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Hired Servants

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • May 16, 2015
    11:00 AM


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This man and I'm going to continue. After that we discussed last night with a very very brief review because I know Koreans like to start food on time and so we have to be out of it by that. If it goes well I'm going to have just remember I'm not privy so forgive me for my facts. So the first of this last night we discussed an experience that I recently had a two man sad that that was my week. Those of you that were there last night and about how my computer business in two thousand I have a computer and discuss last night I do and then I came in the bats was there but the computer was not right this is an IMAX twenty seven inch computer and two thousand behind a machine so you think so because you see the box the contents you assume are present in the box but of course I was surprised shocked to find out that the computer was not there that this friend had taken the computer driven to someone else to use where they were doing some music together and we need to find out that that person now does not want to return the computer and is not threatening and violent insurgency and so now the police have to get involved. We saw this as a potential illustration of her some of their lives are that yes we have the box it has the specs the specifications and the indication that the box is presenting on the outside is actually on the inside and eventually is going to return to not just find the box but the computer in the same sense when Jesus returns. Religion extends beyond the presentation and the illusion that yes that I am presenting on the outside is actually inside that when we mention of Jesus the religion of Jesus is cabinet. Let's turn that good substance to Exton. And so as it was just presented the extenders I bet it means to be a Christian to be a Seventh Day Adventist but then I had a Hertz. There's no conscious when Jesus comes he has no use for that box just like I have no use for that box. That's exactly what the Pharisees septal curse of the dead man's been an empty box and said that after this concept a great set of discussing that then doesn't really mean to be seven didn't. And we talked about that idea and the notion that been some of the event is about one hundred percent and dependence and trust in Jesus. Another aspect of life and we use the initiation of the matter at hand being under his wounds but you recognize that some of us in the Korean community we trust under the wings of man and it's not just pretty savvy with the interest in the divisions of education means a family tradition. There are divisions of communities then as I hang with spiritual people I would be saved. It doesn't look like there is and as I'm going to splurge on occasion there's an insane going to burn after this is going to go to Canada to the head of that scene. Interesting and cries but a theme that I've chosen is a better thing than a bad there really. So the sermon I've been titled hired servants And then lastly would be fairly pray I quoted a statement last night that says Christ there's a Seventh Day Adventist and intents and purposes. Maybe you never read that statement. Now I'm going to start this explain this segment today then. The face and intents and purposes we must understand that we're discussing the films was actually first used back in Henry the Eighth Amendment. He was basically legislation through parliament that he said this person dies they die. He says this person he says rabbit now belongs to me that he couldn't say that I say is that because you are there does it make sense so he said Well intents and purposes this is where the toast would be so and intents and purposes specifically means this right. That means is that the thing that's been sent to be true that's not actually true that it's encouraged to believe that we just consider that that way so that I don't find it and read the documents. So this is fair and intents and purposes that means this may not necessarily be true Jews as well as in the Seventh Day Adventists in the sense that he was baptized into a conference to cement resident stand at the right hand defended no pastor put his hand up is that instead of the name of the fab in the sign because a good man for Jesus and who desired to be so baptized before this congregation cries that in fact that the studies that Jesus and intents and purposes as a seven didn't come out as well just considered to be true because I mean the finest Adventists bag and I'm going to lose by going to be movie was bad but I'm a few Elegy in the Gospels. So you know if the mentors church at that time in Jerusalem Christ would have been in there and then it's been in the church would have been the head of the church and he still is the head of the Church of Christ as the standard and not a sudden event as well as in these that begins to lead us to a point of examination. I assented that Jesus was there and intents and purposes and I am going to talk a little bit about the character of Christ who he is. Let's pull together fathom hadn't we are completely indebted to you and to your spirit to understand the Bible. Jesus told us that when he the Spirit of Truth Is this common. You have got us into the truth that he will not speak of them said that about seven he shall hear that shall he speak and he will show us things to come. That was stupid to teach us this morning we had not come to listen to the nodes in the sets in the pontifications of the men. The verse of Grant and so we ask this man who has