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6. The AntiChrist Coverup!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


What really is the antichrist? Can we really know? Could it be that many are being deceived today by false views concerning the identity of the antichrist? Find out by listening to this lecture!



  • February 11, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight and this is an amazing one. The N. Tiger cover up part one. This is actually the first of a continuing series as we unmask uncover the mysterious anti-Christ. History is filled with the record of countless cover ups and conspiracies and scandals. Seems like there's always some new political scandal and people these days often feel like saying who can you trust anyway who's telling you the truth. Can you even know the truth at all. Yes you can Son Jesus said Mark it in your notes tonight if you're taking notes. John eight thirty two. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Where do we find the truth. We find it in the Word of God If you want the truth. Open the Bible. The Bible reveals to us that the devil is the greatest conspirator of all times. Here is one object is to hide and cover up the truth. And that leads us to the question is there a cover up concerning the anti-Christ since the anti-Christ plays such a prominent role that in time we could expect the devil to introduce some sort of a cover up relating to this topic of the anti-Christ. And we're going to see that tonight God actually warns the world about the anti-Christ you can read that warning in the Bible. We're going to read from Revelation fourteen six through ten. Here we find three messages God sends the world to prepare the world for him time. And the third mass needs carries the warning about the anti-Christ the beast. Let's read these three warnings. Revelation fourteen six and seven is the first one which says John says I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them that dwell on the earth. And to every nation and kindred and tongue and people what's a message reading on verse seven saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him or the hour of his judgment is and what's the word. Worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters. Now let's go on to the second angel of message of verse eight and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and then the third message is the one that warns us about the beast that has the mark Revelation fourteen nine and ten says and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man was the word of worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same showed drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy rollers and in the presence of the Lamb. Pretty serious warning here. We notice right away that the issue is worship this is the central issue of these messages. First Angel tells us to worship the Creator God while the thirty warns this do not worship the beast worship. Well that's sort of a sensitive issue. Some of the bloodiest battles in history have been fought over the issue of worship and we know that God has made the issue of the anti-christ beast very plain in the Bible. Bible says If any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark that's the mark of the beast I don't know if you've heard about it. And since God has made such a solemn warning about the beast we can know that God is maybe issues are very clear. In the Bible and you will be amazed at all the clues that we discover concerning the identity of the anti-Christ. God is not going to tell the world if you worship the beast you receive his mark. I want to pour out my wrath on you the wrath of God That's the plagues. And then we say well God who is this Anti-Christ God so sorry I won't tell you. You've got to figure that out. Since this is such a solemn warning we can know that God must've made the issue very clear in the Bible and we're going to see tonight how clear he has made it. Revelation thirteen verse eight says and many all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him since almost the whole world is going to worship this Anti-Christ. Then we need to know tonight who is it who is the anti-Christ. Well some time ago a News Week magazine had an interesting article it wasn't titled The ultimate deceiver that the anti-Christ is Satan the secret accomplice a powerful human being who takes control of the world before the second coming at different times the pope the Pauline Hitler and Gorbachev have all been called the anti-Christ for that very helpful father. That didn't help us at all we still don't know who it is who is the anti-Christ. Some time ago I went to the Internet to find the answer to who the anti-Christ is. You can find the answer to anything on the Internet. And son I found out who the anti-Christ is. It's none other than Prince Charles the whales according to Tim Cohen in his book The Anti-Christ and a cuppa tea. The Bible says all the world will worship him. You can't get everybody to worship Prince Charles. The world life loved his former wife Lady Diana but Prince Charles who would worship that. I meant if you think that Prince Charles is the anti-Christ let me see your hands. Of course not. Well if you don't. Think that he is in a crisis there's another option and that is the Bill Gates founder of Microsoft Corporation and he maybe even looks like the anti-Christ if you dress him up like one. But we know that the whole world is definitely not going to worship Bill Gates one of you don't think he's the anti-Christ. Then the Internet has another option. Is this in Newsweek magazine is a Buraq of the Barack Obama the anti-Christ. Did you know in twenty thirty to one out of every four Americans think