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More than Meets the Eye: What it Means to Be Like Jesus

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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read our father were thankful for the promise you've given us a new heart you create for the promise of the Spirit was sent to engraft this to change is going to every way that's what we want in Jesus name and we're talking about the fruit of the Spirit of life for those of you would just come in and and we were saying that women think of the Holy Spirit usually the Pentecostal people have a corner on notice that the eye wandering out I got to be careful when I say this I don't think that we ought to have a cult of the Holy Spirit I think the bigger Pentecostals do because they tend to worship the Holy Spirit as it is a broken opportunity when you say so I would say that they made some of them talk about the Holy Spirit one with him about Jesus Jesus was kind of a patent is a means to Anderson enter itself and of course saw the Scripture says that the Holy Spirit would come who would testify of Jesus and and this is what I don't understand of course is that those were Trinitarian and what that means we believe in the father the son Holy Spirit by the way let me alert you to the fact that the early founding fathers and mothers of our church were at work areas that is how they believe they believe that Jesus was created they didn't they didn't believe it and a father son Holy Spirit so a lot of people been unsafe well whatever they early church fathers believe we should leave an answer is no because the Lord was leading them to see that he was leaving them there were are are are are are early Adventist work out and aware on what is a Sunday date in particular now is the founding fathers and mothers of our charge right but when God called him and he is then any move them out to where we are today so I say that in the twenty first century let's don't go backward in fact I I even say about Scripture and you may not agree with me let's don't use anybody in this in the Scripture as our robot extremities is not safe to do that because where there are champions of God in the Scripture that everyone had a flaw and so don't say you want to be like David or you got a bunch of a problem what I'm saying uneven I want to be like Solomon within you know you're doing it very too many done so I don't know that there's anybody in the Bible that I wanted but I wanted Jesus had to it and I was saying in the other class that job there were the people in the Old Testament everything with signs and symbols to them in so and so the Old Testament makes most sense if you if you carry it back from Jesus and so I was saying earlier but I think that that in the twenty first century we should study Matthew Mark and Luke and John are read before we go anywhere if the Gospel according to Jesus that makes the rest of the Bible makes sense because if you all are without Jesus you can go under crazy places and wonder how you get there all I want to say something else because we were talking about the Holy Spirit and and how when many people think of the Holy Spirit would think in America and some of you are just some were here when I said most of the people want to talk about the spirit speak about that just sinister and in the first class I brought out the fact that the gifts of the spirit can be counterfeited or brought on the black market they can be faked but you can't say the flu spirit business on the inside as we can't make the fruit of the Spirit happen only the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Christ can make that happen and I don't know how it happens it's a miracle create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within and so and so remember the of the of verses this is Galatians five twenty two and twenty three and I was telling that I think it's a good idea I have it on my refrigerator I have those that the fruit of the Spirit has begun to be reminded in an and you may not suit this link to be like Jesus how we use as with all all the time we ought to be like Jesus what you're talking about if it isn't the country is known by his fruit how in the world ought to antibodies that I have Jesus in my life I will utilize our dismay that I know the doubles money you know I was in a penitentiary one time the guys that I've been saved twenty three time you can say you know I love it I'm really into Jesus I whatever no tree is known by fruits wink wink and realized we didn't we can manifest with joy try that would enjoy that the Holy Spirit is working in my life because I see what he's doing and it's quantified in love joy peace kindness and maintenance of drama that by the way let me say this that member nations the blessings of God with the material yardstick you know some people say on Sylvain Boulevard blessing is so much I just got a dog on now making a million dollars a month now and help the trouble with that is and let me illustrate my father-in-law was watching they TV one time and he was watching one of these on Sunday preachers preach on the ten Commandments and God you know the subject creatures with a vigilant Internet was always getting a ten percent discount and so and it wasn't wrong but dad got wrote the get-go got a letter and he said Imagen amperage on the ten Commandments of what is uniform he wrote in the letter and in the preacher was kind enough to write back and not negate what I call the boilerplate reasons you know those reasons they always have but his last paragraph was if God wanted me to keep the Sabbath it would be blessing me the way member major blessing of God with a midtier yards is dangerous another thing speaking of