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8. The Topic that Satan Hates

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


What is the topic Satan hates? Why does he hate this topic? Find out about this amazing truth in this lecture.



  • February 14, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Tonight our topic is a topic that stated Bible reveals to us that the devil has most of the world all both me and the fire world and time we did it once already back and know it day in fact the more than two million people that lived before the flood as scholars estimate how many were not deceived by the devil only eight people and that in Matthew twenty four earth thirty seven. But as the days of Noah were those so also the coming of the Son of man. He evidently it is time also point to deceive almost the entire world. So if we discover something tonight the whole world is doing that it really is contrary to the Bible should we be surprised you know because Jesus said just as it was the day that the devil to see almost the whole world. So he's going to do it again it isn't like there's only one thing that will keep us from being to see what that. That is God's word. Jesus says it John eight thirty two. Would you read this with us. You shall know that you don't have the church make you free. However sometimes the truth hurts but God never since the church hurt us that rather to it like than to say and the Bible tells us in Daniel twelve or better that time of the knowledge will be creeped out it is not really dealing with knowledge regarding technology but this is dealing with an increase of knowledge regarding the Word of God and end time knowledge concerning the truth of God's word. With the increase that we have tonight what we look at is new. Do then consider it at the pulpit Bible prophecy that at the end time knowledge would be increased. You're going to study the topic that Satan hate This is a topic that devil would rather you would back to cover but you're here so you're going to learn about it or those who murdered this then the devil take them from following or obeying it you see the devil doesn't mind if we discover truth it rather we did it but he doesn't mind if we learn the truth. As long as we don't hate as long as we don't obey it we don't follow Jesus it either said He shall know the truth and the truth will do us three How ever the truth will make you free if you follow it if you obey it. We've been together now for over a week. Our prophecies of hope program and we feel like we've gotten acquainted with any of you like we are your friends but I hope you feel that way toward us what we're going to share tonight we share as a rail attack on you or your day or your background. We're sharing this as frail a friend to a friend. So if the truth hurts Will you forgive us. You want the truth and I want that so you've met the man but what is the topic you want to know. I feel a bit shocking for some but you this. I feel like a bucket of ice water poured down your back. Are you ready. All right here we go. We're going to begin a Revelation Chapter fourteen verses six and seven. God said they best bits of the world to prepare the world for him. That's reverses six and seven. The Bible says. Marketed your notes Revelation fourteen six and seven and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach at the well of the earth and every nation and kindred and people said with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to hear or the hour of his judgment it's come up and do what we're ship here that may have a sea of the fountains of water. Bible says worship Him that made or created at a time when evolution has become the orthodox explanation of the origin of the world. The Bible says worship the creator that lead the. That leaves us with this question Who is the creator. Well dances that were going on was so on one earth is one of the three. John one hundred three. Bible says In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God The same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was me it was the words on earth fourteen says the word with me. Well we know that is even though we know now that Jesus was the creator and the earth angel told us the worship the creator or there's another thing a lot of us wants to see but it you know it does provide here. That's Jesus were things created. We know the Father and the Holy Spirit were working together recreation. But Jesus was the activity of the creator of the first angel says the create law. Well that leaves us with this question tonight. What is the line of Rights read of how or what memorial did he raise up through a mind that we didn't come from the monkey through mind that our origin was not evolution. Well let's go all the way back to the beginning. We're going all the way back to the Book of Genesis and while we go back there we want to ask this question why don't the weak have a day you know that the university scholars cannot answer that question why we can't have a day so well that the reason why the week has seven days is because God the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day. But if you don't believe that God made this earth in six literal days and rested on the seventh day then tell us why it is that we can seven day. We can give an astronomical reason why the Year at the bottom of the day have their certain time frame but there is no astronomical reason why the week should have seven days and yet around the world every country every culture virtually every religion follows the seven day weekly cycle as inevitable. God created this world in six days and rested on the seventh day. But what he had got to that seven day. Well let's go back to