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Adventist Culture or Adventist Faith?

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • May 9, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Well I want to talk to you this morning about a subject that's been on my heart and I really pray today that it will come across to you in the way that I intended to because it could easily be misunderstood. OK. And so I want you to pray as well that as I'm sharing it either I will share with you need to hear or you will hear what you need to hear one of the other and the Lord can do that. And I've seen him do it many times and the subject is going to culture or administrate and there is a difference between the two. One can fall under the other but the other cannot fall under the one and you'll know what I'm talking about as we go along. So I'm going to request your prayers this morning and I'm going to kneel here and ask the Lord's blessing be with us. So please by your heads with me as I kneel Father in Heaven Lord this morning. We are so thankful to be in your house it's a wonderful weekend though the rain may be pouring on the streets yet the sun is shining in here. And Lord we pray today that our experience with you this morning will be one that's real our eyes would be open our hearts would be open to you and what you might speak to us this morning. Father I pray that our hearts would be one with Jesus but our faith in him would be steadfast it would be true it would be pure and it would have an impact upon our daily lives every moment of every day especially today. And Father we pray that you would be with all those who are not here today wherever they are that you would draw their hearts close to you as they worship you. In other places and so Lord we ask that you would breathe upon us the Holy Spirit. Open our eyes open our hearts open our minds to your words today speak to us through the living power of your word and through Jesus we ask send your holy. Spirit for we need it and we ask this in Jesus' name amen. And I tell you a story about a young man that I met spent about two weeks ago now and the circumstances that led up to me meeting him and why I am using that story as an introduction. This morning a couple of weeks ago it was a Friday it was not this past Friday but I think it was the Friday before I was I had I had an appointment in the morning and then I came to the church and I had a chiropractic appointment in the afternoon. Well in between those two times I went down to the Shell station I was going to fill up my truck with gas and then I was going to get my truck washed I live on a dirt road and it gets quite dusty in muddy you understand and so I went through the car wash first and was going to put my card in and get the car wash and the car wash wasn't working. The processor down so I typed tried to credit cards and cash it wouldn't work so I left had I've got my car wash. I would have gotten gas also. Keep that in mind. OK so I came back I went some of you a few of you have heard this already. I went to my chiropractor to point it and it went a little bit longer than I had planned. I'd also planned that afternoon to go visit a family who had been visiting our church and I'm not sure if they're here today but they may know who they are. So I wrestled with that because that evening I also had the young adults coming over to to my house this is when my wife was in Alabama to have a group Bible study so I and I had to do some cleaning you know after living as a bachelor for you know two weeks there's some cleaning to do before people come over. OK so I thought I got to get this done so what I'm going to do. So I prayed about it and the Lord heavily impressed me to go visit this family so I did. I went down to visit them. I went there and spoke and the husband was still at work. The wife was there. She speaks Spanish I speak English Spanish Spanish is a beautiful language but I don't speak it so we didn't have but I was translating through her four year old son and so I told her I would come back when the husband is there so I left my natural thought was the Lord why did you impress me so strongly to go visit this family if they were at home. So when I when I thought that I thought well I'm not I'm not sure what to do now. And then the thought popped into my head there was something that I needed from Sam's Club and I knew that there was a Sam's Club right in the area so I pulled out of their driveway and I was driving down the street and I said I wonder where that Sam's Club is I know it's around here somewhere I looked up and there's the sign right there it is. It's like it was just delivered. So I went in there I get my item at Sam's Club. Then I leave and I said well I still need to get gas I may not have time to get my car washed but I need to get gas so I pull over into the Sam's Club and get gas. Now you want to walk. Why are you telling all this. Well there was a young man there who was doing the inviting you to sign up for a Sam's credit card. And he came and spoke to me and I told him you know I have one credit card I just use it for certain things I don't need another one in. And that morning early I had actually also been impressed to wear a shirt that said amazing facts on it and he said to me what's amazing facts about. And so I told him I said it's a ministry. A Christian minister. I used to work there it centers that are set or at least is all wow he says I'm a born again Christian