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Wounds of a Whisperer

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • May 16, 2015
    7:30 PM


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Fallon had and do not hold back any good thing from us. Speak to our hearts board and revive us again is our prayer in Jesus' name in the title of my message. Describe this for the moons ago this spring attended a Rondo who used to be the chief resident at Mass General Hospital and bested you salute just about a mile and a half from there. You know just some time ago. Cold. Better in this book you talk as a stir the various doctors descending upon and then stricken India in a race against time and penicillin them it was rapidly spreading and due to the US population of geographical fact that each doctor had to cover Time is of the essence in each case. No time for compassion no time for chit chat no time for terrorism. Go see the Taj Mahal. The doctor must be in an hour. I'm stuck in a second village women refuse the vaccine the doctor says that twice to make the potential consequences. Shortly thereafter the same as visited by a neighbor who asked it and she said the coded name that the vaccine the business instead of the vaccine that this Miss and the trick is trying to present on Muslim children said I refuse the women. As don't turn to their son as he quit this. Dr behind the scenes at whisper gossip has been dangerous then of the content is true or not it's insidious planted to destroy ships stands virtually unparalleled sentiment a saying on this particular subject. That's where the venture and us at the very heart of the circumstances that of rooms that the Seventh Day Adventist Church and then should have to go to the Book of Proverbs Chapter sixteen. Chapter sixteen. When you go to a private Chapter sixteen and are going to look at verse twenty eight that was sent the message and then text the Bible says in verse twenty eight that appear various men cry and it separates the best of friends. You see this is simply that it is fair and isn't pantomimes keep in mind when you're studying the Bible. What kind of literature you have looking at this isn't pensive Genesis like it's revolution and Revelation much as Genesis. Something I read the book of Genesis and everything as it was about sympathetic symbol and this represents this and this represents that Genesis is not an apocalyptic book it is a negative. There's a step a narrative people and circumstances and the movement is going to be a center because this notion Chapter twelve that and say well just I'm going to separate. And she hasn't been to expose of temptation and the Hell even the balances revolution going to knock them to see. It's not talking about this that was not so bad looking said here and says this is what John said but we recognize that one of the characteristics of apocalyptic prophetic literature is symbolism it's symbolism. So you should expect to find things that are symbolic like sense of bad of evolution trap. Do we really believe that that was an action everywhere that has been beset at the end of that and have been an evidence that's been shooting this will lead to bad bad bad you're actually going to let them believe that we understand that it isn't bad and certainly instead of the bad that we must be very very careful not to look at what I had said of the notion that we are looking at. So in this particular literature this poetic and human intentions very different than I would personally when I read that and said I left that meeting and so do you. And so that's poetic has been poetic that because it runs that the reality is is that it is the repetition of sound that cues that you know is that this person is trying to be a bit a bit artistic but in the behind the times penetrant was not a bad repetition of sound but repetition effect so that it's a bit of cat meetings and then petition of certain sounds. There's a pattern. It is crude but in the back of your stunning private sense of importance of Genesis in the plants of the pathetic and rhetoric not just prophetic and should expect this kind of parallelism and there's different kinds. But I'm going to turn it into a three D. printer class set up to jump now and apply this to text in private Chapter sixteen in verse twenty eight. The question is what kind of parallelism are we dealing with. That's the first time contrast the second line the second line and half of the first line in the same thing in different ways that's a question. Now the badness says I possess Mansor strength and it separates the best of friends. Now there's a question there's a difference between strife and separate inference are those different things. The kind of sound similar one thing is not to have shrunk down and examination should have some kind and that relationship is something that causes conflict in the relationship and that's where we strike. So to say I was to separate the best of friends that are the same thing and then insiders epa Verisign says strife in a whisper. So now you have a possessed man and then compared the basically the same thing. So there's various something that's trying to tell us this one is contrast they know he's telling us the same thing in different words. So this makes so much addition to their staff and they look at the