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4. Revelation's Omega, The Secret to Personal Power!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Have you ever felt powerless in your life? Have you ever wondered what the secret to personal power is? Could it be that it's not really that complicated? Find the answer in this amazing and practical lesson.



  • February 9, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is the Omega mystery revelations secret to personal power. We have in this age come to an age of power to an age of technology we've never had more gadgets more inventions than we do at the present time. This is the Hour of Power in the age of technology. But in spite of all our advances in modern society modern man it seems is a more addicted to bad habits than perhaps any other past generation of history. The world at large isn't slave to bad habits such as alcohol tobacco drugs lost and many other bad habits. And the question is who can provide us with personal power we have all sorts of power electric power nuclear power we have all sorts of gadgets. But who can provide us with personal power. It be that Jesus is the one. Let's go to John one verse Well we have it on the screen tonight. John chapter one verse twelve put it in your note this will be sort of our being verse tonight and it says here but as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name. Do you want to have power in your life. Then what you need is to receive Jesus what the world needs today is not more electronic gadgets there are power companies or technology is the world today needs Jesus. We don't need more guards or are ways our police. What the world needs is Jesus when we receive Jesus through see what hour we receive personal power how much power diseases have. Well the Bible tells us in Matthew twenty eight verse eighteen. Jesus. All power is given to me in heaven and in earth oh how much power does Jesus have. He has all power and when you receive Jesus how much power do you receive the unlimited power you need to receive Jesus friends if you want to have power. Would you like to have power in your life. Then you must receive Jesus when you receive Jesus you receive personal power he sorta like the A to Z. of power. In fact in Revelation he's referred to as the alpha and the Omega. Let's go read that Revelation twenty one verse six you can mark that those of you taking notes. Revelation twenty one verse six says and he said and to me it is. I am Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. Are you thirsty spiritually you can come to Jesus and have your spiritual thirst satisfied. But he's called here the Alpha and the Omega what's Alpha. For that matter the Greek out of it. That's right and what's omega then the last letter of the Greek. If Jesus were speaking to us in English he'd say I am the A and the Z. revelations Alpha and Omega is Jesus Christ. He is everything you need for power he's everything you need for pc's everything you need for hope he's everything you need for salvation. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the Alpha and the omega of history is the Alpha and the omega of prophecy. Is he the Alpha and the Omega in your life or the first the last the best and everything in between. If so you have personal power the Bible tells us John wants Well that's true. At all together tonight and has received a our all history has been effected by Jesus Christ virtually every world religion agrees that Jesus existed. Some say well he was a good man. Some say he was a philosopher a prophet or maybe a moral teacher. But if he was just a prophet just a philosopher just a moral teacher then he cannot provide us with personal power. You see a philosopher can give us an ideology a moral teacher can tell us what is right from what is wrong but the fact is most of us we already know what is right from what is wrong no way like the issue of smoking. Most people know that smoking is dangerous for their health and it will kill them and many people even want to quit but they just don't have power they're sort of in slavery addicted by the habit. They say I'd like to quit but I don't have the power. It's not that we don't know what is right from what is wrong. We don't have the power to do what we know to be right. We need more than somebody the Show us the right way to go. We need someone that can give us the power to go the right way that it be that that someone is Jesus Christ. Yes the viable say as much as a all together as many as received Jesus to them he gave our. Now my question for you tonight Do Christians need to receive Jesus. Let me illustrate this way some time ago we were living in Montana and in Montana it's cold and I remember one evening I crawled into bed next to my wife and my wife I was just getting comfortable in our warm bed had all the blankets pulled up and my wife nudges me she said Honey there's a mosquito in here. I translate that lady's what that means husband get out of bed turn on the light find the fly swatter find a mosquito kill it and then come back to bed. I didn't want to. I was comfortable. I didn't hear any mosquito so I just lay there. I acted like I hadn't even heard my wife and a few minutes