the ten Commandments with Seventh-day Adventist and got to realize that there's more commandments than before read about it I find away the evangelicalism building of the Sunday people they're not in the fourth vendor in the six and seven one is abortion and the others the homosexual white men here in our church about abortion nothing I write her own we don't we don't talk about that we don't even say much about the homosexual thing but will do the fourth commandment cows come here where I'm coming from the ten not just before and another command that I think that we need to be thinking of number ten was that about thou shall not covet a weekend that at this is the credit card that is sinking our culture and we are slaves to the people that we only in so and so what the culture does it creates desire it creates covetousness I don't have a missing back in the days before the credit card you had to save money now if your neighbor gets a new card is not met a limit on it you know my sister she lives someplace else but she has fifteen credit card and I don't know I'm not telling you what to do but when you know that I think every day I get about three or offers for credit card and Novello 's letter to all smart and always studied your life history and we think you're one of our and it would just make you so happy to have your credit card and is it in order with honor you for your report they don't tell you is if you don't pay the bouillon kneecaps off in their eyes and then run is not a compliment is L slavery and not in all I'm saying is that God does more than the fourth this bridge the whole business and by the way God 's will for our lives are not just the fourth amendment on the sermon on the Mount is is with in fact in a way the ten Commandments utilizing the careful with that on the ten Commandments tell you what not to do the salmon on the mount does you what to do I Galatians five twenty two thousand and eleven four eight tells us what the celestials don't think that the Commandments of God are in action the Commandments of God or Matthew five Philippians four regulations five twenty two and twenty three are we going to another thing that is what I said this morning don't be single issue Christians don't boil it down again that the identity the story of an event hate me for this but I told a piece of it in the morning and nobody did anything but that they may be planning on some terrorism my room I grew up there open-door and it blows up now watch this one this is the sound real that this is not real bad I was your fault a woman walked up to me one time to the impressed rules I pray the Lord will that was a loaded and also one thing on me don't pray about that pray about the way you treat you husband pray about the way you run coming from pray about the way you treat your kids about that seek to see sugar is not our problem at all it is is it the way we treat each other same as I told him this morning before UK I said at one point I felt that I was better than Jesus that when you hear me say that you know I'm not a member I'm better than Jesus because I'm a vegetarian and the minute I got that thought in my mind I knew that I was not and I had to help method in the wrong file and that's critical suspicious conservatives that that we have stuck in the right side argument graduate student in that it is another woman came inches room I haven't had sugar in eight days now she had known cocaine in a day I could see the notes of some rejoicing in blood sugar in any case wasn't talking about and I am not in love the way now I'm not shooting at health health living understatement that get it right if they did it because you see some people say that that is isolated said you said you wanted remember the hundred forty four thousand when you can't say no to read whichever you said you lost because no one immediately say no you have lost if you say yes to twelve are correct and so that you have to say yes is the lesser of the him and so is socialist that the Isaac Piazza had to and she said then here's the translation by undertaking those who are translated might be serious about health but that won't be the reason they were translated we guided that right create in me a clean heart renew a right spirit I didn't know it in other words is highly free agent love your neighbor as you love yourself love God with all your heart it will does that include eating sugar is sugar was a moral issue it would be wrong and Arnie are unhealthy strong wherever you find is that adultery is wrong where ever you find an end the only thing about sugar that would be wrong is when you refinement you take the specific vitamins out of any raise the price but that's about all the moral damage that am I wrong let's get this right because it's long as we squeeze a staff in negative space in the car was a wish and a healthy don't talk to me about health we had a Dennis and here on this morning behold I am a really old and had only one cavity in my life not that the crooked but they're all there and him and I know only two meals a day not bad but because they get the soldier can take anyway anyway what was a possibility for the tongues of men and of angels and have not other further spirit I waste my time him and we were talking about this earlier today the hardest place in the world to be a Christian is at home to be Christlike at home is what we can do what we want outside the kind of July soon as you know I heard a story cannot talk to this one I heard a story about this on minister was and how he uses on his way to church or some and his cell phone rang it was one of his ministerial body and and a minister but he was on his way to church but he didn't know he'd called is because it was on