Genesis Genesis one of the three. This is all the way back at the beginning. Genesis two hundred three and let's see what the Bible says about the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them in literal days finished the work of creation and now it's notice what happens on the seventh day on the seventh day God did did his work which he had made it he rested on the what. The seventh day from all his work which he and God bless the witch that the seventh day in fact if I did because that it had he had arrested for of all his work which God created me so god is three things on the seven day being well he ran on the seventh day number two people as the seventh day and number three. He thinks if I did set it apart for a whole use for a holy purpose only God could make it a holy. So evidently then the Sabbath is a memorial of creation of the seventh day to remind us that we need. We were not we didn't evolve. God created us at by one man who did not keep the original Sabbath and God I have a question for you tonight my friend. Does the devil want us to remember the creator god. No I don't think so that's why it introduced the theory of evolution. God knowing that we might forget knowing that the devil might seek to lead us to forget where we came from. God wrote us a reminder of creation with his own finger. Let's go to notice that from Exodus twenty versus eight through eleven this is the fourth commandment of the Ten Commandments and the Ten Commandments are not ten suggestions they are ten commandments and the Fourth Commandment God says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy why didn't they rebel for life again. Sometimes when I go shopping. I wife will say honey remember Would you go to the store remember to buy me some banana ladies why does my wife help me to remember what. I come back. My wife is worse of banana. I though I forgot what I told you to remember. God told us to remember and what do we do. We forgot that one commandment God told us to remember is the one we forgot. Maybe that's why he said Remember West can't you remember something you never knew before how many of you here remember of my birthday let me see your hands white Oh I never told you how many of you remember that day when Rome had all of that day. Well as can be remembered that because you had learned it before obviously the Sabbath existed before Mt Sinai. Otherwise God would not of said remember. Let's read the whole Mercier acted twenty verses there. Remember remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Labor and do all the work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God get it out not do any work now under that son daughter that man servant or that maid servant or that cattle know that stranger that is Nike. Even the gentile the stranger is that wholly lean on poor in six days the Lord made heaven enter the and all that in them in and rest at the seven day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. There you find those same three things we thought God rested on the seventh day the seventh day anyhow. Or do you think the body made of holy seven days. Here you see the reason for the seventh day the reason for the war in the sixth day. Here's why. Or because. Because in six days the Lord may have it or see it all that in the ME is God is the creator and the first angel tells us commands us to worship Victorien or God Revelation fourteen versus six and seven who made they haven't in the year worship the creator that's worship right. The Sabbath is of a Morial Timothy Morial. First of all creation. Exodus twenty two eleven. But it's also a lot more oil of salvation and you could put down in your notes. We killed twenty verses twelve and twenty. It's a memorial of creation and recreated as God to recreate his the Sabbath is a sign of those Exodus twenty twenty what the Sabbath rebind who paid the Sabbath. Well the same one who made the world it was that. That's why you're reading kolaches one sixty four by Jesus were all things created and Exodus twenty eleven or in six days the Lord made heaven and earth. We know that the Lord Jesus Christ. So again as the Lord of the Sabbath the Sabbath in the Lord's day. Why was that the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God. Have you heard about the Lord Lord day is the Sabbath. You can read about the Lord's day in the Bible. Here's an example. Revelation one can't. Where it stands there as orchid there are police. What I was in the spirit on the Lord's day. What is the Lord's Day of the Lord Himself. There's Matthew twelve the present not a man is Lord even of the Sabbath. And another attack this is for part two twenty eight of Luke. Next five therefore the thought of it is also Lord of the pappa So the Sabbath then it is the Lord's Day which is that you Lord for twelve people are confused which day really it is the Lord's day. Some people say well it's Saturday a week other people think well now that you Testament it Sunday and the question is who is right. Well let's get our answer from the Lord Himself. We're reading from Exodus twenty eleven God says the Lord says remember that but they notice that he is specific. If I told you to bring a book. But if I tell you to bring me the book you know what I'm talking about I guess the big book God says the Sabbath day remember is the Sabbath day to keep it holy isn't it that the seventh day is the Sabbath. Everything specific after work but the seven. So there's a Sabbath got that as the seventh day is and which day is the seven day all we have to do is look at the dictionary calendar and we find out that the seventh day is Saturday. Alternate English Sunday is the first thing I see that also at the encyclopedia or the dictionary for