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More than Meets the Eye: Issues of the Heart

Richard O'Ffill



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him father were thankful for the love of Jesus and brings us together and there were sons and daughters of God and Lord we know forward to the time in which you live in the same town without every Sabbath will be there to worship your person but we don't know what's between here and there but by your spirit may we be faithful in Jesus name amen hello friend I say that because some other things I say it all you want to get mad at me were in the promenade independently you know we'd is now down for prayer you know you know the Bible has many ways to pray right that great standing up on it a day in fact in fact even pray our view on Guinevere I I've got a good idea story about prayer last night they the talk was about devotional life and an authoritative Stroessner taken over the devotional life number that the speakers said I should not be boring but I'm the kind of person that likes to do it the same way every time you could have those kind of night out of nothing Rowan have an effect were more company would have expected the refinement of your devotional life different every day present I run ideas and I think I messed up so subject to make it to say nothing wrong with that and I was telling him yesterday worth setting the hardware and ideas illustration and out this can affect out as if I'm reading a newspaper and I said you like to study the newspaper and visit I don't have time and love my city would like to read the newspaper thank you grand lodges are and so the words study I think study has a time but the devotional life now I'm not sure that the time to start nine is putting that another was that studies a different mindset will you think it is set and so when we spend this time with God is not so much the study is to be how do you say you get another words it's is starting the day with God and it ended this many components to it not everybody can do it their own way but job that I like for example not only the prayer and and and I remember that I would pray on the following face sometimes but not always vibrating or whatever it was it was was you can't say this is where you got to do if you don't know that ways unrolling it I would write a prayer I got I've got books of prayers that I wrote now you might think that that's off the wall not back when I was young I don't think I was ever young out we didn't have a computer so we wrote letters to each other in fact I when I used to get out my wife live in Florida and I live in Ohio and Anna Anna and I worked on plastering crew and I couldn't wait to get a letter every day from her and I would just read it and when I came home I created two three five it in so and so this is of course the Bible is a kind of a letter to us when she say and not so it is an crazy aunt to write a alternate I cannot come about under Virginia on the computer begins anywhere as an insult and so riding into effect when you're writing you do a different way than when you said another thing that I think if you haven't tried it already is a journal now were not dominant diary is dear diary in a harbor they knew that but what what I like in a journal is that I can review yesterday in other words and I think it's good for us to look back at yesterday to decide whether we want to do it this way to the head cannot do a indivisible I feel guilty and on the beat myself to death all that know it's a way of of debriefing myself and that and it into perspective and so as I like to have a devotional life several things you know that we're doing and an end time will go fast not now let me just mention this to and don't misunderstand me and realtors on Wednesday the devotional life is precious I get up at two o'clock every day and and thankful for and that's endlessly out of the loop on this so and so we don't need to try the mental visitors who were not talking about a moral standard but what we don't want to send models that are out there and accessible in other words one size doesn't fit all it and this is the problem we have I think sometimes and spiritual life as you put it out and see you make it fit in a slight issue it is not your size herbs Penal Code that it's too small so in our and our devotional I have many things we barely got a minute but anyway you really refresh us and I'm sure that so I'm not really sure but that's especially man we men have a problem with spiritual life as I noticed in my ministry is that God is for women to carry the ball if you want to talk to a man about a note fixing the roof and he's going to talk to fit in or if you want to talk about fixing a car that's your man but I noticed so many times in my ministry that if you want to talk about spiritual things the man's got a subcontract with his wife and so you regardless unspoken leave no refers to the use of her I was staying at home for a weekend and every time we so don't appreciate great and I thought give me a break I thought I wanted to say buddy where are you and so we demand our week into areas and spirituality is one and so and so and another thing is that the modern culture isn't dumbing them down if you know somebody said that on the TV programs the dog is the smartest one the kid is that kids are next and then the wife is next in the husbands of a and and and the reason that is is because God knows that we play a role were not talking about an inferior superior we just talk about her role in that we men are supposed to be the spiritual leaders in our home and dock and I said to him I said if we man would start you girls and women photography virgin that if we men would start the day with God our lives would be different and I realized a long embarrassed in the well you know what temperature shoes under