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Scott Moore

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  • April 10, 2015
    9:15 AM
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We're here to talk about how to share the word of God more effectively. And the title watch and observe is probably a little misleading because it really doesn't in capsule eight what we are going to cover. I usually just change titles you know they ask you for titles like a month or so in advance and you give them the titles and then you pray that your message goes somewhat with it. So what we're going to do is first of all we're going to look at for reasons that we give Bible studies and then I'm going to go through ten points that we will remember. We will want to keep in mind as we give Bible studies we've already prayed. I have a friend I'm into this mentoring thing. And so I have a friend whose name is Bob Stevens Bob Stevens moved into the Lady Lake Florida probably I don't know it's been probably about four years ago now and he was not he and his wife were not attending church on any regular basis. And then he came to church. He said he liked the sermon and then I asked him I said Bob you know would you like to. Would you like to go on a Bible study with me. And he said Sure I'll go on a Bible study with you. And so I went on a Bible study with me and that was like a year ago that we started doing this. Now when I go out of town Guess who does the bible studies. Bob does. Yes we had these literature evangelists come through Lady Lake over the Christmas holiday and when they left they left us the stack of people to follow up on literature evangelism leads. And so my secretary is calling these people setting up appointments. And guess who is now giving a Bible study to a man that I personally have never met Bob. Yes. All because someone bothered to take time to be with bob and to show him how to do it. You know my ministry initially was just train the masses. But but sometimes and you know we need to train the masses and at the same time we need to take one to three people just like Jesus did right. And we need to mentor those people in ministry Jesus of course handled ultimately twelve. But how many did he have in his inner circle. He had three that's absolutely right. So we're simply going to look at the four fold purpose of giving a Bible study. We're going to look at these verses that are on the screen and that is going to help us know what our first purpose for given a Bible study is before we read these. I want to know tell me anyone in here tell me what is the reason we give a Bible study on the twenty three hundred day prophecy. Why do we do that this is a trick question. And if you get it wrong I'm going to tell you you got it wrong but I'll be gentle about it. Why do we give a Bible study on the twenty three hundred day prophecy. Yes it is. OK so the prophetic aspect of we can prove that this is valid. All right I like that. Yes or no. All right. OK Very nice very nice. What is the twenty three hundred day prophecy about the twenty three. You say second coming somebody else said Well Judge What sanctuary if you were going to boil the twenty three hundred day prophecy down to a main whose name would you give it Jesus because the twenty three hundred day prophecy is about Jesus Christ in the sanctuary cleansing the heavenly sanctuary. And did you know that he has an earthly temple today. It's us. So he's in that sanctuary cleansing his sanctuary down here. That's the twenty three hundred. A prophecy I used to teach at twenty three hundred a prophecy for fifty seven B.C. Let's go to Daniel Chapter nine we get all the way down here. Here we are at the eight hundred forty four judgment begins get your life right or you're going to the bad place for me now the twenty three hundred a prophecy is all about Jesus Christ. What is the purpose of teaching someone about the seventh day sabbath. Answer. Please give me some indication here why are we teaching people about the Sabbath truth. Because that's our connection with our Lord and Savior. How do we communicate that in a Bible study about the Sabbath. All right well can't can't I fellowship with him on seven days of the week or so but Sabbath for you is on Saturday Sabbath for me could be Friday OK As for me I'll get to you as for me. Suppose I'm the Protestant Christian that worships on the first day of the week for me. I've always had an incredible relationship with Jesus and I have never worshipped on the seventh day of the week. OK So for me as a Protestant individual that has always had an incredible relationship with Jesus who goes to church on the first day of the week. How are you going to help me transfer from first day to seventh day worship. OK So can you. Can you show me that bonding element in Scripture by the by the way let me just say something here. Many of us are from a generation and I'm including myself in that by the way. I don't know if you do this but I started quite recently. Every thirty minutes my at my watch starts beeping except for when I'm up front preaching while we're on air. And that reminds me that I need to talk to God every thirty minutes talking to God So I don't know if you want to start doing that but the watch goes off. I reset it for another thirty. A minutes and I just say talk to God about something. And then I go on and I'm fine and then I get to pray for a lot more people that way throughout the day. Anyway let's go back to this. Why are we presenting the Sabbath topic to individuals that have always had an incredible relationship with Jesus. We are from a generation where if you prove this to me from scripture then I am going to follow it. You prove it to me and then I will follow it. We are no longer in that type of an atmosphere when it comes to sharing biblical truth. We're in an atmosphere where yes I want to see it in the Bible but how is that going to give me a different relationship with my God That is what and you work with young people all the time. My understanding is that is what young people want young people want to experience that relationship with God This is why they will move from a seventh day church to a first day church because in that first day church they are finding an experience. And it's not just about music it's a real touchy feely relational experience with God So I want to share with you how I do this on the Sabbath when it comes to having a relationship with God we've we've always had a great relationship as a Protestant first day keeper with the Lord. I want to get somebody to back up one day and apply that Saturday to the Lord Jesus at creation. And remember we haven't even gotten to the first purpose but the reason I'm telling you this is because the first purpose is the reason that we give Bible Studies at all. What did God create on day one. Light. What did God create on day four. Sun moon and stars. So God takes day for any fills up the empty space of day one. Do you find that recreate on day two and separated that from water. So why did he create undead. Five