that which day then that is the Lord God of the Bible. Well evidently according to the Bible it is Saturdays of the week but I have another question for you this isn't the Sabbath just for the Jews. Well let's read what the Lord said about it this is Mark two. Twenty seven are to verse twenty seven and I might mention you don't by the expression Sabbath of the Jews or Jewish Sabbath anywhere in the Bible are to verse twenty seven Jesus that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. The Bible says that the Sabbath was made for man. Is that a new way to spell two spells you know the Sabbath was made for man behind it it was given all the way back at creation. They go back to the beginning by their true June where Adam and Eve June. No God gave the Sabbath the beginning to time it was to be a blessing to man and something else we should notice here. The weekly sabbath cannot be a part of the ceremonial law because the Sabbath with given the fourth in the ceremonial law came after Spirit we all learned last night that there are a lot and did way it ended at the cross not the Ten Commandments but there are a lot of the cross. What the Sabbath is not part of the ceremonial law. So it did not end at the cross on the Sabbath is the most moral of creation three bind of our Creator or it still binding today just like the other a bit. ABBA was made for man. Is there something else that got back in the beginning for bedtime. Well in the beginning God gave mankind sacred institution to be a blessing for mankind. One was marriage and the other was the Sabbath. I've heard people say well the Sabbath That's it for the do but I've never heard anyone say well marriage that's just for the Jews. Oh we don't pick up do. The Bible gave the Sabbath in marriage to mankind to be a blessing to hear that raises a question What has the devil into the sacred here. God gave to be unkind in the beginning. What the devil does the very you look around you can see the devil as been attacking the buried institution Hollywood and they gave movement. It seems they want to destroy the Marriott as an institution. What about. All we have to look around the world and see how few people are observing the Sabbath and we can know that the topic this hate is really the Sabbath. Yeah you know what is the topic. Just look around and see how you people observes. Saturday is the true according to the Bible. Here's another question does it really batter back somebody wrote in a question like I didn't hear my question. Somebody wrote in The question does it really matter what day we worship. Does it really matter. Oh God told Adam and be known from the root of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil God made sure that God wouldn't cause Adam and Eve hit da I guess for taking a bite out of a piece of fruit got that particular Izzy is that now some people say well I don't have to worry about the Sabbath as long as I keep one day out of seven. Let me illustrate this way let's suppose I were a single man and Suppose you had seven daughter and I came to us that like to bury one of your seven daughter. Well if you like to paint you say which one of my seven daughters would you like to have. Suppose I say this. I don't hear a woman's a woman. They're all the same. Just give me any one of people say a day is a day what difference does it make if I were to tell you they're all the same you say OK you go find your woman on the street. My daughters are special there's a special day with God a day that he thanked if I said a part is holy and other people say well I keep every day holy I don't have I don't have to worry about keeping the Sabbath holy because I keep every day holy can't do that and God did not say six days of that. People eat and rest and the seventh day sell the rest to a person they keep every day holy it doesn't work is one very lazy person. I tell people that they they keep every day holy. You should go out and get a job. Oh yeah labor that would be like me telling you I want to bury all seven of your daughter. What we're now some people say OK holy Let's suppose I have a theory that the seven Bible and I tell you you could have any one of those seven Bible for free. Pick one but in one of those seven Bibles I put in five hundred euro bill. Could you get a blessing out of any one of those Bible. Oh of course you can get a blessing out of any Bible but if you want this last thing apply thousand euros in which Bible must you pick the one that money in that's right. God did not last the first day or the third day or the fifth day blessed the seventh day and if I want to experience the blessed thing God put it the day I have to pick the people. Yes I've had people say when I started keeping capital I've been blessed in ways I was never left the other day or didn't bless those the other day. Now other people say well I keep the Sabbath spirit I keep the Sabbath in my heart I don't have to worry about the letter of the law but let the bad to that young couple that got married. They've been living together while they are lawfully married and one day though I discover her husband having an affair and she confronts him and he says Well honey I still love you don't worry about the letter of the law I still am thinking about you when I did bed with that other woman I'm still thinking I love you too. Which she except for her husband. Ladies if he's not sleeping in his action if he's not keeping it is all wrong and I suspect with all the care if we're not keeping the Sabbath active We're not keeping it it are already there. So son what's the answer to the question does it matter. Well evidently it does matter to God that's like voted in so you know some people get it Jesus changed the day and we