text we can conclude that silences the person who gossips the same as a whisper. I mean somebody is correct but has no integrity. This person is dangerous and says there isn't any difference between a person who gossips and the person who is kidnapped. There's a perverse man in a similar and wanted to say Center that crime is the intention and the perverse because those men now that I did that the Bible says it best not to make that up of this man sells strength. Now I'm going to say something. Does he accidentally Searcy accidentally said actors or peaches if you are selling them expecting and harvested the sale and but you know that you do not sell so you know what it says is selling strife and I'm amazed this man is intentionally creating problems. There are people and I mean that literally sneak out to to bribe people in relationships that actually have people in my life that want people to do something with it and I have the best of friends. There are people I've got some things to discredit individuals and want to be strife and conflict problems and pain and have to be spoken the Memphis and the Bible says this is not something that is uncommon to bad and that of knowledge is it as something that is in existence but you have to continue their vision. I also noticed that even the closest relationships cannot Bevan's bit of gossip. You can be so much Father and Son has. And wife brother and sister best friends since you were little and well it takes is one thing the grass in the can separate the best of friends. I can tell you right now that there's a lot of churches that assessment because of gossip. There's a lot of criminal charges that exist because of gossip. Somebody should a settlement. I do wish that the air better Subash you know who suffered from that church. Do you take that as a mentor to now that change that separated it tends not to send the managers that but because so many of them it was oh we can get along with these people and that person and then I remember I'm going to preach a Chicago day after the churches that have never met or to preach. So if you had cancer friends that because their parents want both sides of the issue the tech giants are good friends they're going to the same high school basketball in the same team going to him out because his dad was on the defense side of the issue. Can you imagine the reason when the best phone came to the man is because you can assume you can talk to him if you talk to that family. You have betrayed your father. Imagine that. So can I just know that I'm sure that even the closest relationships cannot be of grass he had firstly that after the gossipers work is done quietly that you see the Bible says in verse twenty or so it is that time. That means it's not they had cast a kind of defense the point of being gossip that you have to say I just meant you know have a sense of search did this and did this and then that there's not a gossip that is in the Senate. So that vision in the minds of some dark place is just a little you fully solution such as that's having guns then and then yes a semi just reacting. But we don't want to tell you that on text message when we can because if it's in writing you can feel that this is where she said about you. So I would listen I was a business with understand politics going to ninety. If you put it in writing that is forever in their time as you can go. So I was I was taught that you apologize if you admit to anything you do it early. You never got into the situation that was. But the writing will continue to be shared and so this is this for. And the last point is there's been the baddest says leads to bickering gossip alludes to arguments conflict fighting discord and even controversy. Then look at those concepts. The sentiment is shown we could do as far back as time itself because you realize that the divisiveness ever whisper this is this heaven itself that is in this world that traces it back to heaven the further bit was even created because that has a time to do so. So it had been as the writer as the chair that covered every inch of stressed about it and then it was coming straight from the throne of God and Jesus with the best of friends. Did you know that it was says that next to it just as there is no higher created me think about this Christ is created so there's no there's no one higher than him that that Lucifer is the highest criminal to be she said when God in Jesus made him so I'm going to be as close to himself as he could but I'm the killer God because a god can be created. You need to process that in your mind. Seven Jesus and God said I'm going to get as close to myself as possible. I don't know people like men. It's not is that most of those that Christ to tell the difference between that's a few million not just in hiding in his wisdom in the spirit it is better as an angel and the best offense them in this affair out of jealousy and pride can take this further because we are told that as Lucifer sat in that room the question he could not overcome this why is Christ exacted of the things he just couldn't as a come back question I don't understand why Jesus is exactly the best me and for a second you can blame them because this was as close to Christ as you can possibly know. So intents and purposes. Jesus and I Edison if you remember the sermon