bet best in your sight in the shadow rings and that family you would speak through and that you would speak to me that this experience may be actually at the time I didn't wish to confess the needs of Jesus thank you for how you go to speak to us this morning on this subject of hired servants. This is our prayer and we trust that you will make this our experience as we left with this perfect in Christ namely that of God's people say take a bad job in one thousand that have been out of time so quickly. Matthew Chapter nineteen you know you can see why the Bible says in Matthew Chapter nineteen begin to invest money. We have to get some context. It says that you know answered and said to him See you have left how much less. And we found them. Now this is the contents of the came to Jesus who said what shall I do that I may have eternal life and Christ said come and stand in the if you have treasures and so can you know and this the mental I'm going to be as an aside I think because he has good possessions he has another met a girl see we have left how much and we have family. So the going to be found and I met you fishers of men and there's another I mentioned in that minute that you just said that So Jesus responds in verse twenty eight so Jesus said TO THEM assuredly I've said to you that and then regeneration. Now the son of man since and the to me. So I mean so he did people instead of him. He says if you found me. This is mentioned. If you submit to the experience of discipleship to Jesus he says and I have friends judge of the twelve tribes of Israel. This tonight and after. So let us know that he says and those who have left her sister's children and my shadow. And inherit eternal life. Now I'm going to think about this moment the pheasant is about if you found him in the center that is left. Ralph SR private lands and instantly says if you left these things this is an important principle to keep in mind as we do the math and of engines to build people think that because they don't have to leave everything behind and you will notice that Christ says some people may have to leave their dogs so there's no sick send people home sick. Some people may have to leave the found another mistake IMO that's difficult to say that I'm going to choose the family of Christ even if that matters. My parents didn't have any and times that the Christian community to say God is not theirs and that's important is that it's authentic and the church is a pen a fan of plasma Deseret and acetylene going to cope and they have and dances and enter this time and the sky and ascend the parents in Baghdad. Does that have to say you should finish. But that's not going to spend his time in the manner being disrespectful. You should attend to the parents that we now I've got to fathom crouched humans into a bedroom to trust an things that meant for certain you. Because if that would benefit the market yesterday. Yes but that is the place. The sudden interest of outside people time and time again and it's fun to find the bad expectations of your parents. But then has doesn't match up of both your parents have for you. What do you do in that situation. And Jesus says He is the problems if you have to lose something you have to stop preaching the gospel that tells people if your fellow Jews as you know if anything I'm going to tell you right now I'm as a Christian and as a and I don't approve and I was listening to the visitors by the stones and then I preached this is years ago I sent to them I said you know impinging the sermon out and I'm going to sort of intentionally because I said that there's an episode of the streets and converted and I said Here is the difference. Too many times I was at the church and Sebastian comes around you it's about Mr starts going to church. So I'm a skirts and this is what we believe this is what you do you don't do this you know and to this places the side of this room this time to this time now when it's convenient for you. So I don't understand something that I have to do Americans. I like to follow Christ. I'm trying the friends and so I decided to be Adventists then I was a stranger trying to put them aside and I'm so excited about I've been to the Middle East so I remember and the difference afterwards. So when I was trying to say nine eleven it was kind of like the nights in combat and you know. Lifetime you know that nine eleven happened I was thinking I'm training with this M. sixteen to service when I said I'm trained and hand to hand. Nice person does whatever it takes and we have a saying in the movies one shot one kill you know and those bullets so if you shoot and the person has been in and you practice that feelings. So now since I'm going to actually come back and just after nine eleven come on campus from seven divinities starts to kind of the Badminton going to myself as I started in the battle for the first time and I'm like This is not just this is about I can be about telling people you know that's what I'm trying to do this when I signed up to do. That's what I wanted to do. Now eventually become a sniper. Now it is that I get to that has been that I could do what I meant to do that I have a set and I was confronted with the decision when I decide to fan of Jesus. I do recognize that in looking at decision it Class me something that doesn't cost you anything except a few votes and I've never been to breath an oxygen. I can just say so I said come in the church on fire. You know and I mean come on guns because the mission of the church because a class of them something I'm not going to jump into the church and be average. I'm also not science. So I miss him one hundred