that Obama is the anti-Christ. The Bible says all the world will worship him you can't even get Americans to worship Barack Obama job be afraid he's not the anti-Christ either. Well there is a flood of speculation regarding the identity of the anti-Christ. There are books movies articles about the anti-Christ but we still don't know who really is the anti-Christ who is it. We're not going to the Internet for the answer. We're not going to Christian fiction for the answer. Where shall we go for the answer. We're going to go to the Word of God and to the question who is the anti-Christ. Tonight we are going to study the anti christ cover up this is the secret information that's not been shared with us by the prophecy teachers. The facts concerning the identity of the anti-christ the amazing facts. Let's first look at the term anti-Christ the word anti-Christ is only found in about four places in the Bible. All of them are in first on except for one. Let's look at it and you have them all listed in your handout all four of them. We're going to look at one versus John two verses eighteen and nineteen it's in your handout those of you that are registered. The Bible says Little children it is the last time. I've met as you have heard that who anti-Christ. And now are there many anti-christs whereby we know that it is the last time from this to actually learn. First of all that now back in John's day he could see the anti-Christ developing and his anti-Christ only one. The Bible says that there are many anti-Christ. These are the facts that we're not being told by the prophecy teachers. And then verse in one nine hundred said they that's the anti-Christ. They went out from us but they were not of us for if they had been of us they would no doubt have continued with us but they went out that they might be made manifest. They were not all of us. Evidently the anti-Christ Then comes from within the Christian church because John says they are the anti-Christ. They went out for a boss. Well let's review the amazing facts about the anti-Christ. First of all there are many anti-christs not just one evil man. Number two they come from inside the church. And number three these many anti-christs are here. Now you have all that I believe in your hand out. There are symbols of the anti-christ as well we have the actual term anti-Christ in the Bible. But then there are a variety of symbols of the anti-Christ in his from the symbols that we really learn the most about the anti-Christ. One of the symbols is the man of sin the son of perdition Paul talks about him and some people take this to a man of sin and they think that the anti-Christ will only be one man and time. But John told us that there would be. Then any impact there would be many anti-Christ not just a one world mandate in time. Let's read what Paul says here. Second that's a lot of sense to verses three and four. Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first that's the day with Christ comes back that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that Man of Sin be revealed The Who on the surface of perdition. The term Son of Perdition is used only two times in the Bible. Once here by Paul to symbolize the anti-Christ and who else son is referred to as the son of perdition Judas and who is due to Judas was an insider. Judas was one of Jesus' own disciples a professed follower of Jesus. You can read that in John seventeen verse twelve Jesus called Judas what a son of perdition. So evidently then evidently instead of being an openly or an obviously evil openly anti-Christian person who will rise from outside of the church. The real Anti-Christ will be Judas like. Can you begin to see the cover up. Most people are looking for the Anti-Christ being some old man that's against Christians. Anti-Christian. Well Judas was an insider professedly following Jesus. So apparently the anti-Christ is going to be a professed follower of Christ. That's a good clue for us. There are other symbols of the anti-Christ in the Bible. One of them is the Beast of Revelation thirteen virtually all Bible scholars believe that the Beast of Revelation thirteen is another symbol of the anti-Christ. Is there one in the. Just a month there is the other symbol for the anti-christ is the Little Horn of Daniel seven. Virtually all Bible scholars again believe the little heart of the idol seven is another symbol of the anti-Christ and it's from these symbols. Revelation in Daniel that we learn the most concerning the identity of who this Anti-Christ really is. So let's go look at the beast Revelation thirteen we know this is a symbol of the anti-christ because God warns us about this beast this is the beast with the mark and the number revelation forty nine in ten the thirteen Joe followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his and so we know this piece is a symbol of the anti-christ because he has the mark and he has a number which of course is six six six. Revelation thirty in verse eighteen. Let's go look at this abyss Revelation thirteen versus one through three you can mark out of I don't know if it's in your handout but if not put it in your hand out. Revelation thirty one through three. The Bible says Revelation thirteen one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw beasts rise about of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name of blasphemy and the Beast which I saw that I saw was like unto a a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth is a mouth of a lion. Lie and dragon gave him his power and his ceding great authority and I thought one of his head as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beasts. Here is one artist painting of what that beast might have looked like. Here's another