the bed remember in Sunnyvale Valley venture shares and units have a little prayer why are you allowing that's a bad joke but anyway we've got to win got to start the day of God my mother didn't teach me to start the day with God she taught me that the new prayer at the end of the day but if you and I went early in the day to pray that's the loser 's prayer damage and then I morning prayers and winners Greg and now that doesn't knock out the then fair the end of the day mind away from most of a single inherently divisive and him and most people in her singularly customary people in your knowing that many bounces off of you because you're here you know those of you were single William your wife's out there somewhere today hoax is not in jail him to know that you don't you know a young woman was saying to me and really I've never forgotten it she said I was always driving down the road one day and I thought my husband that there and she says I think I was a prayer and and I said I said to the girls I said the person you're somebody's wife keep yourself pure for him and to the man you're somebody's husband keep yourself pure for I think we go to see that fact I was teething of a girl this morning at the table I said I understand your two thirds married and she's there when the amino acid whey you know you're ready to get married you found off of a minister doing I just got to find the right to marry him so so you can where I interferes very nice list of the public invention not only can he not permissive fellas I know what it's like as a man with the problems we have I used to work on a construction crew were the men couldn't put two-game words together and I want to say when you work in an environment it's not a because because it's incredible the effect of the dirty joke you know you may not remember where your first teacher was mature never the first dirty joke ever and so we need to wash on our brain and in so and so I notice you've will start the day with God I'm talking from a man's point of view then we didn't center during the day we don't want to do and not any annoying it in a war that it now they have visits is electronic warfare and mail and output thereof what is it there infrared a letter being on a target system playing so and expressionistic paint the target and so when they put that being a Nelson a rocket up office on that being an employer out of the air so while I've heard that these planes then have a Leica detector box that senses when the targets being painted in this case there the target and so when it senses are being painted they take maneuvers to duck out of it and I think that we men need to know when revamping because in our agreement attempted during the day if you have the center of the Boulevard it's too late you've been hit and I we've been here so I think is critical that the devotional life is now I offer this to them we've got to be careful in the spiritual life that means doing and doesn't become in SL that's the big one out and I did before whatever we do and I told him yesterday and in William remembers visiting lot on right-hand man and that is don't make your spiritual life single focus the broad spectrum the spiritual life not this big and I'm even said this and by the way did you see the book I wrote about Vegas called is called Lord save my church tackling the tough issues and a fanatic I would be careful I would be careful of fanatic kids to be a person who is emphasizing one component at the expense of all the rest so we don't need to have all our spiritual life that they it needs to be broad-spectrum and of course the thing we've been trying to say in our talks together here is the spiritual life I has got a big from the inside how an NI Verizon yesterday that Hindus are vegan that tell you anything that you don't have to be born again to have an external life of standards in this book I even say in their soundbites and ninety five level that the uniform a soldier wears is not a moral issue but it's a life-and-death issue because it shows was cited and so then God can expect that his children are going to look different than than those who are not and I think we need to be real sensitive that if pedophiles who are green eyes is what I nowhere are you in the know themselves and how they were only dreams either depends on who wears them so don't forget that Christian standards are significant though they may not always be more on those whom God would sanctify he must separate the word holiness really means to be separate and there's two checks that we really need to get a handle on one is love not the world neither the things that are in the world and if we insist on loving the world sooner or later the love of the father 's push to I and another one says that those who love it finally become enemies of God this oh Jones creditors do some stuff like your grandpa talking to you don't mind I don't get mad when grandpa talk to you white hair like this you can say things you can never say in it if he was saying what I'm saying you punch them out not forgot one of them say what was I saying you forgot that's what I believe though I hate to our year-old Sunni ministers have been sought thing that adhere in what I'm going to say someone goes to church on silent and in the Hertfordshire and I go home and say and I was concerned will change my life on the removes your friends is what was it about I don't reason with him and I and you know that could happen here from this this Congress were because I was talking to someone this morning they said this is so wonderful but this is every beware that I this isn't me and so and so what because we can go back I was telling them yesterday too I said you know it's easy to have a double why sacred live in a secular life and and and I this illustration now you heard people say Michigan Jesus the first place in