percent everything this man of sense and I'm going. Then hundred percent of everything that's been going on and it's not and the other side of the fence is dead that's real life. But in that Adam is pretended to be thugs a minute and then that is because you dress like this and listen to this music you have no concept that you're talking about. You grew up in a suburb in a nice house with no to bedrooms. But then she had to be you know understand what you're getting into because as one of the streets that it is going to be that's the man distance relationships because it was a clam it is a job with us I was that it is he said that there's competition in the it is going to be it's going to be you know took and that's necessary so that means for those of us I find it hard to get you on the fence right now I've decided to be both a Christ you know and I'm on the fence because it's going to help because it's going to question something because I'm not a sermon or something and not necessarily see everything that some text and it's another name to try to suppress that you know I mean it's time to do and say Jesus one hundred percent but less well that that would question something and because we're not going to that we're not going to have the church the church is going to average people are just not going to attend. Yes that was a student in the van and I mean some down by the testimonies of other people you know and they had this Testaments because they step in faith in the interest of the men and I also have to trust employees hasn't been this many to go to the precipice and then as now the three children have to trust and everything and I don't and I put my faith in that I was going to be honest I don't have the right and I had I can trust this person I can trust that person I can trust my friends I can trust my Because I can trust my husband can trust my pastor can trust my enters and you have is the Lord then that every convert things ever since these people are lying to you. And this pastor's imagine that's not true. The Sabbath is on Saturday and there's been an attorney do this in this about Mr X. That's not true. This is not this is what I'm going to do but I'm not interested in respect and just happen and that's not easy to do and that pushes you over that line because if you know the word because you're not going to give up something like that easily one hundred percent that you contrast Christ and His Word you then do it and that's why this morning we haven't been to yet. Just attend and your parents and parents have been lending you actually cross the line and become a real Christian not just because your parents expect because you know that it amounts but because you yourself believe it. That is my mother's religion that's my lips so I let you know ahead of time you have a decision to me. You can decide this morning to fathom him and to me that I believed to be left so his namesake interest he would be good but you know what is grappling with this. This sets the context and Christ doesn't stop investing time says in verse thirty. But men could have finished their be last and the last good the first. Now this is interesting as well as into the pen and I will just read it says they're not going to hire these people in the marketplace. Now back to move quickly because they don't understand Jewish economy so we don't really get the significance of the purple so I just have to go to them text this is going to come back to Matthew twenty two one of the twenty thirty two thousand two hundred fifty now you know I like the Bible says you shall not I pass. Had said that no first of all this is a person who is a hired servant. Let's finish then attach to the Libyan occupants. He says and there is it's Each day you shall get him as religious and not let the sun go down on it so and has set his heart and it. Less to crime against him to do it and maybe some to you. So I mention I understand the context of Jesus's parable the man is person there's a high it's not like animals I lose I'm as a bouncer thing you know some of that have been entrusted to be a fine line. So in a sense that's not going to hire people to do that you know there's not imam in May So I mean I'm in some going to find a guy for my son. How much does this cost anything. No that's not misinformation. I was dark you know him as right hand man would be kind of it with my kind of Batman or something like that has passed me access to everything that you're not actually as servants. So now you're not going to send her to find a knife Are you certain that she has not written. She said of them and she was a leaf that you see because you have a task to be completed. And that's why the Bible says each day ages this is a person who's hand to mouth seven hundred seven the Bible says first of that there is a tendency to oppress them. One of them is a tendency to oppress certain that the Bible tells you it says in this photo this prayer and I don't that we do they like to do that means so I think it's important to kind of could have a certain definition for this into the dictionary lacking in sufficient money to a standard. In a society Latin sufficient to know if I don't stand in a given society that they're going to say that people over to the third a telephone. Now you have some synonyms right. People haven't published so determined that I would say that we're talking about a brother who was strapped for cash to spend it's just got nothing but it doesn't stop and so to spread the badness as to spare and now exact value repeating the same concept but then I had to look at the you know I don't know maybe it's very interesting. The person backing the