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God the Comforter, Part 2

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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him memorize assigned before the break that is possible to do good things for people and not be loving about us menu all don't know about the Jacuzzi are not revolutionary guys in here but job were not very you know from a woman's point of view were not very romantic and because sure woman she likes thoughtful things you know and so one one time he was going to be Valentine's Day and so the week before I thought I would be really romantic can you hear me and a Russian all that life now welcome and so I wanted to be with real romantic that year so the week before I said to my wife honey is good be Valentine's Day next week why don't we go out the now is that girls and that's really such romantic dinner and so I felt so proud of myself and them but my wife said washes she said let's don't let just the same card and I feel like I've been slapped in the face and I'll tell you why I don't know you guys enlightening but I was very shy when I was in high school about asking girls out and I ask a girl out but like the first thing at the Academy I went to Ohio Melbourne Academy and she turned it down and it hurt so bad but I think it was a three months before I could get up the courage to ask somebody else out since of those a brittle about that so when I when I asked my wife to go to that restaurant I was so proud of myself when she said no man if I got flashback him reminded me of when been turned down on the company selling so it may mean I want to remain now when I get mad I don't cause for screen art art art art I does keep a known agreement yet but in my stomach man I said I think myself woman you can do this and I got it I got a get even with you and not okay when I'm in a donation week you say you want to exchange cards I'll do one better I won't get you anything and you ask why and I'll tell you in order immediately crazy the things that we did I mean it's really crazy see and so on I felt good about that and so I put it other than few days and so as the days were passing on the outside and about his member I want to get even with me as I know what I would do she is getting a new car and on Peterson flat I want to shore up make her cheek look you know that is a crazy but I was mad that you couldn't help you know and so on I like that one better so if it all Valentine's Day came and were she worked at one office I worked at the other end so I stopped it was at the supermarket you know that because they have flower things that you know that and so I bought some dispute I didn't need almost as big as the minimum in order just to make her look bad and so we would be something she said on her desk and so I walked in receptionist when you take something that he and misperceptions while the patient article a lot wish my husband would like him to but should she really was medicated and allows her and so she said she said that is not in her office I choose across the street at the conference off that's where I work and I thought I'd share it with their and not now watch this I went back to my office and on my desk was a package and a love note I didn't get one packet in one love love note I got three from the and elements though there is not tell you that story is good because just think of what an idiot I would to do nothing about that but the reason I started telling him that was because we can do the right thing for the wrong reason and and and and and obviously the purpose of the spiritual life of the fruit of the Spirit is to get it right on the inside you know what I've done in my house and were going into this contest and I hope you'll think about it and that is I printed out a card that has the true spirit on it and I started the refrigerator you know you all don't know about this but grandpas and grandmas they stick stuff from the graduate honors graduate and make magnets and so I joined challenge you wherever you're at your school or whatever you print out the fruit of the Spirit don't you make it like a billboard but just make it something that reminds us of that's what we're praying that Jesus will do in our lives in Iraq of the Holy Spirit is not him hi for all the residents it is a change from the inside out and there's so many was that they will all know all proven unlike Jesus out but you don't have to be born again to do that anybody can do that but we want a creative meal on a clean heart and of a right spirit within me and you and I believe in you may disagree with me that the renewal of the Spirit is not something you do once in your life is something we do every day and I heard somebody say one time in other certain things you can pay people to do for you another was the car breakdown you could pay the guy to fix it and learn whatever it is you and them to fix it but there's two things you can't take people for one is to bring for you and the others did for and the same way we can't pray that are or I should say we can't hire someone to be our spiritual weather say it's something that we have ourselves by the way I was thinking this morning to about about when we students into our hearts having Jesus in our heart is not our initiative eleven when I say that was the Scripture says behold I will I'm not in other words this whole thing we've got in our head to come to Jesus is his suggestion not heated in other words we answer that and everybody has never we were talking about the Hindus Muslims and all these people thought that you may not agree with me but will go to heaven who never heard the watches were because what does it say they'll be those who said why what's this about once that me know what is how did Jesus answer that inasmuch as you are I was hungry and you fed me I was in prison and you visited me and so I thought to myself that the ten Commandments are divided into two sections the first floor about who log on the last six or about one new job C and I thought to myself there may be people in heaven who never heard the name of God but they responded to the call of God in their hearts and they responded in their hearts and they said those we could say they did the last six command they led Jesus do the last six commandments in their lives by the way out for those