this morning. You know what I mean by that statement. And this is Lucifer's mind and intents and purposes the basically the same but the reality is there were none. And so Lucifer turns into a whisper and he separates the best of friends but it doesn't just Lucifer. Then at the end of the illusions cast I've had that in the tenements engineers that are cast out of heaven by the turn of the Dragon by Lucifer himself you know as in enough elusive to be separated from Christ. She better time to time is instead of redemption that the engine starts of him so as men who should bareback mission just day apologized and said this was an a misunderstanding. You know most of the time the engines if you go back Jesus will not accept you. Sound familiar to somebody in here this is going too far. You've done too much. Listen at the end of this possible Jesus will exception. Instead today at a discount and people are dying every day and I can do that because after I did this after I did that I was preaching in Hagerstown at a conference and I came up to me and said into the talk to my friend because he was essentially says he's committed the unpardonable sin. He claims that he said and this is it that you're not accepting So I said sure I picked him up and it was an affair and the guy was standing right in the goods. So once we started talking I said my understanding is you think you have committed. I'm proud of this and is that going to say yes I do. I survived that has not been a person who says well you understand A good when the church I've been citing that it was time I curse God I was my fist to heaven you know I don't want to have anything to do with God but I have gone to the fair. So I thought I'd done some good my probation is close I'm done that's as a family and I said why would you so that he says because I said that to me I don't get anything out of it in sermons a bag of studies or expansion events that I go to and I said that's so interesting because the very fact that you think that you committed the unpardonable sin is that number one I've been is that you have been confused as I said no you kind of assume there's a tradition of crimes to the city to the pen that you think conviction is bad then that this right now is evidence that you had a sense of the person who committed the unpardonable sin. They look at your brain to like them to understand then to be Manzanita surrender my life to Christ. This is and I mentioned sixteen something the seven last play and the back and I says after they've been burned by the sun with Paris Hilton and then they refuse to do this and people even hundred twenty in pain and the plagues like that I will not submit to crash in on him. And guess where that came from Lucifer because I've asked and we took the angels whereas I will never again back to Jesus. That's what he told me he swore he would never do it of course. If you're going to use a higher could Lucifer and crimes become separated when they're with the best of friends. The bad would turn to you and whisper but you let it get to me and says that Lucifer actually had second thoughts. He was kicked out of heaven and dangerous. After my lesson into then flew back to the gate of heaven back in themself human bring them into the engine I'm going to have a meeting with Jesus. So Jesus came to the gate to meet Lucifer and Lucifer should listen I'm messed up I made a mistake I'm going to come back I would set my position whatever you give to me. She says Jesus started weeping solutions was too late it's too late and here is Christ looking at the closed system to himself that he's ever made and he was suffering the wounds of a whisper because that was going around saying God can't be trusted God is only for himself. He's executive Christ a bevy unfaithful Jews this is not bad he's not going to the father and his eyes just so himself can be exacted and cries this time and the fish cried over this Lucifer because he was the first man lost in the christ was surfing the whims of a whisper. And she says that the Devil and those had second thoughts. And then the engines came back and said this approach. And she says because of his pride he decided to go forward with the plans to kill Christ. Unbelievable. So you talk about the rooms and whispering. But then we even had an ad in the main engines as the best of friends in the Senate a serpent showed up started whispering in has not got said that you should even have a tree at the garden. You should surely die. This guy didn't have a megaphone in the garden. He was whispering and I says the verse of the circuit was musical. There was Imus and Chantal to her so I was talking to him is very sweet. This varies. Q So naturally but you shall be a Scot knowing he eats their fruit deceived and runs through there has been a can you imagine the bear on Adam's face when he sees his wife with this film institute himself. No she doesn't she says and I'm going to trust that I don't have food I'm standing right. You have the phantom that you should try and I actually think I've gone to I don't remember. She sounds like he's mad and I've got to move on or stuck by myself exactitude somehow not that China has to make a decision which has him the family of humanity is at stake in this position because of the. Besides no I'm planning to and I know that because