifty seven to eighty twenty seven. From the time of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem in four fifty seven B.C.. Four hundred and eighty three years is the baptism of Christ in eighty twenty seven in the fifteenth year. Iberia C. Ses are right on time right in the right place. Riven by the righteous acts of the Holy Spirit in righteousness to fulfill Jesus is anointed to begin his ministry Now it's interesting here that as we read in Luke chapter three verse twenty one and twenty two. Now when all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed that heaven was open and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said You are my beloved Son in you I am well pleased. Now there's two things that we need to look at this morning to discover why. Why this is the most important topic to be delving into and to understand in these last hours of Earth's history. What is it about this story of the baptism of Jesus and his temptation and his victory that applies to us wasn't this something that happened to Jesus and it's just a good story but does it apply to us and some very personal way. Very active dynamic way. First he was baptized to fulfill righteousness. Jesus was the true Israel. Everything in the Old Testament pointed to Jesus every prophecy. Every type and symbol Jesus was the root of it all. And the branch right. Everything pointed to this moment when Jesus began his ministry and his annoying thing as the Messiah the anointed one and his baptism in an example to us. The Holy Spirit descends in bodily form upon Christ there in the baptism. Now what does that remind you of the Holy Spirit descending upon someone that reminds you of the story in Acts chapter two. Right there was a group of believers and they were in one place and one accord in the Holy Spirit fulfilling righteousness descends upon the Christian believers the church the followers of Christ and brings the gifts to the church and powers the church now. It is true you have to know that it is true that the Holy Spirit had been were. Working very diligently and every one of those people's life right there in Acts chapter two when the Holy Spirit descends. He had been working very diligently and every one of those people's life he had been working and possessing the very life of Christ up to his baptism as well. Jesus was born of the spirit but he was born in the flesh he was born of the spirit days us here as he is receiving gifts for ministry is our example. Right after this point after his wilderness journey his temptations his victory he began to exercise those gifts he began to heal the healing ministry. He began to do miracles. He began to prophesied right. He was everything Jesus got all the gifts. Now in the New Testament as far as you and I go a very interesting point here is that as we are baptized What is the example of Jesus the example of the Christian church what is the example for us when we are baptized in a profession of our annoying ting by the Spirit what is the Holy Spirit going to bring to you. He's going to bring gifts. He's been working in your life before that. This isn't the first visit of the Holy Spirit but he comes and he brings up every member of the Church of Christ is empowered by the Holy Spirit with a gift not some but every member in the body of Christ. Howard by the Holy Spirit with a gift to give back to the church in ministry. The example of Jesus I want to look at how that applies to us in a sermon by Peter right after that event of Acts chapter two actually in Acts chapter two as he as Peter is speaking to the people Acts chapter two verses thirty eight thirty nine and Peter said to them repent and let every one of you be what baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of what the Holy Spirit or the promise is to you and to your children and to all who are afar off as many as the Lord our God will call. Example of Jesus were to follow are Christians followers of Christ right to be baptized to receive a gift from ministry not for your personal use but to give back. In your integration as a member of the Body of Christ and for the evangelism of the world. The second point here is the Holy Spirit descends empowers through if giving the life of Christ now Jesus did nothing on his own while he was here right. He said nothing on his own he only walked according to The Spirit what the father told him to say he said and what the spirit drove him to do he did. He's our example is our example we do nothing. Have our own if we do something of our own we're in trouble. I'm going to get into this later this becomes the center focus. The Sabbath school lesson could not have been planned better to be a part of a conference of how to be prepared to stand. It's divine and it's insertion here. OK there's another point here that as we go on we have to discover and that is the Holy Spirit descends and there is a voice from heaven right whose voice is that the voice of God in the voice of God is making a affirmation of Jesus' public ministry is beginning he is being anointed in his ministry the Holy Spirit is bringing gifts and there is a affirmation from God himself an affirmation and God says this You are my beloved Son in you I am well please. That's a nice affirmation. That's that's a nice affirmation is that affirmation just for Jesus. Now that's for each one of us. That is the affirmation that God says to each one of us Jesus is our example he is the head of the body where the body right. We follow where the head leads. We are Christians Jesus is baptized he received gifts for ministry and he receives affirmation from the father you are my beloved Son in you I am well pleased and I want to look at this just for a second. And when I say Second it may be a little bit longer than a second. In Genesis Chapter three there was a promise given to me and a prophecy was made about the seed of the woman. Do you remember that in Genesis three fifteen and God was saying I will put and Miti between Satan and his seed and the woman and her seed. Now depending on what Bible version you have and the reason I know this is because the New Testament makes it clear Paul makes it clear that seed that is being promised is capital S. E.E.D. and is talking about one person right. Talking about Christ now that promises again. Again given and kind of expanded in its understanding in the book of Genesis to Abraham in one place and after twenty two of Genesis where the promises given to Abraham and through his seed all the earth would be blessed. And that's a seed again capital S E E D talking about