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5. UFOs, the Occult, and Christ's Coming

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


What really are UFOs? Can they be harmonized with the Bible? How will Jesus return and how can we avoid being deceived? Listen to this lecture to find out how!



  • February 10, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is you oppose the occult in Christ's coming in recent years there has been a surge of renewed interest in the topic of U.F.O.'s in fact at the end of two thousand and twelve the Hollywood produced a major movie U.F.O. tried to remain calm underscoring the public interest in the topic of U.F.O. as there was an article back in two thousand in Life magazine that wasn't titled You were full of the why do we believe and the article revealed some interesting facts about you. Over sixteen million Americans claim to seen a U.F.O. two point seven million Americans say they have met an alien from another planet. Apparently there's a lot of aliens visiting planet Earth and there were two thousand four hundred sixteen U.F.O. sightings in one nine hundred ninety nine. I understand that ID two hundred twelve there were almost six thousand sightings and also forty three percent of Americans believe you or fals are real and thirty percent believe aliens have visited planet. So you can see there's still a lot of interest in the topic of your those today. And we're going to study about U.F.O.'s tonight. One researcher who studied U.F.O.'s for the U.S. government he concluded that ninety percent of U.F.O. sightings actually turned out to simply be tangible objects real things may be a drone or some sort of similar thing. In fact said the U.S. government did a major study on the topic of U.F.O.'s that spanned some fifty years of study. And they're making airplanes these days that almost look like you have a view didn't know what it was that flew over you that what was that a U.F.O. In fact look at this airplane this is a new one developed by the U.S.. Maybe for the Navy an unmanned craft that looks very similar to a U.F.O. Here's another picture that particular airplane looks like a U.F.O. but then there are ten. There is that ten percent that is indeed a night in a full unidentifiable flying objects and that's what's kept up the interest in us. Here's a map of U.F.O. sightings worldwide Please notice that the darker the color the higher the number of U.F.O. sightings. What country leads the world in seeing U.F.O. is that it's the United States of America that's what you really don't want to go to America there's too many aliens visiting America. U F O's. Please notice that the Philippines is so light you can't even see it on the map. So we're safe here in the Philippines from those U.F.O. others. I guess they U.F.O.'s they don't think it's more fun here in the Philippines. So we're safe here. There are two different classes of us. One class is what is called the hard class this is those that appear to be tangible objects. Maybe a saucer or a cigar some other sort of shape. And then researchers say there's a second class and that's what's called a soft collapse this is often a sort of a gaseous or cloud formation or moving a light. You may have heard of the you have a light at the Senate above the Dome of the rock must not long ago and then went back up. And what's interesting those who see you have photos of this class would often say what I saw looked like he was alive. And sometimes they would say it would split in two and fly off in opposite directions. And the amazing thing the richer researchers have discovered is that the vast majority of U.F.O. sightings fall into this second class the soft class. Another researcher who spent seven years study. Those he said this meeting we don't really have evidence whether or not flying saucer beings have communicated with human beings. There's no concrete evidence evidence he says. Reading on. But the interesting thing that we have discovered is that whenever anybody claims they have had an encounter the method seems to always be the same. What was that message. What is the message of the U.F.O. is here it is. War must stop. Peace must come. Don't you like that message. In a world that suffers so much from warfare how appealing the message from the U.F.O. those war must stop. Peace must come. But wait. Could it be that some evil mastermind is seeking to deceive the world with his appealing message. Could it be that the devil is using U F O's to carry an appealing message to the world seeking to deceive people. We're going to find out tonight not our object a night to look into all the various aspects of us knows that's not the purpose of our study tonight but we do want to answer a couple of questions. First of all does this do you a full phenomenon. Does it have anything to do with the Bible can you harmonize the two. And the answer is no. Well my next question. This is a question for my son. What about the U.S. laws in the occult. Is there a link between the U.F.O. phenomena that so popular today and the occult world yet. Researchers have discovered that there is a direct link between U.F.O.'s in the occult. In fact whenever there is an increase in society in the psychic phenomena supernatural power black magic white magic occult sciences there's always. There's an increase of interest and you have those and there's always an increase of U.F.O. sightings. Here's what's amazing. In two thousand and nine there was a three hundred percent increase of U.F.O. sightings over two thousand and eight when has to do with what people are interested in thinking