as well I said you are. He's a guy yeah I said fantastic and so we start talking more about the Bible and God and he says well what church do you go to and I said Seventh Day Adventists is OK so we keep talking and then he asked me again and he says what church was are you go to he said seven chapel something and I said no no no I said. Seventh Day Adventist and it was like he didn't hear me the first time he said Seventh Day Adventist and I said yes and he said wow he said I have been looking for your church and he said I just heard a message on You Tube by Roger Moore know about prayer and he says and I've been wanting to find out something and I've been wanting to meet he said I've been praying to God that I would need a Seventh Day Adventist and then he looked at me and he said and you're the first real live one I've ever met and I said Really. He said Yes I said wonderful I said well I'm not just oh I said I'm on the something and I said but it just so happens that I'm also the pastor of the church in town in Lansing and he said really I say and he said God really answers my prayer. Twenty six years old and he said I believe what you believe and he said I want to come to your church I want to be involved I want to be a member. I said men brother so that next week we went out to lunch and he told me his journey and he would he probably told me probably ten different times he would say well I had this question and I prayed to God and God gave me this answer and he would tell me the answer that God gave him it was the right answer. It was the Biblical answer and I was just amazed. So then he was telling me all kinds of stuff about what he believed in basically in an hour. He described to me the whole book the great controversy. So I said I have a book for you I said everything you've told me is in this book and you are totally correct. Take this book and read it. So the next day I said why don't we get together tomorrow and study. He said great. So the next day I go to his house he said I read this one chapter he said about the Sabbath he said I so believe the sad. It's it's a miracle. Now I got I'll come back to that but I wanted to say look if I had gone to the gas station this is how God divinely orchestrates the events of the day and he will do it for any of us if we will have the faith to reach out and say Lord Jesus do this for me OK. If I had gone to the gas station and the car wash would have worked I would have gotten my gas in there and I would have never pulled into Sam's Club if I had not been pressed. If I had not heeded the impression to go visit the family I would have never went to Sam's Club and it would never went to the gas station. If I did not have worn the shirt that God impressed me to wear that day I may not he may not have asked me that question and my foolishness I may not have picked up that this guy might be an arrest. Are you with me. God orchestrated every event of the day. He even made he even made my chiropractor a point to go or so that I could be there in that place to meet that young man and you can say he came to the church last Saturday nights for Brother Jeremy's concert and he walked in and he said this is my own. He's not here today because he's still working through the Sabbath work issues he's got he's working on getting that off but he said. This is the place I need to be. This is God's people this is God's Church. And he said I want to be here. I went to his house this past Wednesday we study on Wednesday mornings now and he shared his testimony with me about all of her and the pain of his experience as a young guys we'll see that he's got a big tattoo of a dragon on his forearm. But he looked at me and he told me his story and he sat with tears. He was weeping of what Jesus has done in his life. And as he told me the story I was just moved and I started and he said and we talked about the character of God We started the great controversy and we talked about the character of God man explaining how there are so many people in the world that that view God this way but it's because Satan wants to be viewed that way. And he's he's deceived them into thinking God is something that is not right and we talked about all those wonderful things. And at the end and when he was telling me his testimony he says I've learned so much about God's character. And he says if this is who God really is this is a God that I can serve and he wept before the Lord Jesus. This is faith because God has moved mountains for this young man and it is a miracle. You get a chance to talk to this guy your faith is going to be encouraged. I was embarrassed of my faith when I talked to this guy's a pastor. So that's what I want to talk to you about this morning. It was the battle of culture versus faith. There's always been a battle since the very beginning of good and evil when Lucifer fell from heaven. Then it transferred to the earth and there's always been a battle between when they use the phrase the church and the world yes or no. There's always been that contention there's always been that dividing line between light and darkness truth an error right and wrong yes or no. But I want to propose to you this morning that that's not the only battle but as Seventh Day Adventists we need to be concerned about but that there is a battle within the church and I'm not talking about the world coming into the church that there is a battle and that as a valid thing but that's not what I'm referring to. I'm