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God the Comforter, Part 3

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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him what I thought very good ideas and start outside his at the end of the day never heard the expression a satisfied customer I know you can talk about the the theory of something you know this talk about involve a lot of talk about but in the end of the day it has to work done really and we talk about the getting our hearts to Jesus and the fruit of the spirit or any here this morning and some of you were here was the first is the right and I was there as to what you heard on what I go to the store before I do they are I was doing a series of needing a charge I forgot was that somewhere in the West and they said to me what it should come over and speak at the Chapel at the Academy and I thought oh no because you know he you know how that young people are these days they wear their hats backwards of nervous and other weather has backwards and when I was a young person who was only two people in the world was at selective one was the catcher and the other was on top of serious casino they both have on that stuff on her face and so and by the way I know you all are young people and when I discovered how I can talk to young people perfectly and you'll think I'm really is with this to two words the young people they used to work one of his cool and others awesome and so and so you can come up to a young person and say cool and Nelson also him as a cool as they are sick officer is a cool in his carry-on conversation that way anyways so why they wanted me to do this stuff chapel and so I thought a minute in Oregon estate holder adventure I thought I'm going so I went into the chapel and I said no business people spend a lot of money going to seminars where they learn how to make more money truth I said in the jobless morning I would teach you how to lose money at home and do it for free lean of Islam that is upside down and who have a thought and asking the awesome how my government is doing and so on up on the rally if you cannot lose money I said one way to lose money is to neglect them he just put on your mattress or in your closet wherever and forget about I said I have some Peruvian money so that's that yesterday were thirty seven thousand nine and six months in coming six years and when that was worth about three cents so how did you lose the money would a soulless stick it under your mattress come back six years later neglected another way is to vent how you does take a twenty dollar bill lay it on the chair walk out finders keepers losers we presented that expression and another way to lose money is the waste so so there's three ways to lose money neglected abandoned that are our waste so I did that for about five as I said seminars over how you like we like the house feeling pretty good and I said I went through another seminar now in its hallelujah girlfriend and I really have an INI city illusion girlfriend you neglected you abandon her I think knowing full morale another girl and I went over that for a while and I said the seminars over how you like they really like and I said the last seminar is hallelujah Jesus is a friend is the same way and so I got done I felt like I done so good I should be in the youth ministry is so I went back to the meeting and if they sell the game and I walked in the door and they sometimes fulfill with you come speak to the new and when I'm going to say you have a life okay so I walked in the room the seller schoolroom and I said you remember me and a severe pastoral failure spoke at the Chapel on Monday I said remember what I talked about how it'll is hollow how to lose money I should house at and they said you neglected you you are a abandonment are you the waste I thought I hunted and I said what are those that talk about and they said they told us how to lose your girlfriend and I said how's that and they said same way if not then I said what else to talk about him along with the government and I thought to myself that this is the way to go that you can be preaching assignment but it's only as good as what the people are hearing from the air and unfortunately most people aren't in the spiritual life their end of their girlfriends and boyfriends or whatever it is it making money order and and at the end of the day it's got to be like Jesus means to us it really makes it and always doing an online somehow don't preach to me but I want to take a few minutes and an just those of you who want to just stand and tell us maybe could I say that the Spears doing a lot I were not even aware that people from the skid row or whatever they call it humor committed people were not all the same but who refers to stand up here among friends I sent until the don't preach to us just tell us a little bit and I will is in will and will and so and I and you and in you you he and his younger you are you yeah is is a you him a size the money how I like to let you know in which only some you have to him and in and in and in and in and in and in a very black and as I is now that is a you you is good and will some layout don't pretend that I can look I'm looking at all you can look and look at the ceiling he wanted to but I'm looking for girls to tell me as a that you stand a talking the loudest of the fence him him him and also sent some relation to tell us the whole story but when you say I was supposed to be married by Bishop is a story that and it is a story in the judiciary did you hear what