your life and is so dominant tell you how that works my wife's name is Betty and he would like her I'm sure to update your dialogue of her when she was eighteen and he is debating because you know what I felt like I tell people like you I said I wasn't born this way which means that I used to be like you and wishing you really like me him and our work I work I was having somebody at the table to that old age and I'm not on the Internet is the ultimate insult in human existence is to destroy in fact I was just thinking the other day we talk about the time of trouble it comes to every one of us it is called over no seriously I knew we was reading the other day Ecclesiastes seven forward and it talks about what's going to come in and in fact it says if you understand that early on you lived different and I think that's really because you see those old people and I also told them yesterday I said if you want to do humanitarian work even missionary work it can fit in your youth group do something for the eight that means go to a convalescent home and comparability payment until sometime this morning I said put your hand on their as nobody touches the their hands all wrinkled and little prune of all shriveled if the time of trouble as a time of trouble is painful of we all infected I was looking at your lab report the other day and night you know what I found out your old age positive he didn't get the day anyway another thing that I don't need to tell you you know we haven't started a little thing yet we will then so I need to tell you these things and don't forget them don't know don't forget the because I don't know where you're at it I can assume that everybody hears the good guy but were really just real guys that we had intention but but but when we leave something else I believe personally that television is the destroyer and I think it's the really in a concentrated way is the worst thing is happening to if setting our our our our dress code is our values everything in and in and in fact it I tell people what I I do revival business I see you can set it Sabbath and really be blessed the home flip on the TV tonight it's all go visit destroy now as I've heard some people say well I only watched a good program and I was talking to families and they got a TV they decided they were going to watch only the good programs they said what was it only a month later they were watching everything that came down the pike and bass could not tell anything a check now I know you're not in where I am because you're not all married everything but I tell this story then tell you know sometimes in the home and home of husband Hill was to as a television news is a problem in the wife should finish against spiritual blessing from watching a soap opera and so is unable to come up with a pretty weird stuff you know you got to know how the other half lives in a witness to and so I told him and I said if your wife I can say a spiritual blessing from watching the soap operas negotiate something whether they can deal and do this and you say honey I recognize that you give spiritual blessing from watching the soap operas let's make a deal will have a television for five years and then will be without one for five years and shows it oh so sweet NASA regarding how your five years or but seriously I don't let that get into your life I would assume that should go but don't let it in we don't need that I donated say about music and all the residents to destroy noise getting into our churches you're aware of that I in this book I wrote called the loans I save my church it is a big long chapters are just little things in the extent talking points I said Hollywood uses art Madison Avenue uses sex to sell everything is it possible that we would use sex to sell the gospel jazz how would we do it music that sound on that modern sound business sex and he noticed you can't knows you can listen to a margin you can do your foot up and down you can listen to that music under your foot you have to use your power they can't worship God with you that's just it's it's it and some people say a word about the music that's baloney that's below if it's just a unaware that music is not the word you can under understand half the time it's all about the music not that he will know what I'm saying but you know the music is everything and and and of music was and what about when you go to the dentist you know you'd be playing the theme from haunted house there in his waiting room and in an scary audio with salt so the music is definitely below is a really incensed about anyways into the church and it breaks my heart not every church but it's it's it's spreading this rumor spread are you all right so far and it would by the way another thing is that and I don't it's hard to avoid this and that is there is a split coming in a longitudinal legend say that I but we've got to remember that Jesus didn't come to judgment to say and that a person can appear to be on one side the day but if we locking end of that we lose our influence with so so we've got to spin so let's and it's hard for me that's trying not to condemn people but let's speak to principal and we've got to be careful that being conservative people like we are we can be very unkind we got avoid a relative prayer story commander that this happened in the East Pakistan Pakistan is to be split into later the eastern part became law of Monument and so I was over and the what I thought it was summer school and I was teaching it was ministers and teachers and others were grown people and so I would teach until twelve and then taken that Brazil is really you know and then starting in three and out in the long munitions mostly Muslim the that area was in the Java Park school so anyway and you could hear the drums beating United and when we lose and it was really down like that so so I one day