Christ the same seed that was talked about in Genesis three. And as you go through the Bible you see that that seed is the focus of everything all prophecy all types and shadows that focuses on that seed and Hosea God talks about that seed and calls that seed is real and caused it. At Israel his son. Follow me Jesus is the Son of God He is that seed of promise to mankind. He is Israel and Hosea the prophet says out of Egypt I have called my son Israel. Matthew using those words quoting those words says that so the prophecy could be fulfilled Jesus went to Egypt right now if you look at this carefully I don't have time to go on this and the detail this morning. This is like an hour talk if you look at this in detail. But Jesus comes as a youth out of Egypt. He goes through the waters of baptism and he comes out of the water into the wilderness for forty days like Israel coming out of Egypt through the waters and like the New Testament says in a type of baptism going into the wilderness for forty years. All right and then coming in to Canaan for ministry basis is the true Israel basis is the beloved son. Now I want to look at a few text that expands this concept just a little bit more because we're getting closer to find out why this is the most critical thing to know at this time in earth's history and to prepare to stand to look at a few Texas morning about what it means to be the Son of God Now even in the text of Luke and the genealogy you know when Matthew does a genealogy Matthew's a Jew It starts with Abraham and it goes to Jesus right. Well Luke wasn't happy with that. Luke was not a Jew so he doesn't stop at Abraham he goes. All the way back to who. But the genealogy of Jesus goes all the way back to God himself all the way through Seth and Adam and all the way through. An interesting account of those last night. And Jesus was the seventy seventh generation from God That's probably not an accident that's the first time I've ever counted those seventy seventh generation from the hand of God Jesus is that generation and righteousness for filling everything right on time right at the right place receiving the gifts for ministry and affirmation from the father. Very interesting here as we look at this what it means to be called the Son of God. Let's go to Romans first you know I have found in my life. ROMANS is huge very critical and I was in residency I was studying the book of Romans. I actually got frustrated. Anybody here ever get frustrated studying the book of Romans around Malone. It can be hard to understand am I right. It can be hard to understand. And so this was twenty five years ago almost now. I said OK I am going to study the Book of Romans. And so I read it through. I read it through again and I kept reading it through and I still wasn't understanding it and so I told the Lord I said listen I'm not going to stop reading. Still I have some understanding and now ma'am I was kind of an incredible thing to say because I had to read it over one hundred times. Took me a long time. It doesn't it's not easy to read the book of Romans right it takes a while but me almost four months to read the book of Romans over one hundred times but God actually by then I had memorized it. When you read anything a hundred times you think about it. OK So Romans I'm telling you it's a it's an incredible book. It has incredible application to our time in earth's history and Romans Chapter six dead and alive to God I want to read a few excerpts beginning in verse three. Or do you not know that as many of you. Yes we're baptized into Christ Jesus we're baptized into His death after we were buried with him through baptism into death just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in what newness of life are six knowing this that our old man was crucified with him that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves to sin or celeb and likewise you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord therefore do not let send reign in your mortal bodies that you should obey it and it's less and do not resent your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin but present yourselves to God as being a life from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness to God for sin shall not have dominion over you. Anybody here have any confusion about the word. N. Ot. It's pretty clear isn't it. Sin shall not have domain over you. Baptized into Christ receive the Spirit in power and in the ministry and gifting from ministry. Affirmation from the father. Sons of God Let's go on. In Romans chapter eight Romans after I read Romans that many times I realized that Romans was a letter. Now how many people here get a letter and just read a text here and there and decide what the letters about. You can get confused right. You can get mistaken but there are some points of a letter that are critical points that you can't leave out has critical details. Chapter eight of Romans should always be included in any discussion in the book of Romans. Any discussion because it is the pinnacle the chi ASDIC center of the discussion by Paul and righteousness by faith. It is the main word and what he's really trying to say in Romans chapter eight let's look at the beginning. In verse twelve. They're for brother and we are debtors not to the flesh to live according to the flesh. If you live according to the flesh you will die. That's not talking about the first death is talking about eternal death. If you live according to the flesh you will die. Any confusion about you will. Now you may but you will die if you live according to the flesh you will die but if by the Spirit you put to death. Yeah the deeds of the body you will live that first every Advena should memorize it is the whole story you live according to the flesh and the old man you're on a path of death. But if by the spirit the spirit that drives you to accept Christ as your savior spirit that gives you empowerment and gifts for ministry the spirit who testifies as the Word of God that you are now the sons of God sons and daughters of God Here it is. Listen to this. If you put by the Spirit put to death the deeds of the body you will live for as many as are led by the Spirit of God These are the what sons of God When God is affirming Jesus and his baptism as he was led by the Spirit to be baptized to fill righteousness led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted led by the Spirit in through the Word of God to overcome temptation and victory. We if we are baptized with Christ and are in Christ and we are led by the Spirit our sons. In