she said between I believe Jesus is working in my life she's not librarians she's not cursing God and so there's a story that and I want to thank you for mentioning that because that was powerful and she didn't tell the story we didn't need to hear she could she can say although something happens you can send usually a one more person who we were also instances his special is coming back to his shrink a little bit I ironed things a little critical of those who heard about Jesus is nicer than we are now enough for us it's kind of taken leave of you bonded out here but not that way and that wonderful money and you know when we it says if we confess our sins to say full and just to forgive I is wonderful about him that's wonderful his knife is nice nineties you know his glorious music is and sometimes it just impresses me is so awesome ideas that word is so awesome when you think that Jesus himself created everything there is and you know the Hubble telescope to discover there's a hundred and fifty billion galaxies I've been counting Avesta galaxy that's not though the worlds inside their constellations who is this God we worship in any walks amongst us and suffer no that's really wonderful in the wonderful another thing and no misunderstanding but did you ever read the word Abba father he agreed that connects Outlook to know what the text means in Arabic is that it now when you say here daddy maybe he was in equipment and drunk girl and I'm not put in the worst possible light but we have a heaven and that it is not as forgiving in this kind of and sometimes when I talk sometimes you got them cheering it was when you do that but he learned that he loves us and Edwards children in the night that's really comforting and only make some crazy things we can go to daddy and I don't know if you're like me but I remember when I was a little guy needed to sometimes a good cry and just go to mom and I just told you to not say anything just go there and cry aloud in a patch on his and go out again I think we do this we can do this with God no we don't have to do those are and sometimes we did we don't have to put it in the big word and just be comforted Blessed are they that mourn for what they should be cut him that and so I went only do this if you want to do is we get started this afternoon unless his prey and groups of up to Kelly and operating together and in and if you have to make a three out of it let's do that so nobody gets left out when his frame thanks thankful for on Sunday night and the lifter that is the stuff okay will soon get back together I remember emotion here as though the one of the latest ones say my church tackling the tough issues as of the ultraviolet house over in the place has gotten ninety five and before we start August the Israeli couplets is not long Long chapters is just appointment of Ms. another one and circular summonses for the interest in the short-term error makes it appear stronger than truth and by the way when you mix truth with area given more credibility when you mix error with truth and life without I in other words translation error not true is another one it it is incorrect to say as someone said that the church is apostatized UNR by the Church of Reebok design so some have apostatized and do what we want to say it would be correct to say that some of the buses he is another one there always been worldly people in the in the visible church than in the past they were often not apparent that I use is an especially when the clause but now they're in a route on the open original have people in the Sabbath school class absolutely presented you know what is right anymore on elderly Prince that I don't know if I guy didn't say it here I was talking that we were talking after the class last time the Sabbath at risk in the seven manager to do now that in either definitions do the thing that will cripple it will be the one regular and and the issue is not obvious and it was it was lawful to New England on the Sabbath outlets offer new good everyday so the issue is not showing too good on the Sabbath the issue is shall we keep the Sabbath holy pothead and that's where were having a of Photoshop is another one some of the greatest enemies of the church are former Seventh-day Adventist here's another watch this Baptist parents rejoice when their children are saved and then his parents rejoice when their children are baptized is a different in other words you can be baptized and not and not have given yardages right theoretically because we can to make it I a checklist you believe this do you believe that you believe that and if you say yes to all that the new Babcock Street you can actually do that and not be born again right and right is illustration you could be as mean as soon and still believe in a set in the second coming of the health presidency so so I think it's critical and I use this illustration that in the past hour we were not wrong but we were narrow and shallow it was not wrong to say don't eat catfish but we should have also included building the we were wrong in saying the seven days the Sabbath we show also included the time however you don't remain when Kathy you're coming from a kiss is narrow and shallow and so what we what we don't need us to throw away anything we need to put on more stuff but that's what I said this morning this don't shrink it let's make it deeper and wider and bigger that's critical for us because I think some of us are kind of a kind of desperate and I I I don't did I tell you this during the morning the one of the vein and my mom