the other quick dial I and so what happened was that that that his friend had cell phone laying on the front seat of the car and hit the number blitzer side by mistake and called his body and he said when he said hello he could then hear what was happening in the car he said he was going he said they were fighting they were hollering at each other they were invalid but I know what happened you know that ministry was such a false face it will be glacial carrying on like that when it is absurd in the county and saved into a synthesis of crazy and those others the hardest place I I love the unlimited conviction that the Christian life is a whole and the one of the reasons why were given the problems in the church is because the home was going in front to back in the old days real old days we used to go to church to learn how to live now we taken way we live and take it to church and is not looking good but I believe that that additional temptation or trial I was in the microwave and I said this already today that the new might come from a home where God for bedroom that was a drunkard words that you know that God used your folks to get you here and I was on it in a shuttle bus one time and and I asked off someone had been even know what you want I should write about thirty violence is inhabited by love you is it alive my boyfriend on California and I said no I mean in the family you have a mother she's as I do but I hope she burns in hell I thought about this because and I preach a lot about this because I did notice that you are generation have you ever heard the word dysfunctional you know on this motion folder to him or her to join my support group and what we know they were all dysfunctions since this function is that this incident may now there's that word in this generation what it means anybody and everybody is to blame but me and the ones that are being curse these days are the parents visit Texas says there's a generation that hates his father and despises his mother and says we not done anything at this and and and going back to this parents thing because earlier I was talking it out in a Jesus is love your enemies and we're not talking about Saddam Hussein we're talking about that and and and and you know because again you read all kinds him well you know our parents messes up everything I know what I believe that I thought I pray for my parents and their dad I'll pray God for it but I'm not doing that for God 's sake on doing that for my headset comment from because Eli said the people to people living in anger management my daddy did this in mind that it did that ever and since you're asking Jesus to forgive you for your sins on June the woman what's wrong with asking Jesus to forgive your new one of these saved in your daddy to be lost it is it is not supplemented and of course using this is the generation that hates his father and despises his mother and says enough their own ladies and gentlemen this is bigger than we thought you said you can even kind of UIC to get away from home and this could be a smokescreen because when this is over we have to go back to Korea were all and that's the hardest waste of your foot this is why when we come to this place in which we don't want a spiritual high because that wears off we want to come here and we want to really look in our life not now this is not about a guilt trip you lose that were to guilt trip but we've got up we've got to understand what disease we have before we get well and so and so I feel and I think I said this earlier award we never here is the word repent because of this generation and repentance means responsibility in this generation since I'm not responsible daddy I want to repent not mean and so I believe that those who were saved from every generation will have two characteristics in common one is they they were sorry for San as they understand it and they wanted with all their heart to do the will of God I don't care when it was our word was Bell's of the crowd and Mondays and I think that this is a ongoing and active Christian life is to be written every day and every day say I do like to do your will in fact when the fruit of the spirit I is taking it easy it is engrafted into our lives against the law of God off our backs and visiting on and you don't want to carry on your back it is to be sore after a while and if you can tell a person is not the belong there but they're always there I wouldn't question I wonder what role of the noted her down before persons got the will of God on the back but when the will of God is in our hearts through the Holy Spirit that would like to know Israel your guy called me up one day on the phone and says I think our church instrument adopted as and what you know about the will of God for your life he wishes the present telephone call for me and what I did bring record to recharge my telephone is feeling cut off from the rest of the world but anyway and I in any way this the seller said that our church and to make Doctor I say what you know about the will of God for your life you wish you did I said I wish that for five hundred dollars because I don't like to do is where and by the word by the way have you ever heard people say we should bridge the doctrines which in all presentations of doctors we should preach the gospel here now we should present observation Christian gospel and I'm thinking with what you talking about because the word gospel means good news in the work Doctor needs teaching their candidate across on your knowledge of digital so when you hear people say that though though Satan what would you talk about allegedly that this is concepts are not adversarial Richard Hidalgo the stone bridge to Doctor Lethbridge the gospel the gospel is