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3. Revelation's Mother of All Battles

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Why do good and evil exist in the same world if God is love? Where did evil come from? If God loves us, why do we suffer?  Find the answer to these and more questions in this sermon. 



  • February 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is revelations the mother of all battle. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away never that line. That was the opening line for the original Star Wars movie and what we're going to look at tonight is took place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. We're going to study the Mother of All Star Wars the mother of all battles but this is not science fiction it's not fiction at all. This is the truth of God's word we're going to go back in time. Deep within the heart of the universe to where the first war took place. Revelations the mother of all battle. We're going back a long time ago to the very center of the universe to God's throne. Let's go to Revelation twelve seventy nine the Bible says there and there was war in the heaven. We usually think of heaven as being a place of peace a place of perfect happiness. But the Bible says here there was a war in heaven. Let's go read the whole text. Revelation twelve seven through nine if you're taking notes. It says in Revelation twelve seven to nine and there was a war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not either was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old Thurbon called The Devil and Satan which deceive the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him. Remember that word serpent will come back to that later tonight. So the war that began in heaven has been transferred to planet Earth. Mother of All Battles began in heaven. Now it is raging here on Earth that leads us to a host of questions. First of all how did the devil the dragon get into heaven. What was he and his angels doing out there anyway. And then another question where did the devil come from. Did God create the devil. And if so then isn't God at least responsible in some sense for all the evil all the wickedness of the devil has done. And another question why doesn't why didn't God destroy the devil and his followers immediately. He could have why didn't he. And why did the devil come to this earth to God create the earth sorta like a junk shop to put the devil into why did he come to this earth and then another question why is there so much suffering in our world today. Have you ever asked that question. If God is so good why is our world so bad. If God is love why do we suffer so much. Have you ever asked the why question why God why did you allow that to happen. Why does God allow innocent children to be carried away by evil man to be tormented and some of them killed. Why does God allow babies to be born defective defective. Why have you ever asked the why question. Tonight we want to look for some answers. As we look around our world today we see a world of two very different contrasts. We see in our world good and we also see evil. We see joy but we also see sorrow we see pleasure but we also see pain and we see plenty but we also see famine. There is life and there is also death. And people wonder why do these two contrasts exist in the same world why is there good and evil. The natural world doesn't have a proper answer for this it's only as we take the Bible that we can find answers to our questions. The Bible reveals to us that God. But is the author of love and blessing. But on the other hand the devil he is the author of hatred and suffering. And because we were born on this planet we have been born in a battlefield on a battlefield. We find ourselves caught up in the controversy the conflict between God and the devil. Jesus wants you to be happy to bless your whole bless your family bless your marriage if you're married. He was there bless your health. He wants you to be say and on the other hand there is the Devil Satan. He wants he has another plan he want to destroy your happiness he wants to destroy your home. He wants to destroy your marriage if you're married he wants to alternately destroy you within the self in Hellfire and we find ourselves caught up in this conflict between good and evil. Do you sense that conflict in your own life you can feel sometimes the force of evil working you can see God at work. And the question for us tonight is is responsible for all the wickedness all the evil in the world today only it answers. It's not God God is not the one responsible for all the evil the bad things in our world are really acts of the devil. I was one time flying or speaking appointment and the airline cancelled the flight because there was a storm in the city that we were flying to big storm. So I went to the agent I wanted them to change my flight pattern because I had to get to my speaking appointment. They said well this is an active God so we can help you. I said act of God I don't think so. The bad things in this world are not acts of God the evil in our world is actually acts of the devil he's the one to blame. The Bible reveals the God of love. Let's read it from Jeremiah thirty one verse three. Jeremiah thirty one three says The Lord has appeared of old and to me saying love you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness have I drawn be a loving God once created a perfect world where there was no such thing as death there was no such thing as sorrow there was no such thing as misery or problems. There was no such thing as that in the perfect world God created. That leaves us with this question where did it all come from. Well an intruder came into that perfect world an enemy enemy of God and an enemy of man and that intruder was the devil. All suffering either directly or in directly is a result of sin and who brought us into our planet. Who the devil did so we blame him for the bad in our world. I've had people say to