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1. Mysteries of Bible Prophecy

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Some of the greatest mysteries in the world are found in Bible Prophecy. This sermon and the following ones will help unlock those mysteries. This sermon begins in Daniel 2, a foundational Bible Prophecy.



  • February 6, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is the mysteries of Bible prophecy mysteries we like them don't we. Mystery movies mystery books mystery stories mysterious places and there are a number of mysterious places in the world there's those mystery cities high up in the mountains of the Andes how they get there who built them. And there is other mysteries such as the mystery of Stonehenge in England. There's a most mysterious head. Easter Island. Why are they there. And then there are other mysteries such as the mystery of King. We're going to study that mystery in this series are we done and there's a mystery right here in the Philippines the mystery of yama shooter's gold. They haven't found it yet or have they. Some say they have. There are mysteries in the Bible itself. The Bible is the world's most popular book best selling book but probably the most mis understood book in the world as well and it's got many mysteries. Most people have a Bible and few people read the Bible and even fewer people actually understand the Bible. Have you ever read the Bible and you couldn't understand what you were reading maybe in a prophetic part of the Bible. That's happened to me sometimes. Yes And when you study prophecy especially those books like the revelation with all those mysterious symbols that can be perplexing. But in this prophecy is of hope program we're going to unlock many of those mysteries in Bible prophecy. In fact we're going to be studying from the books of Daniel and Revelation revelations got a lot of mysterious symbols in it. That's right there is in fact a mysterious woman sitting on a beast with seven Head been planned Horn's revelations. And then there's a woman in Revelation Chapter twelve standing on the moon clothed with the sun and there's a dragon I want to devour her child as soon as it's born. We'll study that mystery also. And then there is the mystery of three mysterious angels that fly in the midst of heaven with a special message for the world that in time will be setting that message. Have you heard about the mystery of sick sick sick that's in the Book of Revelation. The piece that has the mark you can read that in Revelation thirteen versus one and eighteen. So to sort of whet your appetite tonight let's read that Revelation thirteen verse of one John says and I spit upon the sand of the sea and saw the beast rise up out of the sea. I mean seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name of blasphemy. That sounds kind of mysterious but we're going to look at that mystery later. Let's reverse eighteen verse eighteen says here is wisdom let him that has understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred sixty six. What is that. I will study that in the future. That is six six six and we're going to look at that in one of our future topics so you can understand that Revelation is a mysterious book and because it's this mysterious book some people are afraid of the book. That's right some people say you cannot understand Revelation that it's a closed book. Is it a closed book son. Well let's see what the book itself is that will read from Revelation one verse one. The label says the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him to show under his servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sentence signified it but by his angel unto His servant John this is called a revelation What's a revelation mean. All revelation that means to open to reveal like you would open up a door if I were to tell you I'm going to reveal to you how old I am. You would think maybe I would tell you what my birthday is how many years I lived. Well Father will you make that revelation there. No I don't think I'm going to reveal that. That's a secret. But this is a a revelation and it's a revelation of who Jesus Christ Jesus Christ reveals in Revelation you find Jesus Christ revealed. But on the other hand you have the anti-Christ expose the you think my friends that the devil wants Jesus revealed an anti-Christ exposed. I don't think so. No this book is a revelation of Jesus Christ and since the revelation of Jesus Christ we don't have to be afraid of studying this book. You don't have to be afraid of the last book of a Bible the apocalyptic book of Revelation. There's actually a blessing pronounced upon those who study this book you can read that blessing in verse three. Revelation one verse three mark that in your notes the Bible says bless it is he that reads and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand as a blessing to those who read and a blessing to those who fear but there's a special blessing to those who keep. It's not enough to read. We must see the message of Revelation we must follow its teachings. But is there another book in the Bible son that's also full of symbols. Oh yes that is the Book of Daniel Daniel and Revelation are two great prophetic books of the Bible filled with mysterious symbols. Take for example our poor beast that was. On the flyer. These are mysterious species the lion with eagles wings the leopard with