friends one thing about conservative type of people which is most of the people here right were concerned that will be his conservative type of people tended me and if I was missing this was certainly one day and a guy came to me said I need in other words a conservative type of person will walk right up to entail is wrong with you like a dog bite one time I was shaking hands at the door of the church and fellow walked up to me and said what do you believe about the nature of Christ and I knew this was a trap so I said if I told you would affect the way you feel about Mister ditto soon as you watch this and so I thought well I'm not going to go where he wants to go so I said I began a time when Jesus is doing in my life and he said I don't care what Jesus is doing in your life it's what you believe that nine and I just laughed and walked away so I think it's critical that that we who are more more conservatively be nice in fact I think some of the meanness of some of us discredited myth of because because though archive can be on otherworldly people are termites termite is it is each a house for those of you from other blades of the little bugger little thing is in your house it's all the wood in your house fall down and so we've got a group in our church better eating the foundations of one event but they don't say much that is needed is a weight so the fact is as I see it don't forget that Jesus was killed by coalition of liberals and conservatives the Pharisees were with conservatives they hated him because he was not the Sadducees were one liberals they hated him because he was principal but what we want to be as principled as people noticing some want to me that but watch out because if in fact another point is this book makes I got of things is don't let the fanatics in the church make a fanatic you and you know what a fanatic is it's a person who emphasizes one truth at the expense of all the rest of these are calling call single issue people and also fanatics can be laying down a smokescreen on another words music nature of Christ again is an illustration I was talking with a friend of mine and he said he was staying of these people 's house and he said after the meeting that night they debated the nature of Christ to one o'clock in the morning and then he went to bed they did to the next morning he's walking down the three of the hallway are winning by nine thousand and he walked from his guestroom past bedroom at their entertainment sister us our system was pornographic both the point is the nature of Christ was a smokescreen on these people 's real problem was per not so so this is why you got a watch out of somebody's doing this and what I mean by that they're doing this then I'm not saying it's always the case but that could be a cover up for some real personal things going on in her life and another thing I did I mention that book is that persons theology will be on often a reflection of their personal worth in other words if we had seasons in our lives I save or center but if we have sins in our lives that we know are doing and we know it's wrong but we do it anyway then we will be attracted to error like a bee is the honey we will look than for ideologies and teachings that that said our lifestyle and that's why and I may have mentioned earlier today that the ongoing component of the ocean life has to be repentance and repentance is admitting you were wrong but you don't hear that word much notice that you don't hear much I may mention that a little later another fruit of the Spirit is that we talk to us as we talk about joy peace and the they said that her destroy the risk to soldiers here in a war situation and I don't think they do this anymore but back in the old days that they would do for the call foxholes they would need a hole in the ground in a fight that hold you know and so they were this to soldiers in this voxel and bullets on will this one I was scared out of his wits and the other guy was just in the Pentagon it was Garrison how can you tell yes manners in the hockey news that demigods and when this is just like home you know but because some people 's homes are like that and always screaming at each other that always hollering each other it's awful place to live I read somewhere and and and I didn't make this up but your life and my is ten percent what happens to us than ninety percent how we react most of the time while we figure is my problems are somebody else's fault and oh by design a new day and I wouldn't presume to provide this and I need a new mall I got my brothers and sisters are for no good but listen we are responsible for what we do I can change my dad that I can change my mom and my brothers and my sisters but God can change your mate and I now question on the married guy got four children are not as you know this won't mean anything to you was supposing that my wife king came in one day and I be setting all know it's not you are going then I wasted my life I should know that I was pretty bad and nothing is happen until answer right nothing diagnosing her gentlemen remember our lives are basically how we react to so I get to choose than what I'm than do was what certain way the final Santa Fe and not have to drive it I think that one of the things that I use when I do talks about the family and about the home is one of the things in this goes for it all for you all to is one of the things you learn is to keep your big shot you know what I'm saying is I don't have to respond everything is going I have to say something about every thing somebody said