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2. Dinosaurs Prove the Bible True

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


See how science and archaeology confirm the trustworthiness of the Bible and its history. Is there really scientific evidence for creation? Listen to this lecture to find out more information!



  • February 7, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight. Dinosaurs to prove the Bible true some time ago there was an article in the U.K. Guardian News and it said this dinosaurs the meat the ambassadors for evolution and it says here dinosaurs died out sixty five million years ago. Yet our fascination with them grows so amid the two hundredth anniversary celebrations of Charles Darwin the birth this week dinosaurs should be here as ambassadors for evolution. Really son is that how we got here. You know we evolve are we related somewhere in the distant past of the dinosaurs. Is that our origin. The Bible says in Genesis one verse one the very first verse in the Bible in the beginning God created the heavens the heaven and the earth that sounds like it's a little difference agreeing with evolution. There has been a long controversy between creation and evolution. Evolution says we evolved up by chance. And of course the Bible teaches that God created us. Then the question is who is right. We want to answer that question tonight there are actually three great questions that everyone faces at some point in their lives. First question is Where did I come from. Second question why am I here. And third question Where am I going. Evolution claims to be able to answer the first of those three great questions but it offers us no help at all with the next two. You see if we just evolved up from the monkeys up from the dinosaurs then really life is nothing more than a meaningless pause between two empty eternity's. There's no hope beyond the grave. But if as the Bible tells. If we are created in the image of God then there is hope for our future we can look beyond the present live with difficulties to something far better in the future. The Bible tells us teaches us that a loving caring God created mankind but is there proof for that. Can we find evidence that that what the Bible says about our origins is correct. History of the Bible has been a very fascinating history all down through its time. Bible has been banned it has been burned there been many thousands of decrees against the Bible but yet we still have it and it's the best selling book in the world and it was the first book that was ever printed and that leaves us with this question of what lies behind the Bible's obvious power. Son The answer is the Bible is the Word of God But how do we know that we want to give you tonight five proof that the Bible is God's word and I think you have them listed in your handout those of you they got their hand out. Number one number one is cohesive unity. The word Bible simply means book or of course the Bible is made up of sixty six books and it was written by more than forty different authors over a period of sixteen a hundred years and it was written in three languages on three continents. Very amazing yet the Bible harmonizes perfectly. For example if you were to get forty doctors to write about the best way to treat cancer would all forty doctors agree. I don't think so. Well probably not but if you have forty different people most of whom lived it different times of the Earth's history you have them right about poetry and about morality and about religion and about all. All kinds of things that have that harmonize you know that that is a miracle. The any one man can write a book and call it a holy book. One man is not going to disagree with himself but when you have forty different people writing and that harmonizes you know that there was some divine power behind the Word of God That's a number one cohesive unity let's give you a number two. Number two second prove that the Bible is God's word. The Bible itself claims to be inspired by God over three thousand times the bible calls God its author. I'll give you a couple examples you can mark these in your notes. Number one is from second Timothy three Verse sixteen where the Bible says all Scripture. How much of all scripture is given by inspiration of God it was God breathed and is profitable for doctrine or reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness. Another tick second Texas from second Peter one verse twenty one which says this is where the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. They spake they wrote as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. If these claims are true and I believe they are then there is no higher authority in the world than the Bible. If these claims are not true the bible could never have endured so many centuries of opposition and still be the world's best selling book. So number two inspired by God What number three son Number three is the evidence from archaeology ancient stones have spoken confirming the truth of the Word of God. Take for example the fascinating discovery in one nine hundred seventy five of Ebla in northern Syria and in this town that the archaeologists dug up they discovered. A library of ancient Kool-Aid tablets. Fifteen to seventeen thousand clay tablets that dated all the way back to two thousand five hundred B.C. and on these tablets they read about many things and they also read about things like creation and also the universal flood. Bible names and places like Esau Abraham is role Fina and Jerusalem. And they even read about Jews in the cities Sodom and Gomorrah. We know that that's also in the Bible. Take for example the issue of the universal flood you can find evidence of a universal flood in many ancient cultures and civilizations. Take for example the Chinese word for a boat composed of three parts with vessel eight and people. Where do you think that there was the idea of a vessel having eight people. Well it was the universal flood the Bible reveals there were eight people in the dark. But what about Father the fossil record does it also confirm the Bible. Well