birds and fish. So he takes day five and he fills up the empty space of day two will be created on day three of the earth and vegetation and what did he create on day six. Land animals and people so he takes day six and he builds up day three so empty space empty space empty space. Let me fill it up. Day four let me fill it up. They five let me fill it up. Day six when it comes to the seventh day sabbath. God created in the space of time when Moses was walking by that Bush you know we could argue that Moses had been by that part of the mountain horrible he had been by that mountain many times. And all of the sudden there is this Bush gets burning and the voice comes out of that bush that tells Moses to do what. Take your shoes off because a place where you are standing is what what made that holy in the presence of God. How many days a week should we worship God. Seven days a week. How many days of the week Did God so I jumped ahead of myself. When you go to Joshua Joshua standing on one side of Jordan River they're going to go ransacked Jericho just by marching around it and then God's going to make the wall fall down. He meets the captain of the Lord's host and the captain of the Lord's house says Take off your sandals for the place you are standing is what holy when we are teaching people about the Sabbath and they've always had an incredible relationship with God You have to open for them the portal of time where God put His presence when it comes to the seventh day Santa. The Bible says that God blessed it. He sanctified it. What does sanctified mean sat apart to make it holy. So God takes an empty space of time. And what does he put in that empty space of time that makes it holy his presence. So where then will we experience an incredible encounter with God more so than any other day of the week the seventh day which is exactly what you were beginning to describe to me and that's why I ask can you please tell me how to show that experience that you had out of Scripture. That's how you show it. Let's go to John Chapter three. John Chapter three Matthew Mark Luke John. And you will notice all throughout when I'm teaching us today I am going to repeat the references when you are giving a Bible study repeat the references so many times so that people don't have to ask you where you are going. It's embarrassing for somebody to have to continue asking where are we yet where are we going to make it easy. We're going to John the third chapter and the fourteenth verse. John Chapter three and verse fourteen when I'm giving Bible studies I will pass up John I will pass it up. And if somebody else is still looking for John I will pass it up again and immediately when they get there I turn there. John Chapter three and verse fourteen says this. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be what lifted up. For what purpose look at the next verse that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have what. Eternal life. So the first reason that you and I are going to get bible studies is to do what to lift you up to lift up Jesus Christ Let's go to John twelve thirty two. Jesus is speaking here as well in John the twelfth chapter of the thirty second verse John twelve. If we were not recording this I would be asking you all to read it but they are recording it so I'm going to read these verses. But if you and I were sitting down and doing a Bible study with each other all of us would be reading. When I'm teaching people how to get bible studies everybody has to read when I'm giving Bible studies only the people that are comfortable reading have to read. You have to give Bible studies in a way that people want to be there don't don't make them feel super uncomfortable the Word of God is going to do that if their life is not lined up with what God is saying. And we learned a little bit about that last night John twelve and thirty two. It says this Jesus talking and I if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me. So who did Jesus say what did he say would be the the way that people are drawn to him. Lifting him up when it comes to the twenty three hundred day prophecy Jesus is in a heavenly sanctuary and Jesus is working to cleanse us down here on this earth. The whole thing is about Jesus. When it comes to the Sabbath it's not just about the end of the week. Yes the commandment says the seventh day is the Sabbath. Yes you have proved to me beyond any shadow of a doubt but I'm a Millennial. I want to experience Jesus and I'm experiencing I'm on the first day of the week so why are you telling me I need to go to the seventh day anyway you know. Lady Lake in Leesburg. We're giving Bible studies to numerous people. We have people that knock on the door of the church and say hey can you. Tell me more about the Sabbath. I told you last night this deliverance joined the church three weeks ago by profession of faith and this deliverance had been in her Pentecostal congregation for thirty years had Deaconess had greater. One of the elders I mean this lady had just been at the top echelon of this church for thirty years. She comes to my office and she says Explain to me Exodus twenty eight through eleven. Explain to me Genesis two one through three. Please explain to me Isaiah fifty eight verse thirteen. Please explain to me all of these verses in scripture that dealt with the Sabbath. She said I can't get these verses out of my mind I need to talk to someone about it. Three weeks ago she joins the Adventist Church. Miss D. calls up or she shows up at church. Two years ago doesn't come back for two years and she she's sitting in the congregation she comes out at the end of the sermon and I said my friend tell me about yourself. You're here this week how did you get here. She said somebody gave me some material about three years ago I sold a house to a guy about three years ago and he gave me some material on this seventh day Santa thing and I can't get it out of my head. Two weeks this is the fourth last Sabbath. Mr D. joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There are people that are looking for a closer relationship with Jesus. When you lift up Christ as the blessid hope in your bible studies you can expect that they are going to give in their hearts give their lives give their time give it everything that they are to this man Jesus. People are not people do not have a relationship with a truth. Understand People have a relationship with Jesus Christ who is the truth. Our. Bible studies must center on Jesus Christ First Corinthians two two Paul says. I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him What crucified and then dear heart. It is after that that Paul gets into adornment he gets into how we should worship. Paul understood that there were things in our lives that would separate us from this Jesus Christ who is our blessed hope so the first reason we have Bible studies is why to lift up Jesus a Bible study on the state of the dead. It's very easy to show in scripture that when you die you don't go anywhere. Right then it's very easy. Yet how do I make that the