about so that she seen the sex set up postfix set up because I was saying earlier the our brain he gets our brains you've got all another thing I want to say is this to is the ricin don't measure the blessing of God by material yardstick another point is the devil is answering prayer in this Jesus said would happen if you tell them we said hello to everybody here J biases that follow anyway Jesus said that the devil would answer prayer many would come in my name doing what they were in his name and that means everything wrong in an and in our circles it goes on and have the name Jesus Paino on the devil never does this is their the devil what you got online and is always the where can anyone and I wonder they then say they did cast out devils and did miracles one of those answers to prayer and was Jesus say to them not me out of here and so I'm only coming of that is because is because the only way this has to do with with the fruit of the spirit the only way we can know for sure is by the word and this is why faith before you pray and I pray big and as we pray and after we pray we better go to the Bible and find out what the prey of because if we're praying about the wrong thing I did notice that everybody's praying these days everybody is getting answers to prayer notice that it in such a word that I don't do not exaggerate this pretty bad aware that I don't like to hear as I prayed about I didn't know what to do is likely to go now lets them hang on and on the way that I that we has to be a person up at a church of the word not anymore it's prayer now prayer is not the Bible in other words in other words like one lady said to me I don't care what the Bible says I know what God told me infected if you want to win an argument just say I prayed about and it's over in my right on the and and and and and another thing that I don't misunderstanding it because it is not in our vocabulary and we're not thinking of what it means I will say God told me one I said the God who said the meeting and I said to him in the news as well and a window on that law but God told me and come up with off-the-wall stuff in it and I say this that God will never tell you and me somebody had told everybody at and so there's really really nothing that can happen in our lives whose principles are not covered in this and it in it and I may be wrong to because sometimes we don't get hung up and we may not know which way to go I heard a story about about a lady who was standing out at a crossroads in a one road went this way one program that would and should stand there with a stick and shoot somebody sourcing fellow overhead and somebody said pointing challenges in life though the stick over my head and and wherever it lands on the Lord wants me to go and the person said that I see you keep going it and she says Woodland and where I don't want to go but I think we got to be careful that we don't use prayer as an excuse I will just crazily got dealt is what we want to hear and let's look out for prey I wish and pray that was go to the word and then pray don't leave the word out because thy word is a lot laughing on my feet and the like wherewithal shall a young man or woman as their ways my wife taking ahead according the word of God so let's be careful that that prayer doesn't bump the Bible out of the thing can you see how that would happen and so when somebody says to be welded miracle soils and I and I was saying earlier I've been sitting here to that that I don't want the Holy Spirit in my life to do are you I think the biggest miracle of all is the change talk I really believe that because this others this is Bank of America 's Jesus did every American League did was temporary people all got sick and died again then give or think about that why was he doing there so that they would they would have faith in him because hearing was raised in masturbation and renew your daddy and I said you got to know we forget how old he was eliminated on pictures of you in on the naked look-alike is about fifty one we was thirty three and hear somebody thirty three say on God and are thinking and so the miracles of Jesus had one of and in fact he said it over and over is to glorify God and if you are not per se I was the Holy Spirit so that I can do miracles who gets the glory tell me I and him and and and for many of us the reason I want the Holy Spirit so I can do miracles I need that's the reason not to have because I want to make a big shot in fact I do notice if these are these up Assemblies of God needs of humans these days than those guys of their own gods who noticed that the any hand we were talked about that this morning these guys are Charlotte they are charlatans and I mentioned earlier that the way they stay in business I think is with the placebo effect and what the placebo effect is that somebody's going to get well anyway so and so they pray for him they were going to get well anyway and so they can him away they know you plan everything out but all I'm saying is this where in the last day and so therefore therefore let's realized that by the way when Jesus talked about the kingdom of God what was he talking about he wasn't talking about dimensions you have he was because he said the kingdom of God is in you in fact I have some text I think written down on a cruise next the next time anywhere visitation Romans I think I do that tomorrow detection Roman says that the kingdom of up up up of God is not in meat and drink but in love and joy and peace in Holy Spirit so when Jesus is talking about the kingdom of God is not talking about all there is on the something that's happening in our vital enemy say something I don't understand what I'm about to say but I know that there's something