later my wife does me a little harder she said with a little more emphasis honey there's a mosquito in here you think I want to get out of bed into the cold room. I don't want to get out of bed. What did I made right. Ram I needed to receive Jay's skills self to not want to get out and find that mosquito crawled out of bed while the mosquito killed it. Went back to bed my wife was happy we made to receive Jesus. Air Raid times self is crossed does Jesus really have the power that he claims to have power to enable us to live a victorious life. Well Jesus made many claims and he was on earth. They claim to be God John ten twenty seven and thirty nine he either was or he was an impostor he claimed preexistence before he was born in the earth Johnny. Verse fifty eight seventeen vi He claimed to be the Messiah John four twenty six. He claimed to be omnipotent to have all power we read that verse Thirlmere Matthew twenty eight eighteen. You claim to love the future John thirteen one nine hundred eighty coined our power to forgive sin and that comes from Matthew nine two he came to know man's thoughts John two twenty five and that's not all. He claimed to be the way and the truth John fourteen six a resurrection of the life John eleven twenty five. The door John ten seven a living bread Johnson expect you on the true line John. If teen one the light of the world John eight twelve and without saying Johnny versus fifty six my friend Jesus is either all that he claimed to be so much more or he is the greatest imposter that has ever lived. We're going to see tonight that in G. Jesus is everything that he claimed to be and so much more. And so we're going to go on a pilgrimage to speak tonight and we're going to consider the biography of Jesus written out in advance. This topic could also be entitled The man who wrote his biography before he was ever born. That's Jesus and Jesus invites us to study his biography. You can read that in John five Verse twenty nine thirty nine rather John five verse thirty nine Jesus says Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me. When Jesus said Search the Scriptures what scriptures did they have to search. You know the Bible is divided into two parts. Old Testament written before Jesus. New Testament written after Jesus. When Jesus said Search the Scriptures what part of the Bible did they have to search. The Old Testament so he said Search the Old Testament Scriptures and you will discover that they tell about me and so that's exactly what we're going to do tonight we're going to see that the Old Testament Scriptures foretold the place of Christ's birth. The manner of his birth his betrayal and even the manner of his death hundreds of years before it ever happened. In fact Jesus fulfilled over three hundred Old Testament prophecies now we don't have time tonight to look at all of them but we would expect that he would do that because he is the Alpha and Omega. That's right the Alpha and the omega of Revelation. Here are a couple of examples of prophecies. Jesus fulfilled prophecy predicted that Jesus would be born of a virgin that was Isaiah seven fourteen fulfilled seven hundred years later in Luke one twenty six to thirty eight prophecy foretold where the Messiah would be born he would be born in Bethlehem. That was foretold by Micah the prophet Micah in Micah five verse two and again fulfilled about seven hundred years later in the loop two verses one through twenty. And then prophecy predicted Christ the ministry that was foretold in Isaiah sixty one one in two and was fulfilled in a marvelous way in the four gospels. In fact Son let's read this passage Isaiah sixty one verse one you can put it in your notes tonight. The Bible says the spirit of the Lord God is upon me this is a prophecy of the Messiah because the Lord hath anointed me. The Bible tells us an X. to him thirty eight they got annoying to Jesus with the Holy Spirit. Does anybody know where did god a night Jesus with the Holy Spirit at his baptism that's when the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove and the voice spoke from heaven. This is my beloved son. That's when he was anointed with the Holy Holy Spirit. So the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings and to the make what's another word for good tidings it is our gospel. Do we need good news today. Where do you find good news on television. C.N.N. If you want good news go to the Word of God. The good news that you can be forgiven. The good news that there is hope for you. The good news is that God is preparing a mansion in glory with your name on it. We need good news in your fire in the good news in the Bible. He has sent. Made to by this is all the same verse he sent me to buy up the brokenhearted Are you broken hearted tonight. You can bring the broken pieces of your shattered life to Jesus and the one who bought bound up broken hearts back then is still binding up broken hearts today. And what else. Well it also says Jesus came to proclaim liberty to the captives whatever bad habit you may be in captivity to tonight whatever addiction it may be Jesus has the power to set you free of alcohol drugs lust whatever bad habit you are in bondage to Christ can deliver you he can set