center. How do I make the center of that Bible Study Jesus Christ because Jesus is the one that people have a relationship with. He's the one that's going to stop that's right. We come from a generation of prove it to me and I will swallow it no matter how difficult it is to swallow. We are dealing with a generation that doesn't have that same mindset. We're dealing with a generation of individuals that are functioning on their own experience. So how can we do our Bible studies in a way that creates an experience with God That's what the younger generation is looking for today in my interaction with young people I had had just a little bit of that evangelism page when anyone says the more closely ministers by the way that would be us at this point. We are ministers of the gospel. The more closely ministers discern Christ and catch his spirit the more forcibly will they preach the simple truth of which Christ is the center. Let's break this down a little bit. If you and I are in love with a truth such as the sound or we're going to do is we're. Going to go to the law of God and we're going to say this is why we should do it. But if we are in love and have a relationship with the God of the sabbath that is who we're going to focus on when we share the gospel in the Sabbath and we share the gospel in the twenty three hundred day prophecy when we share the gospel in what happens when you die. Second reason that we give a Bible study we're going to speed up just a little bit let's go to Acts chapter eight and verse thirty X. is to the right of the book of John you were just in the book of John so let's go to the right and we're going to go to Acts chapter eight and verse thirty now if somebody would like to borrow my Bible so you can read along you're more than welcome I can use my phone. If somebody would like to borrow a Bible anybody. All right so here we are actually after eight and verse thirty. Now here is the background of this verse. I've got to share this with you keep your finger in action after verse thirty and go to knee high my a chapter eight verse eight Nehemiah Chapter eight verse eight Nehemiah. So if you find the first ten seconds in the Old Testament and then you continue to the right after the the last of the first and second which is the Chronicles just continue to the right you're going to have as raw and then Nehemiah. So it's going to be to the left of songs and find the first and second go to the right of the first and second you're going to meet him on Chapter eight and verse eight. This little tidbit right here is going to revolutionize the reason you turn to particular Bible references Niedermeyer chapter eight and verse eight. By the way when you're giving Bible studies and you hear somebody say me how Maya you confirm it as that as the instructor Nehemiah Chapter eight verse eight and it reads like this. So they read it. In the book in the law of God distinctly and gave the sense and caused them to understand the reading. Three things that we are to do when we read from the Word of God The first one is what to read indistinctly. I'm going to read a verse for you right now and I'm going to read it non distinctly. OK I'm just going to turn to a reference. Some people say hey you memorize that reference I just turn I have no idea where I met yet but I'm praying it's not numbers you know when they're talking about all the people. But here we are in Joshua. This is Joshua. Let's go to Deuteronomy thirty four verse one. So I'm going to read indistinctly and Moses went up from the plains of Moab into the mountain of knee bowed to the top of his kid that is over against Jericho and the Lord showed him all the land of Gilliatt Unter den that is reading you could understand everything I said. But if you're hearing this for the very first time you're thinking yourself OK who was Moses who is who is this neighbor. Or it's a mountain in the bow and then there's his car and the gland of guily ad. Now I'm going to read to you the very same verse and I'm going to read it distinctly and if you can't read distinctly today practice every night in our house I have family where we have family worship I pray we read at night we read a book that is it carries a moral theme throughout that book in the morning we read from the Bible with our family in the evening we read from a story book a mission book something like that and I'm always practicing reading distinctly and Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of me bow to the top of piers that is over against Jericho. Oh and the Lord showed him all the land of guily add on to Dan there was a second time I read that verse today I read it first. Indistinctly and then I read it distinctly. To read distinctly All you have to do is read in phrases in family worship how many of you have family worship family worship. Sit down to read something together read out loud and practice looking up at your family while you are reading. When we were running the school I would tell my students it's you when it's your turn to read if you don't look at me while you're reading. I'm going to walk out of the room and when you finish reading your passage you're going to look up and I'm not going to be there. Then they just jack up like you know exactly right now but I can't tell you how many times I walked out of the room in the student didn't even know that I was out of the room. Why because they weren't making sure that I was picking up what they were lying that they didn't know whether I was catching what they were throwing or not. They couldn't tell if I was smelling what they were cooking. Thank you. Finally someone cracks a smile. You guys are awesome. So Nehemiah eight eight said read from the Word of God distinctly and then begin the sentence so I'm going to give you this sense of action at the rate we're starting in actually chapter eight and verse thirty. The situation is that Philip has been called by God to help this Ethiopian eunuch understand something. I've given you the sense of action after eight and boom now we're going to go into verse thirteen. If I just read verse thirty without giving you the sense then you would say why am I even here when when I'm teaching students to give Bible studies. We have to remember you need to keep reminding the student why you are in that particular verse. Keep reminding them why you are following this train of thought. Keep reminding them of the point and purpose of your study that keeps them focused. It helps them to know why they are there. Then it says after they read distinctly They gave the sense then they caused the people to understand. You take those three principles and Nehemiah eight eight and you apply them to every Bible study that you give and people will just be flabbergasted because of what they are learning. So here we are action after eight verse thirty. This is where Philip the evangelist meets this Ethiopian eunuch and what does it say here in action after eight and verse thirty and Philip ran there and took him and heard him read the prophet Isaiah and said. Understand just Valois down