yes now of course the geologists tell us that the dinosaurs lived about sixty five million years ago long before humans evolved and they say there's a long span of difference in time between the time of the dinosaurs and the time of humans. What did humans and dinosaurs live at the same time. I'm going to show you an amazing photograph. Look at that. This was discovered in the year two thousand by archaeologists Elvis Delk. You can see a dinosaur footprint right on top of a human footprint. This is been verified by a spiral C.T. scan. Here's a picture of the scan you can see the impression in the rock. This was not carved in by some imaginary creationists. This was actually imprinted there in the Calais which later became Petra. Right rock your you have a high resolution picture of that the dinosaur footprint right on top of a human footprint. Apparently humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. What does this prove. Well first of all the verifies the Bible. Secondly a verifies the Universal Flood story apparently that dinosaur was headed one way and the human was headed another way trying to escape the the flood waters and they left their footprints which later became petrified. And thirdly it disproves the theory of evolution in fact one evolutionist in the book The Quest in quest of the African dinosaurs said if humans and dinosaurs Co occurred together if they lived at the same time if that could be proven he said then evolution would be vanquished. You can say tonight that evolution has been then questioned by archaeology. There is the nursery tale that says a princess kisses a frog and it turns into a prince. We call that of course a fairy tale very pale however is a prince or if a frog turns into a prince in forty million years then of course it's no longer a fairy tale but it is evolution. You can see how that evolution is sort of like a fairy tale with lots of time they think given enough time anything will take place. So we can see that the Bible record has been proven by archaeology and one of the most amazing discoveries is the discovery of that rock with a dinosaur footprint right on top of the human footprint. But the question some people ask is this how do you know that the Bible hasn't been changed it's an ancient book. Maybe the copiers or maybe the translators put in their ideas into the Bible. How do we know. Well son we do know. No through the Dead Sea Scrolls which were discovered back in one nine hundred forty seven. How many of you here have heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls if you see anybody. I see some hands are family who actually had the opportunity to see the Dead Sea scrolls on display in San Diego California some years ago but they found they are in caves around the Dead Sea portions of every book of the Old Testament except the Book of Esther. And these copies of the Bible dated all the way back one hundred one twenty five B.C. they were a thousand years older than the oldest copies of scriptures that were in existence at the time they found the entire Isaiah Scroll complete from the first verse to the last verse. And when they compared our modern Bibles with the Dead Sea Scrolls you know what they discovered. The Bible has come down to us are virtually unchanged the same God who inspired the Bible protected the Bible and that's why the Bible says Your word is true from the beginning. Psalms one hundred nineteen verse one hundred sixty. You can mark some of these texts in your notes tonight. One archaeologist Sir Frederick Kenyon a world renowned archaeologist said that Kristin can take the whole Bible in his hand and say without fear or hesitation that he holds in his hands the true Word of God handed down without a sense of loss from generation to generation. Throughout the centuries. And here's another statement from an archeologist world renowned Jewish archaeologist. He said it may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted the Bible evidence of archaeology. We have seen how that evidence of archaeology indeed confirms the Bible let's go on now to number four. Our fourth proof of the. Why is God's Word is that the Bible predicts the future. And I want to illustrate that with a text from the Bible and Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten forty six. I want to read this right out of the Bible if you have a Bible you can read it too dark in here I hope it's light enough to for you to take notes. Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten. You can mark that the Bible says God says. Remember the former things of old for I am God and there is none else. I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things which are not yet saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure. So God says in the ancient past I have revealed the distant future and we've seen that illustrated in our first lecture those of you that were with us last night you may remember the metallic man symbolizing the four universal empires of the past. Let's just for a for the sake of showing how that the Bible predicts the future focus then on that first empire Babylon Babbin was going to be destroyed. That was foretold by Isaiah and Isaiah thirteen nineteen when Babylon what it was at its height of success and power and then number two. The Bible even predicted the very nation that would do the work of destroying Babylon Mido Persia. Jeremiah fifty one verse eleven liable also foretold the man that would lead the conquest there was the army Cyrus You can read the text of Isaiah forty five Verse one written one hundred fifty years before Cyrus was even born and then the Bible predicted that Babylon would become a heap of ruin that was predicted in Jeremiah fifty one fifty seven. And if you were to. Two Baghdad Iraq can go about eighty kilometers south of Baghdad Iraq today. You would see that indeed Babylon is still today a heap of ruins. I will profit predicted Bablon would never again be inhabited. The prophet Isaiah thirteen twenty and twenty one and then the Bible even predicted that Babylon would never be rebuilt. Twenty five verse two. Now this is a very