not talking even about culture or secular culture influencing the church that is a battle that's a reality but that's not one talking about today. What I'm talking about as a battle of cultural faith a church that wrestles with being having a marvelous culture. And depending upon that in our standing before God versus having a genuine true faith in Jesus Christ. Are you with me a battle that vole among those who are who are God's people relying upon a culture more so than a faith. I'm out of my own tarting there. So we're going to do is going to look at a couple of examples here in Scripture of this battle that has really gone through time and then we're going to bring it down to our day. Are you ready for that. Go with me now to Genesis Chapter twenty five Genesis Chapter twenty five. I'm going to look at this struggle that began way back a long time ago. Genesis Chapter twenty five and. We're going to start in verse twenty one. Genesis twenty five verse twenty one. Here's what the Bible says we're going to read through the end of the chapter it says. Now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife because she was barren and the Lord granted this plea and Rebecca his wife conceived but the children struggled together with her and she said if all is well why am I like this. So she went to enquire of the Lord notice what the text says it says to the children did what I struggled with in her yes or no. Now if you think about this who is the father of these children. It is Isaac the son of promise. Yes or no. It's Isaac who is the prince of God who was the son of Abraham who was to be the heir or not the heir but before father of generations to come. Are you with me. And even within the house of God even within that that element there is a struggle between two entities. Are you listening. Now we can reading this is two nations. The Lord said to her two nations are in your room. Two people shall be separated from your body one shall be stronger than the other and the older shall serve the younger. So when her days were fulfilled for her to give birth indeed there were two twins in her womb and the first came out red he was like a hairy garment all over. So they called his name Esau and after his brother came out and his hand took hold of these saws heel so his name was called Jacob which means deceiver or supplant or Isaac was sixty six years old when he bore them so the boys grew up and Esau was a skilful puncher man of the field but Jacob was a mild. Man dwelling in tents and I visit loved Esau because he ate of his game. But Rebecca loved Jacob. Now consider this both of these young men were born to the son a promise yes or no. Both of these young men were raised in the face. Yes or no. As I progressed through her skin for we go on with this. Both of these young men were raised in the church. Yes or no. Yet one ultimately relied upon his culture to receive the blessing of God while the father ultimately through many struggles relied upon his what his faith. Are you with me. You understand why I'm going this is not this is not between the world in the church. This is a battle within the church. Yes or no. It's about there's a great controversy not just between the world and the church but there's a great controversy within the church between a culture and a faith. You got me now it's almost a greeting here verse twenty nine now Jacob could just do and Esau came in from the field and he was weary. And he Saul said to Jacob Please feed me with the same rights to fry and weary. Therefore his name was called Edam but Jacob said something your birthright as of this day and he Saul said look I'm about to die so what is this birthright to me. Then Jacob said Swear to me of this day so he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob and Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils and then he ate and drank and rose and went his way. And thus Esau despised his birthright. This brothers and sisters Esau sold his birthright to be the spiritual care for a very temporary moment of satisfaction. You know he sold all he had been raised in the church though he had been raised in the faith. Yet he still sold his eternal birthright freights for something that is very temporary. He sold that which was earthly art eternal for that which was earthly. He saw yet the Bible tells us that he wanted the blessing. Yes or no. But why did he want the blessing. But he wanted because of spiritual things. No he wanted it because he thought that that birthright would bring him greater earthly possessions wealth influence whatever else you want to call it. Are you with me. That's why he was so angry with Jacob over the issue of the birthright not because he wanted it for spiritual reasons not because he was interested in the kingdom of God but because he was interested in growing his own empire on the earth. If you follow me then in Genesis Chapter twenty seven Jacob deceives Isaac into giving him the blessing and Esau gets mad again and he's ready again to kill him right. And so it takes place that Jacob receives the spiritual blessing. But once again why was it that that Esau was seeking the blessing because he wanted an earthly blessing. Not a lot. Not a spiritual but if you read in the book Patriots and prophets you find that though Jacob. Because at that point the unconverted. And he used the lies and tactics and of his own creating to get the birthright and the blessing. Yet he did it because he wanted to be close