you free. The Bible says He came to set to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bow and I had a young man attending one of my seminars some years ago. His name was Andrew he was a Satan worshiper had an altar that he would worship the devil out in his home had six six six tattooed on both wrists and he began to realize that he was in the worst type of bondage in bondage to demons evil spirits and he received our flyer like most of you did and so he came to the presentation and this night when we talked about the Alpha and the Omega Jesus Christ that young man decided to give his life to Jesus. He told me later was a terrible struggle between Christ and all these demons that were controlling him but he said the power of the Lord broke the power of the devil in my life. He became a Christian later was baptized born again Christian. Jesus set him free. Jesus can set you free and Jesus all we have to do is look at the prophecy or look at the life of Jesus to see how he marvelously fulfilled this prophecy and Isaiah sixty one. Jesus said such things as. It's let not your heart be troubled. I go to prepare a place for John fourteen one the three. He said things like Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you or asked Matthew eleven twenty eight to thirty and he said in John six verse thirty seven that the one who comes to him he will not turn away and then he said and Luke five Verse twenty My son your sins would be forgiven. And he says that to you when you confess your sins those words are for you as well. One day when Jesus was here on Earth the religious people brought to him a woman that they had caught in the act of adultery. It was a trap really and Jesus instead of condemning the woman he forgave her and he told her to go and sin no more in the power of Jesus that woman began a new life and empowered life. And Jesus has the power to help you live an empowered life. That's why the Bible says let's read it all together John one verse twelve was as many as received Jesus gave power. Some of the most amazing prophecies in the Old Testament about the Messiah relate to the timing of the Messiah prophecy foretold when the Messiah would appear and when he would die. Time prophecy. Galatians four verse four says Mark that down tonight when the fullness of the Law time was God sent forth His Son Jesus came right on time. Let's go look at that tonight we're going to look at mathematical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. Man is an exact science. How many of you here love math let me therians there are the few hands I don't see too many hands. Since I remember I asked that question some time ago at another seminar and there was only one man that put his hand up and I learned after the meeting he was a math teacher. I guess if you're going to teach math then you better like it. This is easy math right here Bible math we're going to Daniel nine vs twenty four the twenty seventh Annual nine twenty four through twenty seven mathematical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah says here seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting right just this and to seal up the vision and prophesy and to anoint the most holy. So it says here seventy weeks are determined for your people who are Daniel's people that would be the Jews they believe brews have a new way. Let's do the math. This is too easy right. I got the answers on the screen seventy weeks seven days a week seventy times seven is four hundred and ninety days would be for Daniel's people. But in prophecy son what does a day represent all the day. Bible prophecy actually stands for one literal year. Here's our taxes for six. I have appointed you each day for a year. Numbers fourteen thirty four each day for a year in Bible prophecy one prophetic day stands for a one literal year. That's only of the prophetic parts of the Bible. Any other time a day is twenty four hours. But when you're sitting prophecy is sorta like when you look at the map and the map legend says one centimeter equals one kilometer Gaza is when you're studying prophecy in prophecy one prophetic day equals one literal year. So Genesis twenty nine twenty. Seven is another tax one prophetic day one literal year. We have four hundred ninety days that would be what one hundred ninety years would be for Daniel's people. Four hundred ninety prophetic days is the same as four hundred ninety literal years as of the time prophecy. And of course the obvious question would be when was the seventy weeks the four hundred and ninety years to start what would be the beginning date. Well let's get an answer to that from Daniel nine verse twenty five says No therefore and I understand that from this is the next verse and on I twenty four now are reading verse twenty five. No therefore and I understand that from from web from the going forth of the commandment or decree to restore and to build Jerusalem on to the Messiah the Prince years are proper they shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks the street shall be built again on the wall even in trouble as times. So it says From the going forth of the command to restore and to build Jerusalem at this time Jerusalem in ruins it had been