Underwood you can just let it go if they feel that way letting go and another thing I learned to is the inward thought about peace is business don't hold everybody against our stand in a one-day I was riding along the car nicer than my wife I would you be happy about going to I just did a and she looked at me so funny and and now I know if I drop this should probably go what I didn't want to happen was this move move move move move to online free and and I wanted to set her free well we wish was still alive and not free to move around and on and I'm afraid of being who she is able not to say let's understand that the being full of the spirit and being sons and daughters of God does anyone all the same my wife is liberal I mean she's generous and I'm stingy artist tell you understand and know what I spent most of my life doing trying to make her spend you like me I went to see what happened was God brought in my life I generous person for what reason so that I have a model with major but here I try to make her like me and so I think that this well we want when we have the faithfulness I live helps us to appreciate the women a choice of forwarding to do about it I'm pregnant lesson are the peacemakers for they'll be called why the children of God so so there can be all kinds of war going on in the in our homes but we don't have to be a part of it finally I got a little story to remember these are married stories and end of the stories but that you can identify one day I came home from work and my wife was sitting on the couch in her eyes were red in our faces behind when you cry your eyes read the face is puffy and I said to her was wrong she said they can guide now who would vindicate baby cake was are currently and we had a baby gate for you and all while and maybe drink a tall maybe Kagan said Kate I cylinder sub it was evidence and so while what happened was when my wife came home from work that day baby case was laying on his back with his theme here is that there she was and then cry I watch me I would run into the computer I went to Google Google Google knows everything don't Google knows everything you can ask a question that Google can so I typed in parakeet life span so and just about five minutes I called out to my wife how old was a baby gate and I hear the answers your and I say it says here though is both the live aid that have here him him will say why the Verizon guy who got six extra month but I hate myself I should not when she was crying I should sit down beside her and put my arm what is the Bible said blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted in and you know I think we need to comfort each other and like I learned is that before you encourage somebody exotic comfort Google 's is that we all run everything good in the snow as a child which I don't need to I need to hear I need to become don't encourage somebody until you come back and say I'm not married I'm not alike you know wherever you can do that do that at home do that with your friend I know you may not think that's cool but I think it's off on either initiatives and buzzwords is to elicit were talking about the further spirit slowly but surely my dad was working in Nashville and Tennessee you know and now that this was a bunch of years ago one day he was on a going to the office and as he drove along he saw drunk fella staggering down the street and a guy was really drunk it was so drunk you use in the building the whole himself up and he was still so drunk that he lost his balance scratches nose along the bricks and fell on the ground and then drunkenly as one bedroom and my dad stopped a car to save my dad was a anyone out and looked at the fella who fell in line and then he thought I know I wanted to him and put it in my car and taken it off and I'll just leave them in the car a little down with was a leading sleep it off and so you'd think a guy out driving putting in the backseat of the car to the office roll down the back windows and went up to the office and forgot about it for twelve hours reason they got got a drunk guy in my car and so he went down in the office today parking lot and then a drunk guy was just waking up here you can imagine I'd love hair all messed up old bloodshot eyes old dirty ragged clothes and and and and I would just come and awaken anyone as my dad walked up the guys who in my bed socks in who he was and novellas and what you are doing and my dad said well I found to in a way to strengthen I didn't want anything to happen to regards allegedly that and my dad said because I love you NFL assemblages is not advancing like me with a in Iraq has got to be that way because it began on the day is Christ in whom in us is the hope will wink and preach about Jesus all we want and unless we have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives where wasting our time and I've heard stories about fellas they were drinking together you know half drunk and now they're arguing the Sabbath and Valley and a lot of insiders is evident in the guy 's been on add venison and is drunk as a business is a big but he's defending this and probably visit the Sabbath is defended Moran and barroom presented his but losing like that is a new him say that in hand now every printer thirteen though I speak with them and of angels and I know all the answers and everything but I don't have the fruit of the Spirit in my life on this so I thought to name the greatest challenge now the unmarried young talk about the WordPerfect and I reacted a little bit seem the WordPerfect sounds like you've arrive