painting of what that beast may have looked like. Let me just ask you here how many. If you've seen this particular animal down at the Manila do you know if you know that there's no such animal. We know this has to be a symbol of something. And what is it symbolize Well let me back up and mention we live in a world of symbols that we were familiar with symbols for example. What's that a symbol of as a symbol of a taxi right. The Toyota Motor Company. How about that. What is that a symbol of bad health. That's a symbol of junk food and medical emergency I don't know. McDonald's So we're familiar with symbols. So we see them all over our world and God uses symbols here in Bible prophecy. This beast son what is it symbolize. How can we unlock these are Bible symbols. Well we're not going to guess or speculate we're going to use our new clues are two ways are two keys to understand prophecy number one the Bible must be its own interpreter and number two we must compare Scripture with Scripture to understand the Scriptures. So following those two principles Let's find out who this beast represents First of all the beast comes up out of the sea or out of water. What is water represented prophecies. Well let's look at Revelation seventeen fifteen we're letting the Bible explain its own symbols Revelation seventeen verse fifteen tells us and he said and to me the waters which South Australia the horse that is our peoples and multitude in Nations and times. So now we know what the water symbolizes what's to symbolize Aprils nations languages or a populated area where there are different languages different names. Did we create that interpretation. No we're letting the Bible explain its own symbols. Revelation thirteen one hundred three let's go there and let's begin to mark down identifying facts about the anti-Christ. Fact number one first of all the beast comes about a lot. Water was water represented so Fact number one it comes up out of the sea or out of a populated area of the world. Number two these are descriptive features and you should have them all in your hand. Number two it's made up of at least three other bees. Verse two. Revelation thirteen two. And The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard there's a leopard and his feet were as a feed of a bear there's a bear and his mouth has the mouth of a Lion Lion there's our lion and derive a good there's a dragon gave him his power and his ceding great authority. So this beast is made up of at least three other beast that's an interesting description there. Number two let's go on now to number three it gets its speed and authority from a fourth beast the dragon that was from verse two and the dragon gave him his power in a seat and great authority. Then our fourth descriptive feature he received a deadly wooden which feels verse three says and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wood was healed at all the world wondered after the V. So our fourth descriptive feature you have on now to number five number five he has a mouth speaking great things than blasphemies verse five says and there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things in blasphemy are six descriptive feature he has the power to rule forty two months that's from verse five also the last part of the very. Yes. And power was given to him to continue forty and two months or two months is how long. We'll come back to that little later number seven. He wars against the Saints. That's Number seven Revelation thirteen seven says and it was given to him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them. Our eight descriptive feature he has a worldwide authority that's also from verse seven Revelation thirteen seven powers given him over all kindreds and news and nations. Number nine all the world would worship him that comes from verse eight where the Bible tells us and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him. Names are not written in the book of life. The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. So there's a small group that's not going to worship him. Those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I want my name in the Lamb's book of life you don't you only those whose names are in that book are not going to receive the mark of the beast and fall of the vase. Everybody else apparently is going to follow this beast. There are nine descriptive features and you have them all in your hand out. But the question son who are what is this Anti-Christ be. Well you see father before we can answer that we need to answer the question in Bible prophecy What does the base symbolize. Well let's find out in Daniel seven and so that we need to leave revelation and go to another preventing book the book and then you know and Revelation are two twins ates contains the keys to unlock the other symbols. You can't understand Revelation if you don't understand Daniel and you can understand Daniel if you don't understand Revelation. So we're going to believe Revelation and go back to old did you have. I don't know if it's your hair in your hand out but if not mark a doubt. The annual seven verses two and three. Daniel spake and said I saw in my vision by night and behold the four winds of the heavens strove upon the great sea and then it says and for great peace came up from the seed diverse one from another. Do we already know a little bit of the picture. These bees come up out of the sea. What See here we have our diagram of the Bible symbols sees represents people's Revelation seventeen fifteen and when represents the war Jeremiah forty nine thirty six and seven. So do you have the picture as the winds of war blow on populated areas of the world great breeze come up out of those areas what the bees represent