I don't have to make a decision you know I trust my experience my feelings my eyes my hands my sense of time in my life as if I was that and unfortunately that has died together. You found a whole you know just tell you about if you took every child has abused and person who died in genocide and person made it on an inner city that decision. I understand the implications and the pain that comes to grass because of the spring that you did that's not enough because now and I said to myself when I convince them person to person they didn't sell because some guys were saying tell you that has this ten thousand and so has this thousands thing that the Bible says so if you stop to kill him twenty seven times in the book at first because it was school. Here Jacob suffers the grief of the family who thinks he's left his beloved son to the right was just a grieving at this time thinking Joseph is dead. But then you moved into a separate a set is an asset right. So I mean as the amount of the person so innocent I'm making a mistake I'm so sorry I didn't mean to say this. I was totally out of line. I understand. I apologize that it is not this it is this. The blessing that the cross of Jesus tells us that you sit there and soon enough to to correct a misconception that comes to you see that in itself. Jesus says that the damage was to spin to save him self is the fan of advice. The time in Jesus said He was a liar from the beginning and he was the father of it and he looked at the Jews and he says you have your father the devil in the best of you if you're going to do and so you say what could I possibly have to do to Mr. Because you'd have to go to the cross and you and I do not understand the lengths that Jesus had to go through to do that because when you start and I die the god is not good that there's nothing else not have to back you believe as well you know sometimes it's a bachelor man a blessing that the engines were in the surprised that you do that then you talking about. And I'm going to stand and has been and they all that they didn't actually. But not because of me is that there is not a stand in this thing going to look at God this is the creatures and his rhythm as a kid is going and something that we can trust Him and trust that God is actually a good person and the time. How good they're going to present your evidence is everything else I can do that so how can they lose interest in mind. So Christ decides I'm going to go down and I'm going to undo the gossip of lives. I'm going to come and earth and I'm a loser life and human being so that we can see exactly what God is like. And as Jesus lived his life to be exactly what God is like to such a degree that Jesus could look people in the eye and say if you sue me you've seen the Father is God so God do how disgusted when I'm caught in the very act you know neither do I condemn you do for thirty years because of your own sin. He says took a good bed and neck truth and a class and I've learned my entire life in the battle against God's government in advance of man's government. And now I'm suffering execution of my clients a minimum due to death. This is my last minutes and both deathbed conversion. How does Jesus behind us going to be in the valley right now as he says I should I say unto you. You know that's a bad feelings. And then Jesus spoke and the medical mystery without getting him to discover that Christ. Adventist so and intents and purposes. So you ask the question that should be a Seventh Day Adventists. Because someone has to hear the rooms of a whisper. You know the interesting thing about the resurrection is that we had to get in there. Nothing that man was erected in the first resurrection and then by God's grace she says God doesn't even use the same cells that have died with his this completely different matter. Q Is the word. So does it matter if your crew noted that as a matter he doesn't even use the same attitudes to milk you. But you know that happens especially in and out of my own prescription glasses and contacts and then come up in that context. I'm sorry you're out of a job. Now I have time interest in that because I'm going to die. I come back I can see that is not the same down. That's an untruth there. Except for Jesus because when Jesus rose he still had the wounds and Zacharias So someone's going to come to him and said Where are these wounds in your hands. And Jesus is going to say these are the ones of a whisper forever to the Third Step pierced his brow forever to have the cut in the side the hose in his hands and turned their Sometimes gossip. You just cannot undo its effects. And sometimes we have to continue to live with the moons I have because of costs. And let's not kid ourselves we are going to have an upbeat assessment of it was my one sentence should have said that I should have to learn to start a sentence. The banish and sometimes character should not have said you were speaking about things you don't know anything about showbiz I don't know if you contrast and I don't know if you can trust that person. That's why I don't get the position. That's why I don't get the job. That's one of the typedef because I was running my mouth and because and I guess I'm guessing that the Bible says you are possessed man and I mean you know do the same strife and separating the best of