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God the Comforter, Part 1

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him father we come here today and we recommit as we've already done our lives we pray that not only the words of our mouth the meditations of our hearts like the acceptable initial but that in a special way I visually format us in every way the Spirit of God will will be in us the fruit of the spirit will will prove in Jesus name and you know I'm the kind of person who who wants to try to put everything in plain language are we were discussing before though when the people were coming in that every profession has a vocabulary to another unit of the Dennis here are she's got a vocabulary we can speak it with another not that we'd be good and put in fillings and everything but at least we know what she's talking about it notarized and if an engineer has an engineering vocabulary and whoever you are we speaks and the problem that we have in the Christian life is that it is a vocabulary that most of us don't speak and I've noticed in ministry that when we come to church on Sabbath a new vocabulary since it says in the most the people do not stick it so so what will go through all the motions who will say everything but if you have some of what you talking about I'm not sure what it is you understand what I'm saying so at the end of the road what we've got to do the life in Christ is a practical life in Christ and it is in this big is this day is really bit and so and so so what we've got to do is resist him the strength of our spiritual in other words don't get hung up on one part of it and this is the trend in Iraq coming from the friends I know was was so desperate to live a life in Christ instead of making them bigger we make a small else talk about that as we go along we don't need somebody who specialized in whatever and sometimes tongue-in-cheek I'll say that you know the Christian life and let's be honest it has its ups and downs and some people talking is that sound like they're just been noticed on a cloud of registered November Rod of a person thinks he's arrived he didn't know where he was going on the Christian life is just that it's not getting there on it you know it's it's it's a continual journey that's what it is and not as I think we have to have that vision because our expectations and messes up I know it's true and higher than the human thought can reach is God 's ideal for his children up with you here some people talk they arrived there and they see everybody else's lesser lifeforms make the rest of us feel like we're losers it is not the way you hear what I'm coming from that's not right and in fact and I was starting off a little negative turn in my mum friends tonight is talking like a grandpa on his talk you really are really in a heart-to-heart see and and forgot what a sight I have simultaneous attacks of amnesia and déjà vu and so what was I saying they were listening to a good to know what was in the voice of the web has its ups and downs all you even some people say you know I think that my Christian life would be better if I could decode seven nine yeah I think all the problems I'm having is because I don't understand Zephaniah is our another person say I think the problem is the general conference on they have the white estate therein and got all the writings and this is why locked up in him in the back because this is really loud anyway when they got the spirit of prophecy all locked out that if they would just let it out my problems would be over I don't feel that Zephaniah or portable with it that most of those the honest with ourselves we're not moving forward whereupon up and it isn't because we didn't know it we just hung out and we're trying to have it both ways I may tell the story again but thought you see what we have to resist it when I see this crowd in a in there and I know that that this is a committed this is a committee but it doesn't mean when I look at the group of tenured delight my grandchildren when I look out there and in my and my children I think of myself they could get tripped up in fact you know we could be here for different reasons in other words someone coming in summer are here wrecked lives did you know that and are trying to use UIC to put it back together and I write on and so this doesn't mean all that glitters here is not gold and so the problem of the problems we have is that some of us have a split life I will we have a sacred part and a profane part of an illustrative I was in a church one Sabbath in the church bulletin they said that two weeks later they were not have a church heritage so that some powerful church heritage that him for the Sabbath school they were not have the review of our founding fathers and mothers is not powerful and for Jennifer the worship service it would be good there are doctrines it is not wonderful that afternoon it was going to be that mission outreach of the church and had Saturday night it was going to video Godzilla meets Frankenstein and conservative which really illustrates why a split I got my religious life and I got the other one and that's what we got a boy in other words while we would meet we must guard that the split up that they were the same everywhere we go visiting we've arrived no but we know where were going and it's not just on Saturday it's all that in one of the things I think this is a burden that I have on my heart is that we used to go to church as a guide to learn how to live now were taken how we lived to church to notice that they're beginning to make church look like every day that's where we get the rock 'n roll church in all her to listen to rock 'n roll all week it sounds good in church but but but but but those of us who to stay away from that stuff and we go to church we hear it breaks our heart that so anyway I think that's than what we wanted to his dull let's don't let it be split on keep it together and I think as I said before that we have our ups and downs and if we have it down don't quit well you know I does this I think I quit don't quit because we made a commitment ups and downs we stay with this because he was in and out of more power Paul was having quite a story about the start but