I was taking a nap and there was a knock at the door and I went to the door and there were three or four of these pastors Italy's teachers that will business class with recent pastoral fail there's a lady out of the gate that says that the devil is about to kill her daughter and and here's the story this was a Christian family and may have lots of children and one of their teenage of a thirteen -year-old had gotten sick and then try doing and then lit away everything they could to help her get well it wasn't working and I don't what she had installation once you take her to be his new whatever it was cooler for Easter I don't know what they call a and maybe he can help them in their Christian but they decide to do it and listen to what I'm about to say sometimes what we do to get out of trouble gets us into bigger trouble than the trouble and somebody said that we can't trust even on judgment because the Scripture says my thoughts are not your thoughts in other words we take off from off of a wrong way so anyway they took her to this is what I wrote was and he says she very well if they would put pain I went to be more like aikido but will call in the path are they called the share something like that was like a kilo if it developed a one pound of sugar for each pound of her body weight shifted with and I agreed to do it but they were too poor they couldn't and so a lot some time went by and she was never she's thirteen twelve or thirteen she's across the river at her uncle 's place this date and had gone to the well to get water and when I think it what I don't mean this in advance I mean like this and so so they're getting water out of the ground comes the same evil spirit and said he didn't pay off you don't pay I wonder if you don't family killed and so she drops right on the water jugs and everything and she goes home she is crying she said mom dad do something they're going to kill me to pool so that David I was taking a nap she's walking along beside the river and the thing comes out of the bushes and incisions in pain now you die she went down on the ground and she is in a coma and that's when the mother 's knocking on the doors that you got it do so and so a lot when I heard that story I knew what that was about what was going to be about isn't about exorcism you know you heard that before casting out the name and you know what the magic words are for that what are they in the name of Jesus we command the spirits of the part so I knew that that's what we would let us pray by an but I had heard about this admonition stories I wish they still admissions the residence that was in ascendancy all apart and Sabbath who by the way was the alleged original small group we got stuck we don't about small groups we were doing small groups before these other people were ever born in a Sabbath school class they just ask you how much literature you distributed Bible studies it was never those days and you know why they changed it because of that estate this is what we were lowering the bar they were afraid that they were going to embarrass somebody so they quit asking it all so and are not asking if you're distributing energy guess what you're not going to kill the whole concept because they were dwelling at lowering it to the loser in the honest elements that so anyway I knew that this was the envy of prayer and exorcism prayer it was then say what the name of Jesus but when I decided to do because I'd heard stories like this at intermission stories I decided to take all the mission stories ever heard in composite a checklist lady is a recipe and I decided I would do it whatever they did because in the nation stories that always turns our and so and so I never than that when you go in the presence of the devil what you got have with you the others of the Bible and I figured United commingling and health but not slightly figures even hear those stories and I heard a story from Sri Lanka or a girl was being harassed by evil spirits and so he said put it under your mattress either of your pillow that'll keep you safe and she woke up the next morning it had been ripped to shreds pieces like that but anyway I didn't know that fortunately so I got my my Bible and then I heard that if you go into the presence of the devil and you have unconfessed sin heals now allowed whenever there and you want them to happen is so you know where I'm coming from the another without a checklist I want to leave anything out so we had our prayer and confess our sins enough in Ridgewood on my checklist I couldn't think of anything more to do it was time to go with it wasn't far we went down to where she lived as we walked up there was loud wailing crying in own and when Jesus went to the house a little girl and so I asked them to be quiet and there she was lying on the ground right by the door wearing a green sorry perfect parent has felt exhausted check and I went over and I looked at her and she was she was unconscious and not somebody said you want to hear talk house and they said when we put some special leaves under her nose she taught us out a lot here you could be talking to the devil I knew what the magic word and images we made a little half circle around your the first one prayed in Bengali I didn't understand the language but I had my eyes closed and when he got to the place where I imagine he heard in the name object we do this in the name of Jesus we can outline because what was to happen it did nothing I thought all we left out anything next version prayed nothing like her and I felt was going on and I thought well maybe you can't just say in the name of Jesus he got a flesh out your prayer make along like in church him they were in and when you come to the part in the name of Jesus you can understand the name of Jesus he got a new life on the holdings of the quake on the Pentecostal dingoes in the