us because you know that he must understand that the people in your community in my community that are resistant to Christ you know that the whisper when they hear the name of Jesus they don't think someone don't want to down and prays they can give someone an honest a very fair way from I don't think give me the Bible holiness that shiny that I lied should have gotten away. That's not a Consider mind becomes a minus. This is a man. A surgeon the stick put down and down and down this guy but that's not what we think the best of us for. So we have to go to undo the moods of Christ came down to the valley to reveal to others this is where Jesus this is where God is truly like this is which is really like. So now you're going to event is that of the bedrooms at this church when I was of the church because they're going to give you a head start that I'm going to petition that I don't believe but eventually this is the result come I'm going to misconception I'm glad that she's going to Baghdad impacts everything in their existence. I'm going to send it back I'm going to do that I'm going to lead to that I'm not I'm not saying that I'm not doing that because of that and because it's going to bounce Illumina back in share them in for them as those the kind is not it is really his not his credibility and I'm Sandra says and then do people think is never learned. And his hair says I want to spend this time around for thousands of years. It's just a permutation of Christianity because they're coming from the law. So they have a concept that has eluded us. And so Christ for all intents and purposes there's a Seven Day Adventists and the other night adds to my comments tonight that Jesus had a mission and Jesus's ambition. There's got to be better because he lived in that as Jesus is a vision and you have to have the best of them to make them better because I love than it is to believe you have the clearest picture of their grapnels position that banks know stagnation and no permissions alliances. You don't have any of these things and of course me as a minister and intents and purposes then his purpose is to be guided but this is right this is not a sentiment this is what I see in Matthew Mark Luke and John. Then he has ascended Adventists and they have truly is to everyone in my circle of influence. That's why parenting is the best preparation for ministry because of you know just to our kids that it's the grace of God twenty four hours a day or two before I don't understand not have kids. I understand I said to myself This can't do that that you know I had my plans my vision and my kids are to do this and the total here. I don't tell them my son you had better than I to God my son has given prepare the since I started videos for my kids in case I die and. Fresh. This is my vision and into the sky. You can't just said my name too many times. But I did that as a lie Jesus God's Name two thousand times when every scream from heaven when it came to a larger and the logic is running from him and he was disobeying him. The Bible says He spoke to a larger in a still small voice. Best preparation for ministry. If you can review across to your kids you can request anyone. This is what it means to be seventy Adventist people believe in lies and around us and people in argument so doctrine doesn't matter. Oh yes it does because they're fast doctrines. There are lines and then that I was able to misconception of who God is so that matters that people believe and it doesn't matter we need to focus on salvation. It will impact your salvation. I remember when Dr Martin Luther King Jr died and every year New Year's Day when the New Year comes in I have a ritual a tradition that I started and that tradition is as soon as the Libya comes. I go to youtube and I look at the I Have A Dream speech and I watch their speech. When I was a kid my dad made me watch sixteen videos about the Civil Rights Movement and I'm thinking to myself this is going. I just went to that speed with Mr Black and now to the right. But now I'm thankful because I want to remind myself where I was because my dad says this is why we must do well in school because there was a time you couldn't go to school because the kind of your skin. So management potential You had the opportunity to go to school and you had the mind. So now I listen to that speech because I get to sit down with good black girls and white girls and the hills of Georgia. I've got to go to school with them and I can imagine myself I'm living his dream the lived to see it and then he passed away. They said man who's going to take this dream up he's going to finish this thing and then it was said by his wife that Coretta Scott King she took up her husband's work so that that would not die from grief from losing him so soon I was so moved by this because as much as I love and respect Dr Martin Luther King Jr I felt the birds were a little bit exaggerated and misapplied because I said that these words should be spoken of someone else. It should have been said. Sebastian took up Jesus's work so that it will not die from grief from losing him so soon and thirty three years. That life we could've used them for sixty. We're going to use them for fifty third an extra year. So the question is who's going to take up you know that you see instead of the puter. And then he