of you discount we were talking about the first fruit of the Spirit is love and I didn't finish before we start joy and that is it's easy to love those who love you you know you can say to you consider why I love you sweetheart I love you too but what do you say to the person that hates wanted to do the same love your lot their enemies because he said I to love people who love him is nothing a good faith in the bed the guy do that by late OR yearly article in the RN you know who is a pray for your enemies music I pray for Osama bin Laden everything him a prayer for no part of it here they are somebody at home in our eyes come on now the husband is some money at it in the circle and by the way think about it they say that this all of our planet has six billion people on not in your life your life in my more likely has sixteen our world of this day as usually family is not right and and is in and you hear me mention this from time to time because I feel that we manifest our commitment to Jesus in our home and as he notices another thing right talk about self-esteem in the last round love yourself it is another I don't know if I'm getting ahead of myself for not but I'll I'll I'll I'll do it again if I repeat myself don't think that that I don't know the difference because you know what I would repeat myself because I'm being a minister like I have people go to church on Sabbath elderly Prince and Roman Osler and you should have been in church today with me it was the best sermon I ever will it was life-changing I'll never been said and your friends is what was it about I don't remember and I cannot enter that with me I'm yeah I'd rather be in Florida down there under Palm trade data set here in the snowbank and so if you're just going to come here and forget everything I said it would be a waste of time for both of so rarely listen to this as we talk about the food was taken up pick it up we made our commit him on the left carryall because the pressures that are against us are incredible but if we if we let the culture drive us will lose ourselves and that's what we've got to be really serious with we've got to be connected all the time and and and and here's the promises it is another thing that that that that that bothers me a little bit is that we kind of think you know it will nominate their Internet I hear the same when we finish the work of your done with it we finish the work is called when will that be that never in imaginable now so who's the finish the work on Jason 's going to finish the work I don't know I will work with him I went up but we've got understand that the Lord most important things we can do now with another was that was missing up to help when we reflect his image the unfolding of it is left up to us was I going to never forget we've got the promise ego is not is more powerful than hate it's in the world and he was begun his work in us will finish and this is why I think that that that we need every day to be praying and and and I knew that sometimes associated to hydrate God whatever you going to do I want that in my life as we don't always understand what that is built into deeper and wider and I did pray Lord whatever another thing you can hear me say again the fruit of the Spirit works best in hard times in other words you see we sometimes a prayer aside from now you and I pray like a new prey on and on Wonder Bread Lord make the patient and into the next syringes that can help everything to go my way in the one courage is not the other out because it only when the world of a patient with me how with these things weren't going away in other words we prayed to have love how would that work love his enemy is and so and so the true fruit of the spirit only works with things that the exercise of his word and so and so let's not think that when we had the further spirit as is manifest in our life everything that Google is more likely go back up but that's when it manifests itself in fact by the way let me assure you that this little manipulative the warmongering because sometimes you can say thing in one month you can send a sermon that people get mad but job I've been studying the Gospels and I shouldn't use the word study you know and if I was reading the newspaper in an hour to hand it to you and say would like to study the newspaper is down so I don't have time but if I would say he would like to read the newspaper you said things to did not write it depends how you combat it and so now I know we use the word study the Bible but that kind had but rated another sound too bad you don't have no reason to do that and so I been meaning Matthew Mark and Luke and John and you may not be have what I hear you cry and make me cry when I read about his and who you will and all that he went through it all he did I decided Greg God forgive us for what we did to you for what we did and another staff member I said in the first in the first section were in the last days the devil is after our brain and the ones it can mesh you up the ones that we use Scripture against her to twist your head at it in fact this is going on everyplace even in our church everybody's got a text for everything you can find a Bible text that proves that water flows uphill say everybody has a Bible text to prove his point so it would've discussed Ms. as the Bible says I want to say what else is if you heard the word context before you know Ugandan nuclear reverse in this context you can look at the verse before numbers afterwards I'm sick and help me out the context of any version is the rest of the Bible not just the one that goes before him goes asked and was about to say was that read the Gospels first get of this list get it in our hands and in our hearts it will read the Gospels first you can't get messed up anywhere else because now don't misunderstand people go out into the writings of apostle Paul and they bury themselves of the people that give you once saved always saved and what they call dispensationalism when a knock away the Old Testament are they get from Paul and in fact now this sounds are heretical but the apostle Peter said look out for the also Paul from here you can get messed up your children another son if you see what is going to fairly big guys been infertile and him and he had enough to hear and I thought in five minutes more he'll have his whole head down