me sometimes I think God must be mad at me because all these bad things are happening in my life and I say no it's not God the bad things that happen to us. They're not coming from God the bad things come from who they come from our adversary our enemy satan. God is not punishing people with evolve because well maybe we are bad. It's the devil that brings evil into our lives. Satan is the one to blame. He's responsible for every bad thing that happens every accident every evil thing the Bible pictures say to him as a roaring lion. Let's read that from first Peter five verses in verse Peter five eight. The Bible says Be sober be vigilant in other words the watch out and be careful because your adversary your enemy the devil as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he made devour and who is he after to destroy or devour is after me all the time he is after me and he is also after you. And so in order to avoid being destroyed or devoured by the devil we need to know a couple of things. Where did the devil come from and why did God allow him to come here to the earth a son let's start with that first question where did the devil come from the answer you can read from Jesus in the loop to in verse eighteen. Mark that in your notes. Those of you taking notes. Lieutenant very sating and he that Jesus said to them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from from where I'm from we have them. What was the devil doing up in heaven. How did he get up there. The Bible reveals to us a most tragic story the story of a fallen angel. You can read the story in easy kill twenty eight. Put that in your notes today. Easy kill twenty eight verses twelve through fifteen. Here under the symbolism of the King of Tyre God is describing Lucifer Lucifer by the way is original word for the Devil Satan Lucifer remains a light bearer he was a bearer of the Light of God but he eventually changed into Satan. Let's pick up the story here in easy kill twenty eight twelve through fifty. You're off the screen it says Son of Man take up a lamb and patient upon the king of Tyrus and say and thus says the Lord God feels that the sum full of wisdom and perfect in beauty now is spin indeed in the garden of God every precious stone was the covering. So we know this is a symbol of Lucifer and it says Thou art the anointed cherub that cover it and I have set these so that list upon the holy mountain of God Alice walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire that was perfect in the highways from the day that that was created till iniquity was found in the SO sun when God made Lucifer originally he made him how imperfect. I will says he was perfect. Now this brings us to a very important question. Did God create a devil. What's the answer. The answer is no God created a perfect angel. What happened. Well you see God gave Lucifer and all the angels for that matter. Freedom of choice free will God want to enjoy us to serve him out of voluntary free will because of their love for him. So God gave him free choice. God could have made robots. I mean he could have put a little computer chip microchip in the brains of those angels so they could not rebel but did God didn't want robots. You parents here would you like to have a robot for a child. You could call him Roby Roby eat your rice papa. Robi it's time to do your homework. Yes papa. Get it out. Robi come in the house. Yes papa. You could program this robot to come into your bedroom every morning and bend over and put a plastic kiss on your cheek because he's got plastic lips and he would say I love you papa I love you papa I really do. He'd never disarray. That doesn't sound to robotic. Would you like to have a robot for a child. Parents though we want our children to throw their arms around us and tell us I love your mother I love you Father spontaneously not because they're a robot. How much love did you get out of a robot. God wanted the angels to be free to choose when God gave them freedom of choice. He ran a risk that someone somewhere in eternity would abuse that freedom. And we know that someone was Lucifer. If there is no ability to notice if there is no ability to make a wrong choice then there is no true freedom of choice. So God gave the angels complete free will running a risk. God wanted being just a servant to obey him out of voluntary free choice because of their love for him not because they were pre-programmed to do so and so God gave them freedom of choice. Bible says an is equal twenty eight fifteen that was perfect in NY ways from the day that that was created when God made Luther very made him how a made him perfect a made imperfect. Let me illustrate it this way tonight. No doubt you have seen beautiful pictures a beautiful Great been years and you can take grapes and you can make delicious healthy refreshing drinks you can make grape juice you can make raisins and you can make many good things. But what do most grapes go for. Why they go for wine and what do people do with alcohol wine they drink it they drink the alcohol and when they drink the wine something begins to go wrong in the frontal lobe. The man who's been drinking wine might go home with the wrong wife or if he does come home to the right wife he might abuse or beat the children throw a temper. Who should we blame for his bad actions. I guess God because God made the great Right God made the great perfect it's a process of corruption our fermentation that makes the alcohol and a process of corruption must have begun and Lucifer is by. But God made him originally they made him how perfect God did not create a devil and this there is something you need to notice tonight. There were no external. Influences that were corrupting Reuss of where we live in a wicked world away. Everywhere we turn we see sights of evil. We're continually tempted to evil but not Lucifer. He was living in the presence of a holy God surrounded by holy beings living in heaven a holy place no extra and all influences were corrupting