forehead than four wings. Well study these beasts in a future topic but you find them described here in the Book of Daniel and then you find this mysterious metallic man made of different metals and this rock that comes in smashes the image down. That's Daniel to be looking at that the night. But before we go there Father we want to ask this question how should we interpret or understand the symbols of prophecy. Sun There are two principles to correctly understand prophecy and we're going to invite our guests here to mark down these two principles. You're taking notes mark them down. Number one we must allow the Bible to be its own interpreter and a text for that is second Peter chapter one verse twenty which says no prophecy of the Scripture is to be of a private interpretation. In other words it is not up to me or to you or some church to interpret prophecy. We have to let the Bible interpret its own prophecies and then the second principle we must compare Scripture with Scripture to understand scripture and a text for that is Isaiah twenty eight verses nine and ten which is line upon line precept upon precept here a little there a little. It's sorta like putting a puzzle together. When you get all the pieces connected then you have a clear picture of the what the puzzle showing. And it's the same in Bible prophecy when you get all the pieces put together. You have a clear picture of the truth from God's word. Those are the two principles we're going to use as we study Bible prophecy in the prophecies of hope program. So with that background let's launch into prophecies of hope. We're going to start tonight in the Book of Daniel. We're going to look at a prophecy that lays the foundation. For many of the other prophecies in the Bible this prophecy we find in chapter two and ancient King's dream. It describes over fourteen different empires. Take us back over a span of two thousand five hundred years and provides us with one of the greatest evidences that God knows the future. So let's travel back in our imagination two thousand five hundred years ago in the ancient city of Babylon and back then Babylon was the center so to speak of the world there in the Middle East it was a great super power back then. Babylon is mentioned six times in Revelation six. Is that an interesting number. Then we're going to find out actually six six six had its origins in Babylon was study that in a future topic. The king ruling Babylon back then was a king called Never can as or one night while he was slain in his bed thinking perhaps about the future of his empire. God gave him a prophetic dream that outlined the history of the great empires of the world from his day all the way down to the end of time. But when he awoke he couldn't remember a thing of what he dreamed that ever happened to you you had a vivid dream. And then as soon as you woke up you immediately forgot everything you dreamed that seven of a as it happened in a beacon as are and so on every Can is there as the story goes called and he is the wise man is a strong lodgers but they couldn't help him. Finally Daniel was called. Let's read it from Daniel two twenty seven and twenty eight. You can mark that in your notes actually beginning with Verse twenty six to twenty six through twenty eight The Bible says the King answered and said to Daniel whose name was built the shelves or did know was his Hebrew name Bill to show there was his back. Baloney in name Art thou able are you able to make known and to me the dream which I have seen and the interpretation there can you tell me what I dreamed in my bedroom last night. Notice Daniel's modest answer verse the next verse. Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said the secret which the king hath demanded cannot so wise a man the astrologers the magicians the soothsayers show him to the king. They don't know the future and the fact is they don't know it any better today. But the next verse says but but there is a God in heaven that reveal secrets and makes them known to the king their beacon is there what will be in the latter days the last day there is a God in heaven. Skeptics might challenge that the scoffers might deny that sometimes you might question when it seems like all the bad things are happening where is God in which you could know the Bible says there is a God in heaven. We're going to see the evidence for that in our study this evening and that God reveal secrets what the greatest secrets of the greatest secret is the future what's going to happen to me and what's going to happen to you immediately in the future tomorrow. We don't even know if we'll be alive tomorrow or if we planned to be we plan to be back here tomorrow night. But none of us know the future. Only God knows the future and the Bible tells us in Amos three seven if you're taking notes you can add that to your notes. Amos three seven. Surely the Lord God will do nothing except he reveals his secrets and do as servants the prophets. And we're going to see that illustrated here Indian yell Chapter two tonight. Let me back up for just a moment. It says that this dream has something to do with our latter days or the last days. Let me ask some of you believe we're living in the last day. Let me see your hands. All right looks like many of us. So this dream has something for us here tonight. Twenty fifty. Well what was that dream that King there had. Well we have an animation on our screen