about and looking at in society things like Harry Potter or Twilight or other supernatural things. People are very interested in the supernatural and as a result we are interested in the U.F.O. Now that brings us to some other questions. What are the psychics. What are the occultists. What do they say about U.F.O.'s do they believe in U.F.O.'s. I should just mention the occult cult of the psychics. They don't believe the Bible is the inspired word of God just a good book. They don't believe Jesus is the divine Son of God just a good man. They don't believe Jesus is coming back in the clouds of heaven but they do believe in U.F.O. as the psychics on the occultists and backs research says that ninety percent of psychics and occult us believe in you have a look at some examples. Here's Cybill EK In the English astrologist said aliens from outer space will visit our planet with a message of peace. Here's another psychic that all US Johnson contact between them and that is alien and man will accomplish the good of mankind. Another psychic said this is George King beings via us as will bring world peace. Well question are the U.F.O.'s going to bring world pay czar is somebody else. No it's going to be the Prince of Peace that brings world peace. Either that is Jesus Christ. Presenting this topic some years ago in the former Soviet Union and I had a young man come to me after the election. He didn't like what he had heard and he told me that he had been taken by aliens in a U.F.O. to another planet and there on this other planet he had been healed of a disease. As we talked I found out he was very much involved with the occult with us he didn't believe the Bible was the inspired word of God It was just a good book. He claimed to be a Christian amazingly and he told me that he had his own U.F.O. in which he would travel during meditation. In fact he told me he said Lowell I could teach you how you could have your own U.F.O. to fly in. I said I'm not interested. I don't doubt that young man's story. No doubt he did visit that other planet either in reality or envision probably in vision. But the question is who took him there. The Bible reveals to us that the devil to Jesus up into an exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world that we know that the devil can transport people places and he can give visions to people and whether the devil took Jesus to the mountain top in a U.F.O. or not were not told but one thing we do know the devil can carry people places and so no doubt that young man he was carried off somewhere probably in a vision but we know that the one who carried him away that was not God because there is a direct link between those in the whole world. Some years ago I presented the topic of us those in Colorado and I had a man attending the lectures who was a retired commander from Cheyenne Mountain Cheyenne Mountain as is a picture Cheyenne Mountain. That is the underground military city that's built right into the mountain Here's a picture of the entrance of Cheyenne Mountain. Complex describing it. It says here's Cheyenne Mountain is the underground complex near Colorado Springs that serves as the nerve center for space and missile events around the globe as well as air activities over Canada and the United States. Minami it is the central command post for the North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD and the United States command U.S. space com NORAD the U.S. space com intelligence satellites orbiting a thirty six thousand two hundred kilometers above the earth's surface provided twenty four hour a day coverage of the entire earth. Information from these and other satellites is transmitted to Cheyenne Mountain for analysis and disseminate dissemination to the national command authority that the Pentagon and the White House as well as the national governments of allies around the world. This is how he describes this underground city this a military city built right into the mountain and then these are his own words I'm quoting This is what he told me in my twenty plus years of having direct knowledge of information gathered by a multitude of the world's most highly sophisticated intelligence gathering satellites and ground based sense oars. Nothing nothing would lead me to believe that there is anything valid about the U.F.O. as an extraterrestrial reports. That's not to say that these things don't exist. I am merely saying that there is nothing that we can prove from a scientifically verifiable source that would either confirm or deny their existence. As a Christian military officer I believe instead that these sightings are. Very sophisticated manifestations of Satan's deceptions. That's what he said. This retired commander from Cheyenne Mountain. Well all that information coming out of this nerve center. He says I believe that the U.F.O. those are very sophisticated manifestations of Satan those deceptions and I would agree with his conclusion. Even the news is beginning to realize this. This is from the Canadian news in March one two thousand and twelve it says many of those are shape shifting demonic entities not actual spacecraft. So even the news calls them demonic entities. The devil is out to deceive the world and he's US using U F O's to carry an appealing message. But is the devil just wanting to deceive the secular world the New Agers those types of people. Or does he want to deceive Christians too. He also wants to be Christian. That's true. Could it be that before Jesus comes back literally in the clouds of heaven. Is it possible that Satan might come to earth claiming to be Jesus' return