to God He wanted to be spiritual. Are you with me so I'm not saying it's OK that he did that but his ultimate motivation was that he wanted to be the Son of God. Are you with me. So there are two battles there's one who said Give me the blessing. Let me follow this church let me be in my father's house so that I can gain a greater earthly blessing. And if I do all the right things. Remember Esau he said before his final look I did all these things before you I brought you the game don't you have a blessing for me too. There's one group of people that says Look father I've done all these things. Give me my earthly blessing and there's another group in the father's house that says I want to be the Son of God I might struggle on my trip over myself. I might make foolish choices but my heart is that I want to be in my father's house because I want to be close to him. Think about it for just a moment. There was a rustling between culture and faith yes or no. Now jump with me to Matthew Chapter three Matthew Chapter three. I have a whole separate sermon on this but I want to I do want to make the point in Matthew Chapter three we find another case of this taking place. Matthew Chapter three let's go to verse one. It says in those days John the Baptist. I'm preaching in the wilderness of Judea and saying Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. But this is he was spoken to by the prophet saying this is the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord and I'm going to jump through verse five it says. Then Jerusalem ology day and all the region of the Jordan went out to meet him and were baptized by him in the Jordan confessing their sins. But when he saw many of the what of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism he said to them brutal vipers. That's not exactly what we want to say to our baptismal candidates. You dirty little snakes in the grass is what he was saying. You like little snakes withering in and out of the blades of grass seeking to devour something that innocently steps in your path. That's what he said about Iraq. He said he said who warned you to flee from the wrath to come. Therefore bear fruit worthy of what repentance he says and do nothing to say to yourselves. We have to Abraham as our Father. That's exactly what Esau said. Abraham is my father therefore I get the blessing. OK he says if I say that God is able to raise up children to Abraham of these stones and even now the X. is laid to the roots of the trees therefore every tree was did not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. I indeed bet a soul. So look John is essentially saying here I do not think to yourselves that because of your culture you have favour with God Adventism has a culture yes or no. We have a wonderful culture. Yes or no. We have a biblical cult. Yes or no but that the culture without the faith that is required to go with it means that you also will be have an axle A to your root of your tree. That's what it means if you have that in this culture and you have not yet the faith in Christ that we are lost in our sense. And anyway John says do not think that you have to say Abraham is our Father and I say to you do not think that because you are a third fourth fifth sixth I guess we're all now to eight nine I'm not sure how many there are. Whatever generations of that Dennis that we may be that doesn't say much. It doesn't say if you are you with me but John said what saves you is by recognizing a verse of nothing I said I Indeed baptize you with water under repentance but he who is coming after me is my dear. Then I handle stress that I am not worthy to carry. He then will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with what and with fire. John here is saying do not cling to your culture even if it's Biblical if it is not mixed also with faith in Christ are you with me. The fairest these were biblical people one thing but then of course that is Biblical people the men I had everything together but there are people but they were lost because they had not been baptized by fire through Christ. They had not received. All the spirit to transform the heart and Jesus works from the inside out not from the outside yet there might be some work on the outside that leads to that but you understand what I'm saying here that there must be a genuine transformation of the heart that then becomes evident in the life bearing fruits of repentance and we talked about that last week that when we talk about there. And John looked at the Pharisees and he said you don't have it. You haven't gotten it yet. You haven't been broken on the rock. You have not received him. Who is your salvation and I wonder today if there is within the administration which some of the same thing going on among some others. I heard a good pastor recently he made the statement. He said being born in the truth is not the same as being true. We just say that again in case you were like not listening. Being born in the truth is not the same thing as being true. And you can only be made true or not as you eat more veggie meats. And as you stock up at the camp meeting on the big Franks. Not as you look to your heritage but as you look to Christ. If you look to Christ being born the truth is not the same as living the truth. Are you with me. Now there's nothing wrong with being born in the truth. If you've been changed by the truth amen. There's nothing wrong with administration or if it's rooted and grounded in Ankara