that will help us to visualize. You can read this later in the Bible. This is Daniel to this yoking were watching and behold a great image this great image whose Splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome. This images head was a fine gold. It's just an arm of the silver its belly and buys of Braun's. It's legs of iron. It's feet partly of iron and partly of clay. You watched while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces. Then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer threshing floor. As the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found and the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. That was Daniel two thirty one the thirty five. Put it in your notes to the thirty one to thirty five. Fascinating dream Daniel then said This is the dream Daniel two verse thirty six. Now father if I just got through telling you what you dream last night would you be amazed. I would be impressed I think maybe you had some supernatural power. The here Daniel says this is what you dreamed he spoke with confidence because he spoke for God. I think if I had been in Daniel's shoes that morning I probably would have said to the king was that it. Did I get it right. I'm not Daniel he spoke with confidence because he spoke for God in the King recognized that that was what he had seen the night before. Now the question of course is what does it mean if you had been there with Daniel and those watching those listening in that we couldn't as a palace that morning. What would your question have been. Daniel what's it mean what's this metallic man with the golden head chest in arms of silver mid-section a brass legs of iron standing on clay and iron feet What does that all symbolize And what about that rock that comes and smashes down the image. What does it mean. Well father so we speculate. Well some people think well prophecy is just guess work. Your interpretation or somebody else's interpretation since God revealed this today and you know we know that God has the correct interpretation and we're going to read it here from the Bible two thousand five hundred years ago God through the prophet Daniel said he you are this head of gold the now we have our answer that golden head represents the king of Babylon golden head symbol of nebby can as are and His kingdom of Babylon How long did it Babyland rule Babylon rule from six o five to five thirty nine B.C. which was only about sixty six years. You know what's amazing it was a Golden Kingdom. In fact one temple the temple of Marduk there in Babylon there three hundred feet high. Outside it was covered with blue glazed tile but inside it was freighted with gold in fact inside that one temple it contained eighteen tons of gold eight and a half times just in the altar and thrown a load. It's been estimated that there are over two hundred golden dome temples inside. I'd the walls of Babylon Babylon was a golden empire. They used to go to like we used concrete today in Babylon and Babylon also had the famous painting garden which was one of the wonders of the world and the river Euphrates flowed right through the center of the city of Babylon providing an eternal supply of water. The wall of Babel an archaeologist estimate was something like thirty metres wide and could have been up to a hundred meters high. They actually had chariot races on top of the city walls that would be sort of like having a north Luzon Expressway on top of your city all. There was no weapon back of it and they could conquer a city like Babylon and never begin as a thought Babylon would last forever. In fact the archaeologist dug up this tablet in the ruins of Babylon inscribed by beginners there with these words. May it. That's Babylon lasts forever. Well son did Babel last forever. Well no not quite because Babylon only ruled for a sixty six years from six o five to five thirty nine B.C. and then the Bible says and Daniel two thirty nine after you show arise another king inferior to you. So these metals represent kingdoms by the Bible's own interpretation. First we have the kingdom of Babel on the head of gold and who knows what kingdom conquered the ancient kingdom of Babylon. I was the king of Persia just as silver is inferior to gold so the next king of Persia would be inferior to travel on a silver Kingdom. But the question is how how Sun did they get through those massive walls how did the Persians conquer Babylon. Well Bible prophecy acts. Sleep foretold exactly how it would happen one hundred fifty years before it happened and even named the man who would do the job. Let's read it from I there forty five Verse one if you're taking notes. They are forty five one says Thus says the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I have helped to subdue Nations before him and I will lose the lines of Kings to open before him the two gates the double doors and the gates shall not be shut. Here's what happened that night they were actually having a a fiesta. You can read it in detail chapter five while the Middle Persian armies were surrounding the city of Babylon they had a siesta they were so confident inside their city and they had lots of alcohol no doubt and the soldiers got drunk. Now you understand that Babylon was built right over the river Euphrates you can see here in the painting the river Euphrates flowed right down to the heart of Babylon and what Mido Persia did Cyrus instructed his shoulders