the east represents a kingdom Daniel seven seventeen. Since way here let's read it Daniel seven verse seventeen says these great beasts which are for our four kings which all arise out of the earth to be a king you have to have what you have to have a kingdom so these will be for a great kingdom as that would rule represents a kingdom. Do we have another text to affirm that we do. Five verses down Daniel seven twenty three thus he said the fourth B.S. Shelby Therefore the law King. Them upon the year. So sudden Bible prophecy a beast represents one in them. Did we make that up. If we create that interpretation knowing that in the Bible be its own interpreter Daniel saw four great bass or another words for our great kingdom is our empires just as that is a symbol of the Toyota Motor Motor Company. So now you know in prophecy a beast represents a kingdom or a nation. Even today we sometimes use animals to represent kingdoms like the American eagle or the Russian bear. What's the animal here in the Philippines. Well water buffalo when I was in Thailand they told me it was the elephant so we use animals to symbolize kingdoms. God did it a long time ago in Bible prophecy. We know then that this this Beast of Revelation thirteen the anti-Christ B.S. has to be a in a kingdom. Now no doubt the man of sin is going to be at the head of the kingdom sort of like a dictator or whatever but we know the end of Christ is not just a man it's a kingdom because abyss represents a kingdom. Now just to make you feel comfortable tonight is not the Philippines. This beast we're going to find out who it is. Well we're going to start putting the clues they gather about who it is in Daniel Chapter two we saw a metallic man and we're going to see a parallel here in Daniel seven. Several times in the Book of Daniel we find that God identifies these four universal empires of the past first in Daniel two then again in Daniel seven then in Daniel eight and nine then in Daniel eleven. And each time got add some more information and we'll see that here in our study of Daniel seven. Just like in Daniel two the metallic image for empires so did no seven for base four great kingdoms. Let's look at these four. Let's begin with the first one Daniel seven verse four reading from Daniel seven verse four where the Bible says The first was like a lion and had eagle's wings. As I beheld till the wings there were plucked and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand upon the feet as a man and a man's heart was given to it. So the first beast was like a lion and it had an eagle's wings. Who knows what was that first kingdom. Well I was of course Babylon and even today you can see on the ruins of Babylon Wingo lion which is the symbol of Babylon we know that the metallic image in Daniel to the head of gold symbolize Babylon and in Daniel seven the lion with eagles wings symbolize Babylon. What might the wings symbolize. Well if you like attacks put in your notes or back to where is it a vacuum one rather versus six through a Wings represents the conquest so Bablon very quickly conquered the ancient world. Gold The most precious metal ally in the King of Beasts. Eagle taking a bird's eye. This was the first empire and Babylon ruled from six o five to five thirty nine B.C.E. about sixty six years. Counting down that's now read the next verse Daniel seven verse five says and behold another beast a second like to a bear and it raised up itself on one side and it had three ribs of about of it between the two either of it and they said thus unto it all arise devour much flesh. This is the second beast or the second kingdom who can tell me what was that second kingdom the rule the world back to him that was made of Persia. So the bear then as a symbol of Mido Persia. Don't let anybody try to convince you that the air of Daniel seven is a symbol of Russia was Russia the Second Empire to rule the world. No we know from history that was made of Persia. And in the Bible the Bible says this bear is raised up on one side was that name that symbolizes no doubt that the Persians became stronger than the Medes in this United Kingdom the Mido Persian Kingdom. We know that from history and this bear has in his mouth three ribs those three ribs no doubt represent the three provinces that made a perfect conquered for a battle of those three provinces were Babylon Lidia and Egypt but made a perfect conquered Bablon essentially and conquered everything took away everything from Babel of the three provinces of Babylon. So the kingdom of Persia was symbolized by the silver of the metallic image of the Idol two and by the bear in Daniel seven you know Persia rule from five thirty nine to three thirty one B.C. and we're going to be good teachers tonight we're not going to require you to remember all these dates yet not yet. Let's go on now to the third. Daniel seven verse six after this Daniel says I beheld and lo another like a leopard which had upon the back of it four wings of a foul of a bird the beast had also four heads and dominion was given to it. So here we see the third beast which is like a leopard with four heads and four wings. Who knows what was that third king them now as Greece Greece under the leadership of Alexander the Great and the Bible says he had four wings. If we symbolize speed of conquest and Babylon had two wings Mito Persia has our Griese has four wings though it must symbolize the great speed of conquest. Here is what history tells us. Alexander was. One of the greatest generals of all time noted for his brilliance as a tactician and troop leader and for the rapidity with which he could traverse grade expanses of territory in just eleven years. History tells us Alexander and his troops marched over more than