destroyed by the Babylonians and so the angel is telling Daniel when the decree goes forth that you can return to your city rebuild your city restore your city government that will be the starting date of this prophecy. Now son can you tell us when was that date. Well that date was actually four fifty seven B.C. towards the last part of the year and this is one of the most confirmed dates in history. You can read the decree and as there are seven verses eleven through twenty six. Who is the king that issued a decree issued the decree was are there are these one. The decree for the Hebrews to return to their homeland returned to their city. My Jerusalem and rebuild and restore what was the year or fifty or fifty seven B.C. In the latter part of the year you can confirm this even in the encyclopedia. Yes it is. Art is there are these one decrees that the city government of Jews themselves stablished the seven Daniel nine and the him I want in the Old Testament. What's our date or. Or are they have this seven letter part of the year so we have our beginning date now for this prophecy seventy weeks four hundred ninety days or years. Four fifty seven B.C. is the beginning let's read again. Verse twenty five. During this time during the four hundred ninety years Messiah would come. Let's review verse twenty five. No therefore and I understand that from from the going forth of the commandment. When was the date. Or fifty seven B.C. In the latter part of the year from the going forth of the commandment to restore and builds or Islam on to Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks the street shall be built again on the wall even in trouble as time. Let's diagram this though it says from the commandment under the Messiah the Prince seven weeks and threescore and two weeks that's seven plus sixty two seven plus sixty two is sixty nine sixty nine weeks sixty nine weeks is how many days. That's four hundred eighty three four hundred eighty three days or four hundred eighty three years literal years would bring us from the three down to the Messiah the appearing of the Messiah sixty nine weeks four hundred eighty three years brings us unto the Messiah. Now watch this. Sixty nine a week is one week or last then the total seventy weeks for the Jews four hundred eighty three years is seven years of the last. Then the total four hundred ninety years for the Jews. So we have all one week or a seven year period and we're going to see in just a moment where that one week or a seven year period hits. We'll come back to that in just a moment. So from the decree to restore Jerusalem until the anointed of the Messiah would be sixty nine prophetic weeks or four hundred eighty three literal years. Let's diagram that I think some of you have a diagram there in your hands. We have the decree to build the city four hundred eighty three years or sixty nine weeks would bring us down to Messiah the brands are starting date or forfeit to seven B.C. four hundred eighty three years brings us to twenty seven a day and a lot of part of the year. Let's diagram that this way. From the decree to rebuild Jerusalem or fifty seven B.C. four hundred eighty three years leads you to eighty twenty seven. You say well why is it eighty twenty seven. If we take four hundred eighty three and subtract four fifty seven we get only twenty six. You say I thought it was twenty seven. Well for fifty seven minus four fifty seven is a lot. It was there a zero year in history. No there was no zero year in history so you have to take twenty six and add a one to get a B. twenty seven. Let me illustrate it this way. Let's imagine that I'm over here only back up for just a moment mathematically. You go from minus one. On to zero to plus one. But in history you go from one B.C. down to one A.D. there was no zero year so let's suppose I'm over here at three B.C. my next step is to B.C. my next step is one B.C. What's my next step. One A.D. there was no zero years so when you do the mathematical calculation you have to remember there's no zero year. As long as you understand that everything fits of full four hundred eighty three years on the latter part of four if it is seven will bring your down to the latter part of twenty seven a day. Now the question of course is what was happening in twenty seven A.D. tells us exactly what was happening in Luke three one it says now in the fifteenth year of the reign of time period Caesar and Caesar began to rule in twelve A.D. So as fifteen year would be twenty seven A.D. twelve plus fifteen is twenty seven eighteen. What was happening in twenty seven A.D. The Bible says Luke three one and three now in the fifteenth year of the reign of time these are what year fifteen to twenty seven seven eighty he'd John the Baptist came into all the country about Jordan preaching the baptism of repentance for their mission of sins and the question of who came along of those to be that dies what year twenty seven twenty seven now follow Messiah in Hebrew means anointed one Christ in Greek means anointed one and the Bible tells us in X. ten verse thirty eight they got annoying to Jesus with the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost. When did God do that to add his baptism if you like