soldiers to dry up or divert the river Euphrates. And when the water went down it was actually nighttime the night of the Fiesta when the water went down in the riverbed the Middle Persian armies marched underneath the outer wall and came up inside the city. But there was a wall of each side of the river. However the Babylonians were so confident and so drunk they left the gates open exactly like the prophecy foretold and today a record of that can be found in the British Museum. Cyrus Cylinder the rock record the stone record of how Cyrus conquered BABYLON So the silver then of the metallic image was a symbol of Mido Persia need to preserve ruled for those of you taking notes from fire. I've thirty nine to three thirty one B.C. or counting down of course in B.C. then two thousand five hundred years ago. Daniel two verse thirty nine it says An after that and another third. Third what another third kingdom of brass which shall bear rule over how much. These are world ruling super powers of the past first Babylon Persia. Then there's this third kingdom anybody know what was that their kingdom that was Greece. Under the leadership of the mighty General Alexander the Great the Grecians conquered large portions of the world back then it went all the way over to India. History tells us the historian says this about Alexander the Great. He says I am persuaded that there was no nation city nor people where his name did not reach. There seems to me to have been some divine and presiding both over his birth and actions a divine hand controlling the events of this world. We might not know why certain things happen but we can be sure that there is a divine hand in control in the question for us tonight. Personally is that divine hand guiding my life is it guiding your life. Is God guiding your life. He wants to in fact the Bible tells us in Isaiah fifty eight eleven. Mark it down. Isaiah fifty eight eleven and the Lord shall guide. How often can you really. There is no greater joy than surrendering all your choices to God God can guide your life he wants to. If you let him make coming back now to Greece Greece was known for the bronze. Just like Babylon was known for. It's golden needle Persia was known for its silver grease was known for bronze they use bronze weapons bronze armor over two hundred years before Greece ever ruled the Bible foretold it by name in Daniel eight verse twenty one if you're taking notes. Mazing prophecy that God foretold Greece two hundred years before it ruled Greece ruled from three thirty one to one sixty eight B.C.. Here we are coming right down through the ages you didn't know that the Bible was a history book but this was written before history happened two thousand five hundred years ago God outlined this. And looking back we can see that history followed the outline. Let's now turn our attention to the legs the legs of iron. We're going to read from Daniel to verse forty two verse forty the Bible says and the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as the iron breaks in pieces and so do they all these things all things and as iron that breaks all the shell it break in pieces and bruise. This is the fourth kingdom who can tell us what was that fourth Universal Kingdom the iron monarchy that was a row row row on was that fourth kingdom and just as the legs are the longest part of the body. So Rome ruled for the longest time period for over five hundred years Rome was not no one was able to conquer Rome. She ruled back then her flags away from the British Isles to the Arabian Gulf from the North Sea to the sarra desert from the Atlantic to the Afraid to Rome rule the world and Rome was ruling when Jesus came to this world. You can see from our painting here the Roman soldiers with their eye on Rome was known for its iron. Jesus was condemned by a Roman governor crucified by Roman so. Years on a Roman cross Roman soldiers divided his clothes. Roman soldiers guarded his was a Roman seal placed on his course we know it was the Pharisees that instigated all this. But Rome was the one ruling them. However when Jesus died on the cross it was as if he split all history. B.C. or before Christ. Eighty and many and many in the year of our Lord Jesus really is at the center of prophecy. He is the center of history and the theme of prophecy. You can't study Bible prophecy without seeing Jesus Christ. Revelation starts out a revelation of News of Jesus Christ and we see it right in the middle of history. She is the one who paid the penalty for our sins and the good news is Jesus is not a mystery that's where is the Messiah. We're steadying the mysteries of prophecy tonight but Jesus is not a mystery. At least I hope it is not a mystery for you. You can accept Him as your personal savior but let's go back now to those lion legs row Rome rule from one sixty eight B.C. all the way down to the fourth century A.D. not my question son. What kingdom would conquer row. Well we know from history that Rome was not conquered by a fifth great empire. Rome was divided into different parts and so in order for this property to be correct it would have to picture a division of the Roman Empire. Let's see how it did that in Daniel two verse forty one and you two forty one then and where as thou saw us the feet into those part of potter's clay and part of iron. The kingdom shall be what God. We know that's true looking back. God predicted this before it happened