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Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • May 15, 2015
    7:00 PM


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Just recently this week I have been moving from Michigan moving all my things have been in storage for like a year and a half because I like to I'm a penny pincher. I like to save money so I said to myself you know I could hire a Budget truck one way from Michigan it would cost me around six hundred seventy five dollars. Without the gas and perhaps other fees that may come with that and so I looked and I said well you know I could rent a Dodge Ram you know pick up truck fit all our stuff in there and then get a trailer from you which would be like twenty thirty dollars a day driving down from Michigan to Fayetteville and then drive it back because if you drive it one way they add an extra five hundred dollars charge which is why the Budget truck would be cheaper normally. Now you thought you calculate the gas and everything and you figure it will still be cheaper. So this week Sunday I'm going from my aunt's Saturday night Chicago her sixtieth birthday party. And lo and behold as I drive in the woods in Michigan on Sunday I find out that a friend of mine is getting married so they're like Hey you're in town so this person's going to pick you up from Union Station train station and they're driving to the wedding so I rode with them to the wedding went to the wedding got a ride down to an arbor slept at midnight woke up and arrived at a price that he I need it I need a ride to your store. They said sorry the driver got lost stuck in traffic so. So we are going to take a car and will reimburse you offer your rental no problem. Bird says two point five times the normal cost somewhere. Should I wait they say this fee this is this price last another three minutes. So I was thinking I should be all right. So I took the car got the enterprise walk in. And she says OK I need your credit card in your ID so I handed my North Carolina license and I handed my Bank of America card but I don't use credit cards. I study finance in college understand credit cards how they work the lives they destroy. And there's of course some responsible people in here who've had their habit under control in moderation. Amen sir but I know when you may see sometimes you know you just need to do what you need to do rightly so but anyway so she looks at me she says well if you have an out of state license you must have a major credit card. I said well I don't do credit cards. She says well if we can't rent to you because you have a North Carolina license so there's that we're not going to remember my trip. Yes that's exactly what that means and I'm stuck downtown in Arbor with no rental car. So she says well you can go to her it's up the street so I called Hertz. They say yeah we can rent to you no problem. They take an hour to pick me up sitting at the bus stop with my luggage and everything they finally put me up to go to hurt. Do they have to do a credit check. That's how they basically do it. Everything goes well with the truck. Find out that the truck has a cover on it that's bolted to the back to the bed of the truck so you can put a bed in there because the top will close down. It's not going to stand up high enough for me to put the bed in it where the couches so I'm like oh OK this is not what I was standing there like this is what we have do you want it or not. Now I'm thinking I have no right so I had to take something so I decided to go with this pick up truck. I've got to get this pickup truck I drive it would get the trailer six by twelve then I drive home and I figure I have to start heading for Berrien Springs where all my stuff is so I drive to Berrien Springs with this trailer. Three hour drive to get down there. My wife of course is this is the address this is everything. I'm finds out she forgot to mail me the key for the lock of the story. Trust me this story is going somewhere. So after I I went I mean that the storage place I would have to that I say let my wife we got to know me the law can you see that we don't have anything the cut the lock I mean this whole establishment I thing is run out of their home because I walked in in the waiting room is the washer and dryer and then are back I found a good one and something what kind of business and I want to make sure I was in the right place my wife said Look if it looks like it's somebody's house it's the right place. OK So she says we can do anything to cut your lock you have to do that on your own. Some thinking I write so I go to Lowe's get a bell cutter find out my I've got the circular locks right which is why I didn't medal but cutters are designed to cut soft metal. But this is stainless steel. Completely hard. You can't so I have an eighteen inch cutter. I'm going to doing push ups on this thing to try to clear to cut the thing but it's not cutting. I've only gotten a new maybe a third of the niche I'm thinking this is unbelievable stuff is raining so I jump in the truck. Well for the raid to stop and I simply OK Lord I don't know what this is about. So finally I get fresh I call a locksmith up the street so I've been this guy I'm talking to this guy is clearly an old man and I said How much would it cost me to do this he started laughing he said Don't do me like that. I'm like I just want to know the price before I ask for the service in a beef I won't get the lock off. Just give me good OK so your cell phone number. So I've given information and then after I hang up on my Apple Maps it has reviews at the bottom in the first review says do not get those guys. It is fine if you charge more than everybody else. So I paid him back saying I got it figured out banks don't come close I don't have a fee. Good out I'm thinking how much. Now mind you I have to drive all the way to food do and back by Wednesday morning. This is Monday so I'm thinking I need to be on the road so fine I go back called my brother in law and my wife in his I will try to get a bigger bulk under his eye view at thirty six that can cut anything. So I go back to Lowe's the biggest out of twenty four. So I'm like I have no choice take this but rather of course I'm doing push ups on this thing literally both hands my arm I will be pulling this thing finally after thirty minutes of this the thing breaks but it's certainly