reduced. Now you and I would ask the question a little different. Do you understand what you are reading. Philip was concerned that this Ethiopian Eunuch was not understanding what he was reading. The second reason that you and I give Bible studies is to inform the understanding when people understand something they are convicted. God convicts them if we give a Bible study in such a way that it's not easy to follow. People are not convicted they're confused. Confusion and conviction carried the same facial expression the exact same facial expression is conveyed to you. As the Bible instructor by facial. Since this afternoon we're going to I'm sorry Doc you're not going to be here this afternoon. This afternoon we are going to learn how to overcome excuses with scripture and we'll be talking a little bit this morning to catch a little of this about how to read people's body language. For instance when Bob and I are sitting down in let's go with Christina we study with Christina on Thursday mornings. I was not there yesterday morning so Bob and Miss Annette went and studied with Christina when Chris on her face taking care of little Malakai Isaiah's in school when she all of a sudden crosses her arms like this and it's not cold in the house. You tell me should I ask her to make a decision when her arms are crossed. The answer's no do you. I keep my arms crossed probably for about thirty five forty seconds I made a science of this to work. And so then I will slowly release my arms and her arms will begin to release. I'm mirroring her to begin with and then She's mirroring me which end when her arms are no longer crossed that's when I ask for a decision I don't ask for decisions when people's arms are crossed. I don't ask for decisions when people do something like this I don't know if your camera's going to be able to get this but when when somebody is normally sitting like this and all of a sudden they do this or that person is completely in a mental position not to make a decision you have to go buy a car. I sit like this when I'm buying a car. I do. And finally when they come to terms I do like this when people sit like this they're not going to make a decision no matter how informed you have made them. But you watch them and they'll know. Start to relax the news you start to relax with them and when they're completely relaxed that's when you asked for the decision. If we could read the body language of people we would become much more effective you know the Bible tells us that Jesus would look out on the crowd I think maybe it's not the Bible maybe this isn't the desire of ages Jesus would look over the crowds to find people whose countenance was toward him people whose demeanor was open and it was expressed by the way they held their bodies. Many of you have been in churches long enough to have sat on a board meeting and when you sit on a board meeting and people get really tight about things you can tell their body language is reflecting their emotion is this true. Same thing happens when you're giving Bible studies. What's the first reason without looking at the screen that we give a Bible study to lift up Christ. What's the second reason that we give a Bible study. That's right to inform the understanding. The third reason that we give a Bible study is to move the feelings people make decisions on two fronts. They make decisions on intellect and emotion. When you get a decision for Christ you want both the intellect and the emotion to function together. If you just get the emotion all you're going to have as a Pentecostal not a denomination but that's the individual you're going to have as a Pentecostal of just touchy feely if you just get the information all you're going to have is a legal list. If they both come together you have the person's heart and their mind or God has them. Let's go to Luke. The twins are X. where an actual let's stay there let's go to X. twenty five. So I'm turning to the right. Actually the twenty fifth twenty fourth chapter and the twenty fifth verse Acts twenty four and verse twenty five. Now the context here is that Felix and his wife Drusilla are worse. Let's see where are they. Well anyway wherever they are they are together and they sinned for Paul and they want to hear from Paul concerning who Jesus Christ. Verse twenty five says this Acts Chapter twenty four and the twenty fifth verse reads. And as he that Paul and as he Paul reasoned of a righteousness temperance and judgment to come. Felix did what Shrem old Felix was afraid yours says were the feelings of Felix moved. They were. It goes on to say Felix trembled or was afraid according to your version and answered go the highway for this time when I had a convenient season I will call for the my friends. Felix was convicted Felix understood righteousness and temperance and judgment and he trembled. Have you ever been in a situation in your own life where God through bible study God knew felt just tailor made that Bible study for you and you just you had to get to a place of quiet rest where you could just open your heart to God and just confess or or forsake or say thank you for sharing that with me. Two weeks ago before misdeed join the church now we've been studying this day for quite some time. And Misty said Pastor Scott. I turned in one of those cards to join the church a long time ago. I said Miss D. I never got that call and I'm so sorry. She's like so when can I join the church and I miss D. had jewelry all over. Well I'm one of those pastors that discusses adornment with people prior to their baptism and so we have a group Bible study that goes from noon to one on Wednesdays and then another when it goes from one thirty to two thirty on Wednesdays. When this day comes to both of them the first one is about the sanctuary and the second one which is to prepare those that are interested in joining the church now they don't know that that's what we're doing. The ones that are coming there are one two three four there right now there's four individuals in that class that are not Seventh Day Adventists they just come in because somebody had the courage to invite him to come to the church for a Bible study so they don't know that they're being prepared for baptism but they are. Well this last two weeks ago before Misty joined the church I did a study on adornment as we were doing this study. Miss D. and the other individuals that were in there began to feel their ears. They didn't say anything. They felt their ears they began to twist their reins. What was that saying to me. If they were uncomfortable with what me or what was on their ears and on their fingers at that point. These people love the Bible at the at the end of that Bible study Misty said Oh Ma Oh my I just got to take this off. And later I met her in my office and I said you know Misty I did that Bible study just for you she said. Pastor Scott thank you so much. You so much for for having the courage to share that with me. I have never heard anything like that in my life she said. And no problem I won't have a bit of it on anymore. I was