I always do this is the warm-up because you know when we start talking age of the big stuff you know you have to give me permission to talk to his Republican who's been I don't know if I want to hear him or not I don't know I don't think I like it and but anyway just yesterday when I was coming from Florida I was in the waiting room at the airport and there was a guy this was a guy sitting over your setting and his hair was an interesting view that not know my generation since there and it and tries to look good this one is this is when comments are in the morning uses GLA discloses his hair which is just like that and he has studs in his ears he was all grizzly Logan in his face and he had these genes on the head this means out like that you know they pay money for those we hasn't been a witness to throw those away but now you will save fifty dollars for that kind of stuff but anyway and very was the rag is looking guy and I looked over at him I thought who are other but but but but I thought the light source no reason I can think of I turn and I said something to it and his eyes lit up he was a human being talked in all that funny business was a real person and we began to talk about what he did know he was up from Michigan here are some place in and about his life in and I and I is the text on an act and he answered in the kind with the Bible something out and I thought to myself this is powerful to what you see is not always what you get and I thought something and we has the word witness I thought to myself witnessing is bigger than we see it hi so exaggerated that sometimes we think of where this has the Journal of the pope as antichrist and is not sure that that's witnessing now that's not witnessing that's that's lowballing somewhat in that right as I've been run over with a steamroller in the Journal and another that that football player about basketball players we talked about the important things in life and I didn't Jesus knew that he was talking about real life and I think it in our witness we've got understand it is not just given a Bible study on the state and is expected and I like the story that Jesus big illustration and when he cast the demons out of that guy on the other side of the lake and and the guy was naked in and by this agreement now on unwanted fifties altogether but anyway the fellow wanted to go with Jesus and Jesus and no go home and tell him what I did for you and I think at the end of the day this is what witnessing is to tell people it's not now in hard way but in gentle natural way because a person persuaded against their wills of the same opinion still in Iraq you can't cram I turn the other we talk about it in a cramming for a test you can cram for new judgment it's got to be something economy grows on leeway to begin it I think I got it I got this thing about big communities and how to know we haven't finished here I do know that when I was very well coordinated I've already mentioned of what it's like to live in the last days I can have your Bibles alleged turn to first shot sixteen seven and eight and the summer sunlight is read that for us John sixteen seven eight the I guess it is for Jean when the speech is John government 's Jesus is talking this elective guide Bible is insufficient this print is so small it looks like the print on the back of a toothpaste to you can read this the severe discipline and on for us you notice that when a printer real slow like that had lands somebody read it in the big print and in a and you will you and you know this is interesting in it and I will be talking about this because usually these these topless Pentecostals are Assemblies of God have you ever had them come up to you and say you have the Holy Ghost Pentagon in two act and what do they mean changes they can done that's it that's the goal stand if you got the Holy Spirit you can speak in top and I am because they're into the gifts of the spirit but I know my dad used to say don't even talk about the gifts of the spirit until you talk about the food because the gifts of the spirit can be can be counterfeited or bought on the black market there were ongoing from this up on you won't remember this but but there was was a Jimmy Baker I mean I never saw the guy with the big television guy and what was he doing hanging around in a motel room with the prostitutes or something like that yet he had that this is the spirit and so they can be counterfeited they can be faked yet the him under that a whole bunch of people who can be intimidating to always talking without a with a friend of mine and he said he was talking with one of these people you know assemblies or whoever they are and end this person insisted that if you have the have the Holy Spirit you had to have on the gift of tongues and endlessly this is a help help all of us then my friend said that a young man when Jesus was baptized Mark this down what did he get one that what what was that the it was the Holy Spirit and so when Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit in the form of the belt came on it and then this young man's said of his Pentecostal beliefs and the guys that have been the guy began to cry he said thank you so much all these years I've been faking I think a significant because these people have made the and then it's got to be that this is not enough I'm ridiculing this a little bit and I think we have to sometimes young people are throwing down things in and among us there is so far out that that that diltiazem by the way he who asked the questions controls the agenda and so guys can come along to you with an ax to grind and compiling a new remember when he went to that tree on the list the snake as it start asking questions that he was controlling her equipment when the snake as the questions the serpent she should hit the roads issues and about here something not right with it so while so anyway so I think I was so serious that someone comes and starts fooling around with something far out don't talk to them about you might say something like you got to be getting involved away but we don't need to let people draw us in because there are questions that have only wrong answers and that happened to Jesus Dennis they came in they said master