to Earth. He tried trick like that let's see what the Bible says the Bible says Second Corinthians eleven fourteen mark that in your notes tonight the Bible says Second Corinthians eleven fourteen and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into into us into an angel of light usually when you see pictures of Satan. He's pictured as an ugly devil was pointed ears on a pitchfork and a tail. What's a Bible say. It appears how as an angel of light no doubt he'll come some day and he'll claim to be Jesus' return to Earth. In fact Jesus predicted that might happen. He warned us again. Deception Let's go read his warning from Matthew twenty four twenty three to twenty seven. Jesus outlined them areas of deception here and let's notice it. Jesus says then if any man shall say and do you love. Here is Christ or there believe it not are there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible they still deceive the very elect. Behold I have told you before. Wherefore if they shal thing into you behold he is in the desert go not Forth behold he is in the secret chambers believe it not. Or Jesus say they'll believe it. They say there's something secret about Christ coming. Don't believe it. For as the light mean cometh that of the East in China even to the west those shall also the coming of the Son of Man be Jesus outlines here are three general areas of deception concerning his return there would be first of all deception about the place or the person of Christ false christ coming then deception about the place here or there and then there would be a deception about the manner of his return. Secret some people thinking it would be a secret event. Let's look at these three deceptions. We'll start with the first two. We're going to take them together. The person falls for ice the place here are there. Suppose some night you turned on your television to watch the news and the announcer there on the television is saying excitedly Jesus has come back. He's come to his come to Manila or he's come to Jerusalem or maybe to row and you see there on television this dazzling being looks just like the paintings of Jesus that we've seen. And you see thousands flocking to him. You watch it. Apparently he heals the sick cast out devils maybe even appearing to raise the dead. You hear him say some of the same gracious words that Jesus spoke. What would you do. Well if you came to Manila and had to go visit him or if he came to Jerusalem I'd have to get a plane ticket and fly over to meet him would you. Or you might if you didn't know how to spot the real Jesus from an impostor. Will there be a message that goes out some day that Christ has come back. Yes there will Jesus said Matthew twenty four twenty three. Then if any man say and do you know here is Christ or there what is Jesus. They believe it is not only that not so apparently there's going to be a message that goes out. Christ has come back and Jesus says don't believe it. In fact he tells us not even to go see an impostor. Verse twenty six Wherefore if they shall say unto you behold he is in the desert that would be sorta like Jerusalem that sort of desert area. Behold He is in the desert was Jesus say not for why not I be deceived by miracles or by his charisma or by his power. It it be that the devil will come back claiming to be Jesus. I have no doubt he will come some day to look like Jesus. You know talk like Jesus you know act like he'll work miracles like Jesus. You'll have the scars in his hands and feet like Jesus. Oh yes we're already seeing that this afternoon you may have heard of people that had the bleeding words of their hands and their feet were already seeing these deceptions of the world and Jesus warned us to be aware of deception about the person false christ Epson about the place here or there but also there would be deception. About how Jesus would come back the man or secret some thinking it would be a secret event. What's Jesus say. Be holy if they say Behold He is in the secret chambers. What was Jesus say. Even believe it not why not. Well it says verse twenty seven Jesus says for as the lightning comes out of the east and shines even into the West those still also the coming of the Son of Man be a son as their secret lightning never heard a secret lightning. If a secret is not lightning right. This is no secret event here. There is this common teaching today called the secret rapture where Christ comes in takes the right to secretly raptures them to heaven. But that's another deception of the devil. Jesus says his return is going to be as bright as the lightning. No secret event happening here. The devil is out to deceive the world is deceiving much of the secular world in the New Agers with U.F.O. those but he is also seeking this deceive Christians with false ideas and doctrines concerning how Jesus will come back and there is only one way that we can keep from being deceived by all the myriads of Satan's deceptions and that is by the Word of God we must know what the Bible teaches about how Jesus will come back at the we're going to study tonight. In the Bible we find five facts concerning how Jesus will come back and we're going to list these five facts for you tonight. First of all Christ's coming is one of the great themes of the Bible it's mentioned but he said over two thousand five hundred times Jesus promised he would come back here's an example. Mark it in your note. It's John fourteen one through three Jesus said Let not your heart be troubled. I will watch them again. I will come again and then the Apostle Paul Titus two thirteen said looking for that blessed