necessities of life. So that means you don't have the money to live at the standard of everybody that you had this is how you should you should have a hires license. You know in our society. But it says it is not just better than the basic necessities of life. So now you have a person who's coming to work for you and people look at that Mazak and take advantage of this guy is so desperate to him and I just don't happen to buy a comeback. So the person doesn't want to tell this guy founded this guy's going to pen and the sign out that even the Jews were doing this to their own people. I mean he has got I think it's the food by day to survive and preventive action to deny this man money and expand the tent advantage of his condition. But the bottom event is saying that he was supposed to get paid in the Bible says that he was a person who is so desperate that he had and you know that his heart was that he would actually get paid at the end of the day that we can resonate with that think about your own hopes and dreams you know that you can retire in the believed their best things. But those men when it says he set his heart upon it that means this is his hope has hope is just simply that you have to play today so you can come home with him for his family. That's every day. So now to the end to the pair but I'm not exactly twenty and Jesus says the men are going to have to hire in the vineyard and these men and themselves in the marketplace. And as it has been themselves in the marketplace the better says that it was an investment it says and I bet he had agreed with them today. He sent them into his vineyard So this man as I have heard since o'clock in the morning service fast developers the don't start at six am so fast and if you come into the marketplace remember the letters you have has to a seven and these guys must be something that I learned since I am you know the version at seven A.M. this morning and believe me I've got to make it to seven AM version but that it will be out at sixty. And I'm going to dance in America closer since you had to leave so the mechanized air condition. I'm desperate I can't lose time. So I meant that and a few notes and then Pelion at each and every one of binaries bad investments anything interesting happens in the parable the Bible says and when I know about this and I know it and it's true I was it's eight o'clock in the morning and it's not going to do so either standing in the marketplace. And he said to them. Yes And that's right. I would tell you now let me ask you a question if you don't ask a job interview and as I said in a job interview in business school we talk about the fact that they're important questions to ask in your interview and one of them is to ask what is the General Pace good for this position and the reason why that's an important question to ask is because it shows confidence in the ability to add value to the company. So if you see value in that I can do so therefore I'm going to know what value in terms of money you put upon my abilities. So you should ask that question in an interview people don't ask the question come across as I'm confident. So that's why I don't tell people you should ask how much money. So the first time to return to them the same way has come back and I've been with us right. Nabila Ahmed says you know many times and this Mr and R.P.M.'s right at the end of the day and no money and he says I am going to do the job. You've got to come back to madmen IP said to fast and people took advantage of the time. I knew this and contract I said and they got their contract pumping amount down as a problem out there in the venue that the next people are paying this right. They actually said that amount of money then how much is this position. And then kind of you know I mean you know value because you don't trust them. And I'm telling the truth. You know I mean I'm not going to sign up and I sign this form W. two S. right now on on on an internet specific numbers. That's what we're going to say. But you know there's the sense that it goes the night that went with that agreement that men come to this right. They can find to justify their actions is because they trusted. Now I find it comes to the minute that Americans he says well you know that hired us Saturday behind this agreement he says then tell us right now and then I left I have never had a president and I'm going to come in and I were now and maybe if you and I know. Because if so these guys then it's time for the meds to come out. This evening had come and the minute center the standard is and given the images beginning the last answer the first and then they each received a delirious now with the details are going to start digging our teeth into this than this man. Let's turn this around then either and kind of the same amount that he agreed with the fish that I am not happy in the bit in at the day and mindset is that mindset is that lesson when it comes to this economy is an action and there's no just found out this is inefficient. This is not helping. Then only that kind of implement that Jesus says in Heaven's economy people are not based on the amount of that that they'd been based on that they do. So happiness talking to crisis and then God and Jesus unless it. Yes You know I am a citizens but I need you to understand something that I am assuming them because you are. The first ones to fathom it because Peter Andrew James and John the thousands answer this question to follow Christ. John the Baptist in time it can be managed this is to nose into Jews this is Ministry in that same lesson. Yes you're going to assume this and this and internalized that you're not