in the break I can pull it off to do so I said OK so I'm wrestling I'm twistin literally the door of the storage finally get this thing off. I throw the lock as far as I can throw it. That's not proper recycling but I am green I'm supportive of that so there's a lot into the words. Start looking into stuff and I have a huge queen size you know mattress box spring couch is right I have to live by myself because the guy was supposed to come because it took so long for me to break the lock. You couldn't come any more and I'm lifting these things by myself into this truck load up which I realize can't load out shares which my wife knows very much this I'm glad she's not here listening to this right though so I left those two by the side of the road drive off as I'm driving off I'm like man I have to get going. So the next day I said well let me pick up my T.V. and my i mac twenty seven inch right from a friend's house go there getting it that night. It's probably almost midnight. Pick up the computer. I mean the T.V. Look at the box the box is empty. My this is weird so I open the box. No computer no keyboard no mouse. He's like I don't know where it is this is a ten thousand dollar computer so I made some phone calls the next morning I find this person ask this person so I called this individual and I say hey do you know my computers. Yet in Adrian Sorry I took it. Me and my friends been making some music on it. OK let me call the guy wake them up. So I drive and I said I believe your place thirty minutes so I'm going to pick this guy up. We're driving to his friends as he's talking to his friend's mom where he's living he's apparently separated from his wife which is where the computer used to be so we were driving to injury in Michigan as I'm driving to Adrian Michigan his mother the guy's mother who has my computer starts cursing us out. I'm realizing a bunch of computer bleep bleep bleep bleep hang up. I say OK no problem so we started driving there. I stopped by a police department saying listen I need a police assist I don't want any drama. I just want to get my computer and get on the road. They say no crime office for me to go to the bird the daughter comes out she says I but I said Look my understanding is computers here. She says Sorry I don't know what you're talking about we don't know anything. We told him to take the computer my mom kicked him out he said so the officers would you mind if we come to look around. No you can't come in do you have a search warrant. He's like well if you have nothing to hide why do we need to get a search warrant because I want this to be legal so why should I get a phone call from the guy who's sitting in the truck he says I saw the guy with a computer upstairs in the window. So I say listen you know I send the car. Away right. Maybe that makes people nervous so I told the officer no problem here's a serial number. Thank you. The cop leaves come back. She lets us search the house no computer drive back to my car the guys like I'm so sorry man I had no idea this will cost them. I mean this is after five hours of this. He's like I'm so so I mean I'm going to try to get your computer back as soon as I drop him back to his house the guy messages him Hey man I can't leave you bought the police to my mom's house. That's not right man but I didn't have again this computer back I'll just blow it up like I think this is believable. I called my wife she said Well I mean I'm like I'm in the police station what the computer. She couldn't believe it I couldn't believe it but the one thing that a lot of things in this situation that were redeeming about it but the one thing I think about when I go through these experiences is I'm about to preach. So I think I should expect these things to happen so you are going to go preach to a group of people the potential of the Gospel then to serious decisions and so the better understands the fact that listen if I met this guy sit down follow his plan so I doubt I would have been home by Wednesday morning afternoon plenty of time but on the road on Friday relax No I get back yesterday evening because a lot of these ended up missing my flight so on and so forth and I was driving literally I went forty eight hours two hours of sleep. I slept in the back of the truck. Some random town in North Carolina where it was I just pulled over because I started swerving on the road and I said Man this is crazy. But lo and behold as I was driving here and I was thinking more I just need a good illustration to introduce. Two things that I like I want to address this topic and that's when the weather brought it back to my mind when I walked into that room in my friend's house. The box suggested that the computer was there it was nicely arranged sat right next to my television set until you start lifting the box and you realize this is rather than is supposed to be. Then you end up in the box and you realize as you do a little bit further investigation there's no computer in you so it gives you a nice pretty picture that there's a computer here this is the room that the outside projects is actually on the inside until you actually do it a little bit further until you actually examine the box and what's inside the box. And that's when I started thinking to myself we come and we say this is south east Korean Adventist camp meeting this is not korean Baptist can't be a man this is not korean Pentecostal meeting. Yes it's coming in Amman can't mean so let me sit down and think about the fact that we have a tendency sometimes inside the religion of Christ to have a nice box in the box is sitting there because the box is there people assume it actually has the contents that it presents. People assume until you walk up and realize the owner of the computer the owner of the contents finds out his contents are not present. So now it makes you wonder to yourself that have been quote unquote Seventh Day Adventist young people are like that box in my friend's house. Jesus comes collecting his things right because he is coming back to collect his things and him to discover. There I'm a time the box was sitting there it was just giving you the illusion and turn Upon further examination you discover it doesn't have the contents you left it with. You lift the box and realize this thing is a little bit lighter than is supposed to be. It's gone. It was rather a deception it was