Luke chapter three in the genealogy of Christ. You look at that it starts with Christ and it goes to Joseph it goes through all of the patriarchs and some people I've never even heard of you know very very very vague in the Bible record. But it ends in God So Jesus was the Son of God divinely and in humanity as he followed through the Spirit He is the Son of God. We asked. A Holy Spirit if we are born into Christ through the same spirit we are the sons of God let's look at Ephesians. I love this beefy Asian's chapter three. I'm sorry Galatians. After three talking to believers those born of the spirit those born again those who through the Spirit put to death the deeds of the flesh but to death. The idea that we are any longer. Captive to sin came to set the captives free verse twenty six for you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. Where as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on rice and all of those promises made to Christ even his priestly and kingship promises belong to you. We are a nation according to Revelation chapter one and Revelation Chapter five a nation of kings and priests in Christ right kings and priest. Sons of God go back to Luke after three moving into Chapter four when the clock says I have five minutes left and I have just now began to warm up the temptation of Christ. In the wilderness three temptations to cover these I have to get to a couple points here at the very end. Three temptations first I was going to discuss some you guys probably all know these you can read him and study him. First temptation and actually the account of a chapter four of Matthew is a little bit different water than it is here in Luke. I like the account in the order of Matthew as does Ellen White in desire of ages and there's a reason for that and it's the escalation of Satan's attack that makes Matthew's account of the order of the temptation I think a little bit more accurate than all the temptations are there doesn't detract from anything. But in Luke Chapter four there is the Holy Spirit driving Christ into this into the wilderness right. Christ is being moved. It's not price manipulating the Holy Spirit. Be careful. When my Pentecostal friends get that nickname. Next up a little bit. It's the Holy Spirit driving Christ into the wilderness and to be tempted forty days he's been at the bidding of God bastard for forty days the devil then that condition comes to him and says if you are the Son of God verse three command the stone to become bread basis answered him saying it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God Jesus was there under commission of the Holy Spirit affirmed by God himself with gifts from the Holy Spirit and with enough remaining voice that he was the Son of God Now this tempter comes by deeds placing doubt in his brain but he didn't succumb to that temptation. Live by the Word of God Sometimes we as we go. Your life we think there's no way to make it unless we step outside of the will of God don't do it the only way to make it is to stay in the will of God in the long run there may be trials or maybe temptation there may be difficulties there may be suffering in the long run the only way to make it into life is to stay in the will of God The second temptation. Jesus took was taken up into the pinnacle of the temple and Satan said Cast yourself down God will protect you quote Psalms quote scripture is getting smarter. You're using scripture all using quotes out of context and he only quotes part of it. He doesn't say and keep you in all your ways all the ways of God's bidding Jesus was in the way of God's bidding where he was in the wilderness right. They can was tempting Christ to be presumptuous to presumption leads to sin and disobedience. Faith leads to righteousness and doing the right thing you know. Do we sometimes have dietary habits that we know are against our health but then at the same time praying for good health are we being presumptuous. Do we have programs on our computer or T.V. books magazines that are causing us to have immoral thoughts and then we pray for a pure heart. Are we being presumptuous. Was this parable applied to you and I today it certainly does in this time when we are being bombarded with the idea to do your own thing you'll be OK watch whatever you want to watch you'll be OK. God is saying don't be presumptuous. Maintain purity maintain purity. The Lord The Last Temptation Satan takes. Christ on earth melt and chosing the kingdoms of the earth down to me and worship and you can have all those things. Well you know what all those things I already belong to Christ the Creator even know Adam and of the vice Regent lost the prince of the earth it still belongs to the creator never has left the hands of the Creator. All sovereignty belongs to the creator Jesus is the creator. I want to read a verse here the bottom line is is that through our life in the spirit even though we are carnal in the flesh and can do nothing right. Old Head is sick there with a spirit. God will work into us too willing to do it. Pleasure is able to present us without fault. The message of the Seventh Day Adventist Church at this time in Earth's history is not a message of moral defeat. It's a message of victory. Or personal victory in crisis to overcome sand. By the end welling of the power of the Holy Spirit I want to read something to you a quote that I have here. Those who put their trust in Christ. This is for ministry of healing page one seventy five. Those who put their trust in Christ are not to be enslaved by any hereditary or cultivated habit or tendency. Instead of being held in bondage to the lower nature they are to rule every appetite and passion. God has not left us to battle with evil in our own finite strings. Whatever may be our inherit. Did or cultivated tendencies to wrong God can even change genetics kinetics are not about God we can overcome the power that he is ready to impart revelation. Understand it in Revelation. It's about those who have a relationship with Christ by His indwelling power through the Holy Spirit who are victorious over commerce. Let's pray Father in heaven. Thank you for these words as you work example in life. Be baptized to receive the Spirit to be called the Son of God to be victorious in every temptation attack of Satan. So it is to be with us. This last hour. Teach us the way we should walk and I you are in Welling spirit. Give us our end strength to find a way to do what is right. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. 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