died. Then seven generation and then he died and then as it is understood you're not taking up you're not thinking of John the Baptist where you think you know Christ smoke. And I guessed that this was his goal to do this for people are safe and because of you guys and that's what it means and what it meant to be seventieth and to clear people's picture of who God is in advance doctrine that is more than doctrine. Show tonight. I wonder if in the best are really willing to take up Christ work to realize that Jesus and the father that the best of friends and because of a whisper JESUS sat on that cross and he said My God why have you for sick. We were the best of friends and you know why Christ was alone because of the way. As for died. Rose went back to heaven. So my question is Is there anyone in this room that is willing to take up Jesus's work so that people in your world do not die from grief. This is not about evangelism it's not about knocking burgers. How much do you know you can pass out. Forget the members forget the statistics this is true about people dying to know Chrysler's great grief so I managed to correct and said that's not our bodies. That's not at the back I was really saying yes you had this past drags national this mistake that guess what. Let me tell you what God says to me when he said to them in a kind of eventually that's what it says to you I don't convince you. And I get to use years because remember that arson. You can cast the first stone and is only one person there without its name was Jesus and he had no stone. The one who can condemn you does not want to. I didn't come to condemn the world but that the world through me might be saved but there's a thousand people around you who don't even know that. So we're going to do about those is just another segment. Those out can't meeting. Nice words inspiring but we'll go back to regularly scheduled program tomorrow. So I wanted to make it invitation that it is bad of you I was close. I want to begin by first of all asking is there anyone here like me that says I need to come to that and ask forgiveness because I've been a whisper I want you to raise your hand. I've been a whisper and I'm going to ask grass forgiveness. You can put your hands down. God sees my second of attention. This for the person and family because they've been there have suffered. The rooms as I whispered version I'm feeling the effects of gossip and I know I had it coming myself. God sees your hands you can put them down. Now my next imitation is very simple. So that person that has to make a commitment that Jesus made and that commitment has to be better because I lived in it. That's a radical commitment. I meant to be better because I lived in the service is like Sebastian was right after a better place. Because I lived in it. So I'm going to make a commitment to that. If you do I want to write you to stand to your feet. I'm going to make a commitment to that. I am going to be better because I lived in it. I don't have the same ambition that Jesus had and now i'm spent and so I want to be a better place to invite you to run lasting because Jesus answered as yes I want to be better because I remember that he also had a method in his method whereas I had to everyone I meet. And so that means there's aspects of our lives that we have to surrender tonight because that's not like Christ. This is going to change our marriages. This is going to change our family dynamics is going to change what I do a school that what I do at my job. This is going to change how I behave ten minutes from now. So I'm not asking for a freshman commitment. Yes sounds good I raise my hand but I'm asking for serious radical commitment could teach me how to make you know teach me not just to know you but to show you is that in this prayer tonight I'm going to do you have you So that's my prayer. Don't just teach me to know you teach me to show you. Seven have been moved out of the driver's business they've been whisper and their neighbors raise their hands to say that we need your forgiveness and we're so grateful to know that if we confess our sins that you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness that we can come now and reason together with you that even though the mistake of our Bassett can be read like scarlet but you can make it. Why not just write us no letter than snow you know cleanse us in the blood of Jesus tonight and take us deeper yet as we asked ourselves to use this night we stood up because we were not the same ambition that missing Jesus's heart that ambition to be better because we lived in it and so fair that we can be for you because Christ believed he could do it not by writing books. Not by getting FS is making which is that bad thing to know the word and to show him. And so here we are kneeling before you praying. No teach me to know you and to shock you knowing this to be our daily prayer and may you lead us day by day and father. Then it seems hard and dry hard pressed to press on should help us patiently to Bill this responsibility. There are hardship to big tobacco to better care and to be able to review you in all circumstances and in our relationships of our lives. This is our prayer and we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus' name. 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