two thousand five hundred years ago. The kingdom shall be divided but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron for as much as thou saws the iron mixed with America lay divided into how many parts one How many toes do you have. I have kids I have ten toes into how many parts was wrong divided and part that's the amazing thing. So here we have a map of those original ten divisions of the Roman Empire and you can see the element today the Germans brigandines or the Swiss franc So the French Lombards that the Italian Saxons are the English so the Portuguese and the Visigoths are the Spanish and of course three no longer exist the hairy alive vandals and awe through Gods prophecy actually tells us why. We'll see later. What's amazing seven of those original ten kingdoms that divided up the Roman Empire still exist today. And there's something else interesting son. The prophecy were looking at night holds the key as to where the Anti-Christ will come from I don't know if you've heard about the anti-Christ. That's a prophetic study we'll look at later in our series and this prophecy holds the key to where he comes from. Something else interesting as you look at this metallic man you notice that the value of the metals goes down. But while the value decreases what happens to the strength of the metals increases the strength actually increases. Gold is the most valuable metal but it's the softest iron is the least valuable but it's the strongest. So while the value goes down the strength goes up very. Interesting Let's take a more careful look at those feet of ironing clay. Chapter two verse forty three the Bible says and you two forty three and where as you saw this where as you saw Iron mixed with my reclaimed they still mingled themselves with the seed of men but they shall not believe one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay. What does that mean son they shall main goal themselves with the seed of man. Well that sounds like in your marriage and if we were to go back in the history of Europe a couple of hundred years or so we would find that many of the monarchs were united in marriage trying to form alliances to reunite the European empire but it never worked because the Bible said they shall not be one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay. Verse forty three are not going to be able to weld them together. Before I started preaching I used to be a welder and I welded all sorts of metals but I have never welded iron to Calais. You can't do that and the Bible predicted it wouldn't happen but SUN Have there been people that tried to reunite the Roman Empire or reunite Europe. Well yes there definitely has been the Polian he tried and he failed. In fact at the Battle of Waterloo it rained so hard that all his artillery got stuck and historians say it appeared that God Himself was fighting against the Polian the Polian failed at the Battle of Waterloo. You know something that's interesting son. A Christian minister came to Napoleon when he was conquering look like he would conquer all of Europe and read to him the prophecy of the end of two that we just looked at to night and this minister told Napoleon based on the Word of God I predict you'll never conquer all of Europe. You know what the Polian said what he say's he said not even. God himself can stop me. Well you can see that God stop Napoleon and even historians tell us it seemed that God was fighting against Napoleon. God had said a shall not believe one to another. Have there been any others that tried to re-unite the answer of an empire. Has there been others we know that Hitler tried also and he failed. Why as a bible said what they are not really one to another. After Hitler came communism and it looked like for a while that all of Europe would become communist. But then the U.S.S.R. fell apart. The end of the U.S.S.R. Russia was reborn we had the privilege our family my son was just a baby when we first went to the former Soviet Union to preach the gospel and people would come by the hundreds thousands to hear God's word and to hear the very prophecy that you're hearing tonight and to see how it has been fulfilled. The Bible said what it say. Let's read it all together tonight but not leave one another. Even as irony is not mixed with Calais Well that leaves us with this question Father what's the future of the E.U. Now you know they might get together but they're not going to stick together. You'll never get all of Europe to unite under one government because the Bible said what it is say not to leave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay. Let's review what we've all learned tonight on the head of gold represents what kingdom I belong on how about the chest in arms of silver What did that symbolize the parade of Persia What about the mid-section a brass symbol of grace and the legs are vying to represent what kingdom. All similar. How about the feet of clay and iron What of that represent. I did Europe. Is there anything else to this prophecy. There's a one more event to this prophecy and that is the coming of the rock. But first let me back up and mention you just are looking at one thousand five hundred years of history written in advance. The Bible is the only book that's done that revealed history in advance. There's only one more event to take place and that is the coming of the rock let's go read about that from Daniel two forty four and