interesting prediction because there was a man who decided he would rebuild Babylon and he would prove the bible for all. His name was Saddam Hussein. He was going to rebuild Babylon. The problem is he ran into war of the United States and then he got caught and then he was paying Saddam Hussein is no more. But the word of God is true. God is aware and has been true from the beginning. Let's review how the Bible has foretold the future those of you that were with us last night remember the metallic image they had of gold represented what kingdom. Do you remember well how about the chest and arms of silver represented what empire made of Persia. What about the mid-section a brass symbol of Greece and the legs of a lion represented what empire. What about the feet of clay and iron mixed. That was the symbol of divided Europe. There you have two thousand five hundred years of history written and advance. This was foretold by the prophet Daniel Daniel in your Bible before it happened. Here's what's amazing. The Bible is the only holy book in the world that has accurately predicted the rise and fall of empires. No other holy book has done that. The Bible is the only holy book in the world that has accurately predicted the rise and fall of empires. So you can see the Bible. It's really a subpoena your holy book to all the other holy books out there in the world. You can trust the Bible now before it predicts the future. Let's move on now to number five this is our last one and I believe this is the most powerful one. Number five the Bible changes lives. It is the only book that changes lies. The Bible can make a drunkard sober. Bible can make a thief honest it can make a prostitute appear to make a rough person kind. The Bible changes people's lives their minds me of the story. There was an atheist visiting a cannibal island some time ago and the atheist saw the villagers reading the Word of God and singing Christian hams. He began to make fun of the villagers foolish villagers the missionaries been here you've deceived you with the truth of the Bible or with the mists of the Bible don't you know that no intelligent person today believes in that book. Well the chief of the village he walked up to the easiest and he said sir do you see over there the pots we use to boil human flesh in those pots. If it wasn't for the Bible you might be in those pots right now and we would be cooking you for supper. Had nothing more to say against the Bible the Bible had transformed a whole village from a wild cannibalistic place to a peace loving civilization. That's why I want to others said the creative energy Vick called the world into existence is in the Word of God This word imparts power. It begets or it creates life. Every command is a promise accepted by the will received into the soul. It brings with it the life of the infinite one. Was your like power in your life. You find power in the Word of God. Bible says in Genesis one verse one in the. Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now here the skeptics laugh. They say creation now creationism if evolution is how we got here how do we know father that God made it all. Well let me illustrate son this way. I have here a watch. It's a simple watch. The pin probe to night that's why it's sitting here on the desk and sit on my wrist but it keeps good time. I should ask those of you that are here how many of you have a watch. Let me say put your hand up if you have a watch. I look like most of you do. Next question how many of you here who have a watch have met the person who designed and made your watch anybody. Well how do you know that somebody made the watch then let me tell you how your watch originated you see a long time ago millenniums ago. Perhaps there was a big bang in a garbage dump and little bits of plastic and metal came flying together and form this thing. And as the sun shone on this thing after a period of long ages the thing started ticking. That's how the watch originated. How many of you believe me they were not that gullible. We know somebody made our watch even though we never met the person who made the watch. How do you know somebody made your watch if you never met the one who made it. Here's the point the character of the watchmaker is seen on the watch. I never met the person who made this watch but I know something about them. I know that whoever made this watch can count at least twelve. I know that whoever made this a watch is accurate because the watch is accurate so I know something of the person's. Character but I never met the person. And of course the point for us is this the evidence for the creator or is in the creation. We've not seen God but we see evidence for God in the things that he has created. If the universe is merely the result of an accident then who made the laws that govern it. Who did the laws evolve. Somebody must have made the laws of the universe you're you. The reverse is more accurate than your watch. We set our watches by the universe who made it all. Well the Bible tells us Genesis one one in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. How did God do it son. Well the Bible tells us another text Psalms thirty three six and nine says by the word of the Lord where the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was done he commanded and it's did fast. God stepped out into nothing. He stood upon nothing. He spoke into nothing. And he created you are oh wait a minute what the proof of that. Did you know we actually have proof now. Geologists have discovered evidence that God spoke this world into existence within all granite rock everywhere on the planet. They have found what is called polonium microspheres or halos captured there in the granite rock and geologists will tell you that if the rock cooled slowly like evolution tells us then all those little radioactive halos those polonium microspheres they would have disappeared out of the rock. But there they are captured in the rock and the only way that they could be in the rock captured in the rock is if the rock was formed instantly and of course creationists say yeah that's what the Bible