all a fraud and I don't know about you but we as a people subscribe to an idea that there are such things called last days. That means they're numbered. That means you can count them and the last ones mean there's not many left. If there was not many left and there's only a few days and we know that Jesus is coming back to look for make sure what's in the box is supposed to be there because that's what I don't drive with the box. If it doesn't have the computer I have no use for the box the box is there to carry the contents. Nothing else. I don't keep boxes around because it looks nice and people I know he has and I know that's not the purpose of the box is the global computer. So in the same sense the things that Christ has left us as a people some one hundred and something odd years ago. The question is is it still in the box. I am some of the could be Adventists stories. I don't listen to the stories of people who are thankful to the message in the midst of crazy crazy crazy circumstances of opposition they had every reason that anyone else in this room going to said. You can't blame him considering what he suffered and some of those people are your grandfathers and some of those people are your great grandfathers and mothers. That's the cousins. And well you know we live today and thinking that my grandmother my great grandmother grandfather passed down content still in the box. There's a still in the box now to discover and it gives the appearance come to camp meeting go to church every Sabbath make sure who turns out a school that you do your things just like my friend take the computer leave the box and go use it for what you want to do until he comes back looking for his. And now it's too late because the person you gave it to has no intention of returning. I can get it back no problem just let me make a couple phone calls. It seems so easy right now I'm looking at potential jail time and his friend after a certain amount of money is stolen it considered a felony a felony is a minimal one to three years in prison. When I told him our county jail. Not to mention other issues that go with that. I'm going to talk to you tonight about a different perspective about what is an advantage. I begin as I transition now to asking the question how can we be sure when we leave this camp meeting that if Jesus comes if you die before the Lord comes. Jesus was found the contents that are supposed to be in the box. The question is whether those contents. There are those continents that too many times when we talk about being Adventists rather than Adventists who's a true Adventists who is not a real Adventist you know every single person out there grabbing on all kinds of meat and cement as well as a kind of where he's not a real seventy's antics you know she can shrimp every now and again not a real advantage. So it's only as long as you're not eating shit. Good good Adventists. And please believe I'm not encouraging the eating of seafood. I'm highly allergic to it actually and I am asking is what is the defining thing that separates a seven two Bentleys from everyone else. That's the fundamental question in two minutes in this church not knowing why we should stay that is a fundamental issue time and time again. Why should I say for some of us it's because it's our community its reference is the people we know but let alone you've got a nice professional job. That the new set of friends is not as attractive anymore. If it was just social. So I began with a statement from everyone she says. A good clear simple statement I love this statement she says for all intents and purposes Jesus was a Seventh Day Adventists for all intents and purposes. Jesus was a seven two men to so intents and purposes whatever their intention is to try to describe one and I'm going to say and what I mean your purpose in trying to carve out instead of Jesus do a Seven Day Adventists if that's your purpose that to find that out he says where for all intents and purposes. Jesus was a Seventh Day Adventists in other words basically you know I was an Adventist before there was an administration basically Jesus is the about of seven good dentist is meant to be. That's a scary idea. We're not talking about Christian. She even said for all intents and purposes Jesus was a Christian. No she said for all intents and purposes Jesus was a second. That's only expands the mold. I can sit here and tell you can prove to you that Jesus believes everything we believe as a church from the Gospels. I don't need to go to Revelation. We're doing it in the Gospels. He believes in TWO resurrections he believes in the second coming. He believes in the Trinity. He believes in Christian development. He believes in the Bible as the sole authority. He believes in baptism by immersion and I could go on and on to add twenty one fundamental beliefs Jesus believes them and he taught them in the gospels themselves. So now this leaves us with the real question is does not Moon Jesus do you have good seven event is that sounds too simple. Sounds too basic So I want to use a story because stories have ways of kind of bringing our guard down right. I want you to take your Bibles. When I look at Matthew chapter twenty three very sure I know it's Friday night people just drove in. So I would not like to keep you too if my preachiness can help. Matthew chapter twenty three. Are you guys there. We're going to start in verse thirty two. The Bible says this is Christ talking to the Pharisees and Christ has had it. He's tried and tried to win these men but he just cannot win them. And I want you to notice that Jesus uses harsh words as a last resort. That's a listen to anyone as I was you know as he is about the balances this is my last chance to get these men attention. So as a result he uses these words and this is perhaps the end of these hard Stephen rebukes he says in verse. So then the measure of your father's serpent's words how can you explain the condemnation of hell. The ascension prophets winds men and scribes some of them you know Kiran crucified and some of them who were scattered in your synagogues and persecute from city to city that may come. Well how much all the righteous blood shed on the earth from the blood of blood just over to the blood Zacharias son of Benecol between the temple and the latter assuredly I said to you come upon this generation in Jerusalem to REUSS The