him neither was there any internal defect in him. God made him how perfect so QUESTION Did he have any reason any excuse to rebel against God He had no excuse. So why i son did Lucifer Rebel what caused his rebellion. Well Father we can begin to get an answer from is the killed twenty. Verse seventeen. For those of you who are following your notes it says here your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness. What do we call that when a person's heart is lifted up because of their beauty. That's called pride. Pride leads to selfishness which leads of course to jealousy and then to envy and to hatred then to rebel Ian then to revolution and ultimately it leads to war and what is the root cause of the rather causes pride. And we would find in our lives that a lot of the problems we have are also rooted in pride and selfishness pride is the mother of all problems. Let's notice Isaiah's description of Lucifer's pride Isaiah fourteen twelve to fourteen but that in your notes tonight Isaiah fourteen twelve through fourteen says how are our fallen from heaven allusive percent of the morning. Member Jesus he said I saw Lucifer fall as lightning from heaven Isaiah is echoing that how are. It's our fallen from heaven a loose a percent of the morning. How are they all cut down to the ground which should weaken the nations or though has said and done hard. I went to send them to heaven. I will exile my throne above the stars of God so you loose read a throwed it was a leading angel there are many scholars that believe that Lucifer was the leader of all the angels of the highest angel. He had a throne but he wasn't satisfied with his throne. I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north that's where God's throne was located. Lucifer wanted God's position but not God's character. So he says I will exult myself rating on our i will like ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. Lucifer had trouble right. Self trouble and he didn't just keep it to himself either. That's right. Lose that fur began to spread his feeling then his sentiments among the other Angels began to spread lies about God and he became a spoiler of the happiness of the peace and of the perfect obedience in heaven. For example if you were to take a rotten fish and put it in a box of good fish what would happen to the whole box. The whole box would quickly rot. It spreads and so lose that first bread his feeling lies among the other angels you see all the angels had the same thing freedom of choice and so now that Lucifer was telling lies about God The angels had to choose to either believe God or to believe Lucifer and we have to understand Lucifer was highly respected in heaven he had been the leader of the angels they loved him they loved to obey him so his power of deception was. Great and no doubt he was saying things like we are all perfect angels we don't need God to tell us what to do we should just follow our own feelings. You know if I were in charge I would give you more freedom. You would be happier. God cannot live with the devil no doubt he told lies about God He had a sort of an advantage and the Angelus had to choose to believe him or to believe God. Now of course the devil he is not. He didn't finish line about God in heaven he's still lying about God to pay the devil for example may bring bad things into your life and then he'll tell you you're a bad person look what God is doing to you when in reality he's the one that does it or the devil might tell you lies like you don't want to be a Christian you want to have freedom. Christianity is too restrictive you want to have freedom to you know smoke if you want to or get drunk if you want to or carouse and party freely if you want to you don't want to be a Christian. You want to have freedom. Well see it is not freedom to sin is bondage it leads to death. That's right if you want to be free to serve God That's true freedom. Well eventually of course the devil's rebellion broke out into war in heaven you can let's go back and read Revelation twelve seven through nine again and there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not they lost the war. Neither was their place found any more in heaven and a great dragon was cast out that old serpent called The Devil and Satan which deceive the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him who came with him is Angels came with where was it. Cast out to where do we live. We're right here on this earth that brings us to the question why did it why doesn't God kill the devil why didn't he just smack him like you smack a mosquito. God could have why didn't they. Well you see if God had immediately destroyed the devil and his followers the universe would not have understood it right away. God's dealing with Lucifer and instead of the rebellion being to stop the rebellion would have spread the universe had no idea what Satan's government was like what Satan's ways were alike. So God had to allow sin to be planted as a seed to grow up and to reveal its fruit so that the universe could see the results the wickedly evil results of sin. If God had immediately killed Lucifer and his followers the universe would have served God out of fear and to prevent that God had to allow us to develop. But why was Satan cast out here why did he have to come here to our little world. Why is this world as the Bible says in verse four verse nine. For we are made a spectacle the margins of the theater until the world or the costs. Los Angeles Angels and to man why this earth when God made the earth originally it was a perfect world and into that perfect world God put two perfect people. Adam any. There were only two people in the world Adam and Eve and Satan saw this world as a place he could set up his headquarters for his kingdom there are only two people he thought can easily lead them or lead them astray because God had given Adam and Eve the same thing he gave to the angels and that was freedom of choice. There can be no true without freedom