would walk season kept holy because the Bible tells us first Peter T. twenty one. First on his big ears are example a Christian is called a Christian because they fall upright. Whatever take the one people we are what do great things we're told. While it was all you know what he did what Jesus Holy or three or verse he loop or ever think you know and he that. Even came to Nazareth where brought up and as his custom was he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up. Or to repeat it was Christ rabbit discuss to keep the Sabbath. However Jesus healed people of us up and because he healed people of the Sabbath the James said that he was pretty this up. The Jews also stated that he Blessed Be Blessed Be though they said he had a devil that Jesus was even to them though they would help an animal of the sap but they would not help a fellow human being on a cell and so would Jesus helped people heal people they said it was breaking the Sabbath. He was not breaking the Sabbath. You would not buy Jesus in the carpenter shop but he would help people of the seven and Jesus said that he kept his Father's Commandments. John fifteen birth and Jesus kept the Bible Sabbath holy and Jesus till the last forty fifty if you love thing like my commandments happen after the commandments are there is the Ten Commandments. I am it's a kind of a quest. Bible tells us in James two verse then prove to have a cell keep the whole law and yet abandon one point he is guilty of all the Devil does not care with your break as long as you break at least what is it you're a law breaker. Can we be sure that Saturday's is there that we can we be sure that yes we can and one of the best way to be sure is by the Bible the best way on which Jesus the Bible tells us he died on Friday don't let anybody try to convince you either. I don't know when there's another day he died Friday. We could prove that. That's why every year we have what's called Good Friday. Let's read this. Twenty six. We won't read all of them but you could put it in your notebook just read verse or I will present that day was the preparation of the Sabbath do on though that was the day they prepared for the Sabbath it was Friday and the Sabbath drew on because the sun was approaching the horizon and that's what a day began with the sunset Minogue and the women also which came with him from Galilee followed after and beheld the septic or now his body was away and they returned and prepared spices Benoit ments and arrests that the Sabbath day according to the commandment or to do its command go out into the Fourth Commandment where God says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Here we have Christ followers after his death. Keeping the kept man but according to the commandment. So apparently a Bible Sabbath is the day after Friday. That's the God's holy day. Me ask you who else was resting that Sabbath in the two jays after completing his work of creation in the beginning. Jesus rest after completing his work of recreated redemption. We might say Jesus arrest even him. Yeah right. Yep the next question is on which stated Jesus RA. Well that's why every year we have what's called Easter Sunday Resurrection Sunday or three that from the Bible. Twenty four one of the three market in your notes. Now part of the earth of the week with de gras they're the week very early in the morning. They came until those the poker the gravy bringing the spices which they had prepared it search of others with them and they found a stoat rolled away from the sucker of the to and they entered it and not the body of the Lord Jesus. Why not. Because he had arisen what they other week or day of the week. You may have seen a calendar that started with Monday first day and it was Sunday. Seventh day is Monday the first day that we know those people that say well we we should worship on Sunday because Christ rose up that that well at the rose on the first day but that is the first day month a holy. Oh but he comes to that includes Biblically the first day of the week is with DAY It is Sunday that the day Christ robes. Here are the order of the event right action Friday preparation day. He with body died on Friday that the next day he rested in the do that that day we call that today Saturday and Sunday the first day of the wheat from the grey. Please notice God's holy day right in between Friday and Sunday that's the day that God called old gospel or that thirty five years after resurrection and he doesn't indicate anywhere that at that time they were keeping but they don't honor the resurrection of Christ. If you think that no change has happened at the weekly cycle of the very beginning the weekly cycle of. Never chase they change the calendar. The Probably the biggest change back in eighty two when they added ten days of the calendar to get it into sync with the soul of the A because they went from there is data for the Friday of the fifty. Did that change the weekly cycle. You know every four years we change our calendar the way we add an extra day to this but not this year but every four years we had an extra day to February is it change the weekly cycle the weekly cycle has never been changed. Yes as the seventh day of the week in the beginning when God created the world but they have Saturday it's the same today. There are fifty five ways to identify the true Sabbath the Bible says the best way that Sabbath is between Friday and Sunday effort to use the dictionary of the Encyclopedia which will tell you that a day seven day Sunday Earth Day And then number three is the calendar calendar will usually tell you that Sunday is the first day Saturday is the seventh day at least all the religious Calvary every church calendar for every church