forty five says in Daniel two forty four and in the days of these kings what kings would that be. Well this would be after the attempts to reunite Europe through intermarriage after the attempts to reunite Europe through conquest after Napoleon after Hitler after communism. This would a parent be in the days of modern Europe divided Europe in the days of these kings shall the God of the heavens set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms at the Cayman Kingman. We looked at the night and it still stand how long or ever it still stands for ever verse forty five says for as much as you thought the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands and that it break in pieces the iron the brass the clay the silver and the gold the great God has made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter and the dream is certain and the interpretation. Sure your. Well we know that looking back over history that's right. But this was written two thousand five hundred years before one more event coming of the rock. What is that rock represents. Well the Rock is a symbol of Christ and His eternal King them you can read first Corinthians ten for Isaiah twenty eight sixteen. The rock is a symbol of Jesus and His kingdom and there's people who sing the song you might have heard of the Christian him Rock of Ages. So the rock then represents Christ's return Christ's coming Kingdom. Apparently we are living in the latter days but are we really living in the last days. Dr Thomas said the world would end and thirty nine fifty nine. Well if that's true we're a long ways away from the latter days. No we know that that's not true Nostradamus missed it on that probably. We know that based on the events we're seeing happening around us in this very in the very era we're living we know that we're living in the last days of history. In fact many secular people non-religious people believe we're living in the latter days or the last days. Take for example some of the signs that we're living in the last days earthquakes back a long time ago you can see from our graph there weren't very many earthquakes and there weren't very many big ones. But recently there's been a huge upsurge of great earthquakes. In fact as you know Sun that between two thousand and four and two thousand and fourteen magnitude eight point six and higher have gone up two hundred sixty five percent. That's just in the last decade. I don't leave earth quakes we have great storms and the worst storm that ever made landfall was right here in the Philippines. We are seeing signs indicating that we are in the latter days. But actually my friend this prophecy provides hope for our future. We can see that just babble on. Need a Persia Greece Rome Rome was divided just as surely as that happened we know that Christ will soon come to set up an eternal Kingdom and in Christ's kingdom there won't be any more pain there there won't be any more death there won't be any more sorrow any more poverty any more bad things in Christ's kingdom. Jesus wants you to be a citizen of His eternal Kingdom. Jesus promised he would come back. Let's read that promise from John fourteen one through three. Put that in your dotage tonight. John fourteen versus one through three says Let not your heart be troubled. Don't be worried if you believe in God believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again. I will come again and receive you and to myself that where I am there you may be also. And we know based on this prophecy that that event Jesus' coming is very very soon. Iraq is coming. Jesus is about to come back. The last event the coming of the rock is very near Isa said Let not your heart be troubled I go to prepare a place for you and Jesus wants to prepare you for that place for his eternal killing them. I want to be a citizen of that kingdom don't you. How many want to be a citizen of that kingdom Ethier hands. Yes there is hope for you. The head of gold has passed away. There is hope for you Persia and Greece have had their day. There is hope for you from Rome we moved in Calais. But. There is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. We are in the latter days. There is hope for you. Daniel's prophecy the sure amaze. There is hope for you. The Rock will soon set the skies ablaze So there is hope in Christ for you. Yes and that's why we have called this series prophecies of hope. We see many signs indicating that we are in the last days but there is hope for your future. Amen. And there is hope for each of us. Let's end our presentation to the night with a prayer and thank God for that hope and I'm going to invite you to stand with us as we conclude with a prayer. Don't forget tomorrow night seven o'clock our topic will be dinosaurs prove the Bible true. And you'll want to take advantage of health expert screening will be it starting at five o'clock. Health Expo a lecture will be at six thirty. And if you haven't yet dropped off your ticket at our registration table to get your free handout for tonight then you can do that on your way out. Let's pray. Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for the hope we have in Jesus return soon return. We want to be ready for that eternal Kingdom. So we pray that each one here would be a part of your kingdom. We ask it in Jesus' name. A man. Good night friends we'll see you back tomorrow night.


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