it will wonder what you think it is this or this one he knows that however you answer that you were wrong so so he took over the engine he asked them a question not only tell you that ladies and gentlemen is because we're in the last day and and in the last days it's a battle for what far brain is not the part of persecution and related allotment less easy part this is the part that gets you and you and the devil is after us and expect and remember Jesus was betrayed from the inside and so insert up we were walking down the hall and when the fellas joke is that some of the Jesuits the Jesuits of the least of our problem here when I was a weekend externalized and others doesn't mean that we see people as good guys and bad guys we've got to see some error not in this guy nobody is good in this heaven by this lot we miss it by my understand is not this much we miss them all that but job but but going back to this job this matter up of the gifts of the spirit partner throughout Thursday and again I'm ridiculing a little bit of this but when you go to a ballgame okay I think I've been Juan has been a long time ago I went after the seventh inning when it was free but anyway are when you go to a ballgame of people at the volume they jump up and down and nobody said they got the Holy Ghost but they jump up and down in church I got the Holy Ghost is not true when you fall out of bed in the morning nobody says you got the Holy Ghost which is all on the floor in churches they got the Holy Ghost and this goes back to the text we just read that when the Holy Spirit comes what happened for a thing convicts us of sin of righteousness and judgment and when that happened down if I'm wrong you're more likely to cry baby on jump up and sell them and so that let's not be intimidated by those who tell us that when the Holy Ghost comes and we go out of our mind in fact I believe that when the Holy Ghost as we talk about it later when the Holy Ghost comes honest we don't go out of our minds he returns are well diocesan delegates are well aware of the devil will control you elected on the chain on and all but I don't think the Holy Spirit would control is like that do you come home and what much of what I mean what are we talking about but we've got this idea that when the Holy Ghost comes that were not there think thoughts anymore that he's got to know that even if you understand what I say and I is this illustration and we'll talk more about it I ought to does the new operating system in my talking computer I uneasy when he formats up and endlessly doesn't take us away from ourselves he restores in us the life the Jesus myth meant for it to be an insult and so what I want to say is this that before we gifts of the spirit and I know people random that let's do the fruit of the spirit because you can have been counterfeited here so the spirit are all are black marketing gifts of the Spirit I use those words but you can't have counterfeited our black-market infernos you can't say the fruit of the spirit because the fruit of the Spirit is where it's on the inside in any way of Jesus uses the fruit of the Spirit as a chance somebody read Matthew seven sixteen and somebody else can we looking at Matthew twelve thirty three of them at the seven sixty and okay Matthew twelve thirty three a.m. it goes on in the same life that I was fifth we've got understand that the fruit of the Spirit is an optional ice not what it is as Christians well it all I'll try to get to that somebody read Matthew twelve twenty one twelve one the ninth nineteen a student is treated in the way the problem is there is certainly little room on the present and present you with all came what's the point in the history of this print option is not so serious that those who do you think they can say what they want but but but alas the fruit of the Spirit is being manifest and thank you can say I think you can say this that and I think that this is a good point that back in the old days I know you don't like the heroes one hundred people talk about the old days back in the old days you could be an administrative good and regular standing on the morning and I don't regret a minute of that I mean it was a check list and we did it gladly I know some people say well it was that there drove the young people now the church within drive me out and I'm not the only one but the problem is that it is that when you have a checklist is possibly never get inside in other words you can know you can be of Michigan let's say and be mean as soon as my right on the absolute latency and an echo but we have a tendency to externalize and that's exactly what I meant it we'll talk about it later if you're specializing in something in your Christian life your message yourself up in other lives to AIDS this being in fact it's going to be the fruit of the spirit and educators working to see it's indivisible it's Galatians five twenty oh two and twenty three that's one of the art are because there is the fruit it bears the fruit of the spirit and you notice is connected in other words you can't say I'll take a little of it is that some of it is set up and I'll get to that later it all goes together in the first one is what a law but the fruit of the Spirit is love I don't need very well not to say but if you want to make it impossible for your enemy up to not convey his ideology takeovers language so the devil has taken over our language but given the words different meaning up one of these words is love because a person can say what you know as I was come into the house I saw two dogs make in love or you could say were did you hear about the homosexual lovers and I just love pumpkin pie and God is love and one of these days guys visit not if that's what you mean so and so the words are being corrupted and and let me to speak because you know run it I talk about your wife shot dead on but you're married and what your kids are out there then I nominate your married and oh well everybody is a grandma grandpa of his life anyway I may say this the word love these days I don't need to tell you mean sex MRI on it's about sex have you noticed that everything is about sixty days and pick me know when you even airport delays the always magazines and