like Misty. That's because God spoke to you today. Oh I know it was God did he use you Pastor Scott. This is how people respond when they're not confused. They respond with conviction will talk about this afternoon different ways that people respond to conviction. Felix trembled and then he sent Paul away. We don't have any other record in Scripture of whether Felix made a decision for Christ and you will give Bible studies to people who once they hear the truth they will say I think that you probably shouldn't come back any more. Give them your phone number. I still have a Michigan phone number I've been out of Michigan. Oh Mercy what is this two thousand and fifteen I've been out of Michigan almost seven years. I still have the Michigan phone number one because there's a lot of people out there that have my phone number and I'm expecting a phone call from them any day and when they call. You can bet I'm going to be right there to say what can I do for you. How can we help you through this. You can The first reason without looking at the screen that you give a Bible study is what lift up Jesus the second reason is to help him understand the third reason to move their feelings and the fourth reason that you want to give a Bible studies is to influence the will to make a decision. I wish that I had had an audio recorder on me at the end of one of my presentations on the topic of the Sabbath. I sat down with this family and the father said to me I've had an incredible relation. Shit With God all of my life and now you're telling me that that I need to be worshipping on the seventh day of the week. I just don't see it and so I asked God is a god can you help me with this I need to know what verses to go to and I wish that I had had an audio recorder on because God gave me verses that applied right to this man's situation. Just verse after verse after verse after verse and he said well I guess I'll see you Saturday morning we can have Bible studies to present Jesus Christ he is the drawing power. Once people understand they are convicted and they have to make a decision what is it. Mark Finley tells us that that when people are making decisions all throughout your Bible study it's called the clear and set principle. Once the the idea from that reference you're in is clear. You asked them Is this clear or did you have any questions on this and then you go to the next level. Eventually they're going to get to a particular point on that climb up the mountain of truth where they have to make a decision they're either going to slide back down this way or they're going to go all the way to God and they're going to slide this way. When you give a Bible study people's feelings are always moved always moved is especially if they understood what you were talking about and they understood it in the light of who Jesus Christ is. So now we are influencing the will to make a decision the intellect will give basis for the will to act. Let's go to actually the eighteenth chapter I think you're still in ACT are we actually OK Actually eighteenth chapter and verse four Acts chapter eighteen and verse four. So here Paul is in Corinth. He finds a queer look and persona and then in verse three he joins with them because they're all tent makers by the way. I'm giving you the sense I'm not just going to a verse and ripping out of that verse the idea that I want I'm giving you the sense of this verse. Now we're going to read it distinctly and then we're going to cause us to understand it. Nehemiah eight eight. The three principles over and over and over. It says in Acts eighteen and verse four speaking of Paul and he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks. Is there a difference between persuasion and coercion. If I was doing an evangelist meeting and we presented the topic of the Sabbath and a father said This is the last time that I will come to your evangelist. I mean I'm not coming back any more. I said Would you mind if I visit with you in your home. He said When would you like to come over because I have some stuff I want to talk to you about I said perfect because I want to listen and so I go over there and to his house and his whole family is there they were a homeschooling family. He was an engineer and his wife was a stay at home homeschooling mom and with all the family in the room he said to me Do you mean to tell me that if I don't keep the Sabbath that I'm going to hell. And I said I'll tell you why. Let's go to Scripture and let's ask God what He desires of us. He says no no no no no no. I already know that God desires me to go to church. God desires me to worship him on the seventh day of the week you made that very clear. I just want to know Are you telling me that I'm going to go to hell if I don't keep the Sabbath. He had a ten year old boy. It had been in the class in our children's class while the adults are doing the meeting. We have somebody else doing the exact same topic with the kids in another room and the little ten year old boy who said I think it was just his angel speaking through him. The little boy said Daddy if we read the Ten Commandments it tells us to worship God on the seventh day of the week and that Dad was flat footed. I wish I could tell you that he made the decision to join the church or to at least honor the Senate but by the way in my ministry if somebody joins the church praise the Lord. I don't ask people if they want to if they want to get baptized. I just don't. They come and they say hey look you know what I'm going to do to join this group. That's what happens. You got to give Bible studies in a way that just causes people to yearn to know more and God has given us a truth that does that. So this family didn't come back any more evangelistic meetings but guess what they have. My phone number and the knowledge are absolutely right. Action three thousand verse four says that Paul persuaded them I could have told that man. Yes the Bible makes it very clear if you and I are rebellious to the revealed and understood will of God we will not make it to heaven. I coulda said that to the man and been absolutely accurate in that statement. If we know God's will we refused to do it. That means we're rebellious and rebellion is what kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Rebellion is what had Lucifer lead had them. Could have gone that way but I was not coercing the. Yes I wanted to persuade them and the little boy helped out huge. With that I see a one eighteen. Anybody know what that says. Come now come now let us reason together say at the Lord when we're giving Bible studies. God lets us know. I am willing to reason with you. Bring me your argument. That's what God says Bring me your argument this afternoon or later on this morning to have an afternoon meeting or have a morning meeting after this. Me How does that work in afternoon so. So after lunch when we come back here after lunch we're going to learn how to allow God to reason through this book called The Bible. I have a sheet that I will email to you also have it up here on the screen because we're