the text. Luke three verses twenty one and twenty two. Jesus was up there. I will says about thirty years old I say Pastor that's confusing. If it's twenty seven and he's thirty. How do you figure that. Well they didn't quite get the B.C. a crossover right at Jesus' birth. He was actually born about three four B.C. so as long as you understand that the Bible tells us he was thirty years old when he was baptized. But what year was it. Twenty. It was twenty seven A.D. right on time in fact what happened after is that is and Jesus began to preach to mark one fifteen he said that time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the Gospel. What time was fulfilled. The time prophecy of the I don't mind that we're looking at tonight. He's this came right on time according to the prophecy that we're just looking at here in Daniel Chapter nine. We've got sixty nine weeks until the Messiah that leaves how much. One more week or seven years and you can see where it fits that one week seven year period fits right in there after Messiah's baptism. What was going to happen during this one week or seven year period. Well three and a half years after Christ was baptized after he was anointed and he would die on the cross was that also foretold in prophecy. Yes let's go back to Daniel Daniel nine verse twenty six says. And after threescore and two weeks. So after he appeared after three score in two weeks shall Messiah be cut off. What's that mean cut off. That means he would die but the Bible says not for himself. Who did he die for. He didn't die for example he died for me he died for you. But exactly when would he be cut off son. Well it says here verse twenty seven and he that's Jesus. The Messiah he would confirm the covenant with many for one week or seven years and in the midst of the week he would cause the sacrifice in no place and to seize right in the middle there again of the diagram and I think you have the diagram or something similar in your hands. Middle of seven is of course three and a half three and a half plus eighty twenty seven leave you to eighty thirty one and the first part of the year in the springtime are the early part of the year. Jesus died on the cross in exact fulfillment of the prophecy. All the types that pointed forward to Christ the sacrifices the lambs the animals all those symbols that pointed forward to Jesus they ended when Christ died. He brought those to an end as Daniel prophesied three and one half years after his baptism Jesus died on the cross right in the middle of that final prophetic week just as the prophet had predicted. Let's go back to Daniel now Daniel nine verse twenty seven and he who is that as the Messiah he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week one week is a long seven days or seven years and in the midst of the week middle of seven is how much three and a half he shall cause the sacrifice and the oberlé sion to cease or to stop. You have to understand that back in Bible times when you see and you had to bring a sacrifice. Usually they would bring a lamb. But the Bible tells us when Jesus died on the cross that put an end brought an end to all the sacrifices we don't have to sacrifice lambs anymore because she is the Lamb of God died and then the Bible shows us that three and a half years later that would lead you to A.B. thirty four what was happening in eighty thirty four. Well accept in fifty four to. Sixty says that Stephen the first Christian martyr was stoned to death by the Sanhedrin and then after that the Gospel went to the Gentiles X. eight one through four. That brings us to the conclusion of the four hundred ninety years for Daniel's people for the Hebrews and the good part is you have all this in your hands. You should have this diagram of you didn't get it then register for the program and you can get a copy on your way out so we can see that Bible prophecy was fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ but Son Jesus died on the cross and a Roman soldier stuck a spear into his side to ensure that he was dead. It's all over for Jesus if he's just a philosopher. Just a moral teacher. There's nothing more final than death. Death is where everybody all graphy comes to an end. They took Jesus' body off the cross and they put it into a cold dark damp too. But that's not where the biography of Jesus in Jesus came forth from the grave on Sunday morning and that was also foretold in prophecy and Psalm sixteen verse ten the founder of Christianity is not in the grave today he's alive today. You might want that text in your notes all the sixteenth in the prophecy that Jesus would not stay in the tomb. Today we serve a risen Savior if you're a Christian we serve a risen Savior. The founder of every other great world religion today is in the two including who son are with Charles Darwin. Is that a religion. Oh yes yes evolution is a religion because it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in creation and Charles Darwin. It is in the room along with all the other great religious leaders but not Jesus. We serve a risen Savior he's alive. How much power can you get from a religious leader that's in the gray. The founder of Christianity is not in the grave today. He's alive