of choice. God wanted Adam and. We have to love them because they chose to freely. There is no true love without freedom of choice. For example suppose a some older lady forced you to marry her was your lover. Well let me ask you ladies here suppose your husband had come to you with a gun. Marry me or I'll shoot you. Would you love him. Probably not. That would have been a shotgun wedding. Love cannot be forced. It cannot be coerced. And so God wanted Adam and Eve to love him voluntarily so he gave them freedom of choice but to have freedom of choice. You have to have a choice. What was the choice. Let's go back and read it. This is Genesis two sixteen and seventeen. The first commandment that God gave to man it says here the Lord God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat. Was that a hard choice. I was an art. I was an easy choice but often it's in the little things that we stumble and then it reads on in verse seventeen but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now so not eat of it for in the day that thou it is there of now so surely die. So there we find our two contrasts the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil evil is the knowledge God didn't want man to have to experience. God didn't want man to have to experience of paying and sorrow and suffering and death. The knowledge of evil was a knowledge God did not want mankind to have to experience it was as if God put a door at the entrance to planet Earth. God did not allow the devil to follow Adam and Eve everywhere they went tempting them. It was at this forbidden tree that they were he was allowed access to Adam and Eve and no doubt. God must of worn the world Revelation twelve twelve indicates that world to the inhabitants of the earth. It was as if God said Adam and Eve if you eat from this for a bit and tree you open the door to sorrow you'll open the door to pain you open the door to death there's a thief out there don't open that door. Well you know what happened the mother of mankind wandered by that for a bit interview one day the devil was there knocking at that door at that forbidden door. Let's read the story in Genesis three one through five. Put that in your notes tonight. Genesis three verses wonder five and says three one the five beginning in verse one it says. Now the serpent The Who The Serpent of course that's a symbol of the devil devil of using the serpent as his medium and says Here the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and he said and to the woman he a has God will not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said into the serpent We made of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit is a tree which is in the midst of the garden. God has said Esau not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest ye die. So did you know what God had said. Oh yes hers was not a sin of ignorance and really not in the serpent said into the woman Esau not surely die for God to know that in the day eat thereof. Then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil. There's those two contrasts again good and evil it was as if the devil with evil is a knowledge you ought to have. You should experience and in a moment of weakness be obeyed. THE SERPENT. Very that here Genesis three Verse six says. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that was pleasant to the eyes and no doubt it was he was probably a beautiful tree and a tree to be desired to make one wise. The wisdom of evil she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also under a husband with her and he eat Adam and Eve made the greatest mistake when they ate from that forbidden tree that was sorta like the mother of all mistakes when they made from that forbidden tree they opened the door to sorrow they opened the door to pain they opened the door to Satan and he came in and broadcast the seeds of suffering and death. That's how sand came into this world and of course that very day Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden of Eden and they began to die that very day. They were a victim of it from their garden so they couldn't eat from the tree of life and become immortal sinners and now the devil claim the world is his headquarters the Bible says in Romans six sixteen. That to whom you yourselves servants still pay is servants you are and man it turned over thought to speak the control of the world to the devil and the devil now claim this world as his territory. Who would come and rescue man from the slavery of the slavery of Satan. Now shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins. John three sixty the world's most well known Bible text would you read it with me or God so loved the world altogether for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him. Not perish but have everlasting life. So now we can come back to our question tonight and that is the question is responsible. It is Satan not God He we blame him for all the disasters all the sorrow all the death all the suffering in our world today. He that old serpent the devil and Satan he was the one who brought sin to this world in the first place. And so you can blame him for the bad in this world but there is good news. Some day God Himself is going to punish the devil and all his angels the Bible says Hell fire was prepared specifically for the devil and his angels will look at hellfire in a future topic. But there's another more practical question and that is why does God allow sorrow and suffering. We know he doesn't cause it the devil causes it but why does he allow it since he is all powerful to come upon us as we look out of the broken windows of our shattered lives. That question haunts us why does God allow suffering. Why does God allow me to suffer. Why does God allow that person that innocent person to suffer. There is probably no complete answer to that question in this life when we get to heaven we can ask God why we'll be satisfied with his answers but there are at least four reasons why God