going to be practicing it's going to be interactive where you are actually going to be overcoming excuses with Scripture which is quite fun. What time are we done in here. After new meetings at three o'clock. OK so don't take an afternoon nap. Ten thirty OK. Praise the Lord. So as you gain decisions for Christ there is a key to gain a yes or no. I was concerned about answering that question so directly in front of the children. That's what I was so concerned about. I didn't want those children and I could have answered it very directly. My concern was for how the children were going to perceive God in that situation. Had it been him and I and his wife I would have said Look my friend God has given us what he wants us to do. You and I love Jesus why wouldn't we do what he wants us to do and honor him in this and I could have said that in front of the kids but I would have been much more direct with that dad in that home and in that situation. My goal was not. To turn those children against dad. My goal was to turn dad toward God and to follow that and you know who know who knows what's going to happen but but it was very clear. I mean he told me that it was very clear that God was asking him to honor that yes or no. Yeah. Let me illustrate this we always have to allow room for the Holy Spirit to work. Christina who we are currently studying we have I have not changed names to protect the innocent because they don't need protecting Christina she shows up at church because her dad came to church that hey this is a cool church you need to come to it. So she shows up her dad stops coming to church Christina's and Bible studies and so we continue Bible studies and Christina. Well Christina works Thursday night Friday night Sabbath night. That's when she works Thursday afternoon to late evening Friday afternoon to late evening Saturday afternoon till late evening. Christina when we studied we studied with her for probably two months before we ever got to the topic of the Sabbath because I wanted her to have this great relationship with Jesus in order to be able to to swallow the pill of the Sabbath that was my concern in that situation because she grew up without a relationship with God I really didn't know who Christ was. So we're we're establishing that with her and then we go over the topic of the Sabbath and she says What am I going to do. I'm a single mom I work Thursday night Friday night seven on those nights. What am I going to do. I said Well tell me what are you going to do. I can't tell him what to do. If I tell him what to do and she can't feed her family who she coming to me. If God tells her what to do and she can't feed her family who she's going to go to and then who is God going to tell her to go to the pastor of the church. Right so Christina goes to her boss and talks to her boss her boss is a backslidden Seventh Day Adventists who sings gospel music at this opera house that Christina works at not an opera and operate you know like the Grand Ole Opry This is called Orange Blossom operate. So her bar sings gospel music to ease her own conscience on after the sun goes down on Friday until after the sun goes down on Saturday. Well her boss said You know I understand that you want to have the Sabbath off. Can you wait until the season is over. Now let me ask you a question. Christina needs to feed her family. She knows the requirement of God. She's worked at this opera house for seven eighteen years. Do you tell him to kick the Opera House to the side and to abandon people. What do you tell him to do. I tell you what I told him to do I said Christine. God's going to lead you. He has already shown us the truth about the sound that God has instilled in you a loyalty factor that runs very deep. God wants that loyalty factor on his side too. She said Pastor Scott I'm going to finish this season I'm going to honor my employer and I'm going to honor God to the best of my ability and then once the season is over God has me every time we study the Bible together we study on Thursday morning she said. As I just can't wait to the season is over. I'm just not comfortable doing this and I don't even have to talk to her about it. It just comes out of her. So is she convicted by God is God This is the Holy Spirit working on her. Absolutely. Could I tell her Look you really operate. We'll take care of your expenses until the summer when the season is over and then you can find a job. I could tell one of them. We have the resources to do that. But is that going to enable her to stand on her own loyalty factor in my opinion it's not what he said she. She said every Friday night every Saturday afternoon that's all they talk about when they take their breaks is the sound so it's pretty cool. But she is she is growing in her. She came from a nothing relationship with God this relationship with God do I want her to have that loyalty factor when she comes into the church you know that I mean this lady comes to prayer meeting on Wednesday night. I don't know if any of us could say we got a prayer meeting every Wednesday night. She goes a prayer meeting every Wednesday night. She goes to Sabbath school she goes to church and then she jets off to go up to the opera house to fulfill her obligation until the season is over and you know Satan compounds situations. This Opry House just got a new lighting light new lighting was installed with a new light board and who did the company trying to use it. Christina So anyway the key to gaining a decision is conviction. There are positive indicators of conviction and there are negative indicators of conviction. Have you ever been under conviction described conviction to me what is conviction conviction is uncomfortable at times. Let. Back up from the result of conviction to define conviction. OK So conviction for you is knowing what you are doing wrong or right. So the Lord convicted you to quit your job at fifty five to go to work for him. OK so what we're talking about her actions. What is the definition of conviction so conviction then is the voice of God speaking to the conscience. That's what conviction is I hear conviction in Christina every time we study. When she says I can't wait until this season is over. That's conviction speak in the voice of God speaking to the conscience. Go with me to John chapter three verse eight. This is probably one of my most favorite verses of scripture to quote in John chapter three in verse eight it says Jesus is talking to naked Damus there is giving the sense and here's a reading distinctly. Here rest the sound there Rob but can't not tell from whence it cometh or whether it go it. So is every one that is born of the what. So was every one that is born of the Spirit. Can you see can you see the wind. Can you see the effects of the wind. So Jesus himself said that when he convicts people when the Spirit of God convicts them that we won't be able to see the Spirit of God but we will be able to see the evidence of God speaking to the conscience. Does that make sense. We won't be able to see the effects of the wind on the tree even