says and the evolution says Well that's. Just a little mystery we don't understand we can explain. It would be sort of like if you saw Son of you were to see a glass of ice and suspended part way down in the ice are two soda tablets and these frozen bubbles what would you assume. I would believe that I had formed instantly. Otherwise if the ice formed slowly those sort of tablets they would have disappeared all the bubbles would be gone. The only way the ice those bubbles could be in the ice is if the ice was formed instantly. And we have now evidence this earth was created by the word of the Lord the Bible says were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast. Now we have evidence for that from science. The in the in the Qur'an it rock. If you want to read more you can read W.W.W. Halo's dot com There's a lot more information there. The Bible says in Romans Chapter one Verse twenty four the invisible things of him that's God. We haven't seen God from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse. We have not seen God but we see evidence for God. Let me illustrate this way son let's imagine that you and I are going to explore in an area of the world that's never been explored before maybe where down in the Amazon jungle and we're hacking our way through the jungle maybe we're seeing plants that nobody's ever seen before. Our bugs are insects and one day as we are exploring suddenly come into a clearing and there in the clearing we see three posts in a straight row one post and then three three meters beyond is a second post. Three meters beyond that a third post and they're all lined up in a straight row I say Look at that son. There's three put it we're not the first ones that have been here. Somebody else must have been here or I don't see anybody so we'll look at the evidence can't you see those posts lined up in a row. Well maybe the monkeys put those their panties are smart but they're not that smart. Monkeys don't put posts in a row straight row three meters apart. Well maybe they just gradually over a period of long a long time pushed up out of the air themselves. They evolved. Yes maybe we need to go visit the psych psychologists the psychiatric ward. If Michael were to try to convince us that those posts had evolved what would we think something wrong or think about it. How Elementary. Three posts in a straight row. If three posts in a row three metres apart indicate an intelligent design designer then what can we say about all these wonderful creations that we see all around us in our world. All the amazing display of variety and say peace and colours and everything did it just happen all by chance. There must have been some intelligent designer. I have a picture here of the space shuttle and engineering wonder that human beings accomplish but then on the other side there is a picture of a human body which in these two. Which of these two is more complicated the space shuttle or the human body. What is the human body even one cell is more complicated than the biggest city and of course there is millions and billions of cells in the human body. The next question is which of these two evolved by chance as the evolutionists will try to. Convince us that we evolved. Somewhere back in the distant past are we are related to the dinosaurs. If we were to try to convince you that the space shuttle evolved out of a big bang what would you think you think we were crazy. Suppose suppose we're walking by the beach and we see those marks on the say and I say some Look at that. Somebody has been here. Well I don't see anybody in this way or that way. Well can't you see the footprints. Well maybe the ways made those marks in the sand or waves don't make footprints in the same you we haven't seen the person but we see his footprints. We see evidence of viable says in Psalms fourteen verse one. The fool has said in his heart there is no god. If I were to try to convince you that those footprints just evolved you think I was a fool and yet how many people believe that we may be using mechanism the human body. We just happened by chance. Evolved. Oh no friend. Somebody made us we haven't seen him but we see his footprints. I see God's footprints all through creation. I see his footprints in the sunrise and the sunset and all the creatures that he has made Bible itself says in job twelve seven to nine but ask now the beasts and they will teach you and the birds of the air and they will tell you or speak to the earth that it shall teach you the and the fishes of the sea shall declare under the who'd know it not in all the Is that the hand of the Lord has done this. It says if the Bible says who can't see the evidence but our son what about the age of the earth maybe the earth is old enough that things could evolve over several million billion years. How old is near. Well that depends on which scientist you ask at which time in the service history. Back in the eight hundred sixty two the scientist Thompson said that the world is twenty million years old and then thirty five years later he changed his mind and cited that the Earth was actually forty million years old though and thirty five years the world got twenty million years older. I'm glad I don't age that fast and then the scientists Jolly's that an eight hundred ninety nine that the earth was ninety million years old Raleigh in one nine hundred twenty one said No it's actually a billion years old and then Hotchkiss came along in one nine hundred thirty two and said no the earth is one point six billion years old and then HOLMES In one nine hundred forty seven said no the earth is three point three five billion years old and then in one nine hundred fifty six which wasn't even ten years later he said the world was four point five billion years old. So imagine the world in nine years. Got more than one billion years older Would you like to age that fast. And then two thousand and eight they say it's five billion plus maybe in two thousand and twenty they'll say it can billion who knows how old in the years then son. Well based on the Bible evidence do through the people that lived in the Bible the Bible reveals that the world is about six thousand years old. Yes and science now is beginning to find evidence that this earth is actually quite young earth. In fact you want to do some research type in young earth in your search engine. You'll be amazed at all the evidence. So apparently the dinosaurs didn't live millions of years ago. Billions of years ago before humans. In fact here's something amazing. This was a fascinating discovery recently ten years ago. So she did pressed it says scientists. Cover a T.