sometimes allows the devil to bring pain to bring sorrow to bring suffering to our lives and we want you to mark these four reasons in your notes tonight. If you're taking notes. The first reason why God sometimes allows the devil to bring sorrow to us is to reveal our character. How we react to adversity demonstrates what's in our heart. Let me illustrate this way but suppose we have appeared two jars we laid. Each Jr honey we fill one jar with honey we fill the other jar with vinegar. They look similar. Suppose we take the lives off these yards and we tip over one of those jars. What's going to come out of it. Whatever's inside right. If there's honey inside honey will come out if there's a vinegar inside vinegar will come out. You understand the illustration right. We can write up we're Christian we can claim to be Christian but when we get upset whatever's inside is going to come out. Did you ever get upset you're going to some somebody come along just tip you over what came out honey. Husband Shall we ask your wives to answer that when you get upset what comes out. So what he said vinegar lives. Shall we ask your husband what comes out when you get up. Sometimes God allows us to suffer or to reveal what's really in our hearts. I've heard people say well of God lets that happen to me I hate it. Well that's the vinegar coming out. Think about Jesus when he was being nailed to the cross when they were spitting in his face. What came out. Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing. I pray for that kind of character don't you. Sometimes God allows the devil to bring suffering to us to reveal our character that's the first reason why sometimes we suffer. There's another reason the number two the second reason God sometimes allows suffering to come upon us. Number two is to purify us. Number two to purify as well. If they put gold to purify it they put gold in the furnace they put gold in the fire. They're in the fire all the drawings all the impurities are in the from the gold and the Bible tells us in Isaiah forty eight Burstyn Behold I have refined you but not with silver I have chosen you where in the furnace of affliction a pleasant place to be. No but it's there that we are perfected. The number two God allows us sometimes to sever to purify us. Where do they put bread dough to perfect it. They put bread dough in the oven but it's hot in the oven and if the bread could speak maybe it would say it's hot in here let me out of here. But they're in the oven. It's being perfected so it's worth something. Now God does not work on a worthless material. My friends if you're not having any sort of pain or any sort of trials or suffering in your life then maybe you are the one that has reason to be concerned. But if you're having trials if you're having suffering you can know that God sees in you something valuable. It's better to suffer all our lives here and have heaven than miss heaven and have no problems here on this earth. And the number two God allows us sometimes the sovereign to purify us to prepare us to live it have in that perfect world. Third reason why God sometimes allows us to experience suffering and sorrow. Number three is to strengthen our faith and experience the strongest trees in the world or those on the mountain tops that have had to face the wind in the store. It's just so the strongest Christians usually are those that have suffered the most. We did ministry years ago in the former Soviet Union and we met people that had been persecuted under communism and they had. Our strength of Christian experience you hardly find these days. The Bible tells us James one versus two and three. Mark it down my brother count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations or trials that is knowing this the trying of your faith. Work is patience. So son when we have problems resource account that joy. I haven't arrived yet. Sometimes I still could play but God allows us to suffer to strengthen our faith and experience. Let's go on now to our fourth reason God sometimes allows us to suffer. Number four God sometimes allows us to suffer to allow us freedom of choice. You see God sees all our suffering and he sees all the suffering of the whole world and sometimes people say well why does God allow it. Why did he allow it in the first place. It was to give us freedom of choice. God took away all the pain all sorrow all suffering. He would have to take away also our freedom of choice our freedom to choose wrong with its consequences. Bible tells us in Galatians six verse seven. Whatever a man's souls that show he also report for example a man smokes his whole life and while he is dying of lung cancer in the hospital he accuses God of letting him die. Well it's not God's fault he's reaping the results of his life. Now of course they'll misunderstand me sometimes innocent people suffer with the guilty and for the guilty in the greatest example is who Jesus did he suffer. Yes I was innocent. Oh yes the Bible tells us and first Peter three eighteen he suffered the just for the unjust. There on in Calvary's cross we see the greatest victory in this great controversy this war between good and evil on the cross we see what the devil did to the Son of God and what he would do to every one of us if God let him in there on the cross we see what God was willing to do to save man from sin from Satan. Think about it it was on the cross that Jesus bought back our freedom of choice before Christ death we were do and we had no hope. But since Christ's death on the cross we can choose eternal life or we can neglect that choice or reject that choice. So here we have our four reasons briefly reviewing that sometimes God allows us to suffer. Reason number one to reveal our character. Number two to purify us and number three to strengthen our faith in experience and number four to give us freedom of choice. Those are the four reasons why God sometimes allows a devil to bring sorrow to us. But there's another question we need to consider