though we can not see the wind. Let's go to. John sixteen eight I quoted John three eight let's go to John sixteen eight. The Spirit of God when we think of conviction most often we think of conviction as something that produces a negative or uncomfortable feeling in us. Is that true. Well look at John Chapter sixteen and verse eight. It says in John sixteen eight this is Jesus speaking here is just in verse seventeen verse verse seven talked about the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost. What I just did was give you the sense of what we are reading. Now I'm going to read it distinctly it says. And when he is come the he there is the comforter comforter the helper in some of your versions the Holy Spirit when he is come he will reprove the world of sin of righteousness and of judgment three things that the Spirit of God is going to reprove or to convict us of one of those three things. Since OK what's the next one. Righteousness and judgment sin or doing wrong righteousness doing right and judgment. The difference between wrongdoing and right doing does that make sense. So here the Spirit of God is going to convict us of sin when we are convicted of sin. Do you think that's a comfortable feeling or an uncomfortable feeling. It's typically uncomfortable because we know we are in the wrong spot. Now when the Spirit of God convicts us of our righteousness you suppose that's going to be a good feeling or a bad feeling. But good for you it's like helping your wife carry in the groceries. You don't feel bad for sitting on the couch reading the newspaper or the news or watching the news. You feel good that you got up and you helped carry in the growth. Oh yes that is a good feeling right. So the Holy Spirit convicts us of what we're doing wrong and of what we are doing right. And judgment that is to come so we can expect when the Spirit of God speaks to people sometimes it's going to make them feel good. Sometimes the Spirit of God is going to make them feel uncomfortable. Such as Christina sometimes a spirit of God is going to convict them on their wrongdoing or their right doing to the point where they have to change something and what you and I are doing we are opening because that's the example Jesus left us there are two times in Scripture Jesus studying the Bible with individuals and both of those times he studied one thing and he followed that thing all the way out to the end. Do you want to see those two times I have to show you this afternoon. I'm sorry elder. The wonderful love of Christ will melt and subdue hearts when mere reiteration of doctrines would accomplish nothing. It has to be centered on Jesus Christ. Maybe we can. I sat down with a lady in Sheridan Oregon Her name is Maris Saul and Maris all were done at ten thirty. Marisol was the wife of Joe Joe is sitting in his easy chair right here. Marisol is sitting on a couch over here. Pastor Ron Werner was passed it was sitting right there and I was sitting right beside Ron Warner in their house. Now Jim did I say Jim or Joe. OK We'll keep it Joe Joe it's a true story I just Jim and Joe gets confusing for me so Joe is sitting right here and he's talking to us and he had. Just really dedicated his life to Christ. He had just been rebaptized the Sabbath prior to us visiting in his house on Monday. Well Joe's story is that forty years prior to this event Joel had married. Marisol Mera Saul was a Roman Catholic. Jo's family disowned him. They didn't want to have a thing to do with her. He stopped going to church. He swore he would never go back to an advantage church because the administrators wouldn't accept his wife his pair he'd had a terrible relationship with his parents after that and Marisol hated the Seventh-Day Adventist Church because of how Joe's parents treated him how the church treated him and her. She wasn't ever going to have anything to do with Seventh Day Adventists would Jo gets the Lord gets a hold of his heart. And so we're sitting there in their living room and I look at Mera Saul and I said Mehra Saul when would you like to become a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. She hates Seventh Day Adventists. She's very thankful that Joe gave his heart back to God and she was Hispanic so I'm going to my best Hispanic accent imitation she said you think I need to be baptize. I know drinking and I know smoking I know cheating I know bt they can't. I don't need to be baptized hinted to me that taxed for forty years. She hasn't kept the Sabbath here I am this is my very first evangelistic meeting. I give my Bible out and in my mind's eye I am putting on a glove somebody put on the gloves because I know that this lady needs something deeper in her relationship. And just about the time I open my Bible God impresses me with this. Scott you didn't say anything about baptism so I sort of relaxed in my seat and I'm thinking about this and she just over here if you mean just looking at us and I said this is an aerosol. Yeah that was her full name. I said Did did I say anything about baptism. And she went from this angry look to the soft look. And she said no. I said Who was it that spoke to you about baptism. She said Who do you think it was. I said there's no doubt in my mind and I want you to be the one that answers that question. She drops her hands in her lap and then she looks up she said but I knew drinking I know smoking. I go to church every Sunday. I know beat the kids. I'm a good person. Why do I have to be at that time said Mehra So there it was again. Someone is talking to you about baptism. All I asked is when you wanted to join the church. Who's talking to you about that. God I said some aerosol which Shabbat would you like to become a Seventh Day Adventist. Christian this or the next. She said I think the next day she was baptized two Sabbaths from that Monday all because I listen to the voice of God It said you didn't say anything about actors and my friends for me this was just I'm so glad God put that at the beginning of my ministry. That was a very first evangelistic meeting I went to Mission College of evangelism and Louis Torres says Scott I'm going to be out of town. You're doing the evangelist meaning I'm like I'm never going to Vangelis you meaning he says Well here is my material prints my stuff and so here I am. Pastor Werner him and this Roky evangelist and God says you didn't say anything about that. Tism God spoke to me to Maris Oh God convicted Marisol and she's still a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Today our Saviour's power was not in a strong array of sharp words that would pierce through the very soul. It was his gentleness and his plain unassuming manners that made him a conqueror of hearts. That's from testimonies for the church Volume three page four seventy seven. Positive indicators of conviction. People are happy. They share with each other. They make personal application there's tears of joy they can't stay away from the church their face lights up by the way if you want to give me your email address I'll email all of these notes to you. Just