one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to gather the children together as a handout is for chicks under her wings. But you were not would see your house is left to you. Yes for I say to you you shall see me learn new to you save less it is he who comes in the name of the Lord Jesus recognizes the. That there is a limit to God's mercy. Did you know that there is a limit to the counselors some of us probably put the limit a little bit sooner than God. Oftentimes we have a very strong self-hatred and I find that to be very common in Asian culture to accept with confidence that we are accepted in the Beloved. I meant to accept the potential that God has put into every man whether your engine or not and so on patriot time in ourselves things we would never bear from someone else. You know you think about a Second Amendment in the mirror and says Man I'm so ugly she's prettier than me. Now you can tell yourself that and somehow you know better. But if I'm up to you and so you know she's prettier than you you know they say I have a passage through he's on Christ like and my telling the truth yes or no. Yes but I didn't actually can tell most of them but I can't tell if it's like this thing that we used to say growing up in a black community that it's OK for each of us as black people to clam chowder the N. word but if someone who's not black as is the N. word been ever starting up in arms and this is a complete offense this is racism. I'm like you know saying that like sixty seventy times a day sometimes in one conversation. This guy says it one time it was it was different he says it with a certain intrude in his heart in in his mind and I said So why was it that you can see that hatred behind him and you can say this word that reflects Him through to people you love as if that's a sign that we're close. The crimes was not dealing with people who have a strong self-hatred he was there when the people that have a very strong so low. And he says you know so the cup of your father's can you doesn't mean father's as in the man who was there when you were born in Leeds fathers as in your ancestors. We're talking back to you brought him in Mrs Adams people who followed him because he goes all the way back to righteous people. He says of the righteous bloodshed upon the earth rise and come into these individuals with this he tells them in the next verse and verse that I send you prophets. He also sends them Rosmah And you also sends them scribes and so some of them and crucify and some of the you misquote genius and it wasn't persecute from city to city. So no one is he says I sent you prophets I sent you rising and I sent you scribes Now why does God send the prophet That's the first question is anyone know the answer to that why does God send the prophet to his people. Just pretend like you're not korean for two days. You can answer and respond. Trust me I preach that many Korean functions they just stare at you like you're reading yourself. Then you realize they're probably daydreaming or so so that I was right as God sent a prophet to tell them a message and his message be if you're sending them a profit. I've known him about judgment and right now I don't see that a judgment is coming. Why does he want to be prepared for the judgement. That's Internet the pen which means to do that change the action to change your mind but to change your thinking this automatically to change your behavior. But then when the concept is the lesson every prophet you will find this word. Return return. Jeremiah is filled with it because I mean the people are so far gone. So we're going to pay off that we're gonna make a profit. It's because his people started here and ended up for either of those Them him then they ought to be and God says they are gods and I understand the profit to do that kind of them back. Your thoughts on me. That's my message. The gentleman is to mention if you have to bend this direction this is coming so loses its engine profits that means Metapad times because people have been far from it. Have you ever been far from gone. Million dreamt of this current meeting far from God No staff in Bethlehem time maybe you've been hiding among the trees of the garden but you're far from God Just because Adam and Eve were eating didn't mean they weren't lost environment doesn't save you and there is not a sign that you were see how can you be in a perfect world and that you are a sin and you have lost even Lucifer children had so said I was making once I get to this place once and this church once I get this community then I'm secure and then you are not there is no security there then I think I mean a slaves in Egypt we had it so hard and bondage and oats and got us and we crossed into the promised land the land for them. It's prosperity peace and there's no way you can stray from God when the very ground you back on is a sign of his blessing and soon to plant in the Promised Land. There's a reminder to me that you Worsley and I the bird your God I delivered. But yet in all of these blessings we still find ourselves like that with him says prone to one word. I feel pregnant to leave the god i love. Brothers and Sisters I want you to know that there is a we were inside of our hearts and it's like to study the Bible one day into feel like God was speaking to you literally in the room and the next day to literally have no desire to open the Bible. I know what that's like and it's like to come to a candle to hear a preacher to feel the conviction of the brutal increases you starts when you start getting nervous you don't really know what's going on inside your physical body but you can sense conviction and God says whenever he makes you better respond you can expect and you know I'm looking for but God came and got in contradiction and God spoke to you I mean stand up stuff in your shoulders you have finally come to Jesus you took off you know you decided to submit to him and now it was very easy and his burden was light. But then the next day you got home from that can't lead to is this is you know time with the Lord. No desire to pray. Despite your best intentions and plans and to do lists and i Phone reminders nothing. I know what that's like. And so when we find ourselves drifting from God I want you to know that God doesn't want to make it easy for us to be lost the same now he says I send you prophets. God