that hope and the glory is that period of Jesus Christ. What kind of appearing glorious appearing not this secret appearing but the glorious of hearing that is the last of the hope. Let's mark down tonight these five Bible facts about how Jesus will come back if you have these five in mind. You will not be deceived by an impostor. I don't know if they're in your handout. So you might want to mark these Fact number one. The Bible teaches us Christ's return will be a literal event. It's going to be a lot later. There are some people who teach that Christ's coming is merely a spiritual event in fact I understand there is one church that teaches that Jesus has already come back they say he came back back in one thousand nine hundred fourteen or something like that and he's here now by his spiritual presence. When is the second coming of Christ only a spiritual event or will it be a literal event. Well let's see what the Bible says Acas the one nine eleven mark that in your note tonight acts one nine through eleven. And when he had spoken these things while they beheld he was taken up and and a cloud received Him OUT OF THEIR SIGHT. This is describing Christ's ascension after his death and resurrection and while they are disciples while they look steadfastly toward heaven as he went up behold to manage stood by them in white apparel. No doubt these two men they were angels which also said the men of Galilee why stand the gazing up into heaven. This same Jesus not an impostor. This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven. Well so how in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven. How did Jesus go up the diddies suddenly disappear and leave his robe in a crumpled pile of the disciples feet. It is suddenly get raptured. You know they saw him go up and he's coming back out like manna in like manner. Now question was that a real Jesus that went up or was it just some sort of spiritual presence that was the real Jesus. If you like attacks to show how real he was put in your doubts. Luke twenty four thirty six to thirty nine which tells us after Christ's resurrection he had flesh and bone. Jesus says I'm not a spirit a spirit does not have flesh and bones like you see I have. I should clarify that was a glorified flesh and bone is not subject to disease or aches or pains. The same kind of flesh and bones we will receive one day when Christ comes back and with that glorified flesh and bones verse fifty one it tells us Jesus went up to heaven he was a real person a real body and his coming back how like manner in like manner. So number one fact number one the Bible teaches us Christ coming will be a literal event. Let's move on now to Fact number two we're going to read that from the same text to Acts one nine to eleven. Let's reread this and notice the words in yellow. That is all they told he was taken up in a cloud received Him OUT OF THEIR SIGHT. And while they look steadfastly toward heaven as he went behold two men stood by them in white apparel it's also said the men of Galilee why is standing gazing up into heaven. What did those four words imply when they imply that they thought Jesus go up since. They saw Jesus go up will we see Him return yes or no. Oh yes he's coming back in like manner so Fact number two Christ's coming will be a visible of in fact Number two a visible event how visible Matthew twenty four twenty seven says for as the lightning comes out of the east into shines and to the west though so also the coming of the Son of Man is lightning visible lightning is visible even without your glasses you can see lightning that even with your eyes closed. Try it sometime. Stand by the window during a lightning storm. Don't go outside. Stand by the window and close your eyes and see if you can tell when the lightning flashes. It's so bright you can sense it even with your eyes closed. This is not a secret event. Let's give you another text put this in your notes Revelation one verse seven the Bible says in Revelation one verse seven behold he comes with clouds and how many Every eye every eye shall see him and they also which pierced Him And all kindreds of the earth share wail because of him apparently every living person is going to see Jesus when He comes back. You won't even need your glasses to see that even though everyone will see. But don't people say that only the righteous will see Christ when He comes back. Well that's what some people say but let's notice what the Bible teaches from Matthew twenty four thirty and thirty you want to hear it. Matthew twenty four thirty and thirty one and then show appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and then shall How many tribes of all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And by the way they're not mourning because their beloved righteous friends and relatives suddenly got raptured their morning. Because they're not ready. Verse thirty one Thess and he so then his angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they still gather together his elect from the four winds from one end of heaven even on to the other as and that's the Rapture sun at the Rapture the gathering together the saved or the elect. There it is and everybody sees it. The Bible says every I still see it. The gathering together of the elect happens when every I still see him. Jesus is not coming quietly to some distant city not going to have to read about it in the newspaper or hear about it in the radio or watch it in the television. Fact is if you had to hear about it from the news what would that tell you. That's not a real that's not the real Jesus if you got to