and that is why the Bible tells us altogether read with us as many as received here as he gave per hour. He's alive and so he can give us power because Jesus died for our sins he can forgive us. Buddha didn't die for my sins. Confucius didn't die for my sins. Ahmed didn't die for my sins. But Jesus did. So he can forgive me but because he's alive today he can empower me. He can give me personal power. Jesus is the lamb that died for our sins to atone for our sins. That's why the Bible says John one twenty nine Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. He takes away the sin of the world he want to take away your sin. That's why the Bible says in verse John one nine foot that in your notes tonight first John one verse nine if we confess our sins he that Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that people say well I don't think he could forgive me I'm too evil too bad. Well let's read this verse the way some people read it they say you're freak if we confess our sins He Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us our sins except for abortion except for my sin isn't what it says. No that's not what it says. If we are willing to confess our sins he is willing to forgive us. And more than that he will Callender us from all unrighteousness let me back up for just a moment when I confess my sins to Jesus it's as if I'm giving away my guilt and I want to illustrate that tonight. I have here in my hands a thousand pesos bill. I have it it's mine but I want to give it away. Now I don't have it anymore. Who has it who doesn't have it them. I don't have it anymore. When you confess your sins to Jesus you are as it were giving away your guilt. Don't take it back. Give me that back. There are so many people they confess their sins to the Lord and then they go around feeling guilty I don't feel good I feel guilty when you confess your sins to Jesus you've given him the guilt has he paid the penalty yet he paid the price. Your sins have been paid for when you confess your sins to him. He takes away the sin of the world. He wants to take away your guilt. You don't have to walk around feeling guilty. Not only does he take away your guilt he will also do a lot. Colin you from all unrighteousness. It's not enough to be forgiven. Jesus will give you power. He will transform your life he will empower your life. Tonight we point you to the center the Lamb of God the Alpha and Omega of your salvation. Ehe who died for us. That is Jesus. I like. The words of one theologian who said Christ was treated as we deserve that we might be treated as he deserves. He was condemned for our sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share. He suffered the death which was ours that we might receive the life which was here is with his tribes with old. That's Jesus. He died for you and the Bible tells us read with us tonight altogether. Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world not just the world your sins Jesus wants to take away your burden of guilt but you have to confess your sins because Jesus died for us. He has the power to forgive us because he is alive today he has the power to enable us to live the empowered to life and so the Bible says what it say as it has received him to then he gave power. I have a question for you tonight have you with us. You might be thinking well how how do you receive Jesus. We want to make it so simple that even a child could understand how they are five steps to receiving Jesus number one and you can do this in personal prayer number one. You must acknowledge that you are a sinner and need of a Savior. I had somebody tell me one time I don't sin. If you don't sin you don't need a savior. You must first acknowledge that you're a sinner in need of a savior that's number one number two you must believe that Jesus died for you and I believe that he would have died for you personally if you had been the only one that he had to say because his love. This is so great. If he didn't die for you you don't have hope. Jesus died for you. Number two number three come to Jesus just as you are. Don't wait till you feel like you're good enough. Member the thief on the cross there were two thieves one repented the other did it the repentant. How much penance had he done. How many good deeds had he done. He was being crucified for his hand. Did Jesus accept him when he would confess to the Lord. Oh yes Felix he'll receive you come to Jesus as you are don't wait till you feel good enough. Come as you are to Jesus. Number three and number four confess your sins to Jesus. You know what those sins are confessed them to him specifically and ask for forgiveness. And what's the promise not only confess he is faithful and just to forgive us. So you can be sure when you confess that you are forgiven. And then number five invite him to come into your heart and give you power. Five simple steps and we do this in personal prayer you don't need a script you don't need a script to pray or you can talk to Jesus in your own words. You say Dear Jesus I acknowledge that I am a sinner in need of a savior use your own words. I believe Jesus you died for my sins and so I come today just as I am. I confess my sins to you and you know what those