madness faith. Are you with me. Faith in Christ faith in His Word and faith that he has the power to change my life. And it's something that. And not allowing the problems of the history of the church to impact my own personal relationship with God go through to John chapter six. We may finish on time will see John chapter six. I have more I would like to say but I'm sayin we're doing all right. John chapter six will give this John chapter six and we're going to go to verse twenty two. It says on the following day when the people who were standing on the other side of the Seas saw that there were no was no boat there except that which his disciples had entered and that Jesus had not entered the boat with the disciples but his disciples had gone away alone with the other boat came from the US to the place where they the bread and the Lord are given banks so he's talking about feeding the five thousand. OK. The people came back and why did they come back they came back for more food didn't they. I thought where's this Jesus is going to give us more bread and fish and it says a day when the people there full saw therefore saw that Jesus was not there nor his disciples they got into boats and came to Capernaum seeking Jesus and when they found him on the other side of the sea they said to him Rabbi when did you come here. You know all kind of like nonchalant trying to like hide there. The real anticipation give us more words were to go JESUS. You were there feeding us and when the people and Jesus answered in verse twenty six and said Most assuredly I say to you you seek me. Were they seeking an yes or no of a lot of people in God's church today. Making him yes or no. But we have to ask ourselves the question why are we seeking. Why I say to you you seek me not because you saw all the signs but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. Do not labor for the food which perishes before the food which endures to everlasting life which the Son of Man will give you because God the Father has set his seal upon him. There are people today who go to church because they were afraid not to. There are people today who go to church because they hope it would relieve some of the guilt in their life and it doesn't and it won't. There are people of the day who who paid time because now because they they look to Jesus as their as their Creator and they are returning at ten thinking and then an offering by the way when God says as it will a man rob God it just doesn't say tithes tithes and offerings. We don't emphasize that enough. But we should because the church needs your money even if even if every single one of you didn't pay a dime the rest of the year God would provide for this church. So it's not about that I'm not concerned about that. You see but some people they pay time because they say well I'm looking for that blessing. It's kind of like the lottery if I buy enough tickets I win. You see I'm looking for that earthly blessing. But God says what about the other end Lubov the other end of of when I. Put that tied in God's hand. I'm recognize and knowledge and he's my Creator and I'm returning to him that which he has given to me. Are you with me. And I'm acknowledging to the whole world that he is the one who is in charge of my life. He's the one who gives all that I have. He is the one who gives me power to gain what I have. He's the one who blesses me and I'm returning it not to get what to give to him to give my heart to him you understand. You see culture says God knows my heart. Faith says God possesses my heart. So here are people that come and Jesus says you're you're only coming to me because you want more bread and fish he says but what I had to give you is so much more and they said What is the work that he gives. And one of the works of God and he says in verse twenty nine Jesus answered and said to them this is the work of God that you believe in him who he has sent. So these people were following the culture because it brought prosperity but they missed the point the Jews were following their culture they were following Judaism because they thought if we follow all these rules and all these requirements that actually not the ones that got and given but the ones that they themselves had imposed. If we do this God brings prosperity to our nation and it was all about prosperity for them. Are you with me. It was all about seeking to build a bigger kingdom here. And Jesus says no he says you don't understand that culture I gave you was not for your own blessing but it was for you to be a blessing to the world and it was to bring you to faith in me. Jesus is under substance of every. Being that you're putting all your trust. Now we doing that today. Are there those today who live by the culture thinking that will be their entrance into heaven. Are you have are you so are you having today Avernus culture or are you experiencing happiness faith. They follow Jesus because of the lows in the Fishers not because they were interested in having his presence but the from his hand. But they didn't take from his heart. Jesus says if any man eats this flesh of my body he will have everlasting life. It's one thing to eat from Jesus' hand. It's one thing to receive life from this heart. And when he revealed that the bread that they were they were searching for was himself. They scoffed. Look at the rest of the chapter they were interested in that and there are many today who are interested and find there are true Jesus probably