particular I was in a lecture this summer and this dear person I think I don't know what kind of a scientist he was when he had drawn a picture of the brain on this video PowerPoint is so powerful and even when I watch the planner is in there I don't look at the screen because you know we're so used to looking at the television and that note I was preaching one-time Academy after Wisconsin had the screens on the side and I said look at Windows live Annette this generation doesn't know whether we live or on tape and I think you into a insight do that at the next plenary just to save myself a little watch the speaker what better the screen is more than how to say it live it's better than the screen of the screen is black and the like as finally did okay this is an illusion did you know that I thought I made lots of pictures on through the end and they'll love and so beloved to make a mistake nothing out okay let's do that again now all back over to the start up again in an emergency the pictures would like but it's all put together some cut-and-paste and so I like the lives stop it was fun tonight I don't know I don't know if it'll work for you but last night I really did that I thought there's the screen up to another look at that creature and see what I like the love you in any way anyway the kingdom of heaven is something the Holy Spirit does in our lives and end so this is critical to us because Jesus miracles and one purpose and that was to glorify the that was the only raise and the only reason I can think of for any merit would be so that Jesus can ignore one day off I'm not into the ministry doing you know some of these things but a young girl she must've been twenty eight and of course it was she and her husband she came to me and she was crying and she's industrial feel I was a baby and I've been to the doctor and we've done all detest everything they say I can't have children and she said I'm just praying to God and his others want to have children until I got while differential after the doctor said I don't even have alternate thinks that Robert Byrd got a good record I want you to pray that I'll get you and you know what I sent her I ice at night instead on here you know I didn't know who that boy I said I think you ought to ask God for forgiveness for what you because what you've been doing a bit you been telling God what to do after that's another problem is that many of our prayers are telling God what to do I want you to do this is the missing link to the way we pray some time will tell God what we want to have done how to do it when division at NSI right I know I've heard these interfaces when the fruit of the spirit and old Benny Hinn says looking out as God what his will is just telling what you want have you ever doesn't work you did have enough faith I reject that there's only one thing I want for my life and I know for your instant do the will of God what ever that it I don't always know what that is but that's what I want and what you got have trouble to have trouble with that because you visit my ways are not your way sometimes I heard somebody say when you get into problems in your life figure out what to do and do just the opposite of Ingres because my ways are not sure way and so she said I want to have a baby and I went on telling God I want this to do what I want you to brail have a baby I said to her I think you are as reprinted I was named on about a baby I should just go home and tell Jesus you're sorry for the work crew oh man she would cry that's all I have to say and I just kind of forgot about next year I was using campaigning I ought and she came in she just put the baby in my arms is is that I went home that night and I has Jesus to forgive and within three days it was on its way as I think that this is the big say on in our lives this is instant I think that I think that the purpose of prayer is to discover the will of God and prayer is what we're doing to receive the grace of the strength of it and let's get that right yesterday voted to the social block out the old gal go in your heart you know I correlate of that but now I think when we have reached just talking plaintiff should now you speak plainly I is that God is that Jesus went boldly before the throne right when he prayed to do why are you for his whales in other words and with what Jesus is saying is is that don't be afraid to pray to heavenly father like I did that not our will but he has been done in that dark Lords of the text I told you your heart my little control to drive me know my Word documents he well that you just send a Islam is this year will they got is what I desire what everything will run the only thing this is where it are whatever you will do it probably is a problem with me I know his life back into ninety votes are you know where you are on the problem as well now for when we find where would we discovered that desirable where would we get that out of our heads are willing to get what it was about I think Elizabeth is not likely to remember the joy suddenly got with my money if I is you will give this to be good that my heart is to have base or deleted or to do the biggest decision to go him honestly in our plot I now have I don't think that we have any power except I was trying to say that we should use the word of God to create that base for our desire and and and again remember that the culture sets a series of values that we as God 's children don't accept him because because we were saying earlier the fruit of the spirit only comes from suffering and infancy Jesus said blessed are you women should revile you and persecute you so we could go to the Lord answered the desire of my heart is a lot of confusion in and so many times our prayers