doesn't want it to be easy for us to be lost. You know my dad had a saying when I was a kid of seven children and my third child suddenly he came home with some very low grades. And of course we know what that meant in our home. I mean you're pretty much about to get a beating. It's over for you. Closer probation. Everyone just leaves the room and goes upstairs. What is this. All right. Pack a simulator bed upstairs lockable. My dad stands there Burton is and I'm just like man I'm so sorry. And so we went upstairs and there's my desk know I need to talk to all of you. So we all sit down in my bed clothes goes at the same time over and over and over that we've been hearing this since I was like nine. And after he finishes the talk you look so my brother who's about to get his and he says listen I need you to know something if you're going to be my son. He says to be as intelligent as you are and to be as bright as you are and to be was gifted as you are I'm not going to make it easy for you to fail. He said I would be too down from a B. to A C. B. to eat two and a half to a G. because my not going to say. There's no way I can just learn to hit the slopes and just take all your academic gifts and promise and potential and just not the time I wasn't a Christian but once I became a question and I began to understand that God sends prophets in the Wise Men scribes got to say I'm not going to make it easy for you to be well and that I was paid but I don't want to suffer but he says listen I'm not going to make it easy for you to be outside the City of God that's an encouraging thought to me. There was one time I believe that the time right now doesn't feel good. The Bible says no just times meant for the moment of pleasure not an object is there. But do you have the peace of the fruit of righteousness. And if you doesn't chastise you that you are not his son it's a sign of a fog. So Jesus says I send you profits for this purpose but to get into the meat of this investor the seven. He uses the illustration of a mother trick in the Bible says after Christ release this point again the prophets and stones goes and goes thirty seven who are sent to her house left and I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you are not willing. Now when a mother hen house are chicks she lets them feed and after she lets them feed she stands back away from her children and she keeps her eyes up she doesn't eat when the as her eyes she was looking for birds of prey for hex Eagles queers in the backwoods went down to grapple. Baby chicks. So she looks up and she begins to realize that her vision is better than the chicks vision. She can see better she can see for the she can see clearer because if you understand birds of prey can fly very high and they can swoop down very fast so she looks up and I was standing in the moment she seems a heck of a sudden the Hawks are circling and he starts making the sound because he recognizes this is what he's about to do and as you start circling the mother hen issues a call with and every chick knows that when I have something in them I don't know how she thought of it and it's not like they had a little chick school and it was I mean there's this means this when you know that that means that it's something that they are put into the heart of chickens that then don't hear this kind of the mother hen that you know you come running. She spread her wings and closes them. Then when the chicks and then it's either just disappear. You can watch us on You Tube And as the tricks this is the book just disappears is not going to try to pick up the mother hen. So Segment seven assumes nothing in their lives right now I know there of course there are there are plenty of tricks there but the problem is the parent cannot sue them and then see if the mother had it right and Jesus is to lose two rooms you know who killed the prophets and stones those who are sent to you. He says how often I would have gathered your children as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but she would not. Now you understand why cry for saying what he said he said mission. I see danger because you know the next words are see I leave your house on to you I see the haka judgment circling around the city and as Jesus sat upon the mount of Olives looking down at this beautiful city with such rich history as far back as believe that and Solomon it's better than age through the Babylonian captivity rebuilt. But as we were in the mire and now I'm assuming that is having survived an enormous terrible calamity I've said my other empire is now in jail and he says you know I see the hawk of judgment and so he begins to issue a call in him that call the clan is danger and danger not you see danger I see things. So as I am sure that response is to come and go there under the wings and as you come one of the things you're nuts. So let me just drive to the points the first of these is that today you know you have an enormous amount of criticism speculation distrust in opposition to the writings of Illinois as a prophet. But you know sometimes when a mother hen Klansmen Jesus sends out a vote sometimes as violence comes through prophets. But we don't like that because we like the people in the text. We could the prophets and then that is the moment in saying I sue them for coming so. And you to come to trust under my wings you see and I was not about I don't lie it's not about design ranges in the conduct of the ages in the testimonies. That's not going to say about it's about issues I mean that and choose a set of them to come into his people and so he sent a prophet and every one of them and why is that going to necessarily come back you didn't find a way especially after thousands of years of the Dark Ages. Now then that call that we were supposed to come back the call is not to study harder. It is not to be about an exercise it is not to go on to say you know that I know I'm going to tell him No the question is to come to trust under his whims. You cannot protect yourself that is the inherent message of the experience I am going to gather you under my wings as a modern endeavor and protect them but you can use up an instruction because you have a few sort of come to trust under his wings. That is the bottom line. So now you ask yourself this question. Well this is not to do with being Seventh Day Adventists but he would like to talk