hear about Christ coming in the news if you see it on television Jesus has come to some great city you know that's not the real Jesus because when Jesus comes how many eyes will see him. Let's read it all together of elation one the seven year old he covers with the clouds and I don't know seeing him. How could that be said we live on around the world. Well I don't know but we all see the sun as the Earth rotates so all Jesus would have to do is make one pass around the earth and we would all see him. We don't know if we'll all see him at the same moment or if he'll make one pass around the earth but one thing we need to do know when Christ comes back every eye shall see him. How do we know that because that's what the Bible teaches. Your faith on the Bible I hope you're taking notes tonight marking down these attacks. Either go check it out in your own Bible. See if that's what the Bible actually teaches. Let's go now to our next fact back to number three. Either Bible teaches Christ's return will be at Dr Matic audible event number three an audible event. Let's read a text from Psalms fifty verse three which says City verse three our God shall come and shall keep silent bill. Or did I miss something. What a difference one little word will make let me try that again. Our God shall come and shall not caves Highlands a fire shall devour before him it shall be very tempestuous around about him. Does this sound like a secret event. Not at all. Let's go read the noisiest verse in the Bible this is first the audience for verse sixteen it says for the Lord Himself so the thin from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ arise for Christ's coming is no secret event. He's coming with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God. We already learned that when Christ comes back it's going to be as the lightning after lightning comes what comes to us. If you were sleeping you know sleeping now. I hope I didn't scare you too bad. I remember one time we did that and we had it turned up too loud and it set off the alarm system in the hall. That was embarrassing. And then one time we did that and there was an elderly lady sitting in the audience she screamed and so at the door I said do I said I was sorry for scary you're like that. Oh no she said that was fun. Let's do. Again some time. Well we hope you're awake it's not going to be a silent secret event. Bible says that the Lord will descend from Heaven with the trumpet of God and one thing about trumpets is that trumpets are not silent. Are you sure. I'm sure we used to play trumpet to right my son and I used to play trumpets and we know trumpets are not silent Can you imagine how loud it will be when the Lord Himself blows the trumpet. No secret here let's read the next verse verse that alone eons for verse seventeen says. Then we watch are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them that's those resurrected in the clouds to meet the Lord Mandela in the air. Oh to meet the Lord in Jerusalem where we're going to meet the real Jesus in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord please don't miss that point. If you have to go to some great city Rome Jerusalem and wherever wherever you see that this Jesus has appeared What do you know. That's not the true Jesus because when the real Jesus comes back we're going to meet him where is the air that's what the Bible teaches spirits that's a lot of this or verse seventeen Christ has come back to fulfill his promise. Let's read that promise. John fourteen one through three as Let not your heart be troubled. I go to prepare a place for you and I will come again and receive you and to myself there where I am there you may be also. So Christ says come back in this picture to fulfill his promise Christ's return will be number three a lot of a dramatic audible event. Let's go on now to our fourth fact about how Christ will come back. Number four Christ's return will be a climactic event. What kind of events will happen when Jesus comes. Well let's go read about it from Revelation sixteen eighteen and twenty. We're going to begin in verse fifteen for the context here it says Christ says behold I come as a thief. So he hasn't come. He's coming here behold I come as a thief. Well as it is he the watches and keeps his garments. He walk naked and they see a shame when he comes what will happen drop on down now to verse eighteen says here and there were voices and thunder and lightning and there was a great earthquake such as was not since the men were upon the earth so mighty an earthquake and so great what this great earthquake do. Verse twenty says and every island how many Island all seven thousand one hundred seven of them and every island plateau away and the mountains were not found imagine an earthquake that has enough power to sink the islands and flatten the mountains it will be a climactic event. So don't we have to worry that we're on an island here. Now we don't have to worry because the writers will be going up to meet the Lord in the air all of these events are happening so while the islands are sinking if you're among the right just where you're headed you're headed up to meet the Lord in the air and of course that earthquake will totally flatten totally level and destroy all manmade structures and then we know that the devil would have to have the cooperation of all nature to duplicate the exact manner of Jesus' return. We know he's not going to be able to do that. You know it's not the real Jesus unless you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet. Yes You see the island the sinking in the mountains