on to the place where it were I turn my head when I walked the him pretty now is the thing I can understand about our dear sisters and mothers and wives the women are intent on being in other things that the citizens I think not come on not mutilated of course but generically is not the way to I got a sexy I was in a table one day in and she was a young in our Adventist girl and she said on one of the problem was aware she is attractive borough of this horrible was where she I want to be desirable and she was she was not otherwise empty weight on you know what you got what you trying to tell him he was anyway let me say this now these very people I don't even say that this event with Vietnam marriage is not built on love is still on commitment because it see the word love is unstable right it can be motivated by the Academy like this and and and and especially with the divorces that as well I never loved her anyway I is I told you I used to live in South Asia and out and over there you don't get to choose even marry aware that I was in a subway here several months ago and and there was a young woman there and I saw some bangles on her arms and open one of vandalism like and and and I can see the silver bangles and nine and when I saw those bangles I knew she was a saint you know that you know there from Punjab and so I said are you seeing she said yes and there was her manager Sir supervisor was Aaron and he began to talk to give over the table rising my subway and he said I just got back from Andrea and I saw the girl I went to Mary I figured Nora see over that part of the world it is not a marriage of two people that American family and so mommy and daddy decided that Mary and so on when I was in Pakistan there was one of the teachers and and let's say you know he wanted to marry a certain girl you know that he saw the daddy decided it was good be someone he out and I remember the first Sabbath after the wedding the honeymoon on Sabbath morning he was setting here and she resented the other hand romantic and this and make commitment and then his establishment by they were sent by each other after a while but I think that this is critical for business critical because this generation doesn't like the work notice that this generation uses the word relationship you have a relationship with you and that will listen to me I'm not exaggerating the word relationship in the twenty first century is worthless I don't know about it in some of the other languages it's worthless the devil has a relationship with Jesus he hates it so relationship means nothing at all I was talking with a young man who was living with the girl without being married by the way this basketball player we had a heart-to-heart talk and he's got a girl that he might want to marry nieces were thinking of moving in together this summer and boy did I talk about that in a very nice way because because it when these kids move in together without being married it stops the bonding stops it and by the way most people who get a divorce or huge number of them were living together for their anyway we thought he was serious I was just doing this we would just talk back and forth back and forth anyway I was talking with a young man one day I was living with a girl without being married nice and pleasant life in Houston we love each other were best friends we share expenses and we snuggled how do you like that word that was the really good word when I was embarrassed by that word and I said that sound like that evening whether to go ahead and get the one megawatt met and I think that this is critical amongst us who were here because you all are rubbing shoulders with people all the time and are using the word relationship just tell them to stop what I'm telling that were no good it doesn't mean anything that that what we're looking for his people ready to make a commitment to Jesus and not another thing that you heard this expression of the way talk religious talk when you say it that way but really if we think of who it is what we need to say I was in a Baptist church one time and the minister said watch this now that you've accepted Jesus as your Savior won't you accept it as the Lord of your life to see what he was doing he was splitting now the Jesus as your Savior won't you consider obeying him savings people believe that you can save that it closes it I was having a debate with a minister of an and Andy and I and on the Internet and this man actually said when you get saved you can't get on say and an week talking with you rob a bank today I doesn't affect your salvation which is when you get to having those shrink your reward I mean this is the kind of stuff that's going on and so so always I started to say that if Jesus is Lord of your life is a word we use what is that mean we've got to start taking religious talk and breaking it down to language we understand what is larger like me very this is another that is where I wanted plain language what we're talking about when Jesus is one of our life and control now there's another word that another word that we to make it is okay if you love me keep my commandments in other words in other words a person is that Lori is a person that that is telling us what to do what not to believe that that's awful to say that because when you talk that way these days they call that a legalist whenever we read we talk about holy life these days summons difficulty legalism I writer all the first three words that are used to being back holy life one word is leaderless another word is judgmental and the other words there is an event that happened a I want to talk about a holy light ghostly events leading all once we understand what God went up through the Spirit is if is the fruit of the spirit we understand that you can't really because because our leaders as a person works on the outside of the through the Spirit can be worked from the applicant were from inside you can't do it yourself only the Holy Spirit can do so legalism is out the window when we talk about through the spirit anyway it is another thing to her we talk about this generation did you understand what I said about love is corrupted but also so word that comes into play here in and of the word love is