name of James I and the other whether their synthesis so I decided that I know because it wasn't working and so I'm on my turn I printed longest per I can think of his own big words that occurred to me and then when it came time to his own power words I should powerfully in the changes with an amazingly spiritual part of alive nothing in that moment ladies and gentlemen I forgot everything I been doing and it tears started coming out of my eyes I didn't have time to say Google images stream down my cheeks like it's never happened before and I just cried out and said oh please in that moment she opened her and I reached down to her by the hand lifted her up the reason I tell you that story is not magic word is the affection what kind of prayer fervent prayer is a this is the problem with prayer is very easy in the spiritual life hot wants to be a means to an end becomes available shall pay any evening prayer you know have you ever been saying a prayer it might have to wait yourself of the same will search alumni honest with we all have a pop-up Glendale was having lunch and I I got about halfway through my lunch and I said I wonder him either no I don't know by noon sure I do so what did I do send it again I I don't know whether they are not residing at first and I heard a story of the lady working the telephone company and she came over lunch one day and she nodded her head and said hello telephone company to see how this work and so and so that's what in other words whatever inspiration we got here whatever whatever was in a whatever tricks of the trade is the wrong word understand that there is still sexual servant it's got a be it with all your heart and signify and I think that we were speaking of the other fruitless that remember the further spirit of Jesus and Ashton on our because it said behold I stand at the door and an yesterday we were saying this that you can't split the fruit of the spirit and sell take a little bit of love and optics locations but I don't want to be tied in August this word I is a big word I preached about this because I have I have a huge burden for all home on the one thing we haven't and we all came from home and I've been pretty far out but you came from the home and you make one never been able to help the one you came from but you get to do the one is coming at all the things that you and I do besides given her heart to Jesus that's the big that's the big and so this is why Burton and I said yesterday in Houston are the hardest place to be a Christian as at home I saw two sisters standing this morning as I live and I said something and they said the were sisters I said I wasn't going to an and I told him I sent being kind to each other I was in an airport there were two little twins about this big and and and and I can hear is carrying on and I heard the mothers-in-law it ought to do any of you actually must've been accusing her innovators so and when you have why here you can do don't you try this but when you have wider you can do this I just walked over clearly here I just put my face down by the presence of she's not me and they smiled upon was over and about but at home escorts at on the further spirit is at home I went missing as a whole lot of the other witness to the locals in Alaska try to baptize thousand people there in South America açai but we've got to be careful that we don't hear the outrage as an excuse when Henry is I got a boy I wrote a book about that boy called Lord Tinker mentioned to save my children and Boyd Boyd is out of phase he was a drunk guy he's a fine boy if you'd seen as a suite is a convenient raise in South America with us in every time he comes in the house and getting against the guys thirty eight years old I thought what he said to me that a that I don't need God my life I pray God do something I say I will seem as if the problem I wish all my kids were ministers and Bible work I get so tired of praying for him to relay what is the text say pray without ceasing my seventy don't give up don't give and that if your dad is not a Christian I am not a Christian a living is some irregular that's for the start is not about telling them you know who to go to all why did you lose your jobs as you know what I mean a read him the riot act it's about being because many times especially us people that are little more traditional the way we live blocks out what we preach are or what we say it is just not what Jesus was saying and this is why you know what this is what I feel and I'm convinced that that the fruit of the spirit and you know that's Galatians five twenty five two and twenty three and it's it's a list of things and that's what we want and you know we hear the swirly goodness nonreligious I can't believe this with the fruit of the spirit can't be because his attitude its kindness and gentleness and patience since love it it is self-control and render that the next round that by way self-control of the laugh but it's the foundation holds the others are will talk about that but anyway I only share this with you because because homes hard home is hard but I had a sister didn't speak to me for five years and I'm not just telling you what you don't know who you know I heard somebody say when I'm on my bill last week the boat goes him him him the because why were all the same boat where the same and so and so we need and I think we need to help reach out we need to encourage each other and had experience in my life about about five years ago or four years ago when I said encourage each other I should've said we need to coverage note when you see a person that's going through an experience no telling what he ought not it is likely his illustration again I is an illustration of children in a north of Childers is carrying something in our something is full of one areas and using the careful you'll dropped in to tell you