flattening unless you can look up with everybody else and see Jesus coming back. If that isn't all happening you know that's not the real Jesus. Let's go to fact Number five now Fact number five the Bible teaches us Christ coming will be a glorious event How glorious. Matthew twenty five verse thirty one says put it in your note Matthew twenty five verse thirty one when the son of man shall come in His glory and how many all all the holy with him then shall he set upon the throne of His Glory son how many angels are there. Well we don't know exactly how many but the Bible says ten thousand times ten thousand. That's a hundred million and then it says there's thousands of thousands. So if you take a hundred million you multiply it by a thousand and then you take that answer and you multiply by a thousand then you're getting close imagine the glory of billions and trillions of angels orthotics for that Revelation Revelation five eleven ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of angels. Let's review what we've learned tonight. We found out from the Bible that Christ coming will be number one a literal event number to be visible number three it will be an honorable event or four climactic And number five it will be a glorious event will be a secret event. Well some people question is it isn't Christ coming going to be like a B. and B. will say oh it's coming the Bible says he's going to come like a thief that means he'll take the righteous and he'll go again. Well let's read what the Bible says Second Peter three verse man put it in your note. Second Peter three tim but that day. The Lord notice is not the Lord is the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in the which the heavens show passed away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also and the works that are there it shall be burned up. Does that sound like a secret event. It will be a secret the day of the Lord is going to be sorta like a surprise to people. The day of the Lord it's going to be a thief in time mean not in manner when it comes out of the can as he call you up on your cell phone and say hello this is Mr Thief calling I'm going to be there about two o'clock but I have the house secured that how he comes. No he comes out as a surprise comes secretly and it's the same with Jesus coming it will be a surprise not because the wicked haven't been warned but because they were ready is going to be a surprise in that the world is not expecting the event. Just like in Noah's day in Noah's day those who were unprepared the wicked or they expecting the flood to happen not at all know they weren't ready even though they had been warned. Just so it in time the wicked will not be expecting Christ's return. What happened in NO is that of the wicked that were left outside the ark and they experience a seven year tribulation. Some Christians say Well Christ is going to come back as a secret of it and then there's going to be a seven year tribulation after that. Notice what Jesus says from Matthew twenty four thirty seven. But as the days of Noah were those so also the coming of the Son of man. What was it like a Noah's day what happened to those that were not taken into the ark they drowned. That's right and Jesus said it's going to be the same way at in time. But son doesn't the Bible say one will be taken and one will be left left behind. Well it does. Go read that from Luke sixteen twenty seven twenty six to thirty seven. We're not going to read the whole passage but you can mark it down. Here you find in the Bible the story of one taken and one how many of you heard that one shall be taken one should be left. Let me see all and unlike most of you have was the one who is taken Who is that the wicked are the righteous as a righteous taken to heaven the one who is left behind who is that so wicked. Now here's a question those who are left behind are they left dead or alive. Let's see what Jesus said here. Jesus said we will hear the disciples say they answering saying to him where lord where are the wicked going to be left and he said unto them where the body is where the carcasses. Here there will be Eagles also be gathered together. So those who are left behind are left behind for the birds of prey to feast upon architects down. Luke seventeen verse thirty seven it was Jesus who said that those left behind are left for the Eagles to eat there is a very popular Christian novel series in America today called Left Behind describing in graphic detail the adventures of the wicked that are left behind on planet earth after Jesus comes back. Only one problem with that novel. What you have problems and that is that truth was left behind. That's right. Truth was left behind in the Left Behind novels you have to learn tonight what the Bible teaches. What will happen to the wicked when Jesus returns. Well son let's read from the Bible the answer to that you can mark these in your notes these texts. Second Thessalonians one the seven through nine says and to you who are troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven. What is mighty angels here is Christ returning coming back with His angels in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ who shall be punished with with what a seven year tribulation know who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power. Is there another Jackson Second thousand audience on this one chapter further chapter two verse they says and then so that way could be revealed in the Lord still consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. So when Christ comes back the wicked are going to be destroyed by the