about judgment. Yes when we do we like to talk about judgment. We're living in the time of the judgment the investigative judgment and then there's another judgment coming but the Fed is going to that we need to recognize that how did you know there was a judgment because retailers please respond. A profit to others right. Yes And so if a pastor told us who sent the prophet God did run into Jesus and the prophet why doesn't sound right to them. So then S. And what if you want to do to return income where under his wings the courage to tell people that men sound the message of judgment in our church that is not to scare people going to feel the book to decide to come to try to get mothers weeks that's And you know you know a lot of fear that you recognize that the mother is not to say start shaking on the ground and just know look we already have the solution before weren't you the same color as a judgment is the same and that's a common trust under my wings and the chicks that don't come to trust and guess what happens to them. There were destroyed. Separated. And guess what the remnant means you know one of them that which we talk about is what's on the run the church. It means that which is left after separation removal or destruction that which is left after separation. Removal or destruction. Eight hundred thirty for it was not about putting fear in the hearts of God's people eight hundred forty four was about Jesus making a call it's time for you to come to trust under my eyes. And after that hawk of judgment passed all those churches rejected that message. And those people that went back to their programs and rejected the message that Christ had moved and at that time it was a simple. I'm sick to come to trust under my wings period. You will make it on your own. So now the sentiment in this room that is facing such a spiritual battle in their lives that they are one hundred percent confident are going to mean that they will not make it on their own. There are some in this room that is battling with something that they have not asked for a very long time. We used to say you're asked about it but you haven't lost it. That's what we used to say but in our lives we lose the battles and we feel like in a sense that the better I was just advancing into our lives one step at a time one area at a time in the US And as you say why Mennonites going to compel him to come to me that I'm not going to compel him to listen to the Sermon on the verse. Why don't I run into this and find who started preaching to me time about how God changed his life. It's because Jesus is said to you it's the voice of the mother and the SO then because remember once that decided to come to trust under his wings. That's why the church started. When we say the remnant. This is what's left after the separation after after the destruction I'm going to clarify that more tomorrow morning. But I'm just going to focus on the very simple basic thing that makes our seventh day adventists the thing that makes the Seventh Day Adventists is that we have come to answer the mother hands call we fairly one hundred percent have come to trust under his wings. But you see the problem is. Well like a box with no computer. When we come to trust under his wings I'm almost done. Let me be no specific. If we women trust under his wings this directly impacts our concept of how we deal with sin when we realize we have weaknesses and struggles. Do you know that when you see Jesus ones you know there's something in your heart that lets you know when temptation is coming. You kind of know that you're already planning see before you do it. You just kind of make the right decisions that just started out perfectly the stars aligned in your did you know how to get into the situation as I you know young men come to me you know say oh man it's you know Sebastian I got this girl pregnant I don't know how this happened I can tell you how this happened. I wasn't even there. I don't even have to have been in the same country. I can tell you how this happened. You don't know how this happy is to say we come back into the room. We know now that I've you know forgive me I'm doing going to die and I don't know how this could happen. God is like of course you know I was happy. You pray nobody gets pregnant by accident. Everything that happens after pregnancy can't be an accident. I accidentally called her into my room. I accidentally began to be attracted to her accidentally. So much intention in every decision. So now remember back at the trail that meant to your sins and my sins. At the steps of intention and then we come to God like shock. But I don't know how this happened of course you know how this happened. So if we know how this thing happened it's because when Jesus gives us that sense that consciousness is the hawk of temptation is circling you know that our responses. Is it to run to come under his wing. It's not you know I'm going to I'm going to go and I'm not going to answer his phone calls. Yeah I'm going to do his number from my phone then I'll be fine. That'll get rid of a temptation. No I was going to run it in the next day you're thinking to yourself how did this happen. I diluted his number from my phone or her number and then we ran into each other again. Why would you be surprised when you know the devil is a lie. Then after we went to the circumstances we say to ourselves men I don't know how this happened I deleted his phone number. I do this I do that listen brothers and sisters. If we really come to trust under his wings we know exactly how to respond when temptation comes the answer is not a sin to finance protection of whales. I tell people when we when we said these boundaries sometimes we honestly think like a lion is moving and then sort of this placid Well this will keep the lion out. That's one of the better can be very easily you know why because in my nature I want to do the building and that's going to do the crime in our in this crisis but we don't I don't know about and. We're going to surrender our desires to God But then again there are specific human financially men shall have to kill myself. So my spiritual life just so I can finish medical school or dental school. Let me ask you know that our C.P.A. and my M.B.A. graduated summa cum laude magna cum laude top ten in my class but I have no relationship with Grant you know but I'm going to do that