there and will have to call them out in a CNN like that I live in Florida and at and it rained so hard down there that the storm drains can carry and not so they have these little lakes are in all the communities and so abused over a block from my house there's this link when I say latency and only got a fountain going up in the knowledge that they do that with all of anyway my son came to visit me the other day and he said just at the end of the street isn't coming here to the house on our those involved allegations and in that Lakers turtles that's on anything you look like a turtle there is an and and and we feed the dogs and everything in the turtles come up and start the Europa authorities include the architecture but anyway anyway read the scripture but start with Jay the Old Testament people didn't have been right it is the complete we had been so misspelled from the notes from the Gospels backwards and it makes it legal for the Gospels forward and it makes it so I can tell and in fact I want to write a book it would be called in his steps the gospel according to you know almost all of our doctrine if not all of them are art are nestled in the introduction in those Gospels all of the him that in our hands we don't get messed up and that are on the wood through the spirit and his Galatians five twenty two and twenty three you say last night that I wrote a Sabbath lesson about that on the right mental attitude before it doesn't come out in two thousand ten I can just see me going up to get the first copy and you'll have forgotten by then and illustrate wonder who that was but she'll be old by that time to yourself and and let me say this too I'm still one monopoly in talking to secure my children be I really owe really I'm sixty seven values look at me you think of that I was born but I was your age and what that means either need something or worse when I listen to me being this a is like being on top of the map seriously you can see this either and you can see the site you got going there and it's ugly until his seriously and you know just the other morning I was reading Ecclesiastes start was seven first chapter seven and read it and it's about we were headed every one of us the mortality rate is a hundred percent another young man in hospital on God for visiting something happened to but it would be something that happened anywhere in Iraq is this the way it is in fact in fact him yes and yes that you realize that you have a better life so if you think that a few people who are here today being a lot younger if you realize what it's really like to live a better life I noticed you might see when I'm driving crazy Albion I'll be out no negative and Preston have psychological problems cellular letter law and by the way let me say this to before I start I'm sure a lot of stuff with him and is probably confusing as it could be confused you know I young people like to have ministry here in the young people 's organizations and all that and straight people is a big one you know will soon wear out the scope of the street and was an old one but you know if you want to do some missionary work the people you want to help for the agent the old have you ever been to a convalescent home and seeing the people in their best zoo a few years casinos women and nearly look like print and other already been in those places where you see that little pruning their handout and on the chest of drawers is a picture of a public of a pretty girl guess who is in turn and you naughty knowing I am talking seriously go to those places you want to do something don't cover somebody go to those places anyway reach out and touch the ground because they all shriveled up in the bony and nobody touches and also if you want to do something that will be a blessing that will be humanitarian that will be a great outreach of your heart on do something for the old you are not around anymore and why the husbands and then and my father-in-law used to say he is the site I look in the mirror and I think what's happened and so I'm just telling you if you want to missionary work but what can you do well on boondoggle vote who will go up to them not to the jungles no go to the old folks home that's not very far either because it in the name in fact I believe this and you may not agree with me but the biggest mission mission field in the world is where it's in this country is a while I went to defend and rebound times afternoon is so thrilled I'm going back to me on exaggerating that I wanted to write a hard place here in so and so we need to get we need to do what needs to be done here that this is the hardest place nowhere because in these other countries they are they got raises and Christians know it's not only that has to do with religious they get to learn to read the upgrade themselves everything else but in this country and were up against its heart in Europe it's harder than ever so let's pray for our culture here and and and and let's do the best we can but let's pray Jesus numbers I really feel that the Lord in fact in fact I'm telling that when I'm craving lancet is where Raven rendered that he hasn't forgotten what we need to realize that only he can finish the work by the way when we get to heaven who gets the credit well you know they had the through and will then have it's really then have Mark Finley all over him credit for so that means this that that is working to get out of there Jane is not have to take us out and that's not only for MDM are for South America definitely in my heart and yours and your fan and you might say not to interview live with them is where somebody in immediate family is not a Christian experience here I got that boy inside my boy said to me a few months ago he said that I don't need God in my lifetime and he was the pastor of his classmates he was a trumpeter to go everywhere with us playing on the whatever happened that boy got into drugs and what is that but I would say that's the mission field that's the one that breaks our heart and and and and another thing that's hardest place to win instead on the street corner and in preacher had all but it's at home to talk sternly as they hear standing on the other streetcorner preaching this focus years ago over in England they would take the young ministers and they would send them out in the parks the practice preaching