keep your mouth shut and help him clean it up and if you go to give a little thought given in the afternoon and there were a discretion straggling on his hot don't specify not describe because you know the people that work in various metals at all when you get it hot you've been at it state that and so would we strike with iron is hot we then and and and and Jesus doesn't strike when the iron is hot in it if you want to read something break your heart it breaks my heart read read Isaiah sixty one what effect I think is correct still there's so much talk then Isaiah about Jesus it's just wonderful it's wonderful but this is this is what I lie because this is this is what the spirit of ha ha the spirit of the Star Wars watch this the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to what you preach the good tidings to the meeting he sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and opening a present to them that are and I think that's what God called us to to bind up the broken decided liberty those enough not a hard lot and I want that for my life and I told him yesterday and I want to tell you today that the ten Commandments are not just exited off I should say the Commandments of God are not just exited the Commandments of God are also Matthew five there just is just as much the will of God is also Philippians four eight was a well-done if you didn't know that sermon on the Mount is is a command is not optional listen other poor in spirit for theirs the King of heaven in the whole list and that an end and an acting Galatians five twenty two and that is not optional that's what the Christian life is an self and also I sent yesterday to know this sounds awful but overcoming sin is only half over coming soon is only half up the story Jesus told by Kathy out the devil slapped gently what happened because NY wasn't Phil and so really we should say that the objective of our lives in a practical sense is to have the fruit of the spirit and of course all in the first Christian life is something and they both sat and held by the way this brings up something about devotional life and I'm not being disrespectful or critical our speaker I love the sunglasses was beautiful but he said make time for a devotional life you can there's only twenty four hours in the day you can add a internal so the devotional life only works if you take something out so so we want a devotional life we can't put it on top of the convincingly pull something out anyway anyway the Christian life is a doable in the enemy the Christian life is our natural tendency are natural and that's what I'm convinced that the operating the Spirit driven operating enabling his repentance we don't hear that word anymore but not without repentance nothing else for at the repentance doesn't compromise it comes from Jesus behold I stand in northern Iraq and so basically it's a matter of letting Jesus into our law taking knocks and and and we respond and enters another thing I'm not sure if I'm right on the butt I believe that it's hard to respond to Jesus in good time and a notepad you have these ministries to the postmodern Inoue got a window pulled on and rich people and all that everything I think Paul tried that a large-scale painting in my job is that I will be doing that anymore and so I believe that the one you are thinking so no one will do that when your marriage is broken up you've lost your job you got you know something really bad then using his account out and say so this is what also I believe that if we pray that then everything will go our way then you will work with removing potentially from our lives the very thing that would bring us closer to the indictment alleges that I severed are you better than I I I was telling someone outside the door this morning I said that if we had Mister Daniel he was delivered from the law most of the Christian after Jesus working think about that the three Hebrew children were delivered from the fiery furnace good but most of the people after Jesus work fortunes and accountancy and so I think that's why we've got to serve that we think you know that we would be like Daniel I'm sorry one of be like when the disciples and they were all martyred but one and so and so this is critical to us and in fact my take on this all you help why why how why all these Americans fail desolate is because because the Israelites work would be that gene pool from which Jews would come in for ineffective at best degree of hangman had worked at night we wouldn't have Jesus because there would've been no line for them to come if OSA and so we find God doing things in the Old Testament to preserve the you know that the testing as was here because since then now the blood of martyrs encompassing to spread the gospel I think we've got understand that because of the effect we may live the Christian in other words in other words we pray that all of everything love love love love within we may be somewhere else so we've got to be willing to suffer for his sake if necessary to die for it whatever it takes I want that and that's what I pray for my life this is what every day it is good times or bad if you want me to be a throwaway on Sarai and this is another thing God doesn't put all of his eggs in one basket is a godsend should go you know you need a really done it doesn't have been he doesn't put all his eggs in one basket and you know we were talking this pedal is a half a nurse here from mainland China did you know that eating better yet bless her heart she's so sweet she works in a hospital over there and I don't know if there is I asked about the church over the its teeny-weeny and if you know that they say how to counter them but they save is one five three billion Chinese you think Jesus I demo and all listen listen pay that's a surge number and advantage in a number the people say just like in the