every denomination. Start with of the ends with that or that that report is that you ask if you do you say is gats holy day. They'll tell you it's Saturday seventh the other week and number five is the languages of the world this is an interesting one because in more than one hundred forty languages of the world there that we simply call Abba. What is that it. I will go with scum. Sabbath. What about Russia. Hundred forty different languages there that week is simply called fab. If you're speaking like you know right away from your very language which day is holy day. I know in English we had fatter day that makes a little more use but you know in your language which day is God's holy day. But shouldn't we keep Sunday holy to honor the Lord for of the record. Well praise God for the resurrection of Jesus because without it you wouldn't have any hope of the future. But can we really honor God by him. What do you think. Can we honor God by disobeying breaking one of His commandments. Little what Bible text instructs us to keep such a day holy an honor price resurrection. The fact is there aren't any uses actually give us baptism to commemorate his death burial and resurrection. I remember one time I presented the topic and there was a lady who went home. She called her pastor she said past where in the New Testament does it say that God has changed his holy day from Saturday to Sunday and her pastor said well it's somewhere in the book of Acts you said where was the bird I don't know but somewhere in the book of Acts you said but tell me what. What text he said Go read the book of Acts you'll find she saved up half the night that night. Read the whole book of Acts. She couldn't find the pet. She had her whole family changed over from the present day. Have a seventh day. Oh but just for the sake of the objections but consider some of the questions that people ask. We want to try to answer them. Here's one. Son are under grace and not under the law. Well we already looked at this last night. The common Roman six fourteen fifteen minutes will not have to mean over you for you are not under the law. A great book they will be and I have to keep the law anymore because the great let's read the next first part of the what then. What do I mean what is the breaking the law. We've been so we break God's law because we're not under the law but grace and he says God forbid what should you tell a person says we're not of the law. Great well you would say. But if it's a bridge you say Well tonight I'm going to go out and commit adultery as this coming Sunday I want to steal some of the body out of your church. You'll find out very quickly your preacher think you ought to keep at least nine of the dead. Now someone else asked Can anyone really keep the Ten Commandments. Anyway I remember I had a religious leader come to be one time after this lecture he said nobody could keep the ticket. I said Which one are you breaking. I said I'll bet you're stealing money from your church that's why you said you can't keep the thing you should I don't feel that there's one you're keeping. I said I'll bet you're having an affair with some woman at your church. That's why you said you can't have it when you have that he said I'm grateful to my wife. Q You're keeping. We went right down the list to get better every moment. Oh one commandment he was not keeping it was the Sabbath and so he can keep that it was Jesus actually say if you love me keep my commandments. If he telling us to do something that's not possible. Well it's not possible in our own thing. Oh God all things are possible. That's right and you could read the words of the lies of an ecclesiastic twelve thirteen. Mark this in your life span says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and He is commitment or this is the whole duty of yours look pulp it or severed rather earth seven thousand nine hundred eighty circuits this thing and circuits thing doesn't matter but the keeping of the commandments of God That's what's important. All the ears from St John first John two three and four saying job and here by we do know that we don't know him if he is he that say I know him and keep but not his commandments is day one is a lie or at the truth is not here. But Another common question somebody shouldn't we keep the Lord's Day always fear the Lord. But the Lord answered for us. Matthew twelve April the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath day. Another tax eat thirteen God says if you turn away your foot from the doing your pleasure on my holy day God called The Sabbath is a holy day and he asked us not to trample on it. Break the ample if we brought in a Filipino way here but on the ground it trampled all over it. Well what that indicates. Well that would indicate specs. And God says not to trample on his holy day his Sabbath it's your foot off. I wholly the guts it stop breaking the Sabbath so you see now someone says that I want to have one. Mamet reconfirmed reestablished in the New Testament like all the other nine commandments. Well let's prove that Jesus himself. This is after twenty or twenty you want this what after twenty or twenty. Jesus says but pray that your flight be not in the winter. These are on which day the sabbath day. Jesus was looking forty years into the future. Went through smoke would be destroyed by the Roman army that would be seventy eighty that's what rhythm was Troy. So he tells his followers you pray for the next forty years for a that you would not have to Jerusalem in the winter it would be cold problem in the winter or on the Sabbath. Any other day would be all right that we pray you would not have to do it on that day. Evidently expecting his followers to be keeping the Sabbath