because we don't trust under his wings. Many mistrust under the bones of education become obsessed. I'm of the minds of many. Everything that happens then I'll be safe. You fool. Do you think the ruins of money will protect you from the death that Iraq will tell you. And the money you and your degree. How is it that we sacrifice all of this thinking. And if I have this then I'll be safe. No you won't. You know it's it's not a surprise that many times when when I counsel Korean and Asian not just Korea. I was recently in Cambodia last year and I was surprised to see the same. I'm usually counting them ninety nine percent of the time. It's this is how the counseling session goes. Hey you know brother Sebastian thank you for talking to me. I appreciate the conversation. No problem and so I'm going to hope you never did a quick question. Ninety nine percent of the time it's not a relationship is maybe the one percent. It always starts with you know I've been thinking and praying in you know etc etc And I sense that God's calling me to do this. But you know in Asian culture they have to explain to me the culture like I haven't heard this before and it is a good you know as as a young person you know you have obligations to your parents to your grandparents and that means I have to do these things and I said so very well you ask him. I'm trying to figure out about what I do with this is how do I handle this I mean I sense this from God I sense that Jesus is coming to do this you know he's going to a cemetery I cannot figure to you. But at the same time I'm trying to I'm guessing right here and I'm like so are you asking me should you do that when I'm gone. Are you asking me to do the will of God in such a way that you won't have the conflict with your culture and your parents and I get the same look every time. Well I guess yeah babble that's something you say like that it doesn't sound good. That's when I say like that is that for me to put and I'm sitting down with these young people male or female married I'm married and I'm looking at them and I'm saying listen to me you have two choices. You know trust in the affirmation of your parents or you can trust only his weeks those are your choices. You bet I'm just well you are trusting in something else. You can run from this when the man is claiming you and you sense it in your heart and you go the opposite direction. You know if you end up in the bottom of the sea that's where you're going to end. And I'm going to be thinking to yourself is I try to run I try to run and you only make people at risk. That's what you put yourself at risk in this impending them evenly because eventually you want to surrender to God or you are crazy. I'm going tell you right now you can't survive conviction for years and so I look in this room and I imagine it's probably true of some people here some of grappling with these are my expectations this is the calling our sense from God and just as I told the young men who took my computer who said Man I'll do whatever it takes to get your computer back by any means necessary. I looked at him and I said Don't be a fool. I said Don't be a fool I said. You continue to do things that are against God I'm a tell you right now if God is against you no one can be for you. Just think about that statement. If God is against you there's no end in the world that can be for you you can deliver from the those hands. God can take everything you have house family money job health your mental stability. Committed suicide some people are going fanatic and some people have left the church we don't have them. So let's not kid ourselves tonight we're going to just have intellectual exercise we came up the hard work and the very basis of being a Seven Day Adventists is learning to trust in Christ in every area of life. So you don't cut corners someone you know and understand it's just a start a marriage relationship. You know so I mean yourself to lust and desire thinking something's going to come out of it but not with the addiction. Masturbation I'm not an idiot because I see no but the same stuff. You're not the end of man tonight and the opportunity is that you don't have to continue in that battle. You have to continue something you may remember. But if you're going to keep the faith guys that I'm spiritual that I'm actually interested in the things I've got you can't maintain a better life. You broke and then you're going to take everyone near you with you because they were depending upon you. And that's why the pressure is so heavy. Listen I've seen people literally snap because the pressure and Christ is saying listen it's time for you to hear my voice calling you to come to trust under my eyes and to trust under the wings of Christ is to put your confidence your faith everything you have everything you are in his protection everything you are and everything you have in his protection. This is where I want to end to make my invitation. One of my favorite hymns is to so sweet to trust in Jesus. Just to take him at his word. You know he was a stalwart who wrote that song. She went to the beach with her has been in her daughter as they were sitting at the beach. They saw a man drowning out in the ocean through the undertow has been immediately jumped up like the good men who well. Yes and he jumped into the water to try to save the men only to be sucked under with the men. Can you imagine watching your husband and your father die before your very eyes and back then I was only willing to provide So as they walked back from the beach realizing they're going to see the body. It didn't even watch a bunch will get him. They think we have to ration the food so they start dividing the rations to minimalize what they need to preserve it as long as possible and then one day it was the last literal morsels of food they had her and her daughter said their grace. They think the Lord that they had food and they enjoyed their food after they ate their food and they thought Well tomorrow we don't know what is going to bloom. So I had to set in as she was washing the dishes thinking in a mind you could feel the stress of a mother of a woman who lost her husband recently you're dealing with the grief and now you have to figure out how to provide at the same time in a culture that won't let you work. She gets a knock at the bit as a knock at the bit continues again she decides