ephemeral in other words if I get to be perfect will I need Jesus anymore now done in when I outgrew thank you Jesus descendents since that's what it sounds to me like I don't like the WordPerfect don't listen if I like the word Victoria that means I can be getting victory every day how long will we need to read the last page of gray converse is that as the years of the term he will will become more and more like it that means that means that Jesus is easy as our lives he's also an effort that's forever on July ten in so and so and I know the word perfection immunoglobulin we get to be perfect and and and and then it just crashes your head when you make that you know you have a little problem in an eval balloon and nonobvious domains on insincere I must be a hypocrite felt it and we press on to the market toward trial is in fact not heard somewhat maybe I'll talk about it later the jury heard the story about the velvet wrote the book on humility and how I obtained I want to offer WordPerfect we believe in overcoming sin but I would say later that overcoming sin has only half of the story Jesus told flippantly on it throughout the demons and selectively what happened it was left empty and in seventeen so don't forget that half of the Christian life is getting victory over sin the most important part is being full of the spirit would you say that can you see that absolutely and so and so I think that obviously I pray for victory over sin I'm hitting victory over sin but what I pray for more is the furthest spirit that makes it incompatible with my goal and and and it works out good because we can have a Christian life for losers without it was a like a possible inode who blindly and I'm persuaded that is able to keep that which the business address and I already told you that story and graduate about that survey I did where I ask of you know as the people how they felt about the coming of Jesus I didn't tell you about the last two questions the last question what will the survey on talking about the Muslim last question was when Jesus comes will you be ready and the possible answers were yes no I hope so or I don't know how you think the majority of people answered that question hope so I don't know how can the coming of Jesus be the blessed hope if that's the way we see him who are we wrong disabled if I ask you when Jesus comes will you be ready is there anything wrong with saying yes to that we've got said that the possible suggested that I know in whom I believe we would sure live in the individual and the human soul so we got to where God it is understand that that we are now sons and daughters of God though it does not yet appear what we will be but we know this that when he appears within the light because he was begun the work he's committed everyone easily said this morning he stands at the door and knocks it will open our hearts to him he'll be one nation and I think that's the greatest challenge the greatest challenges to keep my heart open and that he works in us is the text of the will and do his good pleasure can you see what I do believe God will be able to Jesus comes will you be ready yes by his grace and when we say that we got home there was no I don't know and that's not ago that doesn't go anywhere in the statement of the winter that thing that I wanted to do about it what did you say no I started on a story we didn't finish that how may we hear this morning that bunch Arai let's start you out what did you hear me say this one another this means everything to say one thing that popped out for you to stand up for weekend here on this watch is okay yeah on this one in other words remember the illustration I gave what are you hearing this sermon and we go home and they say what was it about and I don't know but it was one but yet we also learn that even though the work the sermons being preached and it's all the same words we don't hear it all the same we hear that kind of according to life six and so and so what is new here Mrs. Augustana so we can handle it sort of rising tennis star service and not now wrote about long story and all one thing that I read not agree but that it reminded me once that only the most difficult place to practice Christianity principle of being a liar and therefore it's very difficult in such a way to talk to short notice specially to the people who knows how my past why what whom I would like and I have a written to the court and it is quite difficult and when you have to but if you have anyone on this list here you will typically was non-Christian and if your family is atmosphere is this going right on tonight it's not easy because the way you see on your family and your home in the way you treat your friends attended the thirty is totally different so I thought that's a strategy requires millions that would put them what is good to see the Hamas himself shall be exalted by I have us a sermon I preached about that I don't never comes later because I was on scrabbling my notes now does the cost of my life him while I know we have springs and column springs weather underground rivers coming out of the ground in fact can clockwise in the midst of this they use against their sin has a spring coming out of the consumers of their episode those rivers go back to my house underground and so sometimes a scuba diver going out of their and so one day a scuba divers down under the fair and he seizes bubbles going down bundles don't go down they go up so that business is delivering was upside down so he had to decide how to get out of there you see now we've