forty years after His resurrection. It was forty years later with Ruth destroyed and they were able to lead to roost on a Wednesday. They pray that God answered their prayer. Something else there is only one commandment that Jesus specific way told his followers the key after the craw and that is the father of course he wants that the people can't give it. But this is the only one that he specifically told his followers to keep after the girl at the twenty four twenty S E twenty four as a dual application it applies to we live they get it done it Christ followers keep the Sabbath after the craw yet they did not go read Acts thirteen first he acts thirteen. But when they departed for Burger they came and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and that this is of course the very the Paul and his evangelist see what they have. But that's dropped out of the same chapter you're taking notes. Acts thirteen forty two it says what the Jews were got out of the Senate that was the Church of the Gentiles be thought that these words might be preached to them when the next Sabbath some people say well all right not Sabbath because he was free to do what is the Gentiles. Why didn't Paul tell the Gentiles would you come tomorrow. What happened because you read a verse forty four it says and next Babbitt came almost the whole year the Word of God wonderful We got all of Mandela out to hear the Word of God go to the pier the Son of God but something else worth noting verse forty three says all a part of us persuaded them to can you see and what is the grace of God ready for a New Testament Christian. You think what they keeping the Sabbath holy act seventeen verse twelve we could read year about all and all that there is a manner or his habit was when he answered them in three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scripture. You could cry or that was the eighty's recorded at the New Testament eighty four. There's only one record of a beat that occurred on Sunday. We're going to look at that the part I didn't want to miss it. Here are the Sabbath back. Looking back that it was kept holy. First of all in Acts thirteen forty two to forty four it was also kept pulling in Philip I need thirteen. It was kept Olia. That's about seventy two to four and it was kept rolling in or in Act eighty or so we see the Sabbath kept only through the book of Acts throughout the New Testament world. They kept the Sabbath as their whole either from Adam to Moses all caught through faithful followers. Yep Sabbath promoted to Cheesus all god followers kept the Sabbath Jesus kept the Sabbath. The Apostles all kept the Sabbath and you are in good company would you keep the abbot. Yes that we're going to keep it even had the do have a debt that they were let's read that Isaiah sixty six twenty two twenty three or them I.P.F. sixty six twenty two or twenty three or as the new habits of the do or which I will make it for peace of the Lord. So you know your seed and your name and it took up the past from one another and from one but both do another job all flesh to worship it for me that the Lord in the Sabbath was kept holy in Eden or made into the world then it will be kept holy in the New World Order. Don't you think it would be good to keep the Sabbath now. I would think that there's actually a bless the rest of us to those who choose to keep the Sabbath. Some people say all Sabbath that's a sign of work. The Sabbath is not a sign of works unless you think you can hurt yourself. They sit by keeping this up. You can't hurt your salvation by keeping it want to protect your pet. The Sabbath is a side of harass noted Hebrew school are versus three and pull over in the new test in first for three and four for we believe this is for the believer. You enter into wrath as he said as I have sworn in Iran if they so enter into my rest. Although the work for a finished of the foundation of the world. What rest is God referring to here. Well let's read on for you think in a certain way of the Witch of the seventh day on this wise it got the seventh day from all his work at the commandment. Here you're five evidence for the Sabbath. Yes that and that the Bible tells us an evil or not they remain there for our rent and the original worth of margin will receive eight keeping the Sabbath to the people of God. Your version says they remain. Then a Sabbath rest are the people of God So the Sabbath rest for me. God never changed it. Jesus never changed it possible to change that changed it changed the Sabbath that's a big question. The simple answer is there a will take more time to ensure that tomorrow night. That isn't done fourteen verse fifteen what I read it all together right. If you see why should we keep the commandments. Why should we keep the Sabbath. Because we love the picture of my sweetheart twenty seven years ago. Yes When I asked her if he would marry me and her. Birthday is not so we're three people I've met said October repaired nothing. Just today but when I came to know Sandra and I got interested in her as a lady I learned her birthday was not very sudden late October three became very special. Why. Because it belonged to a special one of my that I was in love with and it's the same like the Sabbath before I knew Jesus as my personal savior in print. The Sabbath meant nothing to me it was just another day to work or play do whatever I wanted to do but when I accepted Jesus as my Savior I saw that he had a special day that it would be to set aside sort of like a date with me and I started keeping the Sabbath not the current salvation but because I love the Lord Jesus Christ. Father What about those people that I didn't ever kept the Bible Sabbath or the law years or is there will