hot art art art one out of two sides will now is like the weather versions there is patient surgical grade oh Lord limitations and in the next five minutes and Lord help everything to go good for me with a note that one of those dredges like the other one now I am not sure it will be running on the and so we also said earlier that one of the fruit of the Spirit is love but Jesus said if you love only those who love you so what's that other true love doesn't show up until eleven people at each and so I think that that that as we grow in grace and as we get into his work it changes our whole perspective so there were important to us and they are not important anymore now let me tell you on the status of the lifeguard is that the NSF in a number of years ago had you ever heard of adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder you've never heard that from my job I had God I think I had been trimming trees and you know that the numbers are above that level and of course arms about that long and so I've been leaning over the edge of the room cut branches and I think that's what it was anyway Isaac Candy one day and I have notice that I did I couldn't even put on my belt anymore and I couldn't put my wallet and I couldn't get my wallet out of my my trousers which know that's good news you save a lot of money and so and so I was telling the the congregation my problem is in the know just in passing and after the meeting the doctors said battlefield on recent pajamas out like that and he said now lift this one I could and I discovered then that that that not only could I not lifted but I have lost all range of motion exception right from and so I had to go to a physical therapist you know and what the river than the one physical therapist they call it their PK they call it pain and torture him does it really didn't really hurts when there is a breakdown anyway I got out of that but but once this I don't know when it was a few years later I started getting an end of the show now this time I was up on it and I knew that you stop moving at a lockup one and in it and apparently up there at the ball joint there it kind of goes down grab so I know if I kept it moving but her one thousand new it hurt in fact if I can look it up on Google Google Google knows everything and not at any talk about it no they don't know what causes it can last year is not I thought I'm little I'm really and it would wake me up in the middle and not just painting like crazy now watch this year we go I love you like me but then I was hurt really bad and I thought to myself I then asked Lord to heal me but then what would that do to the other people know there's a girl here in a wheelchair and selling the Gospels if you really are like that is ultimately this is what I'm saying is this the same God you take away my view I believe all these other people rest of and I thought I'm not vinegar that because I'm not better than they are now staying with them so I pray instead of praying to get well I I prayed that God would give me compassion that everybody said seek first the kingdom of God is right compassion and would be one of those hot on the sermon on the map and a fruit of the spirit so I pray God if I would have to carry this pain and give me compassion and Lord if I would have to give me this care this bank then cleans you said there's no child taken the book you give me the strength of their and inaugurated the hand in organizing the Louvre know about that as well insisted that there is and I don't know how long it took him it went away one day but I am having a little thing even now and him medicine for a grandma and I got all my name wanted to go cry and I thank God for whatever I had and I pray that you give me compassion in other words listen to me that you and I don't know what compassion is until we suffer are set and so this is why I think if we will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness are whole perspectives change in my loneliness is that I complained I had no shoes until I saw the van and in so I guess I feel that way it is that Jesus suffered so I'm so he suffers so I won't have to I'm not talking about the cross and eventually take up your cross and follow me he says you think you're better than me and so many of us I think Friday is the life of Jesus and all he suffered as an excuse that we don't really know I got accepted Jesus in a new well now you know maybe your millionaire but let's don't need Jesus to get no one coming from in other words we've got to change your orientation we've got to change our value and I think when we do that at you I was talking with a guy one time he said he was coming back in Jacksonville he had a flat tire basin most the time when you have flat tire something good out of the car cousin Karen on he said that when she starts seeking the kingdom of heaven is righteous visited on the guidances so I'm glad I don't think because because because they were seeking first the kingdom of heaven then we understand and only then we understand for all things work together and that means England times when we thank God and in bad times when thinking moving the bumpers and so I'm praying for you now when I see somebody in a wheelchair I go over and put my hand on their like I did with her last night I said honey you better not get too attached to this wheelchair they're not allowed to fail in all these people that suffer all you know I hope this gives them a front row seat had and I think we ought to be sensitive to the something about you you see somebody is what digital people what were they part of our group with a guide dog on the part of our group I saw been here last night to blame people when I say that it all gone how all how long will this is I is a fellow by Riley of the guys got was a multiple sclerosis you can't hear anything but his head and various phrasings is not of it all God how well how long is this goal and I think we need that I mean you know you can visit on the Sigma does Jen went to get my PhD and become a trillion there and but the third of May I think this is a summary of people in the atoll we started out that there was this fella that want to be rich of this apparent he wanted to be rich away of your members are in fact where to get up and help no one then açai be one of the really rich and he he was successful he became really excited became so rich five taken with hereunder were taken when as I've gotten all the gold and put in a box for when the Lord were calling home to her and so one night the Lord called a pulmonary was at the pearly gates when the box is at the pearly gates waiting welcome the people St. Peter you know the story out I go St. Peter was then St. Peter said welcome and in an agreement said on sorry brother but you got to bring anything with Geico PR the guy said or development in Peterson guy convinces your above there will I will outlive all insist they can make a special exception for me and see executives at all I'll see what I can do and so he went inside the gates and the big angel who signed Julian within and the big Angels big Angels have lots of trouble and Peterson doesn't fell out of the gate doesn't study was to bring it and they doesn't want to go Peterson pavement and independent honest unfazed by the statesmen of enhancement of how much of goal working have not in the plane is at an end this is what this is what the film the Spirit this is what the kingdom of God is that the things that are valuable to us here are our our how much of a worth and have been an hot and the things that are worse than Heaven how much do they tend to be with us here and so as sons and daughters of God we for so that our perspective so that the desires of our heart on the desires of the so that we go boldly before the throne not because of appointment because we know his way on where they are in his name because we know what his life is life we know what was important in and he went to the call despising the shame and that's kind of the art of coding slave gave us the rest of that one though he slay me yet will I trust I never saw this picture very much I remember when they had that series on television uncle Rob Idol man one time I think but this is just a story I heard that Batman and Robin were in a real bad situation and and Robinson Batman related video and that man said or worse what does Jesus say don't be afraid of him that can kill the body and after that he can't go anymore which is saved in this society which we live the most important thing is what I call the flesh in a support member what Jesus said and in Matthew twenty four dollars and ninety six don't worry about your food to clothes what you going to eat because God provides that the rabbit and you and your work more than Dori but seek you first the one cable of God and the kingdom of God is not the flesh in a support group it's what I have like fifteen years they consult the aim of our line instant before the Holy Spirit will jump up and down and doing jibber jabber we aim to have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives that manifests itself anytime anyplace but especially in fact that's what we know now I may be off-the-wall when I say this but I don't think the universe and knew what God was lactose and Kate think about it they know he was forgiving they know he was merciful they didn't in other words it went it was the sin that brought up to about seventy five he was always that way he can become that way because there was always that and so I think that in our Christian life that that that that has the fruit of the Spirit is engrafted there in a way that we don't understand I gets a letter accordingly it's like life and immigrants as a form that man out of the dust of the earth anybody can do that that's a sculpture but then he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and became a living soul that that's inexplicable and I think that in the Christian life the things in a way that the Christian life this is a well you know as Christians we were noble so what's the solution of that future self will not write it if that's one of flycatchers outpour but but but if I put the Christ in me the hope of glory if that's the first is that you can buy got to be something that Jesus does what it was a hand tied reminds me of something else by way I wrote a book and it's open the book and Bible out of this I didn't put my picture on the Pacific president my wife was really mad I should the American product I've been a bit and I didn't name the horse say my church I didn't mean that specific pressing board signatures on tackling the tough issues and I called the ninety five thesis position ninety five points and am not and I wrote three books did you ever hear the book I wrote called Lord Peter mentions to save my children I give her that one before our youngest son was in Belgrade and that I wrote a book called Lord save up my fit our families before it's too late that's why they put that name on an engine this brings me back in on it makes almost chokes me up because you know when I gave this name Lord keep your measures to save my children some people said that's irrelevant all I said that's the way we talk because what that says is God the most important thing from the Bible and in okay and I think that that's the whole point of seeking first the kingdom of God I don't care about the rest whatever it is it is but for me I want the kingdom of God in my heart I want