some sitting in this room. I hope not but it could be kosher seeks to eat physical bread on the Galactic in the spiritual. There are those who wish only to be fed in this life while sitting at Jesus' feet. They want Jesus to feed them. They want the they want Jesus around but they want him to feed them not to minister to them. Now we go to our last spot here Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five. The parable of the ten virgins familiar with it is you know that it applies to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. So the last days you know there it does mean if you have a twenty five then the kingdom of heaven should be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom five or wise five or foolish those who were foolish took their lamps and no oil but the wise took oil in the vessels in their lands. But the bridegroom was delayed and they all slumbered and slept in at midnight a cry was her behold the bridegroom is coming. Go out to meet him then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps and those foolish said to the wise Give us some of your oil for our lance are going out. But the wise answered say no there was not enough for us and for you to go rather to those who sell and buy for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding and the door was shut. Afterwards the other virgins came also saying Lord Lord open to us. But he answered and said assuredly I say to you I do not know you watch therefore for you know the day neither the day or the hour when the Son of Man is coming look all of the Virgins look at look at their characteristics. There was ten of them it was as a symbol of the church. They took their Lance what is the lamp What is a lamp by word Psalm one nineteen by word is a lamp into my feet and a light into my path they have their Bibles in their hands. They were not Biblically ignorant people or they they were they were they were truth. They believed in the truth. They paid their time they they kept the Sabbath they they did all the things but the difference was that what they were friends for was the oil the difference was the oil and the oil is a symbol of what everybody of the Holy Spirit. So you can. Safely say the foolish virgins were cultural administers who lacked true faith. The wise virgins were true administrations who had the administrate the Biblical faith of Christ burning within their hearts. Yes or no could you say that I would have to say that if a person of a Bible believing church does not accept the plain and clear word of God This comes from a man named Juan Woosley as a rule of faith and practice I would have to consider him to be a participant in the church's culture but not the churches faiths. Now I want to think about this for just a minute. It's not enough to believe in the Bible. In this culture believes in the Bible. Are you with me. But administrate says I believe that the Bible has the power to change me and he with Me administers culture believes the truth that is written what it does not put forth the faith to allow it to transform their lives because it makes sense. They do not allow it to transform their lives. Adman is culture says I believe in Christ administrate says I have accepted Christ into my life and he now lives within me and without me. He's he's changed me. Amen. And this culture says I was raised in the church. The administration says I am the Church the Body of Christ. We have been it's culture says the Sabbath is the right day. I'm not saying that administrate doesn't say that you understand but the administration says that the Sabbath brings freedom and fellowship with the creator of the sap and I experience that week after week Avernus culture says I'm so thankful to have my Sabbath every week where I can go and rest from my work and do that which I desire had been a space as it's God's Sabbath not my Sabbath and that I find rest in Him not a rest apart from him. Adventist culture says I like to go home and take my afternoon nap. What can we do that having our going to say Sure we can do something while taking a nap on Sabbath. I do it but that's not all I do. Administration says it's God's Sabbath and he's called me to serve others on this day. It's about others and it's about a hand it's not about me but as I put my focus on the end as I put my focus on others. God puts his focus on me. He does even if we don't do that you know if they're not saying that but then he gives me the rest that I need. As I looked at him I think are you with me forensic evidence just as I have I grew up in the church I never really did anything bad of my life. I grew up in the church having this culture Atmos faith says well. All sinners and I'm in need of grace. And Minister of Culture says they say Jesus is coming soon Jesus is coming soon after his face says I believe that Aunt Roderick I believe that Jesus is coming soon and it radically transforms the way that I live my life from day to day. It radically impacts the decisions that I make on a daily basis and I live my life for Christ not because I fear Him when He comes that I'll be lost but I'm waiting for him with every ounce I am waiting not to just get my ticket to go to heaven but I actually want him to change my life so that I become like her. Culture says I know the truth. That is faith says Through the grace of Christ I live the truth Avernus culture says I know all about Jesus I have been its face as I know Jesus and Jesus knows me he knows me I