to go up in the borough she checks. Someone left the party at her doorstep so she took the pie inside said Wow. So about a surprise she put it over there on the counter and went back to washing the dishes posable. We got a pie. This is another knock came to the door. She opened the door it was a huge thing the potatoes so she took the potatoes in brought them into the house this is enough to last them for months. She thanked the Lord went back to Washington this was there was another knock at the door. By this time you start expect. OK Lloyd what are you doing. She goes to the lives of bread and flour takes it inside the house. Before you know it they had fruits they had vegetables. People just brought these. She didn't even ask after the cabbage fluently. This is the goodness of Jesus. Then she goes back to the moon puts her to sleep. After they had a piece of pie and she sits down burning that candle at her desk and she was so overjoyed that she began to write a song and that song said it is so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word just to rest upon his promise just to know the say of the Lord Jesus Jesus. How I trust how I've proved him or them or jesus jesus precious Jesus or for grace to trust him and my favorite is the last verse. She says I'm so glad I learned to trust a precious Jesus savior friend and I know that the Lord with me and will be with me till the end. I want to make an invitation for someone to prove she says tonight. Because that's what it means to be Seventh Day Adventists. Someone who's proved Jesus. It's over and over and they can go and so I'm glad I learned to trust him. Notice the word learned. It's not going to happen overnight. Don't expect an emotional change. Don't expect God to leave this room. Respond to the appeal and prove all the problems disappear. It's not we have to learn to trust but as we continue to prove him we will find that it is sweet to trust in Jesus and eventually will be glad that we learn to trust him that is bound to be eyes closed. Father in heaven thank you Lord for the simplicity of this illustration. Thank you Father for how you have spoken to our hearts and aroused us to a sense of awe and Jesus was a Seventh Day Adventists in Jesus was fully dependent upon God He trusted him for everything. Ask for guidance in everything and he rested his so even in his darkest moments. He committed his Spirit unto God Now I've heard tonight there's someone that has made the mistake of trusting in the wrong wings they are under the wings of riches. They're under the wings of education they're under their wings a position or knowledge or philosophy or even family or culture and they're trusting none of these wings that these things will protect them. But perhaps you've already shown them the error of their ways. So tonight if there's someone here that says I have been trusting under the wrong wings and tonight I'm going to make a decision to respond to Jesus is called he sees the hawk of Satan in my life. He sees the hawk of judgment the hawk of temptation the hawk of discouragement and of despair and of depression circling around my life. And tonight he's ruined me and he's saying listen don't try to do it in your own strength don't try to fight these things just come to trust under my wings and I want you to find that it is sweet to trust in Jesus. Is there a least one person in this room that has made that mistake that I have me and I want to say Lord no more. I want to answer Jesus's call to come to trust under his wings and will invite you to stand to your feet wherever you are whoever you are. We had is about every I was close. You know who you are. Jesus is speaking to you. He said I'm not trusting in this anymore. I'm going to trust in Jesus. I just invite you to stand. I'm not going to prolong this. I'm not looking for numbers I'm just looking for sincerity. Someone who sincerely says Lord I've been misguided. I've been looking for other things to protect me to guide me to bring me peace to bring me rest and I'm not doing that anymore. I'm coming to trust under his wings. Is there anyone else before every bite you could stand to say I hear your voice calling me Lord and I'm not trusting in this anymore. I'm coming to trust under your wings mighty. God Everlasting Father. Well God there you are that you would make it difficult for us to be lost that God doesn't just really watch us slip into oblivion to be destroyed but we serve a bad that wants to make it nearly impossible to be lost. And so you let this meeting tonight for these people who watch them they hear your voice calling them in recognizing listen what makes me a Seventh Day Adventist. This isn't just the doctrines themselves the doctrines are a reflection of my trust in Jesus and what he believes and what he teaches. It's not just going to this particular facility. Saturday after Saturday it's because I trust in Jesus and his example. And so I pray that whatever wings they have trusted in our Povich would speed them to your wings tonight and I ask the Lord that each one who has stood that they would leave this place with a song in their heart that it is sweet to trust in Jesus that they would be the ones that would bring a message to say I'm so glad that I've learned to trust in Jesus will be pressurized and that it would be contagious in their churches. Thank you Father for how you have led us how you continue to speak to us and we trust that you will speak to us again tomorrow is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. God bless you. I was asked to let you know that tomorrow morning at seven I'll be doing I'll be up for early morning devotion anyone. The bird somehow just didn't let you sleep and you happen to get ready early. Please join us to be here. Over to the cafeteria. OK Jim you give me the info but yeah I will be there at seven o'clock. Early morning worship time and I will be addressing a slightly different topic but nevertheless we will be into the Word and have some Perth time as well so I would invite you to be there I will be there by God's grace and through history in this city have a good night. This media was brought to you by Adil peruse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through three sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon LEAVE IT IS A W W W R U. verse dot org.


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