sins are you confess them to specific sins and when you confess what does he do is what's a promise he will forgive. That's his promise. Did he lie. No. And then number five you say Lord I invite you to come into my life to be my Lord to be my savior to give me power. And when you're all done. What else did you say. And you say thank you thank you Lord thank you for forgiving my sins thank you for being my savior. It's as simple not complicated. You can receive Jesus. How. Bible tells us how Revelation three Verse twenty says here Behold I stand at the door this is Christ speaking. He says Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice he's calling to. If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me. Son of I see somebody coming up to my apartment is a fact that I see them coming to my door mean they are going to get in my apartment. What do I have to do. At the open the door when they knock What must I do. I have to open the doors at all. Did you ever open the door for a salesman. So sorry I'm not interested. Beside opening the door what else must you do. I mean you must invite Jesus set simple. The door is your choice. You say Dear Lord I invite you to come into my life be my savior. That's how easy it is to receive Jesus. Tonight the Alpha and the omega of prophecy is knocking at your heart's door. He is a source of all power wants to come into your life and give you power. There is hope for you. Christ pleading voice you must perceive there is hope for you in Jesus Christ alone you must believe there is hope for you. Salvation is a gift you must receive. Oh and there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Christ stand to your heart's door. There is hope for you the price is thin for you he bore. There is hope for you. Receive His power and so much more. Yes there is hope in Christ for you. The Bible says What's it say all together. As many as received Him Jesus Christ to them he gave her power. Tonight we want to do something very special as we end our meeting. We want to give you an opportunity to receive Jesus if you've never received Jesus as your personal savior. Then tonight you will have an opportunity to do that we're going to have several moments of silent prayer. This is between you and Jesus. And if you have not received Jesus then in silent prayer quiet prayer you can invite him to come into your life. You can pray that simple prayer Lord I acknowledge that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I believe Lord you died for my sins and tonight I'm coming to you just as I am. I confess my sins to you can confess them in silent prayer and then say Dear Jesus I invite you to come into my life be my favorite your if you have never done that to night is your opportunity. There may be someone here you once received Jesus but you recognize tonight if something has happened you have drifted away from the Lord maybe you become what they call a backslider and you know that you need to receive Jesus a new a fresh tonight. You can do that in silent prayer. There may be a Christian here who is carrying a burden of guilt. Tonight I'm going to invite you and silent prayer to lay that burden down upon the Lamb of God. God Jesus. Or maybe you are professing church member but you realize there is no power in your life tonight. You can ask Jesus to give you power where the of receive Jesus before or whether you have never received him before tonight you can again receive Christ as your savior so what we're going to do. We're going have several minutes of silent prayer and invite us to stay and let's all stand together at this moment. We've asked our technicians to play some quiet music in the background and as the music plays you can talk to Jesus silently in your own words. And then after several minutes of silent prayer we'll have a general a surprise. Why do you have tonight in this moment. We lift our hearts to you in prayer big knowledge that we are sinners to the need of a safe. We believe Jesus you died for our sins so we come to you in prayer. You've heard that many concessions made here in this place in silent prayer become as we are tonight. We confess our sins to you. You've heard the confessions because you promised you would forgive. We accept your forgiveness. Thank you Jesus for forgiving our sins. We invite you to come into our hearts. Some here perhaps for the first time. Some here are coming back to you tonight. Their prayers. Some are confessing their sins and wanting to be free from the burden of guilt. Some are asking for your power. Whatever the request for you to grant their requests invite you Lord to come into our hearts a new tonight. The P.R.C. of your to be our Lord to give us power as we leave this place. Maybe with a sense of freedom from guilt freedom from fear and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Just for a bless each one who's here in this auditorium. We ask it in Jesus' name amen. Night Friends if you'd like to stay for just a couple moments to meditate we'll leave our music playing otherwise we'll see you back tomorrow night with a fascinating study. You have the occult and Christ coming. Good night and God bless you.


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