-Rex that's a dinosaur T.-Rex soft tissue. Seventy million year old fossil eel to preserve blood vessels and of course the paradox is if it was really seventy million years old it would be absolutely impossible for there to still be preserved blood vessels. It says here in the next line it says it big ARS believe that it could have lasted that long and then one doctor said this latest discovery is just one more example of scientific evidence that disproves evolution. Evidence that most schoolchildren will never see in their textbooks. They have found preserved blood vessels soft tissue in the mummies and the mummies we know are several thousand years old but they're not several million years old after that much time it would be petrified. So here is scientific evidence that the dinosaurs didn't live millions of years ago. What I want to happen to the dinosaurs. Well you write in a question for us some time and we'll try to answer that. They actually does disappeared about the time of the flood and the question is why. Well we don't have time to answer that tonight. You can write that on the back of one of your quiz cards. We'll answer that of a future Question Time. Bible says let's read it all together Genesis one verse one in the very beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And since someone made you the good news is that somebody cares about you. Bible says and first Peter five seven. Casting all your care upon him that's God That's Jesus because He cares for you because God made you. God cares for you just as the artist cares for his art work the gardener cares for garden his garden the parent cares for their children. So since somebody made us somebody cares for us and you can cast your burdens upon him because he cares for you and the whole Bible is the story of a loving God a caring God who not only created us but is at work to save us save us from the curse of sin. I will say is in Job twenty two twenty one point now yourself with him that's with God and be at peace. Thereby Goodsell common to use the you on good and peace in your life my friends tonight. Then you must become acquainted with God the one who dies the stars one to guide your life. It was the former President Dwight Eisenhower who once said to read the Bible is to take a trip to a fair lab where the spirit is strengthened and faith renewed. Somebody once said If you want to understand the Bible there are three steps. Number one read the Bible. Number two read the Bible. Number three read the Bible. Are you doing that. Read the Bible and become acquainted with no one who loves you who created you who cares for you found five evidences that the Bible can be trusted number one cohesive unity. Number two it's inspired by God three the evidence of archaeology before it predicts the future and number five it changes lives. Yes the viable can change your life. You can read in the Bible in Jeremiah twenty nine verse eleven. Put that text somewhere in your notes today. Jeremiah twenty nine eleven. God says for I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you no future and the hope. All right and there is a hope for you know there's a future for you. Would you like to become acquainted with your Creator or how many want to become acquainted with your Creator I mean if they are hands how do you become acquainted with him by reading his holy word and so we want to challenge you. Just off the covers of that sacred book. Open them up and read about your creator or if you've never read the Bible. Here's what we recommend. Start with the Gospels read Matthew Mark Luke John. In fact we would probably recommend start with the Book of Job and then you can back up and read Matthew Mark and Luke and then read the Saul. When I first got acquainted with God I read the New Testament and I enjoyed the New Testament so much went back and read the whole Bible. And as you read the Bible you find hope there is hope for you believing in creation is not a lot. There is hope for you. Behold God's footprints on this earth we thought there is hope for you the Bible is for us the word of God and there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you if God's words you will only read. There is hope for you too it's instructions you must give. There is hope for you the Bible has the answer for your need to know there is hope in Christ are you. But father if God is really love then why do we suffer so much. Well son looks like we're out of time tonight so you need to come back tomorrow. Tomorrow night we're going to be a stedding. Revelations a mother of all battles and we'll see how evil came into this world. Where is God. When you suffer. We'll answer that question tomorrow night bring a friend in fact bring twenty five friends and you'll win that book. Health and peace. Let's end our meeting tonight with a prayer and I'll unlike you to stand with us as we conclude with prayer. We do invite you if you have not yet registered for our seminar for the free D.V.D. you can do that just drop off the registration card there at our table. Be sure and keep your little key chain code when you get to fifty in lectures then you'll get a free D.V.D. Let's pray Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us the Holy Bible. And as we read its pages we pray you to help each of us to become acquainted with you our Creator or thank you for the evidence that you exist. Help us to come to know you as a personal friend. We pray your blessing on every home represented here in this hall tonight because we ask it in Jesus' name amen.


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