assuming that because you don't believe in God does not mean that it is not the visible sign of work and because of the amount of I've done the text says and this is the key text. He says he says to him it is yours and I wish to give to this last man the same as to you is that not a method for me to do it I wish with my own things and it was right because I am good and should understand something about the Christ is talking about in his character right now financially in an Earthman sense which I am willing to hire. But the problem is this parable is not about economy. It's about a heavenly economy. And in Heaven's economy and then in this room there's a hired look at this pair and you do not have been attempts to sustain the life that ensures you haven't had been a death of a standard that is considered men and comfortable. Some people and I had been planned in spirit lamp adventurousness that's not he says. You had time to stop the righteousness and then some to do possess. So you know now I am pair and you know I often times expected We're back in times past and sometimes Venus and lasses got his abilities into the barrel just because of their jobs then yes because the to their career and I believe in God that their job and do so brilliant because there are some jobs that are not calculated to help you to the character of Christ. There are some jobs that are not designed for us to be saved and because of that we need to leave the job but there will be people who have been simply because they don't leave the job that inhabits economy as well as with and I hope is that after who have suffered through this thing called life after and I have done lots of asked to do that the agreement is when I come to serve Christ and then to his service to his can recognize that when it comes he says I tell you that's right. But you know the problem with that is about the first and IT workers as soon as I'm going to advise of cancer going to pray and as long as a kid my mother has learned that there's going to come. Which I put my parents together in the basket plenty to do it to Stanford and then let me down so now I don't want to put on a cigar because I know the streets are not down better than Clinton signed up the bible studies are the best ever did not go to this whole clan objections. Why am I going out to set a bag because women are fast I don't like her and this person is out today as interest as a pipe a testament and now I'm going to find the courage and evangelism. I don't want a piece of evidence that says this guy can't even pinch these people because Gomez going to America and this principle is not just about Barack it's not just the Batmobile it's not just the bed we haven't been mentioned ships. This principle is about salvation. Then there's assistance the bad tells us that it's not a righteousness dedicated to his mercy the grant to soothe us. This is the put this into perspective for us as I believe this to a close. You and I may sit down and we may ask ourselves you know what can I do for God Now there's one of the major moves at the Reformation plan is the first evangelist to the gentiles and the church. John the Baptist has the Femina of Christ. Man is this is known as the grandest types of crimes. Testament is going to have it. That's to death if I'm going to translate it. And then after John there's on the island of Pakistan is the book about the mission. Then again this is prophecies that have guided us years done in those and then back to and pioneers in jail and use them as is the new testament of five languages. So as mission ever since the fence Jones was the first time you know not to preach baptize a thousand people at twenty two years old sacrifices within about a testament is. And I said it was there's not a good for me to do. As soon as you're going to ministry I do it just got this militia that ministry with the charges and that man is that nothing to do. And if you have to do I feel like an eleventh I don't work. And the panel says Jesus vents and then entire bakers and seven my vineyard and I do have you. That is right and that's good because their mindset is different. He's happy to have a job that I don't approve of complain about ministry and evangelism is the only person who's excited to be working. Here's the other person who's going to do that and that's him to do anything. The very fact that the guy had been done I do. But I've been thinking about my bed thinking about my son thinking about my guys. And so then I did ask the sons about a bit I got nothing in my pockets to come here and I have a Second Amendment to me that says I want you to come vote for me and I tell you this right and instantly the time going to God all said and if this is true this happens economy and this isn't about right and professional job it was about salvation that this person is saved this there's I can't believe this person is exactly the batteries now and then I'm going to do it but I don't because it's an attempt at heaven and there's a million people who've done amazing things can enter here. Please tell me when I got this time to start. This time I'm going to baptize but baptized people in his lifetime. Over seventy five million. Personally I don't want to be next to the next in line with five different countries. Transparent and there are the times I miss people every week because those attended by the church two thousand every Wednesday. Right because we were thinking grab a clue to that we think they're going to go to heaven. This parable tells us the person that is missed. Good. That is Ms highly. Yet it is not the person who did the most. It's not the matter who sacrificed his