give me your email address and please make sure you write in block letters so that I can understand it four or five weeks ago I gave my Pathfinders at the Leesburg church we meet every other Saturday afternoon before I gave him a sheet of paper. I said Write down your email addresses. I will email you the stuff you need to study for the quiz for the seeds on it. Well I went to enter those email addresses into the computer and I couldn't. Read their handwriting. So I gave up. Oh dear I was right I was like All right so if you're going to give me your email address write it in block letters. Use all caps because an e-mail addresses caps in smaller letters don't make a difference. So put it all in caps will be able to read. Yes ma'am. Maz my daughter's getting it she's home school just want to know by the way we don't really have to type anymore either. I can talk to my computer and it will do and that's why we have put some papers together we were in class. People can't stay away their face lights up they become friendly they ask questions they're also negative indicators of conviction. They get sad they reject what you are sharing with them they want to argue with you. They get tears of anger. They begin to avoid you. They get tears of anger. Then there's anger. They're reluctant there's objections I see writing these downs then I'm happy to email these to you. So please just give me your email address I'll give you all the notes I have. You can take all events into a Power Point if you want or key notes and then you can teach this yourself. They want to study more or they refuse they have a positive or negative attitude. They make lifestyle changes they rebel. They may make restitution or they deny that there was ever an issue they had peace in their heart or they get restless. They say I'll pray about it I was in Mt Tabor or going to an evangelist meeting and we had just finished the topic of the Sabbath and a lady comes up to me and she says I'm going to go home and pray about this. I looked at her and I said well I'm going to get all going to go home and I'm going to pray in harmony with you that God will give us the courage to do what we know he has already asked us to do. She looked at me with this deer in the headlight look because she was going to go home and pray to see if that's really what God wanted her to do and I said I'm going to pray in harmony with you that God gives us the courage to do what he's already told us to do. By the way that lady joined the seventh Avenue Church so God is the one that does this people. God doesn't he gave you your personality. You'll never be a David Asher you'll never be a scout more because that is not who God created you to be. I will never be able to be Nicole Parker softspoken pleading with a motherly type voice in the morning devotions for us to have a loving relationship with God I'll never be able to do that because I'm not a mama I can't plead in that way. But mamas can do that when daddy's are studying with Daddy's by the way this is a third down and prayed in here just to let you know that when daddy's study with Daddy's daddies can appeal to Daddy's and say God has given us the responsibility to carry our families into the kingdom of heaven. We as fathers in our home have this responsibility of God Do you want to leave your family into the kingdom or further away. A mother can plead with a mother and say God has given us as mothers the the desire to see our entire family saved what would keep us from doing that. God is may you need to be who you are. Sometimes sometimes I do that the hardest part of my ministry is sitting back and letting Bob give the bible studies that's so hard for me because I just want to I just want to jump in there but I'm the prayer partner sometimes when he's doing a study on the prayer partner when I'm doing the studies the prayer partner. That's why you go to back to we can get it at some other point. It's hard to me just to sit there but God has given Bob and Bob's armor to Bob so that Bob can reach people that Scott Moore cannot reach. Bob said to me the other day we'll we'll end on this one. Bob said to me the other day he said Scott I just I mean starting with this this guy I forget his name it's the guy that I'm not going to Bible study with he says he's just not making any advances. I mean he he just. The jump from one topic to another topic and it turns out that he is using a New World Translation unlike also he has a history even with Jehovah's Witness organization you've got to be observant right Bob told me had a New World Translation us of a bomb if he is a former Jehovah's Witness or if he is a Jehovah's Witness right now you're not going to see any progress in this man's life until he is completely ready to sever all of his relationships and to join a new congregation of believers. That's the way it works with Jehovah's Witnesses. They won't make any advances until they are solidly sure in their mind you have the truth and then when they jump ship they literally jump ship and the crew that was on that ship will have nothing to do with it. And so Bob went into this with a new idea when it came to the individual that he starting with and he came to me after the study and he said Scott that was just that was incredible I just felt such freedom knowing that this guy is probably not going to make any decisions. Bob went into that Bible study one in Menton to know what Bob knew and to make a decision that day. Now Bob has freedom. This man is going to make decisions but he's going to make those decisions in his own time with God's convicting power. Look at this quote those who yield to the influence of the Holy Spirit begin war within themselves. Those who cling to sin and war against the truth and its representatives you can expect that people are going to get upset with you because who else do they have to take their conviction out on. Sometimes you will be a punching bag. It's all right to get punched for the Lord Jesus Christ. People are going to get upset and they're going to get mad. It's all right if they're upset get upset with them not them. If people get mad get mad with them but not at them. If people start to cry and cry with them if they start to laugh. Last with him. Follow their train of emotion as they are making that decision and you will be a much more successful evangelists Bible instructor. And guys guess what I'm trying to cram like sixteen weeks into two hours right. This coming fall our goal we're working through for a conference to make this happen is to run a three week session where we teach people simply how to give Bible studies that that's the whole goal. One thing I've learned is that if I can get another member up there giving Bible studies and I'm over here giving Bible studies and just duplicated myself and that's what Jesus did with the disciples and Paul would say I'm in collage in chapter one that in his day the entire world heard the Gospel of Jesus or it's just this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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