inside as you know the things that are right those in the law is going in there I don't know either the hobby he's going to have people from every play and did I tell you yesterday why does not have been made people who noted in a wide environment many black him him because they're not many of us here who most of God 's children most of the human race has brown eyes like a black care and a little color to the skin is not my right eye O most of the human race brown eyes black hair and a little color in our crowd is about that and so is not to be many of us in heaven because were so few here and another reason we are to have our reality how to say that anyway are you know what I'm talking about what I'm talking about this this this whole thing on me for the spirit I think is really important I I did the Sabbath school lesson for that and it changed my life and I realized that it is not my provider by power but not by my spirit and we were saying yesterday that people think of the Holy Spirit event but seldom outlawing of the Holy Spirit salute do miracles Ogden air break Jesus did miracles every fed the five thousand enlisted men we could save some blood you and you know I will be here for breakfast tomorrow in that way it works lesson miracles are not afraid of her I'm talking about if their perpetual hot they work against the kingdom of God and so proved I personally think that if America is going to be done in Jesus but have to decide when to do it and that I shouldn't feel that if is not miracles involve sick I pray for not healed if the government didn't have the answer this is another thing we talk about this is an eye on repeating myself a little bit is that I know this whatsoever you ask in my name well it seemed between alive in his name and what that means that based on his side that means on his side and so we have a tendency to pray for any goofy things and and and and and this is the problem will pray well you know I'm going to get in anger and respond to the Lord forgive me for not having studied old submerged to him so I was in jail once and they'll in this life is fully cause-and-effect God doesn't there was a five follows the building it's rare that he would cancel gravity to keep me from the groundhog and this is critical in your life because we can deceive ourselves say well I'm a committed Christian here all all go eighty miles an hour there down in the fall in August pray that the Lord be with all dollars if you run coming from and in so and so is the bidding committed Christians doesn't set us apart from the from the laws of cause and effect what the Scriptures say whatever you so you wait and so we need to find out how that works and then everything that happened to us that that that one are false let's say and I mentioned yesterday though they were here life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you I can't help what happens to me that I get to choose what I keep mentioning things at home if your daddy or biologist in all off-the-wall you can help but you get to decide what you and I want remain go about it this illustration that I have if I pray for discernment ensure Church of England if they are going great once I was always being about bitterness resident about the fact that God gives us the gift of freedom and what bitterness and resentment does to us it destroys and how most of the time were bitter and resentful against somebody in the closed circle and I tell my bitterness resentment does I was very as this illustration made this one up supposing you know I live in Florida and is a long-standing state and supposing there is a young man there and is he lives in Key West and eight hates his day now nobody likes to say that hate and they just can't stand in a car radio and put it and so this guy hates his vanity says man honoring his faraway flight as I I don't want I don't want to see him no more and I say to you where you go boy this will all go to Alaska to get that Key West Alaska is one front and it will distance and I say boy and as well we know when enough people against whom we have bitterness resentment but with us wherever we go Chris and I have keep us from doing the right thing because you know I was talking with a girl one time she's ever problem with mother I said why don't you just go ask your mother for forgetting Jesus I know I should but if I did she think she's right she's well so you say can you see when we get off the track it messes up our line I get to decide now what my parents are like the other I know where I can decide whether the negative but I got to decide what to do about I can destroy myself this is widescreen and that's why you said over and over again we've got to start the Christian life home it's got to go there and in other words it is not working at home don't even talk to me about the room before the rulers and women went from Philippines I like to know what I like about persons if you know you can tell jokes and some people some country like a Filipino then under that mandated that I like that in your paper that way I think none of them so anyway let's just look is almost time you don't know who this time within your last round and want to talk about self-control and ten Tipton and this is going to be health and you never heard of this way before it remained in over the last for the spirit with which they got an idea in other words I haven't just got off that he got the idea that you read between the lines so are going to come to the last one self-control so I take a break this media was produced by all your words and hope medium ministry see generation and would like to listen to more this presentation work you would like to learn more about emergency of the GUI see the Web or emulsifying treatment see you on your burgers board and had videos .com


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