got a conflict between your feelings and what you know he fails that the bubbles are going down and if you followed and valued not get now but his headstone in the bubbles don't go down so he had been to go against this feeling and do what he is a right and he got up and say this is the challenge that we have in our lives and that was interesting the way you use the word humility because of this culture says he is humble in the computer to get some place in life you look out for number one don't let anybody walk on you that telling us that on a regular item of the system in North America the school story that never when Jesus washed the to us that means nothing at all you know I do that every recorded in church and I I just want people see that I don't care enough by job when the member when Jesus started washing peters faith is that the Dutchman and let me tell you I know I don't how does this we got some people from Asia represented here but I was in Thailand one time and they gave me but when I landed there protocol sheet one otherwise don't point your feet another people and how would I go in other words when you finish setting on the platform your life will be like this and your feet are pointed out we don't do that and move over in other words I was needed there's likely to for the congregation I don't do that kind of moving overseas and because the blood is an insult I even read in the paper after I was over there were in Southern California at at a nightclub there was a couple of people from Southeast Asia on a Cambodian minute whatever they were in a time and at and one of them was the performer the singer and the other one was the patron is the guide it was in there the table and this saw neither was at the table had his feet up on the table pointed towards the singer after the club closed the singer Sylvia and you will remember that you were even born yet but that there was a the chairman of Russia called Nikita Khrushchev way back and he was at the United Nations one day in the end they got pictures of and be an issue on his desk and we thought boy he's on his mind he's in the twenty one because what he was doing when I live in Pakistan and expression I showed in my shoe did you see the pictures of when Saddam Hussein statue came down did you see that guy run along the new issue and so and so one time and then is a large part of that part of the world the site is something that is the ultimate humiliation and that's why when Jesus started washing you see he said don't touch me now if I can stand to have you do this to me I can't stand that you humiliate yourself like and that's when Jesus said unless you let me do this and later he would say unless you do it yourself it is greatest among you are letting video service see this is contrary to everything with all this is why I think especially in the last days of the blessed you this morning it's a horrible mind destroying it's not just about which they go to church that's the easy part is that because you know the Islamic calendar learn how to count the seven you have that resolved but the kind of things were talking about of the fruit of the Spirit is only the day because it goes against everything that felt love and sex to look out for number one can't let anybody walk on me then I'm not a boot up with that were messed up and and and and it's affecting our home that's what you know what we keeps affecting our home we know something is wrong because opposable and not fall apart for no reason that you might say that your home is already falling apart but we do get a new start going now what else is summoning her way to viewers I use it over here is a sitting duck for this stuff I just come over here and take advantage of answer what you hear essential when your document and save it to go in the direction he thought and you may mention about driving how you try to run into something that you keep looking at it so this morning it's easy to run into it and the way we had joy is not necessary that things are going well for us but that we're looking to see the family looking forward to the left and outfitted left without we live in a private overlooking forth in the future or not nice I have been here with you here you stand on talking and if the place and now that I is that you have to work on net and adhesive against the spirit and and and and and and you know what she said that when we talk about the Holy Spirit people want the Holy Spirit so they can be with numerical and that the way it works we just have the Holy Spirit we have power now don't misunderstand me but powerful plot will so we could be powerful orderly but also within numerical and what I'm saying about what would want when we want the power the Holy Spirit to do for us what's the big thing could give us a new heart create a right spirit within us that's what we want we want that before anything else because we want to be able to tell people what Jesus is doing for our sin I live careless to another one another through the spirit thank you for sharing the sharing that with me let's go on to the outpatients we talked about that little bit of how to feel about that advantageous outlet with vinyl is a time over all well okay okay will take great and a this media was produced by volume burgers and hope media ministry G Weiss generation we would like to listen to more in his presidency I would like to learn more about you see I go to a NYC web board also find great windows media audio verse board and head of videos .com


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