be people in heaven that never kept the Sabbath holy never knew about that but at the time of the end what happened. I'm a baby. How many people already know what I shared with you tonight. But you this might be due. But some of you you may have already noted that the Sabbath really is God's holy day. I presented the topics of years ago in a small town in America. And after the lecture I learned that there were by different Sabbaths the picture just in that one little town they were doing it because it's what the Bible teaches. These were different churches different groups different denominations all striving to obey God because they love God and if you want to read more. Our back website Sabbath. I'm not sure what it is when it is L host of other back about the Saturday we discovered tonight is Lord's day the true Lord's day. According to the Bible now we want to go straight this for you tonight. You've probably been wondering what the seven jars are up here. We're going to let these seven jars represent the seven days of the weekly cycle. And as you look at these devotees are they all look alike. People say that it is a day every day is the same and we know that God did certain things on a certain day that created the birthday he created on the second day he created on the third day and on the fourth day he created things on the fifth day on the sixth day of course that's when he created man. But when God came to the seventh day we're going to let that seven yards there represent the seventh day God did some special thing on the seventh day what was what. What did God do. God rested on the seventh day so saw what he got in that bag to symbolize a god arrested seven. What is that. That's a lever. So we're going to put in a little bit of which is a little bit a lemon. The symbolize that God rested on the go like Lippmann put it all over there. Looks good. Now you could begin to see there's a little difference between. It's of the week it looks different anyway but got it. Or is it just rest of the Sabbath. What else got do. God bless the Sabbath day. Oh what that that's one hundred percent apple juice from a happy day and the Sabbath is a happy day. So we're going to put in some apple juice from the happy day to show that God bless the Sather now is looking more different you can see a difference between Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and the seventh day the Sabbath here. But God did more than rest of the Sabbath. He did more than bless the Sabbath. What else they got to eat sanctified the Sabbath or he hallowed it he set it apart as a holy day. What do you have in that bag. What is that well it's just great. Jesus one hundred percent the interest rate. More. Now take a look at that. I have a simple question for you folks that are watching can you see any difference between Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and the Sabbath. Can you see any difference. Your mother tasted it. Delicious. I've been waiting for this. Oh I know this Sabbath thing is so good to effect a blessing. I got to hear it. That's all. I tell people you don't know what you're pissing at TELL your experience when you set aside the seventh day or rest or worship you experience God's blessings that way you've never had people suffer you think after that looks good preachers. But I have to work on the Sabbath one of my books to lose. Jesus said in six verse thirty seven percent of three rather six verse thirty three. Let me just like you're happy six verse thirty three it says but first the Kingdom of God is right and all these things still be added on which god you're putting God first in your life. Go to your employer thousands of people and say I've been studying the Bible and I've discovered that God's Holy Day is on Saturday from Friday sundown to Saturdays that all the time God has commanded me not to work on his holy day all work related the evening all week I'll work on a holiday whatever. How can we arrange my schedule so that I can obey God. Thousands of people have done this god help their schedule so they have Sabbaths free so people they lose their jobs and you know what God always dess it gives them another job and it you see a better job. You don't lose what you put God for ours. He first Jesus Jesus said let's read it all together tonight John fourteen fifteen if you love me and then how many of you here tonight love you would you like to ask Jesus are here great and help me keep his commandments is that your to your hand. All ten of them immense there is hope for you is God's day of wrath. There is hope for a do it is of all the the path there is hope for a new the Sabbath God Himself has left. There is hope in cry for you EVER is hope for you. Sabbath mark this earth are there is hope for you and Bible time it was ever set apart. There is hope for you in the New Earth. It will not depart though there is hope in Christ Jesus. If you love me why he lets tonight for a he help to keep his commandments holy that prayer so far and I don't miss tomorrow night we're going to look at the arguments of the Sunday church about Sunday why we keep it. You don't want to miss the work we're going to look at the. Other side of the picture and answer those unanswered questions that still might be a cure by tomorrow night ten thousand dollars or up. The think buyable test. Let's pray hard your Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us the Sabbath day a grass day with you. We pray to you to help us to train and experience the last thing that you have put inside your own holy day. We love you geezer. We ask you to help us to keep all ten commandments out of our love for you. RE it in Jesus name it.


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