thirty five thousand kilometers. They reached all the way over to India and this is before they had transport before they had trains and automobiles. All of this was by foot largely with some horses and the Bible also says that this leopard had four heads. What is a forehead. Alexander the Great conquered the world the good he conquered himself what happened to him. Now he died of a fever induced by overdose of alcohol and while he was dying as he was dying they asked him who will ruin your place and he said the strongest. So they fought it out and they carved up the Grecian empire into four parts. That's no doubt why the Bible symbolizes this beast as having four heads representing the four divisions of the Greece the Greek empire under Cassandra with the MCAS Ptolemy and so Lucas. And here you can see a map of those four divisions of the Rhaetian empire and Greece was symbolized by the mid-section a bronze in the metallic image of the man in Daniel two and by the leopard with the forehead than four wings in Daniel seven wreaths ruled from three thirty one to one sixty eight B.C.. Here we are coming right down through time. Let's now look at the fourth to be the ugly one seven verse seven says after this I saw in the night visions and behold the fourth beast dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly. And it had great iron teeth and it did. Our didn't break in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of it and it was diverse or different from all the beasts that were before it and it had how many. And all those this is the fourth the beast and it's got I can see the fourth the beast or the fourth what the fourth kingdom the angel told Daniel Thus he said the four to be shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth. Who can tell us what was that fourth Universal Kingdom that was Rome the iron monarchy. Just as iron symbolize a rope in the metallic image the iron legs. So Rome was symbolized by the dragon like Beast in the seven it had iron teeth. Rome ruled from one to sixty eight B.C. down to eighty four seventy six. And here we do want you to remember a date for seventy six A.D. was when Rome had fallen. Can you remember one date I know some of you have been in school for a long time but I think you can remember one date. Rome had fallen by what was a date or was going to make it hard for you. When did Rome fall. All right you hang that in memories hall some way or write it down remember that I want to quiz you on that later. When did Rome fall. Bar seventy six A.D. remember that. So we have these four great bass representing for a great kingdom as our nations. Now you know what those four based on the flyer that you got symbolize. Right. You see in the Wiis there are all these tarps that are out I sit on mall the lion with the wings represents. About the berets of on one side you know present how about the leopard with four ads and four wings and I don't doubt that dragon. What then or now when you see that picture you understand. Because we've given you the Bible clues the Bible keys and what's amazing God outline this all centuries in advance. The fourth be thrown. This beast has how many horns in it as stand horns on it what do the ten horn symbolize. Well we're not going to guess or speculate the Bible tells us Daniel seven verse twenty four the tin horn that of this kingdom Martin King is that shall arise of course to be a king you have to have a kingdom that these ten horns represent and kingdoms that would arise from Rome of course we saw in Daniel to the ten hoes in the metallic image of a man and the ten horns those are parallel. Here's a map of those original ten kingdoms that came out of the Roman Empire. We still have seven of them with us in Europe today. The element to the Germans and the INS are the Swiss franc So the French Lombards or the Italians Saxons or the English the Portuguese and the Visigoth are the Spanish three became extinct the hairy ally the vandals and the Ostrogoths. What happened to those three father. Well let's read the answer from the Bible did you know seven verses here we are continuing the story in Daniel seven seven verse eight says I considered the hordes. So Daniel says I'm looking at the hordes. Where were the horns. The ten orders they were Western Europe that was the Roman Empire so he's looking at what area of the world Western Europe to that's where the ten were located I considered the horns in me. Hold there came up among them another little boy or little kingdom before whom there were three of the first swords plucked up by the roots and behold in this horde where eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things here. Daniel says he sees a little horn coming up and when this little horn comes up three other horns three other kingdoms are uprooted. We know those three are the hairy ally the vandals and the Ostrogoths who do or what the little horn symbolize. Son we're going to learn something amazing tonight a little horn of the idol seven actually turns out to be the same as the visa Revelation thirteen. Both symbolize the anti-Christ. One symbol in the New Testament the other in the Old Testament and the Little Horn of Daniel seven actually gives us more clues concerning the anti-Christ in any other symbol in the Bible though who is the little whore. Well God does not need this horn for us but He gives us enough clues that we can easily identify who the little horn is and we find those clues here in Daniel seven. Let's start putting down the clues I think they're already listed in your handout the first clue comes from verse eight. Daniel seven verse eight I consider the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn so our first clue the little horn symbol of the anti-Christ comes up. Among them are among that can wear with a tin a senior Western Europe. So now we know where the anti-Christ comes from somebody once wrote in a question will the anti-Christ come from Syria or some other Middle Eastern nation. Now you know the answer. The little horn symbol of the anti-christ doesn't come up over the. Middle East it comes up somewhere in western Europe that's our first clue. Let's get another clue now from verse twenty four and horn that it is kingdom are ten kings that shall arise in another shall arise when after him and he shall be diverse from the first and he so subdue three kingdoms. So it would arise after them after the why the ten after that. Since when did Rome fall What was that date or seventy six. The Clue number two it could not arise until after four seventy six because Rome did not fall and was not divided until that day. Note it is only as we look to the past that we can correctly identify the true anti-Christ and discover who he is and is the role that in time you have a lot of people today looking way off into the future for the anti-christ. But the Bible reveals to us the past we are to look to the past. Can you begin to see the cover up people looking off into the future John saw the anti-Christ developing back in his day. Paul saw developing in his day. So we have to look to the past to correctly identify the anti-Christ and understand his role it in time. Let's get a next clue or say back to verse eight says I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn so our third clue. This would be a little horn are a little kingdom not a big kingdom like Portugal or Spain or France or Switzerland or anything like that but a little tiny kingdom. That's number three. Let's get another clue now also from verses eight I consider the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn before who more than three. The first torn up by the roots. So number four who number for this horrendous Kingdom up roots. Three other kingdoms of the kingdom is where the Harry alive and Wilson Ostrogoths are next clue is from verse eight as well. It says and behold it is this horn this little Ord where I like the eyes of who like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things. So our fifth clue it's on your hand out this a little horn would have a human leader because it has is like the is of a man and a mouse peaking for it. A human leader who speaks for it. Our fifth clue another clue comes from Daniel seven verse twenty four says that and horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise in another shall rise after them and he shall be diverse from the first and shells that do three kings. So this would be diverse or different. That's our sixth clue. Different from all the other kingdoms there in Western Europe. Our next clue is from verse twenty five Daniel seven twenty five he that's a little hard symbol of the anti-Christ he shall speak great words against the most high or against God Revelation says that bespeaks great things and blasphemy is great words against God that would be blasphemy. So we're going to put as our seventh clue little horn symbol of the anti-christ blast themes God's Son can you give us a definition for blasphemy what is blasphemy. Well there's a number of definitions of blasphemy but we're going to look at one to night. This comes from John and verses thirty to thirty three. Bible says here in John ten thirty to thirty three here Jesus says I and my Father are one and the Jews took up. Stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them many good works I showed you from my father for which of those works do you stone me. The Jews answered him saying for a good work we still need not but for blasphemy and because that that our being a man make a thyself God the blasphemy according to the Bible is that when a man claims to be God which was not blasphemy for Jesus he was God He is God But if any man claims to be God that would be blasphemy according to the Bible. There's a definition a biblical definition and we learn from Paul from second Thessalonians to verse four. Speaking of this man of sin symbol of the anti-Christ who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. Course that would be blasphemy claim to be God. So number seven this little horn blast beams God Let's get another clue from Daniel seven twenty five twenty five and twenty one and he so speak great words against the Most High and show wear out the saints of the most high. Verse twenty one I beheld in the same order made a war with the Saints and prevailed against them. So our eighth identifying marker of this little horn is that it would be a persecuting power. We'll put that down for number eight. Persecuting. Let's move on now to our ninth clue verse twenty five Daniel seven twenty five and he has a little horn shall speak great words against the Most High. We looked at that show where out the saints of the most high we looked at that and think to change time is in the laws. So number nine he changes the laws. Paul said. As that this man of sin was the mystery of all all of us a mess. He's against the law he changed or thinks to change the law God's law or man's law changes laws. Let's get another clue now from Daniel seven twenty five and they will be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time how long is that. Well the answer that we need to leave Danielle for just a little bit and go to the twin Book of Daniel Revelation Revelation twelve fourteen says and to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent. How long is that. Let's go back to verse six divide out Revelation twelve verse six. Revelation twelve or six and the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God that they should