have in this culture says I'm not sure that I'm safe so I keep the culture hoping to get there. Evidence Faith says I am sure of Jesus' salvation to me not because I'm of the culture now because I'm of Christ and I trust in His promises. So the culture is good too in that because the administration leads us to an end in a sculpture doesn't it. And when I say I had been a son in Biblical That's all I mean that's all I mean I mean it's biblical. The culture does not empower you to live above this world. It only empowers you to live comfortably in it. The culture since in the pew. Week after week not being changed or seeking to help others change a culture knows that it has should completely trust him. God but a faith actually does it. Like the Jews in this culture. Jews wanted deliverance from Rome in this culture simply Once the material blessing is like Esau. And in this culture once in seclusion from the world like the Jews did but still loving the world's practices have been as culture once deliverance from evil but not deliverance from sin had been as faith once both the administration wants to be fed by the hand of Jesus. Your brothers and sisters there's nothing wrong with that in a sculpture as long as it is built upon our going to space and we need to understand especially those who have grown up in the church what the difference is. I didn't grow up in the church. I'm not claiming to tell you something you don't know but I think it is time for administrate to awaken among God's people whether they've been raised in the church or not. It's time for us to be fed by the Heart of Jesus and not just by is here. It's time for us to not just seek the earthly blessing but the eternal blessing. It's time for us to be so radically transformed by the grace of Christ and be so and filled with the Holy Spirit that when we go out people know that we've been in the presence of Jesus. What do you think it's time that the world sees the power of Jesus can do. And they're only going to see it through your lives. Desire of ages. Page one o seven. All who become became the subjects of Christ kingdom of all who became the subject of his kingdom he said he would give evidence of faith and repentance evidence and the like kindness honesty and fidelity would be seen in their lives. That's what the faith of Christ does in our hearts and in our lives. They would minister to the needy and bring their offerings to God they would shield the defenseless and give an example of virtue and compassion. So the followers of Christ will give evidence of the transferring power of the Holy Spirit and the daily life. Justice mercy and the love of God will be seen otherwise they are like the chaff that is given to the fire and then this culture doesn't say I'll serve the church if I don't have anything better to do. It says this is God's church and I love it because it's his bra. Iran's culture becomes different to the church it says well of the church this is in the church has got this problem that problem administrate says this is God's bride and I'm not going to scarf that I'm going to serve it and not draw close to it because it's precious to Jesus and he is transforming it and has he transformed the church he transforms me. And as he transforms me he transforms the church. So I want to say to you today. If you were a state this morning deep in and then a sculpture but you don't have an admin a space and Christ like he said to those who came to him seeking the bread all who will believe they can be saved. It doesn't matter if you were raised in the church you can still have a faith that is on fire and then you can still have a faith that is on fire and you can say to the world that Jesus has transformed my life and he has changed me and I long for him to come and I am not seeking whether God blesses me in this life or not. It doesn't matter because I seek the blessing that is eternal and I see Jesus to be fully dwelling within me and changed my life so that I can be like him and then how do you today want to have in a space Biblical faith faith explicitly and the Lord Jesus Christ not following the rules to find favor with God but because following the rules that God gives because I have favor from him and then that's my prayer for you this morning. Maybe this morning you have been in this church and you have been immersed in an administrator and you have the record for all the the most big Frankly I can't maybe I don't know but you recognize this morning I have big fangs. But I need more Jesus. I love the administration is not a problem is not the administrators. The problem is having the I mean you need to have both don't you. One leads to the other the are the same administrate is faith in Jesus as your pastor I really want you to have that. And as your savior Jesus really wants you to have that question this morning is do you want to happen because you can keep on going on in this culture and Jesus will speak the word to you. I knew you not. I don't know you and the door will be shut but if you reach out to him beyond the littles in the fissures to the heart of Christ to eat His flesh and drink his blood which is life to you and you will live and you will find a faith that is a richer than anything else this life has to on this media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you verse if you would like to listen to more sermon W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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