brightness of His appearing. C.N.N. cannot exist in the presence of a holy God as one more text you can mark down Revelation six fourteen to seventeen that describes what happens when Jesus returns the wake and run to the rocks and mountains and pray that they would fall on them and hide them from the face of Jesus. So when Christ comes back the wicked run away from Jesus. Reminds me here in the Philippines. Did you ever get up at night in the dark of your home and you turn on the light. And there's this book that goes running. He doesn't like the light he goes running the moment the light comes on. What's a bug called a cockroach. We got him in our apartment I don't know if you got him in yours. They don't like the light and so when Jesus comes back the way just like the cockroaches they go running to the holes the rocks the mountains to hide from Jesus. What or not or because they're not ready for is coming. That's right when Jesus comes back there will only be two groups of people those who are ready to welcome him when he returns. And those who flee to the rocks and mountains to hide from me and when he returns. So we have learned tonight Christ coming will be number one a literal event. Virtue is a bull. Number three audible event and number four climactic five. It will not be a secret is it. According to the Bible. Here's a question Is there anything more important in being ready for Christ's return since we do not get a second chance after he comes we must be ready before he is or anything more important and being ready for Christ's return. The Bible says in kolache and three verse to set your affections on things above not on things of this earth. We know based on the prophecies and based on the things that are happening around us that we are living in the last days and a very thin Jesus will come where will you be what will you be doing when the ground began shaking beneath your feet and the islands begin sinking on the mountains crumbling and you can look up in the distance and you see that spot of Glory where Christ in the holy coming back to Earth. And as you look upon this spot of glory it grows bigger and brighter until it fills the whole heavens with the form of the thousands and billions of Angels and looking up in the middle you can see the Face of Christ brighter than the sun and every eye shall see Him The Bible says and then you hear the trumpet call the dead in Christ arise. The Resurrection we're going to study about the resurrection that's one of our future topics and then the saved of all the ages that are caught up to meet the Lord in the air taken up to the man. Since that he is prepared for them there to spend a thousand years with Jesus where will you be for and do you want to assist. Are you ready for Christ. Do you want him to come. I had a man tell they want time he said Oh I don't want to use a stick. I said why not. He said I live on the ground floor of this big tall apartment complex and when that earthquake strikes it's all coming down. I don't want the Lord to come. I thought how sad if you're not ready for Christ to come then you'll be praying for them. Part Manson and the buildings of the rocks to fall on you if you are ready for Christ because you're going to say Lo This is our God We waited for him and he will save us. You want to Sestak. Imagine a young couple of gotten married and the husband's a sailor and shortly after the wedding he heads off to sea but he writes love letters and e-mails from the ship every day writes an e-mail to his new bride and she prints them out. She shows them to her family her friends she says my husband he's so thoughtful every day he writes to me I love him so much. I miss him so much but I hope he doesn't come home too soon. Which you say that if you loved him. Have you ever heard Christians with that attitude. We love you Lord Oh yes. But don't come too soon. We got some things we want to enjoy down here first. Are you ready for Jesus to be scamming is where the already are not. I want to be ready don't you. But to be ready there is hope for you. Christ's return was not a secret. There is hope for you. The wicked to the mountain. Kitty was willfully. There is hope for you. Christ comes to rescue you and me. So there is hope in Christ for you. There is no hope for you the advent of our Lord is drawing not there is hope for you His coming will be seen by every eye there is hope for you. We shall ascend to meet him in the sky. So there is hope in Christ for you. Are you ready for that grand event. What would keep you from him being ready. As you look in your heart tonight is there something between you and she's you know you need to surrender to him. I want to be ready for that event don't you. Would you like to ask Jesus tonight to prepare you for his return. I do want to ask him to prepare you for that event messier am's. Let's stand and pray for that as we end our meeting tonight. Let's pray our Father in heaven we thank you for revealing to us the truth about how Jesus will come back. And we do look forward to his coming. Pray that you would prepare us. And if anything may be standing in the way of us being ready for your return he would help us to surrender it to you and then we will be ready for Jesus' appearing. This is our prayer we pray that you would bless each person here to that in tonight in Jesus' name we ask him in the night and we'll see you back tomorrow night our topic tomorrow night will be the anti-Christ cover up and we'll be looking at the floor be on our flier tomorrow night. Good night and God bless.


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