and this was Hyde Park on your Hyde Park in England but it isn't as young minister out the practice is preaching the people gathered around in those days the hearing bridge and was working on it somebody getting logged on so he was preaching then and Hector Cinda Lin has your question and him and said Mister Andy and brokerages in the hecklers in the service of God have you ever seemingly dry young men and single you say there is a God of you ever heard in later years it well him as later for God and you never seemingly never heard of a latte doing deduced by that and everybody clap your massive star Matthew question have you ever seen your brain are concept of the Holy Spirit is usually about doing miracle I was talking with a colleague of mine administrative Lisa I know that the big thing and the Holy Spirit is to give a new heart but they want to slide a numerical original found this really sounds crazy busy here the good news about Lazarus to hear the bad he died again are you going on every marital at midnight in the Jesus ever he got sick and die was sent to and that Jesus himself said don't fairly and they can kill the body and after that he can't do anything to let fear the situation where you lose your soul delusions are a lot but were hung up on the outside we've got to do Anne and I went the wrong because that's our big concern in our lives but but I think that the purpose of miracles in Jesus life was one hot and that was that was to establish him as a son because that would be forever but see miracles miracles are are are are up and backfire as it will blanket a are both about what will happen when Jesus then fed the five thousand and one half inches thick around the building of the Lord and when I write we got three full and so this is the way it happens by the way if we can do miracles at will you think we would be bringing people closer to change it I say no and by the way these these Pentecostal healers out in one day I went on the other than Orlando Jordan are banning him and I saw out there on the on his billboard he said miracle day or some like that I thought I'm going and would like a Thursday morning a note from you know nine thirty to twelve is like that there goes the turtle thing against the highly cold and a little bit ago is a golden you think of our person like me with pages presented with you I thought about that when I can thought one of the legal but anyway firestarter creature louder within warm things up a little bit but anyway I started dating him and and he's immediately and and he went through the same in all the healing prayer and continues that if you think you've been healed step out into the and so and so he had come to like ushers are some that would go down the aisles is a screen to check it out and think instead about and I'll let you know if you can pass a screen of the new Google input on the front and illness understanding one guys that don't you are going to send him back and but anyway if you pass a screen or you got to go down the front and you and I love you seen pictures of that you know he is all the vacation is enough the Holy Spirit is the craziest thing I have and you fall down because that is the new heart is convicted and send the righteousness of God when we went on I speak Spanish and so after the meeting was over I was walking across the parking lot and noticed there was a Spanish family that he was and I felt back so I'm talking to each other and at once and what did you fall back with previous post I so so I listened a little carried away with that because these of the Holy Spirit people see these are the ones that are setting the norm about the Illinois filming in other words they set the norm for what the Holy Spirit is God of the day decided who has always been an act and who does not reject by the way you might wonder how these healers stay in business is what is what we could call the placebo effect regardless able disabled Jaime got my figure drawing says that thirty percent of people who get sick get pneumonia welding and when I talk about mortal diseases but in all they does it well no one knows what and so that's the way these hippies you would make it to see all you have to have as a few placebos keep you in the butt but they did a research on any hands for two years they couldn't find one organically and what our definition of a vehicle ahead eight in order to think the sunlight that organic means something really big and I couldn't find the only reason I'm saying this is because the because the people who say what the Holy Spirit is the wrong I will send the first section unless don't talk about the gifts of the Spirit can we talk about for I know another thing it in my notes it says it will understand what the Holy Spirit really does there be no confusion about righteousness by work because the work the Holy Spirit does he does in the heart and you can't pull it off I was faceup is currently terrible even if all run out of one time half of your right out the other half of that did you see breakfast this morning there were there were hot July holiday what with two lines of three or four in the vegan and in on me if you notice all the vegans are watching not in somebody was there from the inside taken note and nine the listening of this is a serious one sister when I was in South America I live in Cincinnati got this she comes on Vodafone vision Internet account but they had a review and Herald of the Last Supper in what they never showed the pictures of the Last Supper the main course what was the Passover about a land one in eight watch this it sounds off when I saw what that artist to convey the lamb on the table and realizing Jesus it had a plan my first reaction of Jesus one him for a split second I thought I'm better than you know what this visual humor we can get caught because and when I sent to myself I'm better than Jesus and then I realized that I have help in the wrong spot coming from albuterol and I think this is a challenge and help even in our church health is in the wrong slot surely be healthy definitely shouldn't be the gold standard of the Christian life not at all one woman said but his ability to write inducement not to mention one person said digging chains is worse than eating pork the show here August first actually the healthy guys but now listen to me this sounds off