that I thought to myself in all of this sounds crazy but but our goal is to go to heaven is to be like Jesus in QC gives us to have a better thing my desire is to be like him his will in my heart that's what I want live or die that's what I'm an independent book lets you know he is faithful in that which is least I go to prepare a place for you all and that neither you nor all that of your life when Jesus Constantino left because the vendor the first I am alive to you I know when we die we don't know were dead you know that dungeon no one slain in the dunes on some time him and that it winded that they don't have nightmares you know sometimes my dreams are so I have dreams are so loud I can tell when I'm awake or asleep there in Technicolor in stereo and when your weight when you're near a window and then you don't have nightmares and dreams reputable bathroom or anything like him did just one minute and eight analysis just this is a continuation in it just goes in this goal now let's talk to that day I get to wipe away all tears and about the girl in the wheelchair and its own and so and I think it's time I am asking you all were human William is my stand and if I'm not getting to a statement when I forgot what I was OEM I was telling earlier that I did a questionnaire once about how people felt about the coming of Jesus and I said how to undo one Jesus to come in by Cynthia I think you can fix a date for his coming we would be found online and I asked the young people down in South America Jesus to come before you get I want to become so much after I get there I want to point is that Sarah sickos that means that we figured to have fun I have here contaminated in the inevitability one one man said I noticed my sanitized word one man said to me after he turns one hundred we don't snuggle with our lives in heaven I want to show your value system I wanted to I don't know what happened life but it does say I've not seen nor ear heard you can snag one I prepared now maybe we don't snuggle with our wives and husbands and but I wanted to and if you like it is right you know you might miss some things like here sorry analog our friends that all our logistics man in a way that all not all but will be more and I look forward to a graduate for that day so don't just don't just have to wait I'll be praying from the same page I'm even if I'm praying the Lord will come quickly and you're praying that he will come to you Mary then we were not working together as you are going from there let's get together and we want we want the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and an end that sucks missing what I was posted there Singleton notes gentleness unless you are the southern news guy did that seek first the kingdom of heaven oh yeah now here's a notice where gentleness you know some of these people are our are anything but generally very about people who like a bull in a china shop in your building and open villages that I tell like it is in a mess like a blank check to tell you all about him is hello there and you can then tell it like it was not until the provincial link in other words when that woman became an adult female Jesus condone adultery but when instead this is going on you don't learn about the new system is a honey don't do any and so we got out the same continent as hard on the item title of it when I was airport when it was on is my secretary I was therefore this yesterday and there was a guy there is Yassin visits a shift toward God and what they look like the hair stand on the end and everything means jail to make your hair stand straight up at his hair was all over his head like this is like a spiked here and it hasn't shaved in a few days he has chosen his ears has changed little real expensive cottonwood trees cut in him and I went to the thrift store this last week and bought three pairs of jeans none of them caused more than four dollars and old embattled he says you go to a good store to get it would've bought afraid out in the holes all over the place and seventy five dollars and an person pays seventy five dollars and that got been any excuse my French but that anyway there he was hair sticking out unshaven olds these moved over here when I first thought all around and I don't know what I wanted was that I like to think it it was a manifestation of rooms there but on top is usually what is going on is not been paying attention assess ongoing and you know he was healed him realize what my but they were young we began to talk all listened it was so nice it was selling and we talked about the life were as bad as I did it text help wasn't like a antichrist value wasn't bad that you especially if they it went missing for our faith is building faith in other words that's that's because this is the thing over minor family and over so I finished up start okay anyway I talked with the same witnessing the people this is taken and where that and moving them just a little bit forward we'll have to pop the question you know fellas when you take a girl out for a date you don't pop the question on the first and so when we witnessed the people about Jesus with this line of where they're at and walkable in so and so this is the spirit is more than the NCI we've got to share Jesus not in fairies you know that will want to read the book no telling what Jesus is doing for you that are right thanks and see it tomorrow as a this media was produced by volume verse and hope media ministry G Lacey generation a phrase you would like to listen to more great in this presentation or if you would like to learn more about UNC W the GUI see the Web or emulsifying treatment you are you verse board and had videos .com


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