has been cause God any sorrow any suffering. Well we usually think of sorrow and suffering only how it affects us but God has had to suffer more than anyone else because of sin. I like how one author put it says few gives not to the suffering that sin is caused our Creator the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that from its very inception from its very beginning then is brought to the heart of God So on the cross we were. We are able to see what seen cost God God has had to suffer ever since the beginning of the season. But there's another question I need to answer tonight and that is where is God When we say. That's the most important question. If you have missed every text tonight don't miss this text because at some point in your life you're going to want this text for hope. And our taxes Isaiah forty three one and two. Where is God when we suffer. Here's the answer from the Bible. Isaiah forty three verses one and two says but now Thus saith the Lord that created the old Jacob put your name there he created you two and he that formed the O. Israel put your name there he formed you to fear not for I have read game the I have called the I have called you by your name you are by when the valve passes through the waters I will be with you I will be with the and through the rivers they shall not overflow the when thou walk us through the fire. Now shall not be burned neither shall the flame candle upon the. You might feel tonight that you are sinking down beneath the waves of discouragement waves of despair. Maybe you're sinking in financial difficulty. Maybe you're sinking in a marital problem. Maybe you're sinking in discouragement. God says I will be where I will be with you those proud waters of difficulty are not going to wash over your soul. God says I am of there with you is with us. That's the answer to the question where is God when we suffer is right with us. And he says when thou walk us through the fire paper and the bread is in the oven. Yes but there is a kind of I or watching the bread to make sure it doesn't burn the cook the baker. And just so you might tonight find yourself in the. A furnace of affliction. But you need to know that there is a loving on you watching to make sure that you don't burn. God didn't say you wouldn't be in the fire. He didn't say you wouldn't walk through the water. He says I'll be with you and when you're in the furnace of affliction God says you will not be burned the flames shall not Kimbrel upon you. It's like the story the poem of the footprints in the sand where a man had a dream one night and he dreamed that he was looking back over the sands of time looking back over his life history and there in the sands of time he could see two sets of footprints. One was his footprints and one was crys footprints but he noticed that whenever his footprints went into a valley sort of a dark place in his life there was only one set of footprints that he turned to the Lord and said Lord why did you leave me when I needed you the most and the Lord said My child I didn't leave you. It was then that I carried you. And so it is my friend that every one of you those footprints the Lord said are by footprints during those dark parts of your life. I was carrying you never feel that Christ is far away is always near is when you think he is a far this that's probably when he's the closest to night you might be going through difficulty in your life you might be facing challenges in your experience that God says to you when you walk through the fire you will not be burnt. Wind passes through the water as God says I will leave you with the guy it's going to be with you your you might be in problem tonight. God says I am there I am with you there is hope for you friend. There is hope for you or the devil is the one to blame. There is hope for you. Creating sorrow is his only am there is hope for you to save from sin and the Satan. Jesus K. so there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Christ bought back your right to choose. There is hope for you in the game of life you must not lose. There is hope for you do not God's grace in law refuse because there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Christ is with you in your pay. There is hope for you. When tears fall as the stormy rain there is hope for you. God's comfort is for you to gay. Yes friend there is hope in Christ for you when you go through those difficulties in your life. Would you like to ask Jesus to help you sense his presence near. I do want to ask the Lord to help you sense is presence near when you're going to try obviously your hands. Yes we're going to end our meeting with a prayer tonight and pray that God help us to experience as a presence near. When worry and trial. I would like you to stand with us as we conclude with prayer before we pray tonight. There may be someone here who is going through a real difficulty. Maybe you are in the furnace of of flexion a crisis in your life and you would like to be especially remembered in our prayer tonight as we pray. If you are that one would you just raise your hand. God sees your hand he knows the crisis you're facing. Let's about our heads as we pay. Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you tonight to know that you are not the cause of the suffering the problems or heartaches that so often come to our lives are saying for no who is to blame. We're thankful that there is hope beyond this world through Jesus and through his sacrifice. Tonight we especially pray for these who raise their hands. You know the affliction that they're facing. You know the difficulties in their lives you know the heartache. So just now dear Lord we ask you to put your arms of love about each one. May each one experience your presence near they we sense that you are with us. We pray as we leave this place tonight. Give us hope. It was assurance and give us the peace of your presence. We pray in Jesus' name amen.


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