on it healthful living no I'm the same get it out of one file and put it in another you know our church was not being in a world where they came from it came from doing I don't believe it you weren't born but we never heard the word before the narrators can the administrable lactone and sell so and so now listen to me that that they can visit Vegas engines in Disney hot the Muslims don't eat pork as all I'm telling you is that you could be the best health person in the world and not be boring right or wrong and thus critical that we get this right and I had him guys talking and one of the north than the Jesus saved me as it has been and how the spirit across this event shows how twisted it is twisted again I'm not saying that we should be healthy but this thing vegan now the vegans are now it's the gold standard and they save those who are bigots as lesser life to write a letter not absolute jelly baby if you want to visit the Gold standard not at all why you don't have to be born again to be in my right on Adderall values another was that she just just get it right that's why that's why point I wanted to get out of this seminar is that understanding what the fruit of the Spirit is you can't be accused of legalism or salvation by works which you can do both on the outside but the fruit of the spirit only comes from the Holy Spirit by giving us a new heart and you can't fake that you either have a little play with me on that I struggled through my notes to become massively but I like it is messy notes because when I type a new amusement place as a right the Scripture says that that that that that the heart is deceitful above all things and what desperately wicked but the promise a new heart was will I give you and a new spirit anyway I we talked about love in the next section unidentified as for storing very I don't know what has happened there were two brothers I must've been like in the old days are windowless two-story houses and sometimes they have to bedroom right above maybe the porch and tortuous conduct had a roof over Juneau and some of the older houses and so was when the folks would send him up to go to bed a little earlier than they want to go to bed these boys that would go out the window and there was a tree growing right by the porch and may go down that tree and been a long play for a while and they get the name of that tree go back to their room their parents didn't know about and so then one day they are they heard the daddy say to his life on the island have to cut down that tree it doesn't seem to be bearing any fruit and the boys are all if they cut that tree now we're not how we got here and soul of that night then they took off apples and they just need to know how the men from all branches of the tree so that he wouldn't say that very frugal the next day they woke up and that if it turns out to their mother honey and I couldn't believe it to see that Draco is apples and most of what was wrong that is in which a paratrooper in and in and out spiritual lessons of that it's got one it's got one on the north trained by his wife life fruit and pear trees don't have apples on that there's a lot of Christian people that are just in output pairs on Appletree out the next through the Spirit is joy I would ask you question our joy and happiness the same thing was a different him and her father and which ones with you in other words were usually happy because the drive you may be so happy you gave me a birthday present by the way birthday present illness some people don't believe in Christmas if you run into the and I suppose if a person doesn't believe in Christmas and we won't worry about that because the apostle Paul says that no man judge you for your Sabbath shareholder persons as I don't want it improved but I think that if I hear somebody say that wanting to Christmas I said you have a birthday on who they celebrate your birthday to did Jesus have a birthday to cilantro if I want to have a bit but but December twenty five the pagan holiday everyday of the year is a pagan holiday simply in Iraq so so sorry in other words another was missing this whole idea that that that that you know that you know if this pagan window is taken for it not been taken for somebody and and I've heard some people say it's not is not so much that we had Christmas is the way we do it in Mrs. White's it is all right have a Christmas treated but she says you know that that's given an emphasis that is not alone progress in which Christmas tends to be what all about me and Mrs. wife says something about let's make Christmas something were doing for those who really need some else and so we can have she does a lot of things were doing that are wrong in and of themselves but they're wrong with the flip we get to and so we keep doing this just give it up at a different flip works well this idea of having joy is a hard and I got a little thing I have to take medicine for everyday and if I didn't take the medicine it would be a serious one do I look those up I did the commencement of the day my hair did Browning but that you know this is really hard for me really hard I got down on my knees and I thank God for what I have to do I cried as I did that and in other words I guess what I'm saying is that that joy doesn't mean things can be going heavy this is a thing I think I this wrong well you just make a commitment and it is going to get rich on you know there's even an Adventist evangelist amongst us and I can give his name I'll of untried ruses of that unwanted Bears legal scrutiny but I said hi anyway this guy 's cotton kind of a get rich evangel and give her this guy and an engine that will well if you just need a very good Christian who get rich most of the Christians in this world are poor as church my their wonder where they go to get their name from the and the love Jesus with all and we've got this crazy thing going over this country will be no judges included on Christian new page you can reach that's it this section because most of God 's children are not that way and so this idea that we make a commitment to Jesus Christ everything that I go good no I'm sorry it won't it could get worse him Jesus said other time to come in which revenues are right at home another thing he says blessed and then when you revise and persecute you and say all manner and so our prospects are