life. It's not the benefit of this lie from cynicism and persecution. The burden of the day that the reality of this. It could be you not because of that you don't. Not because of bad results that came from your labor but simply because of the spirit in which you did the things that got asked of them would you do if you got to heaven and right next to God He pointed at you and said This is your seat. And as part of that suit you pass pass or you pass Moses you pass in the UK are you catching that I'm saying that there's no I could be exactly the bad these people in crisis. This is U.S.C. and my right hand. And if so why. I tell you the person is going to be most highly exacted and heaven is going to be shocked that the president and I am not surprised. I know I'm am I the exact I don't believe this. But even though there were some of the same good the men that they did them and the LURD there was a good temptation to them according to their marriage not according to His purpose. So then leave this post of June I did my division so bad can bless me but doesn't it according to Mary. He removes according to His purpose. I don't think I had a bit about the cottage. I'm not a good preacher bad according to you know spirit in that you do. Let me ask you to do. According to his purpose. So when you ask the man he said is it down for me to do it I that if I wish to give to this man the same I give to you is that because this man this man to do. I know my time is that that you had with me seven had been there someone in this room that does not trust you. There's someone in this room that thinks that God blesses them according to that they do or don't do that they have done and that they plan to do in this afternoon. Read this ask a very simple thing from that person. He's asking if you come to me I will give you what is right and trust that in the mess behind whatever casts you to answer the claim that Jesus was put upon your life you know after Jesus regret no do not according to your merit but according to His purpose. And so I'm going to do this. There's someone here in this room. This is I haven't been trashed in the mood and if I've been holding back and this morning I'm ready to come to God and I'm going to sing to them. Sentiment. Laird I'm going to come and serve. Just give me that's right. That person is you don't want you to stand to your feet whoever you are you saying that I'm going to serve every lead is bad every eyes closed. I want you guys looking around to see if your friends are standing between you and Jesus. And if you're not coming or you're not standing they need to pray. So I'm not going to sit here Trask and based on that I do. God is going to be with me know he's into his purpose for you. Sometimes God just wants to bless you and that's a hard thing to accept that the men are undeserving you feel you are the man prepared you had to receive His goodness in and announce I'm ready to serve you and I trust you'll give me what's right. My last invitation is with that person who has been holding back going all the way for Christ because you have got you have to give up and so this morning. Today is your day. I'm going to decide to found a Jesus you know to. When back and I'm going to say is this something that has not crossed that line. They've been holding back a part of their lives we are proud of themselves found Jesus Christ and you are now ready to cross that line and when invited to stand to your feet. I have not gone every way Jesus because I'm afraid of what is going to cost me. So this morning I'm going to back down. And so I'm going to do one hundred percent. Everyone else says that I haven't gone I don't know but today I'm going every way right you to stand right where you are this between or nothing to be ashamed of. To follow Christ because Christ is not ashamed of you praise of nerd I was going to for another few seconds and I'm going to pray and then anyone else say Man I've been holding back. I'm not even back in there. I'm not going to go back that is going to cost me to follow Christ. I'm just going to let it go and follow him stand whoever you know that only spirit is talking to you. Father in heaven you see these who have stood in front of some of us are standing because we are coming to serve God and trust that he's not going to rid us of clued into our merit but he's going to reduce according to His purpose. And so for that we want to commit our lives ourselves and our service to you with no regard for how much of that we will be. But to trust the glad we're going to climb into his purpose and we can trust that he's going to do exceedingly abundantly the best that we could ever ask or think that I should have started with because then we're going to hold back anymore. There's something going to have to Father Jesus and so this morning we're saying we're going to leave it to follow him. We're not going to be on the fence but we're going to cross that line in a way for the Lord Jesus Christ and we contrast that this would be the most adventurous purpose filled times I've found lives is when we decided to go away for Jesus. Thank you Father for these who have stood you may be seated and father each and every one of them that you're with God then that your hands may rest upon them and that you may turn them into new men and women through the power and indwelling of your Holy Spirit is that prayer in Jesus' name in the media was brought to you by Adil There's a website dedicated to spreading God's word through three sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more certain than the Visit W W W R U. verse dot org.


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