feed her their hour long thousand two hundred threescore days. So evidently a time time is and the dividing of time I have a time would be a thousand two hundred threescore days. How do we arrive at that. Well apparently at the time that would represent one year time that would be two years. Half the time that would be half a year. One plus to Perth a half is three and a half years and we use the Bible for me Love thirty days for each month you would arrive at twelve hundred sixty days. Why do we need one more key to understand this we're studying prophecy right. And we learn that in prophecy a day represents a year we got that from easy kill for six God says I have appointed the each day for a year. Numbers fourteen thirty seven each day for a year. Genesis twenty nine twenty seven day for a year or so. Prophesy one prophetic day equals one literal year we have three and a half prophetic years that would be twelve hundred sixty Prophetic days or twelve hundred sixty years a day for a year or so number. Our next point. Our next clue time times and the dividing of time this number can be he would have to rule or twelve hundred sixty years or so we recognize right away we have to look to the past for the fulfillment of this we're not going to have twelve hundred sixty years some time in the future when the Anti-Christ will reign. Now there's not that much time left on planet Earth you have to look to the past and why not. Paul saw the anti-Christ developing in his day. John saw developing in his day. So we look to the past of the twelve other than sixty years. There are that includes about the little horn you have in your hand out number one among that in number two after eighty four seventy six three a little horn a little kingdom for up and three five human later six it's diverse or different seven blasphemy it's a persecute in power nine changes laws and Santa rules for twelve hundred sixty years. Here's what's amazing. The little horn of Daniel seven has very similar characteristics of the beast a Revelation thirteen many of these are that on the ten our list of did fit the Beast also. For example number one a little corn comes up among that can a populated area. The beast comes up out of the sea a populated area. The little horn is a kingdom and a bee symbolizes a kingdom. A little horn is a diverse are different from all the others in the Beast of Revelation thirteen is different from any beast you ever saw the little horn blasting. God so does the beast Revelation thirteen vibe a little on persecute the saints and so does the Beast of Revelation thirteen and heaven. The little horn rules twelve hundred sixty years and the Beast rules forty two months which is the same as twelve hundred sixty years. So the little horn and the vase both symbolize the same system both symbolize the anti-Christ. Well we. Let's review the amazing facts about the anti-Christ in fact number one there are a anti-christ Number two they come from inside the church. Number three these are many anti-christs are here now. And lastly the anti christ beast is a king. Oh there's the big clue now. Well we still haven't answered the question who really is the anti-Christ. Well we don't have time tonight so you'll have to come back later and we'll we'll unmask through than it is in a future lecture. Remember we told you restarted this was part one as we uncover the anti-Christ to be continued. I know we can all left you hanging tonight. Some of you are wondering who is it. Some of you maybe you think you already know who it is and some of you as you review your hand out you might be able to figure out who it is. But before we identify it there is another clue. The big clue which we don't have time for tonight which we will look at when we come back to part two of the anti-Christ in the future but here's the point we want you to remember the real issue relating to the anti-Christ is the issue of worship. The first angel says worship God the Creator. Or and the thirteenth says do not worship the beast and the question for us is where you worship. Will it be Jesus Christ or anti-Christ. I choose the words of Jesus Christ about you. Joshua twenty four verse fifteen Bible says to me this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord is your choice and I you want to serve Jesus Christ not an acrostic that's your decision let me see your hands. There is hope for you. Prophecy shows the future in advance. There is hope for you who understand the symbols at a glance. There is hope for you. Events don't just happen as if by chance there is a hope in Christ for you there is hope for you and a Christ will the world deceive. There is hope for you who on the Word of God believe there is hope for you worship God and heal and receive. So there is hope in Christ for you are going to and I've made it with a prayer tonight and I'll invite you to stand with us as we pray. Yes we will come back and answer who the anti-Christ is not tomorrow night tomorrow night there's no meeting and Friday night well Friday night will help to maybe add some more details we won't do it Friday night either it's a later topic but we will give you part two in the future. Friday join us at six thirty we will take time for questions as a Q. and A night from six thirty to seven Friday night and then at seven our topic will be the two martyrs of Revelation. Let's about our heads as we pray Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for the Bible. We thank you. Four The prophecies of your word and for the key to unlock these prophecies. We thank you for Jesus. We choose tonight to worship Jesus Christ help each of us here to be faithful to our Master Jesus. We pray in Jesus' name amen.


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