not the as we deepen our commitment that things are going to get better but they work because he's exhausted if they hated me the good hatred legitimacy we've got this we've got this wrong well I just get it right it will be all right now we get it right it won't be on it we work so so I know this thing of happiness should we be happy of course we should be but we should be unhappy good when I is are certain things that you can be happy every day not job I is built around what the present of the future is going to outrun the future definitely and and even then that's not a because because we tend to live in the present no now we've got to live in the present but we've got to have a authority of my daughter Cindy I was taken drivers education here you have a form and she came home one day and she said that he only broken when does this in front of the stoppers anyway she came over from driver school and then she said that it today the teacher said what you see is what you do any of you guys ever played golf before I wanted favorite time but they say the balls Venango word where you look so if the holes out there and there's a woods out there in a lake out there all you do is livid that was that's worse than any ever been driving a car and they got those cement things done besides you know where the doing repairs and on both sides him those on why we figure we would include looking at we go in the direction we look if you ever been going down the down the turnpike or something is good an eighteen wheeler on both sides in your car if you like to suck on anything go under that thing and the only way to save yourself is to look down the middle and that's the way it is not like we're going the way were looking at so that we have to be in the present in the present the thing to give us joy is by looking down the thing look into him who is the author and finisher of our faith I want a problem we had his back in the old days of the church everybody believed Jesus was coming again soon my dad never saw he didn't think you go to college he never thought to get married and never valued our children and when he died I is a great grandpa is that you know we were talking about this yesterday when he do about the coming of Jesus we never shows up how long can you preach this with a straight face and that's where were at this is why in our churches we don't hear about this when's the last time you heard seven on the community and I think part of this was because we keep setting dates for anything this is the difficulty in having the joy what we called the blessed hope that the difficulty can we have the blessed hope without setting a date that's the problem your people will say to me you think is coming next year is a lot of about that's the blessing of the latest coming in I don't know about the blessed hope of how I feel about I was into the story of that happened to me enough to take a little while let's take a break is a good story and message the trick to get you back this is a story about the blessed hope that given a lifetime socialist take a break it's only two minutes before courtroom are just the last land on and for you that you so I was asked to even while Duncan is somebody that this saw I was asked to teach the Sabbath school of medicine and become up our church and I was about the coming of Jesus and I I thought what if you want to tell them they are in no I thought I'm not good at telling what they are you know I'm an ass and how they feel about is how we feel about something what we know about something and into everything so I prepared a questionnaire the first question is do you want Jesus to come yesterday no everybody said that the bad guys that is what I got hundred percent what if you can set a date for his coming with me they raise their hands as we don't know I said I thought the question the question is if you can set a date and with this and most everybody putting down the line now not everybody knew there was no a no name on it but some today but I never they were by the way they wrote is not limited I asked the same questions and to come apart in South America and wanted to if hours and maybe next week and wanted to know where to go now that's a West African everybody answered the same how do we feel about it onto the and and an Academy and in Chile I know I put in the different items that you can set a date what you want to come before you all is not what I did on that one after I listened to this is the big problem we have and that is when we think about the coming of Jesus revolution so violent have any fun I better have it now is in heaven it flowed on McClellan have church twenty four seven Jesus for the joy that was set before went to the cross through the pain we've got to realizing married or unmarried are in good times and bad as the blessed hope regardless of your interest through an era and so are going to talk this afternoon about the way through the spear were going slow but remixing and some other stuff right you don't mind that the public now I hope you remember what I'm telling you not remember everything but when I later this afternoon you're probably never come back but who ever come back I would ask you what you heard so far as words unless it was a dependence of the Lord by your doctor to say everything is a liar to say this yard in the middle of any because because what I'm saying it relates our lives in a different way in fact spiritual things basically only makes sense if we happen to their list price however father were all different different stage of our lives family situations you know Lord I want to pray for our mothers and fathers brothers and sisters our children who don't have the commitment that we are praying they'll have more don't give up on will will want to be together as families when you come to pray for the people that are here Lord you know whereas we want to grow in grace whatever you going to do Lord with the rest of further spirit going on we pray in Jesus name is this media list by audio burgers and hope medium ministry is UIC generation of praise would like to listen to more great music this presentation or if you would like to learn more about you see when this is done to NYC web or also find great to see you are you verse board and head of video .com will


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