the word self-esteem and heard that word no say in the Junior about this lady that killed her children now she has low self-esteem is not sure that the data about the event of a man who abandoned his family always low self-esteem you know what Silverstein me love yourself on the two great commandments of which love the Lord with all your heart and maybe yourself to this generation of has added a third commandment which includes on top in fact I don't know if you've heard people say they say you can't love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself unless you love yourself for the mirror that will hear the word self-esteem and all we live on the moon it is word all over the place self-esteem self-esteem self-esteem means put yourself first and first Timothy it says one of the characteristics of the last days is that men and women would be why lovers of themselves I was talking with this guy yesterday on airplane to this if I will love myself first and my wife loves herself first how long might it be Wednesday Mary is always a way to achieve this is another reason why marriage is a breaking of like grade but this is also why I said to you a moment ago that job that the devil speaks our language in other words when he comes and says the love yourself is a very and in and by the way by the way were born loving ourselves him or babysitter wake online when the caller is looking out for number one and and also this the Golden rules is one of the golden rule is located setting on deliverability you never heard of it when have to update my Hotmail she knows you know do unto others as you would have been doing it was the presupposition that we let what we already love ourselves love your neighbor as yourself with the present position in the not now understanding this is this your case you can say bus roof will you are telling us that we already love ourselves but I know a guy that the that hates himself and the guys as I hate myself goes on so ugly but no if you really hated himself your big that is ugly the following initial was a really saying I didn't say I wish I love better but but another thing watches now someone's told him his and so we've got understand that that that that that my self-image doesn't come from me it comes from who come from you another was a sense that her unsteady and smartened up that somebody else saying this see this is why the church was never to be a place where you came to learn to love yourself the church was to be a place where we came to learn to love other people but their teaching love yourself and educating churches I read a book one time and very got here regular wake up all those lives are living in it I know he was taken on you know you know what I read grade that and I really does a serious they suggested that you take your wife out for the and not to a nice little place a romantic place and so far so good with the soft romantic music playing in the background video audio all right with me and the little candlelight now this is some Irene about self-esteem and they said that at the right time you look at your wife Kimberly and I and you said I love you as soon as I was on the dance floor at this and that's what were our eye you may think it does but it's where we're at in the last days men and women will be lovers of themselves and that's exactly where and I know I'm talking with you I see people you are not immune from that and neither of my because the big one in our lives a selfish and and and and and this is messiness of real bad and you're good to hear me say again if you come back and that is that the home is where is the hardest place in the world a Christian but if we're not we don't have this for the spirit at home we'll have any place and so this is why I have a tremendous burden for four living the life of Christ at home you can do it here that Congress can get when you go to church you go to school going to go home and how law I like people sometimes laser how long would you last on your job if you talk to your mother or your wife like to talk to our talk your boss like to talk to why my guys loving about five minutes anyway Susan married people here a minute all over the place I want is this guys illustration much versioning Jonathan not nominate his love the romantic in my view tell your wife was a wider lover should but now for us man opportunity grows when we tell wisely levels sometimes alleged were just doing it like a recording we say I was not even know what I mean but really what is what is built in the Bible tells us all in one chapter what love it this first roentgen thirteen and I think we need to really take this seriously because here's what I want here you can break this down the next time you go home Gracie Photius here someplace anyway when you see her next time I get off in a corner assembly and say sweetheart I love you and then you explain music by then I mean that on the patient with you I'm a big kind of noticed that I'm not going to Jell-O I'm not good of bread it is if that's what it needs it it is not about dolls make and love are homosexual lover about this and this is the kind of stuff is the fruit of the spirit I'm not in the root I'm not going to be selfish I'm not going to get upset I'm not talking about here and let them the other one I'm not holding drugs I'm not really into doing wrong things but I'm impatient frosting optimistic and strong this is what we got understand that the Christian life is dating you can bring a box of candy and hater I don't care his little story of Missouri to business over already what I was looking for something very already is finished and it's all over take a break and I got a story if you decide to come back if you don't come back you never hear the story but you can send one of the spies back to 's agonist or allocate about this about God going through the motions on love and then we'll move on the seven hundred and this media was produced by audio burgers medium Ministry of UIC generation we would like to listen to more in this presentation or if you would like to learn more about you see the WWII NYC web or also find great to see you are you reverse board and head videos .com


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